The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 11, 1954 · Page 12
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 12

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1954
Page 12
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.1 12 BROOKLYN EAGLE, SAT, DEC 11, 1954 29 APARTMENTS FOR RENT 20 APARTMENTS FOR RENT 20b ll. . ...!,.,( A (-...I. "r- ' i Continued from Preceding Pawl I room. adults. $65. worth 175. cm- Pi Realty. OE 5-7HD6. Man b ft d sr i.mam ,M.Mt. mm susway, ahopplng and ichooia UUte. iO PARK-J Itr MiD.- OKDNEY 5-2291. BRIGHTON BEACH NEW DE LUXE BUILDING BRIGHTON 1ST ROAD ON THE BOARDWALK IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY 1. 3'l. 4 ta 4 , ROOMS FROM S90 4t Rooma With 2 Batlu DOORMAN SERVICE. FREE OAS RAOE IN BUILDINC1, 1 PARK i AGENT ON PREMISES Nl. 6 9610 0- ,NE BRIOHTON BEACH 4 roomj. modern ira.-iar-i; business adulte. 8-2813. NIfhUiiea.e BRIOHTON 2'i-rootn apartment, mod-j em. 2-lamll; home. Call Mintliiialef 8-6616. !, 3-10, I BRIOHTON BEACH Nlre 4-ro.m! apartment: near school. ahopptM.j 1100. NKhtlniale $-9369. I Antique! ANTIQUES, marble-top tables pamtlnw, allk Oriental rug, love seat; all good condition Itetne- reasonable. DE. 9-1798. hand chairs, other 9b Baby Carriages, Juvenile Furniturf, Etc. BABY CARRIAGE I TOY SUPER MART ' OUR ONLY LOCATION 1065 BROADWAY (cor. Reid Ave.) SAVE 40-7S SAVE 4CV75':'MoDErn-f,xturi5To Baoj rurn . Layettes. Aou.t neaa.-.a . :.L STANDAKD BRANDS A' s - 111. --Rue Edison Strrk !ne, e'e ISjJ MODELS rACTORY CARTONS BUY AT FACTORY' WAREHOUSE PRICES No Lower Prices Anywhere Open daily ft Sit. 9:30 a m -10 p m 1065 BROADWAY (COr. Reid Ave.) NEW SUPERMARKET WAREHOUSE CENTRE 4 GIANT WAREHOUSES! 40-75 DISCOUNTS TOYS BABY CARRIAGES. BABY .nS'?SH-iWiu!.Nn nl-1 II) IN Q 1213 TO 1241 BROADWAY Cor Van Buren St Brolkiyn ATI. A3 rOACHFTTE. 2-tone Tr,t Uut.Piti hlrh ehaT grav. .ll L. Mir.' re.n.Kie. HHilusdi 6.2943 ' 1 -, BILT-RITE oe'uxe coaon. 1953. used one year, maiiros cover, wind break-j er GEdnev 8-2204 BILT-RITE COACH CARRIAGE. c .nXXZ .J. u.ii',nil.i U0v. v3 -w-.a Ort-DTW ivuru r,w Kit, and . gray- ;ik.n$30CaiLNA8-104.l COACH CAKRIAOE and twin llTolier; botn excellent condition; alio pizza, oven; realonabll. SVergreen 6-7224,1 OE. 5-6673. I COLLAPSIBLE TWIN BABY CARRIAGE GOOD CONDITION. GE 9-8537 CP1B, ur.uiusJ opp-irtunlty, ery ul-.i sn.e. In; size, pnone Frl -Sat -Sun- -.-'n-.n 10.3 rs H.U4I5 1 HEAVY WOOL RUNNERS. II Td. UP. CRIB, hill sire: good eondlMon. reason-' unclaimed 9x12 wool rugi. 110 up; all in e Call aiier 6 as..t Nlhtltna.e shampooed. EV. 3-5405 (1-61. - 1 IMPORTED FRENCH RUGS. (112, 61HOLIER, green leather, good Condi-i 8x10, WITH PADS. CLEANED: F.X- l.on. 17. Call alter 10 am. OEdney, CFLLENT CONDITION. BU. 4-5541. 6-9.UOJ 'reaj, BAROAINS Rugs, broadloomi. Biov Names. 2.000. Free Write Today, carpeti, runners, warehouse i block EPPY'S CARRIAGES, CRIBS, BEDDING; Isg0"" "1UI "gTi. "WE UNDERSELL THEM AJJV Paetory Distributor! Caah and Carry 1017 De Kalb At , 1 blk. from Reid Av Buy at Factory Wholesale Prices! Baby Carrlagea, Juvenue Iurn., Ton Nurseryiand, 510 Rockaway Ave., Bkiyn. 9c Bicycle!, Toyi, Etc. AMERICAN FLYER train! complete ln-.ercomir.uniofltInQ lets; Winter folding carriage; high chair, Dlcieni 3177. AMERICAN FLYER Ir'.hl train; Pull-M.-r p.TWfr driv. 45 piecft; nev ud. Dicker. 2-0414, 6-9 evening!. MICYCIJE, ENOLISH. 3 lpetls 32 99 1 .i nr uranipvoo litiri, dqj a ji 'Ft :" hirn with Durchasa Est. 1921 11 ll s i S! Weer Oven Mai. -r S'.oer Mutr Bklyn. ES. 7-1633 14 i.i Coney III Av lAv Kl. ES 7-9187 - , - - , - . -p 1 s.cycie.j opu.,jAor ornmpion, jji.73 t inre i iijl.-i il v..: eti or iii , i nneeier, wun iramers, .tj 2729 rort Hami.ton Pkwy. st. -iuj: BOWLING ALLEYS, 8 feet long, com-p ele, no Installation neceasary. perfect for chinreu and adulU, coat $275. aae-r-.'.re $25 eaoh. MAln 5-2595 ENGLISH DA wis! sVa" OEARS, FLILY EvIUlPPED; EXCELLENT CONDITION ESPLANADE 3-6407. LIONTI, HUDSON. OO-l, Hellgau ; ciriage, arte uieieil, iwitcnee, en-i gmra. accessories, tranalormera; aell' separately NI. 8-4311. LIONEL and American Flyer oete 13), acces-vities; never uaed: tell leparabt-.y . very reasonable. UL. 9-3239. LIONEL TRAINS reaaonable. N Mee- in. m -j-tin m. tail au www. Bt. Call al Sal -Sunday all day THIS IS THE PLACE! BICYCLES AT WHOLESALE YT ba.,on urw otcyri wiui, Yl 8!) oompare and save 114 06 ALLKliirs t'rlon Si., romer 6Lh Ave Business. Office Eauioment iBuihwict: 1197 Broadway ou. 3-7456 .. ' w " lq u'Pmo n .Uaaneth: 73-46 Orand Ave. HA. 4-38U0 ,D2IN..,..M.,ilN,F!lv. fc!RfyTtVBROIL4M. reg. $t,9 95; ipeclal. C.bH RCtilSTEH. 2 del.cateesen '.. - ,.!:.' ' v 7 0.-v-1?'-0 7.-'-'17- I FREDFHICKS HAIR DRYFRS (71. ted ronditl-.n !25 .ach; seM seoarate.y. 17:4 Nostrand Ave BU. 4-!!4l4 c nAncn -MMMMMBWMai 3 iO rno Drive GIRLS r. ,,,,',,'' ,.--" FLATBUSH DOLL SHOP DOLL HOSPITAL, INC. ru L 1 oil llllfl llM Cnlirch Ave. OU. 1 UlU tBel Fis.lm h At Bedlord Ave- . Btn.l Large Selection of OjaMy Dolls AT LOtf. LOW PRICES! BABY DOLLS, SKIN DOLLS Dolls, Rooted Hair Dolls Also Beautiful Virlety Doll Clothes, Shoes, Wigs and Accessories Dolls Repaltta Recondllloned Eipertly u,)Nra,-fBXmSi o-layout. 9x3 ."l.too BK-'VCluT. 20" with trainer wheels, j value. 2 leu. Incline 10 iwltchee. fun. -is mak $2: i5- open Bun. to 4 ( 100 tracks. 2 transformert, accessories. I'HU'KS. 308 R..r:s Ave. IN 7-3636 j bargain. SL. 6-3231. BICYc't rs RECONDITIONED SH $5 up LIONEL O-GAUGE. steam turbine loco-nECONDITIONFI) TRICYCI F.S, 12 Il.V mo'lve, msgne-trsrtlon. (nierallng carl. UP AtlLlN. 87(Ml 5th Avl SH. 8-9790: scessnrles; excellent condition, ssc.rl- - ; . - ,. -,. , 'flee HYldnth 3-6021. r .mi'tor'.eter $17 50--Tpewiitr $2n .In - - - - Hiln Tv:ie fv. i v,en Fe l IIY. .l!ll l.ION'EI, TRAINS O-iraiiae. comiilele. :il Il;vrn,a.e A-. , cor Van Alck . N. Lo'i wi :.!.. rn-i Rc -Wi. .1c. 47 Blmiet Hoited Hair' Union 3t MA 5-7 121 IVFl.N r S AND CHILDREN S WRAP Oreenaav dreeerl. 1-10 i: 50 t $ I '.tH Us es .1- m Mlimat. (1-4 12 39 Dennl'c ti v ,oii lios, 4-14 t2 50 , Bargain Store, 932 Noalrand nr. Crown' LEADING ALL N. 70k ll.lurnUk.rf A..j...i woct t0 -ubw be acq? uoj. MI. Bklyn. Hts., 3, large, lower, cple. $80 s'011' "m Or. Army Plixa, 2 'a, large, upper, 1 avr r!Zi' i. per.. cnna acc , gdie -IBS Bey Ridge. 2's. bill, lady or epic. -4t0 ;';o, "" child . J'J 5?,' sTUS. t4. cp?..1-70 i Grand Army PI., 2',,, upper, bue. Indy 16 25 , F. N. Y , 4, apt. Use., CPU. 148.58 Pit Slope, 3. liar., child acc:. elec. -175 iBoro Pk 3, upper, bus. cple. K5 lINwnt n Bltlv).. 4. upjer. bua. eole. 140 ,Krw uUi., 2!s. lower, apt. Use. 157 .90; fc 37 rit., 3. ilnte, aulc, ople.. i.tie 155. F.u. nr. K.mi Hwy . 2'i. elev. bidl. I 475 i"' " Ave, aert., . upper. 2-3 Hti ft i k kirh, Bnt hU I te.. 8. l'l baths, apt, l.l iBay Ride. J. larie, children acc. -1 1 00 1 U.wnt n Bklrr.., 5 bus. cple. $M pr- E. 4. 5'. adult! 80 Flat N V An lMt 1 nliu Kua I rAre ' iao Br ker. 20 LMnwton. Sat., Sun . 12-B 1214 Roeeri Ave. Sat., Sun.. 12-4 7S 74 St . 9,t. only. 12-8 NEED AN IMCTBiriANf Cbarfc the Baalneta ferrlee Celema In tbe Ctasslfle Setlloa. T O.D A Y ' S B E S T B U Y S BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME WITH NEW OR SLIGHTLY USED BARGAINS 1 9 Buiineti, Off tea Equipment FREEZER, let cream. 6-hole bog. very I good condition; priced very reasonable, ULster 4-9702. LUNCHEONETTE OUTFIT, eomoiete; cheap, we buy-sell reelauxanl bar etiiipmer.t-auppllea Preedmaii. Atlan- tic Ave. air. Bond. TR. 5-7194. . REFRIGERATOR. I oreasor and butcher b'.orks- sell very reawnable George s. 6306 4th Ave. REFRIGERATOR. I HU,' high, sell 0 walk-ln, lS'xll' r rent with store. ; Evergreen 8-2225 UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER, has berri I ned.ected more than used, $40. Boi t434, aag.e. store, including new csan register, Coco-Cola refrigerator, etc . sacrifice, rr.jst be removed before end ot month. 510 74th St.. B'kiyn. 9 Camera. Photo Eauio. OMEGA ENLAROER, ','" model C-2. $45; Eigeet lent. 4 9, 113 CLo- verdale 9-5348 (PURCHASED August. Delur movie a mm 1011, n, ninjiiii, ijjw $i iu, vacri!:c $63. Pun, BUckminiKr 7-4450. 16 MM SOUND FILM like new; bar. gitln prices, no 5 Farkaldl Court BUrkmlnster 2-7006 9a Carpeti, Rugi, I Linoleum, Etc. BROADLOOM REMNANTS AND RUGS C.oaeout at 646-A Vanaerbilt Ave. Used hall, stair carpet Wlltona at 568 Vanderbllt Ave City Carpet Exchange .NE. 8-7464 BROADLOOM. ROSE-VELVET. 12x18: EXCELLENT CONDITION. CALL. BO. 7-4IJ71. AFTER 1 P M. , ZZ. TT BROADLOOMS. American Orlentali, w.iwjiia, lunu.,., ww, uw iw u-i- reasonable. Famoul Carpet Cleaning. 63 Church Ave. GE. $-4620 BROADLOOMS! CARPETS RCOSI Dc,, n , an. KB. ODlvn MEW SUTTON'S, 8214 3D AVE., BROOKLTH kRfvnm, ooU)r- with mlli aacrlflc. PR, $177 -at:m7irn-aini nt wm CAJUTTS AND BPAOLOOM SCTHA-aJ . 1J 1 1 ,1 A', a.. COTTON BROADLOOM $2 9$ at. yd Carpel Italr cuihiona. 14 stairs .$32 W(XL REMNANTS 12 95 an. yd n wu1. r-:t haaa 89e Id vd. Hirich a 347 B way. Bklyn. EV. $-9477 13th St. (corner 6th Ave ). N Y. C. STAIR CARPET, all wool, 30 -50 off. Bcandia Floor Covering Co., S723 Bta Ave., Bklyn. UL, 3-6230. UNCLAIMED 9x12 RUOS. 110 UP Used lunnen. $1 yd up. Clover Carpet 3263 34 Ave. (I63d-164thl, Bronk Open Every Evening Until 8 P.M. BROOKLYN TILE CENTER KENTTL1 SPBCTAlV-.OIllV room ttr! B k C coJori, lnittllcd compitMc J4 KP-rmLI, DO-IT-TOURSSLPI Colon; A. 4c; B. 5o: C, 7c; D, 9c rt Kit with 110 Purchwe or mcrrt HfFFMS Jb AON ilfll.A m,ATR AV. ft. 6-2460 fNHT PtvtTKat Botd) . - Of . Houiehold Appliance! BKNDIX. fully automitlo- eicellent eon i'"1".. ini ,u ""a"ya?-a . . ntjtrKsTnsE washino machine. x(.-ELLE:rT condition, good buy. president 8-8at5. DEEP FREEZE. 2' yean old. 30-124"; perfect condition: lacrlfloe ST. 2-7011, morning! or e.eningi. EASY SEMI-AUTOMATIC WASHINO MACHINE, ilka new .err reanaiaole. SLocum 8-2783. Roaenthal. 1 Balfour Place. ELECTROLUX VACUUM COMF1 ETE wun siiatnarjiio, mm nr. SACRIFICE, PRIVATE. ULSTER 2-1441 GAS RANGES $19.95 up Opm Men. Train, mtu OI. S-5A66 BROOKLYN RANUS. 818 UcDoaaJd Av. -rv, "- - -1 1 eondlilon; iwaaonab,e. 8H. 5-0474. i - - - - - - - I REFRIOERATORB -WASHERS- RANGES Otvcinic; miui mats irim iut New Holiday Merchandtts1 REDUCED FOR CI.EA BANCS LAKIN'S. 50 Yean Dependability Oreentiolnt: 738 Man. Av. EV. 9-1201 SINKS RANGES. CABINETS Pr.cesi crasy Pr:oea! We haie full ware- home below list price, for beat burl. S H PLUMBING SUPPLY CO Otien Mon until 9 P m. Bst until 4pm 1070 McDonald Ave. ULster 4-3300' mm iaitu litre ermcicoDnnvll BICYCLE I TOY SUPER MART SAVE 40 TO 75".! Bj Direct at Factory Warehouse NO SAI.EiMFN-NO FANCY FIXT'REe , W,. 'uT SiKE-L,ATH FAMOUS 2.T WALKING DOLL LIU H 2 95 our Pr. e 14 79 272 flltl St., BUyH. Off 5 Til 'vC. open Daiiys am.-iopm. sr 8-3434 LIONEL "O" GAUGE. VILI AGE, MOUNTED. 4 SECTION PIjVTFORM. - WIRED. OVER 150 UNITS. BU. 4-6651 LIONEL 0-27 TRAINS, 2 seta, pal- sengcr and freight, mounted on 5xll table. 7 iwltchee, talking sutlon. 275-W transformer, automatic eccrssorlea, .tc. . sacrifice, 1223, OEdney 4-11240. ex'ta equipment De luxe trinAlKtner . " LIONEL O GAUGE w'th mtne-'ra-i lion excellent nrndi'ior ; ,iit 12 10, will ,el! Illll) Nl. S-llflirP 1 St'HWINN BIKE, bov't. large model etrel'e'it, fMul.Mo. ;lke nea 862 t 14tn St. CL. 3-7254. 20 APARTMINTS FOR BENT 20b Unfurnuhed Apartment! Kg,r,-PVI;a.rr.l,;. rme. new elevator building; 8-5527. BRIGHTON SHeepshead 3-268: 4'. rooms, modern apartment, $95: tenant uecorate; roomi, Hiiment apartment, $65. Brooklyn Heights New Building 14H HM117 Bt. 2'a roorm. ultramouern oolored tile. oTp! U-t11" " .-146 FULTON ST. Modern 2'i-3 roomi. from 185; convenient lubwayt; lew minutes alanhat- tsn. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS 59 Llylneslon St. 'block Boro H.ill). newly converted I'i rooms. $95: 3 roomi, $115. OEd- ney e-ijjo. BROoKLYN HEIOHTS Near St. t'rifp Hotel; 1 lj r.wms. $65 month. utuitiei.Ingulre 170 Hicks St. BROOKLYN " HEIOHTS ApaFtment, smtsble doctor s office. '1 block Hotel St. Oeori-e. Call MAln 4-6639 - . BR0WN5VIU.E 6-rooro a;iarunert. upper 2-fimHj. CLoverdale 3- J98K-59U2 BROWNSVIL1J! 3 modern rooms fo: rent: near school, all transportation, reasonap.e rental. HY. 8-036L BROWNSVILLE 4 rooms, bath, aleam, $40 166 Junius St., Apt. 10. Seen 1-9 PH. HY. 6-6314. 9f Household Appliance! TELEVISION, cleaner with vacuum: nn 8-9393. days. 16 console; Electrolm It'aehmenta. alio hand lamp, reaaonaoli. SH. THOR AUTOMAOIC. 150, used 6 monthe. perfect condition Nightingale I 8-8967; after 8 p m Nightingale 5- WASHING MACHINE, ALL POR- CFiAIN. FULLY AUTOMATIC!; EX- CELI.SNT CONDITION; REASON ABLE ESPLANADE 3-6201, WESTINOHOrSE R E F R IOERATOR tatne Ironer, 3 year.;1 $60 . CUyefda It 2-2J94. 1 SHINO MA- REASON- ABLE SHLtPSHEAD 1-74n WHIRLPOOL WASHER, eicellent eondl - ii K,-iri, ... .-a a Kd buys. OEdney 8-0730. ' Household Goodi Armchain, $8 50 Secretanee, $19.50 WAREHOUSE UNCLAIMED S NEW FURNITURE 3-plece bedroomi. $.19; 2-pteee living rooma, aj9. lu-piece diruni roonj, $9.95; o. innprspnng mattresses. beds. t4 spring!. 4 s; couehet $19 50: kitchen lets, $19.50; cnasts. to on; areaseri. !9.uo. BORO FURNITURE EXCHANGE, INC. 172 MYRTLE AVE. MA 4-0352 Open from 0 a m. to 8 d m 1 block from Flatbush Ave. Extension ARMCHAIRS, etc II (GuKLYN etALEoKIJOM 43 Boerurn Place TR. 5-7677 BLD. Single, highboy, $25; sola. 120 tjorceia n utcnen set. aio logs. ana. irons $10; server. $5; drapea: food condmon. Esplanade 5-8U3U. BED. maple. $10: orib. $15: couch drapei, ublea. Call Saturday, Sunday 111 2, and all week or. J-aou. BED, table, rug.-ottlce desk, refrigerator motor, fuior covering, ahadea, ecreeni, oiothes, etc. APplegate 7-7120. BED (full ilzei. cherry mahogany, flat luring, mattreaa: excellent coradltloa; reasonable, BE 2-8497, BED (youth), aprtruj and eaiilom-bullt mattreai; excellent eondltloo; reaaoti-able. ULster 3-5021. BEDROOM, compltt. vAlnut. twin brdj; exwllent condition; btrftin. PRmidenb 4-1015. otul bttwaon 10-2 p m. BEDROOM, oompieta maple: living room chain, any reaaonablo offer Dickson, 518 Klnga Highway, Nl. 5- 8110. BEDROOM, complete twin set; ll'lng room drapes, flreplace-mlrrof unit, vinyl excellent condition. BUckmUister 7-0628. BEDROOM, maple twin beds, complete: matching cheat, dresser and mirror' exoellent condition; $50, CL. $-2279 BEDROOM, living room, dinette set, waAhtng machine, television, odd pieces; reasonable, good condition. HY. 7-4484. BEDROOM. 5-nIaoe Chinese Chlppaudale French living room; 2-year -old. baby carriage. flH. 3-0094. BEDROOM, S plecea, satin wood; food condition- ao dealira. E. $-791$, call 9-12. 6-8. BEDROOM. Regency; living room, dinette, good condition. Bat. Sun,, or eemng alter 7. OEdney 8-3345. BKDROOM. living room em, picked tip. delivered; imail. large moving lobs DAY PR. 4-6470: NIOHT. UL. 4-6837 BEDROOM, COMPLETE S"ITE: OOOD CONDITION ; VERY REASON ABU. OEDNEY 5-4431. raearoom-ljiving ivooaa micnm rtri " icSffi-BRSt? 4-2988. LN. 9-3431 1 ajo odd p.ecei o" nc-gera av. ou , BEDROOM, 5-plere maple... Beautyrest1 I tlon, $85. NAvarre ' $-9121, after 5 BEDROOM, 8-pleoe walnut, rtonU. good oonditlon CaU HY. 4-6541. BEDROOM EST. pieoes. aolld weJiuit: new bouprlng and mattrMa; gtxd oondlUoo taiao twin cprlnce aa4 eaat-lruOT EE 6-5891. BEDROOM BET, mahofftay. twla bade, double dream, mirror, ugt.1 tab, new Steam k Potter mattrei p rings, no detUeri. MAln 4-8377. BEDROOM SET. cofflplW; fair eonll-Hon, must Mil, eaorlfloe. UUtw 38135. ncniwu bet fw$nniu fuU lee bed, Beod eonaiiion; reeaaonawt. iea 1 1 w vvee Q. xw Live vJ UeVatJ Q-ttldj. .- z . , " 7, . , ,; i r looer iom, McritBiifc cuubi-iuu viiii after 8. CLoverdale 2-3Ui. I BEDROOM SFT, complet: eprtng anletViiik. tsi. 6-B30rVlt.r 6. I1EDROO.M SET, 4 plwee, blond ma- - haKitrn ; like new; saorntce. ftTerung) ! BEDROOM SET, 7-pteee. walnut: excel. lent condition. Cl : HY. 1-1HH4 IUKDROOM SET. 3-p.eca Chippendale; .irlng rmira set. all l:Kt new. no oeai. era Ettplensde 2-9477, 8 am. -8 pm TRAIN LAYOUT, portable, I 2"x4- f 2 complete seta American Flyer, E game. 3 iraclt, 30B traaalormer. ac. cuasiriea. $27.i UL. 8-1083. BUY 1N1NT5' At CHILDREN S WEAR WI:K FAC TiJKY SIDRE 60'4 ll'.h Ave. lc)rt,:.stlUL 4-201J 24" WALKING Do I L- -$3.91, ALL XMA.i IOV3 40 , -70'. OhP' '.AL S $97 B'wav. B.'.vn. IV. 1-6.103 FOR THE HOME ANTIQUES, Sheraton chair, framei, paln:inl, marble clocki. etc : reasonable. 11 am. -9 p ra., Saturday. Sunday. 1178 K 7th St. (J-Kl. Phone other days, NAvarre 8-0191. Brand New Ranges, J49.90 Up TRIBORO DISTRIBUTING CO. 1291 McDonald Ave E3. 1-2O03-4 PURE IRISH LINEN Pkt (31 Men's Hsnderchiefs $1 00 Pkt (41 Women'i Handkerchiefs -H9c Damask Sell from S5 93 up A so crrnrai. oinqur, loin, IRISH LYONS' INDUSTRIES 14B5 PI ATRl'HH AVE. BKLYN (Near Glenwoid ltd I GE 4-5648 CHMIPTMS GII-TS. gvl tal'ies ill- ver, crjsia! onc-a-TTic. ta.l Freichi va.e. n.ver fUtware. TItafaigar 7-1 7415 I CHINA IAMPS As SHAI)F-1-$1 1 25 FINISH. FULL SIZE. BEAUTIFUL All I.nrrp. at Faetory Prices' 1 rmijITTOI REASONABLE. PttFSI-Mllltr, 16.i5 Nostrand Avl. IN. 9-0986i DENT 8-B049, 20APARTMtNT FOR RINT120 APARTMINTS FOR RINT,70 APARTMENTS FOR RENT.20 APARTMINTS FOR RENT.20 APARTMENTS FOR RENT 20b Unfurniihed Apartments Brownsville. 4. apt. houM $33 lie - i 145 E. N. Y., 3, all lmprovemente i.inwooa at., 9 luge rooma let n. x., 4, cold Ml $29 (Newport Ave., 3. modern 455 SUTTER AOINfV 552 Suttar Ave DI. 4-7650 BROWNSVILLE Attn apartment, 4 rooms; free raa: private entrance: suoav; $50; builneaa couple. DIckenj 6-1949. iBfSHWlCK AV.. 10813 room, iu.,j uiwoniuw, nVar an trenelti; lease: 70, supt, on premlaea. BUSHWICK Oreene Ae.: 6 room 1st rloor. cold water; rent 137; adulu. Boi 8420, Fame. CLINTON HILL !C5 CLINTON AVE AT MYRTLE AVS New addition FEBRUARY OCCUPANCY 3'i Rooms SI 08 to S1 1 5 4Vi Rooms J120 to J135 Gas and Electricity Included CONVENIENT TO TRANSPORTATION AND SCHOOLS renting omn 345 Clinton Ave. STerling 3 4680 OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE EQUITABLE LIPS ASSURANCE SOCIETY 9g Houiehold Goodt BEDROOM SET, mahorany; eicellent condition; yery reasonable. OEanry 4- 64.18, BEDROOM SET. pieces, oomp.ete; blmmona boa iprlngl and mattresses, sola bed: reaeonable. NI. 5-9209. BEDROOM BUTTE. COMPLETE MA- HOdANY, ODD CHAIRS. CARPET: VERY GOOD CONDITION. NIUHTIN-OALE 5-6964. BPDROOM SUITE, walnut, Regency; 26" glil'i Schwlnn bicycle; gtiod con-! ditlon, reasonable. OEdney 4-5290. EDROOM, SUITE (twin beds). 8 I pieces, walnut, complete; good rondi- wvii, qaiLa sa.O. U, O-UlHif. I BEDROOM SUITE, 7 pieces, douDiei bed. Traditional: also folding bed i-e mai.resi. spring. UKdney 5-76U7 'o , . - , - , - - BEDS. 1 walnut fu 1 alze. como ete: i ?..'ln Dla5'fj, "hP!e: excellent con- dlllon aacrtflce. Esplanade 3-1261. BEDS, KITCHEN SET, LIVINO ROOM TABLES; ALL EXCELLENT CONDI-T1UN. PR. 8-1032. BICYCLE, boys 26', 3 living room iampa. all eicel.ent condition; xea sonaoiebHeepsnead 3-6699. BOOKCASES I2l large, rire ant.oue una unex.iai rugi; marble pedeital iov leat.wrtc. ESplanaoe 6-2305. BREAKFAST SET, 8-plece: U 1 1 n room let; a:i good condition; $225; everything. Call Esplanade 2-6113. BH.8AKFRONT-CHINA, mahogany, $75 fireside chain, oott $310. aacrlfire 175 uair: rut fine original oil na.nL. Ing. $25. DEwey -4611. I CEDAR CLOSETS, 6'x6'r3': COStI JiiMK), SACHIKICE.$100. OK. t-16'JO. CTHAIRfl, manTlUlcent twelubrwt-' riruant mancxidny taatet. lampi. cre- denza fireplace-bar rombirifttlor ces&orlea; liltt Dew; best ofler. ULeter 6-4H57 tHAii-s, tvewtni machine, vacuum. cioajieyr, tooa oondiuon; rtuonabit STerling ' CHaCST. desk, oommode. tablea. Iampa. chrome luichan titeualm Ubie, xed lormica top, 4 ctxairi. IN, 2-HI64. CHIPPENDALE SOFA AND OLASS ceptlonal bargain. BU. 4-8349 CLOCK (400-day), white enamel, hind- pamieo iiowera. cover; ate new: aaciifloa. SH. 3-7529. CLOTHES CLOSETS- -froiri $18 ALL SIZES. PAINTED UNTAINTED Bklyn l Largest Selection of Kitchen Cablneti at Rock Bottom Prlceil WOODCREST CABINET 00 311 Av. U (McDonald Av.) ES. 3-3996 CONSOLE RADIO. phonogTaph 12 'i ' television, itnglt bed. crib, carnage, end tables, tewing machine. DEwey 9-0674 COUCH.ooffee table table lamn kitih". rfl - istu e lamp, alien- en set; very reasonable. BEaohvtew 8' uotfa. alter a COUCH, itudio couch; eerr rood con-dlUon. All day Bun(i,ri south 8-7538. COUCH, good condition, coal $550 new; aaao cnair, $1U0; both lor $50. DE. 2-4045. COUCH. TABLES, STUDIO COUOH; PERFECT CONDITION; REASONABLE 13 5-6689. COUCH, maroon; alio Suratnona Hl-Rlst oea: oota good condition; teatouele. Call BU. 4-1658. DINETTE, mahogany, bedroom furni ture, other houiehold goods; good condition: reaaoiiaule. GBdney 8-4298, morning, evenings. DINETTE, oval table, 4 chalra, mahogany, alio drum and marble top coffee table, reaaonsbie, DEwey 9- 1673. Dinette Set, 5 Pes.; 529.95 up , ' . . . 1. hi. n. u ai i oi HP ne COVer lOlir UlQ Lnairiv ONE-DAY SERVICE CHROME. WOOD. WROUGHT LEATHER CHROME CO. 117$ Noitrand Art. FR. -l$03 DINETTE SET, dinette fixture; 7 Venetian bllndl, 29x61; maple bedroom, twin bedi; 12-foot cornice, toe pair drapei. DEwey 2-0293. DINETTE SET gray mahogany, yellow iraui.r upooistwry, excellent ootMHtlon; reasonable. SOutra 8-1134, call mornings. DINETTE SET. ohxotna; yellow-rrean; Cordovan milinMM Mimi.. wiImuI couch. matchlr.g eornlce.' draoea. NIghtiJi.jtU 6-3877. -- -- . . , . DrNETTE SET. JUNIOR BED, LITINO "'n. w i nctwa; iitSl Ur rtK. NICulTTNGALE 5-1C39 - t(fp, rea- BUmUMlSl. ii.Mwu rtmjM, walnut, 9 plecea, !40: btdroom, aetni-modern, 7 pieces, wal nut. 1125; rug. broedloom. rreen. 9x13, 1125: Venetian blinds. Itandard i. re, flexible ateel, white, screeua included, $25. Glienmore 6-5740. DINING ROOM, 9 plecea Including credent, buffet: like new: Period man ...-any; antique si'ln draw drapea. cornice aitii tluoreacentt. PRealdent 8-H870. DINING RfWMTDTirninPhyYermihog-any cred-nra style, with breakfront cli na. Atlantic Storage Warehouse, 345 At ir.Uo Ave , Occanaldl, L. L HO. 8- 9851. DINING ROOM, mahogany: complete bedroom, kitchen; fair condition, good buy CLoverda.e 8-8073, 1590 W 8th Street. DINING ROOaL modern rnahonv, formica, 5 chain, china closet, buffet; p.atlorm rocker, refrigerator. ES, 3- 6400. IMNING clud-a ROOM, blond mahogany. In-chnia closet bullet, excellent satin drawstring drapes. NI.:LIV,NQ Bof)M- iVn7: sllthlly ured. M.iO valu RO M, ci.nplete. beatiutul NIhtiftle -:tB9. l"-.i :-Jiii:tti DIN:G rnam.v i- v end r.ibtej. 2-2.1711 ilki-imii liS 168 Ma.kenr.e St. DK.e, Of NINO Ror.M. 10-uiece complete, ex-1 'e: ent r ndlllon. cherry mahonanv. Dun aacilhce. TAvlor 7- 93113 DIN ING ROOM SFT. 9-plere Jacobean solid oak fo 9x12 Wi.ton run; Jenny Lind mi;'v.u-,v iliunli beds, complete: lamnl. mirhine, vacuum cleaner. Ed. j-1211 DININO ROOM SET-Jacobean, "comp.ete; excel.ent condition; heatitlfiil Chlneee rug, 9x12, perfect condition. E3. 7-5494. DINING ROOM SET,10 "plecM. oak, caned dralgni, like new, 1175; 3-plece living room suite, 1225. GEdney 8-7947.9515ltl St. DININO ROOM SET, 10-oleceT" tolTtl walnut; good condition; reaaonable. BE 6-3626. DINING ROOM stTrnr hlar". w.tnnt lo-piece. good ronditum sell all or pert; reimable. NAvarre 8-4728, I :ir,Z E 21st St., Brooklyn. DINING TABI.F. 4 mmp 4 rhslrs. loveseat, tables, odd ohairs. BU. 7-2104. cuMom furniture with 15' upho-stered oornlce too 'r'Alltv p-a'',1- :..y new: reaaomble cil. rt'inaay. A 8-3268. nPFOTFR AND MIPROR: MAHtXIANY Y. EVENING 20b Unfurniihed Apartment! CLINTON ST., 286 Near Bore Hall: modern 2-ruom apartment with kitchenette: reasonab,e. bee Supt. og premltea. CONEY ISLAND 3-room modern bungalow: furnished, unhirniahed: rea-aonablelnciulre 2939 W. 23d Bt. CONEY ISLAND" Modrrn. 3 room!, with private front porch, suitable for eoup:e, $65. ESpiansde 3-4905. CONEY ISLAND 3 ROOMS AND IN CLOSED PORCH 1 BLOCK BOARDWALK. E3. 2-6358. COOPFR ST.. 38 (Bushwlck Ave.) NEWLY COMPLETED APAKTUENT 2'i KOOMS. $3. SUPT. CROWN HF.IOHTS Nice 3-room base ment apartment; Inctidlne gas, aob; adulU preferred. PR. 2-9435. CROWN HEIOHTS 170 New York Ave. (Prospect PI I, 5 rooma, $92. Supt.. Asent. NEvtnl 8-73U1. CROWN HEIOHTS Modern 3'i rooms, furnished or unfurnished, reasonably priced OE. 5-27ii7 CROWN ST. 150 Corner Bedford Ave.; 3 room.s, modem, elevator, see Superintendent, Apartment 1-A: CUMBERLAND ST., 238 I ti rooms; near park transit: modern kitchen, conveniences; Ideal couple. 6-9 p.m. DUNNE COURT. 745 (Coney Island Ave l: 3'j rooms, batment apartment, busir.eM cou.e JOB HtlNTlNOf Read the Katie Per the Best Positions. 9g Houiehold Goodi FIREPLACE. MAHOOANY, WITH ANDIRONS, LOGS. RADIO; GOOD CONDITION; REASONABLE. DICKENS 2-7781. FIREPLACE, custom-built, mahogsny, with attached bookcases, brass and Irons, logs; complete $30. GE. 4-4993. FURNITURE-UNCLAIMED OFFICE DESKS. RUGS SOLD FOR UNPAID STORAGE INGERSOLL 2-7500 MONTGOMERY WAREHOUSE 3 Fiatbu.'h Ave., nr. Empire Blvd. OPEN SATURDAYS FURNITURE OUTLET CLEARANCE SALE Plelory c'.oseouts. Showroom Sampiea iTemer.ooui . sn.ngs. Mooern-reriod CONTENTS 4 ROOMS furniture in-comp.ete home funushers terms c.udira telei'ion eu-- en.Ki w.nrtttion Z?J?m Lf- M St V.reent"?.2"bn61 BRAND BROS.. 1333 Flatotiah Ave Eves to 9 Nr. Foster Ave. BU. 4-9127 FURNITURE PRICES CUT 30-60. New Bedroom, $98; Living Room, $98; Dlr.lng Room Sets, 198; Odd Plecea Tjinniy's Sales Room 74 Myrtle Ave. I FURNITURE ft HOUSEHOLD OOODS. et;t;re ronter.ts of apartment. 214 E. 96th Bt. (near IRT Sutter Ave. ffta-I tlon); Sunday only FURNITURE OF 4 ROOMS, eomoiete. lor sile Mornwea only tavaaar. 890 aioaiiiay, near Myrtio Ave. GAS RANGE, 4-biiruer, Victory: good condl'.lon, Frlg,da;re Evergreen 7- KIB2. GATES, wrouj.'it iron. 2 itttionary, 1 l"-rt:-8 : ruom divider; very reanon I.a3 f utvy I!0TPOINT REPRIGERATOR (with frtjpi.i'ri tud WaUhmg, modern ocina5e, jiua console n Wieviiion, bedroom ei, kitchen set. CL. 9-5806, HOTPOINT AUTOMATIC WASHER, OOOD CONDITION; VKHY REAH4JN-ABI NAVARRE 8-55jy. IMPORTED CARVEDOAJCCABINET, unable liquor, glassware; antiqua lruit wood up ubie, sterling, bnc-a-brac, ;am(j. STerili.g 3-1103. I R o N "fi XTminnr ririrr i t! CONDITION; VERY REASONABLE. I MOHNINUS, MAIN 3-10P9. KELVTNATOR REFRIOERATOR, 9 ou. ii., ciuo cnatrs. atuoio eourn, taoiee.l iinem. etc. iipianade 2-84103. KITCHEN AND DINETTE CHAIRS REUPHOLSTERED ANY PART OF SET SOLD SENATOR CHROME FURN . INC 68114 5TH AVE 553 oTH AVE TE. 6-4319 HY. 9-2751 KITCHEN SETS SOLD- SERVICED. REUPHOLSTERED FACTT1WV PRinirs Katrw. SAVTC HAI.P DALE DINETTES. INC. MA 5-8207 118 3d A. Bet. Bergen St.-St. Mark'i PL LAMP TABLES, mahogany (2), glaei tops, mapie cheat, bedspruig and mattress, maple rocker, chair and couch; reasonable. UUter 3-8545. LIVINO ROOM MANUFACTURER Custom-made Reductions up to 50 9' Modern Sectional Sofa Reg. J398, Red. to J199 HYDE PARK UPHOLSTERY CO. 1249Noatrand Ave. IN. 2-8015 LrtriNO ROOM, 3 plecea. Hip covert; cocktail table, Iampa, 5-plece bedroom, televlilon. kitchen set, vacuum, slightly used. 5, Tellaksen. 5122 6th Ave., Brooklyn. LIVINO ROOM FURNITURE. Inclucf- ing sola, chain, tables, credenra. mir- 1 F.,viNr,RO,iM togBther-aeparalely. UVINO ROOM, complete with all ac cessorlee; very good condition, sell complete, separately; reasonable. Nightingale 6-31)92. LIVINO ROOM DRa'pES. draWrlrig, print, Ilka new, $ monthe old. Nlghtla-gale 6-5438 LIVINO ROOM, 1 ptscaa. lracludln$ slip W..I,, rg ooncuuoo; reaaonable. OLenmore 2-B218. LIVINO ROOM 5-plece modem, cua- iovn-Duiit, aaciionai; tiso; like Dew. i-aii punoay, tu. 2-013 3 LIVINO ROOM. COMPLETE, PRIVATE, EXCTJLLENT CONDITION: REASON- AHLJC, n-9 P.M., U1CKENB $-6339. LIVINO ROOM, 3-plece red and blue mohair frleae, practically new, $150. NI 5-7427 after 3. LIVINO ROOM. 3-plece Frenoh: 3 and iuica. a-i oonaiuon: reasonable. lnooTUtjlo,2023SUllwill Ave., Bklyn. LIVINO ROOM SET, with slip cover!, complete 10-piece dining room, de luxe television RCA 1954 etc.; reaaonable for quick tale; moving. OE. B-4909 evenings. LIVING ROOM SET. 3 rtecea: mutt dispoee of quickly, very good condition; reasonable. GE. 9-5079. UVINO ROOM-set! 3-plece. like new GLenmort $-776$ or CLoverdale 6-3609. LIVINO ROOM SET, 3-plece: good condition; reason..b.e Slxxum 6-1046. LIVINO ROOM" SET." 3-pleceT-with covers. Engliah: coffee table; good condition ;I7 j. Evergreen 1-5573. LIVINO ROOM SET! 3-plerw,"roMrbMjt, gold: good condition: very reaaonable Hyacinth 6-67U4 evening!. LIVINO ROOM-SET. 3-pieoe good condition. $75. Sat. after $ or Bun, GE.5-1218. LIVINO ROOMSEt7 flreplace7"oend:i. labia, radio; good condition; very reasonable. NI. 8-2775. LIVING ROOM SFT 3 PIECES PERIOD; EXCELLENT CONDITION, $75. ESPLANADE 3-11701. 3. plecea , for 1200 ' ! ""11 LIGHT WOO') BEDROOM ' ,lvlr;gi ,,,,,, acCf.,.,r.ev 2 moti.ha.rviSTOM TOY old, forced cuirk sa.e. HV.icImh s. unr-ni . ci-. 24.19. I o,, "... .. ... iMifs, 2 cliair.; separate or tinteilur; excellent condition; very reasonable. TVVliutig 8-i'H27. cc- mea:r;afrWS ' fii iiViiwr ti Vifi Kiiiii praa tiir I, oam i iiectif.nal Sofa. 2-rc, (pvam Rub , $325 AL THOMSON, rUKNITURE 786-8Rfeferi Ave. BU. 4-6653 SOFA, foam rubber, burjundy Einrllsh; 2 mahonany lamp Ublm with laiite Iampa; reaaonable. Dhwey 9-3307. SOPA, modern, 7 feet, brown twex1, fom rubber; aim oat new; $200; elip coven. Nightingale 8-3ti21 . TELEVISION, will mirror, wh.te vanity; 6U90. oonsole, 3-war; large drapea. Iampa, antique xce'lent. PHwldent 2- TWIN COUCHES, covers, like" new'; armchair; reaaonable; moving. Ditmas Ave, Apt. 31. OEdney 8-7722. WROUGHT IRON. FOAM RUBBER Ci.NVERTIBLE SOFA BEDS $12:".S 6112 4th Ave (near 61st St 1. Bklyn. ALMOST HI.-W." Pullman aofa bed and rover, excel et.t condition, woi derlul buy DIckeni 5-2921. AU. NEW FIXWR-flAMPlis o, C SEfS-'" Ww I .'. u , u,u" , .2,. lwl"'Mln'1, male. Near f a'b'ish Ave. BIj . 7-9.l20i monilia, AKC; llioti, hou.vebrokwi. TIME PAYMENTS FREE PAHKlNGl CLoverdale 2-5951. 20b Unrumithed AportmenH DYKEB HKIOHTS 3-room upper. Brl vato, trajsyt; also larie furnished room, prtute entrance. CLoverdale 9-4783. DYKER HEIOHTS $'i-room walk-In (new hmej; decorated, oolored tile oatn; inji. cl. 9-4710. K 7TH ST , 1907 3-room apartment. oo monuuy. ut w-bjro. E. 8TH BT., 1326 8-room apartment, ideal for profesiional : 3-4 bedrooma; sunn; $150. DEwoy 8-2274. E. 11TH ST.-NEPTUNE 2 roomi, tile bath, foyer: separate entrance; lo8, puslneai couple. Nightingale 8-7908. E. I3TH ST., 22226 rooms, lower 2-famlly. heat, hot water; near lubwaj. UEwey 9-4170. l 7 TH 6T . ,3 5 3 light airy roomi, all modern equipment, excellent shopping and transportation. Supt. premises. $64 40. . I7TH ST.. 2429 2-room gardei. apartment, new house, private eu trance; subways. D. 2-6314. JS. 18TH ST., 50-',i block" Church Ave. B.M.T.; 2', a rooms; modern ele-vaton, Supt. 20 E 18th 8t., Apt. 3-A. I. 22D ST IX-Y): Sij lnodernriarge rnons lower, niivate h-use, tlcciraled, porch; $120. Nightingale 8-1641. E 24TH ST. 677 4 rooms, upper, separate entrance: garage; colored bath, broadloom. Venetlirq. NAvarre 8-9163. E 28TH ST 2 large basement roorne. newly decorated: near trenail; buslnesi couple. Nightingale 8-2612. 9g Houiehold Goodl Attention! Apts. S Furnished Rooms! From hoteli; Beautyrest mattresses, $9.79; bedi. $2.98: studio couches, $29.50: chests. $8 75; studio apt's furnished. Snyder's Trucking 4f Moving. MA. 4-2797. 294 Fulton St Formerly Myrtle Ave. Open dally 9 a.m. -7 p m. COMPIBTE CONTENTS OF 3'i' ROOMS. 20' consolt television, carpeting $4,500 value, sacrifice, $2,500. INgeraoil 2-5261. COMPLETE living room let, 3 pieces. hide-away bed, lamps, tables, like new, Dickens 5-4329 CONTENTS 3-ROOM APARTMFNT. COMPLETE: WASHINO 1-MCH1NC IN.lDeCario. 225 Court St. TR. S-4859 CLUDED; ALMOST NEW7DI. 2-2274. OOINO OUT OF BUSINESS Full line of housewares, dlnnerware, gifu and toyi; must sell out In a hurry; terrific buys. Eibogen Hmise-fumlshlnga. 98 Blake Ate , Brooklyn. HOUSE FURNITURE for sale, piano. wardrooe, kitchen set. clab chair, etc. Nightingale 5-0239. MOVING, aacrlflre exa.i;, room plecei, incliidlng U,:t aofa, chair,, etc. CL. 8583. lie l.vlng'd'J"': . ie:dale a - 1 SACRIFICE. Illness solid r.itural red cedar wardrobe, dwrv, like new, 65-x41-x21', 105. or best ofler. Hfc. 2-llo7 lor aijpjilr.u.e:,; to lee same In K.atbush. SELLING FOLIXDWINCi I IE MS of 3'j tSrTcciX- f!reMU.?r ?;';,-t. p,fi"v. 'V.;.- furs, curtai'is. dresses reasonable Apt 4-0. 1230 Ocean Ave. 9-3456. SOLD HOME, aacrilice. living room dining- room, bedroom: baby grand Saro;;k rune, lamps, moles, secretary. meet, garden umbrella, tool!. nodeai-: era. s'ndav. 1512 E 29th St ' - . ' .i 3 ROOMS almnet new furniture. In-' cludlr television. crib: eluding television. crib: aacrtflce: L. 2-6788. , BnriMa FI:,TOE, like reasonable. 177 Hands St., Apt " r.r,1M(3. FOUR COMPUTE ROOMS OP FUR Nlrrnt' nciriii r-iiMnnriM dh. SON A HI. E. STAGG 2-5888. EVENINGS. - 5 nnnuq w tin mittt it v -v . dltion, Fngidaire. reasonable, ow. er j S'n out ' l"'"l eeemof s .1 irnace.. 373 Cliauncey St., corner Howard Ave.; 3 ROOMS FURNITURE "for sal ex- ?,"dJt'on:,m",!t, told, rea- sonable. OF.dney Jl-6443 20", DtscOUNT on Venetian' blind.. I itorm wbidowa; 50T. discount a.rnrce '"cWd0". ,c"drr.Up,369,9w;rl Ave , corner Oatea Ave " - 9h Pionoi, Musical Instruments ACCORDION, LaTotca, 120 bass, full keyboard, shuts; practically new; bargain. Call evenings, BUckmlnater 7-20 1L ACCORDION. 120, 13 SHIFTS. LIKE NEW; WORTH 1573; SACRIFICE, 273. OEDNEY 5-1959 BABY GRAND, Methuahek, reasonable; alao Oulbranaen conaae. 1 month old; sacrifice IN3-5218. TW. 7-1623. Ranv naiun. n- snlnet: ood cimdlilnn: 130U. ES 6.1 9867. - - " CONSOLES. SPrNTTS GRANDS Abard Piano Co., 1361 61st St. OEdney 6-8078 Thurs . til HAMMOND SOLOVCX FXCFI I FNT CONDITION. $.100. CLOVERDALE a-' '.. 1563 Bter;ln place. (John-8835. smi. THE LIVE GIFT PROTECT YOUR FAMILY! DON'T TAKE CHANCES NEVER BEFORE SUCH AN OFFER BUY ORANGE BANDED PARAKEETS THAT ARE MEDICALLY GUARANTEED TO BE IN PERFECT HEALTH WITH A SIGNED CERTIFICATE BY A UNITED STATES FEDERAL ACCREDITED VETERINARIAN PLUS ALL BIRDS GUARANTEED TO TALK PLUS EACH BIRD IS INSURED TO J100.000 AGAINST SPREADING DISEASE TO HUMANS BY LLOYDS OF LONDON TROPIC ISLE AQUARIUM 2267 3TH ST. CL. 9-9868 BEAGLES. BOXERS. COCKERS Colliei, French Poodlet. Piu-i KF.'RRVS. 15HEPHTRDS. OTHERS A Deposit Holds Your Pup for Jnu'- VALIiEYSIDR KXINIMFI.S 73 W. Merrick Rd. VAlley str'm B-9724 Open dally, 10-8 p.m.; Sun., 11-3 p.m. BOSTON BULL, mile. 10 months, A. K C : blond rocker, male, your old. trained. 125 EV. 5-609.1. hoston tfhrifh pi-p ,,.Hi,-r.,.,i A. K. 0. regliteied Call Ckiveidale 6-2H70 TERRIFR3, A K C. - . IKIXKR PfPPIER 10 Down. S.i WcpkltF free obedience tm.:i Amerbrlt Knineit. iv 3-fif22 '"MONTH MA1JC; KKASONAULE. CALL CLOVEHJJALE CALL CLOVERDALE, BOXKH, late red. male, year o.d, A.K C rrg- exceptiotia,,y line apeclmen; home broken. uaoney 6-U4MO. BOXER PUPPIES. 2 months; fawn, black mask, cropped, docked; males, fenialei;AKC reg. DE. 2-1535. BOXERS, ferrule; (FweeitsTAKC regla-tertd; fawn and brlndle; reaaonable. NAvarre 8-5155. CHIHUAHUA PUPS, A K C . malei and lemalea. all colors; pedigreed Persians. TOttenv'.ll. 8-3533. COCKERS, MALES, A.K.C. REG. Retmoniljle. J2.j7 F tr7 St., lirtiyn. NI. 8-3642' COIaLlBr oediftreed, trUiied,"" A.K C. legLMTicd, maie, ft montiui. Slleepa-hnid 3-in.V). em i ire i. i r i n h COLLIES, Cockers, French Poodles I Boatons, Wirehal.s, AFC. Inoculated ttEVI Itl.V PM' Hllnp 1102 FLA1UUSH AVE. HU. 2-8717 " - ""' PAPERS IN 20b Unfurnitbtti Apartmwrttl - IE. 32D ST.. 783 4-room apartment: busmen couple, adulte; $90; IRT; muu decorate. UL. 9-2017. E. 47TH ST., 1147 (Schenectady Ave. I: 2'i baiement, large picture window, a enlraiicee, BUckmlnster 4- 5294. I. 52D ST (Church-Snyder). 6 rooms, Hollywood kitchen, bathroom, 26 uving room, upper 2-lamtly. siza. ovo oecorating. uicaena o-jia. E. 52D ST., 13443 large roomi. beee- ,i cecwKj inuuaoa E. 9 1ST ST. 3 MODERN ROOMS, 4 8123 ttwinaiA-; 03. r. EAST FLATBUSH Modm Urra Alt iwms. lower a-iamuy; Hollywood ewage. See to appreciate. Dicker 8- EAST FLATBUSH Beautiful basement ajiiirinieni. moaern Hollywood kitchen, new eoulpment, stall ahower, otlltua. Included. NA. 8-6899. EAST FLATBUSH 2-room apartment, level, cu,orea sue, HOlliwood kitchen decorated; new house. HY 5-0562. EAST FLATBUSH Largo itudio. itreet level; kitchen facllltiea. private bath; buslneas couple preferred. SLocua 6- 9235. EAST FLATBUSH Basement apartment, private houee, stall ehower, setiarate entrance, utllttlei Included. DI. 6-4849. 9h Pianoi, Mutical lnitrumtnr$ HAMMOND ORGANS New A used; In&triicllon ft Practice HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS 15 Flatbush Ave.. Bklyn. UL. 8-3150 918 K:ngl Hlgnaay DE. 9-4568 HARMONY OUITAR. UL. 3-381$. KNA3E BABY GRAND, alio HARD-MAN, both like new; SACRIFICE. Url Pa.mer. GEdney 4-3440. PIANO SALE SPINETS I CONSOLES ! FAMOUS MAKES LARGE SELECTION I Evenings uiiltl 7. Thuriday till 9 p, -',---r grand; aacrtflce. 1275. FReevort 9- 9101). PIANO UPRIGHT; BENCH: EXCEL-l.KKT CONDITION; (75. CLOVERDALE 6-2281. SPINETS and Console on Sale I Tntnendoui Savings If You Buy NOW! KNABE PIANO CO. 275 Llvinnton St. MA. 4-0630 snriNWAY PARirm arand eaahrn. i.T. ;. , T.. J- 11.300. BUrknuneter 4-4648. No i r.i.i ws I lor siuaio. exoeiien ooiiui- ; i t;n reasonable; or baby grand, .erylV ! snia.l. sacrifice. CL. 6-4223. . UPRIGHT PIANO. REPIN1SHED AND MODBRNIZFD. MIRROR FRONT. ! 10 CLOVERDALE 8-5674 N'F.'.V BALDWIN. Amerllnns, othert; : 'w-i;vd Amerllnf. 9418 Church Ave. HY. .i-0400.jOpen eveiUnn-Sunday. 1 KNABE. SOHMFR. KRANICH BACH 1 uricsMtn m fim av'. aim. Poa Thea RECONDITIONED UPRIOHT. Soh-mer. rrirror front: good condition; reasonable. Call STalg 2-7699. SPECIAL ORGAN RENTAL Lesson plsn: 20 deposit, 13 per week 10 w"k "V "" "J""1 f sP'r-'''e Organ in your home, Inelud- ing 10 private lessons. No jther charge! iPOAHIIJ I CTDAlK (III Tflkl CT HUMMHHI'I O JII1MOJ, IULIVI1 Jl. Phone TRIangle 5-7200 Piano Dept y9i Radioi, Phonogropfii, Television ! PRM FY NFW 1Q W TV V iQ vmvj-i- . i' .M $ r ww & t n,fi ii.ik Mih table model Including swivel table MsrUn't. 214MyrtleAveTR 5-9328 TELEVISION, radloe, tubM. meters, p,iru: aeillnsj out oddt end enda. 106 7111 A,e BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED CHERRY MAHOGANY TV CABINET for your !! l' . 3' '"crlllce $40. CLoverdale 3-6982. CLEARANCE TV, FLOOR SAMPLES AM ,c,54 jjodeli. 17". $73: 21'. !.' Federated 513 Roger! Ave. 9j Refrigerators ADMIRAL, a. E. NORGE. from 119 85 Free Delivery, Oiler. Term at Repairs EXCEL. 2407 86th St. ES 2-9658 Washington Av. tor. Bergen. ST. 3-006? ADMIRAL, O.I . Gen. Motors Others Reconditioned Refngeratori ae Washers 139 50 Up FREE DELIVERY Reconditioned Ou Ranges, $19 95 BEACON 519 th Ave., BROOKLYN ST. 8-0914 Open Evening! 'tU 9 ADM1RAL.CRC.SLEY O Jt. OTHERS IIV1K HIS! l.IKBT N Wl ,'1U fTH I Free delivery. Termi Ouaranteed Buy With Confidence Buy BONDED '106 CONEY ISLAND AVE. GE. 5-8680 CROSLFY 8HELVADOR. automatle. l cnbic. frecrer lop, 6 months old: rea. ParakeetX Metal Cage; J2.98 FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! 5V2 GAL. TANK OR Ma-GAL. TANK WITH A PURCHASE OF A POWERFUL, PUMP OUTFIT AT S6.75 which lrtcludee fit tea box, eharooajj glau wool and tubing. Thermostatic Heaters, $2.78 Tropical Fish Super Market 2892 Nostrand Ave. Near Kinas Hwy. NAvirrtJI-506 Open 10 'til ENGLISH BULLDOO male puppies. 4 months oia: a. K. c. champion tlrea; good buy. HYactnth 9-6184. ENGLISH BULLDOO PUPPIES; A.K.C. cnanipion llred; dun, blue ribbon winner. After 8. PHeaident $-0954. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS. A. K. O. rnampion oiooa unet, at montnt, maiea no, lemaiei 160. DI. 2-6687. KEESHOND PUPPIES. 6 week!. I malee, 1 femile; will hold till Xmai. Call CL. 3-6236. PARROT, Mexican Redhead, beautiful healthy, young; very good talker; reaaonable. NI. 8-7329. PARAKFFTS Normal and Rare Red eyed Alblnoa, Lutlnoa, Yellow Face opaiuie. etc CORONET PET SHOP 6620 3D AVENUE PUPPIES; J5.97 . Siame-e kltlens, pure bred: $20 evkrvhiino roR pE-ra BIO -SAVINGS FREE DELIVERY IIOIIO PET CENTER, 78 Henry St. UL 2-3:i)l3 'i block Hotel St. George SIAMtSE KITTF.N3, HOUSE BHOrtBN; NEVINS 8-2550 PFDIGREFTJ; REASONABLE. p.Tnrn p0(xllrs. $7S- Cocker ipanleli, 35i Other pupplei. $5 up: Health Guaranteed StHii!se and Angora Kittens. $25 PKtRlIiLYH flCT VCaNTCK 330 9th St. BO. 8-9292 EXOTIC FISH, INC. 2Vs"Gal. Marble Tank 5Vi"Gal. Marble Tank .51 .20 J2.051 10 Gal. Marble Tank J3.10 1204 Ave. J.JB2ock Coney IslandAv!. PISH TANK, 13 gallon: wrought Iron Hand, motor, fish acceilorlea. 1248 Pacific St.. Apt. 2-A. SOUTH PACIPIC AQUARIITM For Hie Hobbvlat Who Catea TANK PRICES SLAJSHED III 6618 5th Ave. BE. 8-4023 THRFE-Y FAR-OLD part terrier, male; adoption. g d lu tne. 11 Rutland Rosd, i-c eiemngs. WANII'D Better type dogi and pup" , c. .o mnarlea and PirakeeU. Lairy'i Enterprise! HY. 8-2100. -.."..mi."-..."., -'y . I WB nil pt'PPIGH or ALL BHEal)H , PUHLIX PET SHOP 146 Cortlandt St., N. Y. C. CO, 7-1171 20b Unfurnithtd Apartmtntt -3'k-: apartment. uUlltlee: 57: buslneas cou pie preferred; new transit. Dlcaena $- JUJO. EAST FLATBUSH 3-room baiement: apartment, new house; near transits, icnooi, mopping; newly aeooratea. CLoverdale 2-6174. E. FLATBUSH 5' roomi. garage near subway and achools; $100. Call Saturday, Sunday 10-4. DI. 2-3553 EAST FLATBUSH (95th 8t.); 2'i roomi, waik-in aparunent, new house. 9503 Ave. A, DIckoni 5-0018. EAST FLATBUSH 708 Remien Aye; 3fi ultramodern rooms, $80; boHnese couple, avergreen D-ojuo, BAST PLATBUSH 1'. rooms. Hollv wood kitchen, oolored Ule bath, open porch; liao. Clarke, ita. o-bl33. EAST FLATBUSH Large l'i walk-In, u nities; businesa person, couple, ai Remsen Ave. Dlckena 5-6678. EAST FLATBUSH 3'i ROOMS FRONT. OARDKN APARTMENT, 1ST rUAJK; 190 MONTHLY. Lfl. g-U(ll EAST FLATBUSH Bright 2"room waiK-in, private entrance, Datn; urge kitchen, bedroom: utilities. PR. 4-1119. EAST FLATBUSH Modern 4',i-room, upper noor z-iamny, porcnei; aauiu prrterred. Agent. PR. 3-2300. EAST FLATBUSH 727 E. 93d St.. near Avenue B; 2'i atreet-level apartment. HY. 6-7367. EAfT NBV? YORK 3-room apartment. sveura neat, not water, 146 58 month; 18-month lease Call Dickens 2-2943, after 0:30 p.m. 9) Refrigerators FRIOIDAIRE, $ cubic feet: perfect condition; $50. Call after 4. 219 $7Ui St. HYartnth 2-6474. E. 7 CUBIC FEET. 10 YEARS; OOOD CONDITION. OLENMORB 2-1547, AFTER 6. NORGE REFRIGERATOR, 4 CUBIC FFET; IN OtX)D CONDITION; KEA- PHILCO. $ cubic foot, t yean old, new unit: good condition; $95. Evergreen 8-6552, evenlrvgi. REFRIGERATOR. Weatlnghouse. 8 eublc leel, like new- mahoeany dresser and mirror: excellent condition. PRealdent 8-8949. SERVEL. condition: separate freezer: excellent reasonable. Nightingale 9- 1973, mornings, Inaa. ! SERVEL gai refrigerator, apartment size; excellent condition; $30, DEwey 2-7205. UPRIGHT FREEZER. Jordan, 14 cubic; like new: cheap; must sell: motlr.g MA. 5-0905. WESTTNOHOCSE REFRIOERATOR. 7 cubic; treadle singer sewing machine: excellent condition: reasonable Morn-Inga, evenlngi, KVergreen 7-3444 Scrwitif MocTimt SEWINO MACHINES, $10 up; guaran-teed; expert service l)ule'l Repair Shop. 4604 New Utrecht Ave. GE. 5-0M7: SINGER R. B. Electric Portable, $19 95 Also Repair Sewing Machines In Your Home. $1.50 NE. 8-5276 SINGER SEWINft MACHINE, portable, almost new; $99. APplegate 7-9339. 9 Typewriter! Royal standard -$40 -40 Remington Nolselei ExceUentrecondiUoned. NA. 8-1023 TYPEWRITERS, reconditioned Under wood. 122 50; reconditioned Smith. $17.50; otners. Pearl Broe., 478 Bmtta St. TR. 5-3034. 9k Weortnej Apparel BLACK PERSIAJ4rLAMBCOAT, 14-16; PERFECT CONDITION; REASONABLE. SH 5-4303, EVENINGS. CARACUL PUR COAT, allver fox collar and fnuff. like new: raMnabl. NA. ; " - l .7 o-wbu, eveninKi. Siinaays. auni, grav. reriian. riii gray. length: prao- tlcaliy new: finest ektna. sacrlfloo, $275. CO. 6-3U7B. MARMINK COAT, FULL IJINOTH. SIZE 14-16. PERFECT CONDITION. 1150. ASTORIA 4-6514 MOUTON DYED LAMB COAT, "full length, tire 16-18; good condition; rea-sonab.e, Midway 7-2763. NATURAL WILD MINK COAT. SACRIFICE; $750. NI. 5-7948, BETWEEN 11-3. NORTHERN SEALINE COAT, lull length, large slse, newly remodeled; exre.lent condition. Evening!, HY. 2-4798, OLD FURS made Into capes, Holes. $20. Remodeling; reasonable. Free estimate! In your own home. CO. 1-5509. HOME IMPROVEMENT SUPPLIES "DO IT YOURSELF" 9d Building Moterloli BAY RIDGE LUMBER COMPANY The Trustworthy Source For NATIONALLY KNOWN DUALITY PRODUCTS At low Prices! FREE IDEA BOOKLETS 63d St Oorner 5th Ave. HY. 1-8100 LOWEST pricesItTyIerT 4x V? MASONTTS, $1 PS Our prloea are tew eat on. everythlnf FREE DEIJVERY POWELL LUMBER 283 Juniui (Sutter) DI. $-3441 BENSON LUMBER CO. WOOD ALUMINUM COMBINATION STORM DOORS at SCREENS ROOFINO as INSULATION MATERIALS 1350 60TH ST., BKLYN. UL. 3-1000 AIRPORT nT.CARANr-v Raral Larga amount of good used lumber. doora, etc., plumbing and many other llemt. Bonded Wrecklnf As Lumber Corp., 147-47 Springfield Blvd., Springfield Oardent. C 1. City. LA. 8-7227. TRAIN TABLES. 4'x8', $1.99; ping-pong topi. Seymour Lumber Co., 708 McDonald Ave. OS. 6-7600. WANTED 10o Antiques, Etc., Wanted ANTIQUES, ROUND CHINA CLOSETS FURNITURE WANTED RUOS. PIANOS. REFRIGERATORS, BEDROOM SETS. MATTRESSES. SEWINO MACHINES. HIGHEST PRICES PAID HY. 8 61 21 WE BUY ANY OLD FURNITURE RUGS, ANTIQUES, PIANOS Cut, Jewelry ud Sewing Machines bu 2-oon7" .unricrairl WHAT HAVE YOU TO SELL? I pay well. Mrs. Hall. DI 6-2145 10b Diamond!, GoldTttc, W't'd DIAM0NDS7 JEWELRY, ESTATES .OOLD. 81LVER, ANTIQUES. COINS HIGHEST PRICES PAID Immediate No Waltln. Goldware Exchange. 15 Hanson Plice iSam Block Willi. m.hor.h fli.i... R.b CA?H diamond!, cameras, pawn '". ''". anytning valuable. Gem Jewelers. 12 4 Av., Bkn. MA. 4-2961 WE PAY CASH FOR ANYTHINO And Everything Pertaining to Home COLUMBIA AUCTION GALLERIES 280 Fulton St., Brooklyn MAln 4-2762 IQd Houiehold Goodi Wonted ANTIQUES BRIC-A-BRAC, CUT OLASS Oriental Rugs, Silver, Paintlnia Pianos. Used Furniture Top Prices 11 . J. ,', a Bl C-n..., D. 1, . , , .--...u.. ,. BEDROOM, I.IVTNO ROOM KITCHEN w nur wite.HE trrHtiis DON T CALL INGERSOLL 7-0479 Furniture, Matt'ses Wanted ROUND CHINA CLOSETS RUGS Marble-Top Tables Plane DI. 2-7637 furniMe-rugs-pianos Get More Cash-Call PR. 21290 FURNITURE Used: Complete Homes nought, sold: Reasonable. Bussi! Brat MOVING AND STORAGE 1960 Rogeri Ave. BU. 4-2988 IN. 9-3431 WANT 20 APARTMINTS FOR RENT 20b Ufifurnlihid Apartments EAST NEW YORK Cold water flat, rooma, van Bicien nrar viae.; able. TAylor 7-7982. EAST NEW YORK 3 room!, steam, 14 ' floor front, $38 35. 16S Junius St., i AptMO. HY. 6-6314; EAST NEW YORK 4 rooms, nodera Improvements, $60. 442 Blake Ave , Dickens 6-7307. EAST NEW YORK 6 roomi and porch; all Improvements, modern; private) entrance. APplegate 7-065S. EASTERN PKWY. 8-room apartment 1st floor; rent $105: eicellent transportation; adulte preferred. P Resident 4-6008. EMPIRE BLVD. 3 roomi. Hollywood kitchen $55. Alter 10 a.m., 0 Locum, 6-7657. FLATBUSH Finest residential location- 3V2 ROOMS 593.50 Wi ROOMS $108 4155 Klngi Hwy. Agent on premliea FLATBUSH E. 12th St.: 6. lower (1 bedrooms, 2 porcneaj; Meal location; children okay; $100. NI. 5-9414 MISS ANJt NEWMAN RJCALTY 1627E18TH BT, FLATBUSH RO-ANN APARTMENTf 3') roomi. $85-$90 50; 5 rooms. 1113: l block Avenue u station bmt Culver line. Apply Superintendent, Apt, 2-A. n Whitney Flace Continued on Following Pino 9k Waaring Apparel PER3IAN LAA1B COAT, Hit 16-1$; food condition; sacrifice. PR. 3-8978. evening! only. PLATINA-FOX JACKET, 14-16, PRAc" TICALLY NEW- BEST OFTER. OED-NEY 6-8470 AFTER 6 yVJ10118 BROADTAIL PERSIAN , m'n trimmed, almost new, MMO."! s""0""1'- NUhtlnt S'if?nJ.?1i?,'. eou- ,ult. toppere. 15.1; "ft'J'fJ7-.35 ,th st- '7Ul ' Hklyn. Open Mon. thru Sat. 9 to 6:30. PIC-N-PICUM SHOES 7".,!i? m fl"h ,ni from 1) u 110 on every pair of America famoul name brand! of ladtae' shoea J1686th St.. 530$ 5th A.T. li. o Miscellaneous ACCORDION, made In Italy, 120 beet' perfect: bicycle, 28', Columbia; perfect condition. ULiter $-6417. ACCORDION; ranch mink coat; reaeon. vWh'oSa" (or ,h,t ht" CARRIAGE, $5: bathlnette. $3: Tayb Tot. $3: car bed, $3, UnderiootJ Jrpe. wnter. $20. TAylor V-8373 FLORENCE OtL BURNERS with fluet lood condition. MA. 4-1723. evenlnaw! HOSPITAL BED. good oondltlon- roe. nabl?R.j.34jl5.callefter tvm. HOSPITAI, BEDS; $20: wheei chatra". $20; wa.kers; lamps; lold, rented, lo IJ5JI!u?-'90aoaO:L. 2-2350. MENS OVERCOATS (21, SuTTfTtir aire 42: exoellent condition; Imported rug. 9x12; Dumont TV, mahotanf cabinet with FM radio: perfect eoodi' tlon: no dealers. E3. 6-1892. M!?N1TO.'i.WAHHE!l '-"): -l ton. ditlon, 125; mahogany tier table, $20. nl, 5-5581. PING-PONG TABLES Regulation lire, new, perfect, 98' ply. wood top. $29; manufacturer'! enefcf season doeeout. OLenmore 2-0333 LAl!T8'j34,ro8T SICKROOM EQUIPMENT WHEEL CHAIRS, HOSPITAL BET INVALID WALKERS, COMMODE Ultra-violet Heat Lamps crutchee, yaportreri. For Salt or Monthly Rental, fSiDJ!NTIAL 00 Fre, 1007 Bway.-Wllioughbr OL. 5.767$ STUDIO - TYPE PIANO, reaeonaWe; gray Persian coat, good eondltloo. Use 12-16. SH 5-2630 BAZAAR Madison Jewish Center. Noe-trand Ave. at Avenue P; starts Satur. day night. Dec. 11; Sunday all day, Monday evening. New merchandiae, novrltlet, bargains galore: refreshment, Valuable door prtie each night, BAZAR, 2592 Ocean Ave.. Decern bar 11-12, Saturday ntgbt anal Bunday. Ocean Ate. Jewish Center itaglnaj mammoth baaar, ntw merchandise, wonderful bura, excellent opcortunltr for glftt. OIOANTIO BAZAR. The BUttoort, Chureh-Flatbush Area.; all day, te-nln. Mon.-Tuet., Dee. 13-14. NEW MERCHANDISE. Pacailooj bargaina. Lunoheon-dlnner terred both dars. 9d Building Moterloli Lumber Bargains Compare 4x1 TRAIN BOARDS With Metal Folding Legs 111 T$ we 1x12 ahelvlng. 12c ft.; 1x4 fig., 4e Hn. ft 2x3 51,0 ft.; underlayraent. $1 92 a thaw! BERGEN LUMBER S MATERIAL CO. 71 Rochester Are,, Bklyn. Fit 4-MOf PINE SASH AND DOOR CO. Flooiiiut. Sldlne and Foidinf Doora. Building Maienali, Cnpalnted F-.trruiurs, Formica, eelUnf bloeka, Imltatloo Ule, 6202 14th Art- B klyn. BB. 6-804$ ALUMINTTM STORM WINDOWS, BOOK ALL SIZES. SLIGHTLY. USED: CHltAF. ESPLANADI I-73J3. Plumbing Heotlng OinVERSAL oomblnatlan fat rweTC, heatlnt unit; PaTtaaclael aotomatie water tlaat heater (30 gallon!). Kel. vlnator refrigerator (freeier compart. menU: package deal ar stngular. ULeta! 5-1621, after 4. 9 Unpointed Furniture TOY CHESTS, V Pine - - 81 Kitchen Oablnett; custom, reed? built. Showroom, 455 Kings Hwy. E8. $-M91 TO BUY I0d Houiehold Good$ Wanted FURNITURE Braltty win buy; Give him a try. Don't wait. It pays to call UUter 4-3052. ACT FAST: AL PAYS BIO $$""" POR FURNITURE ET. 4-9358 Evee.. CL. T-lSPt ALL REFRIGERATORS WANTED Furniture Living Rooms Bedroom! Moving and Storage MAln $-090$ Used Furn. Bought UL. 8-1 760 lOsPiano!, Muiicol Inst'i Wfd Baby Grand 8plneti. All Trptt Wanted: Highest Prlcet Paid Lecher, 853 Hopklnion Ave. HY. 8-6181) PIANOS? PI A NO S?FlA NO ANV KIND WE PAY THE LIMIT CALL NOW DI. 2-3550, DI. 2-3564 PIANOS WANTED FOR CASH Hayman. UUter 8-1770 FREE PIANO, imall, tunable condition, for email group of young peopli. PRee. dent 3-0008, NAvarre 8-057.1. I Oh Wearing Ap'relT Fun W'td' FUR COATS, BOUGHT, OLD Highest Caih Prlcei Pud. Royal Furl, 337 Brldii st Near Phone Company TRIanglt 3-5175 I On Mochinery b Toole W't'd WANTED, used 2' ridged power -rttt. CLoverdale 3-7400 I Ou Sewing Machine! Wanted AI.L SINGERS ROUND BOBBIN Tretdlei. to $15; Electnci, to $71 SPOT CASH OL 4-7330 10 Miicellaneoue Wanted TOOI.R. TVi. radlniTpawn trcketi "a pllahcea eic, bought, sold, exchangee.. 4411 5th Ave. UL. 4-433."). ST. 8-0756 JOB HUNTING? Bead the Eagle For the Best Petition!. ADS n

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