The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1932
Page 8
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PAflE F.IfilTT TiU'ksnAY, .MAill'II 10, ID TIU PEfiGE Servke Abroad Open to All Previous Service Men I.onft, loml ie!riiiilnj> officer, has been Instructed lo ni 1 - cep;, for enlistment tiny ex-wrvlw iiinn who pA?.s the rrt|iiliv.1 ox- Steele Society—Personal from service. SHANGHAI, Mur 10 - , „ f Chinese government tuincd to the I country's most powerful war lords ""• for protection today by consider- division of the republi ing fouv targe military defense aivas under supervislcii oi a militarist. ronnnnndlng Intse aimies. WMIe goveinmeiil leaden; debated the plan Chinese nntlioi lUes r"vcd tlie way liere for ncgotla- 1 lions lo end nglUliig wliii the Japanese. A reply to Japanese Mlrl'tcr Shigcmilzu's |«ace overtures was s;nt ./ the, Miss Ool:!a Mnrslinll fnoni tlie eek-end willi Jicr inoll:(-r. Mrs. VP •hi Marshall of Cilbson Bayou. I Miss Ketln Cirsl ol niylh"vil!. :iro no vncniifles (Or men , vLsllcll [,.,,,„,,, hj „,,,,,„. , )V ,, l!v , who havp never si-ived in the army, j wrt ,^. M;t | according to [he recruiting; ollictr. Mli , Q ' oMsl Mars! , a || ylslli'il with und vacniwle.? for previous service h( . r slst( ., MlM H ,,| f . n M;u , sh ,,|] (; . sor ' I Memphis Ins; we'.'k. , Mr. and Mrs. Newlx-rry Jului-or. onkr Is lo- lam| M ;>h[1 M ,. s ( , p. „„„,„.„ floor of the[ ]e | liy ,„, ., 1( . I ) umiiintlon regardless of tlie period v . But Government Leaders of time Out, may have rlap.-:cd 1 0] Continue With Plans for lill ^ Pr |"" Defense. , The loca rated on the K ronml county ° r llic [left Momll ' 4 'the Lone Oak Items The Ixme Oak Mtoloimy lilt". III till 1 IliJlnc of Mi'N. Cliirrnre Davis Monday afternoon. The nH olllfM's were K'-r-li-cled. Tl:i> next ini'etltiK will Ijc at the horni.' of | ^fl•.^. Charlie Han. . ) S. P. 1'owell of Nirw LlbM-iy ...pen'.; Knmliiy nlKlil In Ihe liome of iiU j von, I-iwrcnco I'owell. A luipc fio\vd aUcii-fd the dinifi 1 at ijhcifiy nnm'cum's Monday • wi "°y. school for religious ediicaiior. M. K. churches ol Mils toiiiily lliU wcflc. Rpv. Tiiwey Is ediicallonn) <ll-. mtat !m lhr S , J . 1<)l!is , (lllfPle)1 ,. r . Cli.ii !r-y Trninor und H. II. Mil- :-ap aticndccl lo biisinr-v. in Kc-n- ni'H Tucsilay. Mcssii. .1. P. Ifnton nn1 J. r. for Hc.Tklns ai Half MCOII. .other Improvements for the beau- .charged and tore off the ir rileliiird llnll ol Calumet andi Ufleallcn of Kei'fr. Ilils !ef( ami. miswll Spring- ,s|>ent Siiun:lay : Mrs. R. II. Doblnsnn and son ; j. if. Wads hns fstabhsho ( l n nielli idih Frank Suckrldor. . Rubliy molcml 10 Joiie.^boio lusl! biaeksmiMi siiup here. He was for- Kim- .* All meml;[-r.s of iiir I/me O-ik (;i ' ll|ll i-Jiinlnif clnlj 'lire- ni-BPd to nllcn-J I'loy tlio ntxt mi-elliiK U> Irani ll-i> nrv ' Ull "° iiilcs and nwiliillom. IS"™ 1 '- Miss Lavrrn Hopkins hud as her Hiiest Snuniiay nluhl I.<;h llnll o] Culumel. Mr. iin-J Mrs. John Tciland Imv? tnoved to ihU vldnliy. "llie nn-. lliick Wuhei.-. will move lo Half Moon soon. He will |i:c.v!i tli« owner of the ianns Illc ' r( ' S "" 1 '^ """ ' ; ""< i: 'V m^i. Cii'cenwtll manages. Mr. 1 Ml '- nntl Mrs. Charley fiprlnyf-r , I'ell lins JX?PII In Willoy'r em- ' Sl '- emertrilncrd with siiialna Sun- i nmlojed lo Memphis Sunday )il for 12 years Mid will con- <lfiy , ^veiling. . jvUMrd their ::;in-..h':-. to mami'/v iln> inrms this' ''' i10 r<t ' v - w - U- SIM-IIW.T \<.IH i rroach IHTC Balimlay nlr.ln ;uul j Ii. F. Greenwell went- io 81. Louis Insi. week where lit vlslied S. K. of Ins iiinns manages. Mr.' wppfe. 'llie Mississippi Connly l/'asue mei at. Kcker Sunday- A larsc crow:l attend?.-: tile service.-.. lircthrr Fil/Kerald of J:w?<l>:no pr.>a:hcd heie Hi;n:l.iy. MM. M. R. Kl.sco of Ktowali vis- ilc-d in K:-:.-..?r M Mr. iind Mrs. H. V. I lima anil juicily on the. Kdser plaiiiatlon. A hug? steel ilrytlnek. oK4 fe?t IOIIR and 117 feet wide, has finally reached iis do.slinnlion :il \Vellinj. ten. N'. 'i.. :illcr sliirlliiu from Knx- land livi' months n^o. T.'.c dock, welching 11,000 tons, 'i'ds lowed 13.- inil?., by two mss. 1500 i'fill! I i Osceota Sociely— Persona! ; ] Mrs. John Cramer wus liaslc.s.s to voiclns a •.vlllliiisness. to negotiate t\il llnv.Utis discussion to mnlters I th j- "chiisiiin" 'workers." pertaining lo definite cessation of hostilities' and complete and . Mrs. Floyd McCrory :ind Mr. and 'Mrs. .'inymoml Jenkins motored io;ll?d Mrs. I-!] Armorel Tni-siby. : . afti'rnoon. I Misses Mumlr Alia- Bcns'.fy slid ' Until McDnniel accompanied Mrs. Hoyt McDanlol lo C.ilro Sunday. Jaek CulilU'i'll. who 1ms Im-n visiting relatives nt Cairo, rcliiiiu 1 :! Monday. Misses Jessie Owen and Mlldr? Toto and Joe McduUKhcy spent tlv Miss Lol.s HelcLs visited in lily- llievlllo Sal in day and Sunday. Misses Irene and Oils Russell vl-- e J'owell Frl'-iv ' Kveryono U Invited (o atlon;! Sunday school here each Sunday mnrniiiK. Joe TMtnciback ami family nnv-1 ™™ s '.^'""^. , od to Di'.is^adoc-ia last v:c:-k I,- /*" Values and Mrs. Clinton Wlnl.-rs tihtl 'family ^^ Kn "'"-* 1 " U ' r .'.jx-ni ihi, wivl-.-eiid In Sennth - ! " n-ln lives. Jean IVy is ill this week frr.m n.ClS(i)' NCWS condll.onal of Japanese troops. Simultaneously Chinese lenders ordered further , delense preparations along the 'Shannlial-NnnkliiB tail way. " i Ing lit her liome hfn> Monday aft- week-end with rchulvps In Ope "'ens 00:1. WASHINGTON, Mat. 10 (UP) — Chinese livcgulors, described us baridiw, have invaded Nfiikdcn. Maiklua-in. ?.nd clashed with BO-' ll"e tlic American consulate general there repulcd lo Ihc state department, today. The invaders were driven out. juileen members were present and look part In a discussion of Jtes sfollowhif the lesson which wns taken from the 7(h and 8th chapters of John and lead by Mrs. Prank Conway. Delicious refreshments were served following the lesson. , • * • Circle meetiiiKS of the ITesby- lerlnn Ladles Auxiliary were held Monday afternoon, Circle No. 1 met-llng at the home of Mii>. \V. R. Dyou with Mrs. Qeo. Edrin?ton leadlnn the lesson from the last elmpltr of Jumcs. A social hour followed tlie lesson and re- freshmenLs wcr served. Circle No. 2 met at the home of Mrs. J. W. Cartwrlxlil Be., with Mrs. Chas. R. Coleman hosless. Mr.s. D. S. Ijiney lead the lesson which was a review of Die nook of James. Refreshments wtre r*r- ved. Members of the Methodist Womans Mlssionmy Society met at tlm church Monday iiftvinooii for Flames Gut Interior oi Swift Home at Oiceola OSCEOLA, March 9.—Fire, orlg- iniitlng on the roof from a sparX from a flue about. 9 o'clock this morning, .swept UITOHE'I the. upper floor ol the residence owned by iirs. L, B. Swift and had gulled the. interior before Urcinen were able to stop the. blaze. .he^rtwele^as'SvrJd jT^^-n.. «-B«* stiid- the lower Itoor -»'as undnmnjcO. lei - • •' • • Mrs. Swift's mother, Mrs. Josephine Wallace, was alone lii Ihc house when it caught, and was net aware of the fire until alarmed by rieighbors who saw the Humes iX>ur- liig out from the roof. Mrs. Swltt ts visiting relatives and friends In Kansas City and is not expected home for several days. The property, a two-story trams residence on Johnson avenue, was esllmated at a value of approxi- ' inately $10,000 and was partially covered by insurance. iiiif. On Ihe proirrsm were Mrs. D. P Ciouch. Mrs. L. Howton, ami Mrs. Olnirdeau. Mrs. Senator BuneK.i of Caruth- cvsvllle vlsltdl relatives In Stfelo he envly pun '>f the week. Mis will be iTinemkeied us Misr Lorene fink oi this cily. Misses Mursiirei O/rnent. Jane o^le mid O]inl Karb; shopped in lllytlievllle 6-iturday. Hobeit Frame entertuliied r< few of ]ils friends with n car.1 piny hLs home Saiutdny eveninfj. Misses Kukyc Illnkey und I^oro- lliy 1/ce Smith .spen!. the ftri-k-cn: ivilh Miss Helen Hollaincii of Ca inlhci'AVllle. Tjiey also visited ii Inn home of Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Smith. Miss Dolllc Wne spout, aiturdny night wlUi MKs 1'cgKlf Burton of Cnnuhcrsvme. Misses Ruth Harper und .(illicit Frank spent the week-end «'ilh M" und Mr.s. llalley liiooks of C.miih- crsville. Mr. and Mrs. .lohn R. Prnnkl'r -•vi Miss aeial:'ii!e U:dd S|«nl Saturday nlijlit willi Mr. and Mrs Walter Michie of Mlcola. Mrs. It. TJ. Williams and ciiil- 'rrn Rlc'uird Louis und Belly Lo'- liavc returned from nn exleiulc'' visit, ul Gideon. Mo. Miss Until Lawhon shopped in Hay ft Society—Personal llcbeii Donald McNail, who h employed with th? hlgnway : : C pai-l- inent al filkcston. leit Monday for D vacation. He will travel through Holla. Jelfcrson City and Fayette While lhen- he will visit his suicr, Maiirine, who ut Fiiyelle. Mrs. SiK'ilcer Cio'.eher Is 111 thi.s week with the flu. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Avcrlll. ac- rompnnlcd by Mr. :ind Mrs. K. A. Moore of niythevllle, went lo Mem- Mr, and MIS. chandler tl Joiner vlslic.l rtaiiv.'s li^rc- lust week. Miss Margaret Robinson, wiio at- lend.', college ai Jonesboro. .spent . Ihc week-tiu! with pnrfnis. Mils ultc'iidlnc, collesc iind Mrs. R. n. Robinson. The lic-v. Paul Ciulloway, jia.stor of the Methodist church heru is lioldinc a revival mc<>tln,r al O-c"- ola. " "i. J. D. ]tlgliiOK-er r>f Oji-eohi wa' Members of the Driver Grovs :i bosi'iess visitor here early this C. L. Nichols and J. Bowles, ua- " In the liupiLst hospHul al Glyun ChaiuiK-r.s UL Anti^tt'l sijom the '.M'ek-end In Kei.ser. M!.'..; All;<;n lioslcs wa, in Mi':n!.s Sunday. A ii. Y. i 1 . U. Miiily cnnrse hns bi-.'n mrted :ii tlie H:i|)ti^l church :i'io hi cliarije of ttic Hev. Mr. Manwiirriiii! or Wilion. Hoy Kcrsev of Keiser ha- 'ibiain- 'd Pinployjr.eiit ill Tyroir/a. Aik. The Kekrr tlin c(.inp.iii.v ulnnec 7.94'.i hcile.s of colto'.i u;i to the end ol last week. K. C. Dean was injured last week v.hen llie [inn he \vas carrying dis Driver Grove Sunday rschool are planning an Eas- welc . Friday to hear Padrrewsk Ulc Cilch Sllnilly movllll t , ft Memphis. a,c toil Hiuvm3 n° aZoriiim' Mrs.-Sarah Hall of Yarbro E ]>ei,i< u »l ""tor and Homer aibsoi, p,!ls auditoiium. ,, fcw . (inys hm . , a5!| Vfek vjsltli WCi . c ,„ Lm , e 1{o .. k Qn i ia ,. aKs . ,. ncv. J. I). Tussey of Sl.-Louh, friends and relatives. week. nsslsletl by Rev. H. M. Sikes of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sm-Inger ; K. E. Lee Wilson and .\frs Merrill Blooiiulcld, :iml Rev. H. A. Gibbs spent Saturday night with tile lai- ° r Wilson were here recently to Porlaffcvlllc. u coiuluctlng- u ter's parents. Mr. and Mr.s. Albert Iwlp outline plans for a park and of News Wiitit Aiis 1'ay. — excursion S A ^ Money, Loss of Time and Health with the VlCK PKANfor better 'Control of Colds.' . UK TogetKf VlCKS Mose&Throat DROPS DAY R€TURH ffMVIUO(S Selling date cipirts March 16, return goi'l until April IS. JIKM'PIILS* - - - S :!.:'.() •Vow buses e;ery day CHATTANOOGA 13.80 PADUCAH - - - 7.05 ST. I.OU1S J - - - ii.OO 'Three buses everv clay KVANSV1L1.K ,- 12.7f, ' •••• UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd & Asli Sis., Phone 270 DIXII GREYHOUND \V. Sixteen members Plan Reorganization oi Closed ChaHee Bank CHAPFEK, Mo.—A campaign for tlie subocriplton of '$50,000 capital stock for reorganization' of Ihe First National fcahk here has bc?n .inan- L. Sewts. =re present. The society vill be mosicss <>n the Tliursiiay evening preceding Easter Sunday to members o! the church at s supper which will \ii held in the church parlors, com- mcmornlim Ihe Last supper of Christ und tlie disciples. Mr.' anil Mrs. J. W. Cartwright, Jr., and Mrs. J. W. Caviwright Sr spent Tuesday in Memphis. Pjixfco New* Ultle Paul Sterling, son ol Mr iind Mr.s. Will Sterllnf. Ls 111 thlf •Thc'tiank was closed last-Novem- week. Mrs. . . , have moved out of this community. Their new nddress Is Holland, routx C. C. Stone and chtldrer fllythcvllle MonJny. The W. M. U. of Ihe Bmtl=' church met, at tl:e church Nfonda- al 5 p.m. Supiwr was served at G:T after sin liUereslln^ pfocraiu. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wenvsr an-' Hfrs. John Whellans left. Wednes day for a visit willi relativss I'' Louisiana. Mr. und Mrs. J. II. Workman a" companled (heir son. James lleur-- to St. Louis Wcdnesdin- lo miiter"' treatment in a hosollnl lliere. Mr. and Mrs. Uuel Asher are tlr Iparenls of an B'i OTini'3 Inv. b^r- I Saltn-dfty ut the'.r home in Cooler l ;^ Mr. and Mrs. John Story an \ g nounce the arrival of a FOIL L^rr j >^j Monday at (V.eli 1 home hen 1 . i ^j Mr. and Mrs. Elvis McCinn "' j 5, Cooler are the parents of a bill Join the parade of "Wise Shoppers" by attending Pre-Easter Price Demonstration Sale You've hoard of Hrfcc-dumonstniliony before but you've never seen anything to erjual fhU I'RICK DEMONSTRATION SALE iintt the only way we can convince you of this fact is for you to come to mir store :mil see the fine ((itu'lty, the style right ness and tow prices on-each article of nev,- Spring merchandise being offered in thi.s grwit demonstration of valuc-i;ivinjf. Girarieau appolnlecl' Vecelver.' , i E. A| Hcissaus. president 'of the i board of-directors,"-has' predicted Ihat litUe difflculty will be experienced In obtaining jlie r«iulred cap- lla'l.for reopening the'bank. Under the-plan, deposits up to ?5tt which •were in .the bonk at the time il closed will be made immediately available, but'dcposlU lu excess of that amount will be held on tim'j certificates ~ tot Payment In dividends of 10.per, cent over a period deposits t'o $260,000. nf rthe 0' 1C - Two wcckb **° MrSl Slolle I %;.,„ ^,,rK nn ri /^nvrdiatnn .mmir. lier husband. Carriiigton Slone. who • ' and a week airl, bom Thursday of Inst we 1 -The yciins My tln - <1 ucl1 nnini' 1 Mary Ann. Mrs. McCann is postmistress al Cooler. pneumonia. Slie fs now making her home with Mr. Slbnc's brother, Bll! Stone, and family. Mr. mid Mrs. Will Stalin? announce the birth of a son. born two weeks ago. He lias been named Bll- lle Qlyrtn. Lcora Prltcliard was the guest oi Lena Barnes Saturday night. Mr. and Mr.?. Enloe Bomar had Hope to Make Cigar Smokers Oat ot Women TAMPA. Flo, (UP)-Cigar makers ot'Tampa have, inaugurated, a special campaign to tell women the notion of smoking cigars. Tnj Tampa Cigar Monufaclurers association is back of it. A. petite cigar, measuring 4 1 ; inches in length, and 3-8tlis of an inch through, filled wilh a selected grade of Havana leaf tobacco.' Is now being made especially for Ihe women's trade. Pour Tampa girls, especially se- lectei for the task. Inaugurated the campaign recently by smoking Ihe cigars at a public restaurant, afiei considerable advance publicity. Tixilh Extraction «rUi-.« Suit MEMPHIS. Tenncists!, IUV) — ! Mrs. C. M. McOee has filed r,uli u circuit court hero a^alnsl Dr C. U. Chambers, dcnlisl. She liarnus on January 18 she went ; •- the dentists' office lo have snmr •'cntal work doiK'. and Ihat Dr "hBinbers pulled the MTOII? tooth Coats, and Mamie, Julian. Una Barnes spent Sunday nigh: wilb. Leora Prllehard. Mamie Julian spenl Sunday night wltli Vena Barnes- Robert Trimuc nnd Andrew RhMdes called on Sam Wr.itlle and Herbert Julian Sunday. O. J. Whillle and son and daughter, Sam and Mamie, Hoben Ross nnd Lena Barnes were In Blytheville Monday. Austria has abolished all book.' in fiivor of. war. *MT7 TflFATFP TharsJav an-* Frir'av Matinee—2:30 - Nij;ht—G:<1? Atlm.—Matiiico—10 n"(\ Night—$0 and Uiic See Ladies -New Cut Out SANUALS ... $4 Value Black putont leiUhev with medium heel, b!;itk kid willi high heel, good quality, well miule. from 3!/ 2 to 8. wunl ads Political Prisoners Freed by De Valera j DUBLINn I. f. S, Msr. 10 (UP) —The new government of Eamon de Valera in Us first public act, released twenty political prisoners today. Tr.e prisoners, who were sentenced reeently »t a military trial under the Cosgrave government's pub. he safety act were greeted by enthusiastic crowds as they emerged form Arbor Hill prison. , Rob Hayti Smokehouse HAYTI, Mo.—Thieves broke into the traokehousc of Jack Chism who llv«a » short distance south of Hay- 11, Monday evening. Mr. Chlsm had killed four bogs that day and had slored thtm in the snVnehous? The smokehouse was only a shor .distance from the house. Thieve left one side and one ham. GEM THEATRE Lait Time Today ! Matinee—2:16 - Night—6:45 I Aclm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c SEE 'Pardon Us' with Your Favorite Comedians- Stall Laurell and Oliver Hardy Also News and Cornedv C'ixn Washington Jlemorial BILLINGS. Montana. (UP) — A grove of 13 Virginia cedav trees •srtll be planted Six North Park, Arbor D«y, In commemoration of tilt Washington W«ntcnnl»l. Fridav s^nrJ Saturrlav i Aclm.—Matinee and Xiglit— 10 and 25c See Tim McCoy in 'The Texas Cyclone' Also Serial nnd Cartoon Metis New Spring SUITS Our regular S22.50 value I' 1 "! will have them all talking— We determined to get the Suit Business Willi this bij value— Strictly new ^pr:ng goods, nl! wcol — in ll'.e newest ;,.r.;?ni5 and styles and wel! made — HARD TO RESIST at this Qive .VA.U- Price. $ 11 .25 Men's Dress Sbirls Trousers Re-uiar $1 collar altiio':., ihirls In solid colors patterns. All fas; c.". i Values to $•! In this group of dress lro;i.*ers. limited qusv.tity. all S:MS. ominsr — Sunilny "LOVKKS" OU.S" with Robert & Monday . AGli-'. Mont-:| 59c IMens' Shirts &Shoits Men's rayon or crtt-n: jv, r t s and altrac- live bropdc:o'h shcr;s ;.-. should sell for ccnsldcrable more. \Vc •.••., c j. our &?, Men's New Spring HATS $4 .95 3 EXTRA SPECIALS For Saturday 9A.M. Turkish Towels 20 :< 40 inches, good heavy tmnl- ily. prclty borders. Limit, 3 to a customer. 2 P. M. Rayon D loomers, Vests, Step-Ins Sizes for ladies garment yon have paij 25c for right along and well worth the price. While they last, a I only lOc 7:30 P. M. Men's Dress Sox Fancy patterns, n regular 25c value. Our gifl to men who cannot shop until after supper. Be here at Uie stroke of 7:30 New Spring DRESSES Tlu-ee group-- of dvcsses that will surprise you a:; to tiicir .small styles . . . line materials and unusual prices. See thorn now. S-1.95 Ladies" Sprint? Dresses SG.95 Ladies Sprinit Dresses S9.D5 and S12.95 Spring Dresses NEW COATS at prices you can't resist f A Og $ 8 Values to S7. .Vrvt Spring COATS Very Special $ Values to SI 1-75 Now Spring COATS A Wonderful Value. yi.88 $O, Adorable Spring SUITS Something new In style and material—something startling in value giving.. ..dozens of chic styles to seiect from. $. 4 All the new Spvlr..! nnd colors are !>•; you'll certainly ;. prised at the qirj thes2 hats ,-u i: : price. LADIES' MESH HOSE Yon probably never heard of buying mesh hose so cheap before but here they arc In all the new Spring shades In a quality that will give excellent service. 47c CRAND PHONE 220 LADIES' HATS If you are acquainted lo paying $2.95 for your hats then you'll be delighted with the smart styling of Ihese and they represent a tf>i 'JQ genuine saving. $!•'«'. New York Sport Hals A trifle daring....but you" ftdorc them....don't let the low price keep you * waj ' for they look more AQf expensive. TV\. LinenandEyeletEnb. DRESSES They're guaranteed not to fsde, shrink or stretch anil you'll find many attractive styles In a complete range of sl?cs. One cf cur lilies: values you'll soy. vwnriM[T?p^^

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