The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on March 15, 1946 · Page 10
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 10

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1946
Page 10
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At Loew s Stole QoMwyn-Ufcyw British pratueUon d Knrda with imir of hi t Robert Oonat and Deborah Kerr nirh began a one-eeK run yes- t us. : a . :, , :, ;jv a ciemence - are the likable pair whose married terday at Loew's State Theater, ll Dane ni Anthony Pelissier. '.ite get.? in overhauling in "Vara- is a pleasant, pnaginnl -played Dnnnt and Miss Kerr are a stodgv iion From Marriage," a Metro- film, produced and dire-trd ny Alex- vonng British couple at the opening SCREEN fun li lined on Page U By Herbert Cohn BROOKLYN EAGLE, PRI MAR Hayworth, Ford in 'Gilda' at Music Hall; British M-G-M Comedy Begins at State 'Oilda." the new Radio City Music Hall melodrama which vosterday brought Rita Hayworth out of musicals and Glenn Ford out of the Marines, is a familiar yarn spiced with some erudite philosophy, decked-out In trappings becoming to the Munr Hall and screened with the .are rttemd lot upper-strata 'Glld' Into it Columbia Producer Vir- u la Van I'pp poured more devo- I ion than her script is worth Her 1 esult M a pretentious motion pic- , ure made somewhat palatable b . n assortment of sharply chiseled 1 s The things they do. how ever, are melodramatically commonplace, and the talk that OM with hem keeps "Gilda " running well hevond the time it warrant. None of its characters is pleasant, merely interesting Oilda is a one-time Ne York showgirl who comes to Buenos Aires marries a wealthy gambling-casino operator, and sets about retrieving Johnny Farrell. her former lover and now her new husband's aide Karrell., earnestly played bv Glenn Ford, is brazen gambler in his own right, but basically hes decent He has ft. sense of justice and Gilda s play lor him at the expense of his employer inflames that sense Ballin Mundson 'George Mar-read . the gambler, is a fascist type, a glutton for power who secretly heads a tungsten cartel which he acquired in a deal with the Nazis He is keen, alert and menacing without being a tvpical melodrama villain There v distinc- inn in the minor characters Steven Gerav plays a philosophical wash-room attendant with notable n it'll. .ii:h .Joseph C.i: ' i. n:,iM'.- calm and dutiful detective from his prototype in "Algiers" several years1 ago. But beyond the characters, there ta little to make "Gilda" as dis-imguished a movie as ii pretends j to be. If It were written In a I straightforward manner, its plotl STACK PLAT! ANNA LUCASTA A Pin, t$ PHILIP VORDA KATHARINE CORNELL MARY MAKllN ! A NTIGONE U T E S O N G I from the vlav bv JEAN ANOUILH ,., "," , ,'V'mib ioIi CEDRIC HARUWKRtl- coW.,ra K L A H 0 M A ! HI sr nfw Ml I Al - ' V. v. Boo; ' .' hv OSCAR A RE YOU WITH mMT A BILLION DOI.LAK tiM IM, -Him: L, II N T FONTANNE - I BILLION MLLAR BABYQ M 1 SJ R ES S c MN E io'm 'u'I'iiii ''11' m uuuMum xm urn i "17 I a mmr I iTJir, - mm WmmwmiMtmmwtmmVlmmimmwmmmm,- H SI mmM Wm 1 u t u r u k u v ngngBi H M Ibroadway xhi r;fv.i;;.'M mm bbhshbhibh , m mmmm m t l c a laaiaaiMa 1 mee ism .lj VMWMVwv m m mm i :. M Ki f ,:::r:;;r:.wol,ml I 1H i n. 2..10 mwmfjjMsjyysUmWmT t ; ftft? , r ,.0tS o-iil mm. m mm, mmw XW SesoHofHHl II TT i IT S M'G-M'S TECHNICOLOR ROMANCE! MET. GARLAND HARVEY GIRLS' III TIM tT I IITl I " . would be routine Instead H makes a mystery out of the earlier relationship of the showgirl and young Farrdl. merely implwng. to the bit-, ter end. that they had been more than friends That, again, is pre-: tense. Miss Hayworth luscious in a collection of expensive and revealing, gowns. Is less appealing as an actvl less ?;., ;,as n r par: woodenly. at other times with1 frenzy Rarely does she strike aj happy medium She's still quite deftj in handling torrid songs; "Gilda's" Put the Blame on Mame" makesj that dear It also Indicates that: Miss Ha v worth as well as her fans would probably be happier with mi)-; stage presentation, is a potpourri of against Bruno Maine's settings. OPENS MON.EVG., MARCH 18 PARKWAY Theatre; 'THEY WERE EXPENDABLE' ROBT. MONTGOMERY JOHN WAYNE I' m LIFE WITH BLONDIE' sincltton n 'th Year! " 1 V Life with father (.111 l s . IO MATS. TOM W & WED. m, m.sical smash l"'rl",l' LAWRENCE """""" MASSEY RLOOMER GIRL PYGMALION fl .."tml m n7l rinlHY ' "' s CEDRII IIVKIHMihl 35! S H 0 T B 0 AT""' s" t.wdi. "-Berne,. ,t,': Trihime ' Mimic by UROME KERN MAX CORDON present Rnk Lynt. ny OSCAR bimhiimi s B 0 R N T ESTER DAY CARSON KANIN CAROUSEL eowim-l'es'tVr H";r. M'm SONG OF NORWAY -, :;;rw. , P Bellamy hussey it., 3 kA 1 1 ur IHt UNIUN HEAR RUTH r"1"" "!!'T--"4WJd:! :" 1 "TTirSWlST"" 2 SHOWS SAT. & SUN. MfNRV MILLER S lF : si f ..r - B - A DELIGHT A BIO Ml SICAL HIT" Ky. 1:111 M.l. rOM W4 1111 11- !.4 -.V.47'ER WIHCHBLL ihiNVmLreUue. The "day before spring Deep are the RooTspMinwiaimiMugi JiVJftrTJaSRil V!,!,',!I,.V 1 kanxinq iohnron archer E I 40.ii Mni. Mm n Dnfi bv 4NT0NY Tl DOR B E T T Y F 1 E L D , WZ:L tSVL'Z? in ELMER RICE'S New Comedj i MA,L ORDERS FILLED PROMPTLY Dream girl i-w,linv4 ."k" ef?V.?wW f SmS fJS LAURETTE ' ' ' EDDIE" V, sT7o in rouv" TAYLOR nd DOWLINGin GE RT R U dT'nTeSEN' ThE LASS MENAGERIE POLLOW THE GIRLS MAGNIFICENT"-Hnrn-j THE MAGNIFICENT YANKEE UuVcALHVRNDoroVhGISH MAUKItE EVANS Victor Herbert. Hamlet T"JSa.! .ED SHE ) ROSALIND RUSSELL LEE BOWMAN in COLUMBIA'S mm ' PARIS UNDERGROUND' Constance BENN?TT- Gracie FIELDS iBiaffllEAVE HER TO HEAVEN'lgi 1 B0R0 PARK Errol FLYNN ,VSAN ANTONIO'-Alexis Smith Ntw utecht av. ph, 'DICK TRACY' Morgan Conway PALACE DOROTHY LAMOUR in ' MASQUERADE IN MEXICO' e. new yOkk Avt. jgj Ujtt BRACKEN ; Veronica LAKE in HOLD THAT fjggKV WARWICK 'WHAT NEXT, CORPORAL HARGROVE?' Robt. Waller rutTON jkome piu, 'ONE WAY TO LOVE'-Willard Parker vTia MLHt fjSmiills WARMERS BROADWAY AI 47TH K bW 9331 1 A' ANTOn'iQ 7 j '81.1?' I jf ' ; RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL I iBHpifflPrt "iwrt ".TmTan ' 25 'jlf' Calleia A Col ID CAiiJTiJJ A AJ V mL OH ST6E: "CUIIT.III CLL--Dolin9 .pKiocl. produced by l.omdoff, ' WFFK I BCfWffT ffUUUmfilf TUfef Jl. IflWr W A V Kinl" Hlgh,,v GEORGE BAFT CIAIRE TREVOR j ipsc by Bruno Main, ... w,,h ,h. Corp. d. Ballet, Rockettaf. WLtll. HIS OMINn WIOICHBIA WLl MWUaWAI, M.nd a.. iunni ,nd ALLOTMENT WIVEV IjyA DOOM OriN TODAI AND 8ATUKDAT 10:00 A.M.V , iOWItmm fET Al.OJIn Hwy t'' Jj"" 'j'0 OJCOOOVA RAACWN , 1 ' I X 0AM$.QMNT ro iu h! ton ""TOO YOUNG Vo KNOW - & ifiiiinruinir rnrrruk i I inumnim Jrttvn i U I TTomi iKlirr nr rUIIBUII I 'C MICCAIIDI inhDCCC B E FRANK FAY" HARVEY ,r.,,'V7,,: SUNDAY NIGHT, MAR. 17 L'ju!W.u.Li Martha SCOTT John BEAL zsHows tom;sun 1 H A TS'"0 FT T 0rUrC E LAST 3 TIMES! 75c. $1.25 and $1.65 VaI ' If.'. '.:?.".. ,s' '" M-.Tor'!. RHRRV PI AMii vr;; ; ' ?v; K, ,;; The would-be gentleman ; M,n CHRISTIANS u",r HUMULRA , , , , ,,. II rememBerTama Ray BOLGER -j Wm, ,2zyrr,ir Three ( to jake ready lastT times! ,l" " ",M w "M " ' "' ;nr,.:'''-rr'v."ri;2 shows sat. & sun. j a nTa r yut"h a "w Up iT'central'park y BELLAMV PARf RIO ill urn i: r t iiiiRnniv i ''THM('n" """"'rVi NJNjmIMIIMrNNNIIJ iwutsor 7 " o..k..k. I tvonni oo m I "tf5p un I Di CARLO- CAMERON I Tm " X; , m "BEHIND GREEN UGHTS'J B ZJ f .Tlffli)LN0Wl II mVguVre - BRENT BARRYMORE I CHURCHILL'S SPEECH HIGHLIGHTS OF CHURCHILL 5 WI&SUUKI WHMwajjj "LIFE WITH BABY" -MARCH OF TIME 424 ST. & PARK AVE. . 50th ST. at RADIO CITY 72nd ST. t B'WAY ONLY EMBASSY THEATRES f soth it! radio city-broad st..newark "FOLLOW THAT H FEATURE FILfTIS SHOllllfKSTDDflVl '" I EH JH St 1 N """Va"" Rh d I Rl HEfflSi NmEmhS L tCVl NflTllM n ff 111 BOROtT.H HAII AND DOWNTOWN ; pRMIMSTANWYCK tfflj JiZMfM c i 1 "j2ll3 otANDOLPH j rkigrton beapb I ilaujj fflpswp tziT r,':::"::;. m mSoimwSk fWifOn ! " h.atbish Jf,,0IIT0FTHE0EPTHS,,a f WOMAN WH0UCAME BACK 1 ,.(.' ffOBSON HAL IWALLIS SAM WOOD I warmmjHoiiywooo Wltir ASTORl ingwdm'San GREGORY PECK 1 STJ ' - AlfKM IIITMIKMK'N lHlSPiLLeOUND I WHENCE OLWtfc JOJTOIffAINE g.,v ;n:mnnKi:iuvMTir. I TnMnWROITi. Forever I JESH. WINTER GARDEN r lilt I ITS IN I RKD HOOK, 11 nun. i noon n is ui.i lit YulindA and Ihr Thirt I a DltUM) BlocUdr IM Thr Lul Ch.nn nurirRs I

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