The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1932
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

JjATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1932 (AKK.) COURIER N'KWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion «nd one cent a word 'or fach subsequent Insertion No advertisement taken lor lew than 50c. Count, the words uid M-'iid tlie cash. Phone 306 FOB BALE AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE SUCH GOOD VALUES. I.HSKKM TEH MS AX1> TUAIIK-IN Al. I.OWANCKS. '30 l-'OKI) TOWN SEDAN .. $ S! '28 FOKI> HOAUSTKU $ 1: •M CIlKVStEll "70" SEDAN S 5 •2S KOKU TUIHW SEDAN ..$11 '28 STAU 1-WOOK SEDAN .. $ 4 •3i) I-OUU KOADSTKU $1'J5 'iO FOItn SI'OHT COL'Pi: ... SI 35 '29 court; .... §195 '31 FOitl) TUUOlv SEDAN .. §33 i •ii L-Oiil) COUl'li $ S'5 •31) t'OUD l!i TON TllUUK .. §250 '2'J CHEVROLET 4-l>. SHUN $235 "IS FOliD 1-2 TON DEL1V. $1111 'JO fOK» CJ.O. CAUl'lCK-Ul* SH5 •2S CHEV. "G" IMNKL UE1.1V. *W5 Sec Those ilargailis Tutlay. Iilbiitft Our O t li i: r Kuadstcrs, Coupes Coachi's ami Sctlans. Fur Hcinunslr.tlum 1'huiic 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Amnorizctl I'ord Ueali'rs lilylheville, Atkansas FOR SALB—Baby clucks, all varieties. Custom natclnng sol'.tUKl. Marilyn Hattneiy, lilyinevilic IBcu KEDS, UAKP.ED HOCKS, Oi'pillS- LOH5, Legliorns, 100—$5.05; heavy assorted, ^4.95; jirepaid; li\c delivery. Ccniral Karnis, Jctfei'son city, ^fo. 6-12-1U llrnulUtvl V.U.l'.X IUISSlTi:!l, «'tii L»li>) I'll ut Ilnri'ltt3'H llL-Littrlnii-nl KUirr, l\orLa lil;Jita UN u ilani'e h.-lll hn.sli-x... Mio Illrn nlm hir lunlhrr, 3IIII.M ttl}SSI'l'l-:it, her clilrr >[>:|(T. »\ It V. mill brr hniiiKT, JUKI-:, i KTl-!VI-:.\ IIAIICI.AV, r.7 ivlt'i Kllrn. Tulre ulu' rcfUKru lo iii.-irrj him. IMKn luvr> I.AKIIV IIA(lUO\, nn urUM. Stv,-.- liniirr.n nunminri. l.:trr>'N riiKn;;^- IILIHI n> i;i.r/.\nirin niivvi:s. a Irn II.'HP* lh:n [,iirr> rrlnrnK lirr Invi- Inn 'ili<-ii i:il«ubi'lh ri'litrn* fr.i;n IviimiK 1 hi' »r]nU n Holr tell- INK I'll' 1 " tic raunot Me hrr (or llrjirl-liriikru. i:ilrn lrli-« In fnrgrl. firnilniill.v klir rumr* In fhlivU If** »t l.iirry ami r.tnro *»1 Klrvrn Ilnrrlnr. Thru lirr hrnlHl-r !• dliMKrriiUftl? Injuri-il III n trnt- Wo liri-lrtrn(. l!nrd:ij tirts»hlr.-< Innni-y fur llio lm)'a rare, dm; i veiling In li-ll> l'-llcn hr !.:'» Brill fur 1111. STIlNCIi:!,. Vl«nnrv tln'ii tin .Mlkr'li lit'. mm <cll. B:i[cl«J tke n-mill to iniirry UTni. NOW CO ON WITH TUT SrOHY CllAl'TKI! XXVJII C'l'RVKN fell back a step In sur j s |[» prise. "Do you mean this'! Arc you serious?" Kllen's eyes answered him. Sli 1 . pcuv-'cd to tirtish back from he] forehead a lock of orllng hatr. " would bo Eafo if I ij'urrictl you, 1 she went on. "I would have peace Just now I very mucb waul peac anil safely." "I've never licanl [hat nil »as particularly safe," lie told her Ellen pondered. "Rat I—" eh fcad lici'iin when he tiilerruptccl. "Ellen, my tlear. I'm ntralil yon have conceived some mad idea of marrying me to Eliow your gratitude. I can't tet you do tliat." H's not Hint at all," Kllcn put lu, lier checks IliiEhmg. "Uut you don't lovo mo." "I doa't know what love means."' sbo said wearily, not denying Ills statement. "I know that I thtnk yon are the kindest tnan In the world. 1 know that 1 trust anil admire you. Isn't that enough? 1 ' "At your nyc Vin Inclined to think not." "Help me, help me, Steven!" the girl whispered. "So thero la — was — someone Lcr. Thero was uo exultation his face. Ho only sloo;l down OH her. "I don't understand," sho tvsai ruefully. "Just tlio other day—" llo turned to walk Iho KC.III length of tho kitchen, past tho pllei up filnk with Its unwashed dlshw, past the Blovp and porcelain table stnro through Iho open window llo the hot nlKht. Whoellui; Binl enly Ins caiuo back lo her nud orccd himself to say (lie words BO lard lo speak. ".Just the oUiev day you did not eel under oljlltalionu lo inc. Nmv 'm afrahl yon do." "There's no uso iiretendliiK I'm lot Biatcful lo you," Kllen ad- nit ted, ".\o uso iirelemllng 1 wouldn't like to do oveiylhliiK 1 can lo make yon as happy 'is you've made inc. lint lhat Isn't n fault, 1'OK KENT FOR RENT— Furnished 100 West, Walnut. 20P-K5 FOR RENT: Two rooms furnislied for li^rlic liousekcepitig. G2a Walnut, strict. Pliouc 521. .Mrs. S. P Cavcndar. -Sck' t-'OR REN'T: £0 acres near Manila Musi be able to lurnisii self Stcrnbcrg Cotton Co. Ick FOR RENT—Furnished apartment 021 Cliickasawba. Phone 135. 2C-KI FOR . RENT—Furnished 4 rooms kitchenette and bath. Hot an cold water. 808 Hcarn. 5C-KO T">llfi llBht from tho Elnglo tin- sliailcil bulb nnreolcd her la hair and glltloil her haro anna, revealed by the thin lilua frock. Sho stood thero fo fresh aud ce-ufh so young and destrabhj, that Barclay fell Ills resolution weaken. "Jint bow aliout—how about tho oilier man?" ho asked, clearing throat. "! iiopo you'll midcrstaml, Sieve" when t tell yon lhat ho-brought rm nothing Uut misery mil Rilef am heartache. 1 thought I'd MO nin wilh restlessness aud pahi v.licn i knew him. It was lhat kind of love. Steven. The lovo il's best lo forget." Sho paused, then added, "But that'A all dono now. I can cvtn ay fin glad it's tlono." Kllen lielioved Iho words as she poko tlitiia. Steven believed her iccauso ho wanted to but there vas no real conlldcncc In his heart Klleu raised her fresh yonnc ip:> lo his lirst kiss sho doter- d that ho should lie liappy. II vas not the ecstatic kiss she hat Ireamcd of but sho felt at poaco She thought it v.-as peace that she tour ot tlu'm went down tlio Mrs. Clancy was at her usual post am! waved u gn>clli>K. On fiuitden Iminiho KUen stopped tn nnnounca lha now* nm\ to Introduce Stovou as her llauco. Sho knew from Steven's boyish lain;h that ho was pleased. "Wl'.c'.i'a It lo lie?" demanded Mr.v Clancy. Klleu hi'sllatoJ. Tlioro Ind been no tall! at ilalM. "I'rohaljly not (or souio tliue," Rt?vcu auswerod for hor. "I'm com- pcllvil to i-ail Kiirosio Hal and Iho wi'ihlhi;; will ta'to (ifler n:y leturn." Mrs. Clancy's smlllnr. slsnl oyvs folJmvul them until they lost to BlKhl by tho stairway turn and Heil WITC alrcaily unt It was :is thc-y wero lo\vu tho last llli'.lit ot .iltilrn (ha llt-n rpo'co. ••Would ynii like lo mako It soon cr. Sluven?" niio nskrtl. ".Sonl euouiih so that If :li I can j.j to you 1 :" Ulli-n!" Mike's «cl Kuroix) vli Jollege Day Romances Prove Most Binding j lallmv ilWS. tin Jlc ^Yas watcliing ami saw the gallant smllo that ilid not reach her eyes. Sho did not answer the question but put another instead. "Would you marry me. Steven knowing that I once thought loved someone else very much even though I knew that love I'ouMu' work out, could never work out?' 1 lie laughed mirthlessly, "i'l. afraid I would. I'd think, you EI=( lhat I loved you so much that '. time yon would conio to lovo me, too." T.710 caiiRhl her In his firina s ^'-'•o-.islily thai for a n:ome:it sh frightened. lllH hoarse, hi voice \vas imnmurljij; tn her ca So sho iliil love hitnt Sho did wai to make U soon! SonietliEn^ in I 1 leu's heart turned over with shan nurl ill^niiiy. sbo uiiilersluoil all s once, as flu- trembled In his arm that the rra:;:m slio had wanted make It boun was to prolccl be pelf frnm naolhcr jncetlng 1 Larry Ihiinnvgate. Her heart contracted \vlth and an odd jinln. Steven d;onld ni'vtr KUC33 why tho \vanled icr promise to he Ivrevoeablu. Sho strokcil hid hair Inclc from his fore'iic::il and nfanrcd htm that she liil Ir.vo htm. Thero ara all kind-; of love in this world, Ellen ItiouRltt. Steven sliouid never suspect that sho had Klven nway for gooil and all (ho kind of lovo ho wanted. So litllo dltl tlio ysuiiK and virginal Ellen know of tho human heart. Tht'V talked out to tlio car. "Tbere's just ono thing I want to ask ot you," Slevcu Bald to. Hl- hil dliln't SU-vcu blush when Klio -oil him! 1 don't lu'lU'vu rvo MI iiMiht-r *>> e\citi'il for yoais." "I know," Klliii unvnl aluoully. "What iin i you llilukliiK iilunit, Ullcii roused liersi'lf. "Oil, uolh- Tl'.-y reached Iho a|iarlmfMl. "Wli:it'<l yoM llituk ut Hr. Stiiiv ilr Myr.i n«ki'.l. llliDTlni; heisi'lt i a oliiilr auil yawnliik' IniKvly. "H.-'.-i all flsht, 1 riir-i" "V.ML are tlitukiv.;: of JMIV.V il-.tni;," 1 V^ii can rco Ir.i many lblu;;i aivn't thvrv." Klkn tnlil l:cr I'.i'inif.irtalily. s'|, u niiived uln-ut lu- I'H'm, euipl>in^ a-.h Irayn nnd ulUi:i; ILiiu;;.) to ilf.Ut!! ft'i- tho i.-lil. "Im't It i:ri-at [o hilv cvi'iy hii::^ ro r;isy for :i cballjU''." Myrn aid lUvamlly. "Hid 1 toll you ; i -veil ^pokc tn nso iif.aiu nlniut I 1 rt ami ;-,iid lu- \\;is nuln;: to ar-i!ii-,-> liiiiiK'tllati-ly fur Hori (o r,.-t !.::[ j"b ill Ilif lilinv-in tin' luiiiit KraUuu-utV Yo-.i know lu'W U^lt .in is 1'iuUal" j,M.l.l-:\' was aion^d finin lic-l 1 ' f.-vvl-ti>. Ilil' vulhu-.L^Ill «!'•! Hi'in.nauuH and real. "1 ran't loll J'i'i l.uw ulatl I am," H!IO said. •"I'li-it will just suit It.-rl. All liu's I'Ai.Ud li'.m In-vn n InoviU." "A hvak was what we nil n. nli d." Myr.i iisaelitld. "Thli ]i.:i'.;. i nil Iho dlfi'eieuco hi tho v,"ihl to llvit -.111,1 me. Wlili Ihli i;i-\\ juli there's no reason fur UH In wail any IDIIIHT. lloit Is jniuplns i'iK UL" his rkiu wllli joy.' ' O'.i. Myra, I aiu RV.ul." '•^inii fn.^nim; with tho house and :'-. l''> lo lii'd niiil lalk," Myr:t ,id. ''I.t-L's let evrrylhluj: j;n aild ^.' up eiirly in the mmnliiK." t)n Miihlt-n lliiiuslil Myia aaki-d. "Hut ;iri- mdiiK to the store ul all In Kllen lannhed. "1 Klmuld say I'm in 1 ' " the said. "Von kuuw Steven. He'd throw six Ills. Ono ut llio fir;it things ho saltl was (hat 1 was lliiiui^h with work for f;ood and r.ll." "Imagine!" hrcalhed Myra. "No m<i:o iiibhiu^ off In the morului; O., lUl'l-Uomun- bUwcon hoys unil ylils of ix-nl- Untvrinlly bind fnni>l->i lar l' SLYiui'ly lhan lliiw In tin.' l "imlsldv" orld, lUfoidln^; lo ii:led i-.vtmls. '.it i)( ^iio iMinpns maiiKurs at M-lloot ha'.c I'onu 1 only llvi- dl- r-:. U 1-. Ml nvi'la^i' ul our in,mi.i t :e (ulUirc to enrti Till- il.ltlunul a>'t!.ii fur encli five ur six nmr- Jobless Man Lives In Brick Plant Chimney ST. I-OU18, lUl'i-Willlain Walters llvi's hi :i chhnn'.'V. Out of ivoik for Iwu years, lie has convortcd (In- chimney of an iiliinuloni'tl lirlcl; plant into Ms liiinv. The Inside dlaineler of Hie "coUnee" IB his fi-rt. SVullers' "front door" Is tlio one time wood 'umaco entrance. ' . -^) Inside lie has n bunk, thcct > Iron slov,?, table and shelves. He 1 manages to live on the money he makes from collecting and selling i bottles. . i Read Courier News Want Ads. UUUttOAKULNGUOUSii AFRICA AT-fKV -fi(t ccose -life l?OEtt WAR i ^1 Ul/W V A vaoMci MAni-ri<c*i, } -frit BCART) , WI(ICH I GKE.W a - -To GOOD VflU G6IMCJ wrTil BRO&M "TaPAV }J I CUrTfAlAiS Jen. whtn he had hrought the two ',""' conilnu home worn jo n [ra/.zlo. girls liack from Iho hospital. They wore stanuljip at tho curb oiitsldo Ellen raised Etarlkd Iho house. eyes. "It's only thnt you quit lhat dancing job at once," he went on. "Can you tctcpUotie Uicm tonight?" Klleu Ejnllcd at hin er^crne^s hut found it comforting and sweet. "I'll call them tuni;-,lit," she wanted. Hand In hand like children thej went Into Iho MvinR room to iiounce their ensa^emcnt. Myra and Bert wero pleased, no surprised. Myra ki=.-eil them in a quaint ami dignified way. licr shyly shook hands with Iho ham some, fcvaytns man who was to he* his brother-lu-laiv. Afterwards tbeyj washed tho dishes, all of them, anil wero very gay. .^iyra and Ilerl joked and teased until Ellen blnsiu-d as brightly as Sicveti. But she. did not mind tho teasing. I all over the neighborhood. Kvory- Then the Eirls put on Inns to go I one seemed to know thot sonictlilnR to tli> hospital. Alone toKether unusual was happening at tho Itos- Kileu linked nrmn \s'iMi her sis. ter and emeicd the home, coiv scions that Sloven's eyes wero follow iu£, conscious too tliat wiTt! popping out of BOOTS AND HER Bv Marlij to*" a itoment, Myra Have Ellep. an ecstati? ling and whispered the siters. you're, lucky 1 ." "I am lucky," Klleu a^reud so- herly. A litllo Inter sho telephoned lo Salomon lo say she was giving up her job at Dreamland. Ik> was LU regretful Kllen was toui'hcd. "It you ever want tlio juh hack it's yours," ho declared. "\Yliat r.m t to do with the money I owe you? There's about $10 walling fnr you. 1 ' "Cri'tllt tt to Tony." Kllen - rc- spiunl 1 :!!. "Aud tell her Koo'iby fur me." , As s!ie rcturnc-d (o the ai'arliuent ! aparlmont3 ^l' 0 ''^ not Iry lo av.aly/n the son- i satiiMi whicll swqit over lu-r wnh- i the realization that sliu wonld .uu no muro Iti Dreamland. XevLT[|u>- h-ss tin: HciiFalion persisted ami liu- '^Yasn't motlicT pleased!" Jlyra Still li-j tt»2s S« move toward \ wislt slio would a!»v» in irtscrvci! as tl:ey climhed the stairs. gcrctl on In licr troubled drea.'ns. {To lie L'<)iillnuctl> WAN.TED WANTED - - Family washing. Good work at reasonable price. Mrs. Bcrlha Manlcy. 11B Johnson Row. Guuranlccd Pure Slnnevitlc No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton This f.ccd was grcvrn on our own j) lant at ion and ginned in our private U' ]l w ^' 1 llt) pusMbiliiy of mixture with inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Promised Land Koart, 3'.i miles southeast oi lilythc- ville. WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. [ T. Worthy's. 100 First. Street. V.'c • ,• market iirices. J E Fisher Sett j WANTED—To buy storaae tank | Cotlon for gnsoline, 10.0M gallon or! : = tter. \V. T. liiley. New Madrid. Me. ' SP-K11 New York Cotton YORK. Mar. 5 (Ul 1 ) — closet! barely steady. WANTED—Reliable men between agr.s of 25 and 50 to supply o!:l established demand for R.v.vicish Products in N. Mississippi county. O[hci' yocKl localities available. Surety contract required. Company urnish[\s everything hut the car. Goad profits for hustlers. Write the .V .T. Raivlclsh Coa'.piny. Memphis. Tennessee, Dopt. M-33. 4cX10 open 633 70G 72 D close March May July Ocl , HG 753 74-t 74.', Dec 7CG 709 76-1 765 Jnll 77J 777 772 773 Spcls ck-scil steady and unchanged at 715. NEW A XI) CSE1) PARTS I'tir .Ml Au'olllnTiiles 2020 W. Mai" - - - 1'iionc Uti NOTICE L'arl E. Parker, formerly ol the Uroadivny Barter shop, and II. S. I'rcvosl, formerly or the Uctl Bull shoj), are now open for o:isincss in their new shop. Grand Leader I'.ldj. North 2nd Street LOST AND FOUND S5.CO REWARD for the return of 2 months old German Police p'.inpy taken tro'.n 100 First siutl Walnut. Closiitf/ Stock Prices &^&~<^ Counter or Table Service JIi\UllK, O'UKIKN'S CAKK SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec I's l'i TAl R. J. Dodson MI-MS K. Main A. T. .V. T. Annrnncl.i Copper .... Calci pillar Tractor .. Chrysler Cities Service Coca tola Co:iUnrn'.'ii "BaV.iiv; .. General uMrctric General Motirs r»Ii[i\vrslcra Ulihtics Munt';onn:ry \Vard .. Nrv York Central .. Packard Kadio Corp Simmons Klamiaul i:f N. J. .. Corp U. S. Steel New Orleans Cotton \ Whoie California Town NEW ORLEANS. .Mar. 5 !UP> — Cotton closed steady. open liiyli low r;o.=e ^fal•cll 70^ OB5I) May 710 715 70S 710 July T2j fBO in 720 Oc! 1'.3 750 7!l 74-1 Dec - 7020 Jan ^Mh Epots closet! steady ami mitliainj- cfl at 700. s; 1 (hot only S.C.w vron::n "exiras" SACRAMENTO. Cal.. (UIM — j v-'cre Biven work last month, and Ttollywood may mean a place wh?re : -salaried motion picture j ^« -nt' n n-ij -^unu vork., lo some people—I Apt>ioxi]nateli - '10 ] io the state divibiou of total received 510 n 'mhniriil Vclfa=e Iv'orkert: 31 per c?nt IHUUSIL Kll l.t-im^i-. . I ___ n nn _„.,* c- = of the ' division — . rrc :»' t'»s nuuibcr only 18 w«c ^ °v iic ^en they sho,vand 22 per cent, 55 a day. To Pan Gold in Mayj OHOVILt.E, Cal.. HJD- Tlir.fs | gold in [hi:; her;.' Inv.n—at least [here will be. In 'acl, all o[ the \ town's tesidrnls and visitor., will I l;o onl Inlo [he slrei't." May I'-', U | and 11, and pan ^olil in tlic (jnt- ters. Wlia'.evcr i;oUl llicy llml they can keep, tco. To insiirr [hrrc will In- jviW fnr pile and all. several lon.s of in-uil- i bearing tpiar;s L.IK! ^rav I v.ill be | bronchi. in\o inv;n nnd .spi\.ul on i the sticct 14 . The otcnFinn? • A stalcwiiie niiniii!; tclebr.ilion. I WO , OAO , "WE DOOR. \^ iiVOKlO Co-.iricr \ n -A .1 iVint Ad.s 1'ay. X 7EL1- I'M Konli. Buys and Sciis Homes ar.d Farms Writes Insurance rhone -an Farmers Bank 1 501 1T POSH VJ03. FACE IM/ vjJt',1. I ? SHUT Of> 03 I'LL PUT £»>>.•« TVIA AMD 'Crar.i ST. BOY.' W^T V/AS VJ03X, BOV...6COD Ddg.'.' MOKE KOI! T1IK RUII.D1NG DOI.I.AU Materials Arc Cheaper Profits Arc Less 1032 Is A Good Year io Ktiild ov Rcpaiv 1'hone 100 E. C. ROBINSON Pi WASH TlililiS n)i)i')\ suiii'iusic! V'V . RIP, /MY GOODNESS! I LOOK!y v: tVEi ^ ^CLt N Tv\t CtlViWi, Wt.tStliR. Mt! IF ONL'< ^lf. UNO tN Lf\OP£t5 / til 0 /:; T08BSV! KIN YA RiS JERKEP OUT OF HIS AMD nisA,ppCi\us IN TH&

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