The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1932
Page 6
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BLYTITKVIU. COURIER NKWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS Irishfnah Dcfieats; .-"' Kentucky, '.Irish-ma'fi 1 ; Burke and Elliott-Win. '•'MBtc- Ueronet, • Memnhls Irish. rHin, won his- eeccnd strnl^ht r'atch at 'the armory here last night when he dlspoe?0 of Irish J'irnmle Morris ot Piiiucnh, Ky. iferooey won the last two falls in teveh and four mtnutt* respective-. .Jy after losing the first Ifi'37 mill- t to*. .•'."-" .•-.-. A few ' fans, p.robably severs" r-.ore'! than ettepded 1 ' ifst w«k.'s ^how t "wafched .Ust-nlshfa bouts Thev th'lvtred throaph tho enttr.- A biz stove in one corner of the build In?., which sceme* 1 to give off UlUe he«t. »»s th" most popular <>pot in tho house Spue nearby was at consldor- •»ble more of u premium Uiar rin;sid« EMifi. . . In.« Kml-viadup thai was lit- tV< more th«n i poor rxhtMttor Ji«nry '^Jyctone" Bmk^ iron civ*<- .Bald E»"le 61 Memphis in ttraigh' From Bo»h Wrwtle* The "first fall" ' went to' thr wfere* last nightl The feature ma.Uh at the armory had been tniberway 20 mln lite*. Jimmle Morris had i r**-'- lock on Mike Meroney la the Ut 's comer. Mike grabbed th-ropes with both hand* and Jim ml*'* couldn't P"U him loo*. , J. B. Miller of Memphis, thl- •nin in th* rrftg. U*pp«d In aik* -rabbin* oof. .of Mike's banrf- ,'iilled It 1 tonse. Ml*» rhm--»- (. • -•••;>"!! with the oUwr, Jbv•>Hy thr HO pound ttftnt grab' AMERI6AW RE6016RW- ON CfcP S6ARS Laufer KET SCHEDULE Tournament To Be yy' at Marion Thim elay, Friday, Saturday. WKDNT.SDAY, MARCH 0, icn. 25, carried him through the 1 desert for two days. The pilo; died I at a dressing station, Stanlon wai I away for six month? in a hospital. In 1932 the same Stanton, 2fl, climbed over the roofs of several RV wiu f \i icvvvvv houses near Marble Arch and jump- Srcr, arv Am^i™ HrUr i,,. J* 011 WU " " IC ttn ' Tno dclicc ol « «» rc£lt from olle roof to ""• onn «Hv*r^r« ,r ,11 « ^ 'I' 0 "" was leU lo a "< m "f s kll 'e «'«» other, with a W-foot drop between. *ta° Lg «ar o -^ w min eni°'At 1° '"" ^ l KlaH15:l - WMl "'""- <» stcnl " n sl " llillgs W0fl " of **" rlmn v H,, . Wi'"anent. At «d to cover and Mr. Hall look thc dry. Ho VMS bound over to be of ™,w,of he° M™"„ n' r ' n' B lhc dC " CC of cllllM vvl " 011 N01 ' 1 B"* W) » vlor ' fc " 1 no™ 1 " 1 llte b(1 - H.H,,T S* 23 1 srtfBAss srr tS.ii^^d°r^ Marion Thurs- S& ST^ ^ ^^ A .^ ,,, tln , e ^^'i 1^'^^ ESS' r ¥=? ^"jsr. VEL^ ^hik^t^ pair champlonsliln as well as of ths frwi,/,.. ««..„.. ~i Paliines foi 1 the Arkansas Ath- Wlc Association district four tm-ls basketball tournament, to be held it Marlon, starting Thursday night, been aiiiiounced by Crawford Greene, distrlcl president. Hi'rli S"hwarlz-of Jonesboro and in I lie auclion events. pair championship as well as of th: f;ood player nsvcr gives up. so thc cd to four months, team whitn won the teain-of-fou: kiug ot clubs was led <md won ir championship. |j lc dummy with thc nfc _ Mr.. Hall's problem was to The popularity of contract was eel M. W. Mellon of Joiner will servo to'"-namcnl will oocn T^urs- nlKht and will continue ihroiiKti Snlnriltw. Troahles will b? uwarded for first und wond nil"/ 1 ami :i douWe elimination system of [)!av will be used. Tlie to'.irncy schedule follows: Thurvdiv Night Shawnee vs. Weiner, 6:45 o'clocX Joivc,\l»ro vs. Crawtord&vlllc 7 o'clock. Marion vs. Whltton. 8:15 o'clock. WllM>n vs. IJono, 8:30 o'clock. Eiivpt vs. Mannadultc, o'clock. Friday Morning Hulhert vs. Winer Game 4. Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 1. Loser Game 5 vs. Loser Game'4. Keiser vs. Winner Game 1. Wakott vs. Winer Gaine 5. Corning vs. Winner Game 3. Carawny vs. Leachlvlte. Eavle vs. I.uxora. Sntirday names • in advanced flights championship games. 9:45 again ilemonstntcd in the lact ilia; rid" of two trump fa he led the more immst shown la thc (n:et>» of clubs'from iuininy and contract cliamplonslilji events tlian trumiied his own good trick anc 1 then led tlie cjueen Df diamond? winning in the dummy with the king of diamonds. The jack o: clubs was returned from dumm. West refused lo trump ciscardlnr a diamond, North trumped viih th nine of spades, literally discardlnr his two trulnp. Tile seven of diamonds \vas svoi' in dummy with the ace of diamond- and now Wcsl holds iiolhins bu', tlio cjumi and elg'nt. of irump North holds the nee and jack of • trump, and dummy hvo diamonds. ! A diamond was led from dummy i and West was forc«l to trump with the eight of spades which North I overtrumped wlttfthc jack and then led the ace of spades, picking up West's quetn. This play is known as the grand coup, and as Mr. Hall had to get rid of two, instead of one trump, this play would be lenned a double grand coup. (Copyright. 1932. NBA Service, fnc-) 40-8. 5-3 AA-A-9-6-4-2 ¥9-8-6 • Q-7 *K-10 VA-10-5 410-6 •V9-8- -3 3 NORTH t- in ft $ S . -I Denier SOUTH VK-Q-J- 2 4J-8-4- 2 *7-6-5. 2 AK-10 V 7-4-3 4A-K-9-5 4>A-Q.j-4 -ten and ;^ tumbJed to the can. M'lltr ««a •an In a momtri: ••>«• ITO dtied »-rtstl€Ts r«- •"•ited en the door for a mln- tvfore arising. falls. Huron the first in ! 5 minute* and the second 'n ;s mi" vit«. Burke *hb easily outweishr. «d- his opponent 15 or 20 txmnd- d«nrt« the announced dfferenw of five'.tnunde in irtlght and a far Biono: eTnerlMieed matnian couk" hare dfepoteeVof the Memphis ho- an» tlnrw and the few fans p'rei- «t didn't take to : the one-skt» J natch. It wfj really poor match iraking. • . .: .John ElUott.- loftiil mtdrtVfirPlR'- 1 wre'tJer. . beat Tony -L»TO of Kemnhls.ln a. preliminary.' Elliot' : n rijnutes ,*ith a bod" iflsson<!and ran loelt. ..Both bovs , $V?.v3"'.'" J'.wsa'Vlot V W- learn " irtajite . ln\the -'flrst'-ten ' .. i,; Mrirfls' • tt«"flTit'55 '.minutes of -tVielf : " the '"'air' aw»v from ; 'Jlmml»' on • tin litfe** 'hwdioet 1 Jimmi? rot bii hemlock to wxiM »t lis' and" pQ«d /Mtrooer on • tho twice thec'clwriBM ,a ' toctli»ll Injury that sr«itly Impnlr- fii bla -health and forced him to UT« in a sanltorium for several ' vard. lie was born In Austria, wlilch mukea him Ineligible to compete. In the Olympic trials with the CriiiBon. With Harvard, the Olym- Undor terms or an agreement Pfc trials at Lake Quinslgamond uhlch bind? Ynle Harvard and nexl summer constitute an Import- j Princeton, only »22,500 can bo spent i B1 " -secondary objective, on salaries for Vale football coaches, Thus fur, Yula hns contracted Qotoj Hartnctt, believes he has thoi - — ' - - —""t shapely right, hand in the ma- j Juniors to Hold Meet This Week The Bidding South liac two biddable Jour-card suits, while he also lias a no trump distribution. A no trump Is not bid when a suit bid can be made. One diamond is the correct owning bid by South. West passed and Norlh bid one spade. This is a suit bid of one over partner's suit bid of one. as you will notice. Tills requires partner to bid again although it does not demand that, the bidding be kept open until game is arrived at. Always remember lliat the one over one iorce diners from all other forcing bids In that it only places an obligation on partner to bid once Read Courier News want ads RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30e Night—10 and 35c See 'Beast of the City V with Walter Houston and Jean Haiiow Also News and Comedy Thc Mississippi county boys and >nc«. iris junior high basketball tour- East passed and South now tried be held at the armory to plug up the holes for no trump and responded with two club.i. II hk partner has the heart suit stop- Dr. Mai Stevens, Adam Walsh and Charley Oomerford. Their combined wlirks add up to $21,500. By quick manipulation of these flgurtu, you can see that Ynle is offering her "little boy bl»«" tlCOO to become a professional co.ich. , Thou slialt not CA\! any member of ths boxing coinmlssion any dirty nam«." ts one of tho ten commandments for fight managers. Hut Johnny Buckley forgot, aittl now tho manager of Sehaaf and Shnrkey is suspended In Illinois. jor league cu.tchlnc ranks. But he hasn't caught any of BurleJjh Crimes' spltters yet. * • • Gtunta' lofUU If the right wing of Hugh Critz 'is us strong as he says It is—and i here JViday niqht und Saturday. Seven boys teams and five girls teams are entered in the tournaments. Drawing will be announced tomorrow. Prince George Favor* Sweaters ior Waistcoats Brrak TJ!;e kudlng csuidUlite for th! 1 No. 3 oar 'in the Harvard varsity boat, thts yc«r is Froni Colorcilo- itannsfeld, veteran of the 1630 crew, who was Incllgibk- in the 1031 season. But Franz may. handicap' Hnr- LONDON, )— Prince George, ._ . , ,,,i<, men's fashion, has London tall- onc<( more having the classiest in- d ° ' Odd in the major leagues? With BUI Terry on first base, even if lie did take a salary cut, Critz on second, Travis Jackson at short and Johnny Vergez on third, nothitii; in tho shape of a ground ball ought to bolhfr pltcticrs Fitisimmoii.-;. Walker. Huubell. Mooney, et fil. . About 90 pur cent of the food taken by Chinese is in Ihe form of youngest son is discarding his wai.slcoats and wearing pull-over sweaters instead, in town HA well as country. West End haberdashers are selling thousands of them in the prince's favorite .shade, dark crimson. The old-fashioned tailors, however, recalling thc advent of soft collars and soil evening shirts, are upset by fear of what may come nest. pcd, he will undoubtedly go to no trump. But Norlh is also weak in hearts so re-bids the spades. South then takes the conlract io four spades. The Play Against Mr. Hall, who was sitting in the North |»sition, East, opnied the king of hearts. West cried loud for the, hearts to be continued by playing the ten spot. East's r.e.xt play was the jack ot liejrls-.notlce that he did not play the queen. If East were to !cad the queen, he would now deny holding the jack. Remember, when holding the king-quecn-jack, you should op.'n with the king and if it holds ihe trlclc, lead tie jack next. West .overtook with the ace of hearts and returned the -five of hearts which East won with the fiueeii. East ted through strength, play- Crash Hero Sent To Prison for 4 Months LONDON. (UP)—During a Highl over Inq, In 1925, a Royal Air Fore? airplane crashed in flames from •),000 feet. Ihe pilot was badly burneJ find the observer, Ridley Oaks Stan- GEM THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Matinee—2:15 - Night—0:45 Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 2<V SEE 'Pardon Us' with > Your Favorite Comedians— Stan LiUii'ell and Oliver Hardy Also N'ew.s and Comedy Coming — Saturday — Tim McCoy in "Texas Cyclone' Thursday and Friday Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Night—10 and 35c See HAB.VIN GUDAT Th* Cuiw hadn't been' \oa« on „ __. _. __. . Cataflna- island -until'•'; MaiUgw The house 'wis'-'tiwrlnj-'eofijefT 'orbtby discovered'he could use •-* the speetatcff* raort and 'raorf I this young outfielder. Chicago found and the grunt and growl I him at Columbus, a'Carnal farm made It snappy when they I ;htre be hit J43 In UJ1; came b«ck .for th» second 'tall, hardir laid his hands.on r*fm« Uw Ktmnhlc ma'- hirt ninned him 'with a bear h>i f nrt . l-<xtv straddle. Morris was of the golf '. S. golf pros, a P. O. A. bulletl „,,.,.„,„ „„..„ Hatet. Thli only emnriaalies wha practlcaliv out "after'fJllrig'out'of I «'ve already known about ccrtaii the rin? and Msroney hod to do I v- »Ss « the girls lft more than qet on too. when Jimmle pot back in.' It looked like Jlmmie had picked Mike up and was 'readv to filam the Memphis wan when the latter grabbed the ropes and Jtomie went over and 0"» whU< MSk« cluri^ to tn» ropea. Uerooey went W .work ti> e»l the third fall tvsn (jutcker and St. ir« over in four more minute*. Mike caught ahnmle In position and »op!t«d the famous Little Rock split. It took onry a few zromenls "in the cradle" for Jto- -mis to give It the Job— , don't let it happen again, Son!" Chuck" Klein oi Ch« Phillies the ontitaadlnc 'ballpUyer In t' r Mut* MOMtodT wlD wwt to a r» tt*. B tb»r *>, tell 'em thv .dcputacot' to n«dy. Prom •!>• am at Chuck, and his kad fwea the Ubie of figure* <• fall mi effort* thorn In BajebcU Macaxlae ot April date, I'll debit: the aBrm»Uv« from now on. Tb» Boutar ' tluner woo (ou finU tad «M for aaother. He al- \m> teant ooe focrth and ope fifth. Ic hoo» nan, »l; runs baited in! in; tiwtaf, JM; and toUl bocn. MT. be Ookbed out la (rant. He .. -ttt* T*rty ta .total nou «t 121, HU ' am*s*. of .331 was fourth. Vmatile Lad /' There you have seten of the mos mportant thUigs ln,;whlch the grca ballpl&yer orerehadoi-s the roedlo ere. Klein Is Ofthn;bett«r in eac to that two-ba»» hltt, thrc* ban hlta. aacriflece, \»ttt on balls int! stolen bawe. if you want. Klein •ot hli share In those departments, loo. although he was not among the lead ins five In any of them. | Of the 12 department* given, which do you consider m?st 1m xirtant? Is slugging, which Is t- '.»! bases In proportion lo-tlmos nt bat, of greater value than bases en •alls? Obviously yes. about three times mere valuale. Klein slugged 'or .5S4: Mel Ott drew 80 by«s on balls. Persrafdly,Td prefer *"Hn' '-Ibution. • The center of the sti?c v, i Is ««rved for the' batting champion, which, unfortunately tor my argument. Kete has never been., In foor National Lea^ie y^i-.< )• - i ^« batted .3*0, .355, .386 and .337.! none ot them quit* <*ood fT-- < to wto, tat »U of them cUnprous- ly ekw. Wh*o Chuck flnslly wins i ttw honor, aod how can they keep! '"m from it, then will he. .be ac- • tA xrrtm" t>e C*bs. Wijne-r. i Ruthj and Hornsbys. I m • r . . . and bit 290 hits were surpassed Ir 'niajWn coly by Uo5d Waner, Tcr- rg, Oqrler and EDfUsh. ttian W pM f BMW Dempsey win fl»ht two «- rn»tch« IB ToMn. M^r-ii U, Uf» h»»e an U« Batim wh-. •w Ua> take UM tttte from WU- lartt tare ta»nt away from the of tho hr AOto It la a custom at Yal* to tender a coaching job to the foolbill captain In the grid season immediately lo)k>*-ing his graduation. Perhaps you may recall that the Yale «M4a l*ft wason waa Booth, B«nr conralascing from Say, how come, guy, You dropped that fly And spoiled the .no-hit game T'ni pitchin'? What put you off? Oh. yeah ... a cough? Yuli couldn't stop yev throat frosn twitchin'? • Them fags yuh smoke Would make you choke. Well, listen to what I'm remark.n'— You just arrange To make a change And smoke OLD GOLDS and stop that barkiif! • Us Old Boys learn OLD GOLDS don't burn Or scratch yer throat, or ever fag it, Rich, mild and pure You'll like 'em—sure, And—when the next fly come?, you'll bag it! PVRE TOBACCO . . . NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS ThrtV why O. f* <fc> not scratch tb« throat or taint the brcrth . . . ICtUophmn.HTappal. of course} e P. Lorihnl Ci, Iw.

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