The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 15, 1954 · Page 17
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 17

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 15, 1954
Page 17
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TV KEYNOTES Radio 'Background News ShowJ'W'V1' Makes Its Bow Tomorrow waat . WABC . wBira . 70 WCBS 770 ' WEVD 13801 WGBB . ISO 1330 1240 WHU WHCM- WINS - WMCA- WMGM WNBC WNEW- 1100 1 WNm UI0 WNYC 1010 S70 10S0 6(0 1130 WOR. WOV. WQXB WVNI WWW. . . . 1430 ... 130 ... 710 ... 1280 . . . 1560 . . . 120 1(00 TV KFY S8.3i 1 Y IVJLJ 1 WABD. Channel S WOR, Chinnel WPIX. Chinnel 11 WATY. Chennel 13 WABC Channel 7 BROOKLYNJAGLC, SUN., AUG 15, 1954 ,7 Host sviivrs I Dr. Brady Says: , , 1 v N The newsroom at N. R. C. (which Is, by the way, one of the largest, best-equipped news departments In the world) is crackling with activity. What with "Comment" receiving more mail than any news show on the network except for John Cameron Swayze, and N. B. C. newsmen busy putting "Background" together for its debut tomorrow night, Mr. Sarnoffs outfit is well on the way to making a. first-rate contribution to experimental TV news presentation. ' Present 'New In Depth' According to Jack Ghillain of N. B. C.'s news and special events department, 'Background" is an all-out N. B. C. effort. Ghillain, a veteran news man nim.sen, explained n that "Background" is an &4 attempt at presenting Joseph Harsch "news in depth. But , ?. c. News Analyst really in. depth," he told, 'us. "We're trying, as much as possible, to avoid the dullness of n documentary, or a 'tele-mentary,' rather. We want to do news stories that are either tremendously important or have the implications of being important, present or future. And to do them by looking at the 'event from every possible angle. "For example, the debut Mory for 'Background' In the story of Pierre Mendes-Franee, Premier of France, who may conceivably turn oat to be one of the greatest men in recent time. He' been railed 'France's last chance.' And what we've been after I a portrait of France , a a man what he eats for breakfast, where he developed, what produced him, and, too, his political life. The last thing we shot was his recent trip to Tunisia. We had a newsman living with the France family; this Is the way we felt onr show would be meaningful. Instead of skimming over the news we want to go Into motivations. "By the way," he said, with a rueful smile, "we had a near disaster with the France story. Our only negative of the crucial 1,000 feet of film which took months to ahoot burned up when that Air Fiance plane crashed in Connecticut. We had exactly two weeks to replace It. Fortunately, Mendes-France was wonderfully co-operative." The staff for "Background" Is an impressive one. It la being produced by Ted Mills, who originally did the Garroway Show and "Hawkins Falls"; written and planned by Rueven Frank of N. B. C, and narrated by commentator Joseph Harsch, one of the most distinguished news commentators and analysts in the business Harsch is often referred to as the "newsman's newsman." Actually, "Background" is a total effort on the part of N. B. C.'s news department correspondents and camera crews are working on it all over the world, as well as in the U. S., and all film will be shot specifically for the show, as opposed to stock shots for newsreel. Plan Study of Churchill Other projected shows for "Background" are a study of Winston Churchill, 'with particular emphasis on what the possible results might beV he were either defeated 'politically or lost to England and the world by death; and a novel approach to American defense, as seen through the eyes of an 18-year-old on the eve of Induction. "Background" has a camera crew and a writer living with the 18-year-old In question, and we predict the story will be an exciting and significant one. Which we suspect is also a pretty good description of what to expert from "Background." N. B. C. has the resources and background for a really great new show and maybe this Is it. FM STATIONS The Brooklyn Dodger face the Giants at J p.m. Willie Mays will appear again on your TV screen tonight on Summer Oomedy Hour. "McCarthyism" is debated on American Forum, final round of Chicago Tarn O'Shanter golf tournament is telecast at 8, and at 9, TV Playhouse has the day's best drama in "Recoil." WAAT-FM WABC-FM -WCBS-FM- - 14.7 . (5.5 101.1 WEVD-FM - - 97.9 WFUV - - - 90.7 WGHF - 101.9 WHU.FM - - - 98.J WHOM FM - 92.3 WMGM FM 100.3 WNBC FM 97.1 WNJR FM - - 102.7 WNYCFM - - 93.9 WQXR FM - . )( J 1WWRL-FM 105.1 1:55 Baseball, Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox, WINS; 2:00, Dodgers vs. Olanta, WMGM. WMCA.' 2:30 Youth Wants to Know, Senator Homer Ferguson, guest, WNBC. J:00 Address by Mildred McAfee Horton on "Women Are Very Essential Sometimes," Marking 12th Anniversary of Waves, WNBC. 4:15 Soap Box Derby from Akron, Ohio, WCBS. 6:00 American Forum, "McCarthy a Force for Good or Evil?" William F. Buckley Jr and Leroy Gore, WNBC. 7:00 "Juke Box Jury." Peter Potter; Garry Crosby, Cass Daley, Ann Francis and Jon Hall, guest Panelists. WCBS. 8:00 Sunday With Garroway, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck, Alfred Hitchcock and Stan Kenton, guests, WNBC; Gary Crosby Show. Frank Sinatra, guest, WCBS. 8:S0 My Little Margie, "House Guest," Ohar'es Farrell and Gale Storm, WCBS. 9:00 World Championship Golf Tournament from Tam O'Shanter Golf Tournament, WOR; "The Cobbs," William Dem&rest and Hope Emerson, WCBS. 9:30 Blng Crosby Story, Tribute to Bing Crosby on Occasion of Release of His Anniversary Album Covering 20 Years of Recording, WCBS; Author Meet the Critics, "Sweet Thursday," Ilka Chase and Louis Gannett, critics, WOR. 10:05 Man of the Week, Senator Edwin C. Johnson, guest. WCBS. 10:30 Meet the Press, Senator Albert Gore, guest, WNBC. 11:05 Address by Basil O'Connor Launching ' March of Dimes" Ap peal lor iniantile Paralysis, WABC. S A.M. TO 12 M. 1 4 P.M. TO 7 P.M. CROSSWORD PUZZLE "M" v",""' Pu ACROSS I Man's 1 nickname -Wee (Obstruct 1 - Identical H Century plant 13- Gui(lo's high not 14 Symbol for lutecium It Cask 17 Pertaining to a clan 19His-h card Footllke part 13 Man'a nam J 4 Twitted J Pronoun 18 Son of lease, 11-Ocean H Native metal li-Bltter etch Tou and me Adjuated 41 Pronoun 4( Conjunction 44 Mali lace 45 Illuminated 47-Wlnllk 4J Roman bronie 51 Girl's name M-Nothlng S Ijilr 6J Through (9 Sell to consumer 5 Vigor 4 Symbol for samarium S Fruit drink SS Boundary S-Fa.rl 70 Marry 71 Rend 71 Benign tumor DOWN 1 Seasoning 2 Part of 'to be" SKn countered 4 Europeana ' TTgL-lgjEl IsiElPlAlLl E LTNEROnTjoHL 351? UJ nee dEnI? . T AMP J5f 5L AhaaKmr"5'S" I Pi? T fL tT Rnfr 1 i h 15 It II I IS mm 1 1 ZZWZZZWLZZ1 L-lM'lM in zt 77? it n J77ii n jo L-L fTWLZLZZZ-Wt 22 A mi " 5(r (-Msn's nickname I Witty saying T-Fairy I Reduce to lower state Wing 1 Prefix: bad II- f-Thln slice 1 Above IS Anger 10 Abstract hetngj 11 Yelled IS Afternoon party 17 Sea eagle 19 Weapon Jiv Employ S3 Siamese cola 14 Lamprey 14 Queen of fairle" ?7-The sun 19 Chinese 1:50 WCBS N..1. wNac h.i. wec-au.i a i tit ciiu. WMCA Nai Minim AISMMt. WMIM Kim Oris. . WNYC lumens eiiyhtim. WINS Burt I m. WON tleesl Fnntliri, I II WINS Tki Cms PmsIi. WCBS Kiniae Bwirtit WNBC Art it Ull WON Wl f HMllns. I 3t WNBC titurt 4 Umialjr. with Hirt Ihilmn. WMCA MnltlMS. WABC Mirlnet la !. WNYC Or n. NhIUI. WCBS SarMs '. WMOM llbl NW. WINS Sunday Maraisi MoMl. I 48 WON Frank ana Irntit. WCB8 Thanat, Nl. WINS Nawi; (unlay ataada. I IS WNYC N.. WMGM Nam. I 01 WCBS War 14 Ni.l Niuneus. WOR Saatt. N. WMOM WHtarlialter Orth. WABC Or. Oanaie Barn- tiaaaa Bible Study Haer. WMCA Nawi I ealtl Tien. WNYC Maatarwarl Haur. WINS "At Maiea With Marllya Cantar." 1:11 WCBS Mutla Raam. WOR Yaur Navy Snnw. I SO waac Valaa it Praahaay, WCBS S. Paw Bull WMGM Frad Wlrlnf Or. WNBC Carnival at (aakt. WOR Radle CIllHl. 1:41 WNBC "Cnlldrte'l Han. ar Rail tf HI " 4 55 WCBS Tragi, Nam. WMGM Na. II :M WCBB Ckurik al the Air. WABC Naeli Maaaaia at Israel. WOR Bladitana, Nan. WINS Slnilni Bartla Rayel WNBC Comlt Waakly Man. WMGM Blhle Clan. WMCA Hani Craanar Haar. II:IS WON Ckrlitlie Belanee Fraireie. H.JI WNBO Chlldrtn'i Haur. WCBS Churah at tha Air. WNYC Mr, A Mra. Oawa. WOR Gunt Star. WABC Nan; Napa Collifi Chair. WMGM Mamies tKanade. 14:41 WO R Cleaaraen Taaak' ara Seaek. 10 IS WMGM Nan. II:N WCBS Salt like Tabar-aaila Chair. WABC The WarH Tamer-rae. WOR Nan. Gladitina. WMGM Baak ra Gad. WMCA Nan! Rnardl ef Tamarrae. 11:11 WOR Kaap Healthy. 11:30 WCBS Claffl. Nan. WNBC Nan. WOR lahe A. tamtllni Praeram. WABC Nan; Chrlatlae le AiMan. WMGM Calvary Baatllt Churah. 11:31 WCBS Invltatlaa le Laarnlnf . 11:41 WNBC-Warid Nan Raundue ll:SI WNYC Nan. 4:M WNBC Waakand WABC Old-laihianad Revival Naut WINS Baiaball Baunduf. WMUhVSpnrta Ultra. WOR Taranta Symphany Or. WNYC BBC Tnralar. 4:15 WCBS Snap B Oarby WINS Nawa Summary. 4:30 WOR Flllht la tha Slue. WCBS On a Sunday Attar nean. WINS Publia Sarvlaa. WMGM Frank Patty Trie. 4;4S WMCA Jannny aa Spet WMCM Sammy Kaya. 4:11 WOR tar aa Braiita. WNYC Newt. WMGM Nawa. 1:10 WOR laa Shadaw. WABC Nawa; Jimmy Hal-aan'a Hlhway Fralltt. WINS Camaua tdltarlal. WMGM Ties In Papa. WMCA Nawi; Bonn by Croaby. WNYC David Randalah Cancart. I ll WINS Vlaw paint Infl. 1:10 WOR Trua Daieetlva M'tterlai. WINS Publlt Sarvlaa. WCBS Tha World Tadly. :4S WINS AdvantjirM In Traval. 1 I 50 WOR Nawa. I 55 WCBS Traut. Nan. WMGM Nan. :IM WCBS G ana Autry Shaw. WABC Manaay Maralna. H-adllnu. WMGM Ratard Raundup WMCA Niwi; Say It With Mu'la. WNBC American Fenim. WINS Draw Paarann. WNYC Falkanni Faatlval. WOR Nlsk Carter. 4:11 WABC Paul Harvey, Nawa. WrNPj A Sunday Serenade. 1:30 WCBS Summer la St Leu. i. WABC fleeraa Sakallky. WNBC NBC Caneart Oreh. WMGM Bait Sallarl. WNYC Sana Clailiee. WOR On tha Line with Bnh Cenaldina. :4I WNYC Waatherl Niwl. WABC Oulney Howe, Newl. WOR Craw Cuts. I OS WMGM Nawa. Feeturea On Othtr Stations w t v n- I 0O Irlah Haw. I IS "Sania ar Ike Traaba. daer " 1:30 Sunday Mualeala. m.00 world Theater. 12:00 aymanaoll Haer. W N I W ll:SS "Maeay Beaerd." 35 "Tha Seldae Taaali." I Oft "Travel Time." I:SJ "The Bat le Mailt." ItOO Mlllmaa'a Matlaea. (Ill- 4-05 Dlaear Ceeaert. 1:05 Mamerabla Ceeeerta at tha Paat. S OS Symphany Mall. 1:05 Opere Heme. MONDAY 7 A.M. TO 12 M. 11:00 a.m. Ch. t Opening aenriren World Council of Churches Assembly. 1:30 p.m. Ch. 4 The Catholic Hour. 1:55 p.m. Ch. 11 Baseball. N. Y. Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. :M p.m. Ch. Baseball. Brooklyn Dodgers vs. N. Y. Giants. 4:00 p.m. Ch. 4 American Forum. "McCarthy: A Force for Good or Evilr" Debated by William F. Buckley Jr. and Leroy Gore. 6:00 p.m. Ch. J Now and Then. Dr. Frank C. Baxter talks about John Evelyn English Diarist. 0:00 p.m. Ch. 4 Meet the Press. Senator Albert Gore (D.. Tenn.). 0:SO p.m. Ch. 2 Man of the Week. Senator Edwin C. Johnston (D., Colo.). 1:00 p.m. Ch. 13 Governor Meyner of N. J. "Review of Hoffman Case." 7:30 p.m. Ch. I Your Playtime. "His Brother's Girl." A pleasant spoof about a musty young college professor and his encounter with a vivacious girl. George Nader is excellent as the prof, Nancy Gates portrays his new Interest in life. 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2 Toast of the Town. A real live mermaid frolics in a giant fishbowl while Victor Borge trips through "Clair De Lune" on the piano. The Four Lads sing, Mata Hari handles the dance dept., and Mmo-Soprano Jeanne Volk makes her TV debut. Acrobat and a magician fill out the hour. :00 p.m. Ch. 4 Summer Comedy Hour. A must for ball fans as Willie Mays, N. Y. Giant star, fresh from the crucial afternoon Dodgers game, gets a chance to sing "Say Hey." Ronnie Graham, making one of, his rare TV appearances teams up with Kaye Ballard and Miss Universe of 1955 in a couple of comedy sketches. 8:00 p.m. Ch. 7 Golf. Final round of Tam OShanter championship. 9:00 p.m. Ch. 4 TV Playhouse. "Recoil." The day s top drama stars Betsy Palmer. 10:00 p.m. Ch. 5 Author Meets the Critics. "A Fable." by William Faulkner. Critics: Frank Gibney and Harvy Breit. Irving Howe sits in for Faulkner. 10:30 p.m. Ch. 2 What's My Line? 10:45 p.m. Ch. 2 Documentary. "One Tenth of a Nation." 7 P.M. TO 10 P.M. 12 M. TO 4 P.M. pagoda 40 Perform ei 43 Raged 44 Uppermost part 4J-Inlet 50 Out BJ-Varnleh Ingredient 53-Sea In Ania 55 Merry eong , 57 Symbol for nickel l Uncook'ed 40 Dutch tow 41 Falaehood 44 Shut up 47 Symbol foe aoiJIum I Brother of Odin Navy io Retrain Reserve Officers The Navy has announced the ic year from Sept to June. The establishment of a vast neWj-New York Scnoo will he lo- i otioi on eaten temporarily anoard the educational program for all ,T g g pra,e m the Naval Reserve officers to as- Riv Drivf at 23d St. In Man-sure a higher degree of prepar- hattan. erinsss in case . of national 9 emergency. COLUMBIA PROGRAM A network of 27 schools in A)DED gy 6Q COLLEGES key cnie3 ot tne country nas already been planned and In New York City, one of the four cities of the Third Naval District selected as sites for these Naval Re s e r v e Officers Schools, courses under the new 13:04 WCBS Tha Leedinl Quattlaa. WABC Paa-Aeiarlaaa Unlae. WOR Jahe Flyne. Niwl, WINS Smalm Battle Rnyal. WNBC alalia tar e Sunday Aftarneon. WMCA Nawi: Muala Makara. WNVC-WMta' Kaya ee4 Bleat. 11:14 W0B Mae'e Career. WINS Nawa, PMIIIee. ":je WOR Cuaalaihau, Nawa. WCBS Warn Attain Ra-eert. WABC Harale ef Traill. wnbc atereel Ut. WMBII-Aeiarlaea lawltk Carevae at Stare. 11:43 WON WarM Trawler. WCBS Her etaa. Niwl. CM WNBO "The Viae ted tha Breerhaa." Werle Ceueall ef Chvrahee Beauatentary. WNYC N.. RHireinii. WOR Hawaii Calla. WMCA Nawa; Hit Taee Tlma. WCBS Nawii Warn Muala Faillvala. WABC Or. William ware Ayer I 1:39 WNBC Citllaaa Ualee Saarahlieht. WOR Faatlval ef Oaera. WMSM Waraiue TIM. WNYC Review ef BrMleh Waakllaa. WINS Baiaball Bull ee4 Weiaie. WABC Na-l FlllrlKlia. :4S WNYC Waether Baaert. WINS Nawa. WMCA Jaanay aa Seat. I 50 WNYC taael ee Warn Nawa. I 5V WINS Baiiball. iM WABC Or. Oral Ratarta. WNRC Cathalla Haur. WM0M Beaeaell. WMCA Baaa ball. WNYC Braallya Meaeeai Caerar:. 1:30 WCBS Nawi: B a Sun-eay Aftaraaan. WABC Wlnal ef H.ill. WNBC Yauth Waeti ta Knaw. i i WNYC Nawi :t0 WA8C Dr. Janet r.irlay. WNBC A derail by MMdrad McAlaa Hartaa. WNYC Cemeui Praai Cee. faraeaa. Ill WNBC Nat'l Radle Peltlt. WOR CSC Syiaeheay Orth WNYC Cheat tar Muill Time. WABC Illy Irahaai. 7:00 WCBS "Juke Bai Jury." WABC Nawi; Jimmy Nil- aan Shaw. W MOM wardi ad Muila. WMCA Nawa; Mutla af Broadwiv. WOR Rad aed fine Club ef the Air. WNYC Maatarwerk Haer. I 7:34 WABC Nawi; Jleieiy Naltnn Shaw. WINS Billaraaa Baptlit. W N BC "Canvanatlaa." WOR Siatl. Nawa. 7:13 WOR The Glebe Tretter. 7:15 WMGM Nawi :Q0 WCBS Gary Craiby Slinw. WOR Lutharaa Haur. WMCA Nawil SntllHt Vleriatlaa. WNBC Sueday with Sarra- wav. WMGM Calvary Battlet Churrh. 1:30 WNYC ButtaetMlm Ma- iwnrial Caaeart. WMCA Ava Maria Haur. WINS Radla Raiary. WCBS My little Marfle. WOH Valaa af fraahaay. I H WMGM Mantavaal Onh. t S3 WMGM Nawi. 4 00 WCBS "T4e Cabba ." WABC Taylnr Graet, Nawi. WHOM Hour et Chamelaea. WINS Baltimera Tabarneala. WMCA Niwi: Faahlaaa la Mladv WOR War Id ChaeMlenahlp fialf Taaraaeiant. 1:13 WABC Frank Caenlft, Niwi. 4:30 WCBS Bm Creaky Stary. WABC Jimmy Naliea Shaw. WOR Auteer Maeta tha Critlra. WMGM Sunday Serenade, t jj WMGM Nawa. WABC Nawi. 10 P.M. TO 1 A.M. Sixty universities and colleges are cooperating with the Citizenship Education Project of Teachers College, Columbia University, to teach future 1 10:00 WCBS Nawi; Mae ef tk avaah WABC Paul Harvay. WINS That Thay MIM Sav WMGM Hlta af the Weak. WNBC Inharltanei. WOR Radia Bible Clan. WMCA Niwi: Lat a Daeaa. 14:13 WABC Geerte H. Caeibl, Nawi. 14:3 WOS Beat te.Ged. WABC Ravlval Tina. WMGM Sparta Final. WNYC Keyboard Maitara. WINS Cltaien Peaple. WNBC Meat the Praea. WCBS UN Report. 14:43 WCBS Oirr. Spent. WMGM Baylerdi WINS Mutual Amerlltnt. 14.83 WMGM Newt. WNYC Nawi; Sun Oft. 11:00 WCBS Mali. Nawi. WNBC Wlnaate, Newa. WON Seen, Nawa. WMGM Rhythm af Muele. WABC Nawa; Addratt by Beall O'Caener. WMCA Nawa: Lett Danaa. WINS Bethel Gaaael. 11:14 WCBS Newa Anatyala. 11:13 WNBC UN Story. WOR le tha Mend. WCBS Banake Or. 11:20 WABC Reeerded Mulla. 11:23 WABC Nawa. 11:30 WABC Billy Graham. WNBC Maale Yen waat. WINS Sanaa ef Felth. WOR Weather: Napelaee Orrh. WCBS fialae Drake. II 43 WCBS Wanar Orth. 11:33 WMCA Newa. WMGM Newt I21W WCBS Newt: Dument Or. WMGM "Bl Jta" Raeee-fleld't Heppleaaa Ciehante. W MCA Barry Bray. WNBC Nawit Meila Yau Want. WINS tlee Off. WABC B Ireland Shew. WOR Newl: Jerien'a Or. II 34 WOR Reeerded Deeee Muaia. WCBS Jereme Bret. It WCBS Newa. WOR Meet Mr. Mldelfht. 744 WCBk Jtet Sterllee. WABC Nawa. WOR Nawa. Hiaaaaay. WNBC Newe. WMGM Ted Brawn Shaw. WMCA Nawa; Gal lather O'Brien. W N C Sunrlle Symphany. WINS Bet tnd Ray thee. 743 WNBC-Ailye tdwarda Shew. 7:ll WABC Weather Repert. 7:ll WOR Mueleel cleat. WNYC Nawa. WABC "Jtet Brtliaa Shaw." 7:31 WNBC-Orauar. Newt. WABC Newel "Jaat 8re. eae Shaw," WCBS Newel Jeet Sterllee WNYC Areued New Vert. 7:43 WCBS lerly Merelae Nawe. WNBC Allyn Idwerde Shaw. WNYC Weather: Newa. 7:33 WNYC Werld Newe. 4 M WCBS Newe Reeadut. WNBC Newa. WABC Newl. MiCertby. WOR Nawa. Retlneee. WMCA Newe; Galleiher t O'Brien. WNYC Areued New Yefl. 4:03 WNBOAllye Idwtrdi Shaw. , 4:13 WABC The Fltieerthti. WOR Breakfeet Wltk Oar- athy tnd Olik. WCBS Beb Haymee Shaw. 4:30 WNBC Tel tad Jinn. 4 40 WNYC Wtet Ad Calama. 4:44 WNYC City Feed Balde. 4:30 WNYC Llalae te Nafrl. tlan. 4:33 WNYC Newa. 1 WABC Time far tarty Creek ar. WMGM Nawa, 4:00 WCBS Thla ll New Ye.rk WOR Henneeaey, Newe. WMCA Newa; Galltther 4 O'Brien WABC Braatfait deb. WMOM Carlton Freeerleta. WNYC Meeterwerk Hear. 4:13 WOR Gamtllni'a Saaaad Broattllt 4:34 WOR Tht MiCanm al Heme. WMCA The Record Skaf. WCBS Jaee Cdwerde Shew. WNBC Nawa: Jim Cay. 4:33 WMGM Newe. 10:04 WNBC Bab Smith Shew. WABC My Trua Stary. WOR Bladetona. Newl. WMCA Newe; Reeard Shef. WCBS Arthur Badfray Time. WINS Lletee te Lee v. WMGM Huilni't Band, ttand 10:13 WOR Marthe Dae no. 14:24 WABC Whltpirlnl Streetl. 14:30 WNYC Yau led Yaur Health. 14:44 WABC Whoe e Blrl MarrlH. WNBC Break tke Bant. WNYC Nawe. 14:54 WOR fteadllee Newt, 11:00 WNBC Strike It Rlet. WOR Florida Cellini. WABC Madare Remaneae. WMGM Sleaeoe) Boeley ead aney Fialda. WNYC Far the Ledlei, WMCA Nawe: Retard Shoe. I:IS WABC Ever Slnao (ve. 1 1 :2S WOR Headline Newe. 11:34 WCBS Make Ui Yeee led. WABC Boea Center eo Show. WNBC Pereee Tket Peye. WOR Buaee lor e Day. 11:41 WOSS Reeemery. WNBC Soooed Chenee, 11:31 WMGM Nawe, WNYC Newt. 1:04 8:15 1:30 1:45 1:00 9:30 0:45 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:45 1:00 12 M. TO 2 P.M. 11:00 WCBB warree. Newe. WNBC Nawe: "Jeek Le. dello'p Mutleat flertpboob. WABC McCarthy, Newi. WOR Cert Wtrroe'e Baett Time. WINS Stan Berne She. WNYC Mlddoy Symphony. WMGM Reythm et Amor lit. WMCA Nawe; Mlkeri. Mealo 11:13 WCBa Aunt Joeee. WOR Capital Cemmeatary. WABC Time far Bony Crocker. 11:24 WOR Hare'a le My Ledy. WABC e) eerie Aeebre Shaw. 11:23 WABC Jack Bereh Bhtw 11:30 WCBB Romenee ef Helta Trent. WABC Meill'l Maenlae. WOR Rablneee. Newe. 11:43 WOR A newer Mae. WCBS Our Bel Suede. 11:33 WMGM Newt. WNYC Newe. I Wl WCBS Raed ef Ufa. WtRC Franl Farrell that WMOM werda aed Meelt. WOR Rey Hoethortee She. WNYC Ftmaiie Arliet. WINS Roaord Broekert. WMCA Newe: Hit Taee Time. 1:13 WCBS Mi Ptrklel. 1:40 WCBS Youei Dr. Ml lent. WABC The Bty Ntat Doer. WMGM Dedeor Baeeetana, I 43 WCBS Suldlai Lllht. WNYC W aether t Newa. WINS Newa. lil WMBM Nawe. ALL-U. S. FOOD FESTIVAL SET AT CAVANAGH'S As a highlight of the New Chef Jack Andrews of Cava-York Summer Festival, an All-jnagh's will reproduce from American Food Festival will recipes divulged to him by four be held at Cavanagh's Restau- noted restaurants the most program will begin Sept. 13. jl'nited States how to use teachers In all parts of the: rant, 260 W. 23d St., Manhat- popular dishes of Arnaud's of The school will conduct 40 weekly two-hour drills on weekday evenings in- each of the 25 courses cnmprlsinir the curriculum during the academ- communitles as "laboratories" for teaching good citizenship habits to youth, Dr.. William S. Vincent, project executive officer, announced yesterday. tan, for four days beginning i New Orleans on Aug. 24, the Aug. 24. The 78-year-old Chelsea landmark was lelected for the food festival because of its traditional fame for fine cooking. Drake Hotel's Cape Cod Room of Chicago on the 25th, Chasen's of Hollywood on the 26th and Durgln Park of Boston on the 27th. Timi Ch. Prozrin 7:45 a.m. 2 Prpvues. 7:55 2 Give Us This Day. 2-What's Your Trouble? 4 In the Public Interest. 2 Our Ooodly Heritage. 2 Big Picture, "German Youth Actlvitlps." 4 The Fourth "R." 4 They Live By. 2 Film, "Affairs of Cappy Ricks." 4 Chapel. 4 Tales, of the Wild West. 5 News. 2 What Catholic Believe. 4 Time for Adventure. 5 Western Tales, "Flame of the West." 2 "Exploring God's World." 4 Children's Hour. 2 Opening Services of World Council of Churches Assembly. 5 Western Tales, "God's Country and the Man." U Guided Tour. 11:15 11 Christopher Program. 11:30 4 Hopalong Cassldy. 7 "Admission Free." , 11 "What's Your Trouble?" 11:45 11 Your Gospel Sinsser. 12:00 Noon 2 Space Funnies. 4 "Sin? a 8ong." Charity Bailey. 5 Western Tales. "Fight-Ing Vigilantes." 7 Men of Tomorrow, Boy Scout Series. 11-Blg Picture. 12:15 13-Varlety Hall. 12:30 2 Contest Carnival. 4 Citizen's Union Search light, Arnold Bauman, guest. 7 Faith for Today. "Why Should a Teacher Tithe?" 11 Playhouse. 13 House Detective. 9 What's Your Trouble? 2 Film, "Wanted for Murder." 4 The Mind's Eye. 5 Film. "Spy Train." 7 Playhouse, "Two Dollar Bettor." 9 Christopher Program. 13 Jr. Carnival. 9 Warmup Time. 4 Frontiers of Faith. 9 Happy Felton's Knot' hole Gang. 11 Red Barber's Clubhouse. 1:55 11 Baseball, Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. 4 Youth Wants to Know, Senator Homer Fer- gtwon, guest. 9 Baseball, Dodgers vs. Giants. 13 Comedy Corner. 5 Film. "The Ape." 2- Jmos 'n' Andy, "King-fish's Last Friend." 4 Sunday Theater, "Jungle Book." 7 Playhouse, "Shadows of the Orient." 13-Fllm. 2 Teledrama, "Kentucky Jubilee." 4 "Through Other Eyes," John Wlngate. moderator. 5- Film, "Rocky." 2 The Clock Strikes Four, "I Am a Sfrsneer " 4 American Forum of the Air, "McCarthy A Force for Good or Evil? William F. Buckley Jr. and Leroy Gore. 7 Hopalong Cassldy. 13 Western. 4:20 11 Red Barber Clubhouse. 4:30 4 Zoo Parade, "Head-'' resses." 9 Talk to the Stars. 11 Batter Up; 5 Film, "Flying Deuces." 9 Cinema 9, "Chump at Oxford." 11 Pot Game Theater. 2 "What In the World?" 4 Out on the Farm, Eddy Arnold, host. 7 Super Circus. 13 Jr. Carnival. 2 Youth Takes Stand. 5:45 11 Kartoon Klub. 6:00 2 "Now and Then." Dr. rrapk C. Baxter. . 4 M?et the Prees, Senator Albert Gore, guest. 5 Sunday Playhouse, "Below the Deadline." 7-Sky King, Klrby Grant. 9 Big Picture. 11 Picture Parade. 13 Western. :J0 3 Man of the Week. Senator Edwin C. Johnson, guest. 4 Roy Rogers Show, "Des- ert Fugitive." 7 Tales of the Trail. 9 Western Kid, "Tumble Down Ranch In Arl-sona." 11 Treasure Chest. :4S 11 Teleplx and Weather. 7:00 3 "Earn Your Vacation." Johnny Carson, M. C. 4 College, of Musical . Time Ch. Proiram Knowledge, Tennessee Ernie. 5 Sunday Playhouse, "Blonde for a Day." 7 You Asked for It, Art Baker, M. C, 11 Ramar of the Jungle, 13 Governor Mevner's Weekly Report Robert The following report i. Uteri no jt uas Inm an(1 Amon. ulei lat week .1 rfbrnft0m tf, j um Cjtrates (1J.S.P.) ill thin. transparent, garnet red scales, that the rirucgists could or would no longer sell to my readers who wanted to mix up iheir own chalybeate (iron bl'ind medicine.) Next readers began to report that their druggists would or could no longer sell 'em citrate of soda to whip up a batch of fool proof cough medicine, following the recipe and directions in Little Lesson No. 3, "'Call It Cri" (25 cents and !s.a.f.l. The druggists had gome; hnw learned that it is dangerous stuff for a dumb layman I to monkey with. Yet sodium ; citr.-te was popularly used in '.the modification of cow's milk for infant feeding a grair or i two to each ounce in the days I of the twelve-cylinder car. ! And now, as recorded in the jtalk here recently, they are jiftpr dear old boric acid, charging that it is poisonous and 1 don't know what all. i Frankly, I had harbored a sneakly suspicion that the mo-i live behind thpse efforts to take away our cheap home medicines and compel us io buy expensive nostrums was the more popular with prettv pack-. ace dealers because they thought it might hamper my teaching of domestic ' medical ej ei oiioifi . But now that they're after boric acid I'm not so sure ol that. 1 haven't made people buy more than ten or fifteen nmm' onrf Martin' Fiction 1. Mjey Ann f)n Mnurin 2. Not a a Similiter 7impon 3. Street Tliumleiy ..Strinhrrk 4. The Royal Bn keve 5. Never Virtorili, Neer Defeated CnWue 6. The Dollmakt r irnmv 7. A Time to l.oe and a Time To Die Rrmnrqur 8. The Song of Riilh.Mnueier 8. Rle; Thie Home ...... I.nits 11. The Fall of a Titan (wnuifnkn General j 1. I'll Cry Tomorrow Roth j 2. The Pouer of Poilive ' Thinkins Pene ! 3. A Child of the Ontiirv Werfct ! 4. Forty Plu and Fancy Free I ' kimbroufh 5. Minute, of the Last Meeting . Fmrbr 6. The Mind Alive.OrPMfreei 7. Madame De Pompiilotir MiljorH R. The Reason hy IT'non'imH.StTit'tfi . Cell ;t", Death Ko (.'le.ufwm 10. Of Whale, and Men (oier.ion Your Birthdays,"' SI ND.W, AKi. 15 Born to day, you have exceptional tal ems, it is one of the near genius" davs of this sign, and t,ons ,of 1onc afld in the pasI if vou are'not an outstandingi"p'a(,e. lm sure' success, then don't blame theiQI KSTIOXS AND ANSWERS stars! There is one thing you Had Habit Corrected 7:30 1:15 1:30 1:40 2:00 2:15 2:30 B. Meyner, Governor of neeri to guard against. 1 on New Jersey, "Review ofihave so many capabiliiiesthat you may tend to spread your interests over too wide a field. rather than concentrate some single objective. 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:15 9:30 S:00 3:30 4:00 4:45 5:00 5:30 Hoffman Case. 2 Your Play Time, "His Brother's Girl," George Nader, Keith Larsen and Nancy Gates. 4 Mister Peepers, Wally Cox. 7 Playhouse, Anita Colby, hostess; "Mungahara," John Hoyt. 9 Sunday Film Theater, "Loves of Joanna God-den." 11 Doorway to Mvstery, "They Came by Night." 13 New Jersey Legislative Report. "New Jersey's Lakelands." 2 Toast of the Town. Vic tor Borge, M. C; Four Lads, Mata and Hari, "Golden Mermaid" and Jeanne Volk, guests. 4 Summer Comedy Hour, Ronnie Graham, Kaye Ballard, Miriam Stevenson and Willie Mays, guests. 5 Film, "Candles at Nine." 7 World Championship Golf Tournament from Tam O'Stanter Country Club. 13 Jr. Town Meeting. "What About Gambling?" 11 Dangerous Encounter, "Sum of Seven." 2 Theater. "That Other Sunlight." David Brian and Sheila James. 4 TV Playhouse, "Recoil." Betsy Palmer and Phillip Abbott. 5 Rocky King. "Murder on the Downbeat." Todd Karns. 7 Bob Consldlne. News. 9 Sunday Film Theater, "King Arthur Was a Gentleman." 11 Fate, "Intrigue." 13 Evangel Hour. 7 Jane Pickens Show, With Pattl Pickens. 2 The Man Behind the Badge, "The Case of the Bouncing Checkbook," Milo Boulton. Anita Anton and Frank Al-bertson. 5 The Plalnclothesman. "Backwash." Ken Lynch and Jack Orrison, 7 Dr. I. Q , James McClaln. 13-Blg Picture. 2-The Web "The Plnball," Don Dubbins. Robert Emhardt and Diana Herbert. 4 "Dollar a Second," Jan Murray, M. C. 5 Author Meet the Critics. "A Fable." Harvey Breit and Frank Gibney. critics. 7 Break the Bank. Bert Parks. M. C. 11 Pitfall, "Agent From Scotland Yard." 13 Hour of Mystery, "Meeting at Midnight." 9 Sona Film. 2 What's My Line? John Daly. 4 1 Led Three Lives, Richard Carlson. 5 Better Living Theater, "Clean Waters." 7 Playhouse, "The Red House." 11 Teleplx; Weather. 10:40 11 Sports Spotlight. 10:45 11 Tenth of a Nation. "Art." 2 News. Bitrdett, 4 News. McCaffery. 5 News and Program Notes. 11 Fashion Premiere. Ethel Thossen i Premiere). 13 Film. "Flesh and Blood." 4 Weather. 2 Film. "Forbidden Music." 4 Sports Final. 4 11th Hour Theater, "Eternally Yours." 11:30 11 Night Owl Theater. The Challenge." 12:30 a.m. 2 Film, "Oreen Grow the Rushes." 1:45 2 Late News. 1:50 2-Oive Us This Day. Among those born on this date were; Clement (.'. Moore, educator; Marjnrie flambeau and Ethel Rarrymore. actresses: Sir Walter Scott, author; Edna I suffered with constipation cttid used all sorts of herbs pills and oils in the vain at tempt to "regulate" mv bowel on function. Then 1 sent for yotit booklet on constipation habit followed instructions therein and haven't taken or needeo physic of any kind since twe years now. E. B AnSU'Pf It i- il..' L'tltm4 te Feibcr. novehs , and Napo eon. take mc,!icine t0 ..,eguIale" ,h To fmd what the stars have b(nvpl as u woul b k in store for you tomorrow, se;medi(!inp (0 ,.e , ., h ect your hirthday star and read npa,.ti thp ,u . an(1 kj i"i r ojioi ioi l its J l rtKi .1 m. star bevour the Let your birthday daily guide. Monday, Aug. 10 23- tine ii tnr neys. Send 25c and stamped addressed envelope and ask Ir writing for hooklet "The Con stipation Habit and Colon Tiy giene." Seriously Are you still in the land ol the living'' The inclosed article has not one bit ot the Rrarlv IniPlraUon humor. Or are you on vacation we hope you will soon be back. Mis'. A. L. S. I.BO (July 24-Ane. Queinru. VIRGO (Am 24-Se;l 231 - It vmi hive' a nrw idee todav. be qu:rk to develop it. ; LIBRA (Sepl. 24-Ort, 21 1 The mnj inc-; tion ot twe favorable planet will brim you food fortune. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 221-le well favored today. SAOITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec 22i-you can make tine progrea now. CAPRICORN IDer. 2.1-.Ian. 201 Thie ll nU', W-ivli the dav when a new ld on the Ir.b wi;r ' rl " " " pay dividend. j After a baln m kj AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Frb 191 rhe nm i,,,,.-. j ;,u. ""' .a are okay ibuins and itches unendurably PISCES iPeb jn Marrh 201 Creellvei Mrs. D. H. !da In the art or profeeeinm are re- in.. . Wl,,. viu 't ' a ' warded if p.,t into operation at th.i time, j AnWer Why bathe? Any- , ARtrs iMrrh 2!-Apni 2ri--Ytm mavj way, use no soap. no hot water. take whet looka like a wild chenre end have'v.-, rlnthinrr r.r tv,A lrtr., u- it mm out .ii nehi i'NO loinniR. or the less the taiirus (Apni 2i-My ii a new weal better and spend as much tim m.v brim real flnannal reward, now is vou can jn (lp mjnirrmrr, OIMINI (May 22-.Iune 211-A fine dav! ,..-, .. . of inapirallon end pet-T " """ig aj(Mini:u tiy tne IcIW for e conjunction llpiratlon! CANCER. (June 22-Jmy 2.T Put your effnrla into a new end rxritliie idra I 7:00 2 "Morning Show." Jack 10:00 MONDAY MORNING 8:45 a.m. 2 Prevues. 6:55 2Give Us This Day. 4 Sermon. Taar, host. 4 Today, Garroway. t-M 7 "Good Mornlns" 8:55 2 Morninp; Memo, Margaret Arlen. 9:00 2 George Skinner Show. 4 Herb Shelton Show With Josephine McCarthy. 7 Breakfast Club, Don McNeill. 10:00 2 Garry Moore Show. 4 Ding Dong School. 7 The Ruggles. 10:30 2 Arthur Godfrey. 4 A Time to Live. 7 Ern Westmore Show. 10:45 4 Three Steps to Heaven. 11:00 4 Home. Arlene Franri. 7 Nancy Crais. 11:15 5-It'n a Small World. 11:30 2 Strike It, Rich. Lenny Herman, gueH. 5 Kitchen Fare. 7 Old Time Comedies. 11:55 7 News. Combs. and the neighbors. If or when you subject your skin to a wet wash apply a suitable oil im- - mediately afterward to renlace the skin oil (sebum) removed by the bath. Send 25c and stamped, addressed envelope for Little Lesson N'o. 9, "Save Your Skin." I ndienlfird IMg M think you are not onlv a "quack" hut very undignified. Your answer to a query: "Dig this crazy dad" is for Be-Rop-pers. MUSICIAN'S WIFE. Answer All right. Plant him again, and please tell me how aquack can be dignified. rTV TUBES-, A 50 OFF NEW-lrt GRADE Netlenellv Knewn RCA SYLVANIA RAYTHEON, ITC. 0 DAV (H ABANTH FREE 10:20 10:30 Brand New Picture Tubes installed full yeor warranty "0"M2.95 12" 14.95 16" 19.95 17" $20.95 19" 23.95 20" 24.95 Payieeete erraneo Ne faeaey tfevet All rrlree Include Toer Pod TV Repairs at Law Prices Call III. 9-6700 t A.M. tm Mldnleht Bel. a tea. lie! 11:00 11:10 11:15 11:20 GE. 4-3161 -jack:y;:v:- V Ytor Xetete ene TVinneai TntUa You hava tried tha rest, now try tha batt. 1431 FLATBUSH AVE. reeereel tkeaaende fer Wert. Treeel. flee relate Compart It le Kl- LDaeiaeatretlae UL 1 2740 XDEIPHI SURGICAL CO. 6)2 FuHoe. Street 01 Leteyetta Ave., I klya rPIANOSn Large Selection Art onrf Used RotlRht Reelylrtl Repaire.1 Tunerl ABARD PIANO CO. fit. 1 Teeri 1361 61sf St. GE. 6-8078 Brooklyn 19, N. Y. OrtM TUTBSDAYt TOX I FN. I mi i, ,i ALL YOUR TUBES TESTED THIS WEEK ONLY One 5U4G Tube FREE wits eeery $10 worth of libei parcksieel. (Eeery TV Set list this tibe.) Any New 16" er 17" $ PICTURE TUBES All Sizes hi Stock I Low, Lrw Prxw IC95 On Vmt CuarutM SPECIAL Kafutir R 19 ItllleW ROOFS or WINDOWS TO SUIT YOUR LOCATION ROOF ANTENNAS from ,3.50 TV WIRE B9e PER 100 FT. Htie Slock TV Racli Psrts kV, ie BRING YOUR RADIO or TV BENCH CHECK TO OUR STORE FOR WHILE TOU WAIT, ON LATEST MOD- P ERN EQUIPMENT BT EXPERT Ineledlne Booae Calle minor repatre BIG REDUCTIONS ON PORTABLE BATTERIES SURPLUS ELECTRONIC STORES B2 Myrtle lr.,B'kly cV.i.8LXH,M 343 Canal Si. m N. Y. C I le I (leal, tel.) Ilea. A Frl. 7 UL. J-Ma

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