The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1932
Page 5
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WKDNKSDAY, MARCH SI, 1032 BI,YTHEVHJ,E, (AKK.) COUUIEK NEWS PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor flnl Insertion and one ctnt a word lor tach subsequent InsertK* No advertisement tnkeu lor leai than 60c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 !. FOK SALE FpB SALE—Baby chicks, al! varieties Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, DlyllicvUlclBctt VOR RENT I-'OR KENT—Large fruul rosin, with or without kitchenette ai-.dl garage. Plwne 324-W, Mrs. L. M. Durnettc. I'OK RENT — Furnished house or PDartmciU, very re a so a able. Phone 395. 7C-K11 iii:nn TODAY r.i.i,i:x itiissmHt, Ui-uuctiui :o-yc:ir-iilil, titUt tit love uhli I, MillV liAHIIIIWCATI-:. jciuoi; nrlUl, nhinn N|I», net IK Drvtiiii- Iruiil Mlifiv nlic mirUM a* 14 ilanre hull |H,H[I<XS. Larry I* v&KiiyrrJ ra until I^llxntjclU rrluriiB fruiu c «vf ^rnlMnilr l;t- ) iiinrr) STP.VHS Mnd .lid »r:illhr Ifn «Brft» I,) 1IIIK I.AV. n limn of r,7 ivtn f\l:cnhfn for !n- fn}:irL>tl [rt n Klri' ••Iny lilM, HinK AIIVSTI-MII. Dil Tlir r.'.ri foti^ Efirrv lu> i:r^ilnu\. rnn Inktf If irnlhtT. >]|l£l.\ nci'Mi-nt. Unr- lo'i fur Ill-MIT nrc WANTED—Bring your poultry to IS. T. Worthy's, IKi Fiist Street. V.'e pay market inicivs. J E Fisher Uctf . .WANTED—To l»>y storage tank Jf for gasoline, 10,000 gallon or b"ttcr. W. T. lilies', New .Madrid, Mo. 5P-K11 UN nr« imd, fru tinM brrn tiiurrlr-il <nlr«. ivlfr dlrj mid 1l,r -rr- i i\hi»iit hi* nn> tllviircrj, l\ CUAV.SnV. iHili.rlniiN lt:jrri:i)r fi-.-irx l:ilk or Ikr imy t.i- rr^lvi-il i\ tivn hr. Cllru hi] Ilii'y |«]ILTI lo WANTED-Hsliablc inon between ages of 25 and 50 to supply oM established demand "lor Rswleign Products in N. MissUsipui county. Other good localities available. Surety contract required. Company !utnishes everything but the car. Good profits for hustlers. Write the \V .'i'. Ra\vlcigh Company. Memphis. Tennessee, Dept. M-33. 4cklO Write C. Delivery, 81'-KM ,1,1 M>m i;i-» r,i Ij i>ii*icni]. ti::irrh-il :iud i:il ijunrrrl 'Hiire]n SJte and krn •as a p.ilo bluo chiffon with > rimmed lint to bring out tho ufce-hluo ot Molly's eyes, I'llen ml Myra wcro to wear idoutknl rocko — simple, dignified, whlto rocks hearing tho ilellnito and inniistabablo etainp of Pulls and ho Kllltorlni; Hue do la Pnlx. They ato a unrrleil luncheon on .ho Avenue. They wnlcUcd the •rowd ontsldo the. windows, cussed their purchases and eworo they wouldn't change u thing. At threo o'cliicl;, csliiiustcd and hap- liy, H;ey wound up tho orgy by buying three pair of gorgeous pa- Bloirotl, Perhaps her imimlso was a foolish, one. Slio wua uono with Dreamland. Eoverul limes slio almost turned hack U'it slio kO|it on. Tlicro be- foro her wns Dreamland. Suruly no placo of which to dream I Sho stopped across tho street and Blared up at tho open windows. Sho cou'd sco a putcli ol i'lnk wall and ono ot tho ullt columns aup porting tho colllUE. As slio stood thcro loelliiB moro ror nnil powdovod lior 1'lnally flic Bpiikn with cuibai r.^sinenl, "Uid yon note. EOniO count to net 510 1 (nr cfin'l let you havo it riglit but — " "Of courso 1 dliln'l coinu Hint!" I'lluu prntcKled. "I that .19 n sort of parting uli'i in yon. 1 — ymi know I mni'i liu \vorkltifi hero any moj'o. I'm to bo marrloil friilay nnd wo sail for Europe Saturday." ami moro lonely Iho orcliculra bo- BUM to play. A E|i.iiit;lo-of tinny notes Hnated otii to the- hot street. blnn for Myra, and peachy satin w^^hc"..^'.^^^"^ WANTED—Housekeeper. A. I3nvp.ll, General niythcville. for ftllen. "My feel will never be the same Bain," Myra admltlcJ with u sigh, "but It was worth It." "H was tun. wasn't It?" Ellen .agreed, as she turned to give tho Interested saleswoman tho Itrook- lyu address. Sho was pleased by Uio saleswoman 1 !) courteous inter- csl cvon though filie, know U was duo to the limousine oulsldo -.vail- ing for llicin. "Sbo thought wo wero rich," giggled Jlyra as Ihcy lell the shop, "lint then you an,—-I keep forgetting." "Yon take the, car, Myra." Ellen said, feeling n vague let-down In spirit. "I'll [ako a cab lo tho hospital after I've finished Ibnl business with the lawyers." "\Vliy don't we drLvo there first?" asked Myra. "Too early, lleaides, I want to walk." "Yon must bo mado ot iron," Myra laughed. LOST AND FOUND STOLEN— $5.00 Reward for information leading to recovery of 3 months old Gorman police puppy, uroup.ish color, scar behind risut fore leg. 100 West WaliuU. Phone G77. C. W. Yanccy. '5C-TF Rattler's Keen Vision Blamed for Death ANN AHUOR, Mich., (UI'l — A] rattlesnake's keen vision often! causes its death, according lo E. J. Jenkins, of Ann Arbor. Jenkins, a former resident ol Florida, said a Florid! rattler can see a bullet speeding toward it. Instead uf dodging the bullet, he Eaid, the rattler strikes as it would at any other moving object. k' | "And that's Hie rzason you hear '• FO many reports of lumt?is shoot- In? rattlers' heads off." he ex-, plained. •'The hunters don't shoot the rattler they shoot at it the snak? does the rest." MIW (111 ON WITH TI1K S'l'OItY CUAI'TKR XXXI IN* o:iG moining r ; nd afternoo Myra and Kllea liouRlit every- thins they had ever dreamed o( ilei'triag. And I'.ow tliey loved It! Sic 1 en hail opened accounts in all the smart simps. The two «cited girls bad only to walk Into the softly lighted interiors and choose what they liked ot New York's mobt bcaittlf'il offerings. downs, slincs;. huts ami gloves— all tho accessories they had never been able to afford, they exclaimed over and bought. They did not entirely lose their heads. They were too sensible for that. But l.oth discovered that for years they had consoled tliem- Fdvcs v:ith ,-i fallacy. It was not true that a beautiful girl could I slopped into tlio car, Bank back Kllon know then Unit Eho novur liavo como. She had been foolish, foolish lo keep a tryst wllh nn cuiiny bulldliif. Sho haled Dreamland, hail hated tt irom tho (list. Surely eho was not 6"lng lo weep on Iho street. Oil, but she. was! She looked around bllmlly for EOIIIO placo to hiito hurscK. Already two or llireo pcoiilo wero utariczt; curiously. Sho couhl not stain here on ilia street «nu cry UKo c. 'uul. the 'I 1 !IE chauffeur spranfi to •*• curb to open tlio door. The hoxea were piled Inside. Myra hi' bhu'k eyes oiled iilvturo hat tieiif.Hli gruw big lucky and make a cheap frock look cxpcu Live. H waii Irno that an expensive frocU could maUc a beautiful Kirl more beautiful. I.iko all girls they revelled in this discovery. They bought suits first, suits of soft Imported tweed. Myra'B i7as deep brown with cud's of beaver. l-'llen'a Oxford gray •with a blue fox collar ttiat stood around her faco like an arrogant ruff. There wero silk frocks and woolen frocks in brilliant autumn colors. There wero quantities ot cobwebby lingerie, ' dclicato as mist, and tailored things in heavy crepe, shoes. }landmade. . R hoc3, tho first cither girl bad ever owned that exactly fllttil tin; narrow Kossite- lice's. . .After 'calls back and forth to liio hospital and much consultation lliey BelecLcd the eo\vn Molly was to ivcar o; tUt wedding. H of blissful relief and gave tlio hospital address. Tlio ear whirled away. Kllcn watctud until It was lost in traffic. Sho had a special reason for wanting to walk, but she did not intend that Slyrn should fcnow She had an absurd a:ii loot! .K Irafflc lights chanced, tttloi darli'd blindly for Uio OIMIO slio Rtdoiralk. Siio narrowly escaped death beneath iho wheel of a taxicah and the. drlvcr'a eu tbnslaslic curses lingered in he ears as she plunged Into iho build Tug liniiFliii; the dancc-lmll. Hero In the ilark hallway oho wonlil find sanctuary. She ran for the familiar roccss beneath tho stairs, llotoro fclio reached It tbo elevator descended, dlscharKiui; one passenger. "I'llen KosslterJ" cried .1 familiar, cliildisb voice. It wai Touy. "Why are you crying?" Tony asked quicl;!y. "What's wrong?" "I'm mil crying," l^lien denied, tears slror.riicd down her faco. "1 —I think I've got something in •„ sif eye." on mcp.n liolh eyes, don't .Wi'a'i yon hlgli-hal!" iilinoil. "Who's inn nan " "It's; a secret." "A im-ret—hub!" "Wi'll, aiiywiiy." Tony v:,^nt nn flflor n pause, "yon'ro liMvim; 'mo broUcti-ticarlcil buy (tloiiil ili:il. 1 liopu that'll mahu your lOiii'yini'cn sweulvr." "\Vlin ili> you menu?" Kllcn aal:eil. lecllug her bear! slnli. "niat"gi')iiiV' - ib(i!iliii; 1o ' " »i;'lit you'd tinnblcd fin bi5l ulKlit." Tony «\(-.l: "Hid lu) have fits vvliun ln^ fun ml you'd dltelicd us? I'll my ho diiii" l^oclen Harold With Broac' onl Fcdera Clmvgcd _ Willi- Licouso, An indictment dice with liiloistalc radio com- milnlciUlon nnd oucriitltii; it station William a licenso was ivtunied by the fcncriil Brand jury licic :<e;iiiibl liodcn. oiwnilor ol slulioii KUES, "tile voice of Jonesboro." \viis clratg* «l with linvlng built a 50-wntl Hulion, and ciieratel it wllhuul mi- llmrlly ol the leneml ri>Jlo CClll- nil^-Slon. II «•.!.•) tald Mere he mis IndlclcJ In Jon.-sboio several months ago on n slmtUr charge. > A dim (jo filed wllh UK' lay's report that KARK pi I4t(le lock w« not using the prcpor wave ength was denied by Stanley Andrews, who represented the nation, lie snld n regular cluck ol lh.3 station's frcaueney had been inade and h lime Ine stall on had been lounu on Its proper wavolenglh. r.'ick Kfat Wives Dangerous RlUOfcTlELD, Connecticut, (UPJ •- Swectiicorls In the front seat ai/n't nearly to daiigctous to mol- orisln as back-seal-ilrlvlng wives, Uic aningo decided alter a heated here. ,T desire, to walk ic*st Lrcamlanil a^ain, not to go upstairs hut just to stare U|i at the garish frill- dows. She had the Idea that If you?" tlie otlier demanded Ellen fumbled tor her handkerchief. Ellen, without rcptj'inE, fished pl.l.KN led Tony soon nftcr- ward. They casually Bald Kuoilln- what tlicy Ibaimhl winibl be forevt-r. Tliere li:id been no mention or a [ntiiro flieir frleinhblp bad been nnnlher if IV.oso t-ri'jily made, o;Hlly broli- on association:! Ibat Inko place In a l.iiv.e city. I'illen wan thinking ahnoHt In nlo that fho must never sen L:irry Ifarruwcato again—not, ut k'.'i:-t. [or years ami years. ^ tilcil lo ImiRli nl I but could not. Her panic £rcw. l''ilen stopped In a neiirhy lin- lol. Sim walked lirniiy In'.u liio alir.OHt deserted u riling room, cat down, diow out a pluco of nmo- papcr nnd wrnto a courteous, pleasant noto to i.arry. Sho was too wlac lo be curt. Slia lulil him sbo was lo bo married and ex- liooted lhat Ihey wuiilii not meet again. In a postscript Blie Included her congratulations on ills owu slio dfrt that something would beifor her iicickct mirror uml settled definitely and forever. For to clali with a handkerchief, lor BOSTON. <€?)JEddi2 Shore, hockey player, was handed a seal?:! envelope as he left the Boslgn Garden recently. Later Siiorc discovered the envelope contained S5, an •Liikntwn fan's contribution toward the $100 fine assessed 311 him for his dispute with Referee Cooper Smeatoii. - i days her mi ml had goiio back- wistfully to Dreamland until sho They really splurged injno longer Ba\i it as it was bill ordering six pairs each. I dreamed of It as a plnco of youth _.,_ _, ...- „_— .,.,.... an d romancc . sho wanted to dispel that vision. Sho walked bristly away from 1'ark avenue. It was still ear to go to Uio law oCico but R was too hot for briskness uud Ellen .I1TLK HOOK, Milldl D. UUtt HOARDING see/a GOLU ORE MOW -TKA-r , LADS , IS A COMMOAl SAMPLE. AT T?AMT3C)M "FROM MV TPIE^Db C3OLT) HE IM OH "(i-llS T>eXL n "BUT i-ic. (te^p lAkre A rew PALS IM i-tiM vor< LADS, IS IRLILV SE& -TH' BALL -Tip HIS GOLtJ- COLLAR OLJ-TA "THArT QF MORTAR J SOMTT OF <3QLT) "BI(3<aER SAMPLES GOLD UlA"fcH t CASES the imaginary object in her eye Tony hud chosen tho ri^lit means to stiffen tho Itossllor pride. "It'a out now," Kllcri said in a trcnibling vclcc. "Subject closed in otiicr \vords," Touy relieved, her. "That's o. k. I'm no Ilroadway col- ly j by uninisl." Sho waited r.-liilo Kllcn re- H<i sluiuUl believe (liaf &hc hart knoivn from tbo first, haiLthoughr. of him as tie had iho;i;;hl of her —as a casual, happy-go-lucky playmato whOBQ ways hail parted from her wnya. lint sbo was BO feverishly eanor for him to receive Ilia noli; Hint sbo stopped in a and Lent it to his fllndlo by messenger. waa genuinely \scary. Her tt€ps ' placed Iho handkerchief and mir-t (To B« OXMlnncd) BOOTS AmilER BUDDIES THE FACTS! Bv Marti) Closing Stock Prices Dr. P. L. Tiptou Pliysician Si Surgeon Ingram Bldg. Tclcplicnes: Office Residence - 271 Children's U:iir Cut - ^oc New Grand Leader R-u-uer Sln.p North Second Street Women's and children's hair cutting a specially. En] E. Parker R. S. Provost Guaranteed Pure Slonevil'.e No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Pev Ton This seed was srown on o;ir ov.-n plantation and ginned in o:;r private E'n wilil no possibility of mixture with inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Promisud Land Road, 3',-r miles southeast ol Ulythe- vilie. A. T. and T. Anaconda Copr.^r Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Citic-s Service Coca Cola Continental Baking General Electric General Motors Minnlewest Utilities Montgoir^-ry Ward New York Central Packard Radio Simmons Standard of N. J. Texas Co. U. S. Steel Flight of Geese Tells New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mar. 0 <UPI -Cotton dosed slrariy. Open High I.ov: 68B 702 Mar May Jul ™ Oct 1^9 Dec 758 an 1<X Spots closed hanged at 705. NEW AND USED PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO 1'AKTS 2020 W. Main - - - Phone C6 Cnunler or Table Service K O'UKIEN'S CAl-'K SKCONI) HAND FURNITURE See Us Mrs I R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main G- <•• CAUDILL Rents. Buys and Sells Homes and j-arnis Writes Insurance I'lione 1D7 Bank KiS> MO 7C! 721 *i« 7,58 765. steady C88 ess 71fi 736 753 75D I Stanford Co-Eds Told ri ., Hunters oi Early Spring 10 !-B ! 94 1-8 ' WILMINGTON. Del. 11 1-2'Spring is on the way, old timers : ance o! live simple rules is all Ilia'. 12 3-1 ! of I he eastern shore declared, be- • is necessary to get a Job and lioUl G 3-8 i cnl:: '-- the wild gee&e are flocking ! it, Stanford University co-cds 119 | northward. i learned recently. G ~And to prove ihcir contention | T 110 "lies, outlined by Crilbrrt: •2\ 3-S ' they point to the estule of K. R. Wrenn, secretary of vocational bcr- '• 21 1-J , ^f. Carpenter, a vice-presiilcm. of vice, were: { 2 3-S ihe E. I. mi Pont dc Humours Com- ; 1. Gel piaclicc in \K3clins men. 10 1-4 |i:p.ny, where daily several tlion-' 31 5-8: sand wild geese assemble for the 3 7-3 grain provided by tile owner. 8 7-B - An ancient gander, Togo, s.lid 9 3-S j 10 Ire at least iiG years of age, is 30 3-8 ! the master of the decoy flo:-k 12 7-8 which Carpenter has placed nn the 49 1-8 ! estate. And it is because of this dcroy Hock, old timers, du'clau. that so many of (he wilrt fowl have come to the eastern Ehe-rc. But despite that. i"iiey said. i'. assures an early .sprint; v:!:rn so [many geese congregate to prepare I for their northern flight. Emeralds were credited by fcasc . .of ancient times with HID power Job-Getting Rules : °f -sti-cnBlnc-nIng Ihf cyi-siEhl of • : those who wore the beautiful stcnes every lUI') — I PALO ALTO. Cal.iUI'J— Onsorv- 2. Aciimrc Rr VQO To SUWEC.T DO VOO WiVlt- AMY WHO COUV.O VT W\VV\t, Mayilower Wall Paper •1. Expect youiself. f). Make yonr:0lf your piospeclivc cm]>!oyci'. lie didn't Bivo names oi men lor them to meclj girls said. Alailman Quits After 31 Years TOUT worm Tex.. 'Ui>i -- Johii A. Alphiu. C.i-ycar-old mail carrier, 1ms retirid aflcr 31 years of continuous ^.ci vice. On his 'first tiip. Alphiu carri::i II letters and six ]ir\vsp:ipni'.s, over his route in a E. C. ROBINSON HIRER CO. KIU-:CKF,KS AN!) HIS I'HIKNJ>S -jbo JUST ueAve n BUT VJHO'LL IT TO (.SB.... ttL. ib UPSTAIRS Y( SfEBV VVSLL, SO -f- "5 VflTH WE... A& -iCep AW 6Y£ ]~ -e Boy,, AMD 4- ! LCwiVJHO'S HEOE.'.' L KI-OODLC IHIWKS MSUT SOW PALL AS'-<3Ep._.A!-'_ RIGHT, fr.CME CNE!i.... AW' THReeS A .... GOT MIHAODA VIE CARE 1! u? TQ BED VJlTll IfS, POOVL£... AiJ' IF T WAPPEW To CX>Z6 OFF "Ib SLggp, VOO DAD | V/AMTS TO CALL. ~54S PDUICS 7O TAKE Trig BOX OF Money. CWERUIGKT, FOR. Bor lUSISTS THAT I VJILL BE \MITH HIM .......... Spots closed steady at G97. up -I. OOlbftS ADVISE GOiNQ To BED wITn A COLD Bor Tl.'HHS "A tiAtH COMES t;;t: L^FOOM BEHlMPTHE^ • >-ET HIM WVIC MONEY QUICK. I co TO TEM, pew SHOOT. 1 DfiOP DOT TCEAiSORC \ 8ox UNO PISTOLS! f\HP CAN HfXRDUY BELIEVE IT. 1 IS ONUS TRY- it^ UCU CIAM5 iF P,,\)S H4f) 8fcM SET RlC-Mr A VISTOL SHOT! f VTOPPLES C^S i3.i!iHDRi'J.. MO IfflO 'iW2 710 7« 757 704 rt nn- New Mar NKW ORLEANS, Mar. Cotton closed steady. Open High, G91 OQ2 703 718 736 763 7GO

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