The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 14, 1947 · Page 11
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 11

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 11
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SCREEN By Jan Corby 'Black Narcissus' at the Fulton, Ntw Dual Program at Loew's Met With the arrival of "Black Narcissus," new British film, n Its newly set-up screen, the Fulton Theater, which used to present stage shows, became a movie theater yesterday. "Black Narcissus," released through Universal-International, is presented by i. Arthur Rank, and start Debormh Kerr, who; A. .... aa Is already known to American " audiences, and David Parrar, who: "Bulldo? Drummond at Bay." Is not. The story Is based on a new mystery thriller, and "DLs-novel of some years 0 by Rumer honored Lady." with Hedy Lamarr, Godden, and revolves around tl" nre sharing the new bill at Loew's effort of a small group of .Metropolitan Theater. Protestant nun of the Angliran The long-popular fiction favorite. Church to found a school and hns-; Bulldog Drummond. get a new pital In a desolate region, on a lease on life in Columbia Pictures, 6 000-foot peak of the Himalayas, j latest chapter of his adventures. The film is In Technicolor. The photography Is superb. The story itself is off the beam. A foreword explain carefully that the nuns depicted are not Roman Catholic nuns, that their vows and regula-js blond (ions are much more elastic than Louise Ron Randell, Australian film star plays the role of Bulldog, which in this film story involves stolen jewel, a kidnaped Scotland Yard detective, a furious gun fight, and mystery woman, Anita 1 I t i - i M N I j mA JbJit BROOKLYN EAGLE, THUR , AUG 14,1947-- U umi vAoon . ....... .fc Jllr.l:!!!!!: AUantic Playhouse are holding WWWll I WWilbTe mw swvv over for a second meec a two-i feature show composed of a recent French importation and a Russian motion picture. The program Is: "The Queen's Necklace." starring- Vivian Romance, a Oallle production wltn the star of "Carmen' in a story of violence and greed, and The Road Home," a film tribute to lndestructlbel human dignity. Both attractions have English sub-titles. Veronica Pataky, the Hungarian actress who does the Joan of Arc sequence In "Miracle of the Bells," Is a dead ringer for Ingrid Bergman, who plays the role In "Joan of Lorraine." Veronica portrays a temperamental movie star playing the part of Joan, and her characterization of the petulant cinema queen is sQmurderous that the rest of the industry is trying to pressure RKO into dropping the sequence . . . John Oar- Miss Harris ends her article with an anecdote. Barbara, she relates, was telling her director how she wanted to play a certain scene In Cry Wolf in order to bring out lieid cant seem to make up ni;iti emotional values. The director mind. Not long ago he was going ! -.w. her how lone It would take ! 1 W make his permanent home tnf play tne her Wiy. Misji'Aivlum of HorrorV . 'New York, and now he's building HalTris wrltes: I f V L apalaceinBrentwooa.swanklim-. , DUinwi, town suburb . . . The Canadian ' . At midnieht tcnieht the RKO ... . . .. . . . .. Uati n. tire CAun l. a iinia ru im w ! mm inausny win oegin nanoing out . , ., Bushwlck Theater will be con its own Oscars next year... Soon verted Into an Asylum of Horrors as Jim uavies. tne masseur at ,r-. ."' . v as Dr. Silkinl prints his Pranken gorilla man. and Apparently Barbara or. immnil loonier that all miunlrt UK .Y11M nfl U - IUI 1UI1H. I ... in Japan are blind their hand are "balled up m Irtr arithmetic. Movie :co of and gpints t0 - .-... h.; film nms throush a rimra at ri Lw. ..... I mult """:. vi oviiivwiiiib' : ; 7" . . , me ana oon mr riai 10 ' Kasan IslrinD rn Kllrtrl fate m: gets a 1. u n 1 1 1 s vii vu v those of the nuns of the Catholic Church. But even with this ex- Thi Bulldog Drummond. ace de tective, is taking a vacation in a pianation. the mixed atmosphere quiet English spot when a stone of religious seclusion and romantic crashes through his window, set-va?aries is very confusing. 1 ting off the Series of episodes that Deborah Kerr is the presumably lead him and his assistants Into a; serene Mother Superior a very 1 wild chase fcf the missing Scot-Jouthful one of the group. David: land Yard man. who had a fortune Parrar ,1s the bumptious British 'in diamonds with him when he a?eiit of the native ruler, who hasldlsappeared. When the smoke of Invited the nuns to take over an j battle finally clears one of the old palace perched hih on the crooks is dead, the missiii? deier-mountain. Sister Deborah Kerritive turns up as good ns new aivi tries hard to disregard David, the mystery woman and Bulldo Parrar. but is forced to depend on' Drummond have found love. him for this and that, and takes; . Dl:t:. I nUUu n!nNu uennis OKeeie ana jonn Lxier y ""r'"; EX-SAILOR, Guy Madison, who zoomed to film fame, is starring , in "Honeymoon," with Shirley Temple. The picture is being held for a second week ot the Brooklyn Paramount Theater, with "Riff -Raff" added. as feet per second, or 90 feet a min- Criterion Theater Has helpers in his department. Says they do real well, too . . . Those newspaper-ad plugs by Sam Gold-wyn for Metro's "Cynthia" have H'wd rubbing Its eyes. Sam's never been noted for over-appreciation of rival studios' products . . . .Lin a Romay's press agent announces the actress has signed up at UCLA for a course in real estate law. He didn't mention why, so you'll just have to suess. like the rest of us . . . Wonder what Freud would nake of .V.ida Valli's hobby? Instead of setting autogTaphs, she a.ks people to sk-tch a picture of a rat . . . That English film title. "Green for Danger,'' shouldn't surprise anybody coming from people who drive on the wrong side of the street. ute. six minutes, men, wouia use up 540 feet of film. So Barbara, the expert, was off the beam to the tune of 460 feet of film. So says La it, the expert. stage chill and thrill the audience. Rounding out this unusual mid night show will be a companion horror feature on the screen, "The Body Snatcher," starring Boris Karloff. Clinton Theater Leased I . u. -lit ITIUTtlVMi tVUw-i 1IVW fttif i w , 1, a m m can people get? They been jTOr Tiaaisn rOIK nay tn riflif rirtariiiniT of th hnv friend i ... I i . I. tT.J.. she used to have In Ireland. Sister ",c -"l""ru w'1" V. "'" uisnonorea Lay. as a resi- Flora Robnon plants petunias in the t potato paten. Sister jenny Laud ueis nysieric. aisier itatnieen Byron gives every evidence of going mad and does go mad, after first sending to Calcutta for a new red flock, letting her hair grow under her bonnet, and throwing herself at David Parrar. who hustles her back to the convent. It's all the story says because the wind keeps blowing. It gets on foreigners' nerves. Interwoven with this peculiar recital of life in a religious community . is a slight story of the youthful scion of the native ruler, who visits the convent regularly to study wlta the much younger native children. All dressed up like a rajah, with ropes of pearls and bushels of emeralds hung around on his embroidered coats, he further disturbs the convent by dousing himself with a perfume called Black Narcissus. The perfume is mentioned only once, which seems hardly a reason for calling the whble film "Black Narcissus." This young scion runs off with a native girl the sisters are trying to educate. Then the sisters pack up and go home. Of the actors, It is only fair to say for Deborah Kerr that the habiliments of a nun are of little aid in putting across a vivid film personality. Ingrid Bergman did it in "The Bells of St. Mary's," but Miss Kerr is not Miss Bergman. David Parrar, presented with much advance fanfare, Is distinctly at a disadvantage as. a guy who bullies nuns. Its an unfortunate introduction of a man who seems to have plenty of acting ability. "Black Narcissus" was written for the screen, produced and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Inspired by the realism of the There was an embarrassing boner film, the Criterion Theater is i though probably nobody outside one of the most tin-. of Hollywood caught it in that re- lats ci-M-ih it iatH nnmun ;hn ran iLJ i .i.h., v, ..I featuring editor of a smart magazine nor in usual tneater loDoy displays ever'"-- - magazine. After telling you what a sharp gal Barbara is, and how much she knows about the movie business. current showing of Mark becomes involved with a wealthy ;tne diamond merchant, jonn production, 'Brute But despairing of happiness in the: ' old life, she changes her identity , Force." and begins a new kind of existence! Steel plates, iron bars and grim, in Greenwich Village. There she wiiu clate a startling effect.! flocking to buy property at 29 Palmj. California hamlet, ever since that ditty, "The Lady from 29 ralms" hit the airways . . , Lionel Hampton's recording royalties this year are $167,000. He'a made 250 disc in the last five years . . . And while we're talking dough Duke Ellington, who used to draw down $1,750 a week, it now getting $3,000, on account of the name-band shortage . . . The tune, "Rain. Go Away," which Ida Lupino alngt Id "Deep Valley," ls her own composition . . , H'wd disc jockey Wendell Noble makes his listeners an attractive offer. For 15 cents hell send them a picture of himself to put on their piano. For 25 rents he'll come over and sit on their piano in person. At Fox, With New 'Rusty' "They Wont Believe Me" and a new Rusty picture, "Son of Rusty," opened yesterday at the Fox The ater. "They Won't Believe Me" li a gripping' drama, starring Robert Young, Susan Hayward and Jane Oreer. The story centers on the escapade of a young married man-about-town, played by Young, who, though his wealthy wife provides him with the luxuries he craves, aannot resist other women. In turn he falls in love with Jane Oreer. and Susan Hayward. and his wife, played by Rita Johnson, tries to break up each affair by providing her husband with new interests, including buying him a ranch. Affairs move speedily to ward complete tragedy, and the dissolute husband meets death by police guns. The aventures of a boy' and his faithful dog are continued in Co lumbia's "Scne of Rusty," fourth tn - their "Rusty" series. In it the lor- ' able Mitchell family returns to tl. screen, with Ted Donaldson play- ing Danny and the canine star Rusty, as usual, playing the dog Rusty. ') This time young Danny starts trouble in the quiet village where the Mitchells live when he cUacor- i ers that a newcomer was once In. an army prison. Called an ex-eon- vict by the townsfolk, the new man ts the storm center of the village ". during a series ot adventures which end up in court. Later, the prison angle is cleared up satisfactorily and the whole village learns a lesson in tolerance for others. While "Son of Rusty" wia delight the youngsters, it is the kind of picture that can be enjoyed also by those who come to the Fox primarily to see They Wont Believe Me." New Danny Kaye Film At the Astor Today 'The Secret life of Walter Mltty," co-starring Danny Kaye director, who will produce a series 'and Virginia Mayo, in Samuel Ooldwyn's Technicolor production of the James Thurber short story, opens today at the Astor Theater. This marks the third time Kaye and Miss Mayo have teamed up in a Ooldwyn Technicolor musical comedy. They were previously seen together in 'The Kid from Brooklyn" and "Wonder Man." The St. Louis-born actress also had a leading role in "The Best Years of Our Lives," Goldwyn Academy Award winning picture. The Clinton Theater on the lower East Side, has been leased by Israel Rosenberg, Jewish actor of full-length Yiddish folk plays there this coming season. The theater, which is now being completely renovated, will open on Aug. 29, with "Parnuse," a comedy-drama by Chune Oottesfeld. in which Aaron Lebedeff 4iid Vera Rosanko are to be co-starred. "Brooklyn and Broadway Night Life" will not appear while its conductor, Lew Sheaffer, is on vacation. Music Hall Attendance Breaks Summer Records With an attendance 'of 468,575 expected In the three weeks ending last night. Radio City Music Hall is breaking all Summer attendance records with Its comedy film hit. ' "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer," and 'its new stege musical spectacle, "Melody Time." Attendance for the third week of the program is expected to top 157,500, bettering each of the first two record-breaking weeks. "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer," starring Cary Grant, Myma Loy and Shirley Temple, begins its fourth week today. meets a struggling young student, Dennis O'Keefe. and they fall in love. Hedy's past, however, catches The box office is encased in slcel with bars and revolving search- up with her. and sne oecome iignus to give me eiiecv oi a prison implicated in the murder of her tower. According 10 mis. Bessie old friend, the diamond man. Only 'Dove, manager of the Criterion when O'Keefe announces that he loves her, regardless of what she may have done, is Hedy encouraged patrons and pas.sers-by stop and stare and actually test the bars to see whether they are real or Yon haven't lived untilyouVe seen LIFE WITH FATHER on the screen!'! lo fight for her life against the not. charae of murder. "Brute Force stars Burt Lan- "Dishonored Ladv" comes to I caster. Hume cronyn. L.naries Loew's Met straight from Broad- Bickrord, Yvonne DeCarlo. Anni wav, where it enjoyed a long run.Blyth and Ella Raines, and is With "Bulldog Drummond" it pro-currently in its fifth week at the vides absorbing screerl fare. I Criterion. RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL Showplace of the Nation "One of the happiest pictures ever at the Music Hall." . ; , Mortimer, Mnor MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE BROOKLYN Al.BEC "The Bwt Tfir of Our Uvti." 10 08 l as. 4 OS. 7 0S. 10 OS fOX ThT Wont B'litVf N," 1100 1 SO. 4:40. 1:30. 10 20. don ot Rui- ty." 12:41. 3 31, :2t. t 11 METROPOLITAN "Dlhonorfd Lid " 11:01. 1:41). 4 44. 7:39. 10 34: "Bull- dot Drummond at Bar." 13:34. 3 29 S 24, 9 19 Paramount "Honfjmoon." 11 oo 1 53. 4:48, 7:39. 10 39: 'Rlff-Rilf. 12:33. 3:3. II, I II TRAND :I4arlid Woman " 11 00. 1 SS 4:30. 7:4.1. 10 40. "Dint B Mr Destiny" 12:24. 3.19 6:14. S 09 MANHATTAN STOR "Thf Sfcul Lif of Waltfr Mltty.'' 9:10. 11:09. 1:08. 3.07, 5:06. 7:05. 9 04. 11.03, 1 02. CAPITOL "Tha Huckster!." 10 40. 1 44. 5:08, 8:15. 11:36. Slate, 12:51. 3:09 7:22, 10:28 CRITBRION "Brtltt rorce" 9 30. 11:20. 1:15. 3:10. 5 05. 1:00. 8:55. 10.50. 12:45 FULTOM "Black Narcums." 11:00. 12:58. 1:88. 4.54. 8:82. 850. 10:45. GLOBE "Northwest Outpost," 8 00, 10:49. 12:38, 3:28. 4 ,28, 6:29, 8:29, 10:30. 12:30. HOLLYWOOD "Possessed," 11:02, 1:08, 3:14 . 8:20. 7:26. 9:32. 11:38. UU81C HALL "The Bachelor and tha Bobby Soier." 10:49, 1:35, 4:20. 7-25. 10 15 Stage. 12:84. 3:10, 6 15. 8:15. PARAMOtJNT "Welcome Strantrt." 1 25 10:57. 1 36. 4:17. 7 02. 9 45. 12 59. State. 10.12. 12 49. 3:30, 6:15, 6 58 11:11 RIVOL1 "CrOMftra." 10:54, 12:58. 2:58, Now" 10:45, 1:50. 4:45. 7:45, 10.48. State. 12:50. 3:50, 8:50. 8'50. ROXT "1 Wonder Who't KUslm Het 8.00. 6 43, 8:29. 10:14, 11:59. TRAND "Marked Womtn." 8:S1, 12 47 3 A3. 6 39. 8:38. 12:14: "Dust Bt My Detinj." 11:18. 2:12, S OB. 8:04. 11 03 I akTHOt'iaNK Vl DEDC.TAII KERR tj r. 81 CTsh M HliCKtiT nut Wi 'DLACK NARCISSUS' IN tlCMMICOtOa iri.V TAM thMtre a 6!M sTWSal VH ami el C68TIM49S NirMUSCtl fN 116 8. M Pirelli relets Iffi M4W mil SKIT ROBERT YOUNG SUSAN HAYWARD "THEY WON nrtrrir Mr" "THI SON OF MUSTY (55 V 111 J " ! n , itm 'mil - 4 Mi r " 7 .. 1. ' aP K X-V V -V -V I j t f I r"" V,H7f,r x V ' Rockefeller Center . II ' 'V"" M .ft IJ U X' tSI M --7. sH1llr E? organ &i ajVil ijllj' i'" )' I li' M:.1!" 1 (I M I " m-VJ-m . ar , imii. - r . . . . . IS-' -IT T AU-CONPITIONtD DAVIS B0GART 'MARKED WOMAN AND fflHN aantt u AsnririnN UMIriLLl DESTINY" C4tBtisi8108IS fraaa 8 P.M. awwft8' 8aa. Otalee Ran Trenr 'Johnny Angel' ale "DICOY" ON THE GREAT STAGE "MELODY TIME" A lavish musical extrava-ganza, lighthearted as a summer holiday - . . produced by Russell Markert, settings by tiruno Maine j. , . featuring Joseph Levinoffy Stephanie Antle and Olia Serova, soloists, and the Corps de Ballet in spectacular pantomime . . . Marjorie Williamson, ' soprano, Earl Overt, baritone, and the Choral Ensemble highlighting Romberg's popular "New Moon" . . . Ken Davidson, international badminton champion . . , acrobatics by The Parks . . . and the celebrated Rockettes in captivating precision. The Symphony Orchestra plays Rimsky-Korsakow's dazzling "Capriccio Espagnol." rlur 10,4, 1,3 J, 4:21, 7.25, 10.12 Stag Show, 12,24, 3,10, 8,15, 7,15 POOKS OrEN FRIDAY 10,15 A. M. OCCXSTEDS SYDNEY GRCENSTREET. ADOLPHE MENJOU AVA GARDNER . KEENAN WYNN . EDWARD ARNOLD 7 IN PERSON r TONY and SALLY DeMARCO J Ted STRAETER and Orchestra VaT AMU Aflreoae I le Mit4 AHrorfiaa I Paul WINCHELL . Charles TRENET 8S8M8J TODAY! i J. Arthur'Rtnk prtstnfj' 'ffilEOA' Mrsat8lr pnUit ' nlrtrff 0ur Umtl tlmwrsal-lntonitioful Reliiss PIU 8Ni N8U8 NCW8HIL 80UK8DP 8H SIWtTTS PASXAVEK THEATRE it 59th ST. (wuui fttas COfltWUOUS fROM ROOH TO MiDnrrt I nT il - 6IIT1 I V I 1 Pl 11 IV" in i aJv A J humdingjf of a baffler! Deftly humorous, intriguing and startling!" Tom rVyor, JVmei FOR 8I8C0WO1TIONC& "way VWTtTVlfTTXT CONTINUOUS 10 AM TO t AM r H ! zcSxf mfT " uovo ,amh " ill L1! 3E2Ey SMITH ond DALE III- MS BOOIS OMN . A SreWwar't tea Caa 1.1 m lOA.M.Wi, SpcofJOE E. HOWARD iiuni c.b. u d rc Brrrr . i-j i i tmmmam 8WttaiaiiiiM88miw8i88ai885tti.i minainnia8ii ielizabeth Taylors a. QaU DtjW lVUCnADli HOWARD LINDSAY &RUSSEL CR0USE -trs ,.8 ' "' " 'San i ROBERT BUCKNERJ mow" .,i,i tom. iirMTVTvri i irrT cz WmmMmJ is-CONTINUOUS PERfORMANCI LAST DAY TODAY! JOAN CRAWFORD VAN HEFLIN IN "POSSESSED" OOpaa'- "AN IMPORTANT, STIR RING FILM IS CROSSFIRE', RKO'S BLITZ AGAINST INTOLERANCE" ,., fTTT. mrrrirrri Kit HI II sHt CONMHOm 5PIVOLI awai a e n CROSBY CAULFIELO FITZGERALD JAMUIt OOtOWTN pnnKt DANNY KAYE -VIRGINIA MAYO did IMP. 5 kitatr, caJw er mum S.iriea Hitaway ValUy Itreajt. L I

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