The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1932
Page 6
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six m.YTHKVIU.F,. (AUJO COWtlrW NICWS San Francisco's Track, Field Aces Dentist, Milkmen, Insurance Agenls and Em- balmcrs Are Athletes. jWin Titles in Annual Pern| iscol County Tourney at ' Caruthersvillc. RV HHL SINNOTT NEA Servicr Writer SAN KIUNCISCO. -Non 1 , thl- Olympic Club of San Fraiicl.<ro— With the revival of (mi-rest Ui the Olympiad, nnd n-rtnliity that Olympic Club amateurs Mil roni- "noip here as they do In football wiwl otlu-r sporU, one ciowtl of sinn fans Insist- it- can't bo clone, and less skeptical say dint If It \ can bt done. It's somciiilnt? nfw. And the ansAi'r Ls wron? m both cases. TV>i ••Winded O" nnwlr-urs— i meeting n 'moit, rigid uniauMir ca'Jc : —right no*' are nctlve In IS com- • pctitivc sports. Pin thennorc. their participation U no Innovation, inasmuch as the club Is the oldest amateur olhlftlc club In the United Slates. Men who have completed t!:cL- collcge career* but who wish to continue In competition, lads who never had. a chance to tjo to colk-gu but who like si>orU, bond salesmen, .students, iwstmen, milk watjon drivers, engineers, dontlsbt uud lav- yors—you'll nnd them all in the Ineups of Olympic Club teams. The beginning was the back yard of Ciiflrlo.i and Arlhui Nnlil. two athletic lad. 1 ;, bnck In 1855. They colled In others; an unofficial or- (•tinlzatlon was effected. And In 1800—six years before • (ho New York Athletic Club was born—there wns official organization as a club, v.'ith 'meetings held, n a volunteer lire .station. • 1 I' The matter oi-amateur vs. professional competition mine up rc- jwatedly, and It was settled to.- all lime In 1888 when the chib adopted lie- rigid coie couccinvng athletic comjietltioiis. It. WM in tv.e Olympic Club that Jim Corbett, Yosmtf Mitchell' and oilier coiVy -day champions learned boxing. Ana .Corbett. was a club boxing Instructor before he turned professional. JUn Londos started In the wrestling game as nn amateur tit the Olympic. Percy Locey, after three scintillating years at Orctfon State Col- Ic-gt, «as & member ot the Olympic Club lootbill team—coached at that time by a man who never had . attended college. When this coach —"Bftbe" • HollnEbCTry— tralt ovei - , tire tob lit Washington Btalc col- :1C« that IB yours It thc Hods sail Kae LCCM- advanced to co.icli. Now, nrti-r flin wire In front next. Sop- he's'also director of athletics. ' ember. Meant line. Kearney pi ou- The program Ui which tlie Olyin- | Dly ulll go out nnd liny hims.'H !> ! c Club competes on nn amateur • . ;-.CT hnl with your tcn-s)iol. b"'ls with universities and athletic | Once in a while, tliouch. bcttinsr clubr. Includes American mid soe- ;dds tlnd n way of falling flat cer'football, cross country, shoot-( nd then a Jim Dniirty'siiuu'' log basketbail, bcxlny. track, sKlm- BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufcr IMcrc Right about this lime amiually there comtii a rtdy whvn Tltomns up from hts uftitliH his pre-wu- tho crmnces of tlH~ Kenrney huddle and son prices on major league teams In thc pcnn&nl aces. Mr. Kciimey, yon know, LH he St. Louis betting man. Ills: relations are always Inlerestlnc;. I If you are n. picker of Juu! jandys, Kearney lins conveniently .upplled you a select list of three his season. One Is Dan How ley's Cincinnati HedK, very choice al 100 o 1 In the National league. The thers ar L . the lied nnd White Sox, t Boston and Chicago, respcc- •.ively. Suppose you like the Reds to win n the National. Just write Mr. Kearney a note, cndcsc a ten-dollar i.ll. then sit, back and wait for the Now. (.til 100-1 and bsnts a Gallant Fox third. He holds iln- same kind ol hope foi (he (teds and Red Sire. Yanks Hlrp Up A your n-Ro tht> Yankees were no belter than third choice behind the Athletics nnd Senators, They're now n closo scrawl chok-c, so clow Unit Krmncy wtuliin'l pay j more tlmu three lo r two If they won. The Senators nl this suilje are held at -1-1 to win nnd cwn money to plnce. OI course, lliww prices aren't fliuil. It's going to be Interesting lo watch tin 1 llgiiroK reni-range themselves as the teams get -into thc schedule. By Decoration Day jou :..i3hl have a. hard lime eeltbij iv.' even money that the Brookin cir Senators will win. On the other hard, by Fcnrlli ff July. Mr. r.cntnc; msy acccpl 10-1 bots on .V- lo mVp It four straight. Connie Mack refused to com- •••dirsa tilth Lefty Grove when J.-fly ilriirnrlcil $35,005 a year. Wrll. the • uy rilJ Icso four r.rmcs 3.1ft year, at that. :~r\'r, Crlslcr hrs sinned I? coach I' >hc'on Tl^;rs for three ANN ARBOR.. ,-.-]-• yes. sir, v.'o. all hnvc bur o[ Michigan trai ' the ^tux Carcv says nil thnl roc nil Thltcl Unstinnu liabby Hell needs Is a little p:lislihiR cip. Aye, iiL'ur's l!w riib: (.UP1—University i enthusbs'.s f- Wolverln-s have f. other-sprintlns giant In the person ot Donald J. R.-nwk:'n. Tiw i- sensation, racing his first year ii. u Wolverine uniform, lias cllckei ofT o:ie victory In as ninny s'jr CARUTHICK8V1I,U?.. Mo. —Ill: u-juh aiini.'.il Pc-imcol coun-.y has- •tbiill tournament, which \va.s 1 hMd nn tho carmhersvilla hign school conn Thursday. Friday tuiil Hal ciny, March 3 lo 5'lmjlusive, .cnmc Co 11 clcs^ Saturday nifihl with the Cnniiheisvillo boys, and Hayli c as tin- champions,-Dewing boys onl • v 's liki'i 1 ! second place, and Slealc toys mid Cooler «lrh wlnnln;; cbli- Trophlps were awarded, to all six lenins Ijy Ifon. Uobi-rt, L. Ward, who :il» nnnounccd the all star team*, which had been chosen by the s of tho schools paulclpntlng ind the ofllclah of the tournament, ind arc as follows: | Hoys: Burroughs, forward, Stceb; ' ultl'Cws, forward. Hayli; Masters. JoiwEinl, Dcerlng; llorton. csnlsr, nterhin: Harris, center, Sieele; 1'eh- annrd, Steole; Ilecves, uuiircl. C'ariuhersvllle; Elliott, guurd, Dcer- Drooks, guard. Ccoter. Oil Is: Hargrove, forward, Dc*rIIIB: Wallace, forward, Hayti; L. .\lklii?, forward, Cooler; Hnmer. center, Haytl; W. Pate, rnnnlni; center, Deermg; William*. n« centOT, Havtl; Holt, lun- cciilcr. Dragifadocio-. Funderburk. guard, Cooler; Harglman. .uard, Hayli; C. Pate, guard, Deer- ins;. The girls chainnlon^hip ganie was played :it 8 o'clock Saturday night. Ilie Haytl girls won over the im; Kirls hv a verv small inar- "in. Hit! score belnz 35 to 31. This •"nnc was a fluhl from start to fln- f <-ii. ini-k onlv wlnninif the game for Huytl. as ihe loams were evenly -,n|pi,, lr i «n:l b^h tf^ms dlsulay- cxcellent. ifarn work, the ».iin» ni'iniim with fli-st one and then the other ahead. The bovs cha-np'otiship ^amo was d at 9 o'clock Saturdav nkht. mid Ihe Cdruthersvllle boys won over tlic Dfrlne bivs bv a 5iy>-c of 30 to 21. Tills f.'as an Inleres'liw nnd well plavcd '«rame tlirouahout. both teams fi«htln^ <••** Hlcniavinn well ulpnnij.' tfnm work, the Ca- inthersv'llle team bclnir.smi!!'-'- md years. Music nnd the fine arts •"rnewlmt faster than the Deeriu? ssrvc enormously more from Uic •"im. ' federal government than they liavj ever received. If the bankrupt "1* For countries of Europe still find it Im- peratlve to continue t'r.elr natiini 1 . !~ UrgC'' ( 'P*ra nr.d conservatories of music even If on a reduced scale, IVr ereatest nation in the wcrkl mijh» <lo as much for music and the arts ns It does lor its pigs. America is no longer a musically passive ration. 1 - .''. • HEM TIM Tcou THE MSfeit IN UrS ouitt HStf.% AMD CAU.ED OUT THREE BATreRS oM TUICY Al t I Al lAUCn XY/UCM T!M HURST terminated a long-winded IMfcT /\L1_ UAUOHtU WHtlN game and caught the 5:17 train from Philadelphia to New York. St. Louis was playing the Athletics and Hurst, when umpiring in Philly, always managed to get back to his home in New York after the games. Jack Powell was pitching for St. Louis and what the Athletics didn't do to his pitching isn't worth mentioning. As the Athletics were piling up runs, train time drew nearer. Tim looked at his watch from time to time and Powell, noticing this, stalled the more. Finally in the ninth, Powell deliberately walked the first three men. Hurst burned up and call»d out the next three men on successive strikes though »Viry ball came close to being a wild pitch. Tim iust had time to catch the train. N. J fUPl^-ir «ii«i>™tlin n mcv"^)CTt fwn Tt?'v federal depirimsnt of flno arts v.-ir 1 -•>•=„M. h-'iul. Richard Crooks. American tenor, declared today rn'lhg, water polo;. ii<uidball, west- ling, 'fencing.'"Ice hojkey, squash l*«etall, gymnastics and tennis. In .addition, the.Olyuipic Club's l-ak*- Klde'goll course Is one of.lho flrieat plants' In trie "country." • - ' ' There will be some °om- jjetltion in boxing wetghl lilting and similar events In the Olympiad trycuts. But In track and water polo; the club'will make its formld- to American abl« contributions teamt. - . ; ' Ken Churchill, holder of the- In- tacolleglite javelin mark. Is on the Olympic Club squad. So Is Sabln Carr, former Yale pole -vault chain plan, and Walter Martji, high jump ! prices on th, ace. And wearing Olympic livery Una Senatois .nd the pastime of wagering be- omcs the more f»sclnaling. * • * Carif, A's Even Money Uollat-for-dollar Is all you can get 'from the St. Louis ' bet- ,ing commissioner by backing the Lc'.v rnntocn, - new manager of ll-e \Vh;i3 Sox, snys he cnn see no hntm In golf lor Imti»lKc, U- yen CRii, ssolt hurt ins the White Sox. - . ..*...,., .. ... . miic Al tho University of West. Virginia. . fcat tlicvc was nothing-yislonavy In relay Raines, Renwlcli st-;pp;d 7' | ths eAorl, ' -' "."'•' yard.-; .In 7.2 seconds, tyin<< the in-. "Despite Ihe'depresslon." lie as- hts alhblcs. ^°or record for tho distance. ' ' serted. "music has made progress f..-!. n P! ,I ov Piirr{in«i>t It. Amerle. during the last three UJ1K ''CHI f rurcnaSCS Kankakee s Car Lin: KANKAKEE, III. (UP)—Fourteer street cars, which wsre ':'!scard?3 by a public utility company' wheu \t received permission from-the Illinois Commerce Commission to sub.'rttute niQlor busses, were sole! recently as junk at an average pr>. ot s:5 each. The cars, in gocd mechanical con- tHllrn, were purchased by a sc-ran'J linnd ilD.iier. He also purclis;:d Ihe . ' . rails and copper wire used for trol- . ley lines and now he is fully c:;i;i i• •' Courier News want ads. ' y~. to run his ovai street cnr line providing he can get the electric l»',vcr to operate It. The dealer said he was und3e!d- eU whether to Jimk the cars and sell ir.e parts, or to try and interest some community in buyin) them. ' w-. W.nt Adi Rav. grai) Jnn. C. McKaney, Jr. "The Monumrnt Mnn" The news that F, dyed foiir-ycnr- tl" mnV.cs Cardinals to make 11 three In <i;r.ld tan hi Miami OK-In'the National. It's the same one believe that perhaps there :,-ay in the American, .where UK '" —— """"• Athletics will shoot nt faur straight, pennants: The Cards are 2 to 5 to till another clmnc<> for _>lac e and I to 5 to show, The Mackme'n are 1. to; 4 to place,, and entirely out of the show p!cure. Yon may get an indea about the American League race by the show Athletics. Van kens Thcvc aren't any. 'again will be Bob Kelly, the postal |The Indians are 8-1, 2-1 and 1-2 clerk,-'who has left his wife and | In the National League the five kids for 12 years to win tho ccasv "cop-step-and-jump title. Uike the national A. A. U. title in Denver and go to several Olympiads. Steve Dodds, outstanding in thc steeplechase event; Charles Cn&lcr. junior college hurdle star; Georsc Theorodalm. Washington Stale weight man; Ralph Hill, ex-Uni Giants flre 5-2. 7-10 and 1-4; the GEMTHEATRE Last Time Today Adm.—Matinee- Night—10 -10 and nnd 2fic 30c while , 3-1. even money the Cubs, wllh and ] Matinee Grimes, or mnyb" It's In spite, of him, are 4-1. 3-^ nnd 1-2. Second Division Odd* IHRh If the prices on last yenr's second division leains nre an Indication vmtty orOT«c,n'Tnd"intercx>liesi- '.at their improvement In 1932, there »tc mile champion—thews aro oth-|stlll seems to be room for added er Olympic jamM prospects W l :o I strength. Pittsburgh Is down at are Olympic Club athlftes. ! '0-1 lo win, 3-1 to place and even In i-ater polo, the club liae'mcney to show. Prices on the George Schrolh , Marshall DunnJ Braves. Phillies. R«!s, Tigers. Oeorgc Mitchell and Elmer Clapp. j Drowns. Red Box and Whito Sox : all with Olympic experience. It Is'are higher, considerably higher. j thc plnn to add' Wldgetl Clapp and ! c " :to n few °^ vi Terc thinking ; Booch. Stanford sprint ^ura, lo'l^l peihaps U» White Sox con la I n.ake this a formidable Pacific Ath- I -«'•-•- v~*- e 'his year under Lew lellc Association cntr,'- IFonseca, bui Kearney. Is certainly How are ihcse aljil«llcs financed? "The Olympic Club, with a new, complete club building, has over HOC members. All aro Interested In not of the same mind. I'm curious : lo know Just what kind of a bet le'd offer on the chances of the Sox getting Into the first division. 2:15 - Night—6:-lu SKR 'Arc These Our Children' with Arlene Judge Also News and Coinetly Tuesday, Wednesday nnd Thursday Matinee nnd Kight 10 and 25c m. THEATER; Last Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Night—B:45 Adm.—Matinee—10 nnd 30c Night—15 and <10c See 'Shanghai Express' with Marlene Dietrich. ("live Brook and Warner Gland Also Comctlv I Tuesdav and Atirn.—Matinee—10 and Niprht—10 and "(lASSIHED the athletic prcgram-and there'f iHc llsts H^nsccn's team at 30-1 to j even a club b»nd to step up In- i Msh £econd nn * 'O' 1 to """ ' tercst," Locey explains. "Thi mem- j bers 'ill p*y dues. In addition, vt \ get a perc«ni&(« of tee gate re- [ celpts. In thc comp*Ullonf—as do J tlie coUeges ft ccoipete with. The gate receipts go to defray expenses, trtth the deficit coming from the general fund. "Our 1931 foothtU l«am Included a brokerage clerk, three Insurance falescwn three service station attendants, two gardeners, o coup!* of actory hands, two hotel clerks. «n auto washer, a haberdashery clerlt. * bar* cicrt. a Junior college ttodeov a credit clerk, wholesale carpet ftrm employe embolm- tag achool student, a rating bureau h»d, flw milkmen, a longshoreman, two uovtlty salesmen, a steam .ship clerk and an advertising print- "Aod they could prtctlce only at •JilfW,-t«o-<n ti poorly lljthled field. jSom* bad little time to practice because of the nature of their York. And U W a lot* day for ttxxie milkmen, ' If You-Have the "lihies" Sec his new way of cooking gives old-time flavor to your meals Did you ever hear tales of in the oven... set th'e cloclc the wondrous foods prc- ... and adjust the thermo- parcd in the Old Dutch meter to the right tempera- Ovens of yore ... tales of hire. Your dinners will cook by themselves . . . while you are downtown \hopping... at your luncheon bridge...or whiling leisure hours as you please. The current will turn off automatically when die roasts and gravy done to a turn of tempting brown... ot vegetables, puddings and pies so delicious that none could resist their piquant, savory delightful- nessPThen you know how a Westinghouse Flavor Zone Range cooks meals ... in a gradually reced* ing temperature . . . that yourself. seals in every drop of juicy flavor. But \vhere the Dutch housewives had to spend many hours of careful preparation ... you have merely to place cold food* food is done to Old Dutch Oven goodness... a lasting treat, to your family and V*it Ml (A. ton M% * M* imr- •> tftft *u Hf, t* tt% jmtti tf- El ECTRIC RANGE WITH THE AUTOMATIC FLAVOR ZONE OVEN llJ (Tr U.' '" "' M| '" ^W—Ul—ili—lUr, Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. V

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