The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1932
Page 3
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Cancel (AUK.) COIIUIKU NKWS 10 lit PJ. Ponding Appropriation To hoviclc Fluids (ov Local Project. WASHINGTON. 1). C . March 7. i —Adoption by the senate c.f tlu . SlIM.Wi.lXXJ |«>il olliee construction iiujirojiikiilon. now awalt'ins action, ii ill prcviitc (In- fun:ls necessary 101 il-e new SflO.OBO bnilJ- ' hi- which lias bi-i-n •.ilV.-.'.V.'il w His- . rhevillc. TiKmiry officials have eharacler- i/rd as "mistaken" clit; uss.t-LiLnii of Rep. Mill's C. Allgoatl. Alabama. . thai no new cou>'.ruc!i"i» contract:; ' will bj Id Ibis ywr. Mi. All3.->=J. • they said, incbatly was confus:cl by the department':; announced iwliey «I st.irlhu; no now building prujxts • Ibis yc-ar. Projects now in the plan- : ntnrt sia'^c are all provided f;>r in , the S108.000.000 appronriai!c:i. ft is nainied oui. however, thni • Hi? $1[)3.COO.GOO will be baic'ly si if- ! t i'-nl to meet 111? IBM e.X]ir.i5e • projects already authorized, ami '. 'should the st-iuli-. for any ri-.non. strike out or iciuce ihi.s apprcprl- tition. work en numerous projects. . including tliat at Blylheville. would have to l>e postpancd. GIRL SCOUT BETTY—Girl. Scout Birthday- By Mont fort Tin- Uvt-mlt'lli IvUttultty ill Vlir fllrl Svftulfl hit <i«Hnl litil, un n Siitunliiy, holly MIL^I-SI.* t'lilllt '.I HMM..I llmt Ulf KlHll.lMolL -llOllll! nn uriJ-i IHMIII i any t<n the iliLMivii til an nrji n( lint EftSI ti HOUI. COU-1IBS Illl' tltp cContiiiueil [rnrn Pago O:iel (Continued from Pa?e One) . i:.g on th? west buckled under 'the intense heat. The loot MUS i ignited in sotn e jihiccs and the • biaUHix 1 ^ \vab dLimn^ed by fire and ! • walor jiotirc-d into tile building and . cnlo Hie ir.erc!>andise within. At one i-ime a croud which braved cold l>rce?.es to vnlcli the Rre- mcn v.crk. ilioujlu thnt Chief Roy Head had falli>n inio the bla?e. Mead, btaiiding on lop of the Reid- 1 man biiiklinj;. (Inched down out of | ••if lit onio the roof when a Mid-1 den susi ol wind 5:cktd fhimc.s. over from tin; corner buildin;;. The i ciond. imaljlfi to sre Head. t»- : iK.vrd he had tallcn through Hie | icof. but firemen and officers who i ou ii credit of ihrce months, :U ; the (rout clear of the Court House, vllllr - v -•*• "•'"• ! ' buwcen the hours prescribed by '''•'<! I»i«U,ist.T al said sail- will :i law. in the City of Blytlievlllc. Ar- '. "* '«!""«! IOMOCIIIO bond willi ap- l kansas. on lhe~2Glh day of March, . I'roml M-ninty. to secure Ihv pay- rlcu-i:ii.iin and ullivi.-. 133-' UK- follow-In" real istale, to- • menl. of HIP pnrckisc money, and 11 \Mtuv m> hand us cVik »„•' Men will be iclaiucd iipun said prop- 1 rrty as addiiiuiial security for Ihr : ptiyniciu of such pun-lmc minify. i Witness my l:.u:d ami Ihp seal of ' tald Court, on Ibis. UK- 4 dav of March. 153:'. :i—4-ii-iR will b e had to satisfy , ]? ^ CHINES CommK'-ioucr in Chancery. I operas, many songs and suites, moie than 100 marches and "The Last Crusade," perhaps his most pretentious work for orchestra, organ and choir. His marches, however, arc ii:c best known of his works. As far back as 1385 a foreign musicnl journal in an article on martial music besic\\eil upon Sousa Hie title, of "March Kinu" ni'.d it became known thr3'.i°hiut the musical world as a synanytu fc,r iiis own name. Scmsa's marches that were pDp- ' Cole's part of the structure, an ular favorites were "The Stars r.nri j <- lrt btiiicliny, was covered by SB.DTO ] _ Stripes Pcrevcr." "Tlie tli 3 h Srrool ! iiisii'-'anc-f. and Sahba had S-l.OCO on | 23 CaJc-t." "Seniprr FictciK" -The ^ llis llair - Tlu? equipment. Washington Post." "Kins Cotton," . slock, v.ilntd bnwet-n W.500 ••E! Cai>itan." "Liberty Bv.'!l." "Man- i «.WO. ol thc meat market, lialtan Beach." "Tlip Thunderer."! " ct covered. In fact nearly every one of his • antl s!o:J ' : . w marches was regarded as a favor- i matcly S'2.500. Lot Heveniejn U7i, iilock Tv.-eniy-Scvcn tl!7» of Ihe llly- tl'.e Addition to the City of Blythcville. Arkansas. SAID sale said decree In Hie sum of $'2,617.!)7, i with 10 ]»r cent interest from Sep- ] tcmber 1st. 1931. < st;it{ , THE purchaser al said sale will j be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon Eflid propei ty us additional security tor the payment of such nine-hate money. WITNESS my Imntl and seal of said comt, on this, tile 5Ui day of March. 103'J. R. L. OAINES. : Commissioner In Chancery. ; Works. I 5-12 vi.rued 'K. i-:. j Alh i. I/. f.JAlNKS Ck-'k. COMMISSlONKlt'S SAl.K scaled the wall found him crouch-; Notice is hereby given that the ed against the roof. ! undersigned commissioner, in com- The Co!c-Saliba building was [ p jj.,, )ce w i th ( i-.e terms of a .-iccree . tallied at approximately SIC.OOO.. ,- en rt Cre( i by tile Chancery Court for : Chickasawba District, of Mis-' ippi County. Arkansas, on the • . day of February, 103?. wherein : !lll(l J. C. Blain was Plaintitf. No. 4050. ••vml; and j. H. Webb, el al were Dewas i tundaius. will sell at public auction Kcidinan'b bmlilms ' ^ t | lc j,j g | lcs t and bc'St bidder, on ; apnroxi- : a CT( , riil o! ^.^ i no ,,ths. at tr.c Of Aiknn<as, I Mississippi County—ss. ; |IM THF-. UHANCEHY COURTS I WITHIN AND TOR THECH1CK- ! ASAWliA DISTRICT OP KA1I) ! | COUNTY AND STATE ! 1 Wilmington .S;iviiiur, uank, a cor- | poralion. ami C. A. Gibson, as ! Substituted Trustee. PlahUIHs, i No. 5M1 vs. : E. 11. el al., Dcfcndanls. WAKXl.Xfi (1RIIKK Tlic deleiidiinl. ulotml 1'low a rcrpoiMtion, is lieioby . to appear .in the Chicka- 'sawba District of Mississippi rnun- '• ty Chancen- Court, sitting at Uly- 'thevllle, Arkansas, within thir'.y W.'.llXINC OKUKK •1IML COUIIT, CIIICTCA- SAvYllA mSTHICT. M1SSIS.31I 1 P! COl NTY. ARKANSAS. \V M. llurns. vs. . t: 1 ill-man. Defendant, a. L. Wi!:-ii-i- i.nci Myrlle V.vb'.tcr. Ci.inil.sliw.s co.MMissiONKtfs SAM; "'•'I NOT1C1-: Is lii-rpby nlvi-n thill al-! ihe uiHK'ihliincd ciumntssloiu'i 1 . in coinplluiicc wlih tin- Ipims o[ a •.liu ( ie(.f,.<. rendercil by [hp Chancery Court lor tin- Chickasawba plsnlil cil Mis.'.l.s\lp[ii Ciuuity. <\rkiiii!-a.'; on tlu> i'Jril day n! 1 cbruary. 19.VJ. wherein Aaron Thomas and Uol:<ir: '(Johi-n was I'lalntllls. and flova Hoii'tuliul. ct ill., \M'ic DefcMiltinlr. will sell at public aucllun to Hie highest and best hlddt'L 1 , fOL 1 cash, on a credit of three months. at l]w front dnar at the Court Ilousf. Lelwcrn tin- lumrs prr-sctlb- cd by law, lu the Oily of Illythe- ullp, Ail:ari.<:!S. on liir 20111 day of March. IU.V2. Ihe I'lilluwlnn rr*\ ;c-slalc. tn-vut: Lol U. n,ni'K ;t. mid I,ol 1. Ulock 4, Dlyihe /vdilUlnn lo llly- Ihevlllc. Arkansas. Tl.v ilvti-ndavii, n.- C. Vri-ein-.m. | 5AID sale will )«' hud in . v.amci! ta iipijrjtr within thirty Isalil decrr,. In the suinotS-Jl. > said piu-irtly iis aildltlnnu] M-ciir- iy u?r ihe p.iyiiU'nt of such pur- rli:in' inutii-y. :S^j my lr,ni;l and Ihe :eal lil Com I. on tlv.s. Uic 'Jnd if M.n.-li. l'j:w. Ii. |j. CIA INKS, C.iiin»il.ssU«M'v In c:ti?.:«-piy.' of SAM; or UK.VI, I-ISTATI: NalliT Is In rcliy i:lvi-n lluil tin- imdi'vv.lHiioii will, In nUnlirnip \<* a dea'tv I'liieri'd on tbe ^^nd day of rebruar.v. iit:{J. bv the dummy Court. Inr (lie CUI(kasawb:i District n( MUsli.-.lppi fo-jnty. Ai- kftnsn:;. In a ravi'.e wlierrln ,li".:.r II. Wrlib was plnlnllir ami Morgan i for lh. Uillllles. Inc.. was dcfondinil nnd i money. R. B. Clnrki 1 . Trusli'i'. and Tlu!! jilctcd .Southern Collnn Oil Company were ! will ('APR TTTRF.B;/: iaiimlny, Mfivch 2i!lh., 11)32, of- ii tir "il" :ii public niicllini ut !••• iiiplh diciv <il iliu com I lmiLsc;\ n niul:i",'illv. .\rkiinsas. in lht> .i-'.l-i-'. ijl;.'!i-r nn a crcdll of tlirrn :!i mui'iiis tin- lolliiii'ln;! iti-wrlb- d pmpi'riy lo-wlt- "I'.nl "f Hie Nui-ilirait Quarter .NK'ii of tho fJoitlhcasl i(ii:i!'-] iaK';i of Scrilun Nliw I'.'t in Town-'.lilp ('"iflri'd (1C)) Ninth, IV.niiip Klpvi-n HV) FJISL, l.ailliailarly ilr.vrllicd an lo\- IT.V.,: Ihxlnnlii- al :l |X>inl nn tin- Wont :.ld« of Yui'bro & Illylhi'VlllP ruail wtii-rc same inlersrcls Ihe Soulh line of HIP. 11. L. \- A. H. Railroad, which pnlnl Is IlKl.H frrt North of ihp .Si)iilhe;VKl corner of Sec- Iliui ti, In Tinu^hlp \'j North, Hanite 11 Ka,-:!. mid tininini; thciiti 1 ilofl feel; thenci; ,, Soiilh 1M feel; IheilCf liist 3tm (I'vl; llicncL- North 1W lie', in tlic point of lif-ahinhiK. '.'* Al!.o Lms 1. 1, 3. 4. 5 uml C i.l Mlix-k -' ill il:c E. M. Bryiui .-iiihillvlslnn as ;:luiwn In Ilii! I'lni liiiiik L( the Town of llly- ihovlllr. jiain- 111. said lots he- liiit n parl -of tiie. Soulbenr.l Quarter iSB',) of Hi'Ctlon II, Township 14 Mnrtli, nttliQC 11 Kiist. Also lots 14, 15 nml 10 . of IHcrk a of said E. M. lSrya» Huli-.IK'Islnn of Ihr Town of lllylht-vlUc. Also l/lls 11 uml 1'J and the Kasl Hall iKH) of lo!-! 13 uml M In 131o:k I of tli,i mild K. M. Bryan Stib- .»vision of thi! Town of Uly- tneUllc, Arkaiisus. together ivllh all imiiioveincnt.-;, flxturcs. machinery and appurtenances, Uiraird ou said projXMiy or tiny parl ihcreof." The iiHKh'.vser til sucli sale will l;e rci|iilrcd lo oxiiciile bond .with approvul :,cciirily ID secure the liuMiii'iil cf Hie ptirclinsc money ., a Urn will be rc-tnincd oii Ihe . iirojiPrty ns additional security payment of such purclmBo If the sale Is not com:»n Hie dan- mentioned, It. cnnllmied from day lo day:, S'JI'ifiU.H). .uml Moruun Ulllllles, Inc., Jesse II. court numed in the Iwilh a |K>r cent Interest from Keb. !UVbb and Ait.imsas Mts-sourl 1'OW- cai>tu«i ht-ivof nntt answer thc ccm-!a;i. 19S2. ler Cumimtiy \«rc cross delomt- pliilnl i.l the plalnllll \V. M. Burns, i Tilt; purciiasei' lit slid Mill- will iant.i, and whi'reiu J. C. l<-wls,'d March 4, 1032. Ibi! IVY W. CKAWFOrm. 1 appro Municipal .liJdKC. land u lien will be retained Uiwn Company nf New York was surely •28 iKiynu-iu of ihe purchase money, on a piuchaKi' money bond, on . . lie liHcrvencis mid cross coiiipliihinnls-dtiy until completed. 1 The lltli! b bellevpil In bo ifcod, but I sell us C'omuils.siunev only. This tin- isl. day of Mutch, 1932. H. T,. CIAINEB, ! re<iuircil to execute lioml uilli j'l'nistcc In Dankvnplcy was prinrl- proved scciirily. lo secure the' pal and Ihf Aiiii-rlrun Surety CommlsRloner. C. A. Cunningham, Attorney for C/otv; Complainant. 2-9 <l:1 'n»R cd ^i'-\by a certain followiiig. His op T'ls Inelnrfcd: "The Siniis!;!;:;:." ••queen, of Heaits." "El CapUsn." "Bride" El.'cf." "The C.-.arIaln». : and "Chris and thc Wand;r!nl Lamp." Ill addition to musical ccmpooi- . . tiou Sousa was author L v f so.ver.\l hooks, among them -The Pifili Sitrins." 'Pipc'.owi'. Saiuly," "D-.vel- Icrs in the Western World." "Thc Transit o! Venus."The famous baiu-jnastcr had the distinction c[ seivic? in ir.rse branches of the government's military forces. His first was hi:- Ions service in ihe marine corys ns di- reclor of its band: his second wis as musical director of tiic Sixth Army Corps 'lo which he was appointed for the war with Spain. and the third, his direction of the musical activities at the nav^: training station al Great Lakes. 111., during the World War. Sousa was lirouci of what he claimed a record for having directed move- tli; largest massed bands than any other bandmaster. Thc of Ihe Colc- £a!il;a building which had movul perceptibly, icrward today, was lo bD rtrn down by workmen under thc direction of Tin nor Simpson. c:iy cnyinecv, who declare:! 1l:i' wall ; (i;'iijuro!l; and likely lo fall. i UOMMISSIOXr.K'S SA1.K NOTICE is hereby p,iven that the tmcicrtiioiied commissioner, in compliance with t!ie t^ruib of a decree rend-jred by the Chancery Court for Uic Chickasawba District of -Mississippi County, Ar- kor.ras. on th c oand dav of Feb- riiRiy. 10'J2. wherein Blylhcrlllp Building and Loan Apsoeiation was plnimi'.I, : No. 49D5 i :md W. M. Burns, et al.. were DC- I feudatus. will sell at public auction i to the highest • and best bidder, I front door of the Court be- j tween the hours )>reseribcd by law. ia the City of Blylheville, Arkansas, on the 23 day of Mnn-li, 19T2, ' the following real estate, lo-wil: Lots One <D and 'i'wo f2» in Block One (1< Davis Srton.l • Addition to town of lilyllieville. : as per recorded plat of said ad- ' Said sale will be had to satisfy said decree in ti'.e sum al S!0. 123.01. ! with 8 psv cent inlficM trotn t'eb- Rrad Courier News Wanl lapudine best fof HEADACH Linflhorh Nurse lo diM-nrr that ., riiiiin; i|i- ijit iuli ip Ins Mriiaj ofticials announced ilw; ihe M.islclr Cli.ira'S A. L'.ndbrrplL Jr., was misMiig when slio went lo nfil 'be R,-i!y it.nv. ni'rs 0 in Ibe Liudbcigh home. Is sJicwn above p-jtluu; Hi'V Sl:e was at first a key 'tguie in ihe kldna)) Ujvci.tis3.tiim. l-ale:'. hP>u-.-,T, liid been completely exonerated from any connection with Hie Murit Cow has heartbroken since the disappearance. you "roll your oivn.. use tobacco made for rolling. Velvet is easy to roll . . . prclly near rolls itself... and man, it's certainly good! Aged-in-wood anr] swccl as a mil!

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