Ravalli Republic from Hamilton, Montana on December 22, 1987 · 2
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Ravalli Republic from Hamilton, Montana · 2

Hamilton, Montana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1987
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t Pg 2 Ravalli Republic, Hamilton, Mont Marketer Continued from page 1 bandwagon, it would help tourism and that would help the economy of the county." Other local sanctioned products are medallions by Double Cabin Trading Co. of Victor, and western hats by K irkpatrick Custom Hatters of Wisdom. Beatty is the sales representative for Lane and for Double Cabin Trading. Me also is mark ting the centennial lapel pin. Some of the planned ntennial projects in the county include an all-valley school day desigru d for the children to celebrate the centennial with some type of activi . Zoe Wetzsteon of Darby Is coordinating th at project and the day is set ten. ' vely in April of 1989. A Stevensville Civic Club commi e is working on a state historic district designation for Stevensville. I milton has just completed a sinv-ilar project. The Stevensville committe. Is also planning to do some television advertising and Creamery Picnic , ctivities are to be tied to the centennial, according to Bill Perrin, committee chairman. The kickoff in Stevensville is being coorcEnated by St Mary's Mission and will include a banquet, a luncheon, bus tours of historic valley Bowling alley. Continued from page 1 found he was a comfortable and legal 630 feet from the church. Foust failed, however, to notice the church's other entrance on Sixth Street the one that was 595JJ feet from the lanes. "And that's where the problem came in," he said. The Sixth Street entrance is the church's main entrance though the address there is 601 W. Main. After consultations and interviews with state Department of Revenue investigators, Foust was advised by his lawyer, Gerald Shultz, to move his door just a tad bit to the east "And then the building owner came into the picture." Mac Hughes, who owns the building, was at first reluctant to make any major changes, Foust said, but finally agreed with the stipulation that the door will have to be moved back to its original place if Foust someday decides to get out of the bowling alleytavern business. Foust hired Olin Construction Company of Hamilton to make the necessary changes and by Dec. 3, after about $2,000 and three days of labor, a new, unoffensive door was put in six feet to the east, making the total distance an a-greeable 6024 feet from the Assembly of God Church. Foust estimates he's spent $2 pOO for construction, $700 for legal advice, $500 to Hughes and $100 for surveying, putting him $3,300 in the red for the privilege of being a Bitterroot businessman. But that's not counting the $1 XX) a month he figures he's lost in beer sales since last September wben league play began. At 50 cents a can wholesale $1 MAX H. BLODGETT Local Agent 363-6841 Clearly $ 1 In Mini-Group ( Winjffdni ' V 1 IF t ISSLkAV ( OM1WM Mandi'ink Hi-dlthc arr Maflprs MAJOR MEDICAL BENEFITS Groups of M5 employees Calendar Yenr Dc Juctibles $100 $253 $:oc- 1000 Si i ' mtal Acidont Prt a an Drug Benefit Dm 11 i Carry-over Ft, ; irnity Option Nov. SO'50 Plan Ask why John Alden has LOW RATES Fairway IGA Sue Clifford Doug's Parti Dave Palin Diesel Repair Lola Hoemer Back Door Dell Connie Dritooll Range Cafe - Nellie Conner Fords Fran Boesch Doubletree - Andrea Faughnan Bitterroot Drug Brenda Vandenberg Signal Steve Kirkpatrick Coffee Cup Cafe Eileen Pollard Safeway Wes Cook Bell Way Travel David Lityquut Massa Don King First Federal - Marvin Smitti McLaren, Senn 1 Peterson Ross Smuti Bell McCall - Bud McKinney Evergreen Square Bill Martin Anthony's Betty Cargile Sears Lorraine Bayies Citizen's Slate Bank Richard L. Allison , Tu , Dac. 22, 1987 retail he said he'll have to sell about 6,600 cans to make up for his Initial investment. But Foust isn't bitter about his hassles with Montana law and the Department of Revenue. He calls his temporary license, issued Dec. 9, a "nice Christmas present." But after six months of figuring out how to best deal with those pesky 4.2 feet, he said he's beginning to feel the same way as an acquaintance and fellow bar owner who was once confronted with a similar situation. Maybe, he suggests, the Montana Legislature should reverse the law and make It illegal to preach or teach within 600 feet of a bar. Bill Continued from page 1 "We have come close enough to agreement among all the major parties that have interests at stake," said Baucus "Small disagreements may still exist over boundaries, hut most Montanans agree it's time to stop splitting hairs and reach a decision. Let's ... put our cards on the table and resolve the few remaining points of contention In an open forum." Williams and Baucus believe a wilderness package can be completed by spring. Stevi Womens Club The Woman's Club of Stevensville held their annual Christmas party at the home of Willa Looney. Ruth 3aker was co-hostess. After wine, punch and snacks, the 11 members were served two kinds of soup, tea sandwiches, and cookies. Gathered around the Christmas tree, the members looked over the kitchen gifts they had donated to Genesis House. A small cash amount was also contributed. Larline Lsmay won the prize for wearing a two-foot tall Christmas tree in gold, complete with working lights. President Jay Edwards held a brief business meeting. It was reported the club had been able to buy 19 pairs of mittens for Headstart. The January meeting will be hosted by Janet Kares. It could be YOU. You could win the New 1988 FORD ESCORT PONY Drawing Thursday, 12:30 at Chamber of Commerce Office Good Luck from your Hamilton Merchants & sponsors F abrtc Shop Barbara Dye KLYO Lonnie Selby Ravalli Co Bank - Charlotte Zwlcker Chapter One Sandra Aucn Rad's Ofc Supply Jewell Steele Franks Lome Elks Life 8 Times A L. HI Ulus Brats Rail Katie Holtet Twin Knchent Jam Meuchel Coast to Coast Susan Srnaut Merchandise Liquidators Nancy Martin Music Bos Lanette Smith Shin Shack - Merle Manager Toy Bos Bil Slephanl Ravalli Republic - Kalla MoClam Rockeman't Don Sawhkl Blue ins, Jan Manning Banqu Club - Dana Wallers Peterson Paint Erma Badt Low Cost - Eleanor Makl Robbins Cheryl Lane Atlas Travel Elton Datzman Coalition points, speakers and attendance by state officials. A wagon train group, with Norm Frankland as its local leader, is organizing in Hamilton and is planning to join with trains from other parts of the state on a trip to Helena in 1989, accorJng to Scott. Historical pageants throughout the valley are also in the planning stage, he said. The Ravalli County Historical Society's plan for a pageant depicting the apple boom has already been sanctioned by the state centennial committee. The Daly Mansion will also be involved in the centennial commemoration, according to Scott. The mansion in an officially sanctioned centennial historic site. "Eighteen eighty-nine, the year of Montana's statehood, was also the year Marcus Daly bought the mansion property near Hamilton. We canplug Into statewide publicity on that," mansion director Joyce Brader said. "Daly Days is also officially sanctioned so we'll be doing some special things during the centennial year." Apparently the wheels are turning here, as well as in other communities in Montana. According to Beatty, tourists can be drawn to Montana and the other states in the five-state region celebrating centennials in 1989. "But the tourists will go where the most interesting things are happening. We should start planning now because tourist season starts in the spring," he said. "A lot of the people that come this year may come back, depending on what's planned and publicized for next year. Every dollar that's spent here is very beneficial in this valley, and we need all of them we can draw in here." RIBI EMPLOYEES HONORED Jo Perez, left, has been named Employee of the Year by Ribi ImmunoChem and Pam Davis, right, is Kibi's Employee Recognition Award winner for the fourth quarter of 1987. (Pat Rhodes photo) Nobles Mrs Louis Boyer Price Plus Joan Johnson Admiral Lome Randolph Cliffs Corral Janice Helland Dairy Queen Douglas Trennepohl Western Federal Stanley Pancake Radio Shack Jeremy Driscoll Miketeirs - James V. Carter General Surplus - Jackie Jones At W-Art Day. Corvallis Vann's - Vicki Laa, Darby Shop Y1 Go Kurk Dwlgant Best Watt Tire Grace Makl Downlngt Helen Jones Elegante - Walt Willey Grn7 Terry Frey Bitterroot Furniture Bee Evans HO Auto Sieve Walker Country Floral Mavis Htetman Paper Clip Misty Whitmore Mammon Bovrf John Simon Sapphire Travel Mark Behrman Hamilton TV t SateKua Mika Spaulding Send Friends Some Christmas Cheer! and Continued from page 1 "It lust shows that all iio" what we've asked for is ret o-ab'e, especially since e ha : endorsement of (Dep irtnent f Lands Har,lrock Bureau hmf) Mt Walthrr, who's a fairly com.ervi tive guy," said Jim Ham , another coalition member. Walther made the prupn a! Stanshury's contractors after , series of meetings last sponsored by the coalition and the contractors. Paul Brodeur, an mvestigi -tive reporter from The New Yorker magazine who has covered the a.-bestos industry for 20 years an ! was In Hamilton to speak for the coalition, said an independent analysis of the ore must he done before the health risk can he determined. Meanwhile the contractor held meetings to defend the sa'ety - ( f1 Wrap it in style! A Maku gilts K" J tl " i mcrrii' -t Or -OiriMm.is w lilt dlMlIK tl , i ' Amassador u rappii , paper. Olt gi mr i' extra Inn u 0i Amb.i m !- r1 W A 1 , I BUlawlIp ft u! ,f t nr operation, Walthrr an I ,'h, , u ,-n tor f urest service tot dr ,'uiht Bureau attende. J both .! , r,t mi'tings. Ion jtf ,rt rrit of Lands and e ! ores! Service ire i onductmg .(0 f- r i , f ,Oif,crit il assessment of the . .irr i" I W'll Jr tide whr toer to i.so'-an amen led operating permit t. ittrxbofy. f he asbestos deter-i i i i r pr ,gr sir will delay that decisior between 'hree and four rr.r.Mi actor ling to W alther. Do Liturdav, Stanshury Pres-i Irot tfor finreherds laid he w o' 1 (ooperate with the agen-ue' plan, which he said will c .t his company het ween $ 10XX) a i l $S'))'X). He Said the mine does r i ' t once a health risk. lot: coalition members said toe would he satisfied with the outcome of the analysis if it were J a- taurafelyand would accept Yu agencies' decision based no - a - iCsis. "I know I can speak for a o i" her of the other people that I'm mv'ived with," said Hardy, 'e.peually the ones that are not n ,r oally involved in this type of r.r.v, reM, and that's that we're mie'ested m answering one question. Is it (the mine) going to present a health problem. And if 1 1 die.o't, hell, I don't care if liriKic-ds mines it till the cows v 'r ' Star, our is proposing to i'i'T'1.' a'1 open-pit vermiculite 0 i about 10 air miles east of 1 'am, I' no r,n Skjlkahn Mountain.The co op,ny recently decided to move a mill where the ore would he pro ccs, ed from Hamilton to Butte after opposition from the coaltion sor faced. Coahtmn members were also in favor of the agencies' sugges-f in that they be involved in the po .a ts, even jf only as w ,h'r gs. If i r o al, tion ne nher sat in tv r i g've tne.n tne feeling that r w on the up and up and they weren't 'ymg t j hide anything,1' sad uton Clifford, ''from that sta'i.'p ant I think it would be good. '?jt technologically we're no; muipoe 1 to assess that." Members also said they would push for an environmental impact str.'-neot (LIS) if the asbestos -a', sis xhowei levels comparable Vi1' -V.Y. (irace vermiculite nil- m I f.o H 'meir environmental as-sc-., t it (C'j, the agencies will e y, -ether to conduct an EIS, wh c d.fters from the F A in that r requires formal public input. I it would take at least a year to complete, according to 'Aalther. Correction ron-val services for Floyd L. hei'o.aker will he conducted Tues-da , , 'tec. 22, at 11:00 aun. at the i.) i each C napel with P ev. Martin Lmn officiating. Interment will foil 1 w at the Yiverview Cemetery in 1 'a lltoO. r . 1 I H,,r v f I now I ii ! HI r , 1 1 i d jo 1 on c 1 . 1,1 i .i , 'ii r J') G'm.pl Bentley PiiMisIkh J rido Robinson M ti n citd i a 1 1: (,r, in j Stirling Ailt ('tlismt; Mdiutot-r lu " I Iti'ojrr 1 1 1 -1 0 I'V Mil Oil M I 1 ' "" H,i I I l 'll.lllOII M dll !' Il,l n IO cl iTlUnil Ilnillll lion I ,i i ' ,il " nil I h . n in I u "i In migi' r u I ' SUKSf RIFTION RATf S ' ' ' 1 0 v M I'l 1 r ' If r It ! IS '.,n: 363-3G11 wwi ti 5 k Irv" A Vi ,a lit ill .. ikf - w.-A ,

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