The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on March 2, 1950 · Page 19
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 19

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1950
Page 19
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i!y I'V. , ru- ty 4 rip. pi w ,, of cal Tfi lly Ihq lh e,. til ind 'ni-ion ad-an "'. ' iral orv In rip-dp. and sail 1: 1P'. if . A. p$i. 3 a sprl tpr'' :ha5 ap In. lap V ;son 'tis i?ns, ory. iers Binsh. Herman La Fn.-r. Mary 1 ,&Vrinkrn.43r:n W A , Bethl. Frederick Manned. Thomas Bis&ert. Robert Mar.unalcu A. Bcller.bich. M McNerr.ey. Juhn Bourse he :d. Julias Moran, Ann: Brt.ns. Jane t Murray. Saraa Breisch.John N:ven. Jchn Bryant. Charles OUiffe.Ida Burns, Harold Pallarrm. A Carter. Harry Peirl. Euard Carter. Sujanna Peoples. Mary dark. Patrick Psota. Joseph Conway. Ar.r.a T. Ra:. Charles D Anaelo, Maria Rca.-an. Mary Dawley, Jchn S. Rut lis. Eltarar Ducret, Dr. H. Ryan. Endwet Escher. E. Sr. Sarno, The mas Fehn. Katherlne Schaefer. C. Itloramo. Jc-seph Scott. Thcrras Hannerv, James Shea, Joseph Force. Hamlin Shevlln. E. V.' Anna Sister M. Olympia Freeman. Ed in Strahl. Selina Gannon. F. A. Stroud. Ethel Graham. Zita Thompson. W. A. Hennessey, J. Weiss, Anna M. Kaemerer. N. Wiley, Keams. Frances Wood. Susan I Kiers, Nora Zembrzyckl, John Kraesser. J. M. f CONWAY ANSA T. em March l.A FALCE-MARY. en Fb-' R'JTJIS- EtXANOTl V. Tu-1 13M). cf the Ive Dan. el P; rurv Z. Je of -f la-.e Gat-unJ; cat. Feoi.:a:y 1?M, be-lovei '.;.. er : the U: A. Cart ty x u. Tr.f.:r.a. ca :sh' r 4 Albert L. ard ti r.t.:: i at J-! n J. Hea'.fr Ku- Lou-; caufhr.v. Mrs. Rce Mam- h e A::h :r R'Pfcs ; Ov.vexi sl'ter li .me. ?977 A'.er.-e nvt.e. 'Us. Car:i.el Urrcali:. Mrs f M:s. S G.-'.er.-n and N. . of !.:.t:al !at r. F:.r.:e .N-j'.i ..a:.o and r...'be'.ii L R Service a: the La Ea'.ce Rpu:r.c at rv:c.-n-e. Fmrrhilil Ch.iprJ. 9.'1 Atlantic U ANOELO MARIA, on Fetn: J6 La!arue Avenue. tur.eriil A-n..e. Sa:.;rda. 2 3a pm. ary 27. 13i0. of 2129 E 13ta Street. Saturd:v. 9 31 am. &;:nn Re-devoted .! .f T.t: dear mothT oxern Ma." 19 ocl'Vlc. St. I.kts . f ir r e iurl'.i rri ! , ?i. C. Church. Ir.ternier.t St. J hn's. BHIIX: BROOKLYN EAGLE. THUR , MAR. 2, 1550 DR. MARTIN A. COUNEY DIES; Anthony Edward Rush funeral services f r Anthon l-'riti'aril f I it.h 'Jl i.f Imw it. Martin a. t. ouney, a nn una ai ine ran-Amenran catur St, will te held . T," 17" ' 'n nd" o'clmk thl afternoon at 19 INCUBATOR BABY PIONEER Memorial Riles Set R Y A at.KiFnrMrt Aimpr .... ... ,! Krr. If,rtc (, f,ir .linu-i at rv.a ml 3 n-1 1'".: llrff nilllWI N On March 1. 1355. , ' , j , , A -"-iKearns & bons huneral Home. ;et RYAN .tire F'r.r... r.a- number of year conducted a Luna Park. Coney Island. The VM Rllj,hwU.k Ave. The Rev. Anna'bi Paima: brtoVed kWr'cf ne c: i,ajv..n. Watered .!.v incuhatop station at Coney j night dreamland was destroyed Charles " Wilson Hubon. rector R.e. Funtnl rrtdav. 9 3D an... Co-.tntv, Ireland. ivVved mi.'e of l-;and and who also exhibited by fire the babies were saved '0f St. Mav- Epional Church from ChaM. 223 Avenue U: Re- LEISCHXER--Ors March 1. 133f. William 4. Rvan: devot-d moth.-r -,-ch babies to the public at. by a speedy transfer to theV10 (jas,n'n Ve will officiate' quiera Mas Our Ladv i.f Grace WILLIAM A . tel. v! htisbar.d if "f Mrs 4an;o .VcDevitt. Mrs f.,,rs, died la.-t night at hi?Luna Park Incubators. luiirial will 'he "i Mt niiv.t Surf Ave , Seal The "Incubator Doctor" a physician first and a show A pioneer In incubator! man after. It was his boast that 'methods of treating premature he did not receive fees for the R C Church at 10 am. Inter- Maude Ann: o: urnrt ana -"! .mis. ;lrtmfi ment St. John's Cemeterv. brother of Aithur C. W. U.s.'hner; Maiy. Catherine. Patrxk F. and (. , fcLo lour pr.''.rpn. fcervioes " ri a:., -.n i .u.l.c DAWIEY JOHN S. 1. a; Fred Her as: i as M -mor:.U, T.iul r.yv.n v: ir.irc i-uiifrai innii nrr j i i - ai-v, Crv ,, O 1 n m T i - TPSC"!! fi? l 7 h S'ftY't Oil ui'u;M;ijS,r;;:w ,.r,,5.March4.9:30am:R,iem Dr. Couney is credited! infant, he cared for. but used and S.:7.i-.r.e dear bother of M,vs S; Fplirem'a R. C Church, with havini? saved the lives ofjthe exhibition method to pay S-nhen ' ind ' Mr Amv Bnn'ter ' M AN GOLD TH O M AS HENRY. In'ernient H '.y Cross Cenie'esy. more than 6.500 infant- placed .the excessive costs of treat- .Funeral Saturday 130 am. from'r.ied March 1 at his re;t:enr, c under hi care. Hurin? the 19.W Dal-y Funeral ' Home. 4317 Ave- 117-11 Hillside Avenue. Ri hm.n.d f-, , pihrrirv lQ-fo XVorU1' Fair in New York his nue D. Solemn Requiem Mass 10 Hill: survived oy sons, l nomas. ., . - ... .rin,,.,,. Incubator Ilaby Kxhibit at a m . Our Lady of Refuse Church.. Wih:am, Peter, lieon; and Jct.cii.1 interment St. John Cemetery. ; three aauiiv.ers. .viae huh- i. naei . .,. .,,'. ,.,. D, He was horn In AU..r chnrt i Burial will was.Cemeterv. ivinri. .'. f ti. ii- ariniiii- ' ncubator ....... .... . ..... i ' i .i " ti'MCteH wide atlp'itifin h rti!Jh-er M., Butler. Hael Ll" ri i:" liu" u;r . . , .t i !. ..t. . Hon. Ai;su?t W. .Olatzwaver. Re-! roller, (I4ll. . , ,. , r,. I,. Kc. v. n.....-.: ...-.! t .... 1.1 11- - C .. ... . 1 ..... 1: - J I: I.. prut one "" "" " hi i-u wnic i c w ui dim Muuicii ineiiicine in 1 " n u ruiM , a.m. ire-i au. er m am .euwic Tie Boniface R. C. nost trrnitiinto w-nrlr in Paric D-.iffi.-ld snd Willoughby th. pio,.po, rc,,t noted French pedia- SPERRY. rn February 27 I9.i0. be- Mangold: three :-:ers , w . l , . rt ... . 1 I . !.., 11 n... n . 1. i l.All loveo. nasqnnn oi tiaoo n uu- uivinri, ..-u n fio.n.. .....i..... .,,.,,! Cret and father of Dudley DuCret. Reposing at Simoivson Funeral " .' wnue vacauomni at -i-ucaon, ruui, si.., n,, i t Arizona. Funeral to be at Fair-Richmond Hill. Funeral services , "l, ' ' "l"...' 1 "". Mudin InTwrnent Ev;r". ,frnwn' Cvcss Cemetery ARCHBISHOP JOHN HUGHES chlW &,:ls- 951 Atlanta Avenre. Fricay. 8 pm. interment tver- - :rician. and then came to the Funeral services will be held COUNCIL, NO. 481, K. OF C, an- Brooklyn. Tuesday, March 7, at grns Cemetery, Saturday. 11 a m. SCOTT - Si duenly, Monday.Tnited States. at 1 p.m. tomorrow at Kirschen-nsunccs with deep regret the death 2 P-m- I ,,.KIsr,Trn lvrv, . . T1;M-'S OIT. beloved hus-j Dr. Couney started exhibiting baum's Westminster Chapel. HeraTH0M,' SAR:, ' ESCHER - EL WARD Sr. onebruan 1950, ''incubator babies" more 1153 Coney Island Ave. Inter- 4601 18th Avenue. Body reposing Februa M 1950 husballd of Ule f e calo.ero; mother of 35 Mu-re Tvenue Funeral' ,hin flfly -vears a- After con" ment will be in Cypress Hills Ieta1 irhnufr.1!181' LUll&n: tathw hel Frank. M D ; Salvatore. JePh. llr r mMen ''"""'lt.ctlng exhibits in London, Ber- Abbey. btreet and 13.n Avenue runeraiiMoore Rmn M gnd Edward Anthrnv, MD; Mrs. Catherine : - R n rhi h Escher Jr.; brother or Minnie cusumano. Rose, Mary and the SHEA JOotPH. on February m ftr i7Tft r-. ,a , m Semler. Ida Hendriohs. Services at late Lt. Dominic Mamscalco, U. S. 28 19-iO. dear husband of Marv tOAU MILAZZO- 'antf Knltm- the Moadmger Funeral Parlors. M. S.: sister of Vita Castrogio- Ida; brutlier of John Shea and ' BAR iSH hfrman son 'of 1120 Tlatbush Avenue, Thursday, vanni; also survived by ten grand-jAgnes Manzie. Reposing Kennedy's Jacob; dear brother of Jaseph, 8 Pm- Interlnent Cypress Hills children. Funeral Saturday, 9:45 Chapel, corner of Church and Sadie' Mlllberg of Miami, Lillian 'Cemetery. a.m., horn her residents, 30 Ster- Rogers Avenues. Solemn Requiem o.-.i- . w w 1 ! l:nj fifvpet- Rpmliem XT.1S.S St MaAS Our I.-lrv nf Ri.fnoo R f? ? .m.. tX;!. T on "4rch frinci, of'Assisl Church. 10:15 Church Fridav, 10 a.m. ' rvices for Grover Irving Place, Manhattan, office. Services today. 1:30 p.m.. at 4ef-'l0 A ' oTGeorae P John fcr'-m- Interment St. Charle, Come- FfI74 v . ; ' y an accountant for . .. ,.. , mother 01 ueoige r., joni.. rer-rp pi,,Pinn 1. r fcHLVLI. ELIZABETH V.. be- the ( onso n n pi 1 ,m f'nm. in a ivUiiuiiui ilv LimiieiN. 111c. . j 1 t 1 . i. nr . - , r - . . . . - . . . . to " 1 - nizmiiu v . aim i-clci aiaiei ui 101 eu wue 01 run naii.mui. r.iy touin Mrs Margaret Traeger; also sur- ..,. 4ith Street. Broo vn. ....... j u.. .....u. ' mcahhwiy , . jviveu uy trini. ki uuuciaiui cu. ra"iaj.y 28 BPHwifrn-iniiM v m. ;neral from her residence, 416 East',.0 ' . .... : .' . ;'-'2flth Street Saturriav. Solemn ,. . . . reoruary a. iou. oromer or Mrs.- . - , , " - mis. Anna Miurean, mis. raincia - ,un Bertha Schenck. Helen. Otto. Fred ?ul Ma st- Jeromes R. C.:McMona(., Jon j, an( wu,mi. Bernhardt. H-...sinx at Wdgand:. k .H",ne fo1 Mr. Ru.--h. a butcher in the employ of Louis Casal, died Monday night when struck by an automobile at Avenue M and Ocean Ave. He was born M VP;ir affn in TtrooVlvn snr! ment in the days before hos-j had spent his entire life in the pitals started to give specialized borough care to premature babies. j His wife. Mrs. Lillian Stevens Babies were sent to him from RU?.h. and a sister. Mrs. Helen hospitals and clinics from vari-jCurrv, survive. ous parts of the country. His wife, Mrs. Aiinabelle Maye Couney, died In 1036. A daughter, Hildegarde Couney, who was Dr. Couney's principal aloe, survives. George C. Lanzf7lr Insurance Broker Grover Dermody, Accountant; Familiar Figure at Ebbets Field Funeral services for George C. Lanz, 71, an insurance bro ker for more than 50 years, were held last night at the Boy-ertown Chapel, 38 Lafayette Ave. The Rev. Dr. David Morton, pastor of Bethany Presbyterian Church, officiated. Burial will be in Evergreens Ceme tery today. Mr. Lanz. who lived at 733 Memorial services for Mrs. Nelle King Aimer, former chairman of the Lrooklyn League of Women Voters and twice national president of the Daughters of Union Veterans, will be held on Friday, March 10. in Massillon. Ohio, her birthplace, her sm, James K. Aimer of Rye. X. Y., announced yesterday. Mrs. Aimer, who lived at 633 K. ISth St.. died Feb. 21 at the Methodist Hospital at the age of 78. She was the widow of James B. Aimer, broker and real estate man. He died in 1935. For many years Mrs. Aimer was leader of the 21st Assembly District League of Women Voters, subsequently serving as chairman of the borough organization. She was a member of the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, Flatbush, and active in a number of community organizations. Funeral services were held last Thursday. The remains then were taken to Massillon for burial. Besides her son. Mrs. Aimer is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Frank A. Nattrass of New Ro-chelle, N. Y.; three granddaughters and two grandsons. he late Frank J.. at pany of New York, with which cNERNEY JOHN J. Febiu- ' 1 , L T '' Wlltet,n-nPaJk-he had been associated for 40 28. 1950. beloved husband of LoS : Island, February 28, lOoO; de- ,.,., at R.o0 late Nellie: devoted father of voted sister of Mary Burgess; aunt l "" )e el 1 a 1 f Anna Mulrean. Mrs. Patricia f Susan Burses, and Mrs. Lester ' k , lu VK'U 11 lh. K J- U' ....... . .. . hasehatl .nth.,da,( m- esunmsier noau, uiea on. Dermodv was a Dodger fan and i,Ionday- He had been iU sincei each year bouKlu a season i shortly .,,t,fol'e Christmas. He was a iiieiong Brooklyn resi- krt vimh,'c -nri Church. 10:15 a.m. friends of Joppa Lodge, No. 386,i Jamcs C' Nuent' Directr- i u. j. r.. are invuea to aitenaj fiIjORAMO - JOSEPH, of 198 15th Street. Reposing Scarpaci Fu- fratcrnal services at the Funeral Home of George C. Herbst & Son, neral Home 711 4' h Avenue, until '1111'1 FrWay- 10 8 m- Solemn Re also 'survived bv seven Kranclchil- Bl-os- Funeral Home. 49 Hillside1 1 1th Ave. dren. Renosins" Wnlter H. Oooke.'Avenue. Wilhiton Park, until Sat-1 I'ne Rev. Inc.. Funeral " Home. 20 Snvder!turda.v 9.30 a m.; Solemn Requiem Miller. uatoi Avenue (near Flatbush Avenue), i MLSS pl St. AiclaiVs R. C. Church., tioii Lutheran Church. 4th Ave bought, a season ticket for all of the Saturday, Sunday, holiday and night games played at F.bbets Field. The RrooL-lvnc u nm tho Suuerbas back in ihe rbv!llls business from his home. )r. Harold S.iwhen he first, cheered them on Surviving ate a daughter, of the liu-arna-ifrom a choice J.Vcent seat he.lAIrs- ''Panor Mortimore; two dent and formerly had his of fices on Broadway, this borough In recent years he conducted .10 a m. Interment C a 1 v a r y'a,i,i r.t.i St -m r.ffw.i .to rwiai n KUP 1 P lirilll -f ,n L .v...-. wi-v. ..n., ui i.rui u 6741 5th Avenue (near 68th Street), 'Saturdayi 9' a mi Mass st John.s'quiem Mass St. Francis of Assisi emeieiy. Iwitl be tomorrow in Green- on Thursday. March 2. at 8 p m. Cnurch at i3 a m R- C. Church. 10:30 a.m. Inter- SISTER M OLYMPI HICKEY I 0(' Cenieterv. Religious serv ces Fr day at 2 p.m.i ment Holy Cross Cemetery. I Q,.,' 7 ,' , , tV. , n... i,: i i i interment Ocean View Cemetery, PLANNER Y JAMES, of 95 Cen-I '' ' Jp' al.&t-J- .,.i"-;.ReT d: rcd t at Staten Island. !tre Mall. March 1, 1950, beloved; MOR AN ANN1 E M.. at her resl-,' ?f W' ihiishind of ?flrih nee McCuei-'dence 03-11 "4'h Place Wood-'A ' r"p-a'l. febnmry 28, 1950. heart attack. He was born In BEIHL-PREDERICK C March C and 'aSS Ne wVork. ih!t f0 M J Hrouklyn and began his busi-1. 9a0. brother f Mary, Charlotte. brotnPr of Elizabeth Snellgrove James P.; beloved mother of Mar- l..,, '"h al ,"fd ";al 1 t 1 noss career with the old Brook-Wildred. Anne Francis and Ed-jand Franris Fannery; also sur-igaret, William and John Moran. cmtZTnJX Calvaly;lyn Edison Company. At his ard. Funeral Saturday from Johnvlved by tnree grandchlldren. Pu-LMrs. J. O'Conncll and Mrs. Anna,Lemetel-v' B""ood. . (eath he was statione(I at the Metzner Parlors, 2890 Atlantic Ave-,neral Saturdav , 8:30 a.m ..from Fu-! Le Fevre; also survived by seven STRAHL SELIN A (nee Pur ' 1 1 V " " "v :neral Home, 496 uourt totreet; Ke-jKiauaciuiQieu ana mree greai- ranti, February 28 1950 beloved Malacnys R. C. Church. Inter- iquiem Mftss sl .Mary Star of the: grandchildren. Funeral from thejmoUu.r 0f Mrs firace ' Dittman went St. Johns Cemetery. jSea Cnu,.cn. DupolU Punenll H,me, 82-29 Lef-;and Geo,w; aS, survived by four TTK-BTv FORCE-HAMUN D , FebnS 1 S Butier Pa.. inlol ' . Solemn Roquiem Mifss at St, S hind first base at old Washing- sons' Henry R. and Wallace ton Park, 4th Ave. and 3d St Lanz; a sistpr- M,'s- Lillie On the days when the ladFnU- and a g'andchild. didn't have the price of a ticket,! he'd earn his admission in the morning by helping to tidy up the field. He also was interested in deep-sea fihing. Surviving are his mother, Mrs. Mary Dermody, and a sister, Mrs. Edna Pearn. Cora Bissert of 6118 5th Avenue. Services and funeral in Landis- and Delphine. Reposing at McCad- New York, at 10 a.m. m. onj ;ent H top wh t side ,Ius .94 -. :ten, sent It ' ' lion, lanlc ovetf Than I hern 318. i r I re.' iver. r-tiori iman. s do ssioJi OWPP h in. t seem i real. d to Uinjj 1952. iead ndet c thfc, v. on d on ! n de they in ari vef. apilol ssei "fa r cotfi- . th ?ment irty nson, ; this action, o. r. ele A. -en ation's 4 LI til 1841) GUI PubllihM 1. N. 7, 0 Brootlr . interment tery, 11 STROUD lay at Evergreens Ccme- Mrs. C. Schaefer, Formerly of Boro uui luui-im nuiuc, i nu nicimtr, ciiivury L-enieierj. i .Mrs. ( atnfTlne Schaofor a ETHEL COOKE, on ',., r!,.n,. ..i.i. BOLLENBACH - MAMIE of qulem Mass Church of St. Fran-i MURRAY - SARAH ANN. on Wednesday. March 1, 1950, beloved i"' ' .kcuv, 03-54 1 06th Street. Richmond Hill.iCls of Assl81- 9:45 a m- Interment February 28. 1950, wife cf Patrick; mother of John Ball Stroud, Ethel, Tuesday at. Paramus, N. J., at on February 28 beloved mother of u- l- 1,U1JIU' '"J. inouvcr ot Joseph r Mis Lorett a. Virginia btrmid. Elizabeth Pratt the ace of 8S wuiiam and Lewis Bol enbach, vtukkvi amna nn w,rv v' r-""- P"",ll"luu'rl --n" J' u' u t-oni oiroun.' . , William Hoffman and Mrs. Bea-ow,',,0 f The li e F' MlIrray Jr " Ed,m,,ld P' Muri'ay . 'ho died while a student at Blalri w 1,Iow of A(kl,l'h r. ice Staples. Services Friday,; p .. a . mi hrr nf Hprhrri ripnrip and Joan Ann Pruhs. Funeral Academy, and the late Pfc. Aubrey Mrs. Schaefer, a native of March 3. at 8 p.m. at the Slmon-I.'i1 0Va Serv ices Fridav 8 nm' fl'm. Wal,Cr B' Cooke' Inc- Low'is Slroud- vvho W1" killed onthis lmrough. was the daugh-son Chapel. 119-04 Hillside Ave-1? JJ J home lv 84th street !neral Homp' 50 7th Avenue; Sol- Okinawa while .serving with the ter (lf ytancy and Reeina nue. Richmond Hill. Interment ,at " h0me M" ' StreM' lemn Requiem Mass St. Francis of.306th Infantry of the 77th Qlatni river an ' for vear- w Saturday, 2 p.m., Cypress Hills1 FREEMAN EDWIN, of 3520 As's's' - - Church Saturday. 9:45. ston. Mrs. Stroud was a director -u-tive ir risl i, nor of Abbey. icortelvou Road. February 28. 1950.1 -m- Interment Holy Cross Ceme-ef the Virginia Society in New I.1'.11. S 1,' nt.. "u .,; beloved husband of Anne: devoted iork. Services at the Fiiirchild, ""1"" :. ' u u,u UUI BOURSCHEID JULIUS, on February 28. of 408 59th Street, be loved husband of Mary inee Wcide Funeral from his residence Friday. hause). . Funeral from Cos rove ?.i30 J'"!:1 Solem" Rniem Mass d;,u. ChafieLs, 5723 5th Avenue; Solemn Requiem Mass St. Agatha's Church Saturday, 10 a.m. Interment St. John's Cemetery. BRAUNS JANET, on March 1, St. Catherine of Genoa R. Church, 9 a.m. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. Patrick J. Byrnes, Director. Chanel. 951 Atlantic Avenue mi : M hear lllOUZhbV St.. Where NIVEN JOHN C. on March 1. Thursriav. March 2. a!, 7 n m inier.'she was a member of the choir. 1950, helmed hu. -banc! of Stella; mem at' Norfolk. Vireinia iSlm w.k a sitlpr nf tho hut, oi .viary; nrouicr oi. father Walter B. Home, 50 Cook", Inc. 7th Avenue; GANNON FREDERICK A., tins-1 Saturday, 10 a.m. 'Mass St. Thomas Aauinas Church husband of Marion and son ofivjlatzmayer and tne late Ed. j Magistrate August Glatzniayer, 1 l.. ir:n: i"-. Funeral cn February 28, 1950. romiius-i u,r ,Jlc. iu.u... uwu- Renmem sioned officer. IT. S N. P helnveri hiaypr, the late Dr. Herman son Luey p. s. Thomixson and the latei ward, Francis C. and Joseph J. William A. Thmnnsnn Jr hvnthorl C:i;it7m;ivpr "IT T TP 1TC On IT ,1, 1 . .'' . . loved mother of Edith May; also'of Jane, Clara Sandrltr-r.' f" . ',:;; ?'T'er 7!'' Serv,ceT at Ihe funt,rul ill be held to-Orvived by three grandchildren Myra Hilton, Agnes Holmes and .ri n' l, from the Walter B, and a preat-eranddauehter. Mem-! William Gannon. Service Thurs-'x, 'n u.u..-. ....' ,'""M-" "f"ue- lnul!a. 1950, of 1170 Putnam Avenue, be-bnncl o( Catherine; dear brother; ber of the Bushwick Avenue Meth- oa'. P1"-- at the Leo F. Kearns Sehmk: odist Church. Service at the Wil- r 1,1111 al nome, no-iu K,ocKaway , Mrs. Harrv liam C. Fisher Funeral Chapel, Boulevard, Ozone Park. Funeral James J. Jr.. Ida H. arid' ,ewis W. Olliffo. Services at her 1230 Bushwick Avenue, on Friday, a'. ' P"'- at 8 p.m. Interment Cedar Grove Evergreens. Cemetery. Interment "The residence, 199 Bersen Street. Fri- ert.,v. Cooke Funeral Home, 117 W. 1 72d St., Manhattan. A solemn WEISS ANNA M. (nee Dough-! I'CQuiem mass will be offered pin day, 8 p.m. Interment St. Michaels S'r?rl. , Cemetery. at her home. 157 Kent! at 10 am. at St. Boniface on February 28, beloved' Church and burial will he in 'vi. e ot John teiss; loving sister Holv Cross Cemetery. GRAHAM ZTT A MAR.ftFt.l.A : . ' James Dougherty, Agnes Mc-i . BR E IS C H - JOHN, of 1138! March 1. 1950, beloved sister of'X..11.1.. 7- AAHONV ,on N'1(,hoJa and Josephine Dougherty Zireene Avenue, March 1, 1950.IMarv G. Hogan, Margaret Brown-: ,, 7 7., r.0'. , ouul eai , oe- Reponng at John McElroy. Inc aged 78 years, beloved husband of lee. Catherine O'Neill and Maude " J J0s7,,1 Jumr Funeral Home. 153 Greenpoint Mary; dear father of Florence, Crider. Solemn Requiem Mass Sat- SflMlrf,a I f' viZ ,p .mi u Loesch and John. Service Friday.lurday, 10 a.m., Holy Innocents S?KalT.PuUrra' H 8p.m at. George Werst Funeral R. C. Church. Reposing at her real- ;um s"ri Hear R Home. 7141 Cooper Avenue. Fu-'dence. 297 Argvie Road. 1 u?..' I . . . 1 1 . neral Saturdav. 1 run. Tntorment! Arranpement h .?n.nh n r,,ffv lu 8 "'Uiment. a-, ter ,Tir,, muntown iiranch. March 2 WILEY ANNIE M.. at. Chatham. M ruiiei.u Avenue, until Satmv'av Vm.i, Ionic, 9-?,o a.m. Solemn Reauiem Ma "c"-" " vanaeroui Avenues, at Si. Antonv's n r rthm-nh ... 1 p.m. Interment Arrangements bv Joseoh G. DuffvJ tv,-. ' Evergreens Cemetery. Member of! International Brotherhood of Book-! HhiNNlvli,Y JOSEPHINE, of C. io ;i.m. Interment Calvary Ceme Joseph Psolar Musical Director Paul Munler, Court Reporter A solemn requiem mass for Paul Munter, Brooklyn Supreme Court reporter for many vears. was ifforvl tnrlav i-1 She WaS the ijr.1v InnnKinlo l) n nh, -"J iiti.uvM.lJ ... v., LllUll 11, Beverly Road and E. 17th St. The funeral was from the Walter B. Cooke Funeral Home. 20 Snyder Ave. Burial was In Calvary Cemetery. Mr. Munter, who lived at moo Albemarle Road, died on Mun-day. He was born in Montgom ery, Ala., the son of Judge Adolph Munter and Mrs. Rose Munter. He was a graduate of Gonzaga University and the University of Michigan Law School. For many years he hail made his home in Brooklyn where he was active in a number of community enterprises. lie was a member of Athonian Hall, the Catholic Actors Guild, the Shakespeare Fellowship, the Catholic Court Attaches, the Gyro Club, and the Alumni Associations of Gonzaga College and the University of Michigan. He also was a member of the Southern Society. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Anita Munter, and a daughter, Sonja. binders. Local No. 119. PEARL EDWARD J.. of 1850 E 216 57th Street, on March 1, 1950, ! u th , m"",V , hpinvpri (fo f Willi. u. I4t-n Street, March 1 N BRYANT CHARLES W merly of 178 6th Avenue. Died March 1. Notice of funeral later. raurviNO flArtutjlJ beloved wife of William Hennes-;!; " u" ,l'c'u '' 01 me late Wilfrid Wiley tOr- env mnlh.r f Ul T.... .(r I route U t;'!1:-13: f?nr and director of llrt Clff.JI, ... L' X Gloved mother of Isabella Schmidt.: i. i- ?lny O'Dell and Thomas ,nb BKutl'r Strwt Pwin.-t;. Funeral from the Fairchild Charl.' t!lra; . (Jlod lueSf,ay mother ot ohn Ur-' .ri ?'.,Mary. ""'P 951 A!,anUc Avenue. Friday. 9:30 .'" at h home on Harvard lanin ui miiii.,iim. oerviee sit. Chinri nf R. m-.. .ii in w l urancii. wi sey; mother of Helen Larson ter of Teresa .viuni-i , i auuiiioiner oi jonn furtini Unn Pnnora! Bal,,rH am . m urvUi,cu mine! 01 rieill.,p W.. Febru-' , ... . r.awara. Catherine: also survived .inhn h v t..i n t,... -h hoUt b ...., . m ...a a -i. . u- T. inoiii r-unerai nome, tin in AVe-:u i... . . , i ramaj."-. -i " luiuuuuw ai J!j:2?- s.udnlUat h wsidfnce.!nu Requlern Mass Our Lady of Li?rAnne McCarthy. ad Webster Avenue, at 10:30 a.m.jthe O. R. Davis Funeral Home. t nKxxi ntciwc, riurai ram, ij. l.,ipon..,.i ti.i i-v..v. uiremi noiii 111s resiaence o;ii - . Di.lirrin,,.. .. n i u 11 hi,.veri hih.H f a. Perpetual Help Church. I da v. fl-tn ,m . ai o wnnn.BTi a , J... 1 Hi'ltgious services will be held v. oi ini j vaviiii- 1 .ui,, uvu-mii it (.(ui! iii " wvaj KJuuain r , Wt'llIltMJilV. rio; devoted father of Oerard, KAEMERER On Fpbnirv 28 Mas5 St- Edmund's R. C. Chrn-h. March 1, 1950, of Q2 Clovehw.ri Edward Escher, Metal Spinner Funeral services for Edward Escher, 00, a retired spinner of gold and silver, will be held at S o'clock tonight at the Moadin-ger Funeral Parlors, 1120 Flatbush Ave. The Rev. Oliver W. Powers, pastor of St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, 2800 New-kirk Ave., will officiate. Burial will be in Cypress Hills Cemetery. Mr. Escher died on Tuesday after a month's illness. His home was at 949 E. 34th St. He was born in Manhattan and came to Brooklyn in 1897. An expert In metal spinning, he was long associated with Benziger I'. rot hers, manufacturers of church equipment and publish ers of religious books. He re tired 27 years ago. His wife, Mrs. Lillian Escher, died in 1047. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Ethel Moore and Ruth M. Escher; a son, Edward Escher Jr., and two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Semler and Mrs. Ida Ilend- rich. Another daughter, Lillian Escher, died m lO.'iS. Henry Rastetter Funeral Today A solemn requiem mass for Henry Rastetter, 73, retired manager of Harrigan's Storage Warehouse, Inc., 735 Broadway, was offered todav at St. Mary Gate of Heaven. R. C. Church. Ozone Park. The funeral was from the Leo F. Kearns Funeral Home, 103-27 Lefferts Boulevard. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery. Mr. Rastetter, who lived at 1153 Broadway, died on Monday in Bushwick Hospital. He was born in Brooklyn and had been with the warehouse concern for 48 years when he retired early in 1949. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Grace McDonald Rastetter; a daughter, Mrs. Florence Cough- lln; three sisters, Mrs. Mamie Jackson, Mrs. Martha Williams and Mrs. Eliazbeth Sands; three grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. Frank Zollner, 66r Formerly of Boro MARGARET UNWORRIED ABOUT INCOME TAXES ON HER 600 C NOTES Edinburg, Texas, March 2 (U.R) Margaret Truman said to day that she doesn't know how much money she is making as a concert singer. She added that she Isn't worrying about the approaching March 15 in-come tax deadline. Miss Truman, in Edinburs for a concert today, said Ken neth L. Allen Jr., vice president of the firm handling her tour, takes care of that." "I honestly don't know what the total will be," she laughed. Allen estimated that Miss Truman grossed around $00,000 a year, almost as much as her father makes as President of ANFUSO IS AWARDED '49 COMMUNITY SCROLL FOR SERVICE TO YOUTH U. S. Attorney J. Vincent Keogh, heading a committee of 100 prominent citizens, representing all faiths, announced today the selection of Victor L. Anfuso, founder of the Italian Board of Guardians and Ambassador plenipotentiary of the Republic of San Marino in this country, for the 1940 "Community Service Scroll" in recog. nition of his outstanding work in behalf of youth. Mr. Anfuso will be the guest of honor at a dinner sponsored by the committee and to be held May 21 at the Hotel St. George, stated Mr. Keogh, who accepted the chairmanship of the dinner. Marie and Reglna and the late 1950. NICHOLAS of 85-14 ' 106th i 10 8 m- Interment Holy Crosa Street., wife of the late James M Harold Jr. and Thomas; brother Street, Richmond Hill, beloved ;emptery. ;ind beloved mother of James M. of Margaret Muldoon, Thomas! father of the Rev Augustine J.j Patrick J. Byrnes. Director. Jr.. Dr. Archibald M.. Marearet M Burns and Elizabeth Smead. Re-, Kaemerer. Minnie. Josephine,! . T.r t and William M. Wood. Service at posine at the Chapels, 38 Lafa-ette-tlizabeth and Loretta Kaemerer J L ,f -MARY ELIZABEIH the Fairchild Chapel. 951 Atlantic A'.enue, Brooklyn. Solemn Re-; Mrs. Anna Morev; also survived by V! , MuaI,l0-v)t 011 Vebrmn 28.-Avenue. Fridav, 8 p.m. ouiern Mass St. Jeromes R. C.lnn .rnHw. i-h.-. hw p,,.ierl.V beloved wife of the li.lei Church. Iivenurs terment St Nostrand and from the Franklin and Willouahby Avenues;'',: '-n New Solemn Henuiem Mass m , ; to t u I day. March 4, 9,n - makky a.. 01 .Transfiguration R. C. Church ltd Street, on March 1, 1950. be- i,rm,. c, Th.t (-,,,., Frank Zollner, 66, of Sheffield, Mass., and St. Petersburg, Fla., former Brooklyn and Queens resident for many r w ..... v iu A. . ..,,. . . . - 1 laiuci as at p.m. Saturday. Burial will " " , 7 """u' ,'U1-A L"i the United States, i" in the Episcopal Church iClty' He ! , retiml sa psi Yard at St. James inanar and director ot the OP manv vuaec Mi- r.l ' ai uia 1.UIU WIIV, i)l mis active in musical circles as a teacher and orchestra leader. !ll W lll'Vl'vni l,v hie xi-ifn Af,.L. i-cphine Psota: two dauRhterser" for yneT ,Whe" l,P re-Mrs. Frances Ewen and Mrs I11? "I,1 -0, had e!nrel Per- devoted father f M!.s.!K,Je Moiin. and four sons, L. " T- . t-, .. . . 1,1 . .. - . . .i imi Mill p u.'K: in ov , a.m.; Boi- Henna Kuey, Mrs. Josenhine Kee-;1 icorge, Anthony. John and Jo-i . , '. . , . . . . emn ni,inm ,. . - o. , ,r o . ... . i. r ..... ... I on a 0UV112 tlin When hp (in. .Joseph's R. C. Church, In'fraicnt and Casnner Zemhiv.veki pimfrall Of a heart attack. the Ecl- ZEMBRZYCKI 1950. 'n W. 14th Street, New York City,. Frances; JOHN. March Newtirk rpral .Q',iii.fl,T a-m . Friday, 10:45 a.m. In-James A Madden Funeral Home "onovan runerai ii-.m 1. ia.ui. ueiovea husband of Ihe laie .In hn 'c romttorv tv nir 1 i itr;ii,.,v,i . iW. 57th St.. Manhattan I Mr. Zollner, who had been I with the Sheffield Farms con- j.iieci nusoand of the late Emma1 ua e ot Heaven Cenieterv. bcturday. 9:15 a.m.. from the Mc- A: devoted father of Grace V.1 KEARNS FRANCES M., Feb- p. ,.. Manus Funeral Home, 2001 Flat- Carter. Reposing at E. C. Waldcckruary 28, 1950, devoted sister of oa T. , . ' "uf'n Avenue; Requiem 9:4 Home ior Funerals. 7614 4th Ave- Anna C. Kearns. Reposing at'Tri.V , vr" """u " """am., St. rue, until Thursday. 10 p.m. Serv- Frank J. Hans & Sons Home for;'?1 n ,?raJ'Cf k- Mawnlc services church, i-es and Interment will be in Funerals. 192-07 Jamaica Avenue.!: ' . y' arch 3- at 8 P-m- Funeral Cemetery. Mr. Zollner was a Spanish-American War veteran and a BADER Fourth anniversary re-'m(lnih7' of Wakefield Lodge Jn fgiemoriam "GOING PLACES?" PHONE MA. 4-6200 FOR IDEAS 2 THUGS STEAL $250, JEWELS, TV SET, CAMERA -GIVE VICTIM BACK $2 Paterson, March 2 Two armed bandits, who apparently don't like to see a man walking around stony broke, held up Louis Halperin at his home here last night. After taking $250 In cash, S200 worth of jewelry, $800 in U. S. savings bonds, a $450 television set and a $35 camera, then tossed their victim two 1 dollar bills. TRADEMARK NOTICE MAJESTIC STEEL CABINET CORPORATION ot 1568 Atlantic AvL Brooklyn. N. T.. filed Feb. 9. lftvi Willi Secretary of 8tats of New Yrrtt. it trademark "Baked PORCE-LEE.V Tinldhts with the emblem of a crown, to b uftd upon all of Ifa orodurta (S-lSt Omit SunsAHnl. WMWllKJIIJIIIIaill 1 rTfn-fcuiaBfcirf.TlVaTrt 7 " Walter It. Cooke Nw Yrk't Lorg;t fvnval Dirtttori 9 ln. I Baltimore. Hollis, until Saturday, 9:30 a.m.L. n T-l . . VJ services Saturday, March 4, 2 p.m.. Thomas Aquinas R. C. nr-mbrance. FREDRICA IRENE mem oi. jonn s BADER. widow of John L. Bader Sisrer, MADALENE A. O'NEILL. r r-v i.. i rr CARTER SUSANNA W. (neeiSlem.n Rul.em Mass Church of SmiZXn?L " ' ftrhltei nn pphniam la in-,A u 'tne incarnation, Bellaire. ir.'cr- ,.,: -'"""' , " " inuei, on February 28. 19a0, be- ,, ,., terment Episcopal Churchvard.. . Ked wife of iarlus; loving sister "ul "''v- St. Jame New York n'mlH Second Anniversary c: Sidney White. ReDosinir at: rtrno ,. a... u. ' Solemn High Mass will be offered 1110, F. & A. M., of Richmond Hill. Surviving are his wife, Mr.v nni.-lr Cnrsh 7nll. . . 1 1 . KOPFFm memory of HELEN fr" V ;?L p kopff niaa vt ,.,.w i0A7 iteIS- -lls- ' 'iiuine Leenhouts of - ' - A'AUl V.II 4f lOII, 100-30 St., Howard Beach, and Mrs. Gertrude SutDhen. of Howard Beach; two also 1 , our hoint Bht Is fondly remembf red. Swt mmorl,i cling to her rmmr 1 hrihH Will, InuAri ,1,. .......... Ui-iseriale Pimpral n. lit tit!. r. -'- "s."run., "s' R A IS r HART tr.Q u; .,,,),. t.. for the Rev. JOHN I .1 RVIITH : si. mfm,.M h,. , u.r Vancis Lewis Boulevard, ns.. v u.,'"a "... ' , ..: ' i ;,r.. February 28. 1950. at. Barsiow. Call- lormer Pastor of St. Gregory's H-i-band. PREnERTrtc t. Rm ,d""u',u?"",,! "aroara Joan ' w t.. h IPIl U P I .1 RMlP'i l t. ,f P. m . '. ' I'll. i - - , ..... ... 1 x I cile, L. I. Services Thursday, 8 mf,,iw of Fi-anei lames -vein Iorm- devoted son of CharKs Rais'"J!fh- at tl. Gregorys Church. p.m. Eastern Star services 8:l5:Ehert Marv VV C;T and Georgiana Albers. Religious Brooklyn Avenue and St. John's pm., conducted by Alma Chapter,! Renna, Patricia Wallace. Kathleen ?l?J'' " m- ,F,ank fV MarCh 4' at 10 S?- Ffn u,n S1- McCormack; also survived by nine "a So" Home for Funerals. o lock. Peters EpiS:opal Church FTidayLrandchildren Fun,ral Jamaica Avenue. Hcllis. Le- l' am- interment Green-Wood n -an m- stolen f pL l'on service. 8:30 p.m. interment Cemetery. .nnism rinr LoHit in.i. ehuwh " J" a.m . ' hi r. r-.m7. ' Cemetery, Pineiawn, Long Island. National I CLARK PATRICK .1 bh. Interment Holv Cross Cemeterv tfn!-v'on r"'":.28- f "l "-21 j .p1Vr.rD ,oCrm,Tvr REAGAN MARY W.. on Mrch airet'.. st. Albans, beloved1 , yJ,A t 195- beloved wife cf the hie husband of the late Mary (nee;JJarcht1',191E9'tjelSyed. I?0,1'1" "f'4ohn J.; mother of the Rev Jo-Sullivan); father of Mildred Dono-Pau' Pwld- Mr; Sidney S ; h w "an Sister Maria h.e. Vera Laffan and William J. gj0" P Joseph. CS4 - Mrs. W Ciark. Reposingat Joyce Bros. Fu-l'l.J'L0' o. eRd I'and John H. Reaaan: sister of Mrs Dt-ivicc au me tii. n,. . . , c Vitol notire? occepted 8 o m. to 2 p.m tor publication Ihe some day; os late oi 10 p m. So'urday night for publication. HICHARD G. and FRB1DERICK. Janei uaie leennnuts. and I. Jr.; Daughters, HELEN M.llwo --IstO''. Mrs. Ella Specht SCHIXJSBERO and MARJORIE and Mrs. Olga Smith. B. BLACK. i Araneoments for the funeral services to be held at the Si- monson Funeral Home. 8i()l ; Lefferts Boulevard, Richmond Hill, have not been completed. i . M DONOUGH JOSEPH C. M.i v;es offered. vv di not nfd a I da. Cfl bring 3 nn lo nur niiM. m do not think nf I A" itrr hard to llnd MOTHER and Brother, ED neral Home. Linden Boulevard Sff,"', ""uiFairehlM Phnn.l osi Aiior.ii. a i, r",u "iriiuuii. runerai oauir- S!T. 2? tptece. Requiem Xl"n"li MXt " her residence, rr aav. n a.m.. Ht. f:nthrin f. - iukiuhi.v mmu Sienna R. C. Church. Interment 'PJfj nuiem Mass Holy Cross Cemetery. .Church. Street, Hollis. Re st. Pascal Baylon g V Bcardman Undertaking Est., Inc. j Orer 50 yir Mrviai the familie sl Brooklyn with courtciy and eyery comideralion. Uia of larg Chapl free. 44 Clinto St., ir. Fierrtpoat MAin 4-2419 it ' i "" i HARRY J. PYLE MORTUARY, INC I 4 Inn BUckmintter 2-0174 1925 Church Avanvs JOHN W. LAM BUI inc. Lot Modal CADILLAC CARS To Hira for All Occotloni TTH ST. al IRO AVg. Ftasna RHore to4 S-SKHI.1 Prompt and Coarteoai Srvlra i 1 I t Our service is designed to meet the needs of each individual case. 3 Geo. w.Peese&soN jfij 433 Nostrand lot Funeral Directon I inwin- f"Mir.iirinftiimiiiaM-w. m.J f Vincent D. Cronln, Mr. Funeral Directors Featurloa; SERVICE i ECONOMY Chapels: IIS ATLANTIC AVENUE M LAFAYETTE AVENUE MAib 4-1398 1399 36.15 130 CIIAPEI.S AVAILABLS S alter B. Cooke, Inc., continues to serve more families than any oilier funeral establishment in New York City. Surely, this i convincing proof of the dependable qualities of this service;, of iH simple dignity and good tante as well as the economy offered by its wide price range. DIGNIFIED FUNERALS FROM $1 50 'I FUNERAL INFORMATION 20 Sard.r Are. ULsler 6-4800 Thuriitw, March ln& MUNTER, Paul :ls A.M. al Chapal Frlitny. March 3rd MrNcrncj, John 10:00 A.M. al Cbaptl Saturdav. Marh 4th PAVETTA. Arthur J. :0O A.M. al Chapel OLSON, Elln 8:15 A.M. al Rraideoea SO Stvialb Ava. MAia 2-858S Thursday. March 2nd HACEN. (iract N. Sll A.M. al Chap! 8I.EDS. mn t in A.M. a CtaapH Fridav. March rd SCI'llT. Brld.ft A, :.10 A M. at Ctaapal LARSON, Knod A. I ;00 P M. al Chape I Saturday. March 4th MIRRAV. Saraa Ann 9:15 A M. al Chaptl NE1f. John C. :3l A.M. al Chapel ISO-10 Hilliid. A... JAmaica 6-6670 Thurtdat. Mutch 2nd PHILLIPS, tilellt S. 0:fH) A M. al Chaprl KELI.FK. Emma 1 :00 T M. at Chaprl DI ANE, Jaraea 1:00 P.M. al Cbapel Fridav. March 3rd RROW-y. John 1. :SO A.M. al Rldenrt VERRALL. Frank 1 :00 PH. al Chapel Saturdav. March 4th MrDOWAI.D. Alice P:3ft A Chapel OrCKES. I'harlei T. t:U0 P.M. al Chapel 63-32 Art. HEanaa 3-0900 Sa'urdcy, March 4th MAYBERCER. Carl., 1:00 P.M. al Chapel Ave. JTerlina J-7700 6 1M ALL tr 20 SNYOtR AVE. AT FLAT BUSH AVE. ULSTER 4-404 SO SEVENTH AVE. MAIN 2-1S8S 'UNISAl HOMIt IN KOOKITN M ANH ATTAN IIONX QUIIN4 fteiaiiiii hilfTAa'ii

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