The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Rlyllwvllla Waily N.-'.ws. BlylhevWe llernU. _ M!sstsslppl_V«Mcy_ Leader. Hlyllicvilli' Courier, In Wake of Capital.Storm TUB DOMINANT NKW8PAFER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI lil.VTHKVIU.K. AjM\ANSAS, THURSDAY, .MAKCll Id, 1!I;I2 HOME EDITION SJNCJLK cow us FIVK CENTS LJNDY MAKING SECRET TRI - - - • - • - • - - - . _ _.. _ . . . tf. Scour Island For Missing Man Withdraw Reward for Law Observance Effort Boone County Banker Costs Speeder a Fine MAHH1SON. Maidl 10. <UI'I- . ICVANSTON, The HtVH'.r rotuiiy :lepj-lu:i'.' coin- : .>i!d .•-pei'di-rs inin?i- hud «lili<li:n,ii ; i {7fjfl r. 1 - li-iuy I'ricni vnrd tocla\'. ofiercd lor the nrre 1 ;! ! VM-IV bMiiu;h( OI A. '!'. Itiv.ispDili. former liMcl ol ,Oi:ii|.e.. a chain ol closed banks In li'.i^m -I'j •SvS-Committec Would : Ill'mois Republican, '''I'" (Ciinimtlee niiituuiu'i-d v:ard nas withdtawn In th. Tile s«va;<e h-;iici iliiii swli-lrd i:j: liii: Atlantic .-i-aboard, iinin'riliii'i • .shipping and leaving v. irtcsprcad property dumiuc in it.-, wake, toos its loll al liie n;utim':i capital, ton. This pii-iure how some of thc famous trees near Hit CapHo! building were uprooted and hiirleii OSPFOLA to the .snow-blanketed A<ound while the i-tcrm rased, it was W.isli-1 cial—While '; , ,, [ i . KC ts-CIllon Ql JOlllCV, c nr>v«v;<vl Virtim Nol i"" 1 ^' 1 ' 111 muM ™»^' s,lir.posefj Victim, W | charms of abscondln Seen Since Saturday. • 01 llli It KII'K in icii y<-:n-». Ark., Mar. 10-Spo- [»sse conllniied Search Limdm-d !>v Storm •'•• ':*»& .,— ~^. S j"* ' ,4^rr ^4:^ incljiy ihi-ir L<UI n n hfjiiv, Suit | Kninen: "1 didn't t\.ii I lie :,[:cr,-(l limit Vu.s." Said I'riy.irt: "t km--,', ului .'•' bill 1 UMS lr,\ iiiv, I ; lo KnmHi to It'll liiin In- \v,is ""'"•• • K^rNl'lUti-ali I'o-.'u---. • That's was telleved Hiulspeth was lii'.i m-w une. bm I'm Mil 1 : I" tim 1 o] yn.i ju.'.t (hi- t.aine." II f R C(1D. WAHIIINOTON. Mur. II) ,UI-i. III I I! riln' A lKmfe fifHoKs ^ih-vommltu-i- Ilk-l-U lUll.udii.v vntril in HII;- it lii'|ii-e.-.!'niu JNo fMinile Contact lias Ynl BOCH Made- WilK Baby's Kidnapers. IP. rt-- hop. ' R «ltli fund, nii('h-N('l'\V(K)d Unit's S I il I C Treasurer May Nol An- linpnle Hoinl Maturities Cirnjuitu, K.'puhllcan. llllnn 1 ,::.' i'niiil di'i-liire his Uniim-ntls cmi- • li'stnnt, filauli'y Klin/, lixiilly el-j ei-ti'd. v^nrir^/n?' ivi':"""-"«»»^™ »»™*- ««* «,M!«| to hive been a' sM^'paHy ^!!-™'"":^ ""V"" ""W 1IOPEWKI.L. N. J.. Marcli in. ' ll " l3rn " K: '-" i rly Invor- ; near St. Joo, Ark. ,if%,-:*m ;^s^mifc$fe; The gale-blown snow that swept along the Atlantic .'.[-aboard addc; anoiher handicap lo the search for Hit kidnaped Lindbergh babi Property dainnge was extensive in the vicinity of Hopewell. N. J.. ant this |j:ciiiu- ;iio«s telephone Hues leadhr; to tl'.e Unrtberi;li estati boiiiS insjiected fcr possible damage. A Mornenl Later the Steeple Fel | fi-arch of Dean's Island for the , body- of his supposed vicllm. Jolm . Iffiu-y Janes, negro, wus lodyM In . the county jail hen: as u sus|Ht t • In the murder of Jake Kf nton. 23. i of Joiner, employe of 111?. Kansas i City Shook company sawmill on illie isl-.uid. who was last seen S»t- ; uidi'.y nlaht. ' Wlien Ki-nlon. whose, father. Tol- I lie Kenton, Is fommui of the plan's Uland sawmill, failed to put i in his usual appearance at the jmill. it was supposed that he Imd ! -iO-,K' to h!s honitt in Joiner. Al I Joiner, where he has u wife :ur.l child, i; wus supiio'.'eri that, he wus | at work on (lie island and it was no', until yesterday thnt his disappearance became known. Negroes Tell of SUbbm; Officers were immediately called in and organized u posse of 200 men. but careful search of the island failed to reveal any trner- of Kenton. Search was continuing this afternoon. .lones, the negio sustieol. was arrested at Memphis this morning by Constable Shell Harrison on the basis of information obtained rom seven neprc?s arrested on the siand yeslerdav anil rpiestioned at he-Osceola jail last night. J pvenil of the netjrc?fi claimed o have seen Jones slab Kenlou Salurdav nielli. The nesro stnick hrec lur^.i with a red handled :iiHe, they said, and Kenton fe" loin Ihe porch of a small slov? md disiiuptured in thc dark. He ins nol been <tcn since. Assuming (hat thc story told by he negioes la true officers sec !wo possible explanations of their fail- to find K?nton's body, riret thev say. he may have s'.umbtcd off into thc woods and died of his •rounds or of exposure at some spot not yet visited by the pos-s": --.-ond. his slayer, possibly willi the assistance of other nearoes, umv have returned later Saturday night and thrown the body into •'is river. Thev believe the lat lei- is what probably occurred. N'ffiro Says lit Was Drunk Jones, questioned by Constable Harrison en route from Memphis lo the Osccola jail, denied any knowledge of Kcuton's disappcor- •ince. lie'said he was drunk Saturday nif-'hl and had no recoil V> lio» ol anv trouble on the island. The nesro susycct is u laborer employed by a Memnhis house moviu:,' conccni which was cn- •wjcd In moviiiK back a mnnt?T of houses on Dean's iOand that wcrr in ilangc live:'. («CLEIII BILL HIT House Actin Drainage jChii^c Subsidiml Coop- Relief Measure Is -Assuf- cralives Ha\'e Forced Hoc , D ii •.••!.- iMiHi-:ili\i here today Unit- appioxliiiately STjOo nc.w held Uy i.i, \. i ; aj.irti. .-,'uti- ut-ii.-iiufj-, \\lll he luril'-d him Ihe Mlsslssl|i|il rjllhtv j.hiil lllllii .i.s mifc: lltl ui ;ill I pjllhlll IrmtiH.-ll by C'.i'ii. linl NiiuviHi.l ;.i-sii-r- :iii!dl[,(: that all money Lu | | tin- (oniil;, 1 liixhuiiy lurnhiii-l: limd • lie Ih-.l til .-ai-ii i|iiiirCi'j- no: 'I'lii- voinniltlei*':-, iccounr-'.-ida- llon inilsl \K upproved by Ihr full [t'li'cilims coinmlllcu nnd liien by Illie hoiiso lUclf lielurc taking cf- •feet. • IV was nnnonneed ilu- ilwli-lon Imd IH'I-II rvcu-licd mi Ihe linsl. 1 ; of a •u count wtilc.h uuvo Kunv u maior- • lly. Ornnaiu had cli:ill:ui!;cd th. 1 i viilldlty ol Hie reeount. PLi BULK . I'lCCS Down. WASHINGTON. Muicll 10.—The; WASHINGTON, March 10. tUl') Oleim-Smiih bill for the relief of.-'i'tie federal farm Ixiatd was stit- dialuaiie and irricatiou dlsli'lcls.' Jcpurt to a bitter atttieSi to;lny be- wll! probably com? to n vote in Ihc ; [ore the house agricultural coin- house of representative.'! March 2fl., mince U y according to Jullcn N. Frlant, sec- j 5 icck exc rotary of llie National Drainage as-, merelmnls who eliarscd thc Kociatioti, the oryanlfalion siionsor- ins; tlie measure. Tlic iwccssiry U5 sienatures to a petition to a vote on the bill have been obtained, and early action is assured. The bill, enactment of which tu "" l >' i'-''" !; '»-' 1 '-' «» i'n- basis pie-| m - rili?il by Act 11:1 ol iffiil. I Tin (.pinion of Allumty Cieneiall 1.. Nonvixxl was i;hen in rr- '-l-^nsc to nn ln(|iilry Itoin Hie slll " ; treasurer In wlik-h |::irilriil:ir '" ICI 'uwltnn \vus Bought at;ow. Mis. ' :is 'l|'Pl twmty'.s share ol n,,iney repi-cseiiMitlve.-i cf llv.-- ' ''fid l» Ihc tiniibiu-k fund. aiiKCv and commission i l1 -'- 1 ' Aiitlclr.ali'il .Malnrltips lii'irlofon: thi has with promoUni: a monopoly of t'ii-j ' »iililicld ivom each iiuaiierly dls- livi'stock lliiouiih aiibsl-; llll!l ' llu 'i sufficient uumey to' me:t 1 L ~" ' ' -'~ "•" " ; -- mil- would provide In the neighborhood of $IOO,qc<;,000 of fede7»l n.'anev lor thc refinancing of drainage an:t' nijjaiion district 1 -ooliuatlons, .lyn... 1 pa^itil by the'senate" al (lie ia.sV term of congress but failed lo i.--- ceive cous'deialion in tlit? houie. Backers of the measure nr: conti- dent, that if they can obiain iis adoption ky Ihe hoiue at this session It, will to quickly reuswcd Ijy Ihe .senate, anil sent lo the. prc.'l- denl for approval. Friends of Ihe bill say iliat its enactment would permil. reduction of tax rntei in heavily burdened drainage districts,' particularly in Aikansas. Missouri and Illinois. JCU i-oo]>ei"i\Mvcs. j Charles Wilson, piesldi'tit of the ] Chlcap.0 livestock excluintie, clung-; | cd the farm boaixl "is working i hnnil in'hand with the packers lo I Pa>n;tn', '.mm the lounty hi 1 .s the price of lions" by »- !!- • I1M ' :! a[ 75 I' 1 "' "'I 11 . of Ul -' deiiicss lite hoss at low prices m.ukets cstablUlicd coO|H--rnliv«. Lonii .ind interest miilmLiics leiim due clurlni; Hie ensuing [.I, he!d iiial llir art. which pi.ivklr.s hl'jhwuy bond ti-oiiv'iiH.'!' 11 " 1 '""'i.'st umtii •om'.i llie i'^umd belore ;, ' j in id 5(J per i nien from Denver. Omaha, Ohirafto.l KUIL..IS City ml:': St. L;:ilis in till' attack on farm board cperatlons. "We find ourselves wlln tbe farm iiic.s at tliiurlclfl *.'i<e °r ll "' ^ c»i iho.-*: 1 forini'il ilkl «nl cjnlmi-. «ith- olulr llxil Illlld. 1 ; .''llulllll tH' llt-Ul ls\ 'AitMiluv: 01 lir.UVilily tiaU-S. Only si,!fl>:le,it fluid.: should lie v.ilidirld :i\ i-iieh miartrrly disirl- liit- opinion said, lo mrct ucltlug a "monopoly and driving us! "'•''"' 5: ' I*' 1 ' l ' f ' Kl " f " II; brm;l out of btislnes'i." Wilson said. i :1 "", "di'rcst piiviunils, He -said the farm board hud established concentration marV.i't.i for l:ogs and had induced the packers to take their orders out ot this slock, which ha.s resulted in driving down llie price of .r.oj:s. There you have ihe paradoxical j J' .situation of the federal farm board, is .supposed to inciTnse llie | in dale the districts wen 1 lonned, due at the lime. Tiic acl pinvlilr-s that- the distribution of limits received- from Iho one-cent gasoline tax shrill be made to comities January 1, ill I, .Inly i and Oclob?r I. •ad dun lets in tbe lower end ol MbsL'-sippi county absorb th? Asniranls for Dcmoci'atfc Nominution Will . Address Meeting April 13. '.VASniNOTON, Mfti-cli 10. IUP1 —A sreat Jeflcrson nay rally is tr be held here April i:i by tlu Ocun- j cratlc party lo demonstrate If unity of purpOKO." Tnls ainiounci'mi.'nt was umde bj the nalloiml committee. Eight of ten presidential pcs;i- ulltllej will be :ln -attsudanci.' nnj will speak. These ' are Clovcnia- RoonDvcU-oI Neviyjork. former gov- evnor Alfred, E,; ^lAlliij^Ni'w,' Yori OQWrnw. PJWjIe, M»f ! j l bii-j..'.for. mer sennlor .'nine.-; A. Rtctl, Mis sourl. Senator James llniulkcr Lewis, Illli:oL'. Newton D. l!nk?r Oliio. foriupr Kovernor Dyr:t. Vlr; Rlnla. anil Speaker John N. O^r."- ner. Texas. Qovertwr Murray of Okluliomr and Melvln D. Trayloi 1 . Chlrrigc were Invllnl bin Imtl pr:vlons ->n- price of agricultural and llvsslock |j; l:li '"' 1>;>: products, actually depressing tluv " ninjctr pan ol tills county's lurn- Allcnipy Oenenil Nor- price o[ lions." the Cliii-nyo livestock inna said. WiUon told tl'f committee the live-stock.interests did nol object to cooperativc.s which do not receive federal aid. raying "we meet th;m Slow Rise in Temperature; 011 " basis of cloa11 !in(1 frcc com p • i p. i petition. What we object lo Ls the iromiSCd: Uama|?e to . eoojicrntlves winch arc operaliiiK en nip n V . : Pcach Crop Questioned. | Iveci subsidy from govei uoieut. LITILE KOCK, Mar. 10 (UI'l- Free^iug weatlicr still was general over most of Arkansas, but Icm- |:c«uin-cs were expected in lise to- of caving into the (day I rom the lows of \csierday 1 vvlu-n 8 degrees was recorded at First New Ford V-8 Rolls Of! Assembly Line | wood's opinion Is I'xperletl to re- I sull In the county ei'nrrul rond fur.d sharing, in least lo a small exlpni; In the lunfe Not Aiitluiri^t'd In Hold iVInney "It is my opinion tluit you should only withhold from the allotment siilficieni amount lo pay such bonds and imcicst as Iravu I matured on tlie dny of the alloi- ! mew". Mr. Norwood said. "As Ian illmtralton, \\e will take Mississippi county, abou: which yon inruilvcd partkularly. If. when jnu iiuiric the ulliitini'iit on ,Jan- iniiry 1. no i>-'U'J- or i-.iu-i'est were |du L . on that iviu-n S degrees was rec Dean's island, scene of the mvs- | Fa.U'ltevillc and 15 :U Little Rock, teiy aiid suoposed murder, is in the Mississippi river opposite Join- J. \V. Sargent. Pulaski cJiinty er. Presbyterians 10 Hold Annual Supper Friday ' Members ol llie First Presbyter- Ian chttvch z\\A Sunday school will have their animal Fellowship Blip- per Friday. March nth at 0:30. Since the build-uf of the new church 8 years nco. lh?y have new Ihis supper. !?. L. Kirshner chairman of Ihr social work of Ihe church will have charge of the sorial fealurcs. The guests are to be f.-ated In agent, said be believed reports .' done. Ihe peach crop DETROIT. Mien.. March 10. tUPj ] i'.itKd The committee said the rally falling on fce UlttUdAy of Thorn* Jefferson, founder and patron sain of thfi party, was designed (o clem oaslrale Hcmuerary's mill ef pur pose and the quality of Ic.i-.'ershh otfers In Us es>ay to assuin? responsibility fcr UK- national «iv- ernmetit —Tlie fust Ford V-8 rollc:! of! ll-.e | !„„,;",.". os.sembly linr- a: thc riivcr Hr ' u i.iol;ably killed MirpliK blooms ;.hich sould only lnu-e spoiled tlis lure iir Ihe iirhl of truiLSportation. Ford. U was reported. |>orson«lly stamped the r.U'.ubor one ou the .Stiiic I'top rx|XTls. however, .-ay the peai'li crop In nortli west Ar- kaiusas has sutfeicd fiom 86 in 00 ;jer cenl d.unagc. scries. With 70.000 men employed the 159- year-old manufacturer Is prepared .to produce'belwtin -(.000 and 5,030 Icars daily. Ford anticipates reavy | production at:d 100.000 men :a worn j by June 1. At HoSDltal Today Hc I' lans manuincum--of 1.500.-j v ' \ IHW cars in 1P32. Burdette Youth Dies . the lull amount I of ibe altoiiiii-ni ^^!0lll(] have been \ v .nhiu lu dnys lo the ot the rnimty. lo bo placed lo "if r:edil of llie nener.d road fmiil. "You would i'.i.t \v auttiorl/.ed to hold (hi- alU)imr:ii made on Jnn- li.iiy 1 In .'.nil. .|..u:on Hint bonds or interest cu':!d' thej'e.ifu-r mature dtifliig the i-iin-ciit. year. There is no llldre iiiillsirity for v;ith- hcliHii^ ihe wivy clue the county in amieipatluii ib.u theio '.uk lie maturities diiiim: tbe year 103i ilMi, ttu-r. 1 i:. '.n hillihold H in aiflii'ipatUin of all future malnr- •ties." LOST ONFLOATI ICE Ice Breaker Seeks Missino Fishermen in Bli/zard.' fialph Woodall. oijnt-year-eld son ] ot Mrs. Carey Woo-all of Hurdelie The guests are to w f-••»<••"•" lor Mrs. Carey Wooiall of Burclcite.I PL -te . f\ , , 4 groups at Spring. Summer. An- i dled nl thc Blylh(>vjl | f hospital ali 1>n *>'»I and UEpUly 10 , Brough Scores Futral) i in Opening Senate Race! It: spire like a huge, flaming match, the century-old Da pi 1st church Hanvadcn. Mass.. was, being co'.is-.mrd by Hrc when mis Uinin and Wmier taWe= accrad"v. p 0 o'ci^.). this morning. Deat.i v.n lo thc month in which their b,rth-1 aKfibut^ to int^ii,,,,! compllca- !' bys occllr ' T ' Jl Malwn " »,p«r a cou,«- ] lions and followed an cperstlon. , FAYFTTTEVILI-E. March 10 (UP) VlckSDlirg for OllSpedS —Charles H. Brough. former Ar- j kansas governor, announced Ids candidacy for the I!. S. senate here \ Sherlfl W. encc WILwn. Shaver and Clar- deptity. motored night photograph was taken. A few seconds after thc camera eltektd.j eatlonal mfr«liiV*in 1« held fr iatVheSsndi " Ridge comct-ry u-lth! to Vicksburg. Mis,., today to re- orts . blatng steeple plunged Into the smoking ruins ot whet had been ! the pun.-ose of henrlnf the reoorts |th{ , j^^ su>nneld ofl ) the rhui-rh's audUotinm. Little Rock Policeman Boiler Explosion in Held for Killing Negro Tennessee Kills Three > of the treasurer and different or- i ganbatlons. There will also be --- " — Uicclkm of additional officers. 1 or neral ananKcmenls are in P U . | turn several negroes, alleged to have charge I 130 *" implicated in 3 store robbery i 2 elders and -I deacons. of the ccbb Undertaking company. , tJMario - Th( ' '•'•'The deceased Is survived by, bc-l' 0 ^ of VIcksDnrs police. I r-ldes his mother, s;veral brothers t The group 01 iv HEl-SlNOFOns. Finland. Mor 10 tUPi—An ice breaker was \in- cedlng at full sp'cd today to a.ssist 700 fishermen adi-ifi on storm- swenl llo.ilini; ice In the cnslorn part of the Ou.'t of Finland. The fishermen were Cishlir Ihrouidi 11^7 ice aioni; llie coast when Ihc storm broke up the ice on which they hnd oamoed nnd wind carried llicm to sea. They had 100 horses, which also were car- r:'il Into tlie stormy suit. Tlie large Hoe on which the men unit horses were marooned foon broke Into smaller pieces.- Tt was believed the men had only a smnl 1 store ol provisions. Tlie main r-nm of the patiy was found on shore. men on the ice llor- iver; • clven otilv a small chance to sur- i vive. A bli?.zard made ll impossible for aviators lo Join in Ihc search, but the ice breaker Tarn" continued the search. Chc.nces were -ened by the snow kidnaping cuse, came today ihn story Col'incl Chnrles A. Llntlh3r«ti lilmseir lias made three mysterious nulo trip'; slntr Monday In an i'f- , foi'l to conlrliiiilr lo relraso of his baby. '. . -; As roixirted by l*::esc .wurces. ihr ' (iepeiKlenl of ontli oth^r. I.lntl; leigh'a Journeys Included lwc,nl;:IU vliv-; uud lie protected liiiiisx'U*.. ^Rulii>'l. leooijnlilon by w^arui/. u \'ew Jfirsej- .siute Irouper's_ Ijatiicr - iarkel, a lr6.iii.Vs iinlfnrui cap, and Tlien- is a rcmole eliiince of mis- • liikcn Idi'nliiy (nit Infoimanls .in111 ihoy fxvtfi positive the puny iu qu-xnlon was I-tiHllwrsh. Minsc-H. ;, llaby Still Mls-iim But, baby Charles A. Ulmlliergh Mill inlsMiiK. Tltnt facl. 1111- noimced delinltcly today, slo.D-.l out as Ihe dominant news tact in a we!- . : . tor ot nimor and mSsiiitormalion. "Iliir, Ihn baby been" tlie prey liaison clllcei at Hi? l.ln<l- bni'uli IIO[K!Well estate was 'asked •' through the Trenton . slate police i quesllon conferdici; toilny, nnd i:Is >'. laconic reply, traj;lc In Us lni|icrt. was: "No." . - : - In the press conference It was .' i'Uled Ccloncl Llnclben:li was'on '. hn vci'tic of n nervous collapse. His : vile, Anni: Morrow Llndto'ch. liow- :. pvev. is watched cmcfnlly I:ocnii5a the slniin ot mr.ta llinn a \voek nt -, Uns for llie iciurn M hw toby . Is cniL'lly teiiisnx her. lioart -.ami - Ustly. Asked for a statement n.s to ' nkfllier liiei-c Is. "uny Indlc.itbn Iwl the baby.Li alive rr when It .fill he veuuutd," the spakcsman ciillcd In the-crisp language of • ho irooppr: "Question previously an.wercil." .Nr> Dcllultr Conlarl Tlie prcvloiL'i' answer, lioivcvcr,' vlelili'il no tangible =IRH thnt-any- litisltlvi' is known as to live, chlld'.s whc-reaboiiis or condition, for Ihe police at. thai time admitted that ihelr er.nfidonus In Iho f hurt's welfare «as b.isrd solidly nn llie fuel lluy Inul no word Imll- itlnc linnn to tile baby.' Tile United Press can r.Mterate on positive, unlni]>;achab!e autlior- Ity the Lindberghs did not, receive on Sunday two eommiailcatians fiom klrinnpers. Rcixnts lhal they did have been given wide but erroneous circulation, .stirring In the public thc idea of a real and between the sorrowing household and • U:e kidnapers. Ths Miulbcrylu are having ths asEisimice of a man known n.s Morris Hosier, who has'hi Ihc past uecn associated with persons hhjh In the justice dcparrmsiK. Il Is hinted thai he supplied Colonel ureckeniidco with the names of Spitale au-.t Uitx, as i ajid sisters. last night hi a speccn before lhcl jlo | m ' young Democrats of this section. ' ' Brough, who resigned this welkin ... >• f\ >.. as special lecturer at Ihe Unlvcr- ISmim No Candidate sily of Arkansas, attacked Dr. John! C. Fulrall, president of the uni- ' verslly, He said FuiraH hart teen Bgainsl, with the underworld. Associates of Spitate. however, indicated to the United PICKS that Nj ft - York city authorities supplied the name.-:. Hefner Is represented ns itlvinfr BreckcnrldRe v.iluitble assistance hi' contacting possible leads. A IXKltlve |iled3« has b«n given that if th; baby Is reiunied the world will bo promptly acquainted of ihe news through Trenton police lira(lininrier.N. Oypsifs rromisc Aid WASiriNCJToa. March 10. tlipi —Gypiies of the United stutes. fi.- 000 in number..will join a rani- tvy-wlilc search for the kitlnap-.v! Unrlbersh baby. A conference of chiefs headed fcv Lecn Mitchell, king of the four great tribe.?, was held yesterday and it was announced all gypsies would in.lintain a shnrp Icckcm whT- cvcr they go. "TTLF. ROCK. Train Wreck Victim Dies at Fort Smith Start Work On New j night of January 11 i merchandise valuer. Ritz Cooling System. mBtcl >' woo. .» • , • - vim j ».M» I *"• «" vi '-l iHHHIt Sltt'l UVUi nKttLUil' jot breaking into t!:e Hill and \\ 1- h|m for t ,, e ,, lree r ^ , fc son general store ,v. Mane on the „„„ vlvM C oifesiK>ndence w-hlcli I niPnt f\f .iniiniri- n ii*rl r^n^nvmtr i . . _ .. . [charged Futrall was hestlle to his Mayor Curley of Boston WASHINGTON. Mir. in (UP)- Mttyor M. Cm-lev of Boston reiterated here todav thai Alfred E. Smith cannot be considered, an ncl'iv.' candidate i'l IV' Anrtl 27 Massachusetts nrc.-idenihl pri- Masons Meet Tonight The Chlcktmwba rxxlsc No I3t P. and A. M. will hold their slate I communication at 7:30 p. m. Visit- Ing brothers are' welcome. on Sl.oco bc,,d. for th c killing of Clifford Hughes, negro, here last night. He was charged with manslaush- '.cr alttr n,e necro died Horn sunsliot wo by Sanders. The iitgco before he died pclirc Rnr.ders wss "nery drun ?n ihe boiler 5 o"a lr s4wn!iin lc flvc! FORT SMITH, MavcM io. «ui»-'. preiimtaaty W rk has been Stan-!Representative Steagsil Hl!" u ', ma " Farmer Fined miles west of here exploded today. Don D. Roscom. 48, Slater. Mo., died jed on n new cooling system to be; ' slft n - *--•••'» ^ L The explosion, probably due to the freezing of the boiler last ,from killed Joe Ivy, 50, owner of • of a. in a hospital here late lost night | installed In the Rlu theatre. Ac-. WASHINGTON. Mav. ,, ,, , .,, , -"^ .....*. ^ui_ »ij, ou, uwncr ui vi u iitriKiit allegedly Inflicied | h e mill, Fred Rogers. M. and I Pebruarv 21. j-uspHui Jim.- <m«- •••-«• ---3— *.i-.v—in.n >ti *.nt *M\rf. IUVULLW. r\t i WASHINGTON jinv Injuries suffered In the wr.'ck , coding to advance reports. l!;e new Rcpve.scntallvc ^"wili freight train near Van Btiren I system will be the most efficient Alabama, was to 10 (UP) Deaxacrat,1 Bill Kirk, Huftraan tntmcr, en- ; Elbcrt Downey, 30. mill hands, to'.d Tl'.ree other employes were also i", severely Injured. lie was riding In a box car with several other men. '-wo ol whom wrr killed. ever to be HE«1 here. Cool air will be constant!., circulated through. Ihc ibcnuc. it Va MAterl. floor of the hc.u.-i' "Uack or lunibajo his ofTlcc where In improved. 10 l.-ave the | tercd a plea of guilty to a charije Ir.d.iy by an jot assault and battery In miinlol- He retired to [pal court this afternoon. Judgj Ivy was reported i \v. Crawford meted out a flr.o ot I ten dollars today. Curloy said Smith's alls-1 maximum WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, continued co'd i man*, and predicted n \ir*nvv n>i ti rt T>E^i,* r- u j t , ^ r,nv Knni-iin n Bvi-«v»li ' '<>''i?hi. Friday Increaslns cloud!$10 On Assault Charee ^ = ™£ *»^™*- ^ rislns lempwil1 "*- •flV un ftSSauil Lnarge | Roosc vclt champicn. nsk-d Rmllln According to the official weather to nitlirtrav In a icll-- uublished lobwrver. Charles Phillips. Jr.. the 1W * ""*-' '- Icmpcrature here'yes- is 30 dejrcM and tulnlinum 19 dcfrees.. cloudy. Tn- day a y-nr AJO. thn mavin""n in j lfr«j>craturc wn« S3 degrees and the minimum 31 d£p»«, clear. iver. referrlnt to hit previous: levday was 30 dejrcM and Hi; statemenl that he vns no: a candidate, took lh? 1928 Dcmocrallc candldalo out of the picture Masssr.huwtts.

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