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W. BROOKLYN EAGLE, MONDAY, OCT. 6, 194! Nazi War on Catholics VLEPKE TRIAL FACES EVENING SESSIONS Taylor Threatens Action to Spaed Selection Of in 4th Week, Only 2 Chosen Cited in Senate 'Proof1 Mead Presents 'Documentary Evidence' Hitler Is Destroying Church in Reich a yi ii I Washington. Oct. 6 (U.R) Senator James M.

Mead N. read to the Senate today what he described as "concrete, documentary evidence that Hitler and the Nazi police The trial of Louis (Lepke) Buchalter, Emanuel (Mendy) WeLss and Louis Capone, charged with the murder of Joseph Rosen, began its fourth week today before County Judge Taylor, with two jurors chosen tentatively and 54 talesmen lft of th original panel of 250, Rosen was slain on Sept. 13, 1936, in hU tor at 725 Sutter Avt. Judge Taylor announced that Unless thf jury box is filled toon he will order night sessions. Leon Wallach of 850 40lh head of the shipping department of a sportswear firm, was quitted to- day by opposing counsel.

Ha said 1 j. I i I Jl.lU wwt ui vno Qiy kuuus ulhliwi, sic naa irequenuy neara me names oi so-called racketeers and that although he regarded the men on trial as guilty of many things he had formed no opinion of their guilt or Innocence In the Rosen slaying. His Questioning is expected to last most of the day. A few minutes after court opened, Edward Oroden of 215 Oorbln Place was challenged by defense lawyers. During questioning Friday he said he knew District Attorney O'Dwyer and hi brother, Paul O'Dwyer, and la a member of the Knights of Columbus and the A.

O. lade Staff phot FATHER AND SON John B. Johnston Jr. with his father, who is a justice of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. Guess who they rooted for at yesterday's game.

Plane Carrier, Battleship Hit, Fascists Claim Strong Fleet Beaten By Planes, Submarines In Big Clash, Says Rome Rome Oct, (U.R Fascist reported today that a British battleship and an Aircraft carrier had been damaged by an Italian submarine in a big naval battle in the central Mediterranean. A strong British fleet, led by the new dreadnought King George V. took part in the fighting, according to an extraordinary war communique. The communique said that the British aircraft carrier Ark Royal was damaged In the fighting and returned to Gibraltar at reduced speed. Previously, It had been reported that the Nelson had been badly damaged by an aerial torpedo and returned to Gibraltar.

British naval units Including the King George ton which Lord Halifax journeyed to the United States), the battleship Rodney and many cruisers and destroyers were in action against inferior Italian naval forces in the vicinity of Sicily, but trie communique said that Fascist submarine and air attack had resulted in "a great failure" for tha enemy. An authoritative source in London asserted "the Italians must be getting hard up. They have sunk the Ark Royal so many times they must be running short of 'real Long Battle Indicated According to Italian press dispatches, the Nelson will require several months for repairs. (The Mediterranean naval and air operations apparently extended over some days. It had been reported previously that the British warships were convoying a large number of merchantmen through the Mediterranean, carrying war materials urgently needed in Russia.

(The British reported that the convoy got through with loss of only one merchantshlp and slight damage to the Nelson, while the Italians claimed it had been forced to turn back.) G.O.P. Paid $5,000 Hospital Bill for Curran's Injuries Leader's $100,000 Claim Against City Filed After Payment Had Been Made Thomas J. Curran, Republican leader of New York County, filed a claim for $100,000 against the city or Injuries suffered in a fall, after the New York County Republican executive committee had paid in full Curran's medical and hospital bills, It was learned today. Curran fell on an icy pavement last March while he was accompanying Wendell L. Wlllkle Into radio station WOR.

Republican leaders say the bills totaled about $5,000. At the executive committee meeting, which approved payment of the bills, at least two of the district leaders refused to vote on the resolution. McGoldrick Refuses to Settle In a statement today, Curran admitted that the "executive committee, by resolution, duly authorized the payment of my medical expenses resulting from an Injury suffered while I was performing the functions of my office." It was maintained by those opposed to the executive committee's action that the committee had no right to take action without ratification by the county committee. Curran's counsel has declared that a suit will be started if the city does not grant the claim. Controller McOoldrick asserted that he would not give his consent to settlement of the claim.

4 Maor Opens 'i i ii CEILING ON PAY, RENTS, PROFITS PUT TO HOUSE Gore Drafts Substitute For 'Weak-Kneed' Administration Bill Washington, Oct. 6 (U.R) Representative Albert D. Gore Tenn.) prepared for Introduction in tha House today a price control bill placing ceilings on wages, rents, prices and profits as a substitute for what he called the Administration' "weak-kneed, piecemeal legislation." Gore's proposal would use the week of Oct. to 12 as the base period at which commodity prices, lent and wages would be frozen. He said that such a drastic measure Is required because of present inflationary symptoms that "threaten to develop into a runaway Prior to formal Introduction of the bill Oore conferred with Bernard M.

Baruch, president of the World War Industries Board and en advocate of complete price control. Baruch has criticized the Administration's proposal as insufficient because it would place ceilings only on commodities selected by the price administration. The Administration measure does not pretend to control wages or rents. Provisions of Bill 1. A ceiling on all salaries, wages and commissions as of the base period.

2. A ceiling on the sale at wholesale of all commodities, "ptovlded that no celling shall be applicable to an agricultural commodity at a price below parity." 3. All profits In excess of I percent of the cost of performing a national defense contract automatically reverts to the Government. This provision, Gore explained, does not repeal or amend the excess profits tax "but is complementary to it." 4. A ceiling is fixed upon all rents for dwelling accommodations in municipalities of 10,000 or more population.

i Administrative authority would be vested in an Office of Emergency Inflation Control, headed by one administrator appointed by the President and subject to Senate confirmation. Injunction Permitted The administrator would be empowered to make ceiling adjustments and to prescribe ceilings on fees, margins, including retail margins, The act. provides that any citizen may petition any Federal District. Court for an Injunction against violation of the act and provides that ceiling provisions shall expire June 30. 1943.

Gore said hit bill is "patterned roughly" on the "Baruch idea of all-out price control." 'The present inflationary symptom, unless controlled, will gain momentum under the ever-Increasing pressure of long-time Government spending and will progressively develop Into a runaway inflation," Gore said. "To avert this danger it is necessary to fight It boldly and effectively on all major fronts." Mr ft mi nis Race nere Continued (rem Page 1 Mayor's appointment and who is opposed by Supreme Court Justice Francis D. McGarey, the Democratic nominee. Declares the Fight Is On The Mayor closed his extemporaneous address to the Republican party workers with the declaration: "The fight is on. We ask for no are destroying the Catholic REDS RECAPTURE 30 VILLAGES IN UKRAINE AREA Germans Suffer Heavy Losses Trying to Enter Crimea, Moscow Says Moscow, Oct.

0 (UB Russia claimed today a series of important successes on the Ukrainian front against German, Rumanian and Hungarian forces and secondary victories against the Oermans on the Leningrad and central fronts. On the Ukrainian front, according to special dispatches, the force of Marshal Semyon Budenny have recaptured in a series of counter attacks 30 villages, an important road junction town and territory extending to as much as 20 miles in depth. It was asserted that the Germans were suffering heavy losses In a vain attempt to fight Into the Crimea and that after crushing big Rumanian attack in the Odessa zone, the Russians counter attacked end advanced several miles. Gain an Broad Front A special dispatch to the newspaper Pravda said Budenny's forces had considerably improved their front in the Ukraine as the result of three days of hard fighting in which they ripped through German, Rumanian and Hungarian lines in several sectors. It was asserted that In mopping up recaptured territory the Russians had taken an entire Rumanian divisional staff.

Dispatches indicated that the Russians had attacked on broad fronts in several areas of the great stretches of the Ukraine where the Germans had driven to the edge of the Donets River basin. It appeared that the Russians claimed the capture of 20 villages in one area alone, against Germans and Rumanians; took the road-Junction town in another area; advanced 20 miles in 36 hours against Oerman and Hungarian forces in a third and as the result Improved their eitlre front. "In forward positions the picture is entirely different as compared to that of a few days ago," the special Pravda dispatch said. The Russian Black Sea fleet was reported co-operating closely with the ground forces, shelling German positions and communications while planes of the fleet air arm joined with the air force proper in constant attacks. A serious reverse for the Rumanians was reported from the Odessa lone.

The Russians made a surprise counter-attack, it was asserted, and after throwing back three Rumanian regiments in hand-to-hand fighting advanced for miles and captured 54 field guns and 300 prisoners. Ship With 34 Aboard In Distress in Bering Sea Seattle, Oct. 8 (U.R) The motor-ship Donna Lane, with 34 men aboard, was wallowing in distress in the Berring Sea today and the Coast Guard Cutter Hermes was hastening to its assistance. THE WEATHER Offlclil Weather lVort or the u. Weather Bureau (Eastern Standard Time! OCT, 6, 1941 FORECAST Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday, moderate northwest winds becoming fresh tomorrow and moderate to (resh northeast Tuesday, cooler.

Lowest temperature! tonleht about BS in cl! 60 In auburbi, high tomorrow about 75. WEATHER OBSERVATIONS Following are weather observation! taken at a.m., TSth meridian time loaar; r'tse't'its i quarter, and we're giving no quarter." He a.sked the party workers to "take your coats off; tighten your belts; look 'em in the eye, and tell them the truth The Mayor joined Controller Jos-i eph D. McGoldrick, Councilmanlc President Newbold Morris, Matthew 4 jJ. Troy, the candidate for Borough President, and other nominees on the Republican ticket in opening the headquarters before a crowd of several hundred persons. Candidates Participate The ceremonies were held on the street floor of the Temple Bar Building, in an office which formerly housed a bank and where the crowd stood wedged around unsued tellers' cages, an open vault and other banking equipment.

John R. Crews, the Kings County Republican leader, was the master of the political ceremonies. Other andldates who participated ln- justice Mmer. Jacob A. jrreedman.

G. O. P. nominee for the Baile Staff phots THUMBS UP FOR THE DODGERS Michael F. Walsh, Secretary of State for New York, and Borough President Coshmore give enccuragement to the Brooklyn team.

Behind them are Mr. and Mrs. George A. Barnewall. Church In Germany." Mead said that many priests are being placed under "house arrest.1 He said that when he heard a re port that the Bishop of Munster had been arrested he Investigated and got the "full "The document revealed," Mead said, "that tha Bishop of Munster was seized because he dared to protest against tha systematic suppression of the Catholic Church, Father Walsh Protest Mead's discussion of the Nazi attitude toward Catholicism followed days of controversy over Administration efforts to obtain greater Catholic support for American aid to Russia in the Soviet war against Germany.

A powerful Catholic voice, that of the Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, vice president of Georgetown University, demanded that President Roosevelt Insist on religious freedom In Russia as part of the price of any lend-lease aid to the Soviet Union. The House will vote late this week on the Question, of permitting Riwsla to be aided with funds In the' new $5,985,000,000 lend-lease 1)111. Mead said he could not give the source of the documents because it would "endanger the lives of brave men," but he assured the Senate that they were genuine.

Bishop Scores Hitler He said that on July 13 the'Bish-op of Munster had "called to account" high Nazi leaders, Including Hitler, for their continued "suppression of the church" In Germany. He said the Bishop subsequently made two other statements, in one of which he condemned Heinrlch head of the Gestapo, for the "cold-blooded killing of the demented, the ill and the very old by the state" under compulsory euthanasia or "mercy killings." A telegram from the bishop to Adolf Hitler, complaining about Hlmmler's actions, was turned over Immediately to Himmler, Mead said. Mead, who Is a Catholic, read from a letter in which the bishop protested that the procedure was unfair. Nazis Launch Big Offensive Continued from Pare 1 that vast Quantities of men and warplanes were driving ahead in a movement so vast that it could be compared to the opening of a new campaign. It was asserted that one prong of the drive was pointed southeastward toward Moscow from the region of the Valdai Hills south of Lake Ilmen, the other northeastward from the region of Roslavl, southeast of Smolensk.

In both directions the Germans were about 230 miles from Moscow. The drive from the Roslavl area, It was was unquestionably the stronger. Informants said also that It was now indicated that when Adolf Hitler spoke last week of gigantic operations he meant a general Gormen offensive along the whole front except in the Leningrad area, where pressure had slackened. "If it is particularly strong anywhere, it is In the center, where it takes the form of an attack on Moscow from north and south. Admission that Hitler's drive for Moscow was under way in full force, with massed tanks and planes engaged, was regarded by experts as another example of the remarkable facility with which the Nazi high command shifts its forces to bring the maximum striking power to bear on an immediate objective.

The drive for Moscow, it was said, was likely to develop into a race against the Russian snow; due in quantities in about six weeks. Indications that Marshal Semyon Budenny. commanding tha Russian Ukrainian armies, was attacking from the Melitopol area, northeast of the Crimea, lea experts to believe he threatened to outflank the Germans. It was suggested that Budenny had struck a shrewd blow at one of the weakest points of the German line, where the Germans had thought it safe to entrust much of their southern flank to Rumanian and Hungarian forces. If Happened in the Democratic city campaign, said Mr.

Farley's first active support of the Kings County prosecutor will be a radio address Xor which arrangements are being made. In addition to Mr. Farley, who is a former Democratic National Chairman, other Democratic national figures will also aid the O'Dwyer campaign to counteract the New Deal leaders stumping for Mayor LaOuardia. A F. L.

Unit Backs Mayor Meanwhile the American Federation of Labor Non-Partisan Committee for the Re-election of La Guardia today opened headquarters In the County Trust Building, 265 14th flt Manhattan, virtually assuring the Mayor of support from both wings of organized labor. Thomas J. Lyons, president of the State Federation of Labor and chairman of the committee, declared his organization will conduct "the most Intensive campaign' among trade union voters in municipal history." Appointment of the executive committee of the Citizens Committee for the Re-election of LaOuardia, Controller McGoldrick and Newbold Morris, president of the City Council, was announced yesterday by William M. Chadbourne, campaign manager. Mrs.

Raymond Ingersoll, wife of the former Borough President, and Lewis H. Pounds, former Borough President, are among the members. Freak Bolt Knocks Out, Strips Irrigation Worker Loveland, Colo. (UR) When Ted Pfaltzgraff, 40, was struck by lightning the bolt stripped all his clothes off but he lived to tell about it. Standing near an Irrigation ditch, Pfaltzgraff was holding a shovel.

The bolt knocked him unconscious and he fell upon the shovel. His chin struck over the shovel handle, which held his body partly erect and thereby probably saved him from drowning in the water. Several minutes later he regained consciousness. Supreme Court; Abner C. Burpless, nominee for the County Court; Assemblyman Robert J.

Crews, candidate for Sheriff Carmine A. Ven-tlera, nominee for Register, and the Republican choices for the City Council. Mayor Passes Up Fire While the Mayor waited to speak fire apparatus raced through Court and former Councilman 8ur-j Jess remarked the Mayor was stay-it ng for the ceremonies regardless of fits penchant for rushing off to fires. "They're testing out the Mayor," Burpless said. "He's staying with us Republicans here." Mayor LaOuardia declared he had carried Brooklyn in every campaign Jin which he ran as a city-wide candidate.

"Brooklyn put me across in 1933 and gave me an even bigger plu-. rality in 1837," he said. "That's because the fine, home-loving people of Brooklyn want clean city government." Barks Up His Mates The Mayor declared quickly that he did not want votes for himself unless the votes were cast also for McGoldrick, Morris and Troy. "I don't want to go back for four years mora unless I have Joe McGoldrick, Newbold Morris and Matt Troy sitting in the Board of Estimate with me," he asserted. The Mayor declared that the WOMAN PLUNGES FOUR FLOORS TO DEATH Mrs.

Ida Fein, 53, of 302 Glenmore Ave. yesterday fell from the kitchen window of her fourth-floor apartment at that address and was Instantly killed. Her body landed in a rear courtyard of the apartment house. Louis Fein, husband of the dead woman, told police he heard his wife scream and when he went to investigate, saw the kitchen window open. 7 FINED FOR OFFERING SERIES TICKETS FOR SALE Seven men who were alleged to have stopped persons outside Ebbets Field yesterday afternoon and offered for sale tickets to the World Series baseball game were arraigned in the Brooklyn-Queens night court on charges of disorderly conduct.

A fine of 5 was imposed on each by Magistrate Francis X. Giaccone. Each defendant told the court that he was not a speculator, but was trying to sell a ticket purchased for a relative or friend who bad failed to put in appearance at the baseball park. Magistral Giaccone, in imposing the fines, told the defendants that the explanations they offered had "grown rather thin." GATES AVE. TROLLEYS REPLACED BY BUSES The last Gates Ave.

trolley ear pulled oat of the Fulton Ferry at 5:33 a.m. yesterday to make way for the new streamlined gas-electric bus. This marked the pasting of the last obstacle in the removal of the Fulton St. "El" from Lafayette Ave. to Rockaway Ave.

The motorman of the last car was John Paoline of the Fresh Pond Depot. Aboard the first bus to ride over the Gates Ave. line was Frank J. Brennan, superintendent of operations for the New York City Transportation System, who boarded the vehicle shortly before 5:15 a.m. at the Rldgewood Depot, Myrtle and Wyckoff Ave.

There will be 40 buses In operation over the line en Sundays and S3 buses on weekdays, Including Saturdays. The schedule time for the run Is 38 minutes, the same time as required by trolley cars. PAIR HURT WHEN CAR CRASHES ON BRIDGE David Pawlewicx, 49 years old, of 85 Berry St. lost control of his automobile as he was driving across the Kncciusko Bridge, over Newtown Creek, at 11 o'clock last night and the car crashed against an electrie light pole. Pawlewicx suffered a possible fracture of the skull and Internal injuries, and his dauthter, Constance, 1 years old, sustained lacerations of the scalp and a possible skull fracture.

Both were taken to the Greenpolnt Hospital. Slain Union Chief Buried in Borough Services were held today for Emll Camarda, vice president of the International Longshoremen's Association. A. F. at the Immaculate Heart of Mary R.

C. Church, Fort Hamilton Parkway and E. 4th St. Burial was in Holy Cross Cemetery. More than 600 persons, including Assistant Chief Inspector John J.

Ryan and several union officials, attended the funeral. Twenty flower-laden automobiles followed the hearse in a procession from the Fairchild Sons Chapel at 86 Lef-ferts Place to the church. Fifty other cars were in the procession. At the church 200 honorary pallbearers formed a guard of honor as the rose-blanketed casket was carried up the church steps. Riding In the first coach were Camarda's widow, Mrs.

Louise Camarda, and his three daughters, Louise Camarda, Mrs. Dominick Menola and Mrs. John Vigorita. Meanwhile, Salvatore Sabbatlno, stevedore contractor accused of killing Camarda last Thursday, was in Tombs Prison awaiting action of the grand Jury. Sabbatino, a brother of City Court Justice Sylvester Sabbatlno, surrendered to District Attorney Thomas E.

Dewey's office last Friday. Arraigned Saturday in Manhattan Felony Court, he was held without bail. Succoth Services As part of the Succoth Services program at the Jewish Communal Center of Flatbush, Avenue I and E. 13th Rabbi Maxwell L. Sacks preached this morning on "Has the Version of the Sukkah Changed With the Years?" Tomorrow morning Rabbi Sacks will discuss: "What Spiritual Burdens Will Future Generations Assume?" him to add to the item concerning the West Point notice that four ships of the "Prince" class were sailing that week with supplies for England.

Judge Mortimer W. Byers announced at 1 p.m. that on request of United States Attorney Harold M. Kennedy the trial would not resume until tomorrow morning. The reason for the afternoon recess was not given by the court and the prosecutor would say only, "I am not going to the ball game and the game has nothing to do with It." Because Charles A.

Oberwager Is attorney for six of the defendants in the Brooklyn case, trial In Manhattan Federal Court of six others under indictment there as German spies, scheduled to begin today, was adjourned to Oct 20. Judge Oberwager Is attorney for Frederick Kurt Ludwlg, alleged ringleader In the Manhattan case. Brooklyn stalled in midtown Manhattan be- cause of power stoppage. The Board of Transportation said the delay occurred "through the in. terference of emergency alarm equipment," which drained off power for nine minutes, between 6:56 and 9:05 a.m.

It took an additional nine minutes to move trains i into service, police said. Nephew Feared in Middle East London, Oct. 6 u.P John Patrick Bowes-Lyon, 31, a nephew of Queen Elizabeth, was reported missing today and was believed to have been killed in action in the Middle East. He was a captain of the Scots Guards and the eldest son of Lord Gl a mis. Another of the Queen's nephews, the master of Elphinstone, 26, a lieutenant of the Black Watch and heir to Lord Elphinstone, Is a German war prisoner.

Didn't Trust Crew of Ship Continued from Page 1 vice. Of the 243 Americans numbered 124. Capt. Thomas R. Scott, commander of the Kawsai, said that the eGorgic Is beached near Suez at the southern end of the canal.

A Manhattan attorney, Robert Car. son, of 927 5th who served with Free French forces In Syria and Palestine, said the liner was badly damaged by bombing. Cooked Own Meali Captain Scott, asked about the emergency committee, said: "We had American Field Servlie men trained In disiipline aboard as well as several others who had seen servile. I asked that a rommlttee be formed In case of accident, a committee on which I eoold rely." A stewards' strike In Capetown, Union of South Africa, delayed the ship for several days. Captain Scott said that the delay was also due to congestion at the port.

Passengers declared that during the strike they had to cook their own meals In the galley. The survivors of the Georglc were Bessie, Bella, Ellzaoetn ana Boris Cohen, sisters and brother, all of Buffalo. Other passengrs said that the Cohens left the Georgic In the last lifeboat, which burst into flame. While the crew rowed the boat from the side of the bombed ship, other passengers extinguished the flames. in which the scribes planned to take him to his new home In Center Market Place, behind Police Headquarters.

It was no light responsibility to lose a cat presented to the reporters by Christopher W. Coates, Aquarium superintendent, so Parl-atore and Crosby chssed him. Battery Park workers cheered them on. Perspiration dripped from the two cat-guardians as they can, but Rainbow was fast. Power Failure Stalls Thousands in Tube Nazi Spies Reclassified Transport as Cruiser Thousands of Brooklyn and Queens passengers were delayed for at least 13 minutes during the rush hour today, when trains of the Bih and 8th Ave.

Independent lines Lew Mleh Ttna. 24 24 a. a. Mrs. Mrs.

78 17 BO 73 72 87 88 68 91 88 65 69 75 75 84 77 72 99 41 39 42 74 69 82 62 62 "6 76 72 85 64 6.1 92 59 58 84 72 72 67 69 66 82 45 38 56 75 75 88 63 60 64 29 27 43 61 55 77 B0 79 89 2 20 34 70 88 77 73 69 92 54 54 77 72 72 68 54 54 77 tl 51 62 78 73 71 94 62 61 77 77 76 60 13 10 98 55 53 67 12 11 64 85 tl 65 49 48 63 71 69 92 46 42 74 73 71 88 36 35 39 76 76 00 58 58 71 47 43 6E 74 73 7S 51 60 63 16 74 9" 75 1J 96 Reporters Get Aquarium's Cat members of his administration had seen eye-to-eye on good governmental policies in the Board of Estimate. Attacks Machine Rule "If Joe McOoldrick had to take orders first from Frank Kelly, and Newbold Morris had to consult 'Parlay Christy Sullivan and some one else had to consult suave and soft-spoken Ed Plynn, and they couldn't get together well, that Is why we have had some very disgraceful conditions in the Board Of Estimate in the past." The Mayor said he appreciated the support given to the ticket by the Kings County G. O. P. In dls-f cussing improvements brought about in Brooklyn under his admlnistra- tlon Mayor cited the central public library and Brooklyn College as two examples.

Returning to Borough Later 0 In the presence of the candidates about him the Mayor said; "I want to assure you of my complete support." i "I'm going to be back here later," the Mayor added. While Mayor LaOuardia was carrying his fight into Brooklyn, i former Postmaster General James A. Farley prepared to take the stump for District Attorney O'Dwyer, the Democratic Mayoralty candidate, and his running mates. Charles E. Murphy, manager of WMtlier aareai.

etir New York Cltr 29 Abilene PC 2BBO Albanr Atlanta PC 30 14 Atlantic CUr 30 03 Baltimore 30.04 Bismerok ft 20 1 Boton PC 2B.B0 Buffalo 30.OS uharietton 30 15 30.18 Chattanooga PC Chicago Cincinnati PC Cleveland Denver Cl Dallas -Cl Detroit PC Duluth PC 30 02 30 OS 30 OS 2R 88 29.92 30.06 29 88 29.75 29 98 30 00 30 06 30 10 30 05 29.94 30.08 30.12 29.76 29. S2 Kl Pak Indianapolis PC Jaeluonvtlie cl Los Angelie PO Louisville PC Milwaukee Minneapolis tl New Orleana Cl Norfolk Oklahoma Cltr-PC Pensacola Philadelphia Phoenix 30.04 29.78 30.10 29.88 30.01 30 IS 29 91 21 95 29 98 29 89 88 29 92 30 14 29 94 59 98 Pittsburgh Portland. Me Portland, Ore. Cl Rsltith PC Sacramento St Louis 3lt Lake Cite Cl San Antonio San Ditto Itn Franclice Savannah PC nettle, Cl lampa Cl Washington J0.08 C-Clar, Cl-Cloudr. PC-Partlr Cloudy R-Raln.

F-Fny. M'MUslna. Highest temperature New York Clt me del lat year 89 Lowest temperature New York CUr name date last vear 54. Lowest temperature In New York CHj this morning 77 at 30 a m. And He Promptly Gets Their William G.

Sebold, counterespionage agent, was Instructed last June 16 to notify the Reich to reclassify the former luxury liner America, now the West Point, as as auxiliary cruiser. She had been classified as an Army transport in a communication given him for transmission the week before. The reclassification direction, Sebold testified today, was given him by Rudolph Ebeling, a York-ville shipping clerk and one of the 10 defendant on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court as German spies. The earlier communication, he testified last week, was entrusted to him by Heinrlch Claussing, formerly a cook on the Moore-Me-Cormaok liner Argentina, who 's one of 17 pther defendants who pleaded guilty. Sebold also testified that at the June 16 meeting Ebeling Instructed They lost the cat's trail and paused wearily to study the situation.

Then Bill Bloom, an attendant, came to the rescue. He led them to the rear of the Aquarium and deftly persuaded Rainbow to enter the box again. Bill then entered the car and rode to Centre Market Place with Rainbow, who was escorted in state to the Eagle reporter's office find feasted on lamb stew, milk, bread and butter. The Police Headquarters reporters are going to buy Rainbow, he non-fish-eating aquarium cat, a leather collar and a minature police shield now that they've caught him and have hopes that he will stay caught. The Brooklyn F-agle's Jimmy Paris tore and his colleague, Walter Crosby, went to the Aquarium to bring Rainbow to his new home the police reporters.

Rainbow Jumped out of the box.

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