The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 13, 1946 · Page 24
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 24

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 13, 1946
Page 24
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ii BROOKLYN EAGLE, SUM., 3 AN. 13. 1946 THE SOUND TRACK Two Tributes to the Doughfoot Top Screen's War-Film Library By HERBERT COHN If you weren't there yourself, you haven't seen the war unti you've viewed "The Story of G. I. Joe" and "A Wa'k in the Sun." New sreel releases have devoted extensive loot age to shots of actual battle; some documentary films on the European and Far Eastern campaigns, made for orientation of American forces, have been released for non-military audiences, and Hollywood ha.s built Uthentic-looking sets to re-enact historic scraps that filled our newspapers onh' a few months earlier. But the screen has done nothing before on the war to equal "G. I. Joe" and " A Walk in the Sun " Even John Ford's thrilling PT-boat adventure, "They Were Expendable," doesn't match thein, for neither is primarily a picture of battle, as the Capitol's movie is. Instead, these are pictures of the men who did the fighting intimate pictures that reveal not only how they did it, but what they were thinking about before the fighting started, what they talked about while they moved up to their objectives, how they relaxed during their briel rests, and how they acted during those tense, still moments while they waited for the fatal whistle to send them across an ominous no-man's-land. These are pictures of men. And men make dramn. "The Story of G I. Jix" currently at Locu s Metropolitan, is Lester Cowan's production based on the daily columns of Ernie Pyle, the late war correspondent. It wa.s Pyle. who first discovered that, even in the Machine Age. when war flew on the winss of P-liSs and B-29i or rolled with fleet Shermans, the muddy doughfoot. waiting quietly in his soggy fox-hole, was the fellow called upon when the opposition was toughest. To Pyle, and to others who were on the scene to watch the progress of the war. the glamorless foot-soldier was the ever-ready hero who crawled across the field and caught the enemy in in-fighting on his own grounds. In Sicily. Italy and France, the records support the Pyle contention. And there are few artillerymen, armored corpsmen or fliers, proud though they are of their own outfits and the records they achieved, who would deny the infantryman his place of honor. Prom Pyle's cabled accounts, "The Story of G. I. Joe" creates a husky company of men running patrols on the slippery slopes of Monte Cassino. They are not just figures of soldiers; they are men who would rather not fight. They are men with wives and children to think about at home, men with conscience who are human enough to crack when they think they might be spilling a buddy's blood needlessly. Here are memorable portraits, sketched delicately, cautiously, with fine detail. Here is acting done with such realism that it seems not to be acting at all. "A Walk in the Sun," which had its world premiere Friday at the Victoria Theater, recrosses some of Pyle's territory. It tells of the same kind of men. It loses some of its appeal, perhaps, because it comes after "G. I. Joe" instead of before. I think, though, it is a , better film, technically. Its talk is crisprr, bearing traces of the poetic prose that made Harry Brown's novel a classic of these hectic years. And Lewis Milestone's direction is brilliant, more inventive than that of William Wellman, who guided "G. I. Joe." The relative merits of the two films are not too important. The fact that counts Is that each is a stunning screen achievement, an unforgettable experience in drama. A NEW ORLEANS WOMAN was the cause of it all ! , She had plenty of kiises for Johnny . . but he wasn't in the mood for love! ( CI i ' i 'CORNERED," slated for the Paramount on Thursday, with Dick Powell and Walter Slezak. Blonde B'klyn Eyeful Becomes an Earful MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE lALBEE -This Love of Ours," 1:33. 4 31. I 1.-J9, 10 27; -A Game of Dettb," 13:21. Columbia's blond Eyeful ha-s de-1... Know 12 07 6 veloped a Spanish accent. The Eye-i 5 45, 8 34, ii:23; -The Red Drasoa." ful is brown-eved, Brooklyn-born 1(';,i!0' . S,019' , , , t- o, .h. METROPOLITAN "Siorv ot 01, Joe," Adele Jergens. She adopted the ac- 12 i, 3 38, 7:02, 10:26; -snaiii." ill. cent to play the tempestuous Latin-1 5 35. e s9 American dancer, Allura. in Sl "ft"0-:: i". iwouiant say t, wnicn onngs Mr. owm." 12 45, 3 so. -ss. 10 00. Rosalind RikwpII and Ip Rowman STRAND-"Mrxtcana." 1 38. 4 33. 7:28. Kasumn KU.sseu ano ix-e cowman 0 21 ..An AnH Cn,n l0 Br00kiyn," .10 Loews Criterion Theater Friday.' i2:s. 3 23, 6:1a, 9:13. H was a wise decision, for now the Manhattan Eyeful is an Earful, too. astor -siwiibound." 12:00. 2 00. 4 00. i She's delighted, she savs, " 00. s 00. 10:00. 12:00 r .n i ( k if CAPITOL 'They Were Exprndab c. ' 1 03, what I really want to be is an ac- 4 24 , 45 11 03 8IMfi u 13, 3.3X- . tress and not just another blonde."! s 52. 1013. I CRITERION -'She Wouldn't fv Ye." j I 12:1.1. 2 10. 4.0S. 8:00. 7 M, 9:50. 11:50 Pncml'c 'CinnA liitV GLOBE-' Johnnv Ansel. " 12:19. 1:58. 3.37, .rascal s uooa luck 5 16 .S5 8 34 ,0 13 U M 1M I Just before Gabriel Pascal fin-1 Hollywood-' Saraiosa Trunk," is. 09. hed filminsr Bernard Shaw's L:,.i:h.9 S7,i,.1J,30a, 1 Caesar and Cleopatra' he aeciaeQi 12 50. 353, s 56, S 5i.a.snie, ;that. a la Alfred Hitchcock, he p ( 8lork would play a bit part in the pic- 3 03. 6 09. 9 15. 12.14. tnri. fnr o-rwi lurk He tnolr the ! U.iO. part of a camel driver. One of the camels, not approving his driving, bit him on the arm. Pirandello's Play Now Film Drama "This Love of Oura," the Universal drama now at the RKO Albee Theater, Is a screen version of the Luigi Pirandello play first presented on the stage in 1922 at the Theater Argentina in Rome. The play quickly became a success and was rated afterward as one of the best of the late Pirandello's many brilliant dramas. Maria Lctl-zia Celli had the role portrayed In the film by Merle Oberon. Frank B. Averardl, production adviser to Pirandello, who was brought to the United States by the Carnegie Foundation to lecture on Italy's greatest modern playwright, visited the set during production. Averardl said that Pirandello, who died in 1937, was fond of Hollywood films and always attended special showings of the pictures before they were cut and given superimposed titles for Italian audiences. Claude Rains and Charles Korvin are co-starred with Miss Oberon in the screen production, which William Dieterle directed. mz " ij If- w AT, FOX Robert Hutton and Joan Leslie in "Too Young to Know." Bl'Y V. S. VICTORY BONDS AND SAVINGS STAMPS Aclof Ray Coiiins Was Always Busy Ray Collins, character actor, Is a "high point" trooper. As the defense attorney in 20th Century Fox's Technicolor drama "Leave Her to Heaven,, now at the Roxy, Collins plays his 24th screen part and celebrates his 39th anniversary as an actor. At 17 he joined a stock company passing through Sacramento, his home town. During the next 13 years he set acting records, having only a five-week iayoff during the entire period. In 1920 he went to Broadway, promptly became a star in "Conscience" and for the next ten years was rarely without a Broadway role. He starred for Sam Harris. Le Shubert and John Cort. For Belasco he appeared in "The Half Naked Truth." When the depression came he went into radio, doing 18 broadcasts a week. At times he worked 16 hours a day. He appeared regularly with Orson Welles in "Mercury Theater of the Air." When "Native Son" was being cast for the stage" he added Broadway to his radio work. And soon Hollywood offers became too good to resist. ERNIE PYLE (left) and Burgess Meredith, who plays the late war correspondent in "Story of Gl Joe" ot the Met. (BBmpg531 NOW! 'A GREAT FILM "OF GREAT MEN tta Mortimtr Do'l Mirror 'STORY OF SJL cD iURGCSS MEREDITH Free-wheeling fun! Packed with chuckle ! Custom-built for mirth! mm. ' I I l I I rTf" GARV mm a m .iui nil rtlUlllt I rivou -Thf Lost wpf-Ena." n:uu. 'vA!' - 1 i Tr,iK x?oooixvyvxyx?ootT,VAVxvvy' ,11 - till VXcJcOCC I illil W mill Wk - & .. V WMttf- m cjiife M t&r Tony and Sally DE MARCO W ' I i nnVU 4 PAUL REMOS m n tov ioyc sit ill iW llVft I 7lhAvt.& JOlhSt. i NGRibirtvA4AKl W DOORS..onAM ., ..r WL ' hrkuMnn ii.oun.ivi. u thul vvuhlll 'i 'Swiu ar x - - . ,1 1 JM f.l (lillMIM'Uiall'lit'i'lI'MyiUi-'JwWAV.' laMNiariiMMaMi power w ROBT. BENCHLEY VERA VAGUE At na a, W ntw oiiianj 3 Tl W htmt t! MUM i. Mil HA KnaM kr I0WIH L HUIM U' n7 t " WHM THRILL I BRANDT'S I r B T B WAY V 46 ST. 1 EEK GLOBE DOORS OPES it II .10 A M. u NEW YORK FILM CRITICS VOTE IT THE BEST ?THWONbERFULVVEEKATWARNERgH0itYV0QP CONTINUOUS AFTER-MIDNITE FILM 12:30 A.M. BROADWAY AT 51 ST r in rimun va UONEL x r CONING 1 TNBMT . RKO MUtYII ; us Q(JttH5 ' OYKM ' 1 i-.orryi 1SUPSMY OS , IH ALIIE MUIKIMI no TUCK NEK NONF a.M- ! iZaJTA,; . ril.lllHk1 IIP llnlP ;nwiMr.MmivC mm m m t ri inraAi'iiinu? v a . - Ani rnHi'iriun v year'w 7 ywsrs ,vVnv a WARNFRx MRAND :rS I W M RIVOLlLS 7.hO; "truA M.k mV .- !. "YWlttx I WEEK f deeply caught MSfmYSf I tt T " V the tempo ivil I i f 1 rl SmiS&i' IS mmM Hihyiy" cms iriA "Masq7erade bjKr-' . H inMexico" PSI DANA ANDREWS , RICHARD CONTE i( " ) Produced and Directed by I 1 V IN ANSEL COMES TO BROOKLYN i cvajic mm fctomc I I - , ,- j' From the Novel by HARRY BROWN Screenplay by ROBERT ROSSEN ; HyBwSi'i w CAPITOL Bi75fr GREENPOINT KENMORE MA01S0N ORPHEUM PROSPECT I REPUBLIC TILYOU Quaani FLUSHING Krilh'l RICH. HILl 3 , KANU k Far Rocluw)f J GEORGE SANDERS GERALDINE FITZGERALD ELLA RAINES Lr k NOVVj 1. 'c-'-'t! larcaay mrv aaw a marry f CHARlIt OINNY ROBIRT COBURH SIMMS - PAI6E r aidini'THE SPANISH MAIN' j JJi? homi- . f WIN,H0 "A"" Q"XAA Wahar StlZAK fl a mm "mod Wu tuoTT a tomuo houywooo' a ai 10m 'wat mail mw you' 111 WW4 Ml IIPPi Mafia OMRON 0rfRAMS'CM'W KORVM rh 'A GAME chio ALBEE THS LOVE OF OURS'l0 fXTRA! FtANK HNATtA in TK Heva I Uv In' rataivfli LAST STAGE SHOW AT 1 1 : 15 P.M. LAST FEATURE AT 12: 15 P.M. t 7M Doors Open 11:30 t.m. Midnight Kwlura Mglitly (NT SHOWPLACE OF THE NATION ROCKEFELLER CENTER RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL "llu-J.-.L ; ; i t: . wnri)r inaiming, omvtiny, rovtmng. (.AMtKUN, Ntws BING CROSBY INGRID BERGMAN in Lto McCarey't "THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S" Htnry Travtrs William Gargan Rtl.a.eJ by RKO Radio IVturia 01 SUSE: "HEIGH-HO !"-Delightfiil musical fantasy ... pro-duced by Leonidoff . . . with the Corpi de Ballet, Roclcttet and Symphony Orchtstra, undec direction of Charles Ptevin. Doon Opan Today 1L30 A.M. Slag. Shaw ol: 12,01, 1.J4, 4,00, ItS Picluri oU2:50, 3:53. :S6, J7 . DoonOpaa Monday :J0A.M. DAVin O SFI7.MCK , INGRID BERGMAN GREGORY PECK . ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S bPEUSOUWO Ed c.,a..r'. "DUFFY'S TAVERN" ( WITH M UTAH ) Plus "SCOTLAND TAID INVEBTlr. ATOM- "KISS AIID TELL" LOIW'l KINGS Flitbtuk and Tllaaa Anaim LOEWJ PITKIN Pltkla ana laratfaa Annma Laav'l ALPINE, (mi. . ana Flit Av... Lm'i ICDFORD, afKa Av.-lwf.a it.. Lm'a IK0ADWAY, BraUway-Myrtla A.. Lmw'i CONEY ISLAND, Surf-StlllMll Al. La'l 4STH ST.. 4tn t-N.w UtncM Av. Lhvi GATES. Gatea Av. ana Broadway.. Lani'i KAMEQ. Eaittra Pky.-Nntrind A. Ln'l MELBA, LlylnilUn IL.Hillw PI. Lmw'i ORIENTAL, Mth St. and ISth Av... LMW'I PREMIER. SUtUT Ay.-HlnUall St. T2EL. . A U5EWS BAT RTDGE 72d StrMt and Thirl annua LOEWS BEEVOOET Braysirt Plan and Bedford Annua Starrlnr SHIRLEY TEMPLE 'VOICE OF THE "WHISTLER" RICHARD IIX LOEWS BORO PARK .. .. lilt Strut Mil Now Utraeht Annul "THE DOLLY SISTERS" BETTT GRABI.E . ittNE HAVER (COLOR) Pius "CARIBBEAN MTSTERY" "THU SPANISH MAIN." Pltll Hurild. Miuran B'Hari (Color), and "SING VOIR WAY HOME," ink Hlliy LOEWS PALACE Ahholt tn.tfllo IN HOLLYWOOD and "THAT tut N. Y. Ayua aad Slratni Stmt NIGHT WITH YOU." friaelnl Tim. Suuana futr H-ity Lamarr. RlHrt Walkfr. "HER HIGHNESS ANT THE BELLBOY" and "DANGEROUS PARTNER" , LOEWS WARWICK. .. Iiroml and Fulton Strait! FEATURE FILmSSHQUlinCTODflV CONTlNUOu! tint LATF SHOW IV NY MGH1 IDMUND LOWE "THE STRANGE MR. GREGORY" I" C C- f. T I JAMES ANN I j MASON TODD "THE KINGSWAY SEVENTH A UMIVf.l tMUV f nn'tnufiut Pt tn man,: i ru Poeu1orajpiTrR (ADnrN Oo.n f " J S,rxidn t.SCHi St'aat Thetew DICK POWELL GortcrcQf- WAITER SLEZAK - LUTHER ADLER MARINE, FUtbuin An.-Klngi Hllhwiy. PATl6TFritbwnn. and Mldwwd 8t7T7 AVALON, KItiH rihwiyind 17 1 StnSt MIDWOOdT Annul JannTE . 1 3thtTT7T MAYFAIR. Avian U-Clnay liland Avr.. LINDEN, nr. NMtrind ml porkildA Avti. AI.RKMAHLF.. FlltU in A -IB m il Hd . II.M. Annuo M It Elit 17th SI FAKRAGIIT, Flittuih Ay.. Firrmit Bd.. NOKTRAND, Kmit H'aayNtiltrind Av ... COLLEGE, Flitsuih Avl -Avanul H VOtiCr:. conny lilini av. ano Avinuo K "TOPS IN TntvajMi JTTS .i. " f O f I a- I m i . L- ll I HIT! I 1 I SWELL SHOWS EVERY SHOW A Hlnai Hlihway... OEORGE SANDERS . GEBALOINC FITZGERALD Hr Hlohnm and thi llaoy" A "Dingiroul Pirtnorl And Now Totnorriw" A "Our Hiirti Win Young ind Gi" J'YOl ICAME Al,ONG,,in "THE VNSEEN" 'BRING ON TnE GIRLS"" "MINISTRY OF FEAR" Brtty Grablr. John Pjyne, Junr Havrr (In Teinnleolir) "THE DOLLY SISTERS" and 'CARIBBEAN MYSTERY' Jomei Dunn DANNY KAYE (In Color) PARKSinr. Ani..,uftWnCD MAN' A. rnt)CVD vniTDS' Qlit-NTIN. Qwnlln Rd. II I. JStn St, . , nvniui mnn i uiii.ili TRIANGLE7Klngi Hlghwiy i.'llth St. 71 "JI'NIOR MIWR" and '""THE""gREAT M1KE' TWOLt. FllNln Strind Sort Hall T.... AS80TT VcOSTILlO "IN HOLLYWOOD" SIALIOi Flitkuih An,.Crtilyiiu Rd and "THAI NIGHT WITH YOU" WDGI and sunset park Cantar, 8th Aw. and Mth St Room Sfrvlcn alia Iran Major F.leclra. 7Mb St. and Third Av Too Many Glrli; alia Quality StrMt Harbor, I2d St. and Fourth An. Wondrr Man: alio Forever Yoara, Fltth Avo. and 79th SL Btata Fain alio ClrcamatanllaJ Eridanea Park, 44th St. ind Filth An. Abbott 4 CHtilli la HillywMd; alia That Night With Ya) BEDFORD Lincoln. Bfdford An -Eoitirn Porkwoy The Southerner: alia Colonel Blira National. 720 WMhlngton An. They Got Mo Covered: alio Maak of Dlmltrloa Roaari. 333 Rogiri An. PR. 4-2230. .The Southerner) alia Tell It to a star RENSONHl'RST Colony. Hth A v.. 65th SL BE. S-2231 Tahiti Nlcbtll alia Thorouihbredi BORO PARK Elloa. 43d St. ind Now Utrecht Avo. A Man'l Catle: alia Mayor at 44th Street BOROUGH BALL AND DOWNTOWN Diifrield, Ouff Irtd and Fulton St Dolly KIMrrn: aha Caribbean Mvitrry Mnjeitle, SI Fulton St. Thi Mummy and Soguol; Tho Mummy'i Hind; Thru Stm Momart, Fulton St. ind Rockwell PI.. Cranh Divei alio Annie Oakley SI. (.rorte Plavhouic. 100 Plnoaipli St. Abbott A coitollo In Hollywood: olio That Nliht With Y. Terminal. Fourth Avo. and Doin St. . Twlrr Blaonrd: alio Bewltrhed Tiyoll, Fultoa St. and Bon Hill Abbott 4 Coital la In Hollywood; alia That Night With Yaa BRIGHTON BEACH Oceana. BrlghtM Buck An.-Hill SL Dolly Slilen; alio Caribbean Myilery Bt'SHWICK Empire, Rilih An..B'way. F0. S-7S40 Lady on a Train! alia Men in Her Diary rLATBCSH Flathuah. Flitbuih An. 4 Chunk Behind the Elcht Ball: alna Eyea ef the Underworld Granada, Churrh and Noatrind Avii.. Lady on a Train: alia Men In Her Diary Kent, conay lilaad An. and Annua H. Hoo on Rind Street: alaa Dlvoree Leader. Coety lilaad and Niwklrk Aval. Lady an a Train ; alio Men In Her Diary EAST FLATBUSH Avfino n. Annul A and f. 43d SL.... Wonder Man: alio Forever Yonra Ruibr, Ulln and Chureh Annan Wunder Man; alaa Forever Yeure GFRRITSEN BEACH Graham, Sarrlttoon-4 whltrny Aval ..Our Vlnea Hare Tender Grepei; alaa Ridden Eft PARK SLOPE Atlantic, Flitbmh An. 4 Data St Hotel Rerlini alio Havlnr Wonderful Crime Carlton, Flilbuih ind Seventh Aval... The Spanlnh Main; alaa Slnt Yonr War Horn rinra. Flltbuih Avo. ind Park PIim . Conflict; alio The Impatient Yeari Sandrn. ProlO'ft Pirk Wait-1 4th St , .Twice Bleniiedl alio Bewitched New Venus. 1224 proiirct avi tiur tinea Hare Tender Linpei; alia Hidden Eja) KINGS HIGHWAY JrweL Klnga Highway it Oaein Parkaiy They Got Me Covered: alaa Priaaroie Path AVFNI'F V SECTION Avenue U, Annua U and C. IBth St. .Lady on a Triini alio Men in Her Diary Iraymoro, Avinui N and E. ISth St.. Tell It to a Star; alio Suniet In El Dnndo RIDGE WOOD Colonial, Broidwey and Chiunaay .... Dolly Slilernt alaa Caribbean Mvilery Ridaewood, 1671 Myrtle Annuo Abbott 4 Cait.llo In HallvwMd: alaa That Night With Yw RlTOli, Myrtli-Wllwn Aval. Gl. S 0744.Eair to Look Al; alao Wanderer of the Wailelan, RHT'EPHEAD BAY ' Sheepahead. Stternhtid Rd -Voorhloi ..Here Come the Warcn alia Dark Mountain i! SOt TH BROOKLYN Al Sanders Globe. V ISth St , Richer! Girl la lh World; no Hey Rook I a

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