The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 28, 1951 · Page 7
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 7

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 28, 1951
Page 7
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: k uV 1 i I 'Old Solditr$ Never By 20th Century for Twtntleth Century-Zanuck copped a beat on the rest of the Btudka by rushing in the first, bid for the movie title, "Old Soldier Never Die." The studio has officially registered the tag, which means nobody else can use it on a raovle. The film will be hurried Into1 " " : production In order to hit the screens while the significance of the title is still fresh In the public mind. As of present plans, the starting date has been set for July 1. The yarn won't be the story f General MacArthur's career, iut will deal with the Korean ness. Incidentally, one thing has been puzzling me' for weeks now: Why don't old soldiers ever die? Old newspaper men die, and old lawyers die, and old bartenders die why don't old soldiers? It's got me worried. Ironic Death Old actors die, too. but even though Al Jolson is gone, I guess it might be of interest to point out that today would have .been his 63d birthday. Al joined the human race at St. Petersburg, Russia. And the country that gave him birth also brought him death, for he died from the strain of his trip to entertain the boys who were fighting Russia's stooges in Korea. I Guess I'd better cross A IV name off my birthday list from now on, but I thought he rated a final salute. Silver Gimmick A filmtown furniture stpre advertises a cute gimmick to lure in customers. They've got a big fishbowl filled with silver dollars. The customer is invited to plunge both hands into this pleasant receptacle and scoop out as many cartwheels as the hands can hold. This many dollars is tnen deducted from the regular price ofs any dining room, living room or bedroom suite the customer wants. The newspaper ads even ad vise the housewife to bring friend husband along to do the scooping, since - his hands are bigger and will hold more. I'd like to be able to report that they let the customer keep his silver dollars afterwards, but they make him put them back in the fishbowl. Just a bunch of old Indian givers. (I wonder if , old Indian givers eve,r die.) Tidy Figure I am morbidly fascinated byDolter Pursuit. FLATLANDS Bank's Electric Alarm Foils Vault Robbery Safecrackers attempted to break into a vault at the Flat-lands branch of the Manufacturers Trust Company at 1987 Flatbush Ave., but fled empty-handled when one of them accidentally set off an alarm, police of the Vanderveer Park precinct reported today . Detectives said the burglary was attempted at 4 a.m. yester day and that the burglars had touched off the alarm when they attempted to remove a door from a safe cabinet, through which entry could be gained to a large safe behind the cabinet.. The safecrackers realized that the alarm had been set off and made good their escape before police and agents of the Holmes Agency arrived. Bank Signal Received It was at 4 a.m. that a signal that some one was inside the bank was received at the headquarters of the agency at 1660 Pitkin Ave. by one of the agents, Philip Bott, who noti your. BIRTHDAY I. tr STELLA' MONDAY, MAT 28 Born to day, you can chart your own destiny. If you do not reach your goal it will be simply because you really didn't want lt enough. Your fate is in your own hands. You have 'a practical, logical mind. Interested in biology and natural history, you could go far in this field. You also have a poetic gift which should be developed. Your love of home and family is strong and you will be happiest when encouraged and inspired by those you love. It Is likely that your dreams are vivid and often may be symbolic. You might find lt interesting and Instructive to have them interpreted. You are apt to be impulsive and tiust learn to hold yourself in 4beck. Fond of the beautiful things of life, you should be warned against extravagance. Hold to your highest ideals and you will accomplish a great deal. Take an "I don't care" attitude and you will get along easily, but in modest mediocrity To find what the star. havt'E; 5; &mm!SS jui wamu- j Holluwood LV..aMy JACK 1AIT Jr.'' Die' Grabbed a Film Title SEEN AS SELF Joseph Schmidt ploys himself in title role of "The Joseph Schmidt Story" starting Wednesday at the Vogue, together with "So Long at the Fair." the Information that the pro duction cost of the B'way revival of "Twentieth Century" came to exactly $33,333. I think the producers should have bought a few more light bulbs or something, to add 33 cents onto that figure and make it complete. The original presentation of the play, incidentally, was in '33. SELECTED SHORTS Tennessee Ernie has signed for a singing-acting role in Columbia's "Man in the Saddle" . . . Paramount's "Samson & Delilah" is being dubbed In Arabic, as well as French, German, Italian and Spanish . , Freeman Gosden and Charles Cor-rell (Amos ft Andy) evidently don't see enough of each other In their, work. With their wives, they leave together tomorrow for a month's vacation In Paris . . . Add marauee con bos: "Follow the Sun" "Million fied police of the local precinct. Bott and police arrived at the bank simultaneously at 4:25 a.m. They discovered that an iron grating covering a recess outside a rear basement window had been forced off by -the burglars, who gained entry in that fashion through a window to the boiler room of the building. From there the burglars had made their way through an un locked door to the first floor of the bank. It was in the rear of the first floor that the alarm was set off. Manager Checks Cash Police summoned the assistant manager of the branch, Otto Pleuss of 55 Hanson Place. He made a quick check of money stored, and reported that nothing was missing. No burglar tools were found In or near the bank. The Flatlands branch has been housed for several years In the two-story brick building at the northeast corner of Flat-bush and Flatlands Aves. in store for tomorrow, select your birthday star and read the corresponding paragraph,. Let your birthday star be your daily guide. Tuesday, May 29 onion wv aa-juM ii) u ham mwiii U tow bb, eourw. Th tldt to About to turn in your favor. CANCER (June 32-Julr S3) If o mom-bor of tho fair an aaka rou to do a favor, (rant it. LEO (Jul; 24-Auf. 33) Ba conventional In rour acUMUaa uxtu. Otbara ma; bo obaorvuig you u an aaamplt, VIROO (Aut. 24-Spt. 231 A IMUr or talephono oail from a dUtanoa may brin jou cheorful nowa. LTBJIA Sapt. 14-Oot. 231 Don't tat eon-fllotlng daalraa riln tho aoDompUahmant of fomathlng tnat naada to bo doao. SOORPIO (Oct. 34-Not. 221 Thara aro tlapunc abarffaa In tho aft today. Hold on to rour toropor. iAOITTARIUo (Nov. 23-Dao. 32) ft a latal Bottor la outaldo of your mionnaUon, aaak oompotont advtoa. CAPRICORN (Doe. 33-Jan. 30) Don't try to robot acalnot tho "ImooaaMa today. Bo pattont and oonaorvoUra. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -in. 19) Mambara of tho fair an mv provo difficult today unlaw you axon groat pouonot and taot. PISCES (Pob. 30-War oh 301 Don't nag-laot frlanda who lira at a 'dlltonot. Keop up with your oorraapondonoi, I ARIES (Maroh 31-Aprtl SO) Uaaa a aurprtaa gift to aomeono you loro aa an Indication of your devotion. It oan bring lor. TAURUB fAprtl Jl-M.T D Butr,ja and pleasure mar oa tomiMned prorttaorr at a lunoheoa dot. Try u. i BANK BUF TCI MOTIVES SOL GRABOI9 AND BERNIE GRA-BOIS, Individually and as co-partner doing business under the name of Metronome Music Shop' and flic co-partnership of Metronome Music Shop, Bankrupt. First meeting of creditor will be held Juno 6, 1961, at 11 A.M.. Room 309. V, 8. Court Hou, 271 Wajhlna-ton St.. Brooklyn. BP. REPORTS IMPROVEMENTS TO IMPELLITTERI A report reviewing the activities of his office during the past year and citing" steps he has taken to advance new school construction, low-rent public housing anc transit im provements, has been trans mitted by Borough President Cashmore to Mayor Impellltterl The report putllned recent progress In the developrrfent of the $60,000,000 Brooklyn "Civic Center and listed other improvements completed er projected under the Borough President's sponsorship. ' '4 ,' The report noted that heavier responsibilities were being borne by local government dur ing the current emergency pe riod. It cited the Borough Presi dent's co-operation with the Board f Education's $37,000,- 000 Brooklyn school construe tion nnd modernization program in 1950 to provide additional classroom facilities for 1 33,000, more pupils. In the field of low-rent housing construction, -he re - port pointed' out that thejpinioning him and the woman borough government had pro-( vided improved access, environment and other essentials for such projects by means of new streets, as well as drainage and sanitary facilities. The report listed a series of transit improvements, many initiated at the Borough Presi-dant's suggestion, and included his statement to the Board of Transportation that Brooklyn must have new subways to serve fast-growing areas. It listed completion of the Hicks St. link of the Brooklyn-Queens Connecting Highway, in conjunction with the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel: opening of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade; the Adams St. widening project in connection with the Civic Center's development, and the Brooklyn Bridge modernization program. The development of a $1,000,-000 public park and the construction of the $500,000 Brooklyn War Memorial in the northerly part of the Civic Center are now in progress. .Steps taken to organize borough employes for Civil Defense were also outlined. The report summarized new sewer construction and pointed out that the Borough President's duties also include the maintenance of 1,345 miles of paved streets and avenues aggregating 28,000,000 square yards of pavement. Police Investigate Mysterious Death Of College Teacher Police today launched an in quiry into the cause of the death of William Wolfe, 42, of 68-68 136th St., Kew Gardens, instructor at Columbia University's New York School of Social Work, who died yesterday n Manhattan General Hospital. Wolfe, executive secretary of the New Jersey Federation of; Y. M. and Y. W. H. As., was found seated in his car Friday morning in Greenwich Village, suffering from scalp Injuries. He was treated at St. Vincent's Hospital and sent home, but was later taken to Manhattan General Hospital. It was theorized that Wolfe was the victim of a mugger or else he had fallen between two automobiles. His widow, Ann Wolfe, was of the opinion that he bad been mugged, as his jacket was ripped and the works of his watch was missing. Soviet UN Group Refutes To Wire Embaro Resolve United Nations, May 26 (U.R) The Russian delegation to the United Nations revealed today that it had refused to forward to Moscow the General Assembly's Mav 18 resolution calling for a world-wide arm6l embargo against Communist China. LEGAL NOTICES File No. 3897 1SS1 THE PEOPLB OF THE STATE OF M NEW YORK, by the grace of God free and Independent. To WILHELr MINE HEM MANN. MARGARET EMDEE. LILLIAN SCHUCHMAN, MARGARET WILEY. FREDERICK GOUSE, MARIE MILITSCHER. HELEfJ LADLEY. CHARLES 5M- LeiE ana LOUISE BACKH AuS uor-i meriy BISHLfii). and to any and all unknown persona whose names or name andor place of residence and goat-office addresses are unknown, END GREETING: WHEREAS, FREDERICK DREWS, who reside at No. 191 Covert Street. Brooklyn, New York, has presented a petition praying for a decree that a certain Instrument in writing, relating to real and personal property, be duly proved as the Last Will and Testament of LENA DREWS, also known a r Cm i i' nnirura i.i.iu rd.iainv at No. 191 Covert Street. In the Bor ough or Brooklyn. City or New York. NOW. THEREFORE, you and each of you re hereby cited to show cause before our Hurroarate's Court of the County of Kings, to be held in the Court Room at the Hall of Records. In the County of Kings, on the 28th day of June, 1951. at 9:30 o'clock In the forenoon, why such decree should noi oe mane. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF we have caused the Seal of our I ald Surrogate's- Court to be i hereunto affixed. i (Seal) WITNESS. Hon. B. IVAN ! uario oi wnoae names aim wnosc'.iuiiLis la liEKSKi uivk.n THAT piir uri 1010 in., i-ttat't7 place or places of residence are un-, DEEMS ICE CREAM CORP.. Brook-; 'THK m pi srnp thb Jr7-rN, known, onrl eannt ftoe rfllinfr In. vn Veo. Vrlr 1... fll., i.i. .1 . . i ?.C' -t S.( 1 1 L.1. (JS THE STATE nuirv h. riLS ji 3'r.;;;; a... v. v.. iork by the grace hpjCf.Ui Pd next of kln of said trademark "EIFFEL" on boxes con-; fco-JOH LENA DREWS, also known a LENA tainer and signs used by It In con- VE Tnprer W iSvS C DREWS, deceased, and If any of nection with the manufacture and sale A'R-HiRn K,rTHvrwrTMnU'NS the Mid di.trlbutees. heir al .lay orof Ice cream and kindred products, m V T1CTJEV anvi titti next of kin of deceased, be dead, toiln use a nee September. 1!M9 ..Uti.J,j...N TIETJ nd successor In Interest, whose nmiri jiatratira RUBENSTEIN. surrogate ofiana Mate or facts an accurate survey our said County, at the Bor- might show: and to covenant and , ougn oi HrooKiyn. in tne May. 1951 am Lounijr ino som ay oi AAnU RON L. JACOBY. I Clerk of the SurroEate Court. Plaintiff. 42 Hancock Street, Rrook-my38-4tMilyo. Mew York. jnyii-6tMTh Double Rescue Wins 2 Medals for Fireman Fireman Albin Saar of 1375 Greene Ave., la the Bushwlck section, has .been awarded, the Bella Stiefel Medal and the Fire Department Medal for his heroic action in grabbing' a fireman and. a woman fire vic tim and pinioning them -to a fire ladder . four stories above the street, thus saving their! lives. sirw n o! MonaBhunannounridtheaw:lrrt:n,n,,v- Pir Pat,.im!1 vn. today, along with news that 2fi other department members will be awarded medals for heroism, five of the awards being posthumous. Mayor Impellltteri will present the medals at ceremonies at City Hall at noon on June 19. Saar won his honors for rescuing Josie Nixon from a fire In a four-story rooming house at 352A Hancock St. S a a r. with Fireman Martin Gabriel, ;Lt. James P. Christy, St. Al-Climbed an aerial ladder tojbans: ('apt. Joseph Goldstein, rescue Miss Nixon from a win-, the Bronx: Fireman Francis P. dow ledge. The woman lot her V. Oiiiipn. Letittown: Lt. .Io-balance and fell from the ledi;e..set v. Lawler, Woodside: Lt. Gabriel erabbine her. Gahiiel Wilbur J. ' O'Donnell. East lost his hold on the ladder and jMcadow: ' Fireman Robert J -would have fallen to the streot'Fitznerald, the Bronx; Capt. Erl- jWitn Miss Mxon, but Saarjward F. Meany. Fireman Peter igrabbed Gabriel about the waist, iEngel, Fireman Walter W. to the ladder until Gabriel gained his footing. ' 15 BORO, L. I. -GI NAMES ON CASUALTY LIST Sgt. Giovanni A. Malandrino, who has been In Korea for the past six months, was injured on April 24, according to an official notification to his mother,, Mrs. Jane Fernandezaiert H. Koehler. son of Mr. and of 113 3d Place, but she has not learned, either from the Government or through a letter received from him, what the injuries are. The only information was that he was slightly injured. The 23-year-old Brooklyn-born infantryman, whose name appears on today's casualty list, was educated in Brooklyn and has been In service about three years. His enlistment was for two years, but he was frozen in service just before it was time for his. discharge. A member of Company F, 7th Infantry Regi ment, 3d Division, he received his training at Fort Dlx. Other Listed Other-names on today's Department of Defense release are: Killed in action Pfc. Donald in r. i. i i i . . . ."i. neuerii-K ru nnafldOCK. ao-Ol 11in St., BellerOSe. Injured Pvt Matteo M. Mon- tfiiuidliu, son O! Air. ana MI'S, f." "m0JCK; ,S0" ' ,Mr' anailbMd.!h.nddi..irm.,b.dU.toow.TnF, pimple of THE STATE OF Anthony Montemarano. 375 lst'aerlrrlu4t St.; Pfc. Vincent R. McXuItv.iSSSS husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Mai1.011 bother you Try Doan'a ptiia- mud AfrtV,,i,. no v. i " 1 amreiic. uaea aucceaeiuiiy Dy muiiona xor Acuity, 73 Nottingham Ave.,lovar60yeara. It'a amasing how many time PatChogUe. ( Dreviouslv iniured i Don, happy relief from these diicom-an, vafit iinari t i n i! livt torta--help the 16 mileaof kidney tubes and and returned to duty); Pvt. Wll-iUrafluah out U. Gat Doaa-a Filla todayl LUNCHEON SUGGESTIONS "BORO HALL BVS1HESS FOLKS' DEPT. STORE and "MOVIE FANS" r-s THE ESTABLISHMENTS BELOW J 1 OFFER YOU A WIDE CHOICE Or FOODS. PLUS THE KIND OF SERVICE THAT SUITS YOUR CONVENIENCE WHETHER VOU WANT A SANDWICH OR A MORE SUBSTANTIAL MEAL BRIDGI ST. HA MOVES DBt'O Around Corner from Martin'g Breakfait, Lane been, Neen Saaek Druci and Cotmetlea COURT ST. deucioci rooo at foptjlab riiCEs O'Keeta't Bar & KettOMrant 61 Coort Bt.. Bot. Joraleaaoa St LlyUigston CAMINITI RESTAURANT ITALIAN CUISINE STEAKS CHOfS Bipeeial Lonotaaolia froaa tl-l 808 PULTON ST. MA. -532 HENRY ST. LOTTIE and JACK SOUTHERN COOKING AT ITS BEST IT HENBT ST. COCKTAIL LOUNGE JAY ST. THE COZY SPOT Ml JAI ST. Itallaa Aaisrlcaa Calilnt For a 9leaMant sarprlia in ood raJuc, iry our j ivncneon. ul. t-9919 SUPREME COURT. KINGS COUNTY Albert Grayer et no Plaintiffa. against Laura Coleman et al.. Defend ants. i-uruant :o an Order of re.-sale uui iubuk tan eniereu in me aoove action, dated May 10th. 1951. I. Ref- eree in the Judgment of foreclosure heretofore entered herein, will re-sell at nubile auction In Room 305Q. Mu nicipal Buuaing tne Cnnnlu (if King. Court and Joralemon Street. Rrooklvn New Tsrk nn T,,na lih 19S1, at 1J:00 o"clock noon, by Stephen Barrera, auctioneer, the premises di- reeled by aaid order to be re-sold heino- An the ulhe1w -Ma nl Tnlnn I fBAUKMAKR HOI ICE I LEG Ah KOTICKS Street, as widened to a width of 60, proved as the Last Will and Testa-feet, distant 140 feet weaterlv from ne nt and Codicil of JOHN H. RAHR-the corner formed by the intersection! ENBrRO. deceased, lately residing at of the southerly aide of Un Ion Mlreei fe't1 with the westerly aide of Schenectady Brook! n City of New York. Avenue: being by dimensions 20 feet NOW. THEREFORE, you ai In .ilk Kr,lh 1 I ,,Rl.,r troll in herehv cltuH in al... feet ... n.u.... uu.i. u uill S1IU ICRr SIIU llwe known as and by No. 1638 Street. Brooklyn. New York: ull"l on both to a first mortgage: tenancies, if any: resrriruons or record. If any. miea: may liin. isol. ted: May 17th. 1951. RAYMONn Tteferee Aamuel R Rnschfnril ' inv for In another award, the Brook lyn Citizen's Medal and a department medal went to jCapt. Arthur J. Glenn of 75-08 185th St., Flushing, for rescuing a two-year-old child from a burn ing tenement at .888 Fulton St. Other awards went to: Fireman Victor F. Rossi Flushing; Lt. Joseph 1. Kelly. Rellcrose:. Fireman William P. Master-son, Manhattan: Fire " ,;..,' u" t Hum O. Muller. the Bronx: Flre - " . . L. .iL, i ' Lt. John T. Connor, the Bronx; Fireman Thomas E. Doyle, Little Neck; Fireman Oscar Wine-j gar, Flushing; Fireman Joseph A. Courtney, Elmhurst; Lt. Halfden P. Henriksen, Jamaica; Fireman Edward A. Knapp, Bayside; Lt. Morgan O'Connell, Jackson, Heights; Fireman Anthony V. Croscitelli, the Bronx: Chadwlck, 'Lt. Robert E. Rum-! re-jmell and Fireman Michael R Michelottl. ' liam Muller, brother of Dorothea Muller, 75-55 Furmanville Ave., Middle Village, and Corp. Xavier H. Verbeeck, ward of Gratien Amespill, 143-59 41st Ave., Flushing. Wounded Sgt. 1st Class James II. Vandegriff, husband of Mrs. Concetta Vandegriff, 1949 Homecrest Ave.; Pfc. Ed ward Williams, brother of Sarah L. Williams, 22 McDonough St., and Pfc. Irwin Ginsburg. son of Jack Ginsburg, 55 Parade Place. Missini? in Action Pvt. Roh. Mrs. Herman O. Koehler, 2565 Regent Place, East Meadow, Hempstead; Pvt. Walter Puzach, son of Mrs. Pauline Puzach, 342 Oakland St.; Pvt. John J. Dillon, son of Mrs. Helen Dillon. 2(52 67th St.; Pvt. William H. Murphy, brother of Patricia Murphy, 104-10 205th St.. Hol-iis; Pfc. Nicholas E. Theodorou, son of Mrs. Grace Theodorou, 57-19 157th St., Flushing, and 2d Lt. Frank T. Frey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Frey, 121-25 197th St., St. Albans. ADVERTISEMENT Personal To Women With Nagging Backache nanrnr oacEBcno. KjaaoiDennnaenern. Nfttfrlns bckach, low of pp and enicyt Trr" i ,U j health. Whenaomeavaryday condition, such C i.k 7k f t,.,n? t7in- c,UM,th'' in,prtn i gin backaeh-Ml miserabl. Minor blad- ! 1 uiiciivu whuh wn Ml, man; luiaval iuuii uaaja g backaelM Cel miserabJ. Minor bl&d irritationt due to cold or wrong diet may Don't neglect your kidney if these oondi- ing up nighu or frequent parage. SHOPPERS, LAWRENCE ST. IIFFY' ,4' l-AWBENCE STKKET irri 4 (Opgaalta B. M. T. FOR A BITE THAT'S RIGHT Tl LI.IO'8 ITALIAN KITCHEN B'twetn irilloBghay n4 Myrtlo Nw Dalialaia Rpnial ITALIAN SANDWICHES LIVINGSTON ST. nOEBNEB'S KESTACBANT Tot PromDl Serylra and the rolleat I urnniiion or MOMt COOKING lt Liringatoa St. MA. PIERREPONT ST. HAMBDRO PATTI iHamburetrt Suvemt) Dellrer TB. S-Htl lt Plerrepont St. (Off Fllton) REMSEN ST. HAMILTON REST, INC. roOD AT ITS BEST" let Emiea Bt Ooektall Latin WASHINGTON ST. STANLEY'S CAFETERIA J'"- trni Anywhere Fro Fralta Vaactablea. choice Meata ji siiaiaitta SI. MA. -sn7 IP OF! DENT. ER-EN. HER- EN, HL. IT iv.jmirni. fiiu.i iviriLiin, (Lriurcni. REGLNA McNAMARA, SEND GREET- ' WHEREAS. ADELBERT WILD-HACK, who resides at No. 2318 169th aireei, riusning. nfiw York. GUS. r, wu iraiua i .u. 1 -33 Slmonson Place, Elmhurst. New rr. who reside at No. llaia Clmhi,..! XTA York, and GUARANTY TRUST 'COM-PANV OF NEW YORK, a domestic oanxing corporation naving its principal place of business at No. 140 have presented a petition praying for nrnanway. flfw ioik t:ity. New York, a decree that certain instrument in writing hearing dates May 1. 1946. and September 23. 1946. relating to ' res and oersonal Drooertv. he dulv - o. ii noiu euc-i, in in ruiruugn oi No. 17 S6th Street. In the Borough and each ow cause m n sides andioeiore our surrogate i-ourt or the ana cannot after due diligence he as-638 UnioniCounty of Kings, to be held In thelcertalned. and toany and all unknown k: subject! Court room at the Hall of Records tn'persons lntereted In the estate of .' - - . .v .uj.t the County of Kings, on the 28th dav of June. 1961. at 9:30 o'clock In the forenoon, why auch decre ahould not be made. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, w nave causea the seal or our Hereunto artixea. (Seal) WITNESS, Hon. X. IVAN said Surrogate's Court to beille AdminlHrator. Kings County, with GI Mother's 6 Sons Serve or Have Served Here is a nomination for Mrs. Paul Hannafey of 600 Bergen St. as GI Mother of the Year. She has six sons three at present In the armed forces, and the other three Navy veterans, And. to make the picture com- plete, a daughter, Dlores, 25, is 'Uervina as a nurses; aid during jthe evening . The roster of sons, starting frra h ,dest 'f Paul. 30. a captain in El Paso,1 Texas Charles, 28, a former flreizerides and Hans Jacoby. """oooaaasoaaoie X'-! !' p.s. You'll ukt m n rn ff I While Rose X VJ I Food Products I LEGAL NOTICES RUBEN3TEIX. Surrogate of our said County, at the Borough of Brooklyn, in the aaid County the 14th day of Jay. lain. Aaron l. JACOBf. .Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. m 21-4t M .... .... . n- .new YORK, by tlia grace of Hod, ; iree ana inuepenueni. iu in? iiua- known helri at law. m xt n( kin and distributees of EUZABETH J. JAN-NICKY, deceased, and it any of t lie nuin II miv inn inv una ail nil- aforesaid peivona be diad. their respective liusband (ir wives, if any. leual reuresentaiivea. heirs at law. next of kin. distributees, devisees ATI ranteug. lienors and successors interest generally ly. Den and anv and all may claim to have an Interest In ottier unknown ersons who have or fyn. New York, derived from, throuuh nrem aeo .V7a Vernrin Avenue. HrooK or under any of the aforesaid persons or classes ot persons, au ox wnuni and whoae names and places of repi- ilence are unknown and cannot with dua diligence be ascertained; the Attorney General of the State of New York: State Tax Commission: Ernest B. Jannicky: George F. Dietz: Daniel G. Connolly; Anirela Vaughan: the Dlma Savings Bank of Brooklyn; and City of New York, Department of Welfare; SKND (JKEETINU: WHEREAS, HYMAN WANK. Public Administrator, Kintcs County, with an ortice tti tne Mumci pal Buildmn. Rnrniitfh or Rrnnk vn City of New York, as Admlniatrator C.T.A RI.I7ABKTH J JANNICKY d. teased, lately residing at No. f7A Ver non Avenue, in me, rsorougn ni dtook-lyn. County of Kings, City and State of New York, has presented a petition Dravlna: for an order directing the sale of premise 57A Vernon Avenue, ftroOKiyn. new zone, or wnicn premises M id Hecedent died sAixerl. St uuh- .lie or private Kale for the purpuse. of payment or dents, claim, ana ut-manas against said decedent. NOW THEREFORE, you and each of you are. hereby cited to show cause before our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings, to be held at the Hall of Records, in the County of Kings, on the 28th day of June., at 9:30 o'clock In the forenonn. why such order should not be made. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused the Seal of our said Surrogate's Court to be hereunto srfiiteH (Seal) RUBENSTEiN, Surrogate of WITNESS. Hon. E. IVAN our said Count v. at the Bor ough of Brooklyn, in the ald County, the 15th day of May. 1951. AAROW L. JACOBY. Clerk of th Surrogate's' Court. niy21-4tM THE PEOPLE Or THE STATE OF ,tw iukk. by the grace oi uoa free and Independent. To ANNA GAISSER. BERTA WEBER. GERT-RUD REUTER, GERTRUDE Dl'R-NER. ELSIE MULLER. JACOB wrnl'ti urrvv tt. i.-11 L' o if ml. GAISSER. 8 END GREETING- WHEREAS. FRED REUTER. who resides at 78-40 62nd Street, Gh-ndale. Queens County. N. Y.. has presented a petition praying for decree that a ,l.i. ln.laM..l V... nmKr. 11 19.'.0. In writing, relating to real and eraonai property. i,e duly luovea a'i,n, "',-.- vliri i.l- r,; FREDERICK WERFR lately re Id-' her Account as Administratrix of the! .NEW YORK, hv the e race of God. fna at No In Ei.l 5tip.i In t lT"n,, of PINCr? KANNER. de. .five and independent. T.. Pen.ia:n,n BorouVh of Rr?oklVn Citv of New reased. lately residing al No. 1270 1 Snedeker : Hester Jane ll.irton ; Attor- S-iYnrk BrooklMl. lit ot .,. , J9,n street, in the Borough of : ney G.-nf nil of ll.e Stat, -f New Yil k ; NOW THFRS-icnpi.- and ea. n of you are hereby cited to nlmw cause before our Surr'oaste's Court of Ihe County of Kings, to hr held in ih Court Room at Uie Hall of Records, in th County of Kings, on the 18th day of June., at 9 30 o'-lock in Ihe forenoon, why such decree should not be made. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF we have caused the Seal of our said Surrogate's Cour' to be hereunto affixed. (Seal) WITNESS. Hen. E. IVAN RUBENSTEIN. Surrogate of our saad County. t the Borough of Brooklyn, in the said County ths 14th day of May. 1951. AARON L. JACOBY. Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. my21-4t M File No. 17S'1949 THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK hv the .. of Ood free and independent. To the Widow Mirv. if anv. the name lnrv heinir fh.ltious, and to the next of kin if anv. nf Rernnrit Oeei-Hseri whose name or names and'whose place or places or residence see ujixnown I,B Ul IT-lUriIl.e - c UJIS11UWII ernard Broer. Deceased, as credit ors, next of kin or otherwise. Attorney General of the State of New York. Hermlene Broer. Helen Clemen. BEND GREETINGS: WMB.KKAH. H Y M A X WANK, flin-ithe 'an orfic in the Municipal ELSIE SKl'DINE, Deceased, as Borouca of Brooklyn. City of New, creditors, neat of kua or otherwise; BROOKLYN EAGLE, controlman in the Navy. Edward and Dennis, 23, twins,' both former Navy men. Aloysius, 22, a Navy electrician in Korea. Francis, 19, who has Just joined the Air Force. Bogart Due in 'Sirocco' Humphrey Bogart's latest starring vehicle, Columbia's "Sirocco," will have Its world ptemiere at the Capitol Theater, following "Go for Broke. Marta Toren and Lee .1. Cobb 'are also starred in tne drama, with hverett Moane, tieraiu uMohr ami Zero Mostei in tea- tured roles. Curtis hernhardt 'lirecied the Santana production which Robert Lord produced "Finest tea I ever tasted! I recommend it heartily mealtime beverage . . . and to revive your spirits when you're under pressure." Mri. John Kegan Brooklyn, N. Y. LEGAL NOTICES York, baa presented hla account as Administrator ot Bernard .Broer. de- or ol Ber ceabea, lately icbiuiiik ai i-io. diuo resldl: Nostrana Avenue, in uie uorougn oi ur,..,l,lvn rmnih Hf Klnrm Cttv end Klnaa. City and J- State of New York, and A petition1 He Administrator, Kings County, with praying that his account may be Ju-Un office In the Municipal Bulldmn. diclally settled; I BoroUKh of Brooklyn. City of New NOW THEREFORE, you and each York, has presented his account ss of you are hereby cited to lmw cause! Administrator of ELSIE Ll'CASHIN-before our Surrogate's Court of the SKY. also known as EL.SIE FHIEP-Countv of Kinirs. to be held at the MAN and ElIE SKl'DINE. derr-nsed. Hall of Records. In the County of i lately residing at No. 2(W South l.-t Kings, on the 2Sth dsy of June. J9S1. at 9;30 o'clock in the forenoon, why such settlement should not be had. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we said Surrogate s Court to have caused me eai or our hereunto artixea. (Seal) RURENSTEIN. Su'rroirate of' WITNESS. Hon. E. IVAN our aaid County, at the Bor- ouirn or uronkiyn. in tne;ai a:jo o ciock in uie mrenoon. wuy said County, the 11th day of May. im. AARON L. JACOBY. Clerk of the Surrogate' Court. ni'21-4t M Kile No. 367-1946 THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, by the grace of God free and independent. To the Widow "Mary" Royl.-. if any. the nano-"Alary" heinff fictitious, and to the n.-xt of kin. if any. of WILLIAM KOYLK, Deceased, whose name or name and whose placelor places of n-sidence are unknown and cannot after due diligence be ascertained, and to any and all unknown persons interested In the estate of WILLIAM ROYLE. Deceased, as creditors, next, of kin or otherwise Attorney General of the State of New York: Sarah JsneGreen- halnh; Elizabeth Ann Mann; David Bird anH f'.inuul At iii-en t Administrator ot WILLIAM ROYLE. deceased, lately residing nt No 193 nailery Avenue, lu Hie nurouKU oi Brooklyn. County of King. City and State of New York, and a iietltiuiii praying that his account may be ju - diciallv settled lly settled- W THEREFORE v.ill and eseh NO of you are hereby cited to show cause before our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kin;, to he heid at the nan or Kecorcis. in the ruunty ot Kings, on the 2Hlh dav if June. 19.M. at 9.30 o'clock in the forenoon, why jsuch settlement should nt he had IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we Britain at New York; SEND GREET- CHARLES W. II. POLACK. and if ING any of the said distributees, hen at WHEREAS. HYMAN WANK. Pub-Haw or next of kin of deceased, be lie Administrator. Kings County, with i dead, their legal reuresentaUvei. t heir an office In the Municipal Building, , husbands or wives, ir any. distnb-Borough of Brooklyn. City of New utees and successors In interest who-; Ym-lf JiAfl neenented bis m-CMlint nq , name sndor places of residence nnd have caused the Seal of our i County of Kings, to hs held in the said Surroeate's Court to be I Court Room at the Hall of Records, hereunto affixed. I in the County of Kings, on the 6th WITNESS Hon. E. IVANlday of June. 1951. at 9 30 o'clock in RUBENSTEIN. Surronate of jthe. forenoon, why such decree should (Seal) our said Countv. at the Bor ough of Broirklyn. in the said County, the 14th day of May. 1951. AARON L. JACOBY. Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. niy21-4tM THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, by the Grace of God Free and Independent To: MORITZ KANNER JANCU KANNER RRONA SIEGEL. ARELI N A T A N S O H N. Sfc.ND UKDKTliMS: WHEREAS. HANNAH KANNER. who resides at No. 13liti New York Avenaie. Brooklyn. County of Kings iBrooklyn, County of Kings. City andlthe husband Ktnle of Ve V.irb enil a ni-Hlionlof tile deeed'-lll. the IIMIO' "John praying that her account may be 1u-i being fictitious, and the next-of-kin. diciallv s-'ttied I if anv. of Sarah A. r.lfiert. aNu known NoW. THEREFORE, you and each i as Sarah Kith 1 1. deceased, whose name of vou are hereby cited to show causelor names and whose place or places before our Surrogate's Court of the I or residence are unknown and cannot County of Kings, to be held in Room nft-r due diligeme he ascertained. 25-A of the Hall of Records In the and any and all unknown persons in-County of Kings, on the 13th day I teiest.-d In the estate of Sarah A. Eld-of June. 1951. at 9:30 o'clock in thelert. also known as Sarah Eldert. de-forenoon, why such settlement should i ceased, as creditors, next-of-kin. or not be had. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF we have caused the Seal of our Surrogate's Court to be hereunto affixed. (Seal) WITNESS. HON. E. IVAN RUBENSTEIN. Surrogate of our said County, at the Bor- leliei Lu hand "John' caslnn.-ky. if any. the, name ' John being fictitious, and to the next of kin. if anv. of ELSIE H'CASHINSKY. also known a E1.S1K FRIEDMAN nnd ELSIE SKl'DINE. Deceased, whose name or names nnd whose place or places of residence are unknown and rntinot after due diligence lie ascertained, and to any end all unknown persons Interested In an rt all unknown ne estate ot KLrllE 1ACASH1NSKY 'also known as EI.SIE FRIEDMAN ninth of Brooklvn. In the 'Place, in th Borouuh of Brooklyn said County, the 2nd day of, County of Kings. City and State of Mav 1951 i New York, and a petition praving that AARON L. JACOBY his aee.nmt miv fie judicially settled: Clerk of the Surrogate s Court. ! NOW THEREFORE, you and ea, h tnv7-4t M of you are hereby cited to show cnue . Ihefore our Surrogate's Court of :oe ... F-il? -Xo-7Z?.4.'r.,!tJI County of Kings, to he held at the THE PEnPLE OF THE STATE OF Hall of Record", in the Coilntv of NEW YORK, hy the grace of God Kings, on the Iilth day of June. 19..I free and independent To the 9 30 o'clock in the forenoon, why MON., MAY 28, 1951 7' ggmmmmm 1 lULtllil EEZTIO OItmI Iraa Latlaarai Nnari CHICAGO $24 ' NON-STOr 88 "y m 1 W Betar $43 MIAMI $3870 NOM-STOV Mini" BROOKLYN I I.slcr 8-7700 rot Thtitri Bulldtne 1 Netint HI., Bulla UOl TIMES Sm AUK J I it ion -2H0 l.v: w. iU M. ft.'MH(..lf Rljl MHltV HIS rrM Tlikil Oil y. Irrai'iiW FIlaMl Til LEGAL NOTICES Attorney General of tho State of New York: State Tax CommisaLoiL: Sara , miiii.i uiw. braham Wolff: and Isnior woiri- bmu uijivc. i i.-iy ; WHEREAS. HYMAN W; WHEREAS. HYMAN WANK. Pub. Street, in the Borout-h or Brooklyn County of Kintd, city and State I New York, and a petition prayine th his account may he judicially settle iat d: jvow rrrtr-iKii;iiJKK;, v ou and each m IT fWf J 1 v ; H beiof you are hereby cited tp show caiw i oeiore our nurrogaie s uouri oi me County ot Kinas lo be held at the Hall of Records in the County of Kinirs. on the 26th day of June., such settlement should not be had. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused the Seal of our said Surrogate' Court to be hereunto affixed. (Seal) WITNESS. Hon. E. IVAN . RUB EN STEIN. Surrogate of our said County, at the Borough of Brooklyn, in the said County, the 9th day of May, lH'.l. AARON L. JACOBY. Clerk of the Surrogate . Court. iny2!-4t M THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, hy the urate of God free and ind pendent. To any and all unknown persons whose names or parts of whose names, and whose Elace or places of residence are iin-nown, and cannot, after diligent In-aulrv, be ascertained, distributees. heirs at law and next of kin of t-atd I Post office addresses are unknown, 1 SLND LREETINf, : . . .,o y in. i reside at lSX.i tVean Avenue. nro,,k- lyn. N. Y has presented an amended i petition praying ior a urcrer inai ccrtaiu instruiiii nt in writlnir. relating to real and personal property, he dulv proved as the Last Will and Testament of Charles W. H Polnck. lately residing at 49 Trmttiiian Street, in the Borough of Brooklyn, City of N' w York NOW. THEREFORE, you and ea-h of you are hereby cited to show i atise before our Surrogate's Court of the noi oe oinoe. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have 'causea the seal or our said Surrogate's Court to be hereunto affixed. (Seal) WITNESS. Hon. E. IVAN RUBENSTEIN. Surrogate of our said County, at the Bor-uiigh nf Rrooltlyn. in the said County the 2nd day of May. I9.'il. AAItoN L. JACOBY. Clerk of the Surrogate's Court m'7-4t M SUPPLEMENTAL THE PEOPLE OF THE STATU OF File No. 31111-1918 John" Ehlert. if anv., iothrwlse; SEND GREETING WHEREAS HYMAN WANK Puh. He Administrator, Kings County, with an offica in the .Municipal Buitdinu. Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York, ha presented his account as Administrator of Sarah A. Elilert. de. ased. lately residing nt No. H-U fark audi settleioent should not he o.i 1 IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, ne have caused the Se.ll ol our said Surrogate's Court lo t-e hereunto affixed. (Seal) WITNESS, Hon. B. IVAN RUBENSTEIN. Surrogat of our said County at the Borough of Brooklyn, in the said County, the 2nd day of May, 1951. AARON L. JACOBY. Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. my 14-4 1 H nil

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