The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1932
Page 3
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m,YTIIRVlU-K. (AUK.) COU1MRR NEWS IfCCD Old Vinmmes Cathedral Saw British Snrrondof lo Clark I n<! NKA S»rvlc» V1NCENNES, Ind.-Oni- of the j historic |;oms of (he olil norDiwesl here is the- St. Pi-.iiu-ls Xftvier I cliurcli, known as the Old Cathcd- [ml by llu- niiliv? Fiendi ol old 'Continued frrmi I'anc Oni>* [ vincenni.'s. the land, but die stories were fan- The OW Cathedral, founded in IftMiCal. HAIlTFOnU. Ccnn.. Mur. 5 iUI>) —Tin.- exact whereabouts of Henry Johnson, suitor of Lindbergh's baby's nursemaid, on D:e ni'^rit l.ic 1702 by French settlers who down fro niQuetwc, played a historic pan In the formation of Hi? northwest territory which coin- uiisetl five stales—Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin. Michigan. Ohio, nnd a liiirl of Minnesota. llu .' ijm-.Ue.ivini ot him today. !" n VAS within the walls of the IK- lias told one slpry. Author- Old Cathedral that Colonel Henry Ilk-s are a-prcscntcd :is doubling ' Hinnllton of the lirlnish army H. i stoned pap?rs surrendering Fort Bin rtly lifter Die nil nichl qii3s- \ Sackvillc-now Vineennes-lo Col- liimln-'briiiin had been imcmipt- o" 1 ' 1 George noacrs Clark, for i-d. I'rovcuui:' Hu s l> Alcorn an- i « ho1 " llow "le federal BOvcrn- in,uMe<i he i.s Ix-ins held on Die ""- m ls h"»tHns n memorial eost- blrenglli of his own story. The dapper icd-haltcd Johnson, who has admitted kcepin-j company with pretty Ui-tty Ou-.v. the niir.-.ciiKtid. lor three years, re- $1.750,000, at Vlnconnes. po:lf!(lly hn.s lulrt uuDiodtto The first cathedral was built of loss and was roughly fmnislu-d. Thc church was rebuilt in 1785 I under tlie supervision of Palhcr IU M Pierre Hlbanll. Catholic priest who 'IMts'.iay t\en!na, Hit kidnuping r\ehi3:ti. This was not kt-pt. II njf- said. At 9:15, ucoordin" to ;Jt- H'lfy, I'e left for Hnrlford, 'coiin., in his unionio!;i)(.' iinu ur- rivi'.-l ;it HuitfOid at 1:30 A. M. \VtfIiu. ."-day. it-scnted as aiithoi'ilies arc le iH-in^ Information did not arrive in Hartford unt.l ^:M !'. M. Wednesday. Meanwhile Mrs. W. T. Sherman, ut. wiuse hump Johnson lived in Eiiijifuooii. N. J.. said Johnson vvr.s a 1 , her home throuv'honi Tuesday evening, not retiritiff until 9 A. M. Wednesday, filic would not tilscu-ib his tvi-nln-' movements | wns ing Colonel Clark's expedition lo Kasknskai and Port Sackvillc. In I82C the church was rebuilt again —tills time of stone. This eilillce still stands in n remarkable stats of preservation. The Old Cathedral, after It was rebuilt in 1826. wns the diocesan church for a -section comprising Indiana nnd Illinois, and five bishops served at try; cathedral before Indianapolis was made Die diocesan city. ' At Ihc west of Die church is the old French cemetery where priests, laymen, soldiers and negro slaves are buried. The oldest record of a HOLLYWOOD cossri' Intimate O.limjiits -nul luslilr Stuff nil Ihr Mm-lr Coluny. e. Vet ll falls (o broom,- a slg. tftj~.'tt\\ ', i ; "ici>nl- bit of social satin', u SITIU.-; IV , *' ~> l " ""'• 'xH'ttllsv of n di-ti'til tllllelvm In if:i> niilliur'.-i OUT nlllliidi'. He 1:111 Hay Uu> Idlf 1 mill ]HH"|KWte.s<i •/L . f Hided -.lilru ol Dm upper middle : class us bllterly as anyone; bill lor 1 coiiirusi lie can nllor us only u Tuesday Umi .,| js 1750. .Susfcesl* FiugrrinJnl Aid DF.TTiOlT, Mich.. Mar. 5 lUl'J— Wllllhui P. Riiltedtc. foimer Du- troit notice commissioner -.UK! nou hi-ad of the Wyandotte. Mich, force, today v:lred New Jersey slatf police suggcsiing the kidnapers of the Llndber&h baliy blasted to send fingerprints of thc child. Thc prints. Rulleduc pointed out. t-oiilti bu compared with those taken Iroin Dif Child's toys anci in Iliis way I he Lindberghs would know If they were dealing with the. rr:il kidnapers or \vitli i:n|!osters. Would Enlist [,t-»i(in Help Another historic part at tlie Old Old nuw known JLS St. Francis Xavir-r ehiireh . . . was first built of lojts In 1703. trranhlcs date back lo 1C3G. Th? Liberty Ball of tlie northwest hangs In tin- tower of the. cathedral. The bell, moulded irom Jewels brought to this country by French setters, Is runs only on special occasions. The first record of its i inirini was ill December. 1178. when the townspeople were caltol together to renounce the ioverelsnity of Great Britain. The bell was runB its library which C.reat Britnln. The bell was rum volumes many of [again when the World War arm Cathedral is oontftins 5000 tuniiLn.i, .......j ~. .. j i j ,,i •Inch were printed before 1700. slice was declared on 11V DAN THOMAS D.—Si-en nnd heard Dick Arlen anil tils wife. Jiibyaim H'I.IL-:. Diil.slnii, have wwki-il out tin- onlj foolpicmf ilt-fi-iiM- nfjalnM HH-M salcsmi'ii who always seem lo iin;, r die door bell louder 1)1:111 anyone else. Dick answers Ihc door and listens patiently while Die salesman speaks his peace. Then Joby up- liear.s frutu out of nowhere and says [hat Dirk Is tkMf so lie hnsn't lu-ard a Ihlnu. -^> th." salesman starts all over a::aln displaying his Kes lo Joliy. When In- finishes his spiel for the m-oml lime nick snvs "She's blind--hasn't si-en a Ihini!." A lln-ak for Krwin At last Smart Eiwln is lo L'« ma<le a star. Which inilti- ixwsi- bly will result in Ills pn-uy wife., June Collyer, retiring firm the screen permanently. June Is fin 1 mort? interested In keeping liousi? anyway. Sail Eilers still manages to make new curs look like old. This time 11 wns her snappy new roadster Dial had to have new fenders. What a bival: lh/> Insurance coni- anies will Bet if she ever hires a nauffeur! ,1'litrrs noii'l I.ijthl Lewis Stone had a day off re- cnlly so he w?nt all through his oiisc gathering tni cigaret llshlers —seven of them in nil. Very pa- ienlly he filled and put new flinls xich. Then he tried Diem mil. \'nt ii one worked! Mack St-ni-.cit hasn't bi'en seen round dnnrini? very much lately. Vender wl-.M's wroni;. He. used In >e every plnce. even ROiivi two or hree places in a sliisjle night. .\HTICI.I: NO. »v \\-\i. r.. MiKrsM \ I In' ui-i- en spades ami thp ari-kltri PAGE THREE side of the lutk.s, mill |;|s tin- In- at pliilhilirs fllrd li(>re:|i. nnnTivst said. ' defeiidiinl :nid iilher.s. "•• -'''• J. \Vlli>r-s.-i-iiiy'ltaiHl as cleik nf ;.aU '.*• - euiiit :tnd DIM sfa) llierenf al- "^ llxetl, mi ihls 'J7th day nf rv!)ir.- H.-l,. OA1NES, Clotk. u vu;/u:-ly V10 *A-K-Q-J-5-3 46-5 *G-J-1o- 9-0-7 VNone 4 None 4A-K-Q. J-9-8- NORTH S 5 $ H SOUTH AK-4-3 V8-7-6- 3 4 None 42 1 VA-K-Q.J-9-S-4-2 *10-7-« * llu- lllddlne III ]ii.n-tli-:illy i-v.-iy CUM- Rillllh. Die with hv.a li(-arts. ClllptlM l;i;| Ihi- blildini; pii-- iiail.' if (hin- lias inueh (liiinre of dofiMilnit Ihr conlrnet. Don't make a buslne.-.s double In (''in- Irai-l unless you are iibsuliiti-ly r<-i lain nf ilefeallni! Du- cnniracl tusj. ojily tno often your op- poneiils u|l| re-double and if llu-y make it ihr odds lire vciy rniieli In Du-ir iiu-nr, N' u with tin- Jv.isl hand It Is rather <llll!rnli to nsk Mast to ijn lo six *(-;nti's over Die bid of five spaiU's. but II lit.- wuultl reason Die liiiiul out well rnoiiuh lit- wmild M-e Dial partner has nuide n 's a Inl of fun In K, ihrtin;h, and—likr nil of Ills Ixwta-ll, is l-i .(.Mnlly in-ltli-n. 'It's pulMlshed by l.o.ibliilay. Derail nnd Co., nnd eo.Kt.s s.j.50; and It h (ho l-Vbrtiury i-hdlci- uf the Batik ot tin- Month Club. KIIHU- V,-ry Kunny Vrrscs In Twu l.aneua(i-s If you retain any of your hi^ii «-;'.i»l UtTiniin, you'll i:ct a lot 'of builtis out of -l.iiiilniri!i'r L.vrlcs: Oiln tii In nie by • K. M. s." -riiea- nf five .sjiaili-s vi'lii'ii four have been bid. If )iu can dn Dial without tin- king of spades, certainly dial klii'4 uf spades Is woith an extrn Iriik, Hi-it- Ls a enf.c . ^ where yon can luldllKently uivc '"- st " K - P'.'i-iiis in mi outlandish mixture- of I'lKl Knuli'll, .Mich f.eiinaii-AiiH-iU-nn ml«ht write after years of re.-ildem-e In Du- United Slate* had fused Hie [ivr> inn- liimijcs In his miml. ; ind D:ey a« funny. I don't knu-.v S.~ m;iy lx-. but he . your P:IIDUT support- williQiil any "" a PI -humorist u( any mio, aw trk-L-i— Jiisl tlu- one inlsslinj c.iul;" >''m can jui7x!i- out such phra^.s "' " ' Hint you knuM ivlll produce the. nulled t-slni Irli-k for n .small ; '- s " l '' 11 vou moon." you'l Some o! the dictionaries and geo that is "fat." or lean. The fat fish arc best baked or broiled and require no Innlini; nor cx:ra fat. But Die lean fish can be cooked in any preferred fashion, extra fat belli:; added. Lean fish arc particularly delicious steamed. U«s flavor and intrimerts arc lost by tins nielhcd -11918. stir until smooth. Add to first mixture and add yolks of CUKS bt-aten mull thick ami lemon colored. Beat until coo). Attd sail to whiles o ei;s;s and b?al until stiff. Add vanilla lo cooked mixture and fold ii whiles of eags. Turn vnto a buttered baking dish and bake forty five minutes in a moderate oven Serve with whippet! cream sweet than by boiling. After Die fish is thoroughly cleaned it should be. ,,^.,,,i n i wiappcil in a piece of cheesecloth, a drop of oil of ptppcrmlnl. I-I.1NT. Mich.. Mtir 5 .u 1 ;,^ placed in the steiimer and steamea i until tender. When oily fish is baked it. .should be placed on a rack Oakley Tralnor last night tcle- l!i-.iphc<l Hi-nry L. Stevens, na- tionnl commander of the. Amcricn Legion, urging him to call o:.t |ije i.CDO.CM members of thc le- lo join in th c search for the ,. iix-d son of Col. aiul Mio. 1 bccot " e j" 0 " 1 -' Oiwi'l:s A. Lindbersh. cult to dle " .' Many small "iian-fuii," enough to Fish sotiffle Souffle delicious scrvw with a creaDied vegetable or Hoi landatsc sauce. lift thc fish from t^e fat which] Use one cup flaked fish, 3 eggs cooks mil. Otherwise the fc-h will 11 cup soft stale bread crumbs, 1- I almost stew in its own fat and will j cup cream. 1-2 tcaspotti salt, 1 ta flavored, antl diffi- [ blespoon minced parsley. 1 tea j spoon lemon juice. 1-8 teaspoo Bit Sleuths Confer TRENTON. N. .].. Mar. S 'UP) — !ish. ottt-.n called are good when pan High police' officials and' crime in- 1 lcts of rish avo " icc broiled or fried in deep fat. Fil- or ricer. Combine, cream Force fish through a coarse «le\ ™ y ( °' crumbs alld c ° k ' 6tirrl " «>"- slant vesliaulors from a do<;en cities gathered here today lo map out. and organize n concerted effort to Iraok down the Lindbergh kidnapers and save thc --Lindbergh baby. The officials assembled In Gov. Harry Moore's office from which the piviss was barred. The ladder uwd by the kidnapers was brought to the office. Commissioner Edward P. Mul- rooncy of New York, Chief In- si-uctor O'Brien of N?w York, and other renowned crime experts were present. detection , Deep fat frying is prelerable to i v [ or n s - e minutes. Add sail, pep pan fryins. since less fat is ab- ner and parsley. Sprinkle lenio sorbed in the former method ann | juice over rish • and add to coolce the crisp coating on the. surface of j crumbs. Add . weir beaWn yolks of the fish protects the inside from . t gBS and fold in .whiles. teaien un- slum. If Kasl lakes llu- limul to llilL II looks as Ihiiiixli you to make the nee of dln- moiuls nnil Die are of spades, but [your pailiicr has bid four hearts. wninliiK yon that there is an nn- iiMial ulstrlimtlon In tilt- lianil. He »'iis tokl \ou Ihnl lie lins no defensive slicin!lh and you shoulcl >;lvt' your o]i|nin?nts t-icdlt for IR-- lii|! Intelligent — they hiuv niaiU- a Uunp shift overcull Invllinx H slam, in Ihe face of all your li!|! iniense lieat. : til siifl. Turn into'a buttered mak- Keep in mind that fish should be , ing dish and bake 40 minutes in a cooked at- a low temperature and never over-cooked. This is especially true if fish is broiled. Plunge moderate oven. • Spinach .Souffle Spinach souffle served with the prepared fish, lied in a scjunre i creamed mushrooms is Weal for a ol cheesecloth., inlo a large kettle ! Lenten luncheon, of boiling water. Then reduce the ! Use u . 0 , a bk'spDOns butler. 3 la- heat.and simmer until tender, al- ; t : espcons (1 our, 1 cup milk. J lea- lowing ten minutes 10 the pound. ; SlX )on salt. 3 eggs. 1 cup finely chop,.^^ A spinach, 1-8 teaspoon Janet's Ifcu-k The crowd at the Ililtmote the other nlslil was worse than on Hollywood boulevard on dollar day. But that ilitin'l keep everyone, from Bellini; a nood look at Jtincl Gaynor anil Lydell 1'cck. They're, back from Europe and Jnnet s belter than ever before. Slie. starts her next picture h) a cou- nle of weeks. And in the meantime Is doing plenty of entertaining. William K. Howard nnd Ilk wife. Skeets Gallagher and his wife and Lillian Bond and Allan Dinehnrt were in her parly. Lorclta ill Konianct? Doualas Fairbanks. Jr. taking a sun bath in his back yard. He must have- a uoo;l coal of tan for his next picture and figures that! by ncqiiirim; it naturally lie won't have lo bother with makeup every morning. And James Cngney has gone house hunting, b?in8 particularly hut-rested In those homes which arc rUjht on lop of hilis. • • • Lorettn Young heading for San- Francisco for another week-end. Jhe is keeping pretty quiet about these numerous trips up the coast. But it is whispered th"re is a man involved! Ten-Gallon Ilat and Tuxedo! Kay Francis has C"ne in strong for tennis again. . . • Once the actress was a near champ nl this ; partner about ighv ])!:ivin-.' tricks nnil no de- , , , ,, t ,, eiifiv,- Mu-ntil,. To itcrninplisli I s " l: ""' s - a « ul " Nl " 11 ' sllolll(l Us |)'.ii']):iM- pre-i-niplive biililins!. sliould Iv nindi- hl^h i-nmich tn j : ^'' ml ill.- npiKincnts out In Die inn- jcill;. ul i-as.-s. ll clearly stales lo p.nlili-r Dull you t-X|H!Cl to KO tricks if his hand is lili-l:li-.-,s. but 11 two-triek sacrlflri; Is v.i-ll iinrili while when your op|X-iHnis have a uame In their hanil. Alti-i tin- four-heail bid. West. was iu:lrnn,,d will, mill,- a pro).- ( , h ',.-1,1. At M-vera table,. W<-M ' ,„ vcu:.ljvd with live chits. »Mi B j ,. 111 - mol ( . S|) , n t|) (lt , fl . ul i, ,,J nl , ic . ..iiunn H-.isoii i K - " than one irick which will only »'' lu llllt (lvp lu;; " ls ' W( ' sl l- you nn extra 50 or 100 polnls en)oy Ihls little book I tensely I Is "tit-red by Cnvii-N-Vlcdr nnd / tor Jl.Vti. . K. Alexumli-r. Ally. Ad l.lti-ii). W,VllMN<i :lfANCKItY COUIIT, CHICKiV- HAWHA 1 Dlffl'HICT, MISS1S9II'- , 14 COUNTY, A1IXANHA6. Anicileiin llulldlni; and Loan As- "' suL-ldllon mid W. !„ IX-loney, As '" Trustee, Plalnllir, Na. 5175 vs. J. C. Iliieluman and Helen Frances l). Rwhaiifiii, his wife. Ut'tcmlanls, ., The dcletidiints. J. C. Hudiamin nnd Helen Pinnies II. Ilucliiinan, lib wife, are w.irncd (o npiicnr..,.^ v.ltliln Ilihty days In the court .. named In Ihc caption hereof and unswi-r Uw complaint of llic plain-" till. A'rni'iltan HnlidliiK .and Loau .". AssQL'lailuu and W. L. neloney, IIS Tl'UStl-2. ' n.iti-d March S. I0:ii. . ' "| It. I,. CIAINKH, Clerk, IJy KllwilMlh Hlythe, D. C. Vlinll areclie. Atly. Ad I.Hfin. ' ove he .mild i!p,i bid live sjuiles. Hul,» ' ' ' ;,j he Vi,.-r mi-onns m the "H"s , > uf M!mal , mh . uplniun i.-. to bill ,he lliilld live ; spade-, ovi-r South's lour lieni'ts.. <11C " I H11U You an- unite jioslli™ that then! i of course, the hand will sgirvad 'I'lien- Is ... Hi.- :,|>adi-.s In the hand, lly ! (or slx Jmnpini; Knuth's bid wltli u bid of | 11- nc- 1:101-0 than necessary you an-1 iCopvilRht. 1032. NV.'A Service. Inc.) WAHNINfl OIIDKII MUNICIPAL COURT, GIIICKA- SAWI1A DIHTlilCT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. W. M. limns. Plalnlltl. vs. . C. Freeman, IMnuliiiil. S L. \Vi-b.-:ler mid Nfyrtb Webster, Oariilshcfs Tin- de-fi'iulant. l>. C, Vn-cinnn, wm net! lo uppi-ar within thirty days In tin- eourl named In Die cuptlnn lieirof and unswer tin- ccm- iilulnl of tin- pl-.ilntill' \V. M. Burns D.ltfd March 4. 103?. IVY W. CRAWFORD, Municipal Judgiv 5-12-10-M .Slate of IN Tllfc County— us, CHANCERY COURT In choosing a dessert, to serve. with fish, keep away from gela- , tines. Fish itself is rich in uela- , tinons substances and gelatine dish- i Make a sauce of butter, flour and KITCHEN BY SISTER MARY SEA Service Writer ing dish aini pass creamed mush- There's something about a souf- | He thai caplures everyone's inter- j esl and admiration. And while 1 . THE BOOK SURVEY Famous Old Medicine Man Fur-, by William Morrow nnd Co. II costs nislu-s Malrrial for "Bluck F.Ik j $3.75. Speaks." Which .May 1'rovr Most] ' * * Intcrcsllns Bex>k of l!!32—Calu-ll 1 Mr. Cabfll Coinldrrs aiul'Tarkiinton's Nrw KITtirts. ! Thr Llfr of Today i By Ibis time, very likely, yon arc HV B1H1CK DATl'ON j mvu a . O f Die tact thai James NKA Sen-irr ^^•rll(•r ., Brunch Catx-ll Iwr. knocked oil his You will not find a more unusual : ii rs t name with the publlcalioii of book than "Blark F.Ik Speaks" all : hi s newest Ijoolt, "These ItesliM! WITHIN AND KOfl •niECIIICK- ASAWHA DISTRICT OI-' SAID COUNTY AND STATK WIlmliiKlon Knvlngs Hank, u corporation, and C. A. ClIlMin, : SubslHuied Truslct. I'kilniltl's, No. SOUl • vs. K. II. Talx-i. fl u|., Uclcndanls. WAKNINU Oltlll-IK The di-Ic-ndnnt, ISIoiinl Tloi Works, a rorporntlon, is heicl) W'l'in-d -lo apiwur In the Chlcka iiiwba Ulslrlct of Mississippi conn ly Choncery Cuurl r.ltllni: at Illy tlicvlllc. Arkunsas, within Ihlr'. i days Iroin the diUe lioreo a..d nnswrr the complaint ui [I year. In ways. 1 lliiiih you ' Heads"; and it remains only lo re- . v.ill not Hurt a more intctcsunc one, : port Ilinl, this book, which ta sonu;- either. i what In Die mood of his "l)cyoi>ti In this l:cok John c:. Ncll-.ardt ' U'c," conslils of a series of Ic'ose- has sci down, verbatim, a long se- ! ly-conueclcd - essays on literature. rics of utterances by Dlaclc Elk. fa- We, love, imrimlsm nnd the worli! moiLs old uuHliclnc man of Din in general. Ognlala Sioux, who foueht in the • You find here, again, the care- battle of (be LilDc Blj Horn, was fully-wroiiglil pro.'e which Ls ha l.-i relative atxl close friend of Die famous chief, Cra/y Horse, and who now survives, aged nnil blind. sport Bui now she is doin» it Just for fun—nnd to kiep the old weight down. . , . Dic-Me. Moore and Ills mother both in a hospital. Dickie's molhcr always is wKU him at Die studio, so when he went lo have lite tonsils removed lie liLsisl- cd that she. so along- She did anil had her's out, too. Tom Mix btiual willi Mr. Cabell. Now ant nuain il seertts stilled nnil uifcct- cd; for the most part, though. It COMMISSIONER'S S.A1.K NOTICE Is hereby ijlveii that w undi'rsl;;iied wininiLssloiicr, 111 ; nplliiiice with the tcririi of n ." L-cii'e rendf-rid l)y Die- Cliancfry ouvL for tin: Chlcknr.awb» MK- Ict of Mississippi County, Av- ,'.,', nisas. on Dip 22nd day of Fell- • lary, ISM, wherein Ulythevllle .ilidliii; and Loan Assoclalion via ..".',' lalnilll, No. 4995 nil W. M. Burns, et nl,, were fier.. . 'ndiinl.s. will sell ut public auction ... i thc highesl nnd best bidder, n u credit of three months, nl .., lie front door of the Court HoUSu, .- ttwt.en Die hours prescribed' by - iw, In tlie city dt lllythevllle, Arnn.«as, on the 2Wh d:iy of March. ] tiM, tin- fclluwln^ real estate, to- . •Il: Lot Sevenlr-cn (17), niocX •fwcnly-Si-Yi;!! 1211 of tin- Dly- Ihe Addition to llu.- City of BlyDievtlle, Arkunsn 1 ?. SAID r.alo will b(> had to sallsfy " bald decree In thj sum of 12.llT7.n7, vllli 10 |x>r ceni interest from Scp- iulKT Isl, 1931. Til!-: purchaser ul said sale will -. be required lo execiiln bond with • .i|.-piovi-d securlly, to secure tho aymciii ot the tmrcliisc money, nd a lien will be'retained upon iald property as additional security for Iht- payment of such purchase. . money. WITNESS my hand and seal ol said courl, on this, the 5th day of March, 1032, R. L. -C1A1NES, Commissioner in Chancery. 5-12 in a little cabin on a western res- j is a delight, to read it. crvatlon. i i,. x, i),c same with the subject Black Elk has told tte story of j matter: occasionally trivial, lih his life—nnd what a slory it is! | book frequently becomes devis- He grew u\i as n child of the slan« (tatlng In its ironic observations on age, a son of the plains Indians: he came to manhood to find his people beiue crushed by Die advent o! K mysterious supc-rior clvilton- presenl-day foibles. His remarks on the American flag, for example, would arouse the professional patriots to demand his exi-cvillon. if [ion: and the tragedy, Die cruelty j ii were not for the fact the pro- and tin? injustice ol the conflict: fcssioual patriots l:ave probably never heard of him, "There ilesllcrs Heads" Is pub lished by McBrklc at $2.50. anil k BREAKFAST: Grape fruit juice soumrmak'lnr^ins molt m ^ I "real, cream, tested eoilfisi, strip, terlous to fhc° untnlltatcd. •^•\™!*™*;™%« a *, „.„„ • no conjuring Iricks about it. A few Scientists have discDverel durin; : simple rules lead tiic way to a per- LUNCH EON: Fish souffle creamed areen beaiw. cabbage and rye muffins, mar- thc wliites into yolk mixture. The fiufTy consistency of Die finished cereal, cream, jwiatccs hashed in fish once or twice a week make,' for a pleasant and profilable change in family menus. When you go lo markei to buy fish, there are certain qualities Ic look fcv in determining freshness the and good condition. Of course 'your nose is really the best guide; must tte considered, but forty to which prevents the breaking of the |,.".jj t r ing, slow baking is also one of j c[aWfs mulfin?. ixecl vcj- rliubarl) ins, inilX-. lifty mlmites in an average oven should be allowed for baking Three hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit is the correct temperature. When firm to thc touch or when a sharp knife inserted in tlie center of thj sonftle comes out clean, the soullle is done. Serve AT ONCE. If a souffle Is allowed lo stand even a snort lime after removing from the oven It well nncl good, if discolored by , will fall. blood, the fish is net in goad con- j Fruit and custard fouftlcs make to fresh fish, but there are olhfr and. more dependable ways of lell- lug in case you do not have an acute stnfe of smell. Tne flesh' should bs firm and c-lastlc when pressed with the. fin- Gr-r and should' adhere firmly lo the bones. When thc fish is opened. look carefully fit th» flesh nroi:r.d tr.e brge vein which runs toward the tail. U Ihc flesh is clear. jtea. DINNER: Stuffed anrt li.iked white iv-wliltc ID-gallon hat. And then tile February choice of tl:e,\ a , vav ! mystic. At thc age nf nine he f:-ll' Guild. ' We Solicit Your Dry Cleaning On Our Merits dition. ! fashionable and delicate desserts, Fish can be dlvirt:ti into two gen- j while Ihose made with cheese, crnl croup-: fat and lean. The so-1 minced meat, flaked fish and vege- c.ilicd lean fish have fat 'ocrcted table puree are excellent for lunch- In Ihe. live.r. leaving the fl:sh clear : eon or supper main dishes, and white. Alirr cooking, lean IHh ; Chocolate Soufflr arc quite div n i. lt ( (| s ky. To this' Two lablespoons butter. 2 tablc- eroup hclonsi rod. haddock, fimmd-', S|xx>ns flom-. l cup milic, 2 squares cr. troul. nn;iis pickerel, black | bitter chocolate, 6 tib'.cspoons gran- how and many others. ; ulatcd sugar, 2 tablespoons ho'. Tonkin* Methods Vary • water. 1-8 tcaspfton salt. 1 t< To ihf fat group belonq -.shite- vanilla, i c«gs. Jsh. tnrbat. salmon, r.crrln". but- '• butter and stir in Tcrflsh, mackerel, slud. hnlltiu ami, Slowly a'dd ndl!;. stirring constant- riuii-^rous oU-.crf. • ly, cook and silr untU mixture The way rtsh should 1>« cookr; - toils- Melt chocolaie over hoi depends npcn n-liahcr it Ls oily, water, acid sufjar »nd hot water and The petition, it is timl iriginated with tli« local Parent Teacher Association, and was circulated prior to the schcol '-Icc- lion Monday. A clause in the peti- iion endorses candidacy of C. C. Bowen and H. J. Hale, who ran without opposition for rc-clfction ;o Die board, and asks that im- cninnrh siii'flrtl kiii'ii" mediately follnwlng the election, the S. r,^5"5Mh rsJSt WAT'SS with a linancial statement sho»'- Ing the amount of money raised nnd disbursed ill operation of the tiillion school this year. It was learned that the schcol board, however, illd not operaie the school IhLs year, bin ifasert the building and equipment to a tiroup of resident teachers, who .undeitcok Ihe operation of the ; i school on ft tuition basis al Die been ^Tlttcn chiefly to sliow what r\ l /-• • r 1 ! I P«i' 'sc USCCOla LlVIC LIVID I eil-i £ , 1 , 1Be es;lcn of the Civic Club aft:r i lllc clllb fn " cc1 in r . lls( . 5unlC | Cnl f , mds , hroiish ,,„„.,, liic subbcrlplion to operate a free' _ _ _ | school, A civic chib committee OSCEOLA \rk March 5-Ccr- | v-as enformed as to this mo tinns RnarH« To lot iions noams 10 Ltt Handle Situation. Hour. OSCEOLA \rk March 5-Ccr- v-as enorme as o ts tain patrons of tl-.e Oswoli public and »;-' lci e i110 objccticn, it i - J "" ll " "'"'• " " cd. Tin; club says It was not consulted. . sehcols ha\e filed a petition with Ihc local school board asking that the schools next year, vhlch H is assumed »111 Viav c to br aw alcd on either > s'.ilHon or sub- following Nfondsy's election before ' Mr. board Prcwitt said Ihc, have to reorganize scripiion basis, be placed in the htnds of a ooBomltlee of five dios- cn froan the Oewoli Civic Club who will collfd and disburse all | meet to any action of that Ixxiy could V had on thc petition. He said ho didn't know «hn\ the bonnl v.o«ld beauty, nnd a fine dignity. unbPllevablv unpleasant Thc book Is. in fact. r.ill:er s: "Black Elk Spojks" Ls iiubllslicd RESULTS Hr who rinpi do«r for ;L j<jb. a room or an.t sitfcl objective totlows * slow, cir- ciiilnu< roulp Fnderd. Oar rnluinns not only locate tnrsr pros- prt U for TOU but also assure nn immrdute interview -Kith ao i prospect at ihr frcalrst in? rf Hire and «flort. Phone 3O6 UJ KCAUSK V.'L- HIVC you Uwt hi>ih stimtl- ;IH| of ijiiiility wovk nntl survku tliut you l';tvt! ;i ]-i}jlil to expect from -your cloiiner. Tr I'- ;ii'c r.jv.-ioiifilly inlurcslcd in dry . It's our livitiy, antl that is why lo c<i(ii|) our nl c<|ui|imctit, wo have HIKIIVC! nn pUint \villi the liosl of ^t used by tin 1 oldi'sl aiui tho cnunlry. I IPS tvtio nnd tried method of defining is |ii)si lively non-injurious to any kind of fnliric. Send us your besl. Dresses, Furs. Cents, Gloves, Suits, Hals and Drnpcrics and rest ns.Hiixul they «-ill tie returned to you in |ho l)i'st of condition. We Also Do Repairing, Helming and Alterations Ingram Phone ISO

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