The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on April 10, 1953 · Page 16
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 16

Brooklyn, New York
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Friday, April 10, 1953
Page 16
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iQ.r r fi iy 'i ' MOVING AROUND By RALPH TROS1 If the average golfer hasn't itarted playing it won't be long. And when he or she starts, the start will be almost where the last season ended in a straggle. The pro crowd around Wilsons and Spaldings this week shifted the hundred or so causes through which it is possible to mangle golf shots. And they hand down the belief that one cause stands out above all others improper lining up of the shot "About 90 percent of all golfers do not swing a golf club, they manipulate it. Manipulation may be okay for sore muscles and mixing paint but it doesn't get any power into a golf shot Since power-that which overcomes golf's prime handicap, distance is what players are looking for, 90 percent start out with the wrong method." Transferred to baseball terms, which more people understand, the average player, takes a position aimed at right field. But the goal they expect to hit is somewhere off in left field. In order to get the club head around to where the ball can be manipulated to left field, the club head is thrown out of its proper arc, the body balance is upset and the club fare is opened. The result? Well, I tried to get the court of golf pros to hand down precise decision on this. But they ducked the issue. However, it was pointed out that there are quite a few possible results. Result A: Either a low slicing skimmer that scoots for maybe 100 yards winding up in the most convenient trap, rough or trees or a prettier but still ineffective blooper of a slice. All depends upon whether the player tried to wheel on the ball or chop down. Result B: A "skulled" quick pull that barely rises two feet off the ground. The net gain Is about the same as the slice except that the ball may now bear a "smile" of pain. The experts agree that if the players aimed at left field and tried to swing the ball out toward right field they'd be better off. Not perfect, just better off. But, on the evidence, golfers don't do that. They, want to get a toe-hold. They want to get everything "behind the ball," as they conceive such a position. If they could swivel like an office chair they might succeed. Falling, they manipulate, not swing, the club, sway, fall off balance and get a lot more exasperating exercise than ever intended. Strangely, in the face of all this, there are a million and a half more people attempting golf than there were two years ago. Today's Scratches Lincoln Downs 3 Bit Reward, Seturo, Caunrtl. fr iVt Chariot, 0 Nb Jr. Cloudy and fait. Bowie 1 Rose Lrati, Royal Dream. Imohodln. GlLmpM O. 2 Pretti Mood, Knotty Jack. 3 Plfeonett. Faxen Mane. Orb-Gab, Qiieena Lare, Our Aot. Tint Heipiflf. 4 Maillot Jaunt. Pinoechlo. 6 Senator Joe, Sea Admiral. 7 Digit, Coyote. S-Empire Valley, Happy Count, March Chick, Disputant. Ctoudy and, muddy. Gulfstream Park 1 Lunation, Cub, Mama Na Wawae, Rec hacked. 2 Gitica-Llnda, Mello Jack, flint N!ht, neioi. rarcy istcm, lAverne. 3 Dadsn Son. Donoglen, Helentar, Flight Again. 4 Wilks Lom, Control Be 8 Oatiia II, Ski Slope. Pauline Groaa. J s Danoe. 9 Dixie Prinot, Gere, Hoij Clear and laat. V ? '' ' III U l:,W, Ml) V Exit Sportt Picture NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN After 50 years of operating semi-pro baseball, Max Rosner, 74-year-old owner of Dexter Park, insists that driving racing car should be easy. Max shows Al De Angelo how he would do it if he were competing in stock car races which open at Dexter Park Sunday afternoon. With the Bushwicks particularly, and semi-pro baseball generally, a thing of the past, Rosner still sticks to sports. 16 "BROOKLYN EAGLE, FRI., APR. 10, 1953 . Harberfr Seis Chick Takes Stroke Lead in Masters Play Augusta, Ga., April 9 (U.R) The major golf crown that has alwavs eluded handsome Chick Harbert beckoned again today as he led a par-busting field into the second round of 17th Masters tournament A furious first day left the situation like this: Harbert ahead by one stroke at 68; Ed (Porky) Oliver and Al Besse-link with 69's; Ben Hogan and Milon Marusic with 70's and seven others with 71's or par 72's. ' For Harbert, a handsome 38-year-old Detroiter. his lead gave him a chance to reach the second of his three main goals in' golf. One was to make the Ryder Cup team, which he did in 1949. The others are to win a major title and land a job as pro "at the best golf club, in the country." He figures he has to win the big title first. He almost did it last year in the Professional Golf Association championship when Jim Ferrier edged him, one up, after trailing him until the 36th hole. In 1950, he was edged by Henry Ransom for the rich world championship In Chicago. Name on Board But Harbert was scenting glory once more when he toured the first nine yesterday in 33 and vowed "I'll make them put my name on the big board.' He referred to the scoreboard between ninth and 18th greens where the progress of the leading lights is noted hole by hole. There was only a note at the bottom of the board to the ef fect that Harbert had a 33 for nine, but when he came on home in 35 they had to put his name at the top. Looking back over this 68 round, Har bert decided that the 15th hole was the critical one. He had a chance for an' eagle but before it was over he was thankful to get a par 5. He thus preserved the four-stroke advantage he had built up earlier and came home in straight pars. In attempting to hole out on his third shot on 15 Harbert stroked too strongly and the ball skimmed 30 yards past the cup to the edge of a lake. With only a smidgin of shooting room, Chick wedged It back to within three feet of the hole to save his five. Oliver and Besselink eot their 69's with brilliant putting over the curvaceous greens (je - signed by Bobby Jones and Hogan, 1951 Masters champ, could have bettered them and tied with Harbert. But Ben ruined his potential 68 with bogeys on 17 and 18. One-Day Whiz Marusic, a little known but hard-plugging pro from Herki mer, N. ., was a one-dav won- der as he went out in 32. He ' supped two over on the back nine to wind up with a 70. Defending champion Sam Snead was a scorecard casualty or he also would have had a 70. His partner, B'ron Nelson, inadvertently wrote down a four for Sam's last hole when1,? l'l he actually shot a birdie three.!1,2 "ChMm . rus cam ui iu was ineieiore! Ahnr.nrl Tl Kn.r.., . . v. ,-1 .. ..-..f,, ... ..v-vv. c the rules of golf the holes have lU ouu uy. "I just ran through the card and it said 70 at the end, so I just signed," Snead drawled afterward. Teacher and Pitcher George Creasy, a left-hander in the Cardinal baseball organization who is scheduled to begin his professional career with the Hamilton. Ont., team this season, completed his junior ivear m Bloomsburg (Pa.) State ITeachers College this Winter. PRO OPENING NEXT JANUARY 70 Golfers Want Woodmere's Job By RALPH TROST Y- Frank (Fatch) Paley, long one of Long Island's better amateurs and now chairman of the sports committee at Wood-mere, is under a slight siege. Most everybody wants the professional's job at revamped Woodmere when Jack Pirie retires. "There are two kinds of applicants," Paley notes. "There's the man who is looking for the job straight out and puts down his accomplishments is writing. There are 50 of those. "Then there's the other kind. the fellow who has a Job but likes Woodmere s prospects. He talks to somebody who is to talk to the committee. There are 20 more of those. "And the wish often being father to the thought, they have leaped to the conclusion that the job will start April 1. As I told you, and you duly noted, Jack Pirie is not going to retire until Jan. 31 of next year." Golf Enthusiasm The number of applications for the Woodmere job is under standable. It is a large club. And, most of all, it has a lot of enthusiasm especially for the revamped course. Ever since Woodmere, which started as a tennis club with just a few golf holes, moved to its present site, the Woodmere members have wrestled with the proposition of getting a full length course in a most re stricted area. Woodmere had enough ground for the golf ball of 1916 but not for the one played since the late 1920s. However, with the purchase of some ground from the Rocka- way Hunting Club and the complete revision of the course by architect, Robert Trent Jones, all this is being changed. We hoped, of course, to have the new layout ready for play at the start of this season, JAMAICA FORM (ONLT rmT THKtl HORSES GRADED) ri. i n r.M. FIRST RACK 13.300: c'.elmlm: two- year-old; naulan; Art lurion. Ita PP. Horn Jockey Wt. Una Sam fwk Ne bar IZJ 1 McUurma SCRATCHED rin KfstJ Curia 118 1 Armed-Bandit Delahoussey 118 I iTornabuonl Gormaji lis 3 Seven tin SCRATCHED Gold Weave SCRATCHED 5 aLynn Konj Errioo 113 7 No Oonteat Widmen 118 . 8 OUo Hrttlnaer 118 10 Will Trayel . Bolajid 118 II Ball Bell Ouerin 115 11 Indian Flit SCRATCHED Id It Cea SCRATCHED i iooimij . oreen 118 - 15 ISerj SCRATCHED aOodlrej-Petera entry. SECOND RACE 13.500 J"r - ""; fronts. claiming; three. P . Horse Pro 3 iRavioll loficeT Wt. Odds 8 Moon Over Irtn MeCrear Cheater ll 3- tll 5-1 111 8-1 112 io-i 105 30-1 4 all nor rerralaola 1 Peymony Bernhardt 3 xQuesebe - O'Brien 5 Our Topper Wallia 8 iBearltchlnt Leater 113 8-1 107 3-1 112 30-1 7 x&noar Down 9 Mr. Oovell - 10 aaouth Side 11 Interlude - 12 War BUI 13 Censut Cheater SCRATCHED Hettlntw 108 8-1 No boy 113 20-1 No boy 117 20-1 No boy 113 20-1 al. M. O'Brten-Newtondale Stable. three-yarolda ind 'un: ' aim nrf ' v THIRD i?Ari nn- ttnitte. ..Ma. . p Hone 7 riruiK Turk Wlimui fit 1.1 13 Brataa SCR ITCHED ? !;?,."" ". ,"" 105 1 Where You At Teuagiio 3 xMjaa RecovtTm O'Brien 4 xlmurial 1 Acre 104 112 102 in 107 lid US" 107 108 113 SO-1 20-1 20-1 6-1 10-1 20-1 8-1 -l 20-1 5 xANetod Acre 8 Peace Jitter - 9 xMcnte Llmar - Boiand Leater Schmldl Faloo Borat 15-1 srRATCHEDIi 15 ?'. in RArrHFn SCRATCHED I 11 xTvt C. FOLDTH RACE 13.800: elaimlne toiir. "-i lurkai. pp Hrr-e Jockej Wt. Odd P P Hrr-e 4 aKnowltall Selena Gaerla Ne tor Woodhouae Leater Leater 114 118 117 114 109 1 09 3 3 Family Mast 1 I.Mr. Bool 2 Rnl Tiueh - xMlailon 4- 1 3-1 30-1 5- 1 5 xstandee ' 10-1 7 aOourrt Brtaat IIS 3-1 8 lraurguy aV L. Shea entrr. FIFTH RACf M.8O0: elaimlne: frrar- yrar-olds and up; one and one-eighth miles. Prob. PP. Hors Jockey Wt. Olds S aF.vans Moantala Boland 123 2-1 3 Hlya-Sailer i Gaerln 121 3-1 2 i Brother Gkeat Leater 113 S-l 1 BeUon Boy Andereon l'.fi 8-1 4 Wiie Market Penaluolo 113 6-1 t aPrlre Rlnr Nlcho'.t 1 13 3-1 aWarbern SUblt-E. t. Amotd tnvry. OTHER JAMAICA SELECTIONS No. 'United 'Keat Lou IDe Nooiio Race Free jDaily Mirror 'O Nelll IPoet .Conseneu Armed-Bandit Sam Park Seven Gmt -JLoblolly Sam Park I. Sam Park Ooid Weavt OUb Bant Park Gold Weave IPIrt King Loblolly jrirt Klnt Wr Klnf Armed Bandit Qiieaabe 'Ravioli Ravioli jBewltchUlf Ravioli 1 'Ravioli' Btwltcblni iBewltchlnt 'Ravioli .Bealtchlni Burltchlnt south Bide M'n Over Erin iBouth Side 'south side Peace Jitters Braf lArietod ISttlk IBrataa I. Ilmuraal Flylnf Tuck Flytn Tuck Brataa Flyir.t Tuck Cli alia lad Stalk Motite Lln-jtr 'Top Newt .'Stalk Mr. Boot Mr. Boot KjloltaU Family Mao Mr. Root 4. 'Count Brent Know1t41 'Mr. Boot Mr. Boot Kiuwitll Red Fluh 'MUalon Miaslcn KnowltaJl FamLy Man Brother Ohott jHiya-Saiior 'aan Mount'n Evtna Mount'n 'Evan Mount n I. Hlia-gailor Evan Mount's jBrother Ghost IPrlae Rint iHlya-Sallor 'Evan Mount'n 'Brother Ohoet ;Hiya-8alIor Belton Boy brother Ohoat 'Cold Command 'Cold Oooimand Cold Oommarul Cold CommMid Cold Command t. 'Swoop !H!rh Bracket iDuke Fanelli Dukt Fanelll 'Swoop 'Duke Fanelll jPukc Fanelll Fancy Bonnet Hltn Bracket Duke Faiielll Ve 'Dawn ot Gold ArUt kitchen Maid iKitehen Maid 7. Hrlt iKItchen Maid Kitchen Maid Urit Arlai ."-rlpt Lovely lUtle Dawn ot Gold Iqueen Moon IDtwn of Ooid Don Quixote I'Talion 'Turkey Boot 'Patrol Waton Patrol Wafon I. P.rol Waion 'Patrol Waton wild Fowl 'Turkey Boot I Wild Fowl Prince Tip 'Wild Fowl IPrtnoe Tip 'Prince Tip Turkey Boot McCoy Tops Coluccl In Sunnyside Bout Jimmy McCoy, 145, Portland, Ore., scored a split decision victory last night over Mike Coluccl, 147K, New York, In the feature eight-round bout before a crowd of 1,500 at the Sunnyside Garden. EBBETS FIF.LD Aa EXHIBITION GAME fiZ?y- Tomorrow 1:80 r.M. VV N. Y. YANKEES vi. ,3 ZttdgetA, Sighvs TWO IN GOLF TRAP BETTER THAN ONE IN LAP Augusta, Ga., April 10 (UPJ Jimmy Demaret reached the ultimate yesterday in unplayable lie. His second shot on the 18th hole in the first round of the Masters Golf Tournament came to rest In a lady spectator's lap. While the blushing spectator remained frozen to ner eat on the ground, Demaret walked up to sise sp the situation. Fortunately, at that Instant, the baU fell off the lady's skirt and. rolled into a trap, Demaret picked It np and dropped the ball over his shoulder but it rolled back into the trap, from where he played it. He still got a par four for a total 73. Optimistic, naturally. Now it looks as if we'll be ready by late Summer," says Paley. "And it's going to be some course," he adds. Paley, a first-class hitter, is looking forward to a chance at that big par five on the second nine, the one built on the old Rockaway Hunting Club ground. Here's a 570-yarder, to be played over ground that should never get hard and against a prevailing wind." That new Woodmere hole could play the longest of any par five on Long Island. By JOE LEE SIXTH RACS $5,000: allowance! four. vw-wue wa up; am lurionfa. PP. Horae Prob. Wt. Oddt 108 1-1 113 4-1 108 4-1 108 8-1 117 4-1 113 8-1 Jockey - Leater 3 iDoka raaelll -S Pacllle Ooeaa -f xHlfh Bracket 1 Fancy Bonnet - - O' Brian Wall 1 Weatrope 4 Swoop 9 Cold Command Oerman SEVENTH RACK 84.000 three-year-old finite; all (urlonat, aHoweaot; Pros. Jockey Wt Odd Genua lit a.1 P.P. Hone 8 Ariata KlteBta Maid nutria 118 4-1 8 Dawn of Geld Belaud 118 3-1 1 News , Nlchom 118 20-1 2 Oelnaboro Olrl SCRATCHED 4 iCedar Junflt . Leater 111 20-1 3 Lowly Kane oreen 118 10-1 7 Dadodil SCRATCHED eShut Off oreen 118 20-1 10 aScrlpt SCRATCHED 11 Q'leene Moon Scurloot 118 8-1 altlnr Ranch entry. Eighth RACE $3,500; elalmtof: ttiree-yeax-olde; ont and one-aiaieenta mile. P.P. Horae Jockey Wt Odd 4 Den Qaltole Stanford 113 3-1 8 Patrol Watea Ne bey 118 2-1 3 Tnrkey Boeit (Iter la 113 4-1 1 xWlld Fowl O'Brien 108 20-1 2 Prince Tip No boy 118 8-1 5 jrTallon Bonian 112 8-1 xS, xxl pound apprentice allowance claimed. BEST BET EVANS MOUNTAIN. I I MITCH DDCCC CCI CTIMC Bowis I Irish Net. Bee Lee la. Teeataa. J VMt, lte Bettra, raraele. 3 Olamltr Gale, Flleenette, leyal Fia. 4 TlrlBf Weatktr, Helen Malael. Deleki. 5 Whirling Deatk. Marek Brat, Be Marenr. II Senater Joe, Feat Card, Alladler. 7 fuTote, Dlile Sweep. Nate HeraleM. S Baneelna, Feech, Re Mowlee. BEST hlNATOB JOE. . I n Lincoln uawni . , . . inur niyu... mh, iiiii nnu. 1 E. Awiwl. Allah-V'hr. Hrdromah. 3 Rlaan, Cannall. Analea ( helre. 4 Stffaaea. Gaeatilena. Reeaiai Peete4. a Hpadder. Bernio Moose, Hedeeelli, Brliht Kltehen, Oilln. Praa Jr. 7 AUaale Fire, Maa Bar, Meatlse. 5 Boat Are. Great Parhaai, Hard Meld. tar of Dahlia, ien Direr, Darter L. I. BEST BIT BOBS ACE. iCBATC"ro;Golfttream Park 1 Gnat Whirl, Lunation, Cole lsf. 2 Lea Rondl, Gatlea-Llnda, Hello Jack. ? Hkp Wise, Gay Spot. Grand Rlak. 4 Red Cap. Boanclnf Boy, HeUeon. 3 Circle Clown, First Refusal, Whit-leather. fl Foardete, Re maa Jean, Madame Areatl 7 Peaaaea. Elaataaa. Chat Nolr II. 8 Jace, Atteatiea Sir. Gatlta II. f Paasp Cat. Yeoman, Rathe Bey. BEST PENSAVA. THRU MAT S mClU TRAINS: Direct la track leave Pent. Station from 10,45 A.M. (Sal. 10,301, and Hotbuih Ave., ftklyn., (rots 10:35 A.M. lilWAt 1 III: tih and tin Avt-nut Subways to Partoni Blvd. Station, Jamaica, or Jamaica lint El Trains to 160lb St., Jamaica, both conntclina with buses to track. Children Nat Admitted FIRST KACI 1:11 P. M. 6m1 AtJm. $15 DAIIY DOUILI CLOSES 1-.0S P. M 3 H It" 1! on Firs? National Soccer League Clashes By BILL GRAHAM A doubleheader at 8th Ave. and 65th St. for National Soccer League points heads the week end schedule of games, with an other game In the same loop marked for decision at Red Hook Stadium to fill the bor ough main pitches. At the Bay Ridge ground, Danish and Polish Americans will open the bill with Gjoa and Yonkers bringing down the curtain. In Red Hook, Warsaw will be home to Prague, Prior to the major teams making am appearance In Bay Ridge, Empire Bute League teams will stage a ' doable-header on the same field and another contest has been list ed at Dyker Heights Park. In the Eastern District League, New World will be home to Ischia at Thomas Jefferson H. S. Field and at Red Hook, Mola will play host to the French Club. At Sterling Oval in the Bronx, the American League will move to the second round of the Lewis Cup with New York Americans engaeintr .ewarK m the preliminary and Hispano and the Philadelphia Americans in the mam event Western Final The Western final of the Na tional Challenge Cup will be played in St. Lotiis following trie Kutis s. c. of the Mound City and the Chicago Falcons O-o tie of last week in Chicago. This was originally a two-game final and Kutis won, 30. in St. Louis, but the game was voided and the final reduced to a one-game affair when it was proved that Kutis had played two unregistered players. The winner will meet the defend ing champion, Harmarville of Pittsburgh, in the grand final In the replayed Eastern semi-final of the National Amateur Cnp, Maritlmo of Newark will again travel to fall River to play Ponta Del gada. The first game was won by the Pontes, 81, but the game was scratched out because Ed Souza. formerly with the German Hungarian 8. 0. of Brooklyn, Avas not! properly cleared through the mate Association on tits re- lease. In the Western semi-final, Slovaks of Chicago will be home to the Detroit Rangers. The winner meets the Pastures of St. Louis in the Western final. Sunday schedule: NATIONAL LEAGUE Glot VI Yonkeri 3 p.m., Danish i. PolUh-Amerinan, 8'h Are. tt B5th St.! Warsaw ye. Prime Ri nooa otaaium. EMPIRE STATE LEAOUE Danlah VI, iwodLah, Concord vi. Ukrainian. 8th Ave. at 65th St.; Palermo va. Gjoa, Dyker neurni rant. LEWIS CUP. New Tort American Tt. Newark, 1:30 p.m., Hlipano vs. Philadelphia Air.ericai.s. 3 p.m., sterllnt Oval; Boot Atnerlcana yt. Brookhatlen. Kodiera Si. dium, Harrison: Philadelphia Nationals y Haltoah. PhljwlelprUa. EASTERN DISTRICT LEAGUE Premier Dlvlalon. New World re. lachla. Thomea Jefleraon H. 8. Field; Molt yi. French, Red Hook '.a!ii:m. NEW YORK STATE CHALLENGE CUP. Aibany A. C vi. Swlal. Albany. DR. MANNINO CHALLENOE CUP Kolla- man Reaeryet el. Esparaa, New Farmers Oral; Greek Amerloan Reeervee Tt, Green- port united, stelnwsy Oval: Orumann Air craft v. New York Reeervee, Bethpase: Schwaben Reeervet ya. College Point, Thromra Neck. GERMAN AMERICAN LEAOUE Major Division. Elntraeht vs. Eilaabeth, Astoria; Hoboktn v. Oreek-Amerloan, Schuetzen Park. Malor Reaervt . DlTlslon. Eintracht v. Cutiabeth, Astoria. Premier Dlvtaion. Qermar-Ameitcan ya. PfMlaer. Newtown H. S. Field: Koliaman Paaaalc. New Farmers Oval; Schwaben ya. New Yofk Hunasrlar.. Throees Neck: Olullan Tt. Ootuehee, Zeren Oval; West New York va. Prospect Unity, Schueuen Park Premier Reaervt Division. Oermen-Amerl- cta Tt. Ptmeiter, Neatown H. S.; Gluliaim vs. Qotuchee, Zereya Oval. B Dlvitlon. Eintracht ti. Bobokeo Astoria. Exhibition. Oerman-Hunrartafl Reserves yt. Brooklyn Reserves, Metropolitan Oval; Mount Klaco vs. White Plains. Mount Kleoo; Stamford United vs. Schlesler, Stam- lora; yonaers vs. not, ronxere. NATIONAL CHALLENOE CUP. Western Final. Kutis S, C. of St. Louis vt. Falcone of Chlcato, St. Loui. National Amateur Cup. Eastern tesnl-final. Pont Delnd of Fail River yt. Maritlmo of Newark, Fall River. Western semi-final. Slovak 01 Ctuoato vt. Detroit Renters, Ctiicato. Plenty of Irish at N. D. The Notre Dame basketball team lived up to its "Fighting Irish" nickname this season with Ed Condon, Ed McGinn, Jim Gibbons, Jerry McCloskey, John Reynolds and BUI Sulli van on the squad. s' Many a tall tltysr. traded It aaetner slut becaaee lis sstnatar rMulht at area aatlMd tt. ssmet task ts tlattt lis eld (eta). Dtsltrs take tine tart i (rate with tkovtends ef miles trinsttrtetlet bit. They re. eendltltt them, tetrhaul then. Whet I i the tat says "OK Kin. NY" yet tt be sere they in teed etlae. tutr- anteed, ready te deliver theuaands tt must f t)t terlRf tlsaturs. Be l smart matater. Trite with Kinney ind KINNEY MOTORS 2059 C0NET ISLAND AVENUE Strike Stltt ESPLAN.vOi 5-3700 Llifftt. rJallw, to KINNtr speciali over WMQH prior to "Warm-SB Tlmt precedlnv Doteer baitball eamel. In Boro Sunday Major THERE OUGHTA BE A LAWI NO 1 JJ3T HOUZ AFTEftTI I THEN f wVUT KXJ ( WPU. I CANTY ;, DiDNf KNOW JL Ht5pr? BfllS MAH . WTTOf BUSfAU. M "THING ABOUT fT. . f Vnucti I PINNER QMS I JUST V. iMiru. i call e f iTwe comes i yrrt rM Vujvxr hap a . AMOTBUWER J PHONE HOME-., f SVUttOf I MINUTE TO MSBJ J l Vf 3 IlL M you lW . Js SINCB THIS AS 6QOM A9 IT c-sjCr WORMIMG DO YOO k 1 FIND OUT 111 - : f THINK IT'S EAS J r V GOLF HERE'S HOW Sam Snead J Soli's G Grsatttt 'layw-Tsschsr I In the backswing your left arm and club shaft form one straight line until your hands are hip high. At that point you slowly start to cock the hands. And they reach the fully cocked position when the backswing is complete with your hands head high as shown. You start the downswing with that everything-together movement. But you should not start to uncock the wrists until the hands are again hip high in the downswing. This hand or wrist action is delayed until the point Indicated because if you uncock the wrists early in the swing the power they contribute will be spent in mid-air and not on the ball. The power in the wrist action or wrist throw at the bottom of the stroke blends with the other power sources of hlp-and-shoulder pivots and the downswing of the arms. They all blend at impact into a single ryhthmlc action for distance and placement. Report DeSpirito's Condition as Good Woonsocket, R. T., ADril 10 (U.R) The condition of Jockey Tony DeSpirito was reported "good" today at a hospital where he was carried uncon scious after being unsaddled ln a three-horse jam-up at Lin coin Downs. The 18-year-old Lawrence, Mass., rider was suffering from "mud shock ' and it was uncer tain whether he would resume his riding chores today. DeSpirito was riding Ten Per; Cent in the fourth race yesterday when the mount appar ently ran up on the heels of With Luck at the clubhouse turn. Ten Per Cent swerved wide, bumping Ray Desmarais on Fighting Tony and Richard Rushworth on Lynn K. The three jockeys tumbled to the track but only DeSpirito was injured. OPENS WEDNESDAY! tl I CI IT TROTTING jh l'V- ftnA ,.n www.m t . "-TVaW. -j,.ius. bint ?lMV-ai0 1 W 'Tnal v'ttlsM- el 1' WIMfflS RACEWAY THESE TYPICAL BUYS CHEVROLET '49 Club Coupe; J950 STUDE. '51 Club Coupe; SI 295 FORD '49 2 DOOR; $995 APPEAR IN TODAY'S AUTOMOTIVE PAGES TURN TO THEM NOW! wAMPSFuay tOCKtO ft V 1 TTOP. II A3 ?rfU I at r Golf Crowns l,J - 'i I MdJ) and GTO By High Tide for Eagle Anglers Uttt I Wllhti IPetenle ty Flrt Itlttd I trtetat I Bee) Meet Feint tCuteaeiiie) Islet I Bay Islet leattt A M. F ... P.tJ.IA.II. F F.M.IA.M. P H.' ThuriJay. April I 3:2 44s) 1:44 T.29 1:14 T:51 J:15 :0I 1:41 ill Friday. April 10 1:2:' .1111:01 1:33 1:11 111 l:U 4:3 4 . 4 41 t:U t 24 Haturday. April 11 I'M i:54 M :! 1:11 t:St 4:51 5:19 1:01 : I'M l it- For hlth tldt tt Anbury Park and Belmar, N. J., deduct M ailnutci froej Sandy Hook tlma. For hlth tide at Atlantic City. N. 3. (Btetl Plerl, deduct 11 minutes frees Sandy Hook time. tHuuplled by the United Htstet Coatt and Geodetic Hurveyl With any kind of fair weather, fishing should be good over the weekend. Cod and pollock have been re-located on several nearby grounds and blackfish have gone crazy on all the rocku'rors ln tn' veterans no. bottom locations. Anywhere one goes on Long Island should produce flounders. Anu now tieres conamon that can be Improved by every fishermen doing a little bit to help. Long Beach Memorial Hospital, which has all the modern equipment any hospital can nse, has sent ont an urgent plea for of all things fishing gear. Seems the voluntary, non profit hospital that nestles on the shore of Reynolds Channel," off Long Island's south shore, lays claim to being the only hospital in these United States with its own fishing pier. It was built primarily for the use of the hospital's own patients, nurses and staff members, but now Long Beach Memorial's new administrator, W. A. Kozma, plans to make the pier available to patients from the several veterans hospitals on Long Island and in or aron the New York City area "Those boys need all the rec reation they can get," said Kozma, who was in the Army Medical Corps during World War 11 and now holds a captain's commission in the reserve. "And this fishing pier ot ours Is ideal for them. Every body knows how the fish bite in Long Beach waters and we want the vets to have a chance to hook them." But, he said, "one thing the hospital does not have is fishing gear. Therefore .1 i it ,, . j . U' the plea. "Just send it to the LOOK AT THESI NO'COST IXTRAS! Irtctric wrndshltld' wlptwi loft brak. lining arto In Hi tw brak cyflndtri I Mcb frettt wtttsjr-5afty-im vrttsatli bid. ftoW pariiing birok ut fermlr csrVvd ent-pttc wtntlthMol e .oil bath ak dtantf enrkoV rW rotary door lot rotary tyrx ell pump lortfltfJostlitg baked ttamal finbh olye Mat InMrtt Orlftew tdeck abtorbtri mere ruggagt space added head, kg, elbowwm. mm 1 ...AT ALWAYS Sa YOUR DODGE DEALER FOR THE REST VALUE ALL WAYS. COM! IN TODAY! SEE YOUR FRIENDLY DODGE-PLYMOUTH DEALER; By Fagaty and Shorttn HOWARD S. PRATT; hospital," Kozma declared,' g "and we'll see that every lina gets wet." Kozma presently Is making arrangements with recreation mutis ana wun uuug Dt-acn veterans organizations for a' Summer-long program which' will give every fishing-minded; (al at least, one dav on thn- Memoriai Hospital pier. These guys went the limit for all of as. Why not go a. little way for them? You'll b glad you did. DANiaSEN'S FISHING TACKLE 482 72ntl Strtet, Brooklyn, N. Y. left 6th An.) LIVE BLOOD ma SAND WORMS 10 t 30 JitUHt rtdi It rteli TI. (-4582 Opt Sunday. PARTY BOATS gHItrSETEAD BAT 6 A.M. (DV ROCKET- Raittit-Mt - Leety sterile. VAIIe, It l-MII ' ELAINE B. ru,ZDr 8 SS! CAPT. I. BADMANN. M. -14 ' 4 MOT II FIEB 1 DAH-T 1:00 A. M. CAPT. BARRY PHILLIFt' CANARSIE OLD PAL 1AT.-1UM. 7: A M. Ritnt Slat Cenarilt Deck Cast. Raster. Nl. 1-lsM OrONI FAKE EV1NRUDE MOTORS THOMPSON WHIBLWIND BOATS t SCHINELLER BROS. ROCKAWAY BLVD. at ATLANTIC AYR. OZONE PARK MI. t-12S PARKIN t) LONG ISLAND ROWBOAT FISHERMEN . FLOUNDERS ARI HFRE FLOUNDERS i UNCLE HERMIE'S . niTURB I11WMU9-Dill ieaford harbok wantaoh i-4oh 1 NO EXTRA COST AirUeui !53 V-BCHT o sa Ste "Jimmy Powers Powtr twuet" Monday thru friday, ei45PJeV,WriX-TV.Chaniwl II. n i It I 9 f w

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