Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 3, 1958 · Page 11
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 11

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1958
Page 11
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<§> % % o © m & G ® CD % G © © Q © # Ntxon Ca//s for 'Space Control' Russia Asked To Join In Program Classified General New3 L ubbock M ornin g A valanche Lubbock, Texas, Monday, February 3, 1958 Section II By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON--------------------—-----------------------------------WASHINGTON Feb. 2 (JV-Viee JQQ YOUNG TO MARRY? RITA HAYWORTH, PRODUCER WED— Actress Rita Hayworth and movie producer James Hill are pictured just after their marriage at the bride’s home in Beverly Hills, Calif., Sunday. It was the first marriage for Hill, 41, and the fifth for the actress, 39. (AP Wirephoto.) President Nixon, obviously happy about the successful orbiting of an American satellite, today urged Soviet Russia and other nations to join the United States in “international control ©f outer space.” “Working together for peace the Russian and American people will accomplish far more for themselves and the world than they would in a race for military supremacy in outer space,” Nixon said in an interview. Satellite Of Feaee The vice president said the “American - launched vehicle is a satellite of peace’’ and “should have the effect of developing un- Young Marriages Booming Across U. S (KHITOHS NOTK: In rltip« nod town* Horttss tti*- notion. thprp\ n n*‘« nnd t r n w I n t irroiip in th*> Anvrirnn eommnnitj — thi» tppn ased marr>t*d onitpl«’. Wi'ddin*« HrrmiiE Kirin an mxiuk an It and buys an yormtt as 16 have lniT«*a*,pd «harply in tha past dwadr*. Hhat’n flip wwm for Hip Incrpanp? What arp thp i>p<-ular problpm« tin* ynnne «MMlPle* fatf' What arp thplr rhancpn for a happy marria«p.’ This in thp flmt of four artirlpn rn me pyp»‘rt opinion and adviop on thpvp niw'Htions.) By VIRGINIA KACHW Intpmationat Xmv« srnirp Staff W rifpf Chances Slim For Satellite Collision CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (.ft — What are the chances of America’s first satellite colliding with Russia’s Sputnik II? “More than a billion to one,” Dr. G. F. Schilling, executive assistant to the director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory', said today. “For all practical purposes, it will not happen,” Dr. Schilling said. “Outer space is too vast.” ★ ★ ★ Film Producer s Rita’s Filth HOLLYWOOD, F b. 2 (INS) — Titian-haired Rila Hayworth was pair of young lovers are getting estimate« that the number of stu- married and having bahirs. For dents marrierl in high school now example, a child ushered into the ranges between 100,000 and 200,000 world recently as metropolitan a year, Washington’s 2.000,000th resident And, although the government is being fed, bathed and hugged by agency gives no age hrrakdovn a 16-year-old mother and an 18- in high school marriages, indrpcn- year-old father. dent researchers arc finding girls Marry In Seh<w>l as young as 11 and boys as young “Youngsters arp falling in love as 16 exchanging marriage vows, and marrying while in high Former University of Louisville If Romeo and his 14-year-old school,” says University of Cali- dean of women Hilda Threlkeld Juliet were living in the United fomia socioligist Judson Landis, puts it this way: usual support in world opinion for states’today, they probably would who found marriages “common” Increase One Third the proposal of President Eisen- bp married and cuddling their among the bobby sox set in a sur- “Marriages for girls 14 to IT howor. first-born child. vev of Golden State schools. have increased by one third over Eisenhower has urged the So- Thousands of youngsters' not And nationwide statistics back 1940 and now 30 per rent of the viets and other nations to develop mucb older than history's classic him up. The U.S. Census Bureau mothers of first babies are 19 or -------------- - — ----------------------------younger.’’ Bad As 'Star Spanqled Banner' I Educators religious leaders. SO —................................................... «■ .. .......... Iciologisls and family life exports are now voicing the same alarm about high seheol marriages that they did about college weddings I 1 j • • \ i / I ± f A _ C ! in the 1940s. “Romance is in the air and the onlvf inhibition (against* rr\arriaget NEW YORK, Feb. 2 cf -Former song of Missouri. It’s as bad as <;rpms to bp whether thrv can sup- NOW SHOWING! ENING OPEN 1.15 75 i CHILDREN % I ' V£t)&T 01SNSY ■P»f WMMwdffSSIW €DMlfi£i4UNi NOT COLOSSAL . . . V ¡usf dorn good. yl WIDE SCREEN COLOR SNEAK PREVUE TOMORROW NIGHT AT THE LINDSEY! -«» » m.n num iwi ti : t - af . ak BOTH (.Kf VT J VWH Y PICTl'RES STARTS Hey Kids WEDNESDAY! Here comes Ihe potentials of outer space under a cooperative effort for peace. In a letter to Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin Jan. 12, the President proposed a sweeping series of agreements to renounce outer space warfare. Nixon, who sits in on advance planning for satellites and other Truman Takes Dim View Of Missouri Waltz' As Song TOMMY SANDS \ 1 Belgium - Luxembourg reports that 50 American firms have been established within its boundaries since 1954. STOP SORE THROAT PAIN FAST with New Double-Action Antibiotic Lozenges/ 1, Contains two powerful germ-killers to help stop infection 2. Has powerful “pain-killer” action to stop pain in seconds married to James Hill at 2 p.m. top secret projects, noled that the today in her Beverly Hills home, two Soviet Sputniks orbited "over President Harry S. Truman says The Star-Spangled Banner so far themselves,” says Dr. Nor- Only her immediate family, the United States whereas the he really doesn't like the song as music is concerned.” man r - Ryder, University of Wis- and his, were present at the cere-;first American satellite does not “Missouri Waltz” — his musical. Truman said he started to play cor|sin professor of sociology, mony, which was performed by orbit over any part of the Soviet trade mark. He's just being loyal the p ano when he was about 16, tjob sjf.,;1finn Helps Judge Harry J. Borde. Union.” to the old home s.tate. he said, “I derided that it was a Generally, famil.v researchers Rita’s brother, Vernon Cansino, Statement Not Clear Truman was interviewed by Ed- sissy thing to be a piano player ayroP that abundant jobs and the gave her in marriage, while Da- if was not clear whether the ward R. Murrow. and I quit. social acceptance of working w ives vid Hill, brother of the bride- global path of the U, S. satellite Truman's pithy comments The former president talked’ is spurring couples into mar- groom, was best man. The bride- was planned primarily for con ranged from piano-playing to poli- about his first job—washing win- riage «at younger ages than ever grooms parents, Mr. and Mrs. | venience or to avoid Soviet fjrs and personalities, and why be dovvs and mopping floors in an In- before. James Hill Sr., were present, as charges of reconnaissance and told off a critic of his daughter’s dependence,' Mo., drug store for But mam also say that modem wore Rita’s daughters. Rebecca military espionage, singing ¡$3 a week. He told how he joined fathers are “subsidizing” their LILI GENTLE Si%f Si^fcr EDMGNO O'BRIEN C i N ema S c OPÉ NOW SH0WINNG! Limited Rood Show Enjoyment BOXOFECE 09FNS 1:15 Welles and Princess Yasmin Reception Held Immediately after the marri The orbit plan for U. S. space vehicles was fixed before it was Iowan Oomix>MHi Song I the National Guard and got a nice, children’s marriages in contrast Askod how ,u„ rMisSoU11 Waltz” beautiful blue uniform which he to past Reparations when polenlial known that the Soviets might be . .. unoffipial thomP sonc took to show his grandmother. husbands were expected to prove afthe 8 brTde s ZZ a? v'v-h li o ,hpir S,pUt"!ks- " relied: al? Z S| Vnifonn Barred "’ey could support wives and had bridegroom s partners, If a ro Id ,hm hut ,"e said his Rran,lmo,her vftose P™,s,nB futures. Hecht and Burt Lancaster, were Ls Lround tSrworid outskle the’Wa,tz was composod hy a man .house had been burned by federal present. uorid outside the from Jmva jn and cnued trc)0ps during the Civil Mar, Once ysu’ve seen Sayonara you've seen O k greatest! The bride wore a turkish brown ^‘ixon toîd newsmen lhat he had!‘’1?“shaby My Baby'’ told him: “That’s a very beautiful ttni- The switch in parental attitudes is attributed to higher family in- See TOO VOI NC* Page 8 ÛNLÏ.IN MAIRES crepe and satin gown with match- emphasized the Eisenhower space ing hat and shoes. The new Mrs. Hill is currently bassador Zarubin made a farewell & j working on Separate Tables for control proposals when Soviet Am- Jp^ give (i namr call on him Jan. 24. say ^ out P)U(^ because For Benefit Of Mankind “We do not look upon this successful launching as just an American achievement.” Nixon said of the U. S. satellite. “It is for the benefit and in the interest of all mankind.” He emphasized that it was part of the International Geophysical Year, in w’hich Soviet and U. S. See NIXON Page 8 The Country Parson It’s a ragtime song and if vou f°rrn- but it s the first time a hluc me sav what I think—I don’t uniform’s been in this house since ■e * damn about it. but I can’t <he Civil War. Don’t bring it back it’s the here.” Truman said he didn’t. A captain in the field artillery ——— - during World War I, Truman told Yemen Is Reported trying to RPt hark in thP Army in World War II. Then Sen. Tru- Preparing To Join man (D-Mo) he stopped into see New Arab Republic Bv ZAKI SAL AM A CAIRO (UP) — Official Egyptian sources said Sunday that the Arab kingdom of Yemen will join the new United Arab Republic formed Saturday by the merger of Egypt and Syria. The sources said Yemeni Crown Prince Mohammed FJ Badr was traveling to Cairo from the tiny country near the heel of the Arabian Peninsula boot to declare Yemen’s adherence to the new state. El Badr, who is reported to have negotiated a S6 million loan from Red China for his poverty-stricken country, serves as Yemen’s premier, foreign and defense minister. He is heir apparent to the throne of his father, Imam Ahmad, the king. Report Unconfirmed Tho report could not be confirmed, although a British Foreign Office spokesman said in London that there has been “a certain amount of cooperation between Egypt and the Yemen recently.” A spokesman for the Yemeni legation in London said he had no information about the Cairo reports. There w'as no immediate official comment from either Syrian or Egyptian authorities. But Cairo Radio reported the erowTi prince definitely w'as enroute to Cairo, by automobile. President Gama! Abdel Nasser of Egypt and Shukri El Kuwatly of Syria presided jointly in Cairo at the • first integrated cabinet of the new state. Cabinet members from both Syria and Egypt attended. Outside, tens of thousands of students and workers paraded with placards hailing the new country. In Damascus more than 100,000 Syrians paraded to hail the mayor and denounce Anglo - American “imperialism.” Gen. George Marshall about it. As Truman tells it, Marshall asked him, “Senator, how' old are you?” “I’m 56.” “Senator,” said Marshal], “You are too damned old. You go back and stay in the Senate.” * | “I’m four years younger than you are,” Truman said he told Marshall, to which the latter re- Se* TRfTMAN Page 8 NOW' POS6852 OPEN l:IS ADULTS 35« CHILD 20* VICTOR MATURE ANITA EKBERG "PICKUP ALLEY" --------------------------PLUS -------------------------JACK LEMMON KATHY GRANT "OPERATION MADBALL" OPEN 7 P.M. People 60 to 80 Tear Out This Ad . . . and mail it today to find out how you can still apply for a $1 000 life insurance policy to help take care of final expenses without burdening your family. You handle the entire transaction by mail with OLD AMERICAN of KANSAS CITY. No obligation. No one will call on you! * Write today, simply giving your name, address and year of birth. Mail to Old American Insurance Co,.- 3 West 9th, Dept. L242A, Kansas City, Mo. Adv. BREADED VEAL CUTLETS Ope* Dolly 11 a.m. • 9:30 p.m. Closed on Monday IAl*o Food Orders To Go) NOW SHOWING! ADULTS 60 * CHILD 20 *v JAMES STEWART ^ as Lucky Lind/! viihe S pirit ^ of ST. LOUIS" MARION BRANDO AND AN EXQUISITE NEW JAPANESE SWR. THE YLMZ JAMES A. MICHENEKS STORY OF DEF1ANT DESIRE. IT iS CALLEDJJ X COtORkÄ Matinee 75tf Evening 90$ Performances at 2:00-5:00 & 8:00 pm for th# best onieyinent of Savon«!“« Se» it from tha baqlnninq. S ayowara Child 25$ NOW SHOWING! OPEN 1:15 ADULTS 65« CHILD 20* TEENAGE THRILLER! fIM 1801 19 th St. P03-6424 ' nothing LIKE HIM I HAS HIT THE [te y SCREEN SINCE JAMES DEAN BOXOFFiCE OPENS 1:15 NOW IN ITS 2nd GREAT WEEK! Limited Rood Show Engagement. [MATINEE 75* EVENINGTr7r"9oT~CHiLO¥EN .... 25*! The Town, The Peop!e, Everyone's talking about! TOP ENTERTAINMENT—LUBBOCK'S FINEST DRIVE-IN THEATRES TRAIL DRIVE-fN THEATRE Open 6:00 — Cartoon 7:00 Adults 60* — Child Free WARM—IN CAR HEATERS * * 1st & Last Feature * ★ Randolph SCOTT 6aä RUSSELL • La MARVIN (sa sa VJämtrCOLPß . nenafc Ne. 2 — Another Thrill A — FACE IN THE CROWD GRIFRTH AATttCtA NEAL CIRCLE DRIVE IN THEATRE .Open 6:00 — Cartoon 7:00 Adults 60* — Child Free WARM—IN CAR HEATERS ic 1st & Last Feature Ar Robert WAGNER Joan COLLINS Edmond O’BRIEN; CINEMASCOPE cototBToatna i No. 2 - A Relt of Fun! From the COMEDY STAGE HIT] #• LON GLENN BRANDO FORD MACH1KO KYO The Teahouse of the August Moon " EDDIE HLBERT SUNSET N TH Open 6:00 — Cartoon 7:00 Adults 60* — Child Free WARM—IN CAR HEATERS *fc ★ 1 st A Last Feature M ★ You'll Lev« This Picture! AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER No. 2 — A Great Novel gß- ill® BURNING HI LIS I W arncr C olo * r 1 ei I s PRESLEY i ihe Girl He Left Behind' A w ** nb aros, nen« JTTTViTU- NOW SHOWING! OPEN 1:15 ADULTS . . 50 , CHILD . » 0 « LANA TURNER LLOYD NOLAN FERF-ORMANC a AT 2:00 - 5 00 ond 6:00 P.M. r LEE PHILLIPS e HOPE LANGE ÂRNETf B E N SO N POrter 2-4537 row SH0W1W! FIRST LÜBSOCK SîiOWING OPEN I P.M. MAT. 50t EVE. 6 C î CHILD. 20* HENRY B00KH0LT RAREN BAAL BORN GOOD WITH A DÍ5IRÍ TO 6 1 BADI »bt'i a dell !... thr't a dith !... hr'i a drüequtnt t "Él suis IM H!IW *PM>N TOR OH! »tu H HiüüJ. too bk « nimm fon dh E'TB wn id V Pfcí--i A ION 'Kt i¡ H: ‘ fît V THE TIN STAR BETSY PALMDLMKM RAY NEVILLE BRAND • JOHN McINTTRB „HAYDEN EKBERG PLUS l*l«*St4 INrv UKTC0 ARTIST* COLOR CARTOON % 0 §) f; W

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