The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1931
Page 7
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•ACE KIOHT .mm. Writer Finds W.' L. WJlh Only a Sore Thumb; Boxer Likes His Speed. .EDITOR'S NOTK: 'Ihis Is tin secorid of four ^lories direct from Ihf training ramp of W. I.. Slrili-. ling II, America's hupe t'j refill the world lir-iivywfight chitnipii 11- rlilu fi-oni Max Scluiu-Mnr \rf (itr- maiiy In Oltvi'land July :i. * * . UY Cl.AIRE ItliltCKV NKA Strvlre f,\ior('i \VriUr •OEAUQA LAKE PARK, O!lb- Ach't and trains, wrenches ami trulses-W. I.-. Strlblm-r, li might ha\e trcn'a vorld champion :nlit- cr Ion? a'<o Ii:j1 hi not bc?n pursued by p.ri Injury jinx, lint so far as 11 can learn, lie ha-jii'i a thins the matter with him m ihis sla^e of his prepariillo:! for tiie fiehl with Heavyweight Champion Max Echmellna In Clcvc-laiu! July 3. ; Peihnps it's just ;<r, well tor the champion Hint w. I., has o:uy a hangnail on his thiimb, Instead of a sprained hotic! like he haO before Die Von Porat fiijhl. Pa Stribliiig might "hop up" his son with the same kind of stuff he in- jcclcl - in W. L.'s left prior to the Von Porat encounter—and the result mlaht. be • nirtntns lor IJer MnxlG-ln the first round. I don't know how far tins fixe thumb ailment hns none, strib didn't mention it. Herbert (Habyi -Stribling, the challenge's 2-l-ycar- old brother, told 1112 about it. Evidently it doesn't amount to much. Ohio's brunch at fho Miultan Square Garden Cerporslion. as a means of guarrim.? against Slrib- line's Injury jinx, forbid him (he use of his airplane or niniorluxil in the training camp. They let him have life bic.-sc:lnu, but iirsccl Hint he obey the Ohio sp2c:l l.v.vs. All was fine—the challenger was taking care nf his valuable arms nnd legs—until a motorcycle agency seeking publicity presented hliii with one of their new machines "You stay oft that dunged thins." cautioned Pa. "We can't have, you Retting a broken arm or leg with the fieht coining on. Stay nivny from it—let It stand out in fru:i of the pr:ss hcnclqimrters." But- Pn went to Atlanta for n lew days—and w. L. hopped 01 his ncxv toy and look a wli'r through the park. He craved spied and he got it—r.-hlle Pa v.-acn't looking. A.RT KPF.MZ, Time after time you probably lave !,cn> a nolfsr In the miuh ir.ff to yet (he E:nnr; dlblaiK" 1 f^. he Flsci would i:el on the talnvay. H you luive watched this, you r.rcbablv ha'.o seen him fijr/lu the shot :.nil thi'ii, iryluij to make tip Hit 1 ; new Ifst ciistance, bang away nt the ball,- nil the time iiddlnr; *liokcs to tlie score of the hole. h-.-^ rm thr/ir? MliU7.s to r?m?]n- BLYTHKV1LI.E. (ARIUCOUHIER NEWS DOH'T ATfeWPT TO MAKE THE GREEM CW tVECj; SKIT OUT OF THE ROUGH. AT TlttES IT IS By FAR svreR •& sucor r-^ . TtiE Lanishaw Bcsls Fcrrell While Senators Gain i Straight Victory HOW THEY STAND I well b:r whon you ;;;1 into the One nf <hcni is I;/ ke?i> ccol K:K! :i'!;:>; n little men; Ihitn An- utlier l* LO try to biliiy the c-lub- hond <lown .sh?rply on the ball, mt'r:Ina no attempt to hit with a t:c])it!£ s'.rohe which will lie 5!-:pp'd by the I hick crass. An:l ll-.iT-dly. if I iic lie is very heavy, it Is far Mifrr to shunt sirnli;ht out on thft fairway wliere yuu can yet under uav ut;;iln than U Is to ivasi-j nil dial usvli'ss elfoit In the rough, The Washington Senators contlu- ncd Ihr-ir victory rnnrch, ringing U|) their lath successive victory but they Inllc:! ID KM\t o:\ till- P-illa- U-adi-r.s, who Ix-at tli'j C'lcvt'land In- j-JInllS. | Tlir- Nats won a shiniest from t!i: |Hroivm. coirilns frurn b:-hlnd after jllic lust tlirct ii:ii>ii|;.s to cop t'l'.-i H.irni'. a lo 7. Four S'.. l/nils I'alllu I M'.'re siojiix^l by :ioublo plsiys. j HlcU'^f's tj);j;c in inc iiintii .scnrt'J i the winning 1:111. Marberry. Inli'tl' Wu.shiiiKtcn pltrliT, was tin 1 winner. | Cieurjii- K:iui!is!iaiv lliui'.iHl tiic Cleveland 'liull:in\ to live hits V/rs l-i-]-rtlt in u hurling dud. The Alhlvtii-s Mun. 4 la 2. F.:l- ilie Morij.m of f-'i-r^liirul hj:ii;vc/I. A si'imiional rali-ii !;y llu-ii, Muck o.jilii'l:i:-r. hi l.ic ninth :,!o|),jcd n CJ(-vi.-l;iiid rally, TIic only i;amr i)l:iy?d in the National !»ague ;;nv? Hi? Brouktyn l)c;[li!ors n 2 lo 0 .stmioiit ov;r the Pittsburgh I'iratc:,. Watson Chirk. Southern I.eafiK W. IJ. Birmingham <3 22 Chnttanooga M'2« Atlanta 31-31 Memphis 30 32 New Orleans 30 33 l.iltle Dock 28 33 • -\fobllc 27.'35' American I.raRue W. I,. Philndelphln 40 13 Washington 39 17 New Vork '21 n . p«t. ' JK2 /-J5il • .(}« -,484 -:-,470! .459 .,435 Travelers On Losing End Of Hard Fought Game Chicks Defeated. The leading Barons of the South- ern'league were hard pu> to beat Ih'e Pebbles 1 iiu 10 innings yesterday but they come through as usual. The Travelers scored one run in tlw tenth but the Barons came back to match it and go them one better In triumph, 5 to 4. The veteran Ray Caldwoll was the winning pitcher and Bfirnabc Ihe loser, Ciinnib St. i/)uis Pet. ',. BO The Clialtanoiga Ixxikoutechilk- ',.., cd up their ninth consecutive vle- ' tory ai Die expense of the Mobile THURSDAY. .)U_NIS 18, 1981 er. Barnes, got three liits for At- nnta. ' Reid Returns lo Pitcher's Motiiu) Arid Manila Wins Lutes team of the Mississippi I this city, yesterday. ' County baseball league defeated i B. Lu'.cs and Quails were the bat- Cosnell 9 to 8 at the Midnight Inn jloiy for Lutes and Thomason and ball park on Highway ^i, north of'Acoach lor Gosnell. Nallonut St. Louis ... York ... lijago llo.ston Hrooklyn Pittsburgh .. Philadelphia Jinclniiali ' surly, eusi'r ti> i;d colnc. TJft-wccn rnnnds hi- .staiui^ in his corner, clisdr.intn^ the Mool iihicc:! tlicr^ for him to :-.ll on If his apm- inulfs licins; on tco 10:11; In clinches --and alinDM cvui-y one of Ihfm dors at or.ce rat-h round—ho tnirly snarls n "ti't loone." Stiiblin;; Impre-sscs me as Iwinrj i^rr for July :i and Max Schmel- Ing. One of his Epar-rlng partner:; told me the snnu: '-linprivstuii" Jolt'd htm. TOMOKHOW: Win's bflihul llic liillcnjsor? 1'a and Ma Klrlhllng, "I'll have him In perfect shnp:- for. that nght," savs Lak: UUFSCH Lafce Is hend foottall coach ai M?rcer University In Macon. On., but right now he's head nun at the rubbine table In W. L.'s private dressing rcom. "He's feslins fine. He wants to work oftcner thail his prescribed foi:-' limes :: week In Uie rin». !r Rnssell and I watched the hnnd- Eorr.e Gconian step a round of shwlow boxin?. Lake knows a couple ol football coaches that 1 laiow, so wo started talkln» foDt- ball. "Could you use a man like that on your Mercer club?" I asfcsd. "Could 1 USD him!" burst ou[ Hi'SEfll. "What- fcctball couldn't use a tackle that mov£s around as sprightly as w. L.y And wouldn't a hallMck loo:: yood uilh a slifT arm as toiijh r.s liis jitrai^hl !clt? It's a shame In ntvcr plnjeJ thD game. I gutss Pa and Ma teth turned thumbs down on football." From all th3 hub-bub raised last March in Mtemi. you might have thought Primo Camera was the first who ever lost track of a • rib. But Willie Strlblint; shonlii to credited with that stunt. He tnitplaccd one in Ml.imi hi 1929. b:?.tinj Carr-.em by ma full year:; "It happened durinj a 'o:-bk workout a. week before the fight.' reminisced Pa EtribUng. "\v. L let loos? a long, overhead sl:o' and Immediately felt a twinge o! pain high ui> <,(, his E;i:>. After Ihe round lu complained. An ex omination showed that lie hcd disjjlacid an upper rib, ntaut ir.i eighth of an Inch or so. It v much, but It worried him. And to make imtt:rs worsj. a sli-ht attack of neuritis dcvelop;d in his arm. We massaged him carefullj —painfully, to him. You may recall that there was talk o! sub- stitutinj Pacllno ngsinsl Sharkey.' That's tht story of Young Etrib ling's sore shouldrr- A year a? he developed n sere hand. It wa only two days before his fijiit will- Von Porat in Clsicajo. As so;i as-word cf his iixjury cnnn ou people started talking about alibis "There wc-re no bon:s broke but his hnno* was sprained." ex pining Baby ., Gtr;fcUn». "W Ihoiight it was a -recurrence- o p.n injury he got about four mon ths before. 'The night of Ihe fight, wt gc permission lo deaden the pain I his .hand with cocaine. S;vera of us hud to hold him whrh 1 took seven shots In that leit fist "That left Dst" was the on that exploded on Von Porat chin in the first round. • • * The challenger appears montal alfrt 'and'keyed up to a high pitch than ho has be.:n for prc lo'lis .fighls.. He apparently realize (hut this 'ls. : his .bigr choice—no • tihty his. last criftnce. In .Ihti'rlnt, he swim impatieh R1TZ-THEATER' Friday and Saturday Soo William llainos •in . His Latest Uo!c .'Just A Gigolo 1 - Also Comudy and Fal)!cs Acini.—Matinee—-10 'and 30c Ni^ht—10 n ml 3f>i: Friday and Saturday w. 34 10 in S " Marines. The score was 5 to 2. Hol- liauser was tlie wliinlng pitcher. The Lookouts' winning streak is the u ret. ), t , st [| 1( .y j lnve enjoyed since Join- .680 Ing the .'lengus. •?29| The New Orleans Pelicans foun' MANILA, Ark., June 18-Manila defeated Cooler, Mo., 4 to 3, for' their second victory of the week, 1 having defeated the Panigould, nine, Sunday, 14 to 5. Spot Held,! well 'known hurler and sometime' boxer, of lilytlievlllc was on the j mound for the local team. Monk i Wright, local star moiindsman,: who had pitched the Sunday some, was Reid's balleiy mute und caught a .vrry gcoj"came. Wright Is scheduled to pitch for lilythc- vllle this Sunday, lie was among the last recruits turned loose by Chief Prothro of ihe Memphis Chicks this spring. :uul h:is improved much over last season. The game was won in the ninth Inning by tliei local team ulun two pinch hitters delivered to sr-:id iwc) 1'Uiis across the plate. , « ,' .-'".iilfiht baseball to their liking an in., erabbed nn 8 to 7 victory. Connar •28 30 31 3G Brooklyn southpaw, limited the Hues to seven scattered hits. The and Clabaiigh hit home run. 1 •I^jTIic Vols came within a run o ,,,! knotl! »e Ihe count In the ninth • JJ -> Ollatto was the winning hurler. Memphis' Chicks were undo th spell of Andy Messenger's right yes Itrday and the Chicks lost to At Ucxlfrr.s M-orcd runs in the fourth lanta, V to 3 Mess-irser won wit nul sei-eiilh Innings. ! C asc and Heck was the losing hurl Announcing The Opening'of a New Picnic Park and Barbecue Pavilion Bojfinninjj Thursday we v.'ill he complc-My c(|uij)]ii!il to accomimxhilc picnic parlies on our .sp'iicions, shady lawn when; dcliciotK bavbeeiw, sandwiches und all kinds of cold drinks can lie secured at uin- pavilion. \VK INVl'I'K YOU TO COMIC OUT—I'J.KNTY 01-'SHAM; AND IM.KMY TO NAT. GAMES TODAY Southern I.eugui' Memphis at Atlanta. Litlle Rock at Birmingham.. Mobile at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Nashville. National league St.. Louis at Boston. Chicago at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at New York. Cincinnati at' Philadelphia. In connection with nnr barhcrriic pavilion wi! will iijKM'aU; a niudnin filling .station, handling Phillips CG «as ant! oil proilncls. FLOYD'S PARK l''li)yd Simpson, MKI'. On Highway 18, Wcxt nf City Umits Kenneth Harlan Josephine Dunn if'- Charles Delaney iE?irt WITH SHUSHING ACIIOK, BOMANU, VIV19 LHUMA Sunday and Monday do men in fenr ol their •;."• 1:11 Ihcir lawyers? \vhut d;omen in love iell thi-lr lawyers? v« th:ir ccjifidcnces clash u'llh .s conscience? This ruthi?r.: •air.r. b.-.rcu a lawyer's heart! l«k— ' , ^IJp 5^(^ ! ic- Fablc.s nnd Serial - Tliii.iitom of tliu Wust" No. •\dni.—Mntineo and Nijfhl- 10 anil 2iic. i Sunday nnd Monday TIFFANY / The Tremendous, Vital, Gripping Drama o£ Modem Moral* nnd a Woman's Splendid Courage. KAY JOHNSON HEHT LYTRLL . , are to-eowvinee with Cl.JVK RItOOK CHAULKS UOGKKS K(CHARl) AU1.KN KAY WRAY and JKAN ARTHUR Also Comedy and News Adm.—Matinee and Nigln 15 and 'I0c. Coming.— Jo:in Orav/fni'd "LAUGHING SINNKRS." T'MKE nothing letter llian h> induce lianl-. lo-conviiu-e smokers to sivilch lo Guncla for just one tiny. For we know llial after llicy liavo made a real lest, it will be mighly Iiunl to hire llicm away from lliis famous hraiul. It's not easy to smoke parrlird-th-) ciga- rettcs once yo^i liave known tlie delights of perfectly conditioned Camels. After inhalijig the cool, soft fragrance of the Camol Blend of choice Turkish and mellow Domestic tobaccos protected by llic Humidor Pack, your throat protests against the bitn and sling and harsli holucss that com r.s from crumbly, dry tobacco. No mailer where you pick ihrin up, in any land, in any climaio, Camels arc llu; s:ime fresh, favtory-priiui; cigareties. For llic Humidor Pack of moisture-proof Cellophane air-si-als all {lie flavor in and keeps out weather, dust ami germs. Tliis is no meir advertising story. I( is .T reci- lalion of fact lhal has made the whole, country conscious of a new superiority in Camels. If yon are hard lo convince, won't you switch to Camels for jusi « llc day? Then leave them — if von caii. inCAMcfc QI-.VRTFR HOUR /rniiir/n/f ,W«r(on norrnrj- amt Tnny (Ibru CoJumii« Bromlrajrin Siic— "'*'" f.ttrpl Snniluy I Also Comedy nnd Xe\v.s i» Adm.—Matinee ;nid Ni-!n 10 and K:. " LS WO CIGARKTTY AFTEH-TASTK Han't trninrr tlir mnii- I'trc-jiroaf CrUnplitinc frnm your itnrknfr-nf Camels nflcr j-ori often il. Tht' Unwitlnr /'ncA- ijt pro- Irclim, again*! .nrral, dnrl aitilgrvmt.ltrtrltrfrsfrcili Came!* mnf &PI>J» Ilicm right nnlil yna imnf.c lilt /in/ one

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