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TIMES PHUjADELPHIA, TH U JiS DAY - MORNINGc.c1,EBIIUA11Y 15. 1877. THE THE TIMES. PUBUSnSD EVERT MOENINO, iUt07.PT BUKDAT. TIMES BUUxDETG, COEN2R CHESTNUT A3H EIGHTH STREETS. . Delivered in City of PbEftdeipfal and surronodicf , VfUff9 nd to, for Twelve C - snta per week. Ktil Subscriptions, pc3t?e paid. Six Dollars per mi'HfT". - jt Kiftr Cent por moatb. . Z VSIiTISTM E NTd flftaen. twenty, thirty, fifty cents 6Ttd one dollar oer line. CORBSPQ:TDENC3 containtsff taiporteut news Ucl.od from any pen of toe country. If used, will be H beraily ptJd for. Writer's name and addre&e required cv ry communication as guarantee of eood f&trti, but not for publication. Rejected couimanicaUons will not b returned. , The CiroulAiion of .1X13 TIMES exceeda tiat of all the other Philadelphia Morning Papera combined, with a single exception. All Business, KetBtt Letters or Telegraphic Dispatches must bo addresssd to IHE TIMES. Philadelphia. , I11LiUKLPIIIA. 1K3KUARY 15, i8T7. Tub Seriate yesterday, quietly und without debute, passed a bill to remove the disabilities of General J'e Johnston, and the House voted to remove those of John T. Mason. AVIio is there still laboring under these disqualifications? ., In the variety of campaign speeches presented to day, he will be.a fastidious citizen who cannot find something to please .him. The police assessments r still lighting bravely, and a gallant effort was made last night to rally the colored troops. Meanwhile Caven seems to hold his own well. Banks is not afraid. What though Robeson's navy be rotten though there were not a man of war upon the ocean, the American people could defend themselves. Nevertheless, if we have a navy, we might as well have one that will float, and Mr. Whitthorne's solicitude is not unwarranted. The key to the Oregon dispatches has at Inst fallen into the hands of the Senate committee, but it Only serves to confirm what everybody had already evidence enough to believe, that the whole business was discreditable, but was only undertaken to checkmate fraud in Louisiana and Florida. ' Tub bill to establish a National Museum to contain the collection made fur the Exhibition has pot safely through its second stage; it has been favorably reported to the Senate. Wo are very much afraid, however, that in the rush of political business this measure will go by the board with others far less deserving. General Barlow, an able nnd undoubted Republican, was sent by his party to Florida to look after "intimidation and fraud" and help return the State for Hayes. Ho went, witnessed the count, came home and declared that the State liad honestly voted forlilden. Mr. l'urman, who has Ferved four years as a Republican member of Congress from Florida, made a speech in the House on Tuesday, in which he declared that the return of the Slate for Hayes was a fraud for which no excuse could bo offered. Truth will make history in spite of return boards and electoral commissions. Tun Times. makes haste to apologize to the Legislature lor having trusted it "not wisely but too well" on the grave issue of appropriating toils members copies of Pur - don's Digest. The House decided on Tuesday not to drive through the Constitution for thosakeof a rather dry book Ihutfuwof them would understand, and the gratitude of this journal at even so Hnall a display of "legislative self - respect, made it gush over with its tribute to the House; but yesterday the members repented of their loss of the bnoksjeconsiJeied the defeated biil and finally passed it. It is duo to the IIoii - c to say that it showed its appreciation of Tub Times by having its editorial on the subject read to the body, but two hundred and one Digests out weighed the newspaper aud the grab was crowded through. Tub Fneilie Railroad funding bill still lingers on the calendar of the .Senate. An amendment offered by Senator Booth and adopted by a close vote yesterday provide that the companies shall each pay $750,000 annually into the treasury as a Kinking I u ml in addition to whatever bums they are now n qui red to jmy. This seems a very small amount compared with the 3,877,410.72 which the government has to my for interest on these bunds. As long as this princely generosity continues we shall see a railroad which has a monopoly, w hose cariiinpsare projiortioniiliy greater than those of any other road in the country, paying (stockholders regular dividends on flock which was never paid in, while the government pays the interest on its bonds mid has the cheerful prospect of paying the principal at iiuittiriiy. Whkx Mr. Shapley called the nllention of the public to Mr. Ciiven's dodging in Councils, he not only failed to show that Mr. Caveu's silence helped through a single one of the ninny extravagant schemes .passed by the Councils, but he also called Mr. Caveu's attention to Mayor S'nktey'a el..iins to the title ofu "dodger." He finds that the Mayor allowed one permit alter another tor the erection of fiume buildings to become effective without his signature, and thus tho luvorcil few, who had influence, kept their shanties standing, an eyesore to our Centennial visitor, when othcra whoso structures were no less dan - gerotiH, were compelled to tour them down. Mr. Caven u'so referred last evening to thu ti n 'oil n mi t o assumption of virtue in reference to Hie appropriation for hospitality to distinguished guests last year, 'l his was entirely mini'i - ensnry. Tho world remembers wi II thu orgit: which Was the only result of an appropriation thai afforded means for hospitality Worthy the 'city and lis guests. As there are a number of I'ilgrim politi - dan whose public employment and per - piisi c arc not sal isfaetory, it becomes necessary lioiu year to year to make places for llit'in. rioincliihf one brunch of industry or trade is ordered t'i stand ami do - liver lor their bciii lit, and soinuiimes allot her branch is made lo halt until tho politicians' greed isitppt'.ist'd. Tho latent it". rt of thu kind is nit Htiack tinon the Milt H.Ji trade of Philadelphia, and it Is liotifli d by a bill now pending in the Legislature, I hat it tniinl pay liberal tribute to mich political soldiers of lortune al the.Cily Commls - ioncr shall appoint us receiver of the same. 'J'hers must be numerous hit - jiccnniou I'ilgiiiu pretender just now who lire needed to aid ill the election olSlokley to a third term, mid noonc inspector ufanll fi ll will sal if y the ntnbiiion nnd cupidity of the Kilitii'iil domination that rules snJ shamr Miih'dt Iphi.i. Thrre li to be one big I'ilgrim over slot of little l'ilurinielo lutttn on the salt fish'. One Is lo be romnusioiicd us liiss;clfr ilcneral, and lie Is to have a minll army of deputies to look sfler the fish trade and pother in the fees, .cnaltiia and otLer f ero,iilsile for division among the unemployed dependents of the Pilgrim, dynasty. ,Of pourse, the whole scheme is en effort to strike the salt fish trade for blackmail under color yf law, for the inspection tbat would come from officers" selected fcy the Commissioners would be worse than a farce. Honest dealers would obey the law and have honest inspections if the inspectors could be got to give so much time and trouble to their duties, but all who have tricks Li their trade and deal in short weights and rusted representatives of the finny tribe, would fimply borrow the brand of the inspectors, cheat their customers tinder the stamp of the law, and divide their increased plunder with the Inspector Genera! and his little inspectors. If 'there arc' any members of the House who specially desire to be known, as honest men, they will take particular care to record their votes against this bill should it ever reach consideration in the House. It is a palpable fraud upon legitimate trade, and is just the sort of a measure to throttle whenever it shows its head in the legislative halls. And still they come I Not content with proposing a boss inspector of sail fish with a lot of deputies, it is proposed to legislate some one into tho office of Inspector of Engines, to look alter all engines and boilers of over twenty horse power. Already the city has a Boiler Inspector, but there's not room enough for political favorites, and other places must be made, and then it limits manufacturers in the selection of engineers to a .select circle who shall have paid special matter how competent he may lie. It is just this special legislation for the benefit of politicians that has made I'liiladelpiiia ashamed of the law - making power of the State, and that bus oppressed her industry nnd trado until capital is being rapidly driven out of the city. A leading manufacturer writes Tub Times "Is it not time that this folly ceased? We want to be let alone, and not be hounded by assessors, tax - gatherers and needless inspectors," and his complaint is just. Are there no brave men in the Philudeltdiiadelegalion to stand up and in one short, well - directed speech, expose the w hole brood of special plundering jobs presented under the guise of public bills? They need but to be manfully exposed to make their passage impossible. Tug Electoral Commission snt patiently throughout yesterday until seven in the evening, and then adjourned until this morning. Mr. Carpenter concluded his argument on the Tilden side, and was followed by Mr. Trumbull, who raised some thorny issues as to evidence and made a masterly assault upon the Louisiana frauds. Mr. Stoughton followed in support of the Hayes return, and made tho great speech on that side. It is slated that the arguments of Trumbull and Stoughton were the ablest presentation of the respective rases yet made to the commission since its labors began. Mr. Shellabarger closed the work of the day by a studied technical support of the Wells board. The only noticeable feature of the day's proceedings wero tho pertinent and most embarrassing questions put by Mr. Edmunds and Mr. Hoar to Mr. Shellabarger, and for which lie was evidently unprepared, particularly Irom the number eightside of the tribunal. It will be seen that, with the exception of the occasional wanderings of the odd man from New Jersey, the commission divided according to party lines on the most trivial questions. Mr. Evarts will conclude the general argument on the Hayes side to - day, and then the question of the admissibility of tho evidence proiiosed by Mr. Trumbull may protract the discussion over the day. It is not improbable that a decision may be reached this evening or to - morrow morn - "KBIT'S just possible that nn eqnnl mencure of tomfoolery could be crowded into the same space by some other gathering of men, that the Democratic City Committee managed to jam into a series of whereases and resolutions on the Presidential contest a few evenings ago; but it's to be hoped that none will imitate the committee In - slopping over its folly into other people's faces. The Electoral Commission was created mainly by Democratic votes, and commanded the favor of the ablest and purest statesmen and public presses of all parties, and when the law was passed submitting the dispute to it for final arbitrament, every consideration of good faith, of patriotism and of peace demanded prompt and, unqualified submission to its judgment. Any action by the House looking to the reversal of the finding of the commission would be clearly lawless, and would make even the revolutionary frauds of Kellogg and Stearns' return boards ro - spcetublo by contrast. Whatever may bo the judgment of the count ry as to the correctness of the decision, or even as to the integrity of tho tribunal, its finding must command llie obcd'cncc of the nation. The sovereign authority of the Republic, whose temtilo is the intelligent and patriotic conviction of the American people, maybe deeply wounded by the action of the commission ; but iTso, iisomniiolciiec has its own peace 'ill hut terrible channels for re - ciithroniiig right In the administration of its great government. TOl'CIIINO norTo.w. As surely as water will always find ils level repirdlcsanfthe sinuous con res and varied obstructions which may interpose, fo surely will business of ult kinds critvituto lo the legitimate boundaries of the public necessities upon which it depends, A decade of reckless inflation swept speculation away beyond all healthy cliunnuls, as the mountain Hood bears the gatherings of Its currents over its rugged banks, lo be Mniinled when the tide shall ebb again; and when the imperious laws of trado cnlled industry and commerce buck to their natural channels, many wero summarily broken, many more lingered in embarrassment only to break the more disastrously, and all values wero turned moro or less directness toward tho severe standard of netu il worth. The panic of 1873 was but a sudden flash from a portentous cloud that had gathered unnoticed over tho busine of the country. It was tho first pointed admonition to all branches of enterprise, that the lido of speculation had spent its force and that thenceforth values must diminish end profits perish as superficial wealth vanished before III steady sweep of revulsion. Nor could any such transition from inflation lo tho standard of Intrinsic Value come without bringing with It d mister far beyond lis just scope. The pendulum onre swung beyond its died movement will not pause In its return until it swing with tqual violence beyond itaap - pointnifni; end the revulsion that bring back Ihe ebb of inflation doc hot hull before substantial Value. This lesson the bnsinr aa Interest of the rrn n try have been learning for more thnn three years, and with each year lioi ha been cherished that misfortune lied pendrd Itself and prosperity wee about to resume Its sway. Thu have men In ell channel of enterprise hoped and el niggled nnd fallen, end tho new year, that was welcomed by all ai the year of promise, has but ' multiplied disaster. And why? Let us look at ourselves. We see the stock of the New Jersey Central fall from $13) to $13; that or the Reading from fOO to 111; that of the Lehigh Valley from $62 to43; that of the Pennsylvania from 57 to"$K - !l in the space of u single twelvemonth. V hat does it mean? It is not an accident, nor is it the work of gambling combinations. It is been use 6ver f 1,250,000,000 of the railroad stocks of this country paid no dividends last year; because interest was defaulted on over $(iC0,CC0,000ofour railroad bond. - ; because over $125,000,000 of bonded debt have been wiped out by foreclosure, and probably 5500,000,000 more is in course of extinction by l?gal process. Who can measure the consequences of such a loss of revenues to bond and stock holders, or who calculate the measure of Ihe wound thus inflicted upon corporation credit? The weaker have fallen hopelessly, and the strongest have been tossed and bent by the general distrust that has possessed the public mind. The WilkesbarreCoal Company and the Jersey Central were regarded as beyond the reach of embarrassment but three years ago, and there was a desperate struggle between the Lehigh Valley and the Jersey Central tor the mastery of coal fields which find their market in New York. Both feeling secure in their resources, they could not even allow their trains to follow or pass each other on the same railway, and millions had to be expended by the competing lines to deliver rival cars over parallel routes to the same centre of trade. Now ono is broken; its coal company has suspended; its stock is valueless, and its affairs lire in the hands of a receiver, and the other is . staggering on the market under a shrinkage of thirty per cent, in capital. Reading has felt the blo that prostrated our manufacturers and enloreed severe economy alike in factories aud homes, nnd is struggling for existence without hope of profit. The Pennsylvania, with its earned dividends and largo surplus to be added to its .already strong reserve, sympathizes with the prostrated market, and thu singular spectacle is presented of the shares of two such strong companies as the Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley, both certain to maintain (heir dividends unless universal bankruptcy is yet in store for the country, selling nearly fifteen per cent, below par, while acceptable six per cent, bonds of every kind are largely above par. Of course, gamblers rush in to make a harvest out of the tide of misfortune, but even all the power and desperation of gambling combinations should be unequal to tho task of thus destroying millions of values by the depression of dividend - paying stocks to so low a standard. And what is the remedy? The disease is patent in the hundreds of millions of railroad bonds and stocks which are comparatively valueless to - day, and Ihe cure is only in the wiping out of the inflated capital upon w hich legitimate business cannot pay dividends. We have from one to two hundred millions of dollars invested in the production nnd transportation of coal that the country cannot and will not sustain as paying investments, and all attempts to retrieve broken or shattered corporations in that line which do not loolc this fact squarely in thu face and accept its inexorable logic, will bring no relief. Any two of our lour great coal producing and transportation companies conid be blotted out to - day, with all their capital nnd appointments for business, and the supply of an - thracito coal would, be ample in both quantity and cheapness for at least a generation to come. Nearly one - half t lie capital tempted into the production ami delivery of coal in a flood - tide of superficial prosperity, cannot now be employed in it with profit, and until the needles surplus is sunk out of existence all must he profitless. This is tho secret of the break of the Jersey Central nnd the Wilkcsharre Coal Company. There is not enouirh of business lor one of the great railway lines, and two have attempted to live and struggled lo thrive on it. It was a lest of endurance; a Irisl of financial might. The Lehigh Valley was the stronger, and it survives while the Jersey Central is bankrupt. In vain will receivers or combinations attempt lo revive prostrated or crippled coal companies while they dream of restoring the present excessive capital lo profit. It Cannot be done, for thu reason that Ihe laws of supply and demand forbid it, and they are laws above the direction of cither men or money. Whenever the coal trade of Pennsylvania is brought down lo the legitimate capital nere - wary lo meet the wants of Ihe country, dividends on its securities w ill be reliable ami the vocation of gamblers in tossing and depressing theirstocks will bo ended. It is a plain lesson, nnd he will be wisest who soonest learns it well. lIK.triMI II' IIKIiT. The annual report of the Commissiotiors of Ihe Sinking Fund presents some figures which should arrest the attention of tax - payer. At Ihe consolidation of the city and tho surrounding districts, Ihe aggregate funded debt assumed by the new corporation, ns reported on Janmtry l.lS'il, was fl.573,(il I. In Ihe twenty - two years that have since elapsed there have been issued loans to Ihe amount of VM!)n,07.'i, while the w hole amount of funded debt redeemed has been but $10,0)17.417. showing it net increase of indebtedness in the twenty - two years since consolidation of $41,50.),(i."0,' or an a vertigo annual increase of $2,027,075. These tolals nr sufficiently startling, but they do not tell tho whole story. While ihe issue of loan ha gone on increasing year by yer, Ihe redemption oMoan bus an steadily diminished, so ilint during (ho last five years the city has issued bonds to tho amount of f - l.'.IWO, - KO0, and called In but $1,8117.458, giving a net increase of $14,0)1:1,341 in this period, or nn average of 52.818,(UW a year. Ilud as Ibis showing is. it is not the worst. The Commissioner of the Sinking Fund lull only of tho city' funded debt, but there I so - called floating debt of twelve millions it was $11,721,101 on Ihe first day of January hich is just ne much a debt ns any of the bonds, and bear interest at the same rate, and which is, moreover, an Infinitely niore discreditable debt, because contracted iu defiance not only of all sound business principle, but of the plain provisions of the law, and dishonoMly and with fraudulent Intent. The men who lure thue dishonored the credit of the city are set - king authority to convert lb we floating obligation Into bonds, that they may be free to go on heaping up new debt; but any such authority aa ihie should be accorded by the Plate with extreme discretion. The language of the Constitution, which restrict the indeblednrse of citlc, is Involved, but its meaning is not obscure. The plain In - lenllon is lo restrain the accumulation of muuicipal debt, by requiring for every Increase Ihe express authority of law, If not also the express consent of the tas - psycre who must bear the burden. But the Council have taken upon themaclves to increase the debt of the city without author - it of law aud ia flagrant contempt of the demands and interests of the tax - payers, assuming that if a debt were only left "floating'' it could not be called a debt, and neither Mayor nor Controller has made any attempt lo check this reckless and often criminal ev sion of ihe law." Since this constitutional restriction became oic - rative, three years ago. fourteen and a half millions have been added to thg city debt, not far from three per cent, upon ihe then assessed valuation, while the only act of Assembly authorizing an increase contemplates a inaximnin of two per cent. The funded debt is now more than ten per cent, upon the highest valuation, and the flouting debt nearly two per cent, more, bringing the aggregate indebtedness of the city to twelve per cent, upon the value of all taxable property. It is best to iook Ihe plain facts in the face. The debt is now in excess of the limit authorized by law, and a large proportion of the increase in the last three years has been lawlessly and dishonestly made. The legislation that is needed now is not to authorize a further increase of the city debt, but to summarily check the increase that is goingon. A debt is a debt, whether in the shape of a bond or of a warrant, and the assumption that warrants toany amount may be lawfully issued so long as the amount of bonds is not increased, is an evasion of the wise provisions of the Constitution that bears dishonesty on its face, nnd that, if accepted, would rob tho city of all the1 protection which the Constitution was meant to extend. If the municipal government cannot be held in check by the plainest principles of honesty and financial surety, the authority of the State must be invoked for the protection of the tax - pavers of the city, whose credit is abused and wnose means are wasted in corrupt jobbery and riotous extravagance by the men who have heaped up this unauthorized indebtedness and now seek to have their dishonesty legalized that tbey may continue unhampered in their reckless course. Whatever other legislation may be needed, one provision must be made explicit and distinct that no city shall incnr a debt, in any form, without express authority of law, in accordance with the plain intent of the Constitution, and that any official who shall violate or ahct in the violation of this provision shall be held accountable be.'ore the law. It is lime that the lawless jobbery that has given ns these twelve millions of dishonored warrants should be summarily checked. Tub new non - firfeinire law of Maine is a lone step in I lie directiiui of life insurance on n proper basis, anil we lire clad to find a company liivr - ing Kueh sn equitable act. H provides in hrief that slier three pnynients have been made, in cne of failure to pay any lonser tlirec - f'ourtlifc of I lie reserve on the policy sli:l be set asiile an a premium which uliall continue the policy in foree for the fall ainnnnt until its reserve is cxhatlsu'd. Tluisii run n Hi the zv of thirty takes out a life policy fur $1,(100 mid pays three ttuminl premiums thereon, nninuiitinj; to 03.10. lie then ceases to pny, bat his xliey ia continued in force for two years and two hundred nnd twelve days longer for Ihe full amount, mid in case of death thu full amount of the policy is paid, vm, of course, the un - piiid premiums. This is all right so far. Now let the Union Mutual, which is the only com - imny iilllcted by ill in law, f - o one step farther and stale in plain terms upon the luce of each policy i lie exact iiinoiiul which it will pur on the return of the Milicy nt any time after Ihreo annual premiums have been paid. Then a man wi 1 know exact ly shut it ui.l cost him lo nut out. The contruet now is one - sided. The insured knows what he must pay, but cannot knrtw what it will cost him to stop paying. Life insurance companies musl come to lids sootier or later. Why not do so willingly, and jjet the credit fur doing it voluntarily ? IalSHMIW in EiiRhuid are in arms over Mr. Robert Iiuchaiiun's diainvliztitioii of his own novel of "The Queen of C'otiiiuught." .Mr. nucliioiaii knows not ihe Irishman of Douci - ruult and Falconer, mid lias written n play iu which Ihe peasants are linrs, knnvrs hihI cowards The Irish gentry whom Mr. Ciiclianan pictures quarrel over their cups, act like beii - H in a lady's drawing room nnd smoke chiy pipes over their wliifky toddy. 1 hey agree iu nolhiiiR except lo hale Kii.'liui'l and the Knglish. The novelist's sole idea is lo show that Ihe Irish are wor..e than they were ever painted, but he succeeds belter in showing whut a wretched playwright he is. And ihe worst of it is tluit ttiouvh ihe p'ny has made notliinir of a hit Ihe critic of Ihe lhiihj Telnjruph has taken up. the defense of Inland Irom this Scotch attack. - Hut Ho y neO'i not fcur; if it ia only a big euough row lioudcuuil wol get into it. TUB Liberty street bureau, or rather the bruins of it, sua in good budncKs yesterday. Mr. W. S. Andrews snar Sergeant Thompson deliberately slrike i drunken man and I hen arrest another man who remonstrated with liiui. He walked nlf with them, and on Ihe way to the station met Olficer t'auovnn, to whom lie turned over ihe prisoners. Yesterday ( muovnii iipeeared as prosocuior la - fore Ihe T onils, l'olice Court aud charged both men with disorderly conduct. Mr. Andrews, who hud taken enough interest in the case to come down to court, then cross - exmniued t'uuoviiii, and had him held for n - rjury and Sergeant Tlioniisnn arrested for assault and baliery. If Mr. Andrews will move over here we think it probable he might Cud steady employment of this kind. AN oi l Repuliiiuan subscriber desires TlIB TlXIKSIo return tliniik for himself and number id hi nciehhora ia Mayor Sink ley fir the delivery of a copy of the Prru lo them by Ihe police, nnd requests that TltR TlMl'S shall be siib - iltuied when the next free distribution shall tome itT. Price two cents. PERSONAL. Mm. HuNitTll. Btaston 1ms a daughter stinljtiiR merit nn. Lom Pkdmo has fallen into tho hands of Cook A Sunt, lour tils. . Aimtk keei her diamonds in a downtown sole and wean paste. Ciiaiu.ks Matiikws is writing his biography. It should o( interesting J. CiiKKVfii Goodwin has gone lo Nassau again fur tits limlOi, wlilcb la Very deileeto. Mrs. Oathi, tho opera singer. Is suffering from an auack oi rheumatism, ai d. It Issaid. will nut gj upon ib Ms sgaiu tor avteral months, Pkehipsnt A. D. WnrTi!, ol Cornell Unl - ver - liy. Is winieriti In I'aita tslih Ins wit and datiahier, and isconilnuii' his special aiiidlrt. riiiMCR Loci NArOLCoff will enter on hi 90ia tear In a w mouU.s. Aa al ll ai age hi will be aueua'd lo military cutr, lie pmiaawa u ask Per - mlwluu to viiler fnist and be ennibeU In the ranks, SkHAToa SsanKNT has received an autograph leller fn.Bi Km Kalakati Ihalikln htm Rsr his fTuri In securing ihe k - glslalloii nwessary to give tfTcct lo ihe m Iprticlty treaty tsnweeii Ui Untied auties and Hawaii. John M. C'maki. cashier of the Shoe aid Ua'ber Bank of New York, aa en prwnied Willi a (old batr a iba champion off hand ntla shut ft - r Ihe tear loTO. Ills score was 4 out ol a puetibl 60. at BOO tarda, ef - tiaad. Lour Dvrramn has prcsonlcd n mcdnl to Wllne frauds, the JoiiUiful hereof Win.Uni, Note Urmia, already decorated by iae Royal Humane So. cltiy, sarin the II of a iamte talis a In luDilueut denser ol drowning. Thi people of the South are about to re - sort lh fvmalas of General Jba A. Waeenef. Ihe author ol the - Southern Wareon," Horn Walhalla, Ovvtiee county. South Carolina, to ChaikHoii.bere his rvsllni place will be marked In u appropriate maimer. TaiNra Von IIonRNLona - LAxaasaiRd Ma Itiirodnoed Mil In lh Rolehsu to protect awful birds irons rtestnintoM, II propose lo Impose ne r either klllln or entrapplne Ihem, and re - eoeeta the henrrliof lo seek en - orwnilon Imn trie ether mMlnrtiiel p"ef In tirotreiln lh blrda. In Aest'ta there It no law agalM lh dolmrtloa of nseftil bird. and last Tear thai goremsneat made an agieeaient si lib Italy, in aicxa - dance wilb which ihey are to be protected iu bo h countries. Letters written by General Von Moltke In 1 860. lien be accompanied tbe German Crown Prince lot. I'enrsburg and Moscow, to attend Ibe roroiiBtti.n of Alexaoder I., n ay fee the light in a short I me. It is said they con lain maUer uot very palatable lo Ihe iTussian taste. i II a. Lunksi.i,, Ihe proprietor of the American 11 u. cum. in liew York, being about to be murricd, was somewhat astot.islivd by tbe priseuta - lioii or a $SU() service of piste on bebaif ol Ihe Mikkc - tlianntr. man and ihe fatwomau, Uie Albino girl aud ibe wild n;ea of Borneo. Colonkl Sku.KRS is watching the proceedings of the commission t Ibe Capital. During the trial went the i H er night he indignantly ' declined lo answer." Oiuoel, of rourse. pressed for a reply, when kami !n anerity ikmindul : "If your Honor pit ase. i m I a 1 1 - r or am I a vas - air" And It w. uld lisve warmed o d Wells' heart to have beard Ibe applause. - NOTES AND OPINIONS. The Minnesota Legislature is to appropriate $178,000 for tiie relir of the gnosliopper auiterurs. The Icn'enant Governor of Missouri decides i lint the use of lhu word " bull - doze in debate is unparliamentary. All association of Western workingmen are oppiacd to "the individual ownership of wealth, ' because Ihhumjs coirupiion. Thu Provtdeii'. - e Tool Company is turning out lor Hits lurklsh gorcromont ono thousaud Martini - Henry rifles per day, i The 8t. Puul 1'reSH tells n correspondent thai blue lissue psper is as encctive as blue glass, but that It is best loHiuiri b.ue blnzes. . All IiidiaiuiMli.s benevolent association refused to reeehe money cot li ibiecl by a dramatic assucituioii, beikving it lo be Ihe wsges ol'siiu Tfia. recent insurance failures have not bum wlthi titu me od i ffect they have hi.d quite asolleiiiug influence on ihe check oi the sgeula. The head - liner of the Chicago Jtmi thus sums up the situation: 'Srnnmy s see hss been caught by the right bower, bul lie holds the left for a seliler. ' The Springfield Republican says: "If he. would only believe It. Ihe lucky man is ihe one who doesn't linve to live ill llio While House llio next four ers. "Les Belles - Lettres: Echo de Paris," a 32 - page Frt nch monthly review edited by t'ro cssor Kurt - isse I'yr. snd devoted m the best im.iliiclloiis of French lilcrnlnre. has just appeared at Boston. The Massnehuset Is journals are advocating biennial se.slons of Hie Ltxlsluturo. It is asserted, and no dentil Jusily, that ibe Suue w ould I e l eller oft" with no more than one - hall oi ibe prircut Icfcishiliou. Mr. Mantou Marble has published a card In the Washington Vniun denying the statements of Itepresentalire Five Iu tbe Iloti - o, concerning ihe sou. .n of Atioriuy General Cocke in regard to the Florida vote. Imagine the disgust of Massachusetts Boiiliitccs, billiard saloon and barkeepers at ihe uu - uinhiiig in court llio other day of an old aiaiute for - bioditiK 1 1. cm it. give credit to any student iu soy incorporated M - huul, academy or college. Those who are in position to know say that il was Tilden's original purpoaeto appoint Mr. W. F. CisiU uiitjli. of hii.'0,isi crtiuiy of the Trees - uiy. and that he ancru tinli chunked his mind and Bellied down ( li ihe. Hon. II. li. Payne, of Ohio. A Cincinnati genius has invented a patent billot bux w hic h, It is said, will render "tiifliiis" in - puss ble. Ihat is all very well, but what is ihe giMsl of - nch an antidote so lung as ttclumfn Boards are pcimiiled to make 'consolidated returns?" The sapient grumblers have found out who Is responsible lor it all. Urant sud Lou - au did It. Grant adi l ed Logan to mnku a tight for the I bnois s'e aiorship, hut privately t help the election of Juci - e Davis, i but be mit;hl be made ineligible as the li ib Jinlire. In return lor Ibis L"gtui was to beimnte lles' Secreluiy of War. Tins Is a very pretty explanation, bul do rou suppose Don L'amer u agreed lo at It now turns out that " llue Jeans" Williams is snaking nn admirable Governor of Indiana A coi'ioiMindcnt w riles Iht "since lie has btt'ti thrust Into such potties! and sticiai prominence Iu - bus tiouiiy improved in i.p;.ti,miuu. lie is now much utajve liie. iMii, - c at c siai, third ol ucalhcxs and liontttily. li Im keeps on as he began, lie will Him out to fee one of the best Governors Indiana hss ever been blessed w I h." A correspondent of tho Cincinnati Com - mrTci'ot, wriiii g In m Vb ksl itrp.siiys thai the success oltbe li mi dline uity In ! ississtj i.l may Hvuli In the end to the uiitantage of ihe colored race, and adds: "A uiueh tetur ieeling exists between the tiuvs. Tliu biueincs of a yvur tiu ha - i about d!ap - p sred. 1 he race I uu has been br. ken. and now a in'Kto poluiitil club, pariieulsrly II it siligsibe rlhl nine, is an object of as much consfderutiun, indeed lao.e, Uian li couiiMxd oi white men." 1 KANKI.IN A IMi.S yiXU SOCIETY. The I'stato of Cyrus W. CailwHlludor fins i;u .ixilid in in ttsx.i.noo io N'o.lnoi;. The lliitd meeting of cietlitors of the bankrupt Frniiklin Savings Fund Society was held at Horticultural Hull yesterday morning. Over eight hundred persons assembled hi Ihe auditorium at 11 o'clock, Sussex T. Davis, Register in liuiik - rupicy, presiding. The a - siu - nees of the fund, Thomas 1'. isiotcsbiny, William McLean mid John McCourl, presented Iheir report. It slated that us about two years and nine months liuve elapsed since the appointment of the assignee, il was due lo the creditors to call, intention lo the fact Hint assets ciime into their hands in a contused condition, rotisisiun; annual entirely of liiortgngca. Of these, 'J'JJ were ml unfinished houses, subject lo ihe payment of ndvauces screed lo be made by I'yrus Oidwiilluder lo tho builders nnd to ihe payment of paramount or Uitderlyiii.' iiiciiiutM - niices. The houses mortgaged weie generally si I ua ted iu the outskirts of ihe city, iu the ino - t undesirable loca.ities. Kvrry exertion hud liecii made to sell litem, ns inor tent.'' - '", but the great bulk of securities were pntciiu.liy unsalable. As tin interest could be co levied it became necu - siiry lo foreclose and Hike Ihe properties. W hcu lu;o was obtained lo real est me it w as offered at public, sale, but owing to the depressed condition of Ihe rcid est a i e market gnat d.Ilieuliy was experienced in disposing id h. Of lisiU moncHges It are alill on tin ml. The real enisle reiiiiiiuing on liiiud consists of 43 ho uses, including the Irving House Hold, mi winch lli. - re ia a $Jo,(MJ uiorl - Knge. Tbe total hiii. uol of cash received by the ns - ignecs is sii.yj .1 wl.tKI, 'J'ne tulul summit paid out ia lf.'ll l.''(1. 1 1, leaving n cash bibiuce, Kelnuary 1. 177. of tVJ'2.n!. Hineo February 1 lrM,ljJ.".77 iu cash bnvu lieeii received I'piih' aulie df assets; ul. - o, yji;,) fnilu real esinle sold, in iking a grand total ra - ll balance nil bund of H, .") - !.()!, upon which a dividend will he declined. Alter .Mr. Slotesbury had read Ihe re rt Mr. Davis said thai the liabilities tire elaiut $.100,001 1; nun icy iu bund.elsouilHa.OJO; number ol, about J, law. Mr. Jo - cpli T. Tboiuas moved Hint a dividend of len per vein, be decl.irrd. I juried. Mr. Davis said Hint it would take about four weeks t make cut the esuct flirnres, and as anon a the assignees are ubie the creditors will 1st informed at what lime and win re ihey sail gut the dividend. One of lhu creditors arose and asked why the d. recites are not prosit uleil. Mr. Davis replied I II Ihe evidence has been token by the assignees, and when I be directors get (heir Icslllilonv tbe rase will be pnicveile. I Willi, To eediie imit - tcrs an order fmiu ilie court has been asked lor ami obtained. It was also announced thjit all - other divhlciiil will be dec tire. I ns aooil as missi - ble. The assignees acting as trustees oi the esiate ol'Cvrus Ca.lwallndcr, n - pre - eilted hy hi ill lo be Worth $'Jsii),tsjl, nH.rieil llmt Xwris liuve valunl the eataie iu Hie nggreate lo be Worth $l,'J7l has than the hu uiubraiiue. At 1 - li'muvk the mcrling uiljouriir.l. nty. Only a seed - but It chanced to fall In a bole cleil of a el y wall, And lakli.g nsiv an w biar. ly up, 'i ill a ilu bloasoiu crw ued ns u.p. Only flower bill II chanced lhat day Dial l.ii'd. inl h an passed by ihat way; And me nnsa Hiai innann uie .er we fent, hruugut ibe wesiy auui a sweet tout lit It spake nf ibe llllea ao wniid'ronsly clad; Aud ibe iwait ibsl wasllrvd gie B.raiiavly glad Al the thoiie.lil ol a tender eaie over all, 1 bat uottd evtu a spwruw t lail. Only a thought hm ihe work II wrought ou id l eu r i.y lenaiie or ien la, lauslii ; lor II ran through lite, like a ilinwd of gold I Ai d Uie llle bote mill a kuudttd luid. Only a word - but 'Iwat spoken In lore, With a whlssnd pia)erioihe Lord above; And Ihe aoaeis In beaten rrHdcrd utn - e morel Hut a iHtej - bviB auui "tussivd Iu by Ibe osa. Jitnt Ourilo, Axtdoov In want nf a fine lienrl nf hnlr hou'd - eir JayiH - w Hair Tmno. Il will virile list acwln lo beeliby eclbei, clranw It fniin acun and datidroiT, ireisol Ibe Pair liom falling out, en re etuplire diseases nf the scalp, end In mnatrwa produce a Sue a row in m new hslr, Aa a dressing, no benrt pn - paiaiion ran he had for liniairiing a rich nd gl - jr epiwwrauve to the ball. Oilier, IllARTS Ari Ensi.avrd. erica line like CUpM en reveal a entile nsw nt priy irWh, whwas ssatersjl Issattir la h - armem - d by ,o aid of noaiiiaiST. t'einutloe lovenne9 aoijulrae ft, r i,wer (real Uisi agreeable and beaitansl vaillarr. U.Ssm CAUGHT AT LAST. s The Blstorj r a, Darlnc 1 Left The Burglars Innght In rbll - lliMa. ' On Tuesday afiernooa Detective Franklin, of Piiikerloii's Agency, and Consiable Hugh Cos - grove, of Magistrate K. fl. Siuilh'softice, boarded a New York train at Germanlowii junction and arrested Joseph P. Dunlnp ami Itobert Seidt, ou charge of robbing the Northampton National Dank, of Northampton, Ma - sHehusetts, on the 2th of January, 187B. The two cracksmen were taken eonipleieiy by surprise, and expressed their disgust at the urrest, saying that it bail spoiled a trip to Kichiiiouil. A hearing was had before Magistrate Smith yesterday. Scott ia a lull, handsome man, and looked thoroughly Ihe gentleman as he leaned lazily against the barm the Magistrate's oftice and coolly removed his light kill gioTrs. When the Magistrate - asked bis name be ici'uced to answer. . Del. ctive and (Jotisuible disprove tcsuticd to making the arrest. Deieelive Thoimis A. Gallagher, of l'itikerlon's New York Agency, said: "1 know these uieu, Joseph Dunlap and Uobert Scott. They are wauled iu Massiicliuseits for inbbiug the Northampton Hank." sjcoll and Dunlap were then comniilled to prison fur a further hearing on Saturday ui 1 1 o'clock. TH K KOliilP.KY. The story of the robbery is as follows: On or about Ihe first of Hie year 1870 seven or eight well - ilressed men dropped suddenly into the htlle tiwn of Nuribuii.p on, ill Yteierui Mnssu - cliusetts, and about u mouth Inter, tbe night of the '2lkh of January, ui ubout one o'clock, this bund of ineii went in the bouse of Mr. W hittlesey, the ci shier of the bunk, in Klin street, n nil entered ibe house through a second - story window. .Mr. Whittlesey mid bis wife were moused and ordered to dress. Four oilier persons who were in the house were awakened mid filed in lo ihe Whittlesey room, All were bound and engged. Kvei.vthing was done gently, the burglars ndvUtng Hie ladies to put three pairs of stockings on beiore Ihey were bound, mi that tile corns would not hurt them. One of the crack - men, supposed to b. eu Scott, tiled ordered Mr. Whittlesey to giv.' him t lie three Combinations M the vauil tiir the outer, inner and chest doors. T he cashier gave tbe wrong figures, but was delected by Hie burglars, who made him reui the combinations. The sensation caused by u revolver being p. need to bis head compelled Mr. Whittlesey to surrender the key ami give the correct combinations. Mr. Whir l esev Hx - urcd tile robbers that the one key would do Ihem no good, as three keys were necessary to get into the vuu.1. "' We know more ill. out bank locks than you do," said one, und ibr. Wliiltlesey was taken iluwii stairs and left iu charge nt three oi Hie burglars, while tbe oilier C ur went lo lhu bank, a iiuil - miie distant, ami succeeded iu clting through the lour doors wilb Hie one key mill making wav with bonds, railroad shares ami cash lo ihe tune of ?U7l, - MXI. A lew hours biter Mr. Wliiltlesey succeeded iu freeing llen.cH, and she gave the alarm Irom Hie window unit the whoiu parly were speedily liberated. The casuicr, stiij wearing the handcuff's, went to the bank, where a workman removed his bracelets. A hurried examination led Mr. Whit - tlesy in believe that the cn.cksnien had been uu successful, anil in - and Hie rest ot the tow n tell inclined to be merry over Hie failure of su boldiy In veil il scheme When Ihe greatness of the robbers' success was learned Hid rejoicing ol ibe cashier and directors was turned to sorrow. The band left Hint morning, mid a reward ot !?'o,lK)., which was oncrcd tor the cupiurc of the nibners, caused uiuny il Yankee detective to up bis tui. The neighboring country Mis scoured and rcseourcd without success. Pmkcr - toii's men, however, have been ou the irack of Hie lubbers for the lust few mouths ami hope to capture the remaining five soon. Lewis 0. Cas - saly, Lsi., appeared lor I lie bunk ut the hearing yesterday. TUK CITt'S IIUslSKs - , Soloet Council C ntitiee on Law - Dlseuselng llio lllaenuiit system. . The Select Council coiniuiUeu on law met yesterday, at Hie oflice of the Heceiver of Tuxes, to further consider an ordinance providing for the appointment of receiving tellers and pages by thu Ileceiver. Tiie committee made au examination of the office to itseertuin the facilities ntliirded by Hie building for the transaction of business. Mr. Cochrnn thought, that till difficulties Would be removed il the system of discounts were abolished, lie thought under the law Councils hud the power lo abolish diso'iuius. Mr. Jjiikei proposed it tebciiie lor dividing the ciiy inio six district, those paving (axes in the first to pny during Ibe month of March, those in the second during April, and so on through May, June, Juiy und August. .Mr.friinih said llio business of his iilficc could not be conducted on tbesysieui proposed. Mr. K.ckel, You have admitted that your office is loosely conducted l present. Mr. JSinith. I liuve not admitted, anything of the kind. Mr. llicltel. You did; in your letter to Councils. Mr. Smith. I ditl not. Xlr. Hickel. 1 wish 1 h id your letter here; 1 would show you that you did. Altera long discussion iu ihe form of a general conversation, n motion was passed directing tiie i - buirmun to usk Hie opinion of IheCily Solicitor as lo the power of Couilti.s tu abolish ihe discount system. l'olice C iiimnillee of Coonelta. The police mn. mitre nf Councils met yesterday ullt rnoon iu the .Minor's otliee, t hiiiiimtn I'.. U.cks iliiyhiirst presiding. 'I be chairman presented a petition, iuicrred to the couimiiicu by Select Council, asking Ihe repeal of an ordinance gun. ting permission (., DeiWeiler fc WeMi lo eres - t a Ira ne grain eli'vatnr at Nns. :l I J a ul Uit - 14 Market street. Dr., ow ll.r of Hie ml - joining prouertics und II. M. J'cchert, Ksq., Couu - ef lor llie ielilioiu - rs, npptaired bctore Uie cominiilee and slated that the buildings a joining Would be endangered from lire, and that their insurance pollens would be eancuicd if ihe proposed bail.iii.g was eroded. On minion of Air. linker the petition was referred lo a Mill - comm. lice consisting ol .Messrs. linker, Monroe, ltowuu, Kus. - c I und Caskey. A petiiio a lor permission m creel a temporary frame building lor reli: i - ais purp.wes, In be railed the Fnitn Mission, under loo uu - pices of the 'leu lh l'resbvler.ail Chiin - h, ut thu II rlliwesl corner of Thir.eenlh and iliaire streets, was ordered to be rejKirtcd with u luvorable recoui - lueiidatlon, . A similar etitioii for the erection nt a frame buibiiiig or tike puroeaat College avenue and Tucutv - lhiid street was o - tiKoc.l. Schedule of bills amounting to t; J.01 1.80 wa approved."" Sellout AOaira. The committee on pn pi - rtv of the Hoard of L.liicntl. u met yeslerday si crniM.n, in presence ol Couiici s coliillllllee ou Sen.nls, lo oh - ii bids fur I he en ciion ol I lie ltoon's Dam school bouse, in the Twcuiy stVciilh teetlon. Tliu lollowiiig proMisuls Were received: Charles Knuul., 4,;JJ": 1'. H. 8oincrei, $4,M"; Cnluuibiis 'I weed, f t,:l!) - i; l'tvur 4 West, ol Treiilon, N. J., s'i,t)77; C. C. Taylor, bi.tM4. The chair - man, iir. SlelilinclX, slule 1 the balance ot the iippiiipriulion lor the Teeiity - scyeuih seciiou to Iw bsj. The award of the coulr.ici was therefore poslpulied until S sullicieut irunsfer shotil.l be iiiiidr. Alter Hie siljournnient of lh ennimiltcn of Ihe Hoard of honest. on au ordinance providing for Ihe ofu lot at Fourth and Cumberland streets, on which lo erect a school Imii - e, ami iippioprialilig to pay for llio eutue, wus relerre.l lo the ll.iard of Kdticnliuu. 'JHK MIMIt 1)111 It tlOIIT. Annual Ilepnit nf Ibe rmnaylvaulsj lloaplul f.,r Ilia liwajne Nalillier of Inmates. Dr. Kirkbride, siipvriuteiideht of ihe Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, has rendered his annual report, in which lie allows that during the nil year there have turn (inaies) cured, 4J; much Improved, 4 I, llll ; slnlion - ary, 40. ami died. - '.. 01 the s ihe record ia: lured, f)l J liiuetl improved, IU; unproved, 1:1; stationary, ll, and died, 'J I. The cati - es of insanity are elaborately set forth, and the most uulable are classified at follows I Inieinperance 71 f'ellhary 1 lm ol mourn wis Anxiety )n ad ol nor. nt I' - eoi i.piiiiu OS Disapisnu ed altet - iloii tu . - nt iIncc 17 lllicliactni't)' h' Domestic d.ltltiiliic - ... In Kngni. , - oiirieiiils,, le, as i seoi uoMea iiietiicioi a t .e.lclous va t tuiitti. 2.H iiillin el si lleinool.., M I'lllOtitr llej piiasitNI.. li I Ml. I laolinr I intense ai plnalioii to bo - liM - sa IteusHliy.liai specUia - Hons WamiM exeliise Kuesaemriil In dti. l. Di spo.lnle.1 esianla - In.t.s tiurllOeO priUe..... (I Injur ,ui hr licad... Pit iMuilal nslell.. 4,11 l'Niiaigie a SlKia k si ill l oos 2 Uauiu. ettirb yiHeii.M 4tt Ksiaisttte lodtn ei ravs i list tun li Thefipendituret in 1p7( amonnted lnft(b. 30I.Uj. and ihe net receipts n4.h(i.l.lill. T he amounlf s"tnlol un fleepiltltllU during the past year waaJ'J.riiM.. 00 AM MN NO MOIIK. Meeting nf Ihe Megdal - n Boelcly Yralerdny. A Noble Inaiilullon ami Ite Woik, The rveiity - alxili annual report of the Magdalen Hooirly of Plnladelphi waa y ler.lay de - livered lo the tru - teet al the li.siiiuiioit, al Ibe enrnrr of Twenly llrsl and rtneo sirctts, 1 be document Mated that Ihe anmhrr hi Ihe asyliim at lb Utrt report Was gH;adm.Uetl aiure, U'n total for tbe year, 53; number nf Ihese sent lo the hospital, '2; placed at service, !; returned to friends, 2; di. - missed at their own request, 8; discharged for iuiprojier conduct, 5; died, ; pro - liatiotiers, G; whole number in the lainilv, :i'J. More thau iwo thousand wonieu have been iu - lunles of Ibe asylum, and many hundreds reformed. After Hie report was read an election took place for officers lo serve Ihe ensuing year, with the following result: Presicieut, Arthur O. Coffin; vice president, William liiddle; secretary, Andrew U. Miller; treasurer, John W. Riddle; managers, William Middle, William Purvea, Henry I). ISherrard, L. Montgomery Hood, Thomas A. Itobiiison, Colson Heiskell, Samuel it. Shipley, iiichard Cadbuiy aud S. Weir Lewis. TUK KXBIITs OF PYTHIAS. Meeting of the Craod IxMlKe - Nomtnallons of Officers. The meeting of the Grand Lodge of the Knight of Pythias of Pennsylvania took place yesterday in the Assembly Buildings, G. C. Henry M. Wadsworlh presiding. Afler routine busiuess the following nominations were made: Grand Chancellor John Slutzer, ol No. 77; John Rslsiou.o ,ii. :i23. Grand Vu e I hanoellor A. A. Duke, or No. 70; n. B. Fi. - b.oi No. '24o; Joaepn 8. Waream, ol No. Ui - 't; Morris h. Goihuni. of N... Uo. Giand l'n la e 1 homes O. Sample.of No. 845: Morris it. Guriiam, ot No. ii3. Grand Keeper ol ilecords and Seal George Hawkea, oi No. 1'Jii. Graim Master of Excheqner Julius MouutDcy, of No. 1U0. Graod Wasler at - Arms John B. Merrill, of No. 25; G. 11. Z -, ot 2so. Giand loner Ginir.l J. H. Carr, No. 79: E. H. Emery. No. fit; t.ha.les W.lllncmyre, No 65: H. W. Mohr, No. ii"7; M . p. liambera, No. 17; Jidiu li. Colion, No. '8; Josh, a K. Hughes. No. 2. 'I hoiuas 1). Killing, .No. 7(1; Jau,es McOiellan. No. 93; 11. B. Winpeiiiiy. No. 7a; Joseph J. Williams. No ltU: 8. li. C.ztus No. S; Israel ii.cker. N (. ;M8; George W. Vsrd.o 1; Tholuiis C. Toomiisou. No. 62. Grand On er Guard - Henry, No. 32; Ja. - huu K. Hughes. No, 2; G. IV. Wintersu iu, No. GU; Geoige W. Ward No. 1; II. C Livizey N (t0H. Supieme Kcprcsemutlve (one to in - eleciedl K W. S. oil, No. 10; Ueolgc Hawkea, No. 12U; John Sl.ilz.T, No. 17; Churns iitrkeiibuuer, No. 54; Ituury'Kui.alg, No. 74. Grand Trustee (lor three yearss - Charlcs K. Neisser, No. 20. Geimaii ntstrlct Deputy forthe Stale Adotnh Stein - bretincr, No. Hid; Henry lieil.No. 04; John M. lloch. No. J4; I'aul Ketter.iiiiis, No. 74. Ihe HoMlh of Miss Love. MissIJettiu Love, aged nineteen, died at her home al 1037 Lingo street, ou Tuesday night, alter sulferiug for several hours from spasms. On Monday afternoon Miss Love bought a dose of castor oil nt Hie store of Dr. Isaac W. Seltlcr, at Eighteenth and Carpenter streets. Dr. Seliler was arrested, and tit a hearing before Alderman Collins he was held to await the result of the Coroner's inquest. The brother of the deceased airl is positive that the doctor prepared the oil and that he put an ncid in it. The doctor is equal. y positive that bis clerk walled ou I lie loliug lady. The ollicer who made Hie arrest says t it 11 1 ihe doctor and his wile were Ihe ouly persona iu the house w hen he made tiie arrest. Listen. Liberiaus. Yesterday afternoon the Pennsylvania Colonization Society held a meeting. Mr. Lit K. Price was in the chuir and Itev. Dr. Dulles was recording secretary. A letter from Monrovia, Liberia, was read, in which the writer stated to William Coppiuger, Ksq., that " 1 am quite agreeably surprised tu see so general and extensive attention to coffee culture, and, despite the calamities of recent ditliculties and the late war, general hopefulness." A leading co.ored man, afler tbe general proceedings, udvocated ihe voluntary removal of live buudred thousand freediuen. McKay Buys a Frigate. From Uie New York Sun. The United States frigate Delaware, which sunk at the Navy Yard about iwo weeks ago, has been sold to "Nat" McKay, of Boston, for Jio.tMX). The side was effected on Saturday last, but Ihe manner is a mystery, except that it was "private." What Mr. McKay intends to do with his rotieii hulk remains to be seen. It was suggested that he intended lo stop the leak mid relit her fur the Navy Department at a moderate cost. Ail Irritated Stukloylte. To the Editor of Tn b Ti m ia: "After me, the Deluge." "After j - on, the Devil." "And the increase of the debt of Philadelphia during ihe last live years is lD,UiS, - liuU7U." Build your ark. Ki.YsTO.VK STATIC NEWS. The ice baa disappeaicd from the "blue Juiitala." William Murray is the Democratic candidate fur Auditor ol AUoona. The Democrats of fcranton have iiomi - ual.d J hu Mtiuhran lor 01 y Auditor. Mead villi, has been selected by a party of Eastern t'lipiialisls as a palm ior thc erecliuu ot woolen milis. li. Andrews Kniplit has been elected in mi. m n ihe Huuiiugdon and Broad Tup Itull - road Company. Levi W'olfinger hns been nominated by Ihe Deniocnits o: ilarrisbiiig rs a candidate lor Controller and 1 line iie.z. - ier by the Republicans. Len oiler S. Uobinson, a binkeiiian on the SustjUehuuiia division of the Kii - j llailroad, was k dud on il;c 7 - .h iiisi., near Kluilrs, by a Ihi) Iruui hla train. No borough tax will be collected Ibis year ill Uomclseorf, llerkscoiinly, as iticn: is enough money iu ihe treasury to meet all liabilities until 1S78. In all sections of the Cumberland Val - li v ihe w beat cnip has a pnniiisiiia appearance. The uucove ed isiriions ou southern exposures are a key lo ihe run uu Icr - The death of Mayor Kearney, of W ilkes - cri atma quiie'a adr In ilmiplai. owing lo ihe .sci iliat lai pri i - ioii i. - u.ndc to nil ibe vaeuuey between ibis lime and lhu 20Ui in - L An ugly ease of female crookedness recently i ccurred iu l'ltisbuig und a t'oroiiei's jury ha calUd iih.ii Dr. G.luiore. Abiirniau. McMas'trs and iwo other persons to account tor the dcaui of Alary Kavanaiigii. The i - oal miners in all theminesnt Jeans - vilie have t - ei - u i - tticlaily fuiumied thai a reoiiciion of leu per eeoi. o i th - ir waies would lake iuiniedi - wetlli - cu 'J be oih - r mines throiiniioui the luigti Vaihiy, ills said, will soon fulluw sun. A number oi the iiioneyed men of Lock Iluveii Lave nulled iu an oiler ol 20.noil to any re spourlhle a iseii or s rsons w no w ill eni - l a naioig null, lorge or sicel works wiihiu Uie lliniuol that city, at a coal of not less man eOO OOl, The store und post otliee at Oakland Ml'ls, Jiiuistn county, was entered recently oy mh. tier - , w ho bicw the sale opt n. c. utaliiinu money and bond - . n.b)H. - u llie isiaicrbee and It la presumed iia,s; what coods plta. - cd Uitm aud alu - rwardaaui tire lo Uie i.uildiiig. John O. Stewart nnd George Guiles wero last week lidiug III a drcp - iani. in iruekon the l'eiiu - ijlvatila llslnoad, near IKsii);, - ' - srt'liit. s0t. - i, ilia cuith ime way anil ib - y le t Ihp.nsh. 'I ley were t ru iu ple es mi l gr .und up b io an a m l ui.recs.g - uixabie aiaa bonca.h llie w heels ol Uie Irani. ItttKNT liKATIIS. John Morgan Cobbiit.Conservalivc member of I'arll.m.'til .'or .Oldbaui, Eog anil, died ou I'uos - duy. 1 William Ileidricb.nn old citizen of Keiul - lug, dusl on Krnl - y of eisiphxy. He was City irva - suo r ior cialii y urs. Antoine Joseph Delcnn, one of tho veiersus of Waierhto, has jti - t du - d In France, lie was Pi ihe guard In 11. at "lui tquitrv ' coniuiandtU by t'amor num. A noled Purisiii.i ni'iilel.C'hai'lesDiibosO, d e l ii thu 1 - liho: Jin uary, atlbeato. H.'l V lira. He n'.'luouPbe.l the bu - totsa ill lbt) He haw - ad bis prop rty. smouniii.M to siiiii two huoilred ilioit. sand ir - oits. p, ihe Aea.ieiuy ol Flue Arts, the lint - lust uu whleli is lo In. - iiotdeil tiptnliy among lhu com. Jtvlltma lor thel'rix dc H me uicr year hi )vriH,'Uiliy. Aiin dee Piehol.ii Freni h wriierof ei li b - rlly. has died In I'aria al Uie a,'..tso . nrs. In I H.'l lie 1 1 - i'i glll'iu sill rctlami wl.d r.H.iue.l lo lo J mi 'he I il. n.l nariv. He eairbd Ibe anme nle li.lo iiniaiiin. in It; 1:1 Iw s nee. led 1. liable ut a - vdi or 1 hlcf til ibe torac ttitltm u'ift and at Hit aeittv utile w rote a l - igu luimiKroi popular bl - luii al ami cilibai woikt. TilK great tiOlli dr. w n iliHliiictiort when ticsa.l.s of miiK r Itaiss nn.tsirouv meat fT men. Hal or t' - eu w - ni.ns in our linoi. ot n. i" Pin - HI TT'm Tt ilcl s.mti lie w Imv - tiet.iil. - d iv oieli li n'OUHSl 'I'lai s,Nip I. e pti.tly .1. lUlolel au.l .1 el.n ior nieti. W..IO. i. itiol e.t ., m a - id le. I l el or Imth risml sl.o.t d In. w II. t, Il s. i.h arlilieiHlly acvtiiml, but pure, awet - lMnd re.iujle. 4di - rr. lr yon tie - ire roy elueks nnd a rpin plesliiu" air and Tee"inple. Iiiilcl,e and amis ll.ota. I ttroy i ur lil.aal oy I i kin 4 ir. I'l ite I 'a IP. Msnltsl. Oi - ovi.lrv. II lia - lei Miiiii' lor lid. a p , lo, I'l. - n'e's tt - OHMrtiiiluus iMslaa lveu au.ijt.all druwl - u. uivi uusi sN usa ycrricica CiiArritii II a tins. This very trouble some and i.n. nlliios. onlund rundiilon of Die band, alo Ii.ii. suuUirn. ms - elt - s and all nsiuisa, and naisli hei ol tl.e skin, issa - iooid by rsiteiecs el beat or reld, tmf be ren - oird and prevenied by il.a uae ul iuitefi a AnUHtim. Inisii 1'oTATois - Large Imporlnl ion; prices low - as .hanirsl e: (pialHy soi s - r. The trade iii,pllr4 . N At oitrua, Ui i n. aosr sir. et. Atiova aii. Naw Tomacco. Caiillen. Kverjr 5e. end H"". iwii of lh'Calirated lobeon, la labrted "Wanlle's Alaire AIL" foim - Is gvau. M Wlllllllll.'s palt'iil pnrrly - mmle Vrc Pbirt ) lbs Vi ry niM. sit A.r asi , ran he amah - d nt endly a beinmlns a l.aiiilki retort, i;l AaeHiHrrrl, At'i'i o ati 's 1'i.ii ni M.icliliie Prskft Tor' bit Miientai aon.iMsi ln1 lakau.

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