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Wnrjj"",1inM i iMIhiiii i ii Mli ill I ,,., tL n, .H. j.,MH US.JMWH.lprw pm' w .r.ii!.s,(He,!S efiyr 4vmW M"lf"F', ! -.r. THE PII ILABELPIIIA TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 2G, 1901. INDUSTRIAL AND MISCELLANEOUS Continued. feroadway Surf, 1st 6s.114 Po. 2d. i IKH Brookly n City It. R. . .141 Bkn., K. & W. K. 5a.. 101 OnL Park, N. & K.R.laW Do. Ts lltW Columbus Mallway.... KOVj Do. pref lloMj Con. Traction of X. J. fill Con. Traction 5a IOWj! Eighth Avenue It. It. . 400 ild St..M.& St. N. A. 1st 113 Do. 2(i 99 Grand Rnnlds St Itv.. 28 Do. nref 8U4 Ter. City, Hob. & Tot. 10'i Da 4a 81V4 Nassau Electric 4s. ... 7W New Orleans Traction. Do. pref 103 VlntS Ivo p n 11W N. Jersey St.R. R 4. MJ4I N. Jersey St. R. R.. .. 23$ 2d Ave. R. R. consols. IIS Sixth Ave U. R 215 Bteln. R. R. Co. 1st fls 110 Syracuse Rop Trawdt. 20 Do. pref W !fh ft 2flth St 5s.U)06. 110 I'nlcn Rwy 1st 5s. ... Itfl United Tract, rrov.. . 109 United Tract, bonds. 118 Wor. (Mass.) Trac. pf. 105 ' July 24. Bid. I Ask nn I July SS. BUI. As. 105 245 1(W 220 100 10.1 (i.S 11014 410 115 101 21 Hi ictuji 28 ion I 205 K2V4! 25 119 217 : 121 25 08 112 117 111 114 108 114 11 104 105 241 245 nil io:t 208 220 104 100 50j 5214 ln'U-i H5 00 S loonoy, 400 410 115 115 09 101 28 31 10' 20U 2fl 28 102 10H UW 205 81 Vi 8214 2814 25 118 119 215 217 119 121 20 25 00 08 110 113 110 117 109 111 113 114 105 108 Gas Companies. Bar State Gas Buffalo (N. Y.) tock. . Buffalo (N. Y.) 1st... Central Union 5s, gtd. Col. Gas 5s Con. Gas of Newark. . Do. bonds Con. Gas of N. Jersey. Do. bonds Column). (las (J.C.) bds itenver uas . Do. 5b Essex & Hudson Gas. Indianapolis Gas. Do. bonds 6s Mutual Gas of N. Y. . New Amsterdam 5s... N. E. Gas & Coke. ... N. E. Gas & Coke 5s. N.T.& E.R.Gas Co.lst, Do. con Northern Unlcn 5s. .. . St. Joseph (Mo.) 5s. .. St. Paul Gnu stock Do. bonds Standard Gas, N. Y... Do. pref Do. 1st., Syracuse Gas stock... Western Gas Do. 1st 5s 72 Kit) .104 50 105 12 80 108 31 00 08 1305 108V. 0l 113 108 . 108 no 50 m 7V4 73 110 loo 58 105 S3 38 80 85 OS 315 108: 714! 57 115 12 110 05 53 I 8814 II W 150 1155 110 15 (IS 107 e 72 109 104 50 105 12 80 103 79 81 00 OS 305 108V, 73 110 loo 58 io: 821 ns 05 13U 8214 117 19 101 lOH'i 50 113 108 108 90 50 wo.: 1130 150 115 15 08 107 88 80 35 315 108H CM 714 115 112 110 (15 5.1 8S4 13! 155 117 19 101 10814 BOSTON STOCK MARKET BOSTON'. July 25-Ttie stock market Improved somewhat In activity, but It was narrowed largely to Steel and Union 1'aclllc. American Telephone again was In good demand. Copper stocks were ajmost ignored apart from Amalgamated. Following are the highest, lowest and closing sales prices of active stocks on to-day'a Boston market compared with yesterday's final prices: j Yester- day's High. Ixiw. Close. Clime. Hili.j lr,(M.j I (I H.j llld'i 257 257 257 25 1H3 lilt l'. 705 705 705 American Telephone Boston and Albany. Boston and Maine urn r.u Calumet and Hecla.... 70.1 705 Oochlti Mining 5 5 Topper Range 77i 7U7, Dominion Coal 3S'i S8'.4 Mexican Central 23' ; 2.H7, Franklin Mining 17 17 Isle Rovale Mining.... 41', 41'I Mass. Klec. Companies. !W 38 Mohawk Mining 41 41 New Kng. Gas & Coke. . 6 New En. Gas & Coke 5s 55 r.l't. Old , Dominion lBi'4- 2 Osceola Mining I W2 I'nlted States Oil 13 1:t Utah Mining ami KO'-a Wolverine (to 00 Tamarack 848 848 Parrot Mining 51 51 Westingliouse Elec. pf. 78 7S Trinity Mining 3414 8-114 7074 4 Hi as 41 13 3-18 51 78 34 '4 1P3 770 5'; 7it'j Xi 2X 17! 42 SN14 41 H 5.)'i ill t 1314 2914 HO 848 5114 70 'i 85 PITTSBURG STOCK MARKET Special to TUB PHILADELPHIA TIMES. PITTSBUKG. July 25.-The following taMe gives th complete transactions to-day on the l'lttsburg Stock Kichauo: High 200 Av. B. R. pref 100 Chartlera alley no Low. Last. fio 50 M'i u:vi JTI'i )7t'4 fwii . S50 30 30'li 4!4 M 1550 Crucible Steel 21 90 Do. pref K,b trim PlttK. Plate Olaaa 71t 60 Pittsburg Trust 550 2800 Pitts. Coal 3na; 40 I)o. pref 04 200 Pitts. Brewing 211 3 Do. pref 45"4 150 Philada. Co 4s. 155 River Coal l.Tji 100 Union Switch & Signal.'. m 200 U. S. Steel 41 100 Po. pref Kill 115 West. Elec. 2d pref 07 37 West. Air & Brake 1X4 685 Window Glass 62H 1 Do. pref tHi BONDS. tl.000 Allegheny Co. cou. 5s.. 101 101 101 1.000 Con. Gas Da I14t4 11414 H414 2.000 Monon. L. 4 T. 5s losi lonvi louls 2.000 North Olds Bridge 5s.... 102 lot;', 102'i 3,000 Pitts. Brewing 6s 11174 11174 111 2 45tJ 40 13 O814 4014 8014 0714 18.1 11114 Sill 20 ' 4514 48 13 (l-SVj 40-H SIH'j f'7!4 1st fil '4 (Hi - EUROPEAN STOCK MARKETS LONDON EXCHANGE LONDON, July 25,-Consols, closed M, blifher at 0274 for both money and the c- couat. Canadian Taclflc lower at 104?4 Anaconda sold 14 higher, but closed enslr Rt iS74, ypsterdny's final price. Spanlnh 4s closed 14 lower at 09. Supplies of money were not large to-day, and there was an In creased demand, partly owing to tenders of oue million six months' Treasury bills, (ho applications for which amounted to f5,- 115,001); the total allotments averaged 3 1-5 per cent. Discount was firm, the position of the Berlin market causing anxiety. llnslnesH on the Stock Exchange was stas-nnnt. l'lrst-class securities were steady. Homo mils were dull. American shares were dull; prlcos moved Irregularly, but mostly with a downward tendency, and closed Irregular. Kaffirs were depressed, nothing more having been heard of the peace rumors. The further rise In the discount rate here resulted from the market's disturbance through the Morgans' arrangements to meet the payment of one and a half million sterling, due to-day for the Leyland Line purchase. The money tied up to day In this payment will, however, be released to-morrow. The following table shows London's closings of to-duy and yesterday, with Now York equivalents: Lond'n N.V. Lond'n N.Y. J'y 25. en v. J'y Hi. eq'v. Atchison 4 lto. pref PO Ilaltimorc & Ohio.. 07 Canadian 1'arlttc. .104 ('lies. & Ohio...... 44-vJ Chic, ei Cit. .West.. Zl (, M. & St, Paul..!!'! len. & Itlo Grande. 4': lto. Dt'ef. Erie llo, 1nt pref. .. Io. '2d pref.... Illinois Ontral. Louis. & Nnsli. ati'Xi 00 5(1 15(04 H'4 Mo.. Knn & Texas. 25 Do. pref f2 N. Y. (.Vnlrol 15S N. Y., O. & West.. 32 Norfolk & West... 48 Do. pref 8014 Nor. I'ncltlc pref. .. ! Pennsylvania 7W-4 Kendlng at Do. 1st nref. Do, d pref. Southern Pacific. South. Hallway.. Do. pref 1'nlon I'aclttc Do. pref V. S. Steel Do. pref WuIiiikIi Jin. pref . orvtj . 251. . 5714 . a'4 . 84 .101 . i'!4 . 41 . Ill . 2014 . ;wi4 Uli 1W4 0414 KKH4 4X14 21 15NVi 307(, :i5-8 05 48'j 147 101 14-, 25 5574 15014 si 14 4014 8014 M 142iti :is 74 5( Hi rxi'i 2714 81 JtHVj 88 14 40 88 10'4 us 14 11714 08 105 4.'l 10:1(5 42 tt:ili wis 00 50 151 ll ai 5014 153 32 4- 14 8OI4 Oil N 73-10 1.4 2514 5- ii 2014 8514 102 id) 40U. 00 201-4 .'! 72'4 '.MiVi O514 KMilJ 43'j, 2174 158 3U'4 0114 3514 65 484 14714 101 251. 55 3114 45'-, 807 W 14214 8814 74 'i 50ii 27 S3 1 4 0'.Hj S7 3014 S8Wj 10'4 38 Paris Bourse. PAUIS.Jtily 25. French S per cent, rentes closed 5 centimes higher nt 100 fr. ti214c Spanish 4s closed at 70.8714, against 70.37 yesterday. Prices on the liourse opened weak. Toward noon there was an all-round recovery, continuing until the close. International shaves were irregular, and rentes and Italian stocks were fairly firm. Spanish 4n were calm. Brazilian and Turkish securities reacted strongly, but the former partly recovered. Industrials closed firm. Iiio Tln-tos improved, owing to large repurchases. Kaffirs benefited, and there were a few purchasers. Berlin Boerse. BERLIN, July 25.-On the Boerse bank and mining shares opened firmer on bear covering. Later, they reacted, owing to speculative selling. Home funds and International shares were quiet. Cash Industrial stocks were somewhat easier. Canudiau Pacific fluctuated. M-steamcr due neit week lit 20.78 and' August sold at a6.78 dows to MU.50, cloning with (26.50 asked and S20.40 bid. November closed t 125.25 sellera. American Tin Plats Company has not sdvauced Its price for tin plates, and Its quoted rat Is still 14 at mill, but new oruers re not wanted owing to the strike. But Job bers are holding their atocks for higher prices, and some special slsus have, been sold at f 5 and even 5.20 per box. Tho Ikndon market closed with tin il 5a. lower at 118 ltis., and futures unchanged at f 114 10s. Copper was dull and nom Inal here at 17e, for lake and 10-T(,e, for casting ml electrolytic. Iondon cloaed a shade lower with final prlcea for tho day showing spot at 07 12s. 6d., and futures at 08. Lead prices were la, 8(1. lower at Lotdon, closing at 12 la. 8d.,' wlillo the local market win unolianged at 4c. Spelter was quiet locally at il.0 to :t.t5, while London closed five shillings net higher at 10 15s. Iron bum Here and abroad was onlet, and practically unchanged. Glasgow closed the day at G4s. and Wlddleslioro at 44a. loljd. Local prices closeil ns follows: Pig Iron warrants, $11.50 to $10: No. 1 Northern foundry. $15al5.50; No. 2 Northern 1 foundry, $14al4.50; No. 1 Southed foundry, $14.76(115.25; No. 1 South ern soft, $14.75al5.25. Silver. Bar silver In London unchanged at notice nor ounce. Yesterday's: New York price for commercial bats was unchanged nt 58n5t)-. Government BRsny bars V4 cent hither at 58'iaOO'i. Mexican dollars un changed nt 40Via4!)',4. MORE GOLD IN FROZEN NORTH Rich Strike Causes Stampede to Point Beyond Nome City. POUT TOWNSEND, Wash.. July 25.-Tbe steamer Nome City arrived late- Inst night from Nome. Passengers report a rich strike In the Falrhaven district, ninety miles north of Nome, and that a stampede has occurred from Nome. Over hnlf n million dol lars has been sluiced at Winter Pumps, near Nome. The Nome City brings news that the transport Seward Is In dlatress and will have to be towed to Tuget Hound. Her boilers gave out, and the transport Wnr-rcu will start from there with the Seward In tow on July 1(1. After eighteen months of continuous work It Is announced that work on the telegraph line to Dawson will be entirely completed on August 1. KLONDIKE GOLD RECEIPT8 Special to The Philadelphia Times. NKTV YOUK, July 25. The announcement of the nrrlvul at Snn Krnnelsoo of about $2,500,000 of Klondike gold, which Is to be paid for at the San Franclnco mint by checks upon the New York sub-treasury, bus offset the effect upon the money market of the transfer on Tuesday of $5(i0,000 by New York hiinkstlirough the sub-treasury to Chicago. The ediecks for this gold, lu duo coui'no of mall, should pass through the Clearing House, or be puld over the eouuter at the sub-treasury In time to appear In the bunk Rtntement of August. 3. lleeelpts of Klondike gold by way of Seattle are expected to continue tit the rate of about one million dollars, a week fir the next two months. These should more than offset any loss of the hanks to the sub-treasury during that period, and partly compensate fr the expected shipments of currency to the Interior. BALTIMORE STOCK MARKET Special to The Philadelphia Times. . BALTIMORE, July 25,-The local market today established for itself a new record in th matter of dullness. - The trading waa literally dead. Money on call was at 5a6 per cent. Complete transactions for the day, amounting to 842 bares of stock and $21,000 worth of bonds were aa follows: STOCKS. High. 20 Amer. Bonding & Trust... 04 4 Fidelity & Deposit Trust. 1K 50 Maryland Brewing coin.. . 414 50 Norfolk Railway A Uaht. 12 300 Nashvills Rwv. & Light.. 93 Consolidated Gas 10 Georgia. So.. & Fla.lst pf. 115 Seaboard com 300 Seaboard prof BONDS. 214 64l, !ni 27, 48 Low. 1)4 Ilk'. 4'4 12 214 44 Hill. 2714 48 Last. H 105 414 12 2'4 041,4 WHi 2714 48 $9,000 Seaboard 4s 82i; 7.000 I'nlted Itailwavs 4s Drt',1 7,000 United Hallways inc., 73 821 73 Mid tlli'i 73 CHICAGO STOCK MARKET Special to The Philadelphia Times. CHICAGO, Jnly 25,-Tweuly cents discount was the rate on New York exchange to-day. Money for call and time loans could hp had at 4I-Ja5 per cent. Trading on the local Exchange continues quiet, and the action of tho market ap pears almost entirely without significance. Tin Can, which is the only thing that shows signs of life, is affected by the movement of United states Hteei. FOREIGN BANK STATEMENTS LONDON, July 25. -The weekly statement of the Bank of Englnnd shows the following changes: Total reserve, Increase, 203,-000; circulation, decrease, 210,000; bullion, Increase, 70.884; other securities, decrease, 2,205,000; other deposits, decrease, 1,00,1,. (too; public deposits, decrease. 2.034.000: notes reserve, Increase, 300,000; Government securities, decrease, 1,739,000. The proportion of the Bunk of Knglnnd's reserve to liability is 50.50 per cent. Last week it was 40.45 per cent. Kate of discount unchanged nt 3 per cent. PARIS, July 25. The weekly statement of the Bank of Frnnce shows the following changes: Notes In circulation decreased 58,025.000 francs; Treasury accounts cur rent Increased 14.325.ISH) francs; gold In hand increased 10,275.000 francs; bills discounted decreased 40.075,OijO francs; silver in hand increased 1,875,000 francs. FOREIGN FINANCIAL NOTES Illffh 2105 American Can 2414 118s Do. prof 75 30 Chicago city Rwy 2ml 440 Chicago Union Traction.. 1(04 75 Diamond Match 142'i 120 Lake Street F.lcv UJ- S75 Metropolitan Blev 30 ' . 125 National Biscuit 42li W5 Im. pref 101 10 National Carbon pref 87 60 Northwestern Kiev. pf... 0414 Low. 2:i'4 7414 200 1514 142 1214 an 42 n!4 87 O414 Last. 21'4 75 2l Hi 1(1 14 142 12 42', lOlllj, 87 .W14 NEW COMPANIES CHARTERED Delaware. DOVER, Pel., July 23.-A certificate of incorporation waa filed here to-day for tho Washington Auto Vehicle Company, of Washington, D, C, to manufacture, sell, ond lease motor vehicles of all kinds. The Incorporators are J. B. Chamberlain, A. P. Clarke, Jr., and W. H. Ronsavllle, of Washington, I. C, and James Virden, of Dover, Del. The capital is $1,000,000. Railroad Earnings. In addition to the earnings alrpady reported for the third week of July the following companies made returns yesterday for the same period: Tel.. St. U & West $45,041 Mo. pacific 671.(100 Do. Cln. branch K3,ooo Meilcan National , 142,403 Canadian Pacific SISl.Ono Rio Grande Southern lo.ftll Evanaville A Indianapolis... 7,017 Erana. ft Terre Haute 28.111 Mo., Kan. & Texas 2M!.0.ri8 Cleve., Lor. & Wheel 40,1124 Texas Pacific 171,672 Central New England reports quarter ending June 30: Increase. $7,816 124,0110 5.017 103,1100 778 1.(172 2.5110 63,316 12. IKS 39,8.'I2 for the Gross Net Other Income. Deficit 1001 $17(1.071 38.7,10 1.040 8,108 1000. $104,310 27.277 1,710 8,027 Bank Clearings, Bank clearings yesterday compared with the corresponding day last year: 1001. 1000. Increase. Fblla $13,212,241 $13,615,909 $403,758 Boston 18,417.175 15.940,677 2.478.4D8 Baltimore ... 2,789.502 3,128.582 339.(M) New York... 221, 000,814 145,110,700 76,800,114 Decrease, LONDON, July 25,-Bar silver 27d. per ounce. Money, lJn'J per cent. The rate of discount In the open market for short bills Is 2 7-1i(a214 per cent.; for three months' bills, 214a254 per cent. Gold premiums are quoted to-day as follows: Buenos Avres, 130.50; Madrid, 3A05; Lisbon, 30.00. LONDON. July 25. Th amount of bullion taken into the Bank of England on balance to-dny was :lO,uoo. a t BERLIN, July 25.-Dlficonnt rates: Short bills, 1 per cent.; three months' bills, 2 per cent. I'AItlS, July 25. Three per cent, rentes, 100 francs G214 centimes for the account. Exchange on London, 25 francs 18 centimes for checks. ' On account of recent bank failures In Germany, the government will shortly propose a new and rigorous seml-annunl Inspection of the standing of all banking houses In the empire. LONDON, July 25,-The Central London I'ndcrgrotind Hallway, otherwise known as the "Tuppenny Tube," has declared a half-yearly dividend at the rate of 4 per cent, per annum, and carried forward flO.000. ' LONDON, July 25.-The Stock Exchange will be closed Saturday, August 3, and Monday, August 5. The Imperial Bank of Russia gained $1,-310,001) gold in the last week reported on. As compared with January 1 it has gained only $0,500,000, and still stands $41,170,000 below this (late lu 1000. In the first half of 1000, England Imported $11,410,000 gold from Germany. In the six months just ended It received only $1,548,-000. Movement of Gold. Special to The Philadelphia Times. NEW YORK, July 25-The National City Bank ordered $500,000 ' hi guid from the Sub-Treasury to-day. his gave rise to the report that another shipment was to be made to Germany. It was learned afterward, however, that the gold was not taken fur export, hut that $200,000 was for the Bank of Montreal, for shipment to Canada; the rest of the gold was for the City Bank's own use. The bunks transferred $50,0uo to St. Louis to-day through the Sub-Treasury. RIVAL FOR STEEL TRUST WORK Independent Wire Company Will Enter Field Against Combine. I'lTTSBt'Kti, July 25.-Th Pittsburg Wire and Steel Company, a new concern, will niuke application to Governor Stone on August 14 for ft charter of lncorpor a I ion. . The proposed corporation Is to have capital stock of $2.0(10,1X10 and will, it Is stated.erect one of the largest and niott complete Independent plants In the worid on the line of the l'lttsburg and Lake Erie Itallrond, a few tulles south of this city The Incorporators are A. Dempster, Thomas Walker, Lieutenant Thomas W. Fitch John W. Garland and Robert Garland, all thoroughly experienced In the steel business, Mr. Fitch, who Is to be superintendent o the new works, said: "We are not going into (his thing with the purpose of challenging the coinhlne It Is simply that we realize the wire Indus try furnishes a field which we con entc: and make money." clear, $!U0aS.SO; do., straight, $3.308.50; do., patont, .80a4.25. Rye Flour Wat steady and dull st practically unchanged prices. We quote at $2.05n2.8O per barrel, aa to quality. Baled Hay and Straw Uecetpts, 170-tona of hay, Supplies were small and there waa a steady outlet fur desirable stock, prices of which ruled firm at the following: Hay ' Timothy, No. 1. large bales. $10.5Oal7; do.. No. 1, ttnall do., $ieat0.50; do., No. 2, do. do., Jl.'ia 16.60; do., No. 3, do. do., $18.50al4; No. 1 mixed do. do., $l8.50a14; No. il mixed do. do.. 112.. 10a 13. Straw-No. 1 straight rya, $16.60al7i No. 2 do., $lB.50al(l; tangled rya, No. 2- and No. 1, $llal2; oat, No. 1, $8.50a9; oat, No. 2, $7u7.CO; wheat. No. 1, $7.50; wheat, No. 2, $7. Feed Demand was fair and the market ruled a shade firmer, with light offerings at the following quotations: Winter bran, in bulk, per ton, $17.25a 17.75; spring bran, in sacks, as to slse, per ton, $17.25al7.75. Butter Til- limited receipts of fancy- goods were promptly cleaned up at firm prices, but defective qualities were plentiful and dull. We quote: Western creamery, extra, 21e.; do., do., firsts, 19a20e.; prints, extra, wholesale, 24c.; do. Jobbing, 25a28c, Cheese Trade was quiet and prices favored buyers with free nfferlnga, We quote: New York, full rreams, mall boxes, choice, HV4aOe. ; do., do., fair to good. ta14c.; do., do., inferior, 8n8ijC. part skims, as to quality, 0n8c.l new domestic Swiss, No. 1, llulllii.; do. do.. No. 2, 810o. Eggs Strictly fine stock sold promptly at outside rates, but supplies were mostly of beat-damaged goods, which were dull and Irregular. We quote: Pennsylvania and other near-by, choice, loas-off, 15c. ; Western cholca, loas-off, 14a 15c. ; do., fair to gmxl, 12a13e. Live Poultry, Was plentiful ud prices favored buyers under 1 light demand. Quotations were: Fowls, bens, as to quality, lie: old roosters, 7c; spring chick-eus, as to size, 12ul4c. ; ducks, lOallc. Dressed Poultry Was In fair request and firm, with moderate offerings. We quote: Fresh killed, fowls, choice, Ulie.J old. fair to good. lOHallc: old ronaters, 814c. ; broilers, near-by, weighing 8a4 pounds to the pair, 20a21c.; do., near-by, smaller alzes, 16 a 18c.; broilers, Western, dry-picked, large, 18a 18c.; do. do., small and scalded, 12al5c; roasting chickens, frown, 12a 14c. HUNGARIAN CROPS SHORT Rye Alone Shows an Increase Over Yield of 1900. I1CDAPEST, July 25.-The official estimates for the forthcoming Hungarian crop place wheat a); 33,000,000 metric centners (about 2,125,000 tons), which Is 8,000,000 metric centners below the production of 1000. The quality of this wheat Is considerably below the expectations. The rye crop Is estimated at from 11,500,000 to 12,000.Ouo metric centners (about 738,000 tons), which Is somewhat above the crop of 1900. Barley Is estimated at 10,000,000 centners (about 015,000 tons), which Is a decrease of 1,500,-000 centners. Oats Is estimated at from 0,-500,000 to 10,000,000 centners, being a decrease from last year's production of 730,-000 centners. ' Cambria Steel. It is regarded as Improbable that when the next dividend Is declared on Cambr'a Steel that anything will be declared 011 the $2.50 paid receipts. The receipts do not be come full paid until after the time when It Is expected the next dividend will be made payable, about the middle of August, and the $2.50 was called only tiliont a month ago, while the dividend on the full paid stock ulll ue lor three months. The pres eni amount pain in (icing so small, a pro rata distribution of Interest on the receipts would be an insignificant Item In the aggre. gate and scarcely worth the clerical cost, consequently it Is anticipated that the August dividend will be upon the old stock simply. 1 Stockholders Charge Conspiracy. DAYTON. Ohio. July 25,-Minorltv stock holders of the Miami Valley Gaa and Fuel Company brought suit here to-day for the appointment of a receiver and asking an injunction to prevent local banks from niiv Iny any money to the Central Contract and Finance Company. They' allege that this corporation, controlled by members of the family of the late Senator Calvin S. Brlce. has received since 1804 flOO.OlK) in royalties from ownership of oil wells secured throngh a conspiracy, in which Brlce and others "were prominent, COMMERWMETS PHILADELPHIA PRICES Wheat Receipts, 01.917 bushels; shipments, 82,4(10 stock, ."(12,024. Offerings w ere light and the market nded steady, but there was little disposition to trade. Cables were lower and foreign limits were generally below a workable basis. Contract wheat, ns to location, was quoted on call as follows: July, 74a7414c. Oar lots, In elevator, No. 2 Pennsylvania red, 75a75iic; No. S Delaware red, 75a751ie. ; No. 2 red, 74a74Hc; steamer No. 2 red, 71!4n2c.; No. 8 red, 71'.a"2c.; rejected A, 01114a 70c.; rejected B, BtlaOUiic. POOR FOREIGN CROP OUTLOOK STOCKHOLM, July 25,-The crops me seriously suffering as a result of the continued hot. weather. Elres have devastated the forests of Jentland, Western Gothland, and the Smaland and Upland districts. THE METAL MARKETS NEW YORK, July 25,-Tbe local tin market was unsettled and higher, with available spot supplies well concentrated. The closing spot price was $27.15 to $27,25. Sales were made Corn Receipts, 1.800 bushels; shipments, 2,283 bushels; stock, 5(14,208 buahels. The market opened lc. higher, but afterwards reacted ic. and cloaed nominal, as there was no trading in opliona and exporters were unable to do any husineas at cur rent prices. Local car lots continue scarce and firm, with No. 2 yellow nominally quoted at 61c. on track. No. 2 mixed, as to location, wns quoted on call as follows: July, BltaSDKi Car lots, in export elevator, No. 2 mixed, 5i)aoLIUc.; steamer, 57a57!5C ; No. 3. Roaoji-jC. Oats Receipts, 28,707 bushels; shipments, 6.508 bushels; stock, 235,884 bushels. The market was quiet, but offerings were very light and prices further advanced 1a2c. per bushel. Sales of 1 car No, 2 white, clipped, on track, at 47c; and 1 car do. do., in Twentieth street elevator, at 48c. Flour Receipts, 2,2,'tO barrels and 1,758,180 pounds In sacks. Offerings from the mills were light and prices were steadily maintained, mjt buyers lacked coniidence and were holding 1 off. Winter super, $2.20;'2.35; do., extras, $2.50a2.70; Pennsylvania roller, clear, $2.95a3.2fi; do., do., straight, $3.30a3.40; Western winter, clear) $3 05 83.30; do., do., straight, $3.853.50; do., do., patent, fij.55a3.75; Kansas, atratgbt, In sacks, $3.26a3.45; do., patent, in sarkfl, $3.45a8.80; spring, clear, f3.00n3.25; do., atllaight, $3.6da 3.80; do., patent, $3.80a4; do., farorita bramli, $4.10a4.25; City illlla, extra, $2.50a2.70; do., Provisions Sold fairly In a Jobbing way within. the range of the following quotations: City beet, in seta, smoked and air-dried, MalOc.; Weattrn beef, la ieis, smoked, 12!al4c.; city beef, knuckles snd tenders, smoked and air dried, 18a 18c. j Western beef, knuckles and tenders, smoked, 14h1Uc. ; beef hania. $19.60a20.BO; pork, family. $17.50; hams, S. P. cured, lu tlereea, llal2e. ; bams, smoked, as to brand snd average. 1214al314c. ; shoulders, pickle cured, In tierces, 81ic. ; do., do., smoked, IH,Hc; picnic bairn, 8. p. cured In tierces. 8H,n8c. : do., do., amoked, BliaOc; bellies, in pickle, according to average, loose, lOa 12c,; breakfast bacon, as to brand and average, 12al,1c.; lard, pure, city refined, in tlereea, 9'tc; do. do., in tuba, Dialiic.; do., butchers', luose, 81iuS)ic. ' Green Fruits Were In fair supply and moderate request. Quotations ranged on the following figures: Ap ples, per barrel Red Astracban, $3.00a4.00; Delaware aud Maryland harvest, J1.Mh2.oi; huckle berries, per quart, 4a8c. ; blackberries. Wilson's) per quart, 8a8e. ; raspberries, red, per pint, 8a8e. ; pears, Maryland and Delaware, Kllsabeth Man ning, per basket. BOaTSe. ; watennelmia. Georgia, extra, per car, $225a275; do., medium, per car. $15(ia2(a); cantaloupes. Southern, per crate, 75c. a $1.50; Maryland, rhuli-e, per barrel rrate, $1a1.25; do., seconds, per barrel crate. 50a7.V. peaches. Georgia, per carrier, Klliertas, $1.25al.B5; Belle of Georgia, $1.25al.50; Chinese frees, $l.25n1.50; rawfortls, flul.OO; peaches. Delaware and Mary land, Karly Rivers, per basket, $lal.25; pine apples, l ioriila. per crate. $2.25a:i .1,1; Jamaica oranges, per barrel. $(ia7. Vegetables Potatoes were in moderate suinily and dim. with a fair demand. We quote on a bunis of the following: Potatoes Southern ltoae, prime, per barrel, $.:a3.2f; do. d!).,- madium, per barrel, $2.25a2.50; do. do.. No. 2. per barrel. $1.75 a2; Jersey prime, per basket. 50a60; do., medium, per basket. 2oa:t.ic. ; do., seconds, per haa-ket, 17a20c.; aweeta. North Carolina, red, Xo. 1, per barrel. $3.25b.'1.75; do. do. do.. No. 2, per barrel, $2a2.25. , Refined Sugars Were In limited request, but list prices were well maintained. Ketiners' prices, subject, to a rebate of fifteen rents per one hundred pounds st the end of thirty days, were: Dominoes. 5.9.1c cut loaf, 5.05c; confectioners' lozenge XXXX, 6.80c,; do., powdered, 5.00c.; crown A, 6.80c; do., crystal A, 6.45c; do., granulated, 6.70c; cubes, 5.70c; powdered, 5 55c; standard granulated. 6.45c; fine granulated, 5.55c; confection-era' A, 6.25c.; soft grades, 5.10c. for No. 1 down to 4.40C. for No. 18. ' Cotton Demand from spinners was light and prlcea were !j,o. lower at 8c. per pound for middling upholds. NEW YORK PRICES NKW YORK. July 25. FLOUR-Recelpts, 15.. 048 barrels; exports, 28,410 barrels; steadily held and quiet. RYE FUlt'R-ynlet. ('(IRXMICAI,-Steady; city. $1.10. RYiv Kaay; No. 2 Western, 5l)Vsc. f. o. b. afloat. HA Ul.EY tmll. WHEAT Receipts. 179,550 bushels: exports, 79.835 bushels; spot easy; No. 2 red, 70c. f. 0. b. afloat; No. 2 red, 7814c. elevator; No. 1 Northern Duluth, 781!,c, f. 0. b. afloat; No. 1 hard Duluth, 87 lie. f. o.b. afloat. Options had an active and weak opening, uuder rain newa in the Northwest, from which. It later partly recovered on big clearances, heavy foreign buying, late renewal of bullliih Northwest uews and covering. A final sharp drop under realising left the market easy, at a c. net loss. July, 7714a 7814c, closed 78V-'.; August, 70 7-18n77 3-llic, closed 7'ie. ; October, 77a 7714c: closed 77c.; December, 78Ha7llijC. ; Closed 7814c. COItN-Receipta, 70,000 bushels; exports, 18.550 bushels; smu easy; No. 2. 57 V. elevator and 5SV. afloat. Options market opened weak, under reports of raina through the com belt, but gradually recovered on subsequent advices of hot winds In Kansas and Nebraska. There was a flnnl reaction under realizing, with the cloaa unsettled, at Hale, net decline. July, 518"., closed 50c; Septenjler, 681(a(t01i,c, cloned S8Hc; October, closed 50c; December, 69'ia 0014c, closed tfiif. OATS Receipts, 85.000 1 bushels: exports. 800 bushels; spot steady; No. 2, 40Wc; No. 8, 40c; No. 2 white. 4314a44c; No. 8 white, 43c; track mixed Weatern. 40a42c. ; track white, 4214(141)0. Options weak at Brat, on rains, then recovered with com, HAY Steady. HOl-S-Qulet. HIDES-Stendy. LKATIIKH- Steady, WOOL-Qulet. COAL-Steady. BBEK Steady. CUT MEATS Quiet; pickled bellies, 9'iallc.; do., shoulders, 714c.; do., bams, 11a HVjC. LARD Quiet; Western steamed, ft); refined, steady: continent, $l).0T. PORK Steady. TALLOW-Steady; city, 4a4i)4c. ronntVy, 4V. COTTONSEED OIL-Dull. ROSIN-Qulet; strained, common to good. $1.40. PFTROLECM Firm. TURPENTINE Steady, 3llu:iw,c. HICK Quiet. MOLASSES Firm. COFFEE Easy; spoc Rio, easy; No. 7 invoice, 6c; mild, quiet; Cordova, Salll-Oc SUGAR Raw, steady; fair re fining, 8 9-10c; centrifugal, 98 test, 4 318c; molasses sugar, S 5-lUe. the central cotton belt also received needed rnlns, while tho eaatero belt was being restored to new life by clear, mild weather. Receipts at the ports continued very small. Spot cotton markets were heavy, and there were but few reported declines worthy of mention. Near the close room selling pushed prices well down to the lowest of the day. The market waa flnallv steady, with prices net 14 to 17 points lower, CLOSING PRICES. To-day's Yesterday's I,1W, 7.85 7.21 7.28 7.22 7.34 7.88 7.40 July ..... August . . September. October. .,, Novemher. , December. . January ,. nigh. . 7.75 . 7.32 . 7.82 . 7.38 . 7.30 . 7.43 . 7.49 closing. 7.05a7.08 T2.3u7.24 T.20n7.27 7 .32ii7.33 7-84a7.35 1801(7.87 7.40a7.41 closing. 7.80a7.8l 7.40u7.41 j.4HuT-42 74.1a7.48 T.44a7.48 7.50ii7.B1 7.64(17.55 CHICAGO PRICES 70 wo.i 72'i 7(W 74 ij 72T4 aa follows: HI eh. Ixw. Close. 7o 1, 71 731, 5414 5(1 5(1 35 ai' 14.50 I4.7!i 55, 67 3d .'! 8'.l 14 50 14.90 .".3lj 5- 58 35 35 3814 14 4.1 14.85 NEW YORK COTTON MARKET NEW YORK, July 25. The cotton market was weaker again to-day, with prices another step lower under heavy liquidation, bear selling, and total absence of speculative support. Operations were active in a spasmodic way from the start. with the August options leading the decline. First sales showed a decline of 4 to 9 points, with the market officially bulletined steady at the decline. Pronounced weakness was developed before the netx ten minutes elapsed and prlcea dwindled rapidly aa long cotton sought almost vainly for a resting plsce. The low point of the morning Indicated a decline of 11 to 18 points. Then came a alight rally on proflt-tak- Ing and a temporary lull in the liquidating move ment. The list as a whole worked up 5 to 8 points and this led faint-hearted bulls to predict a turn In the course of the market and 1 marked rally. Bnt later In, the afternoon the market again turned weak and went off to the lowest level of the day. A prominent factor In the early decline was sensational weaknetis In Liverpool, due to the tremendous liquidation and apathy on the part of speculators. Supplementing the cables were reports that good reins had fallen over Northern Texas snd that showery conditions were likely to-night and to-morrow over most of Texas and all of Oklahoma and the Indian Territory. Drought damage news from the Southwest was fairly plentiful, but few advices contained buying orders to give weight to tb bullish couvictloua of the senders. Parts of CHICAGO. July 25,-Graln markets mled fairly active and easy to-day, mainly because there had been some tain in Iowa and the Northwest. Soptember wheat and corn closed each e. lower and oata e. down. Provisions closed 21(,c. lower. When the WHEAT market opened traders bowed to the influence of last night's rains In the Northwest, easy cablea ami also to tho weakneaa of corn prices. September sold from 7le. to 7014c under pressure of long stuff. Following this there was an almost Instant recovery to 71c. on reports of rising temperatures in the spring wheat country.. It was feared the heat might be particularly damaging following the raina so quickly. The market faltered for time at this advance and then continued upward on reports of rain delaying harvesting In France and a cable claiming the Russian crop la rapidly deteriorating. Tho strength at this time being displayed by corn was a contributory factor lu the firmness. Later in the session the corn reaction and a decline in Northwestern markets became potent factors and September Ndecllued aud closed rather weak, c. under yesterday at 71K,c. Exporters reported 28 loads taken and seaboard clearances were equal to 1.093.0(H) bush els. Primary receipts were 900,000 bushels, com pared with 887,000 buahels last year. Northwest, receipts were 274 cars, against 213 cars last week aud 235 cars a year ago. Local receipts were 274 cars. 83 of contract grade. That It is an extremely difficult matter to Judge the weather reKrts received from various sources was shown by the action of the CORN market. Hefore the beginning of the session private reports hud It that Iowa had received a fair drenching and that tliere had been aeattered showers In other parts of the com belt. I'nder a rush ot selling orders September ojiened from 58e. to 65e., touched 5li-c. and then rushed hack to 551(,c. In short oriler. The official weather report, allowing light showers, came later. Ita predictions also offered nothing of a hopeful nature for the crop, and traders faced about snd ran the market up to 67ic. A report saying that rain within the week will brighten the prospects of 75 per eent. of the crop had some weight In the decline to 551(.c. which came later. Selling by longs to secure profits was. of course, against the price all day. September closed lie. lower at Slie. Receipts were 138 cars. OATS averaged Weak with corn during nervous and comparatively quiet session. There was not aa heavy a trade aa on yesterday. Kings selling considerably leas. Weakness took the fonn of a lack of buyers. September sold between 881ia38V. and 35c. and closed k,c lower st 85c. Receipts were 109 cars. PROVISIONS were dull, the pit at times being almost deserted. After fluctuating narrowly, prices closed 214c. lower; September pork. $14.50; September lard. JS.70a8.72ij. am) September rllw, $8.00. Eotlmaled receipts tomorrow: Wheat. 170 cars: com, 145 cars; oats, 146 cars; hogs, 24. Old h"sd. The leadiug futures ranged Wheat No. X Onto. July (iC4 September ,. 7o!a DecemlHT 721s Corn No. 2. July 63'j September 6.1 December 50 Oats No. 2. July 3514 September 85 May !!N?g Mesa pork, per barrel. September ......... .14.45 J nonary 14.35 Laid, per 100 lounda. September 8.72'4 .72' 8.70 8.7214 Oelnlier 8 75 S.77'4 8.75 8 75 January 8.(l2ij 8.85 8.0214 8.85 Sh irt ribs, per 100 pounds. September 7.97ii 8.00 7.9714 R.oO (letober 8.1m 8.(r"J 8.O0 8.02U January 7.7714 7.80 7.7714 7.77'i Cash quotations were aa follows: Flour linn: No. 3 spring wheat. Adnilc; No. 2 red. 7i'ju71"tc: No. 2 com, 5.1')4c: 11N. 2 yellow, 55c; No. 2 oats. 371(0.; No. 2 white. 3a4li.c.; No. 3 white, 3Sn40c: No. 2 rye. .Kln.Ki'nC. : Nqi 1 flaxseed. $l.b); prime timothy seed, $5.25; riiess pork, per barrel, $14.35u14.40; lard, per 100 pounds, $s.(t,1u 8.0714; short rllis aides, liaise. $7.85a8.05; dry walteit slumlilel-s. boxed. 7'4ii7c. ; whorl clear sides. Iwixed, $N.30uH.40; whisky, basis of high wines, $1.20: clover, contract grude. $10. Reoelpfs -Flour. 42.000 barn-Is; wheat. Illil.iKSl bushels; corn. 113,(10(1 bnshela; outs. loi).(Ns) bushels; rye, 8.(n bushels; barley, 6,(i0 bushels. Shipinellt's-Flour. 2.1.000 barrels; wheat. 17iU0 bushels; corn, 128.000 biiiihels: oats, 1,'9,(KK) bushels; bar-Icy, 1,(88) bushels. On Oie Produce Exchange today the butter msi-ket was firm: creameries, 14a 2"c; dairies, 13al7c. ; cheese firm, 8!4alOiic ; eggs steady; fresh, 12ul2!4e. Minneapolis Prices. MINNEAPOLIS, July 25.-Wheat. cash. OIiic; September, 8N-V'.; DecemlHT, 7o!sC On track: No. 1 hard, ?lie.; No. 1 Northern, (wnse.j No. 2, do., HSKjf. LIVE STOCK QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, July 25,-P.EF.VES-Iiecelpts, 1.314; no trade of importance; cables steady. CALVES Receipts. 437; slow, about steady; 200 unsold; veals, $Vi.50a.jO; no choice here; mixed calves, $4. SHEEP AND LAMItS-lteceipts, 8.704; sheep, steady; fair to choice lambs, 50c higher; common, slow and unchanged; 12 cars unsold: sheep. $2.50a4.25; lambs, $3.25u5.t8), mainly $4..Ki;i5.75: culls, $2.75. HOOS-Recetpts, 1.414; steady; Western bogs, $8.25; State hogs, $8.40ii8.50. CHICAGO, July 25.-CATTI,F.-Rooclpta, 13, 5(8), Including 25 Texans; slow but nominally steady; official yesterday, 35,472. largest on rec ord; good to prime steers, $5.35a5.90; poor to medium. $ia.1.25; stockers and feeders, $2. 40a 4.00; rows, $2.75a4.30; heifers, $2.25a4.75; can uera, $1.25u2.2,1; bulls. $2.25a4.5l: calves, $3.50 .15.75; Texas aleora, $;ta4.50. HOGS Receipts To-dny 35.000, to-morrow 22,0(8); left over, 8,000: opcued steady to strong, closed steady to 5c lower; mixed and butchers', $5.0.1ii8.10; good to choice, heavy. $,1.9Oti0.1;" rough, heavy, $,180 a5.85; light, $5.75a.1.tKI; bulk of sales. $,1.(iu5.i)3. SHEEP-Receipts, 15,000; sheep, steady; Iambs lli:i2ue. lower; good to choice wethers, $3.K0a 4.25; fslr to choice mixed, $3.3.1a3.8(l: Western sheep, $3.30n4; yearlings, $4a4.5U; native lambs, $3a5.4(l; Western lambs, $4.40a.1.40. Official -re eelpts and shipments for yesterday: Receipts- Cattle, 38.882; hogs, 35.581; sheep. 10,548. Shlp- nients-Cnttle, 8.1,11; hogs, 5.82(1; sheep, 1,044. lll'FFAU), July 25.-CATTI,E-Uglit supply, general outlook considered fair; calves, receipts about 100 bead; tops, f8.25a8.05. HOGS Receipts, 14 cars; medium to choice heavy and mixed packers, $8.17a0.20; pigs, $8.12a0.1 SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 8 cars; spring lambs, choice to fancy, $,"i.40a5.5(); handy weth ers, $4 25n4.40. EAST LIRERTY, Pa., July 25. CATTLE steady. Extra, $5.85a0; prime, ,1.1oa 5.7(1; good $5.2(in5.40, HOGS steady. Prime assorted mediums, $fl.20aS.22i4; bejit heavy yorkers, $8.20; heavy hogs, $8.15a8.20; common to fair light yorkers and pigs, $0.10a0.15: skips, $4.75a5.75 roughs, $4.2i"ia5.7i. SHEEP steady. Best wethers. $4.20a4.3i); culls and common, $l.50a 2.50; yearlings, $3a4.50; veal calves, $7a7.25. CINCINNATI. July 25.-HOGS Steady. $4a0.10. CATTLE Steady. $2a2.50. SHEEP-Hteady, $2 2.80. l.AMJi.S-Strong, $2.75a5.80, BANK STATEMENTS NEW YORK REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE SEABOARD NATIONAL BANK OF NEW YORK In the State of New York, at the cloie of business July 15, 118)1: RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $13,073,007.57 Overdrafts secured and unsecured.. 32.72 V. S. bonds to secure circulation... W.Ono.oo V. 8. bowls to secure 11, 8. derails 20l.t88i,(K) Premiums on li. S. bonds 12,500.00 Due from National bunks (not reserve agents) Due from State bunks aud bankers Internal revenue stumps Checks and other cash Items , Exchanges for Clearing House Notes uf other National banks.... Fractional paper currency, nickels, and cents Lawful money reserve In bunk, vlx. : Specie $3,141,887.85 Legal tender notes.. 1)88,881.00 IJ. S. certificates for gold deposited 2.10,000.00 884.638.45 57,277.25 872.85 20,100.43 4.870,930.02 29,415.00 907.16 Redemption fund with 11. S. Treasurer (5 p. c. of circulation) Due from V, 8. Treasurer, other than 6 p. c. redemption fund 1,338,548.65 2,500.00 20.085.43 Total : '. $23,350,81)5.04 ' LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid In $500,000.80 Surplus fund , 600,000.00 t iidivided pronts, less expenses and taxes paid National bunk notes outstanding.... Due to other National banks $8,004,251.78 Due to Stale banks and banker 2,958,117.38 Due to trust companies and savings banks,., 1,579,085.41 Dividends unpaid Individual deposits subject to check 4,078.221.78 Demand certificates of deposit 7,323.00 Deposits held for1 acceptances 8,549,287.71 Cashier's checks out-stnndliic 684 7.10 48 I'nlted Stutes deposits 190.18J0.00 444. 780.54 50,0, ,u.oo 655.00 21,847.879.10 7..K8I.00 bank Statements NEW YORK REPORT OF TUB CONDITION OF THE NATIONAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC AT NEW YORK In the Slate of New York, at the close ef business July 15. Hail RKSOfRCES. Loans and discounts Ovvrdrafta .......4 U. S, Honda to secure circulation., V, S. bonds to secure V. S. Deposits, rremiuma on r. s, ikukis Stocks, securities, et Ranking house, furniture ami fli-turea i Other real estate owned Due from National banks $2,475,647.29 line rroui state banks aud bankers...... j. Clieclta uud other cash items Exchanges for Clearlrg House Notes of other National banks Fractional paper currency, nickels, and cants t. lawful money reserviu In hauk, vis: Specie ....$2,84ft,0(p Legal-tender Hotel ... 1,481.8.15 $14,182,768.21 858.75 1,500,000,00 1,028,000.00 117,782,51 884,432.02 637.884 18 82,140.28 681, 111. IT 62,516.08 4,101,283.35 57,890.00 189.68 Redemption fund with It. 8. Treasurer. 15 per cent, of circulation 1. Due from V. S, Treai(-urer.other than 6 per cent, red'ptlun fiini. 4,114,735.00 75,000.00 1,000.00 Reserve for tnxes. Total $23,350,806.04 State of New York, Count v of New York as.: I. 8. O. NKLSON. Vice president of the above. named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge aud belief. STI'ART 0. NEI.80N, Vice President. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 23d day of July, 1901. W. K. CLEVERI.EY. Notary Public. DANIEL 0. DAY. ) FRANKLIN (J11NBY, J-Directors. Lt'CH'S A. COI.E. J PHILADELPHIA Fourth Street National Bank OF PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia, July 15, 1001. Rf:oCKt: Loans and Discounts $2.1,07,8,048.0 1 Due from Banks 3,01S,S43.0I Exchanges for Clearing House 2,123,608.5 Cash and Reserve. . 10,0043,273.05 Total LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in ciii-piiia runa , Undivided prodts, lest expenses and taxes paid National bank notes Diitatand ng. ,. Dividends unpaid. .. .1 Due to other National banks $13,200,441. 6.1 Due to Malt bank) and bankers , 1,912.488.12 Due to trust companies and savings banks., 1,350,091.40 Individual lielHiaitil subject to check... 6,011, 988.11 Demand certificates of deposit 421.380.80 Certified cheeks j 2,011,811.95 Cashier s checka out standing 11,554,251.5 $20,927,888.89 $1,600,000.00 ouu.uou.uo 803.878.58' 1,448,760.00 19,284.00 429 880.77 I'm ted States dcposlm l.Ouo.Ooo.OO I'nlted States bond account $38,887,432.7 I.IAKII.ITIOS Capilal Stock ..... ... $1,500,000.00 Surplus and Net Profits 2,108,278.91 Circulation 1,070.907.150 Deposit 84.11fUM.23 $38,887,432.70 E. F. SHANBACKER, Cashier. FINANCIAL THE PHILADELPHIA TRUST SAFE DEPOSIT AND INSURANCE CO. 413,415 and 417 CHESTNUT ST. Prices of Oil. OH, CITY, Ta,, July :5.-Crfdtt balances, $1.25; CertlBcatea, no bid. .Shipments, 98.11(16 barrels; average. 101.21)9 barrels. Runa, 114,437 barrets: average, 87,248 barrels. RAILROAD NOTES Theodore X. Ely, chief of motive power of the Pennsylvania Kailrond, will start this morning with a private party for a month's trip to the Pacific coast nnd Yellowstone Park. The party consists of Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Ely, Mr. and Mrs. (5. TV. Knowlton, Miss Henrletie Kly and Carl D. Kly. They will travel in a private car, going first to .Buffalo, and thence west by. way of Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie and the Selkirk Moun tains In British Columbia, and returning by way of Yellowstone Park and Chicago, arriving in Philadelphia August 31. The Interstate Commerce Commission's report for the year ending June 30, 1901, shows that the number of railroad employes in the United Ktntes was Increased during the year, by 88.720, and that comparisons with the five previous years show that the number is steadily on tne Increase year after year, Instead of decreasing from the absorption of small railroads by the larger ones. The present number of railroad employes is 1,017,653. A report Is current at Claymont, Del., that the Pennsylvania Railroad Company y-tends making that place a central point for Its coal handling trade. The company owns a great, block of laud In that neighborhood along Naamnn'e creek and out to the Dela ware river. Meanwhile good progress Is be-J CAPITAL, $1,000,000. SURPLUS, $2,903,031 Established tor tbe settlement of Estates, either SB liecutor. Administrator or uuder assignment, end for tbe execution ot Tiusta: also for the Safe keeping of Securities and Valuables, and tbe iteming ol Mo mi t'rtvat .fcaiee la lta Indestructible vaults. Deposits of WILLS reoolved upon the Conk pany's Certlllcate WITHOUT CIIAHOE. Money received on Deiioslt at Iuterest front Trustees, Executors, Ouanllana, Administrator! and others. All Trust Investments are kept aepa. tale aud apart iroui the company a aaaets. DIRECTORS. J. Livingston Errluger, Lincoln Godfrey, James M. Aertsen, John II. Converse, Vllljam 3. Giaot, Samuel Y. Ueebner, William Welglitman, William II. Lambert, William L. DuBola, N. Parker Shortrldge. John Story Jenka, William W. Kiazler, OFFICERS. J. LIVINOSTON KKRINGKR. Prenident. WILLIAM U. Dt'llOIS. Vice President. EDMUND D. SCHOI.EY. Sec'y and Treasuren IIK.MII K. Kl SNKl.l.. Assistant Treasurer. HENRY B. liELFRlCH. Aexlatant Secretary, Fe&ron & Co. P""1"" 511 Chestnut Street Penna. & N.Y. Canal & R. R. 4s, 4 'is and 5s ami att other steam Railroad Bonds dealt lu by Pfaelzer, Walker & Go. 114 tTNTOM HOl'Mti PLACE lug made on the new road which Is to avoid the heavy curve at Claymont station. Pennsylvania Freight Agent Change, Special to The Philadelphia Times. - POTTSTOWX, July 25.-AV. K. Frulm, for six years Pennsylvania Itallroad station agent at Pottstown, has been appointed freight agent of that company at Reading. Ills successor here will be Lewis t. Werner, of Hamburg WOMAN'S LUCK IN STOCKS Christmas Present That Started Her on Financial Career, Special to The Philadelphia Times. CLEVELAND,' Jnly 25.-Mrs. M. 11. Need ham, a widow, of IDS Dodge street, received a present last Christmas from a Western friend, whom she had not seen for years. It was n solitary rose, to which was attach ed a certificate for 2(10 shares of Amalga mated. Copper stock. She did not suspect the worth of the paper and laid It aside as a souvenir. A friend who chanced to see It some time afterwards told her of the pos sible value of the certificate. Not many weeks later Anialgatntitcd Copper begun to bound upward, until greatly to her delight and astonishment her 200 shares were worth $50,000, at which price she sold them. Prior to this unexpected stroke of good fortune Mrs. Xeedhain hud been Ignorant of business methods, but now she Is one of the most extensive as veil as successful operators In the stock market. "There Is no reason why a woman shouldn't Invest her money In stocks as well as a man," she says. "I never Invest more than I can stand to lose if my Judgment should prove faulty. I feel that one should never risk their all on anything. Never go In a thing hastily is my motto, hut drop a thing hastily Is another. When I have the slightest fear that my stock Is going to drop I sell at once." Excursion Trains Bring Buyers. Six heavlly-ladcn excursion trains from various points In this State and Ohio river points, and one from the Lake Ontario region, arrlvedyestcrdav. iiey. brought REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE NATIONAL PARK BANK AT NEW YORK CITY In the State of New York, at the cloae of business, July 15, 11)01. RESOURCES. Loans and dlsconiits 50,920.13.87 orenlraita, seentvd and iinsei-urcd. . 17.931.54 U S. Honda to aecure circulation. . . Sn.OOO.OO Stocks, securities, etc 299,049.90 Ranking house, furniture and fixtures 1,354.250.00 Other real estate owneil U, 667.85 Due from national blanks (not reserve agentel 4,770,745.53 Due from State banks! and bankers Checka and other oasli Iti nis S71.713.M) Eichantfes for clenrinir bouse 6,818,760.11 Notes and other national bunks 27,000.00 lawful lnonev reserve In bank, viz.: Specie ,10,414. 4M.4 Legal-teuder notes . . 3.777,993.00 . . 14,192,478.84 Redemption fund with HI. S. Treaa- nrer (5 per cent, of circulation). . 2,500,000 Due from I'. S. Trenaurer, other thau 5 per cent, redumption fund. 60,000.00 Total i $78,150,943.22 LIABILITIES. Capital stoct, paid In. $2,000,000.00 Surplus fund 2,500,000.00 t'lidlvideil profits, less expenses and taxes paid I,853,5fl5.n0 National bank notea outstanding. .. 49,400.00 line to other national banii $24,891,583 83 Due to Slate hanks aud bankers 7.204,727.31 Due to trust companies and savings bauks.. i 4,217,992.73 Dlvlilemla unpaid ....I 6,322.50 Individual deposits I subject to check . . . 33,820,815.28 Deiuund certificates of deposit 157,850 89 Certlfled checks j S4,863.58 Cashier's checks out- 02212.247.976 22 Total ! $78,150,943.22 State of New York. Cojinty of New York, sa. : I. CEOIMiE S. llICKflK, Cashier of tbe above-nauied bank do solemnly swear that the above etatenient la true to the best of my knowledge aud belief. " (JEORGE S. 1JICKOK. Cashier. Correct-AtteBt: JOS. T. MOORE. I EDWD. C. HOYT. Directors. (IICO. KRKD'K! VIKTOR. J Subscribed and sworn to before me this iid dav of Julv, llMU. WM. A. MAIN. Certified in N. Y. Notary Public, Kings Co. ' (1352.) REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE HANOVER NATIONAL BANK OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK AT NEW YORK In the State of New York, at the close of business July 15, 1901: HESOl'RCES. Loans and discounts. l40'20?' I Overdrafts, secured and unsecured V. S. bonds to secure cttcuiaiion. . . ;."V."ov-"" V. S. bonds to secure L'.lS. deposits 6.200.0.K.00 142,930.00 175.868.92 1.9H0.713.U1 2,450,000.00 OB.OW.UU t'. S. bonds ou hnud. Premiums on V. S. bonds. stui'kH. securities, etc.... Ranking house. furniture, and fixtures other real estate owned Due from national banks (not reserve agent,) 2.195,620.53 Due from State banks iiud bsnkers 1,087,502.64 Internal revenue stamps . '?;'!l' Checks and other cash Items Jvl'to" 'XA Exchanges for Clearing House "'".VT'IS Notes of other national baiika , SO.IUU.OO Fractional paper currency, nickels an.l eenta I 13.73 IjuUhI niiaiey reserve In hank, viz.: Specie" Legal tender notes.. J,35,780.00 8. Treaa- 17,729.079.50 150,000.00 74,000.00 Reilemntlon fund with V iii-er ill nor cent, of circulation Due from V. S. Treasurer, other than 5 p. c. redemption lunu Total $97,606,747.08 i.iann.i'riF.s. Capital atock raid in 1 $3,000,000.00 Surplus fund.! i 5,000,000.00 Undivided pronia, iesa ei neuses nun taxes paid National bank notes outstanding., line to other national 1 banks ai,wtM,w.aii Due to State bauks and bankers ,mi,on.iu Due to trust companies aud savlnga bnuKs. . .b(,im-.oo 434.874.P1 2,986,800.00 Dividends unpaid , Individual d e p oaita subject to check. .. .$17 Demand certificates of deposit Certified checks Cashier's checks out standing 43,962.503.59 8,744.00 1071,057.55 17,580.20 16,504,171.64 1.451,247.84 I'nlted States deposits. . Culted States bond account 35.1O4.057.U . 6.033,087.46 , 2,076,680.00 Total $97,606,747.08 State of New York. County of New York, sa: I. JAMES T. WOODWARD, president or tne above-named bank, do solemnly awear that the bove atatement is true tl tbe best of my know ledge and belief. i .lAn. l. .i''L'i',VA!,if. rresiucur. Subscribed and sworn to day of July, 1901. I .Notary miuic, ao. bo. Correct Attest: JAMES M. DONALD, ) VERNON H. MOWN, V Dl reefers. ELIJAH P. SMITH J before me, this 24th JOHN C. RYEK, New York County. DIVIDEND NOTICES FRESNtin NT EE fc CAR CO. l'lttsburg. Pa., July 23, 1901. PREFERRED DIVIDEND NO. 10. A nuarterly dividend ot: ONE AND THREE- QCARTEKS (1-V PER CENT, will be paid on the preferred atock at this company August 22, 11)01, to stockholders of lecord at the close of business Aufnlst 1. 1901. Checks will be mailed fromethe office of ihA ccmnany. The transfer books will cloae at 8 P. W. Annst 1, 1901, and reopen at 10 A. 11. August 22, 11)01. A. h, prtA,rK, lTeaswrer. PRESSED ftTEEL CAR CO. Pittsburg. Pa., July 23, 1901. COMMON DIVIDEND NO. 4. A nnarteriv dividend of ONE (1) PER CENT. will be paid on the common stock of this company August 21), 1001, to (tockholdera of record at the clone of business Auirust 8. 1901. Checks will be mailed from the (dice of the company. The transfer books will cl se at 3 P. M. August 11HJ1, and reopen at io A m. August a, 1901. A. R. fRAZER. Treasurer. business men who have llfteen days to visit points of Interest herenbouts. Nearly all went to the seashore. Upon their return they will make puixhusis jtor fall snd win ter trade. . I . ,. ... ...... 25.447.7IR.8 210,000.00 Total s $29,927,686.39 State of New York, ciunty of New York, sa.: i I. V. II. T. KEVSKIt, Cashier of the above-uaiued bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement la tine to the best of my knowledge and belief. W, H. T. KEYSER, Cashier. Knlmcrilieri ami sworn to before me, this 23d day of July. 1901. .1, M. SToDDARDj Notary rubllc, N. Y. Co. Correct -Attest: WM. ItAIROI'R, V OEO. II. JIACY Directors. CHARLES H. STOI'T. )

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