The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1932
Page 2
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TWO BLYTttEVlLLE, (ARK.y COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1032 Society Calendar Sinuay Rabbi-Carl Miller o£ Helen* will be the guest, speaker at Temple Iirttl Sunday, 8 p.m. An interest- Ing program has been arranged anti - members snd irlends ate urged to fcs present. Monday The Wctnan's Missionary Society of the Second Baptist church meeting In the home of J. W. Richard ami then to the First Baptist church for mission study. The Business and Professional Women's club is holding Its regular meeting Monday evening In the club room at the Got! Hotel. Ml*. Howard Proctor will make a talk at 8:15 0:1 "Women's Responsibility as a Citizen". The Woman's Missionary Society cf the First Methodist church is having a very Important business meeting at 2:30 in the church. Each cfjicer and all members are urged to' be present. The Executive Board of the Presbyterian Auxiliary Is meeting at 2:30 in the church. The Woman's Missionary Society of .(he First Baptist church is having a mission study lu the church this afternoon with the ladies of the Wilson church as Bursts. Mrs. W, M. Williams Is leader. No Ray of Hope for Sun! Civic Oblijal on Keynote Of Baslntss Women's W«k The business woman's responsibility as a clti7cn will lie the keynote of the annual observance of National Business Women's Week, Mnrch Cth to 12 inclusive. The local Business and Profess onal Woman's club, with Miss Minnie Mnt- thews as president, will Inaugurate the week's program w'ith ni: open forum discussion of wlm' business women eon do lo belter the communities in which they live. The observance Is under ilie auspices of the National Fedora- lion of Business nnd Professional Women's clubs, the larRcst national organization of business »'o- m?n in the world, wllh which the local-club is affiliated. I National Business Women's Week, fitst inaugurated In 1028, has -proven progressively popular. Last year the observance had the approval ol Pr.nWent Hoover, the official endorsement of 21 governors and of -more than 200 may- This year Mayor Neill Reed hns issued a" proclamation endorsing It as follows: WHEREAS, the fifth annual ob- seivancc '.of ..l^atlguftl. Bushpss Women's Week" - will bft; sponsored by the largest organization of 13us- iness Women In the World—tlic National Peroration of Business A' Professional Women's Clubs March 6th to 12th Inclusive, 1932, for the purpose of acquainting the public with the !act th»t there is nn alert ^nd progressive frroup 'of business nnd professional women, organized arid i-endv to co-operole intelli- Bits of NetCs Mostly Personal Put II down l» black and white—here's a sunny slylel All fuss and leathers Is the ostrich sunshade which will UtrnltVi n raft and lovely frame for the face next summer. II complements ihc black anti white printed, chiffon that Is lopped by a shirred black velvet Jacket. K. D. Carpenter, county agrlcul- iiisl iijcnt of O.sceolii, was In I31y- lievllle today wn business. Mis. W. A. Wcrdcneyer of I,lule Nvk Is the yucsl of her daughter, Mis. Nolll Kecd and family for eral d,iys. Miss liob Williams is ft wcck- ct:d visitor In Memphis. Mnrijiicrltc and Hnth Matthews, accompanied by Ur. W. M;.- Gwe:i and Fied Flceman drove to Memphis Friday evening ami EUW -llic Student Prince" at the Aud- Itci-lum. Mr.s. w. S. Ijingdon, who has been seriously ill for the past week is very much Improved. Sum Grimes and son Hairy of Troy, Tenn. tire spending the w:;<-cnd here with Mr, Grimes' daughter, Mr.s. Allen Posey ninl Mrs. C. 1!. KcUiniior and families, | Mr. and Mrs. rarnsworth Black and Mrs. W. J. Pollard spent today In Memphis Mrs. S. I). Carpenter of Osceola was n Blylheville visitor today. IT-? Rev. Paul Oullowny of Jnlnor s[iont last evening here attending (he banquet given at tho FirM, Mclhodlst church. Miss Maiy Kathryn Owin of llaytl. Mo. Is the guest, of Mrs Luuls iindl..-y and Mrs. J. n. Miller if Armorel. S. W. Crane has returned fron Pulosl, Mo. where he spent two weeks. ; O. C. Ganske has returned fron business trip to St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Posey mid little daughter, Ata>n will drive t Troy, 'Venn., Sunday to visit with Mrs. Posey's parents, Mr. and Mrs Sam Grimes. Boston SWcy of Ilarrlsbuig, Arl hns returned after !i brief business (rip I'.ere. Miss LaNcnl Loving of Capo. Gil -clean. Mo. is spending the week ul here with Iriciuls. Miss Ann Morris of Jefferso ity, Mo. was the guest of h.T ro'lher, Harvey Mortis, mid fani- ly here today. Miss Morris .is onneclcd with the Missouri sta(e NA/AKKNi; L'tlUKCJI James A. Kussrll, Pastor Sunday inornlnj at 11 o'clock the pa'.tur will preach from Ihu subject, "The .Missing Man". 'Ihc mi'ssagc for the evening hour will lie. "lien", the .'.ucond oldest place mentioned In tlic liible and Hie least spoken of In the tultci 1 day. Sunday school, 8:45 A. M. Preaching at, 11 A. M. Esenir.ij worship at 1:M P. M. The M. N. Y. P, K. meets, at EEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON = How Jesus Taught Humility cot dial welcome awaits you. l>II.(i«IM I.UTHKIIAN CHUUCIt II. J. Klcimllcnsl, I'aslor Sunday school, 0 o'clock. Adult Bible claw, 0 o'clock. iv.vine worship, 10 A. M., on the lhrn:c: "Tile Purpose of Lile is to Glorify God". 'I In re will be no evening worship. Ail are cordially Invited to met' 1 , with us. or CHRIST 'd* in Court House Auditorium Sunday huhcol, 10 o;deck will! liil-.le- study on: "Jesus Washes Ills • i-iy,!f:>' Feet". flu- "The Son ol in Celtic Net, to Be Ministers i.:j. Jiut to Minister and to (Jivt i 1 - Lite A Knnsom tor Many". Ildy conmumlon. 11 o'clock. Younji peoples' mcelin;*, 7 o'clccl i hcmc of Mr, and Mrs. Roy armun. I.adlco Bibie study, Wedncsda llrrncon with Mrs. J. W. Bader. cpartmcnt of education. to the older group of the Intermediate class of the Second Baptist Sunday school Friday evening with gently with nil civic projects' of worth, to • develop friendly relations with 'other organizations in the city and to join in all forms of: public service and to further show that the taid organization Is keeping faith with its slogan— "BETTER BUSINESS WOMEN FOR A BETTER BUSINESS WORLD"—and that in living up to the lofty principles underlying their organization (his group ol women arc proving lo the citizens in their various communttbfi that everyone hns n definite responsibility to the Nation, to his community and lo each other nnd that it Is the duly of each individual to . llit volcc! (0 give of ths t:st that is within him to'advance nnd better civilization therefore, the week of March GU lo 12th 1932. is hereby proclaim ed' : "BUSINESS WOMEN'S WEEK' and tlw declaration is made tlm it'shall be observed in a manne of. mutual good to the organize lion to the public and to the In dividual. '. This the 5 day of March. Signed. Mayor N^ill Reed. OulslandiU!; cvcnls on the loca program for the week are: Sunday. March Gth.—Miss Mil n!,-> Matthews. President ol tl Blythcvillc Business and Profe sional Women's Club, will oftic ally open Ihe local group's observance of National Business Women's Week, March Gth to 12lh, -with i broadcast over - K.L.C.N. at noon. Sunday, March 6th. Monday, March- 7th.—Mrs. Howard Proctor will talk to the Business and Professional Women tonight at 8:15. Oil "WOMEN'S RESPONSIBILITY AS A CITIZEN." | CUizenshio is the keynote of the] annual observance of National Business Women's Week. March Gth lo 12th. Tusday, • March 8th—Mist, Al- thca Edwards will speak to tlw Lion's at their regular luncheon today, Iclling them of National Business Women's week. Tuesday Night. March 8th—Miss Clara Ruble will visit th? regular hard lime parly. The class leader. Mrs. Hattlc SmUldy, with the y members in church, Ihe girls dressed in house frodc$'-inr»l'th(! boys- In overalls <vnd Uicy'walkcrt'to ihe'Slh'stroel home. Ganirs and contests were held nnd musical numbers were contributed by Louie Burrell. playing HIP. guitar and Anril Waton, the violin. Pop corn balls were served al a late hour. The younger group of the Intermediate class, with Mrs. Udell Newsom as teacher, were enter- among the boys: the shlek, Howard Mr.ore: menus most to 7A, Howard Moore; the wllllest, Cecil Bran- In the home of the pastor, J. L. Newsom on Ash stiect. hlrty> members enjoyed various mcs and contests. The hostess rvcd refreshments, son: best-all-around, James Dozicr; met j l;cst alhletu. Jiiincs Dozicr; ; the most ullraclive. Howard Moore. The selections among Ills girls were: Miss 7A, Virginia l.lttle neans most to 7A, Virginia Little willlcft, Mury Eunice Layson Bcst-ail-round, Pauline Davis; h« athlete, Pauline Davis; mosl at tractive, Virginia Little. Tho ballots were bought fur cent each and the proceeds \vcn to the finance committee to us for elnss funds. The finance com mitlce also sold candy Thursda March 1 and netted Sl.GO. T«t: John [3:1-15 The International Uniform Sunday Stlioiil I.rsson for Manli u. JIV \V.M. E. Cilf.UUV. I). I). Kilitor of Tiiu CuncrfKiitloiiallsl There are lessons (he teaching of which might be put in any | scene und that are of unlvefsalS nppllcndon. This lesson certain-1 ly is of universal applk-.illon, and there are few needed more In th? ir.oilern world. • Hut (he scene iliclf rimlially eastern and very dclinltely re- . ted to Hie world in which JCMIS I .'cd. There are modern chil'.ilans •ho hiive embodied the hcrise in n lodern rituiil of worship nnd who rnctice foot washim; much in the amc way as the church in yeneval praclicrs baptism. •-... Without at nil eiilicl7ln? thai, inictlce oiic may raise the quiti- lon ol Ihc reality and appropri- ^(cne^s witii which an incident, related lo a peculiarly casdrrn cn- riioimifnt of priinltlve tlinr^ can :>e piMp'.'lnatcd In iiKidcrn cnviron- neiilK which ar-. so esienlially different. 1'IltST Mt'l'HODIST CIIL'KCll Tilii'm iiml Se\cnlh .Street:; V. Q. Itmic, I'Jstor Su];day schcol, 9:45 A. M. Last Sunday we had the largest al- cr.iiamc in years. Wcr.-:lii]i and termon, II A. M., u-.d V.:M P. M. The Rev. J. T. .IDOL! \\ill [ii'cr.cii at both horns. Junior Li-ague. '2 P. M., Mrs. J. D. UaikFdaie, lender. K.:ikv League, C:30 1". M., Mild M:s. H. A. Ulmer in ciiarge Woman's Missionary society Morxlay. 2:30 P. M. Ponrd ol Stewards, Monday, 1:30 P. M. l':-.iyer meeting. Wednesday at V:SO P. M.. ill charye of youiii,' [:ru;;lr:;' dh'ision. Choir rehearsal, Wednesday, 8:15 P. M. Tlicre Is r.o ci^'ironitn-nt, how- evi-r, to which ihc [i-acliiir.i of this h-.-.-inn does not apply and IID life b-.:i that would 1:; plirno.lh- enecl and made lintter frf: 1 'Mltow- inj; the spirit of the W!'-stcr's action in washlni? tl'.e disciples' feet. us entteavor to represent not only the historic scene but Its barksM'fiund. Here were ; L I'vnup ul men v,-l'.mn Jesus had \ alled to the iniH-i 1 circlu of dis- lp'friiip. They undoubtedly were nen who. for (hr-ir own tiinrs, were ol lemarkaMy irce and prn?res«lvc -, ihid. or they lisrdly would have | p ] cmc , n(s iollowo.1 so iniconventional a ' :"aclier. They v:cr? men of force of character ad ncouraye or they would not have left all to follow Him. They were men. appamilly, of intense devotion lo Him personally; yel they were men hi whom such fierc-2 ambitions moved that again and " main they quarreled about nos'.ions of precedence and pre- erment, ami c\v:n about the coni- aralive measure of their zeal nnd .evotion to Jesus. Haytt Society—Pevsonal Mr. and Mrs. I. D. McDrtfmi: were host and hostess to the TO-.MI and Country Bridge club al tk'u home Wednesday evening ha\:;n two tables of club members a::d two lab!?.s of eue^ts. Sirs. Ler.:r-.i Conrill was nwardod hosiery lor club prize, and Ilonnie Grernwoll was presented a necklic as men's club prize. Mrs. M. n. Rolan of NMlicrlamls received a plaque for htgh sucst scove. ,„,,.•.,„ ,„.,,„ ,.,,,„ Mrs. V.. O. Walker was hosier H Mm, h- WrMh,, 1° ""• W- M - "- nt hpr 110111C Wal The Ladies'Bible Class of the « "' WVB T M^ito'f C»" First church held its i-zulir '""'ibers present. Mrs. t.iola Cui ^hlfniceUus 1 " ev^ns «|« "'^ "" „„ in the home of Mrs. Ed Hardln. Mrs - s - E - Nctllcl .\ ,,,.;,,; l * i wllh Mrs. W. W. Holllpeler and M™. M - Fv >' f csu1 "' /'"l^l,^ "* Mrs. W. 1). Henlevas eohoslessr.s f"^-« session. N».l ««'"<-" f to the 21 member's present. Mrs. i <«•? the ndies will meet al lie . "'illolliiKlerhnd chnmeof ihcdevo-,n»P'W f ' lurcl1 for RU a11 "'" as assistant licsicss.. Uonn , ro!lo;1 . c(1 by priiycl . vjy Mrs. business session pi e- { Lce Armslro ,, E . Mrs. Henley, president of 11-? class, presided over a brief busi- nirric.m Legion uxlliary Mrcts. The nm\ Cason unit, ol Vmcrlcnn Ij-glon Auxiliary i rlday afternoon in the home Irs. Roland Green with Mrs I. Bennett luring the iricd over by thj, president, Mrs. 'lord While, reports «f the dif- cicn 1 . committees were given. The I LAKE STREKT METHODIST CHURCH licv. W. J. I.cRcy, Pastor Sunday school, B:45 a. m. Preaching services. 10:50 with subject. "Wlial God Told His People, to Remember." Preaching service, 7:30 wtili the llrv. J. T. Hood in charge. The ficv. Lelloy preached Fridas evening al Osccola Revival am will have charge of the services Sunday evening. TIIK ASSKjim.v or con Lilly Slircf Sunday school. 9:45, J. H. Wi iiims. superintendent. Classes to all a ( :cs. Preachhi 1 ^ service 11 a. m. Young People Society, 6:30 p. in. Evangelistic serv ce 7:45 p. m Illustrated Box sermon, special slngint;. Kevival coi-.tiuucs another week. vnnss-lii.! W. E. Thurmond in nrcj of all services. of birength in the kitij- doni Ho had come to reveal and establish. Yet in spiui of all this seemingly clear leachin:,' Iho disciples missed Ihc effect. Even in ihu Eci-emn hour of the I'Kbsov.?r, they were unpurlticd from tlicir selfish and earthly tempers. Hence it was that on Ihe we of his supreme sacrifice al the last supper, symbolic of communion in ail that was high and holy in His i selves? elalioMship with his disciples, He j in our Repeatedly Jf.s'.:s rebuked them. \eain and attain lie sought li> eseh ihem the lesson ot humility and by example to suggest thai ,n lowliness and In serviM were Hie tirsl, "Thou shall never wash my •• Sect." Peter had not baincil Ihc lesson that iu humility and tenicr even Ihe Master of men may give the highest manifestation of His'.,. love and urjatncss. If Peter had ;.' not learned that lesson, we :nay be sure that otheis in that upper '^ room were eqally blind. '' Do we mnrvel nt th.?se disciples?.. How much like them are we our- Do we grasp any belter',; day and in our enviion- gavc them in this physical act of ', men', the suproue lesson vhat Je-. feet washing a practical illnstr.i- I siis sought to teach Ihem? tion of His teaching. The aUrhide of the diseiplcs is illustrated in Peter's strong out- i dence of love? Have we learned that in Imvll-.... ness and meekness is real slieir^lh,"-- and that in service is the true evi r: .. S15 as their I Icpartmenl quota lo licadqiiarli'rs. ncss j ess j on diirinK which c]liss vo , 0(( lo scn(l nnwers lo th" n or | Ci w ho is confined In Hi:' i rhc vote to entertain the 51h riis- i ![ir ,tisl Hospital in Memphis. The ricl conference was passed and ; ^0,^-5 Prayer In unison, dismissal he date will be announced later ;| llc m celing. A SOC | a ) h 0 nr-ot names and cou- e»joy:d with the ho-t- >y the district ptesidenl, Mrs. How- .i-ct Proctor. ' i tests was Lr. A. M. Washbuin. coun'y f cssrs .vrvln™ nppricots with whip- -.ealth directo:- and child welfau- ]H ,() crf am. WftffCi-s and lea. The April meeting will be held Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Fields had :\ family reunion dinner :it their and teachers will no: honvi" Sunday having present. Mv. nnd Ms,. W. H. Fields and vhi!- __ dren. Mr. ami Mrs. Jack Wilbni-.'ss | U] ,i. i,,,t are . and children. Mr. and Mrs. r<ir::s J L , llt olu ,), llic i,j. Sawyers nnd daughter CHIM'A'.-.I;-' j all of Warden. Mr. and Mrs. A'.l n Lynche mid Mr. and Mr.s. H T.. I-'IRST HAPTIHT CHURCH Walnut anil Ijslilh Streets Alfred S. llarurll. Paslcir TeachiiiR service 0:iS a. in. G. C. Miller, educational director. Sermon by the pastor at 11 a. m. anil ~:'.W p. m. Morning subject: "Life Fe.r A l.rak." Eve-ntns subject: "God's -Man And Ilii Jles- sar?." On account of the Traiuiii;! Si-hool the Sunday school officers ine;-t as us! lo be pi'es- .-h.iiiman of the Dud Cason ix;st. vmeucan Lesion, save a short re- w uu Mrs. .Alito Lee. .lev,- of the state While House roll- /' ' .erence in Little Reck which tie iiaui'lilcr" Horn. ittrndcd March 1 and :!. ; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Graves an- A social hour was suciit vvi'.li i i .-.vmce the arrivi-1 ui " ~i p^und he hosiers servins relieshmenls. ': ( |a:i;liliT at the familv hnrnr. Wo.l- Mrs. E. B. WcoJscn and M 1 . 1 ;. , ncsilay, March 2nd. The hahy 3ry»nt Slew art were welcomed | been named Hetty Anne. Mrs. is new members. llarlen ol Tyronza. Ark., anil Mr.. C. C. IK-unv ol Comvny. Avk . ^^^ . , Mr. nnd Mrs. M. E. Oeorse ..:.d ; ,„„„(],. \ f i daiiKhl-r Klvn of Manila. Ark.-.1.11 ],,,, Io (i; ,, P have been here vlsitim; .Mrs. <r. ,,.i Chinn of this city, rclurr,'.. (heir home Wednesday nw:v ird by Messrs. Leon Chi;:n nyrum Lucy, who rctiinn-d i 'riuirsdav. Mid-Work service \Vi-dnralay 7:45 p. m. 1!. y. P. U.s meet .Sunday evening at G:15. first Sunilay o! alt |J'?I:L;I -^ be tho paiu tuvltatlnn To Open D.lnr Clsss. Tile Open Dornr class rt Ihr First Methodist church extends an in- ,-iialion to ail to alien:! th^ii :lass Snr.diiy incrnlng. Miss Schn:: Graves svill tc remembcre;! r.s Misiona Mae Tiiinaee. I • & • Thomas Sccoy Chairman ci Board of Deacons 1 . To llnl.I Training Srlinnl I We are bcinnni.-,': .1 Training School for the -Sur.d.iy Krhnol Of '! fleers anil Teachers Momhy eve ning at 7:15. It i.- hojivi! tha every Otficc-r ai::! 'n-ai-hrr. an every member of I!'.*- Church. \vil •.be ' two in this Class School. Tlicre will b perio:! 1 - raeti evcnin K-;cfutive Hoard llsis Mttlinj;. The exociilivc board nf the Woman's Council of Ihc tir:-.. Clnis- Um church met in Uir- home cf mcclin? of the Air.ercan r c" : and talk to the Lepionaires of National Business Women's Week. Thursday, March 8th.—Miss Althea Edwards will talk to tha. Rotarians al their weekly luncheon. Friday. March IWh.—Dr. Edna Nies will speak to Ihe High School | Crowe leads the Students in Assembly, telling them \ lines while Willie LrnU. Social Science teacher • of j Mrs. H. L. IJcdmtn Friday allw- he hljli school, will conriuct li-.c I r.onn for their regular monthly Ins3 rind 5i>C(-ial nutbical numbois ! business .nicelinif. ^Vr.s. E. K w-r,i be given.' To Have Ildicllt I!!n5o Tarty The Altar Eocie'.y of llic Ininn- culalc Conception cliurch sire .'inn- soring a benefit Hmpo pally. Tuesday evening in the Catholic Hall. Home made paslrics and weariny apparel will be given as pmes. English fin 1 * Makes flcrnrd Tn Mcmoriyiu^ The 7A2 Knglish class of the Junior high school has mrmovi7?il 4,878 lines during Ihc lirsi six vecks, of Ihis .'•emcslcr. Nonna girk with 2JS I.aml:crt heads The board of dcac-ovr . First Preshyteviavi church ::- eleclion of officers Fridav H. P. Fry. retiring chairmni-. Inaled Thomas Secoy h-r ih..- aml he was elected liy !u-.-'..v.-.. ;,s were the oilier oflici- Ci. E. Keck, was reeled vr • Latlmcr. president cf tl;c;i. I man, .1. Nick Thomas. -- i-nr.durted . the biisine.'-.!. Om-.iv! and Ouy Wollon. - wiiich plans- v;rre i-ouiplctcd to meet with Mrs. W. I-. Wm:;efrcd of Bassstt. next Tuesday fur regular monthly Uinchrnn and pro- Mrs.' Winnr-frcd's mother. Mrs. Briry, Is assistant lif-sless. A decision was also made lu rtervi- .1 the Pre-EJstcr Week o! 1'iayrr. A social hour was s;i;ii'. with (ho hosiers sen-ins date rolls. I'KUMANKNT \V\VKJfl Including Sh.'.miM.i a n ri T£9 Sci. Guarantie,! - - - - Tf Kl,AlNK HKATTY S1I01' Olcnccc Hlilj. Plume Walton has served as lvr.:> more than a decade. Ur.dc:- r.^cllon the church has vjv.- snnrts of dollnts. Tl-..- b',:d?ct. up until Ihr la^ 1 •• been in the 000. Mr. Ti-.omas has «K.i > long iwrlod as scrrctn: 0|icn Door Clasi Hns Ikintiucl The Open Door Class oi Hie FiiM Methodist rlmrch had a 7 .Vdook baimurt Friday evening in the church with 74 members prc'-enl Paul Galloway oi .iiv.i used ;is his subjnci. ncantiliil." A chorus o: rcndijctcd by C. O. K ^fiss Eve Haiwcli at il-.i The dinner was , i ei\i ' of the work done alon? --/iucation- the boys with 240 lines. al lines by the Business and Pro- I ... fessional Women's Clubs of the U. |1 A's Have Who's Hudson gave an Interesting dis- 8. | Who Contest. ' c».-s.!on on "The History and Almr The 7A class of the Junior h'.sh 10 f t hc class." and Mrs. J. R and Max B. Reid nctim; -is tonsl- | bcrs of Ihe masler. HP presented Enrl Suyrior | Society and the'. ^s president of the cl.iss. A. O. i orated in the St. 1 with the shamrock n. rocks and JontiUH 5 Class bowls suri-oiii-.t!.'.-: grafer School CUw !school held a Who's Who cor.te.-i i steatimsn spoka on ••Building." icier yellow candles ir, Mrs. A. O. Oililarn was hostess |Thursday with the following results. Roland Oreen introduced the Rev.'crs. S\vce( Cri .im liiillcr l.h. with nn Inspirational Address between the Class periods. Mr. J. P. Edmunds, our State Sunday School aiid C. Y. P. U. Secretary, will be with us and will teach one of the Books In the couise. Mis. E. Kawl- in«s and Miss Jean Lawtcr will also'fie with us and v.ill teach classes each evening. We -.sill be glad to have any person at'end the School and take tin course of study with us. FIRST 1'KKSKYTGKIAS CHUHCIl .Marsh M. Callaway, Minister "Sti.dy ta shew thysell ap])rovcd no God. a workman thai iiccd- h not. h e ashamed, risiitly divln- <; the tniili." II Tim. 2:1S. Church i-chcol, 0:-15 A. M ick Thomas; superintendent. Morning worship service, )1 A. ;. The pastor will preach on ic subject: "Christianity at Work". Evening worship. 7:30 o'clock, here will be special music by the i:oir at both o! these worship ervirts. All nrc cordially invited worship wllh Ihe members of his church. B J. Sanrlford will U':i;i the :hils'ir,:i Endeavor -vcsiicv service, i ;!'.c Ciiri.-lian Knilcavor mcetins 5 n splendid plac; for the youii'?; iccpie to aiiend. A rhanci- is siv- ; •n for ;ill lo train ihcnv.elvcs m , elf-rspretsion on Ihc thinssr, per-: aii:ii:5 '.o Cod anil His clnm-h. The Iv'.ccnlive Beard of the Wenan's Ai.xiliary meels Mend iv ail J:30 P. M. The session meet aim of the class and these services will take the place of the r.saal Prc-Easter services. 666 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHUKCil E. K. Lttlnicr, Minister Church pchnol. fl:45 a. m. Holy ccmmunlon and sernion 11 - HI. •'. .-.;. •* Vesper serv ce, 5:31) to C:15 p. m. A cordial welcome always. LIQUID - TABLETS - SAl.VK GCn I.inuiil or Tablets used internally ami liGS Salve externally, nnkc i*. i-oinpletc and cuTectivii treat-, inent for Colils, Most Si>ccdy Remedies Courier News- Want Ad.s Pay. Del! School Honor Roll for Six Weeks Announced; DiiLU Ark—The honor roll for Ihe past six weeks at the Dell sctiool has beon announced as fol- every grave. jno. C. McHaney, Jr. "I'lic ^l gialk -Robin Gill. Nadiuc woodard, Eva Catherine Gill: fifth I «, ^ oa , nmim - c B ,,ll,-,vd jr.. and; Bo , inic BrooVs; fQnrtll pr ,, de _ FjV . • ,, cst no , Loll(se Hrom! !ce. Mur- jn| BuUan , Jc , |l?e|l &m< . anrt Margl . cri t c sil . m , onsl mini crade __ Cccil Mc(ralfi Bc . Uy Armstronc, An]lje C] . CEap _ Jovcc Gill . SCTO ml Riatk- — David lioren. Jcanetto ! simsnons. Laura Gill. Emma Louiso | Crawford, Evelvn Brartiey: iirbl ' pr ^ (1( , T G Tu'cker. Charles Mills. Vjub linrcn. Irfiiiiso King. Christine Bl .,. vv> vnrinia Crawford. T1 r Oi i lon( ,,- roll is bawd on at- ^^,; nn ,j scholnrship. IVrfrct OilU'ije M:m i ANORI.FH. C.-llif.. (UPI • I Dlusliiu:: 1-Tancls nnshard. stiuii'iit Monday even- | |., oc iy president and trncl: athlete, rr. is tho incvl "perfect" college man A study in stewardship be;:ns on I nl [j,,- University of Eoiilhern Cali- Suiii!ay afiorncon at 2:3'l. '["his ii.:i;i:i. He was teleclrd as the .\111 bc'a large class 0:1 s-i «.i:;l-| [o-fd's ideal by n:eml;ere of the ship and all are invited '•'><i I Am.iwr.s. U. S. C. wom-n's iOivice A ipiritunl atmospheiel.v.jH 1.-'- the ' or;rr.:iiz,ilion. Perfeci Pasteurized Milk 11V (Jl. IH-livorci! I'litmc 71 n IJnUci-milk Co (o Church Sundav . 25% Discount On I,;itiiuliy Phone 327 For While 'I'riK'k Skillful dry cleaning such as you £>-cL in this modern plant makes your clothes wear longer . . . have your weaving npparcl, 1 ruir.s and draperies cleaned in one of the smith's best equipped plants . . . there is a difference

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