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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 9

Chester, Pennsylvania
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CHESTER FRIDAY, JULY 12, 1918 THEY DIED FOR THEIRJWTRY Perching Casualties Listed as 52, With 9 Killed in Action; 7 Dead of (By United Press.) ASHINGTON. July General i-ur's today reported 62 casualties. as follows: in- 9. i of wounds 7. ,1 of disease 7.

of aeroplane 2. of accident and other causes 4. severely 15. 1. (degree undetermined) 2.

5. list follows: Killed in Action I i 'j A Brown, Washington, D. C. M. Coppfnger, Oklahoma City, r.

Paisley. Glbsonville. N. C. Trotter, Camden, S.

C. rseant P. G. Miller, Lancaster, 1.. Conklln.

Newark. N. J. Schenectudv. N.

T. jl. K. Jones, Roanoke, Va. daniimaw, Potsdam, N.

Y. Died From r.intain G. R. SpaTding Kv. Lieutenant R.

E. Ball, Wollaston, M.ISS. Privates: j. Bresnlban, St. Bernard Seminary.

Rochester T. II. L. Erisman. Sterling, 111.

Fennessy, Rochester, N. T. H. Klein, New York. F.

Ryan, Portage, Wis. Died From Disease Macnish, Stevens Point, Wis. Jamaica Plain, Mass. fVv.LVants: I'. A.

Browne, Petersburg, W. H. Lux, Fort Shaw, fireman C. Hendricks. Havre, France.

Privates: J. H. Ensley, Alnsworth, Nab. R. U.

Nicolson, Scotts Mills, Died of Aeroplane Accident: D. Robbins, Raleigh, N. C. J. C.

Wilford, Ashville, N. C. Died from Accident and Other Captain H. Dauber, Benicla, Calif. Sergeant A.

P. Peterson, Belolt. Wis. Corporal G. M.

Cox, Denison, Tex. Cook H. E. Hollingsworth. La Harpe, Kan.

Wounded Severely! Lieutenants: i'. H. Cook, Cusseta, Ga. H. Osborae, New York.

II. Tillman, Jr, St Louis, Mo. W. Williams, Sinton, Tex. corporal T.

Brace, Detroit. Privates: L. Allen, Good Hope, 111. K. J.

Blanchard, South Manchester, Conn. J. L. Dyer, Novice, Tex. c.

D. Bkblom, Yonkers, N. Y. X. Oenaris.

Greece. W. Hall, Lafayette, Ind. G. Johnson, Dot.Va.

Lamphere, Dplgevllle, N. Y. B. L. Renand, Keewadin, Pa.

-M. A. Seltz, Detroit. Private J. L.

Eastland, Pittsfleld, Lieutenants: A. Ogle, Terre Haute, Ind. J. Rlley, Pleasant Hill, 111.

Wounded (Degree Undetermined) Privates: Christian, Filbert, W. Va. I. 1 Clohessy, Brooklyn, N. YJ T.

Crimes, O. .1. Ja-mes, Oil Trough, Ark. C. W.

Preston, Wynnewood, Pa. NEW CHARTERS Okla Prairie Oil Gas Corporation, Wilmington; $200,000. Pulverized Fuel and Engin- muiK Company, Wilmingtpn; $100,000. P. M.

Owens Beauty Manufac- tiiniiL- Company, Philadelphia; $75,000. Keystone Index Card Company, Wilmington; $50,000. Dry Cleaning Company, iiininjjton; $24,000. You Feel TIRED, WORRIED, BLUE, DEPRESSED, Your Doctor will prevail on you to travel, knowing that a change of surroundings will change your mind and enable vuu to forget your troubles. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED A GOOD LAUGH TO CURE SUCH TROUBLES? IF YOU I Goldberg's I Comics Entitled: SLACKERS, FIFTY-FIFTY, LIFE'S LITTLE JOKES, I NO BRAINS, NO BRAINS, I NEVER THOUGHT OF 'ill AT, MIKE IKE THEY LOOK ALIKE.

MEETING OF TIIK TUESDAY'S LADIES' YOU WILL LAUGH GOLDBERG MAKES MILLIONS LAUGH EVERY DAY a great expense these Features appear in the Chester Times DON'T FAIL TO SEE IT TODAY DON'T MISS A SINGLE LAUGH SHIPPING NEWS The Federal Inspectors of Steam Vessels wUl inquire into the collision between the steaemer Luke Charles and the barge Silverbook, which occurred on July 6 off the Port Richmond piers. The steamer had two plates dented and the barge her stern smashed. A derelict vessel, bottom-up. about 150 feet long and just awash, WEW pasted on July 7 in latitude 37.15, longitude 73.15. The Dutch steamer Hollanrlia, from New York, arrived at Amsterdam yesterday.

The vessel carried mainly food supplies for the Dutch. Germany guaranteed the safety of the Hollandia and another steamer, which left Holland for the United States about the same time that the Hollandia arrived. The steamship Mary Olsen, which caught flre while lying at Cienfuegos, Cuba, is a total loss. She had a thousand tons of coal on board, which may be saved. The crew will be sent home.

The vessel was owned by the Hornet Steamship Company, of San Francisco, and was valued at $150,000. The South America' Steamship Corporation has purchased the schooner Malcolm Baxter, built in Camden. in 1900. Several large-sized schooners, owned in Portland and other Maine ports, have been sold to the France-Canadian Line. The Emergency Fleet Corporation has closed contracts for twenty-three coal barges of 2500 tons capacity.

The barges will cost $190,000 each, not including the installation of the equipment. The British bmrk John Murray, for Melbourne, has been totally wrecked on Maiden Island, South Pacific. A new type of turbine- has been placed in the steamship Wulsty Castle. It is equipped with turbo-electric pro-' pellir.g machinery on 'the Lungstrom system, and has made several successful trips. In the Lungstrom turbine the flow of steam is radial, the two sets of blades revolving opposite directions.

Several of the crews of the war transports are asking for bonuses in making either foraign or coasting trips, claiming that the run is extra hazardous because of the submarine zones, in the army transports their claims have, been refused. G. A. Tomltnsbn hai been placed in charge of the Delaware and "Raritan. Canal taken over by the Railroad Ad-' ministration.

Mr. Tomlinson has been, in charge of the New York State Barge Canal. The new barges being placed in the New York Canals will be used; as interchangeable equipment on Delaware and Raritan Canal. Summit Camp There are about forty families now- Jiving on the grounds of Brandywine, Summit Camp, which is almost in readiness for the formal opening on July 31. A number of improvements and changes are belngr made.

T. Lawrence Husbands has purchased the Howard D. Ross cottage, and is rebuilding It. Dr. J.

D. C. Hanna Is rebuilding his old cottage, to be occupied by his Pr. Marvin Hanna. of Philadelphia.

John I'ortrr, Emlen U. Lloyd, and William Harris have bought cottages on the Circle. One great improvement will be In placing of the store halfway down the grounds, on the entrance side, where it will be more centrally locat- cd for all cottages. The old store on the Hilltop has been torn down and the space it occupied will be beautified by the Hilltop Association. An Abrahams family, from Philadelphia, has purchased the Robertson cottage on McCabp avenue.

The liijhtmc system has been extended, so that more lights will be placed at the entrance and in the rear of the grounds. A fine program is In preparation for the ramp meetings. Dr. Carlisle L. Hubbard, pastor of St.

Paul's church, and son of the preacher-ln-charge, will preach the first Sunday afternoon of camp. Bishop Hamilton will preach upon two occasions during the The Freis of Chester Times hai a rush department for emergency work. Try us. Press of Chester ANOTHER HOG ISLAND KEEL Work SUrts on Thirty-fifth Ship Yard The laying of the thirty-fifth keel at the Hojf Island Shipyard and tho reaching of tho high-water mark of workers at Jin- big plant were yesterday by Admiral Francis T. Bowles.

The new keel was for the carrier The number of men and women now on the labor roll Is but 1,500 short of the 30,000 which will be required to operate the completed yard at full capacity. Steel is now coming in such large quantities to tho Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation at Bristol that the company is threatened with an embargo by the railroad because of the number of unloaded cars. The yard has ample supply for all the progress it can make. The Hog Island plant, whose schedule for 80,005 tons a month at time, not yet getting a supply sufficient for full speed. When the are all working It will be able to utlUia 000 a month.

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progress was again reported on both after two more conferences yesterday between Mr. Cooniuy and the Southern wood ship builders, who are eager for more contracts and of the cost-plus kind. What Is thought to be the tlnal meeting, when all plants will be reconciled, will be held today. The New York Shipbuilding Corporation, at CamdeD. K.

Is understood to have received contracts for five more big transports. It recently announced by Chairman Hurley, of tbc Shipping Board, that 32 for transports had let. counted previous contracts as well as new Including for the New York yard. These boats will be of 20.600 tons displacement and capable of carrying 3,000 to 3,500 men by the old methods. However, the Government lias made changes in the conditions pertaining to transporting so that these ships will carry many more than the usual number.

The Naval Contiultlnf Board will, at the Invitation of chairman, W- L. Saunders, a. director of tke American International Corporation, tour the Hog Inland Shipyard today. Vice President de Taube, of the New fork Shipbuilding Corporation, will accompany the party from New York City and after they have seen the Hog Island plant they will go by water to the New York plant, at Camden. Tickets for entertainments printed at cost.

of Chester cprriA or LCI ML. Uncalled-For SUIT Mr. is good-news for you. This year, more than ever, we have been swamped with an enormous amount of Uncalled-for which were left on our hands because many men were called to the colors. The SUITS shipped to us are from the following U.

S. Woolen Mills I stores: Chattanooga, Tenn. Columbus, Ohio. fc Ourtoiton, W. Canton, Ohio.

Richmond, Va. HohiMtead, Pa. McKwport, Pa. Wilmington, Del. CharlotU.

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