The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1932
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. .\XVm-NO. :K)2 nh-lhp\'lllp Mississippi Valley Loader. BlythrvlIlP Herald, THE DOMINANT HRWSPAPEK OV NOrtTHKAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISHOUHl i.YTIIKVII.l.K, AKKAXSAS. MONDAY, MARCH 7. 1'.i:« SiNGl-R COPIES FIVtt LINDBERGH PINS HIS Farmer Burns^ToDeath In -Rooming House EffiT EfiE' COLE- 1 er's Re Wint Cold Hejjjislrml Snndav Morn in \V:i:iO!'. IJLHhi'ii nil sl:)<;0 Ijy :. tiivlut jiivar.u,* i;uan\ oV mi .uly isiinn. 1 ,'MvepL l;;:ck o\vr Hly- :ni'.l vicinity WIT H Firemen Summoned Twice j -^ Kt -••• 10 ^;;;r lh ,"'^i I l)iroljcd ; cnc< , lo Dolors lo Baltic rlames in bub- " n :K'-- l!l -' : - «' ll; <-' :>« 13U »- E:irl y ,> i i n 11, n( ! Sunday morninu a ncv. losv lor ! VCCCf Ificl \J C a t 11 _ 01 French Statesman. Freezing Weallier. One man was burned lo ([rath. i .-. \.ji:t. I ul -<t !<A: fit-i-/.inj:. s\ .(....r; :nun: m-.i: li! br- nMurdi'il by ii'jiU .11 the i UP)—Arlstidc another narrou'ly esca)>cd si-rioiM j Unc-.Bt, Mill and Lumber corpo-1 PARIS. March t. injury ci- death, and properly val- piuli'.n, ::-eo:dln; to Charles Phil-1 Briand, veteran aposlls ot world Jr.. .-,!.ivia! i.-.i nii^lr. i!u- u»d nt approximately $22.000. was destroyed In lv.o flies in the Main j 1-i-i street business district Sunday. [ -f-c:.!: . Ploycl McCormlc. 36-year-old .vhilc Clear Lake farmer, ]x.'ris.".ed in ihe (lames that destroyed (h? two-story East End hoiel. an old East. Main landmark, about 3 o'clock Sunday morning. Lust night about It o'clock fir: broke out in the rear of lh? *Saliba meat market. 103 Wp.-.t Main, gutted tlie two room building :;( which the niL-al market ottuplei u part, and damaged an aJi:iiiln building. The brick building, at the corner of Main and First stref-ts. 'was owned jointly by \V. D. Cole ol Conway, Ark., :md"o. G. Sallbi. operator of the meat market. Mr. Cole owned the cast half of the building, separated by a partition, and Mr. Salita the west half. Hen- \ ry Reidman's building on the west.' find his stock of merchandise wcix> damaged by the fire. City- firemen were handicapped bv sub-freezing weather. The heat had hardly subsided when icicles w?re formed by water dripping from [lie .blackened framework, all that re- nininet! oi the old Easi End hotel. Firemen were.again /ot.-aij to Jjgjit bitter cold as well as shrivelling hoal when they alternately advanced, and retreated fc?fore finally beating, down the Sunday night blaze. Uetri a Fire Trap The old Ehst End hotel, long considered a fire (rap, burned rapidly. Tlie frame structure was a nifls= rnte.ard" of flames when attaches of the Blytheville hospital, nearby, sounded an alarm. The building, valued a $1.000, wns o\vned by J. F. Smith. McCormic. sleeping In n rear smit'rwest, second floor room. \v; cr.t off from escape, except by a lone window. The position of his body, j yesterday" when fireinjn forced their way to the room, indicated that he had awakened ani attDmpied to reach the door to his lltile room. His body was sprawled across the foot of f bed and onto a dresser, with his head lying in the direction of the door, away from (he window. Potter Lynn. 48, who occupied ai- npstairs northwest barely rs caued. Lynn smashed thj glass u a window opening on a second stor porch and crawled through, dropping from tt:p porch to i::» F,n pavement telow. His hair sinaec 1 and his hands cut from the blow with his doubled fins ihat Wok: the window glass. Lynn wns carried la t!-a Blythcville licspiiiil nex: c'oor by Herb Thompson, city po- i liceinan. who was our? of thp first to arrive nt the scene. -Vtrs. J. A. Rylcs. operator of (li? rooming house, ai'.d her son. n deaf mute, who occupied rooms on thp first- floor of the building, were no' hurt except that Mrs. Rylis in reported (o have sustained slight bums. Identification 'nf the blickencd t>cxly removed from the second floor of (he rooming houss as that of Ihc Clear Lake farmer was al first, difficult. The bcrty was lowprci by ; i rope from 3 window and removed (o the Cotb morgue. Mrs. Ryles stated that the farmer, who had previously stayed overnight at her place, wa* NfcCormic. nnd his brothers later mado the Identification : positive, recognizing hi.? cloihiivl and corialn fpntures which had no! been rr : ir?d. Fir, Srtvad.s from .Market CrUin o! the five which swept (he Cole-Sallb.i building nt Main and First streets had not been determined today. The blwe broke out in the rear of the mpnt mar- i-nthtT obs:-rvpr. jni-icmy a^iiin L:K 2:t dvvrecs n te;i'i|X!iatore .is yj Je- r ih: ].LL>viuis low mark fcr tile /.ii:ti.T I'stahlir.hcrci on January 28 when the ^ovi'mnu-j-.t, v .hci observer rcv-rled A hard Ircezn is forecast for 10- nighl. and onp of the mosl famous surviving statesmen of the worl-.l ' ;:1. ;lircl ul war nnd iiost war . home ul I'.'il p.m. tKlay of liparl disease. I News of his passage at his r2si- j (bniT 5]ire:id swiftly through the j capital and shocked the city pro- loundly. Although his heall.-. lud '\llmUic Coast Hardest Hit by Belnled Arrival of Winter Blizzard. By United Press Storms that lashed the entire Atlantic seaboard today ha;l caused 12 deaths, while temp£ra!ju?e.s: and barometers indicated more severe wcalhev for nil eastern slates. Five deaths were caused by drowning when two boats capsized off Atlantic cits,-. All the victims were coast guard men. Rve persons perished in Hie Washington. D. C.. area where the '. worst in lhv*e! years. Three died of exposure 1 , a youth was killed by a falling ;tres, and a irnck driver was killed when his truck skidded on ice. Robert Black, G5, negro, died from exposure on the highway near Eudora, Ark. His body was found late l;iv tern-i been at. » critical Maye for inoiilhs lu? f.oi:sht olf Uic mnlady wlili cluir- npterls'.le vigor an I frctiuenlly as. MM.'d his friends he would return i io nnbilc lift!. I His 701)1 birlluhiy would, have j l'?cn ihree we?ks from today, i IHsubryfd Doctors ' Drland had-been rpcupPralhnj nt !iis country home at, Cacherel. He came (o Paris last wpfk, iipparenl- sHghUy Improved. Since His ve- mrn Uriand insisted on reenteving liublic alfairs. lie disol»ycd hi? doctors mid saw Premier Tnrdlen siiul oilier politicians Drland made no last u-ins'rks. li:- lailwl to realize '"Is critical condition or the faci ULs heart has been rapidly giving out. The dead statesman lay this ofl- crnoon .on the bed in a simply fur- lishcd room In which he lived. Th- j IN EflST 12 LBE5 ,000 «. S. IftK BILL IS I?:fl{iy t.ij- itistan" delivery nnd t:o (incsnun aski'ti. tfia.C n Newark. N. J.. bank, awalllnc via A loan Ihc l:idnii|:i-i.; it.-.:: l:kf. J Tolephctn nt nulii. pusi-.l In Niv: Yoik Irank. shows Hut It is first important visitor was dent Paul Doumer. Pterre I/ival. minister of laUor and former p-.'C- tnlpr, was an early arrival. A visit lo ll:c tiny three loom flat showed Brbind had s-orkej hard until his (inul atlficl:. Ills d?sk was littered with TTotes anl pupfrA. Plan National Tributt Joseph Faul Doncour anncuncod Brlnhd's death in the chamber of deputies. The members stood in sl- leul tribiitp.. even the communists Joining. Tardleu and members of the government prepared to propose a pnfc- lic funeral will: national iicncrs on ; the same scalp accorded -Marshal i Louisiana Levee Breaks •Make Hundreds Homeless Denies Announcing She Would No I Seek Reelection to the Senate. JGNESliORO, Mar. 7 (UPi— } : :-il:i i Caraway. U. S. s.^ialor irom Arkansas, may be a candidate for Ihe otficc hi the DomncTOliu prim- arv this yesr. '1111 Mrs. Caraway is visiting here If ff nov. and a number of her friends U L I i -i' imr.du 1 ,! holm-;; InAlic vlcin-J ~ ily m Cyprfitiout wrro abandonwl'i jlo;lav us flood valors surfed! - thr«ii"h biTiits In Ihc' Alolt.i(nlnya ! II «»:; (."-.tlmaled LO nnd iwi'sons woultl hi 1 torci-tl in niv. The llrsl Ijioak cccurrrrt swlnr- \I'.A in : ,'hi. H qnk-kiy v.ld,-mr:l (u i::;t:ks were reported. iPiiyinent of Veterans Cer- moil!; - : tificates Would Brini; in l.arye Sum. jl:,very Uesiclent of Country AVitl \'c.?\ Burden if Moiisure Passes. WAMIIINCiTON. Mar. 7 ill! 1 ) — 'Hie new tl.Mil.OUO.OOO tax bill wldi'h will iitlVpl virtually eveiy lu ihi> niillon wa.s fonnnlly ntin:iiu-rd in llic IHIUM' :it iiimii tiduy. AclhiD Chairman Crisp (if (he ways nnd tnciiiu cninniltloc pre- ;onlpd (lie mnisurP, n ail* II.IIIP .rumi'iil over whU'h (hi 1 cuminli- i- had lauored for weeks. CiKp :uinnunri-il Uir cimmilllcc v.ould iiu-c't at '2 I 1 , M. lor Hie ..erlunctoiy (Ihly ol volliin n f:iv- ccnli!|. ii'ixirl mi 111? lilll. It >', •xpciii'd il"' house Mill Up.Mn de- ^uic'Thni'-.diiy. 'llif nic.iMire [irovidi-.s for Sl.Wi'J,- UCC.C53 In new lasts lo lie lOl- Ireti'd dining (lit- next ycur a v.n i-Ifoit lo Ijuluncp Ihe by July 1. ll)3X • Tin 1 liiurru,vd income taxes \ ould IjecoiiiL 1 ciTprtlvf until Mure) 15 nt.\t \cai-. clilv.on'j will pny nn March 15 Ihls yeni- «t th 1 rcstiit rates but, within li or ;d (iays rrfcpeclludy aUor cnaei- :i'iil (lie i.pedal e.\eU L . (jisi-s and lu niuniiUictui-L'i's sale. 1 ; laxO; sonlil iH-conii: effective. Thcsi-, iorm hulk of tho luxes proposei indn 1 the now measure. H \vouh -tlKt) double estate -taxes which PCI the wealthy, levy n gift tn .1 i:r< l verh -rviis-lon' of* the- pslnte av. and nniki! chun^p.-i In ndtniii* hlntivi- provisinns ulnu'il nl stoul; nmkPt linnsacllons. l-'j-deinl -tiixc:; u! avnaw cltlvons ire increased considerably by' ltii> K-r, ipvenui; bill, while lhos« of he wi'iilthy virtually are doubled. Indicates Confidence Buhy Is Alive fliid Will Re Re;: tviriiwl St\fely. IIOI'KWKI.I,, N. J.. Mar. 7 tll|>) -••llopu l>lii:.M ninl In Hie l.ln:ll)ri--|li hmiu 1 loiluy fr;r early ri-lurn 'of bahy Cluuli 1 ;; Ail^uMns. Jr.'. as New - •'••; jYnrlt i;ii]i:;lniicl InK'nni-ilhnics list- .; [I'licd (or iiiiilrrvvra'lil word 'of . tlu>'-'; clilld's li!dc>-oiil, ' . : : .••• Olficially Ihe New Jcrsuy .'state' 7 -' liolli-o cxprpKWil hfllcf b.iljy Clin]?-.-. li's Is si 111 nilv«. 'I'lil- reellnc-.W ;..' lihaivtl by 111,. liindl!(-ri;lis on Ulis,-":' ihe slslli ilny .time Hie cililHI, fffi's' • rlml Irnin Its crib In the Saur- -.'.' .ind nmnnialn holiur. >ct :x> tnr • hns Ix't-n iillk-lally revoiilod no C :(is!t\vi' wind has conic as a basis this cntilldonci 1 . . . ' -' •: . ^. , . .. ,, . . .. ,; i ic same sea e accorned -Marsnai A Greensboro. N. C pnnler died , j , li^°^ il^r \™ !". M «»*« hearTbccame I» UJ «ft?^ o 1'^ f ' " «' « visil from his barber at 9:30 from a porch. Meanwhile the midwest, experienced Us coldest weather in a.m. At 11 a.m. he entere,1 a coma died at 1:21 p.m. years. Tr.e thermometer ai Chicago was hovering around zero. Upper! Pennsylvania was covered with a- 9-inch snow mantle. FVar of freezing weather in Florida endangering the cllru-; crop and truck farms led growers to light smudge pots in (heir orchard.;. Pro]x"riy damnae was extensive in the entire ailected area. Communications were temporarily disrupted at many points. A storm, originating in western Texas, swept across liie suit to Flntldn where it struck early yesterday. Trees were uproot,'! 'and telephone and telegraph lines were disrupted around Daytona Beach sin! Tnmp.i. Snow at I.illtv Rock LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 7 (UP>- 3nof, began tailing here shortly beiore neon today and the temperature dropped to arouid fvpez- Cichaidisls in the northwester! 1 , seclio.-. cf th c slate feared their (rult trees would be injured. A iie.ivy sn< w wits reporled :c-ar l-'ir (-Iteville nnd In other ?i!s of il:e Oznrks. l'.a>e urcpd I'.er to make the cam- J p.iign. p I •'l.iiai-e npvc-r made a sialcmcnt ' ipjiardin-j my inlrntlons lo >.;el: u 1 - j (^^L-I^OM". Mrs. Caraway said. "I i iiavr never snld 1 would or would ' not bp a lac: a number of papers have j quoted m<> as sayint; I would or ; v.\-;:Ul not run." I amod Band Leader and,,;^,, schoo] ri , nAnv Composer S u c c u mbs' "^ : ,,;:^. v ^ > ,'^ l "s C " < ' )1 Suddenly at Reading. Im-irs srnn:.rnpd by E. c. refrlgerfAting machinery kr-t Thi5, together with a "sliori". In wires leadhvj Into 'he building from the rear pointed to dofcctlv; wlrin«! as the cause, firemen said. Flrenic:) concer.lntcd their streams 0 [ water on the meat market. nh ere the blaze originated, nnd It app<; nrc( j t cr a lime that the fire M u!d be confined there. The names, however, following , openings ffiado C0 unpse o( the roof, uorked into the empty store K-oni on the corner, formerly occupied by the JVUr Store The roof ol the Reidman bulld- President Hoover in Plea for Action to Help Restore Prosperity. WASHINGTON. Nfarch 7. lUl'j John Philip Sotisa's body lay in! slate today in Hie city where hp; was born and where hp got ills start , as a nvusician. i Tt;e world lenownjJ band master j nnd comi>0fpr of military miirches died ypsterdiiy in Rcadlna. Pfi.. wliprc he liad SP.HP lo Ifi'd a concert.. Durial will ue Tln:rsday in the congi cssiona! rrmttevy. Dircrlcd Marine Band 1 A career of "'.""e than SO years! jtpforp the public. dmiiiK which he j Icoinjxisod more CMII 300 work* nn:l j 1 had directed his fninoiL-; band In) I nil the principal cllles of the world, j j made John Piiilip Soi'sa en: of tin- jmcst widely kr.o-.vii of conlimiwiniy | work as director oi tho UnitrJj lAnie.-ican miis.i';an'.. It wns hLs jStitc-s marine corp.-, band that scrv- f\ 9s the stepping slaiif to a i»;-l- lion of promlr.pnee I" t\\! musical world. Sousa became .1 member of the Neaily Sl.COO.OOO in new money will bo released to veterans of the world wm In Mississippi county If j ilei). Wright Pitman's resolution i for the payment in full of adjured I service compensation ccrtlflenlci bu- | Inv, according lo Information complied by Representative I'.ilmnn In ccoiicrailRii with the Vi'leians of Foreign Wars. Arkansas veterans would receive !.2S,3«0,313.7G. arcoidlnn lo (he com- lllm Ini I D 'I U I D T ' pUatlon, nnd Mississippi county vet- candidate, despite thCjUlu KCSldCIlt Had dCCH 111 prans wonlJ receive $D47.B7132 moip tlinn any Arkansas comity ex- tept Pnlaski, which would rccolk-e i .,.„„ .„„ ,,...,. .S1.884.105.3G, 1 : Adoption of the P.Mmnn resoln- (he folio vclernns resklln^' In ntid Miswnr noon Mr. Woodbiirn t - i ' i " Lij t-a. Ctalgl:ead. $f>12.fM3jJO WILSON. Ark.—Hlanlcy Andrews j hi-i been in i'll henllli for more CfWteiidcn, S5«.3J85G: l>cln=Ptl : Liltlo Heck, editor of Ihe Ar-' Uniii two •,«.>, but a »trol: P of MOB.227.M: Unnkllii. SiM3.S17.S8 i.;.n ns Fiirincr. Mill speak nt a .--raKsis Thni-day mails his con- . Pcimsecl. SG!H.22Bns. It'-cii trilH-.u i.n.t rp-iiillpd in lib! ' Illcsu nguvca »!.a-.t Hip amount. ticA;!l : due in Ihe various counties afte ilir c'lTi-.i-.'-d who «as well' "Lsllng loans and mlcrcsl havi known i-".riii-i::nlv amoiiR Hip old- : bre » 'Ipduclpd r:-.'iii cutstandln? •• iv.'-i^ni.- .f 'ihe city, moved ; certificates. He Is aur- j ^ r - I''s plan is to pay tin v.:dow. Mrs. Moilie ! eertillcales in treasury notes—Icga Stanley Andrews Will III Health for More Than Two Years. J.-lf D Wcndburn. 71. lor many tic "! »°" l( l mnko n ' T li r • 111 i Years a resident of l(H5 cit lalk on farming IHs :cmilt(:d „. Mic | ilin iij. hnm sue- here nparby conniies: moclin^ al the Wilson 1 evenin:: L- of a IJctily.. the r.f \oc sctiool. a.;iiuilniri-' i.fio 'viva! b; li lw New Jersey unlliorlUi"* ' w-n . tu lit -Kiufibblln-; nnuji tnstH-i's .nnd largely lencreil . b> l.hidbJiy.Ki since the hitter ned lo K un ^hiul f°i' ussblr-r i-, annimiicvd Ihclr readliifs"; . "<>• -verytldin! .po.sibU: to lielp the kldna|«r.s to deliver the clijltl- in Its homo." ' .-•'•'. This WHS tho bl-|ge::t pronils*' of all yci • nlvcn to llic capicis. 7uinors of Coiinler-OHen- sive Againsl Shanghai Invaders Persist. SHANGHAI. March 7. (UP)— Reports of a Chinese. plan for a counter attack against. Japanese In tnc Stianfjhal area wcrp prevalent lo day. tiKlay Indicated n>ll- <1K|: V.HS . placal hi'jxilv 'l.^.Uie' tlmm-cs ol. siu'cess IIL- inc.- : (.Ind-' Lerglru' uppellilnii'id Of Ba|vatc^e gi'Jtalo .i\n<J' Ills'bodyminnl, irving ''ijl .Vl'ii'--asi'+ji-lici\vecm who vvoniit VI ' 'uc-WOWof illiilerworld c.ipllula- ,1 '' ! ' " ' " liiiid - mid,-. not.,- rin-r- 1 ] aunilpur or .dMjientcd person did 1 Sptlale himself (old.tliL- Unlti'd 'iv.s.s h e was v.nuiiiK for (he ijrape ' : ' vliip.'.u>tpnraph 61 i'/.uii(dgni ig'.giil word lo him IIOM-, wlicu, nnd »hen; 0 get tlie clilkl. . . • Ufny Kansom l>cm-.iiul 1 Despite an earlier dollnitc . |inr nouncemenf of i 450,000- r'anum note Captain J. J. Lamb, In clmrgL- of police at -the Lindbergh home, lor .some unexplained- reason said .ndny In resfnnsi; • to ii qutstioii: "Holh Ihc family :ind' the txi- . .ire deny there was any note Ksk- . • ing i-ansoin." . '*'\ .This lansoin Is kimwii to bn : waning in Ncv ark. -''; .The police Interviewer today saiii . kidnniK-rs had H-ll no token. W» . hind ihrm .to Identify .any subset Wlille hope war, sustained ."; L Llr.niwrKh luiitau wllh tho under- •' world would achicvp return of_ the \v;-ilp neutial advlrps liullcated j coby unless, the kklnaiilVii; was] IJIQ onlv small .scalp nclillug cuniliiupn. i work ol nn ninalciir or infinite,: diplomats Imd little hope for a Uuc^ nt urest-ni. FLASHES U'il.l. VOTK OX FI.OWAOt: KK111TS WASHINGTON. »!ur. 7 (VVl —Thi* house rules ronimiltrt- Inday look ::cttnn (n guarantor Ni.rcily house cnnsiilcrolion of llic Wilson bill MKikin; Ihr federal a i .. . llin- YVo ,lb'i::i. two dnugWers. j lcn - er currency, which lie would Mrs" M-m-ln Ho'Jnsoti and Miss j ^'c ngaiast sold now held In tlu M Cairv '.V. i*r.:-.irn. :i:ul also iiy : United State.? ireii.-iiry. This would R-'i: ri K Cf Ktnp. a brother- i ^? curroncy inllallcn. but wculd .n-l'-.w " ' 1U '° !; I Its ncccs.'iiy of a bond Issue l-'ii:!s-i:i: -i-n::i^ i 111 be "eld ! or hierensr-d iinonuv.- .I'^-tJio.:!! ut 3 o'clock ill HOT. E. K l.ullmn oHIi-laliiii?. ' ItKeiir.piit Grove cciitPlcry. The C:il)b Under- . Services for Child Victim of Road Accident italivcs of (he ChiiiAW 19th route army necotinicd for the t.nrcliase of 50 truck.-:, reportedly (or troop movptnpnl.v Jnpanpse said (I).- fiiihlln;: wa.= (lylns out. Chinese claimrd Jnfianpsp pianos bombed towns on the railway nc,u Soocfcow;. nnd thai Chinese troop? were withstanding scvn-r nllacks al several slrateglc ]K>int.s. The Kuomin npvvs :i3enry rppDrt- ptl (lie Japanese wpr«' prrparliij; to aliack Ilanuehaw 1 . intliorlll:s tcd-iy continued to fol- ov. ii|: vnnottfi leads. . * i< Henry Johnson, suitor ol Mlia Belly Go*'. Lindbergh -innsi'inild', *as still held iur exiimiualion (it .•.e«»il:. N. J. It appcnrsd Mih» likely Jnhrsun wi.uld lie dpfnlnjij Inking towns:-.} rrspoiirlblp for pur ,p M (Itwa-^f r(«bts ncfiilf^ ' nr« iloud .oiHra, Improve | p.^^ Scrviccs ^ chorjrc nf n-.oni:: .lions' Ihc MK^::Al[ipl r!\rr. I In- bill nlll br lirmigM up fur udipn ivilhln (hr w.-rk. I'unpial scrvloi.- v.Pit 1 hold Sun- dav for Oulndhup \Vlls;n. throe- year-old rlanghlrr of Alci'.e Collun.' ivho succurnhi~<l !:Ho P.iturday af- ;prnr-oii Jo ln>iiii\. tPrelvpd In a —. *,. j ti ijililyhMay acciden: Wednr-sdav The Fire Victim Arc field j i,^- K i,i du-i ai ih- ni ; ' marine corps tind when cnly 13 years of age through a sen™;. ... hatched by his father, a member of i inpher «mpl*yrd by the band, to UIMI I the boy's plans J '.fill 1 ^'™* Sl was •"" a radio appeal of President Hoover to show their faith in America by putting their money back Into useful channels. The president opened (lie na tional baby bond campaign in an 1OKI> HUNGEU MAUCIIF.KS FIRED 11 PON DEARBORN, Mich., 7 (Tl Pi—llcalrn Lack uy a r-rowd if rictlng untmpk.ifil ci iniminbtt s!n^lnc a hunger march a^nlri-it I!enry Frrd, r.ollre this aftrr- neon opened flit on the crowd. Jchn C'ollln.s, a local photog- ip New t right band. "' lordny alternmi: lor Kioyci McCor- ! The Rev. W. J. l.cilw. pastor of mic, 36. who dii-i in n (Arc which j HIP Lake Street Mttliodlsi church, desiroycd en E«st Mainslreet room- officiated at Ihe services held at] lug rons? Sunday morning. HIP Cobb chap?:. Interment was imcimcnl win made M Maple Drove cemetciy. T: ' Cobb Undertaking company VIA- in charge cf * W ould Be Assassin Cap" " WAUICEOAN, 111.. March 1 (UT) —E.irl K. Woodtoy jr., nsed-.23 monshs. h-is WOMI el'es, and knawl- ecl^e ot tcose brown t-ycs brought another disappointment to Col. Charles A. Lindbergh and his wlro Anne after n tpleplion? call here last nlxht. The Wcodley child arrived In ihe nrms of his paienls al a lioirt here late lost night. Observers nol- ed the child and suspeclwl It might be the mlAsliii; Lliidbeigh baby. In a tew minutes Sheriff TlfTany was at th; hotel questioning the . The father said he a t tired After Rattle Re vov' LIMA. Peru. Mar. 7 ,UP)-Luis close resemb'.nnce of the clilll to photographs of the lAndb^rjli baby SI'.erifT Tiflany placed a call tc the l.lndberch home to matco certain. Tuneral -- lile deceased U survived fcy his mother;' Mrs. Mir; McCoimlc, and | ,l ]( . i four"brothers. Hey. Sliney. ODolli and, Charley, and i-.vo liMf-broth-'- n:a<U- «it Mspl, Grove comclety. |M. Sanchf?. Cmci. dlminulivo r fl - '•"•" IKlK " """"•• lo " mlw cerlaln Tilt Cobb UmlPitakln; company I nvlan president, bcarlns; a scon' Capt J. J. Lamb oi the New Jer::--, In charap nt finipral arrange-'of wcinxls Inflicted iliirlne his lur- s «' Police anwered the telep'::ne ' C L.I... _. .. I a llrJ IllFI, n ,l U A>.>^ t _ fir.* T I*. .1 monts. WEATHER bulcnt career, was recovering to-1 a "d turned It ovtr to Col. Line! day from another attempt to assassinate day. him at rhiiivli yestfr- bergli. "H? kicked n lot when t touolir-d him." Tiffany said. While society women (warned | - no TO i)ld do," Hi? Cclonel 3) p.ddress from the White Hous s last night. On the national hookup with him wcve Charles a. I Osden Mills and Senator Inaon ol Arkansas. Rob- tlons that werp read io ihe recruit , was one providing that desertion 1 would be punished by "shooitng at sunrise." Tlie bandmaster often told that story later in life faying: "I didn't want ar.ythln? like that to hsppcn, so I stayed in (he band." Sousa's mi'.sicul work* include ten (Continued on POP! .1) CALLS' BANKHKAn ACTION' POLITICAL \V.YSUI\GTON, >I>r. 7 ll'Pl —Minority Uad«r Robiiiion asserted in the spn?tc torlay Ihc sub-committee which bM H«k vct<d to dfclurt vacant Hie s»l held by Stnalor .lohn M. Bank-, Dttnocrat, Alabama, had reached Hi decision larscly on grounds at political a ci's. Allen McConi.ic of Scotl.'hlll.l ARKANSAS - Cloudy, probably land ran for HIP cxii.s, aides of, replied. "Clet n physician to «lv« Tenn., and If a M-Cormip of Bra-i flln » lurries In th> ivesl tonight th c president stcod in Hie middle ; mt n comp ] et( , description cf the con, Temi " Tuesday. Colder tonight with aisle and engaged in a close range ; ' c hud." ilmi'd frnp?^?. l.Kestcr-k warnltip. revolver battle with ll;c would-bol _ '_ . _ . ..." Agent Gets New Post LITTLE ROCK. Mav. 7 (UP)- Ksnnety Sagpr. former Snllup county agent, hf.s b.-fii appointed ID thnt position In Delia: county, elective March 11. l! «'as ar.ncunc- Icday by thp UnUvrsliy of Ar- freeze. Llieslcck wnrnlt'.g. j According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips. Jr.. the maximum temperature neve yester-. day was 30 degiees and thj I'nhi- Imum 23 degrees, cloudy. Today c. year ngo the maximum tempera- (ure was 70 degrees and the minimum 39 degrees, cloudy with .78 rainfall. rpvolver bntde with (l.c would-be assassin. Cerro was wounded In thp chfsl b\!l not seriously. 8ne ot his aides was wounded seriously. The assassin. Jose Melgar, wns wounded and captured. Two wcmcn, o child, and ajlcy continueil. Dr. John Po!«y, city luallli officer, examined thp child and took up the conversation with Und- tenth. "That nil tflllleV Undtxrfth snld. "Th? bnby bromi pyes." PJ- scn'ant were street by bulletc. revolver: That ended Ifce conv:riatlon. Tha , 'undbergh b*b? h*a blue r?t*.

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