The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FDR 5TH ME Trojan Coach Believes He Has Right Road to Track Honors This Yeai'. BV CLAIRE Bl'RCKY NBA Swrvire Sports Writer NEW YORK, March 5. — Five years- ago today, Dean Cromwell out in Los Angeles was not <iui(e so tald, nor quite so fcr.iy, but tv: was pondcilng ttie samo problem ihat Is bollierinH him now. It was. and is, how to produce Southern Culifoi nil's third straight intercollegiate . Irnrt: and field championship. If he does it, Soulticm California will have won her filth I. C. A. A A A. Ilile nnd the "[Man" of Pn- eiflc Coast track mentors wll see (lie prized Intercollegiate emblem some to permanent rest In the Trojan irophy room. Also, Cromwell wants to turn over a record number of collet athletes to Uncle Sam for the Olympic uames this Rummer. Hack in 1927, Cromwell was 0911- cerncct over graduation losses that took Hud Kouser, weight cham- jitott'. Ken Grumbles, low hurdles king; Lelghton Dye. high hurdles wizard, and 22 of the 35V:- points with .which (he Trojans made It two T.. C. 1 4A championships in- a row. Stanford University .stepjicd In that year, and in the ensuing two..'yours .with a team thai trounced the Trojans und walked off with the Intercollegiate title in the east. Today optimism prevails. True. Vic Williams, quarter-mile star, and Ernlr- Payne, captain and low hurdler, have graduated. But around the "maker of champions" are rallied sprinter Frank Wykoff. pole v«ult«r BUI Oraber, weight tosser Bob Hall, broad Juniper Dkfc Bar tsr, every 1 one an I. C. 4A champ, and about 15 other veterans who chipped' n with plenty of points chipped . in with plenty or points • • « This happens to be.Cromwell's 23d'year 61 nack coaching at Ihr Los Angeles .school, and, -if' II matches-tho other. 22, it will DC. crammed with achievements. ' | He can look hack upon a record i of having developed 15 individual t collegiate champions, 10 individual national champions, three world : record holders and two world rec- j ord-making sprint relay teams. On | top of that, he took the Trojans' to the tntercolleijlates eight times and they won lour; he showed s them In four national anrt they copped three. Cromwell's knowledge ot every event on the program has let him dovelop winners in n variety of Trajan Coach and Acre? Pemiscot Finals Tonight CAHUT!IERSViU,f;. Mo.-fSi*" clalJ—The Slcclc and Wardell Klrh and necrliiK and OuriKhersvitk' jlwyh will dash In the nnals of ihe il'cmfscot county case tourney lin,- The Blrls Kiimo will to played I -.taitlne: at 8 o'clock and the Ixiy.s 1 | iliamiilonslilp final wll «o on at; UP 10 WEflEI Old Settlor Says Ho, Will Plant Row of Stakes Across Infield. Art Talks With Hercules o'clock. CIO\ 6P«8ti? 6O6 e/U. GffflBFD FRAAiK WYKOFF events. In recent yenrs lie produced three champs In .•.prints, four In the himllcst (wo in tlie. weights, two In (lie broad Jump, two In the iwle -eiuilt- nntl ore. eneh In (he <[imii<jr, hlfili Jump, javelin and decaC.lon. For proof ol this, look up records of hns make wny tor courage. But no the conch can create the innlcrinls for the innkliu! (if chnmplmis." Sounds litiht, niH it probnWy is, FiiTlhev llv.ui OrmmveU' specializes his cnmlid:it-?s. He is more apt to umleru-m-k. rather tlinii 10 Hard l.ui-k for llarvty Oi.od Old Charley Jimiiioy-Gin- [jer-CrlcKcts Harvey siill is In-inn chased up and down die land Ijy l.ady Worse Luck, if (he latest titlinys I'roiti I.os Angeles urc oniTc-cl. lint Clmrley won :i rler-lston over (he Lady In that city— a- decision plus u ncclHIc. lioal Old Cli.irlcy, u Kindly, Hltle fifiitlenirm who iur ' JC:II-H jH'r.slstcd in the cosily error ol Imuortiiifr Hritish boxers. went to Ilii- rost recently with tils I wo Ilshu-r.-i. Steve Humus and Tom Hecney. Ku-ve iced up Ar- inand Einnniiel in Los Angeles. old Tuminas was beaten by Max Batr in San Francisco. • » » Visitors in (he Ni(ht Alter the Hamas - Emanur-l bout tiocd Old Charley wus called In to receive his pay. He v/ns asked ST he prelerred cash r.r check. Having had several banks explode light belorc his very eves, Chailey decided on cash. He was liandeo $5000 in bills and v.fnt. back to the hotel —where ivro robbers Invaded his Dm 5n Ihc ni^ht. Charley, nut, belnu one (o accept u holdup nonchalantly, rc- slsti'd the pair physically and vocally. even though one of die yesus held a blue-eyed uutomatie. Jiibi as Charley was starting to weaken, Steve llamas came- to Hie, rescue, beat off (lie burglars aim Ity N'RA Service ST. PPrenBIiUUG, Mavcli 5.— Wlirn Hercule.-i Napoleon Melocho came (o St. Petersburg In 188« to iniik^ his liorne. the Tmnpa Bay shore line of the city was iinpre- iriulnm. unlike (lie hritiillfm park system there (oday. Hercules liiilli his shack ujion pilinijs on llw shore. From his back stooi), lie nshed and was happy. As the years rolled on, the wa- lerfiont was improved, erpdually I'hanijiiH! from a jungle growth of mangrove to a vrtde slveteh of snudy Ijeach. HIIE.T dredges were- brought into the alcoves and thousands of Ions of sand were sucked in Jrom the bay .shallows. An ugly shore line .soon became the most beautl- l on the Florida west coast. • • • When Al Lang, Florida's base- nil ambassador, set- out. on his rocram a decade ago to induce lajor leak'ue clubs to come to the •unshliic State, the property laimed by M/ilochc *as consid- icd best for one of the winter amps. A baseball diamond was laid out and grandstand erected over lerculjE 1 objections. He lias been bjcctlnjf ever since. State courts lave reviewed the, case. Now Mr. Meloche plans to drive row of stakes through the lu^ ield where the Boston Braves are" raining. And St. Petersburg is not o Mire thut tlie, old settler will lot carry out his threat, and what an lie done about It if he docs. m'cnvork, his boy?. To cap it all. :, Borah, Grumbles, llousor, Ciomwell's youthful spirit and cn- (husliism. desiill;- his 52 years, saved the scratch. IJyc, Barnes, Hill. Mortraen. Slew art, Wykoff, Carls, Payne. Hull. makes (r] c nds 0 I the boys. They Barber, Williams and Drabcr. Hkc to win (m- him. How does he dc it? Cromwell I HARTFOHV), Connecticut! (UP) tells you in (our words: "I had tlie —Thonms H. Beck, magazine edi- niaWHal." . ' , or nn(1 r r,nlrman ol the. slp.te "No conch tun liul speed In ;i' Board o[ Fisheries and Gtnmv is boy's legs, wind in his clitsi or I sponsor ol pioprwd leelsliulon fal- conries In his heart." says Crora- I ling for licensing ot cats, lie has well.' ;|JJo can develop the natural had to deny publicly that he Is sj>«d. increase the hing ixiwcr and a rai-hater. His Idea \vonld ben- .sometimes remove (lie llnilillty lo-cdl (he (dines, hp says. BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer Kxpcri Htudles Mice ANN ARBOR, Michigan, (UP) — Dr. Lee D. Dice, curator sATUitDAv, MARCH 5, iprocliiction in Russia during 193-t [Will bo of llie-Bound type, ihe i>M parlinc-nt of Commerce was .u^ formed from Moscow, i ./\ immlx-! of the productions will be inndi' wiih four foreign ( l{inguaKC versions. I Plans now have been completed by Soviet officials to build a siie- It'lul factory to lie d'voted lo UK* manufacture, of sound set apnra.ns tn ]*• used fur domestic needs. . ! Nii|mli-oii Meloche. rlglu, talks tilings over wich Art Shires. baseman o! Ihe Univcs, at S!. Pclcrsbii:'!;. Jimmie Morris Will Oppose Mike Meroney Tuesday Night Two Irishmen will get together last Tuesday nifiht. Meroney won In (he main match on noxl week's '« straight Talk over Hackensiniiv.. wrestling card lit the armory The match was rough all the way v.-hen Mike Meroney, conqueror of w 'th Mike rrupting Hack at his Young Hackensmitz here tiiis own game and pinning him de- week. Bud Jimmy Morris meet, spite the roii^h tactics Involved. The match will be two out of three \ Bald Eaple. tlie Memphis falls, two nour time limit. In tli?. semi-windup Buld Eagle of Memphis, who won over Fred ay of Little Rock on the last cnrd. will meet "Cyclone" Burks o! RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday :15 - Adni. — Mntinop anil Nijfht— If) and 40o fioe 'Shanghai Express' with : l\Iar!(;no Die! rich,; ('live Krooks and " Wariuir Gland SI'KCIAL NEWS REEL — ALL iAIIOUT THE LIN'J-V HKKG1I Kl D N A 1M X Jl CASK. Also Comcdv phis mid- Pi-ay, the ' Oreson. They will have an hour in which (o settle (heir dLspiit;, two oul of three [alls. "Sugar" Elliott. Ulythevillc mid- . dleweiglil. .squeezed Fr.rd Pi- Utlle Rock wrestler, so hard that ?ra y was unable to return tor (he thin! and deciding fall here Tujf- day nnd forfeited the match. The buld one looks like a comer. Kit! Bradford, local uccro. and Dynamite George, Memphis darky. mix in a fo'.ir round boxins bout that will open she .show. GEM THEATRE Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 •Malinee and Night— and SOc. For once Karvuy, though bcat- -ii by the l\vo men in the .\as on the lucky side, [or he came out with one of Ihe robbers' neckties, snaiched in the heat 01 combat. But Charley has suffered He suffered setback after setback with his British boxers, One niter another they came to Hi'r- vcy ii]xm reaching America—nnd one after another they flopped leaving Charley holding the eiiipty. » • • lleency Seemed tf> Have It When he took over the man- iicemc-nt of Tom Elccncy, scnn years ago, he wtis just- recov erine from an automobile ac cideni that almost cost his life It seemed he would get a break nt last \vlth Hecney, who ttu[x?uretl to be a pretty yood flghtltin ninn when he arrived from Down Under. Tex Ricknrd. however, was unwilling lo sign Hecney for a big shot, oilier promoters toughed at Charley and his T;::«!nas. '' But the i^.oddiUK Hecney beat. Paulino. Rlsko and Delaney and knocked out Jim Maloncy in a round, and Chailey demanded a chance at the Illlc. Rirkard j dldn'i think the bout would draw. ' since Heeney and Sharkey had put uy> -A rather palr.Uil lo-ro«i»l draw. liul Charley went 10 Florida, when- lie ourcd his pk-a for Heciwy lu;o Gene Tunr.ey's cats. Tunr.i'y praclically forced tiie Garden to match him viilh Hre- ncy. The Garden lost S^OO-CCO on (he bout. Charley and Tuui- mammals at the University of dlewelghl, will be out for his sec- Michigan. ,ls making an intensive] ond straight victory when he mi-its study of the habits of mice, In the ; Tony I.awo In n 30 minute prelim- iope his fludings will be of value | inary match with one fall netfs- to physicians combating human j sary for victory. diseases. He "lias collected 3,000 i Meroney turned In a workman-, mice, and housed (hem In 1,0001 like, job in defeating- Hactensmilz j WASHJNOTON. (UP) - Eighty cai!eE ' I In « rough and tumble niaich here liwr cent ot tlie films sclicduhd" for Soviet Plans Sound Films for 1932 Programs 'Arc These Our Children' with Arlene Judge Also News and Comcdv inas ]:ucketefl what, was ]rh their SlOa.WO slmre attei peti^es I'.ad been taken on'.. of c.;- ol Ncrklie Market Dull Charley lost n great dc; mor.ry during (hp depression n-it he bobbed up again with S:ive Hamas, the youtij: coltesinr. -,i:t'i a scjiwiticnnl knockout rerf.;i -ii. hns been bringing Stcvi- :i'. J ;\^ carefully, picking nice spy.-, \ H which to drop him. • The test spot in which Sv.-e :evcr dropped, though, ua-, ::-. thn 1 ^ : 1-iOlel room. Othcwiw In- v.o-.iM have fought Emanuel foi .1 ;,\ri, i Interest in a lorn necktie. j so. J;wk Rttnpsey was mail,- a mi. onfl in Kentacky the nllicr diy. Well, hc'i probably old eno'i^h • to nl« the whlikrrs. ^ * * * ' How in the world docs s.: y.;,\. oolr.i Campbell manage tc WITC t^ with nobody in Vr.c ^;\t to help him drive? THEY ALL LAUGHED WHEN GROVER CLEVELAND ALEXANDER, star pilclier of tlie. Cardinals, came stalking out of llw bull pen 16 relieve' Jess Raines. It was in •the seventh inning of llic seventh gsime of the 1926 world series. The Yankees Iiati Ihe winning and lying runjon the bases and dangerous Tony Laz/.eri \vas al bat. Old Alex was n comical sight, with his peaked ctp_ tnd'his gangling walk. There were '.whispers in the press box that Alex had spent the proceeding night in a tnxieab trying to find St. Louis addresses in New ' Yorhi Manager Hornsby -und the St. Louis Wonder If It would be cute thin? to say that i' 1: .-. wins a lot of his ran-' whisker. very infield gathered around him sliooting bils of encouragement. "Keep your shirls on," \vus all Alex sni<l as he kicked some tlirl off the rubber. He never glnnceil al _Tonv Lazzeri as lie deliberately rendicd liimsclf lo pitch. I.fi77.cri's nerves grew li,qhlcr than the skin on a kettle drum. The !irsl pilch cut the plale nnd Lozzcri tied hiiuseU in -A knot swinging. The next \vas a long Toul | to left field. The third strike was a sweep- I ing curve Hint Tony missed with a pfodigi- 1 D AO /1 TAiif im otis swing. The Cardinals had plnily to 111620 tOUrlCl laugh about when Alex held the Yanks aafe for^thp rcinnining inn'a^i to wia 11 ic world series. The rumor thnt Ty (>.;, the Cincinnati Red 1 ; h.i- nlcd—:iiicl Cobb retnins i . lion of being a finnr! Th^ hot stovr Ie:icnr v. tmkd, hut a frw ot ttir j arr tndlrqr FVinklr I'ta, i Q A/2 Ol/O DIRECT CONNECTIONS The Want-Ad section of the Courier News is the "central exchange" wherein the seller is given a direct connection with practically all possible buyers,where employer "gets a line" on needed employees— where owners learn of suitable tenants . . . this "central exchange" is operated by courteous, efficient Want-Ad Takers trained to offer every assistance in the preparation of resultful classified advertisements. COURIER'NEWS 1 WANT-ADS

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