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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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i fc i 4 i i eBsmograplhis Amos's Ol lay auli Creelc i Man Allvo Wacky JDo, Wacky Do The put down: A guy aboard a PSA jet to Los Angeles tried to make a pass at a stewardess by asking Ker, Wbere'are a few good spots to go to tonight in LoS Angeles? The girl eyed him cooly, and: I can teU you where my mother goes. Mrs. George Cockrill ran out of gas on the freeway near Danville the other day and an obliging motorist stopped, iniried what was wrong, drove off and came back with a galbn of gas he poured in her tank for her. She was full; of appreciation and wanted to repay him. Just become a fan of the Minnesota Twins, he told her.

Then Bill Rigney drove on to his golf game at Diablo Country Club About golf pro Dick Lotz just bought a home at Danville South, a residential development. 0 0 0 0 16,1970 11 eight quakes he has predicted on the basis of verified and rechecked surveys have occurred. including the Sept. 28, 1967, Mount Hamilton quake on the Calaveras Fault and the Dec. 18.

1967, Corralitos quake on the San Andreas Fault. In December, 1968, Hoffman predicted a quake measuring about 4.5 on the Richter Scale would occur near the Sargent Fault within 18 months. He said he hasn't been able to verify the data because the Department of Water Resources discontinued taking extremely detailed surveys soon afterward for economy reasons. Thomas McEvilly, assistant director of the University of California seismograph station at Berkeley, first pointed out ''the Importance of the little-known Sargent Fault following the Nov. 16, 1964, Corralitos quake.

McEvilly said that in most moderate sized California quakes the aftershocks spread Feb. USGS previously had 50 seismographs already one of the densest arrays of earthquake recording machines in the world set up in the South Bay. In the past few weeks USGS moved an additional 17 seismographs into the South Bay from the Rangely Oil Field in Colorado where the Federal Government bad been conducting major experiments. The Sargent Fault runs parallel to the San Andreas Fault -in the Santa Cruz Mountains on the east side of the Santa Clara Valley. It runs northward from the town of Sargent on Highway.

101, past Uvas Reservoir and rejoins the San Andreas Fault near Holy City on Highway 17 east of Los Gatos. Hoffman is one of the few seismologists willing to risk specific predictions on the basis of delicate surveys which' show small earth distortions which he believes precede earthquakes. Hoffman said five of the 4 Locked In Store By Bandits Im the last person to criticize radio station promotion gimmicks, but honestly, KSFO has to stop with it. Gene Nelson has a- thing going where he phones pay telephone numbers at random while hes on the air. If someone answers, somewhere and sometime, and $ays, Theres no one here but us chickens, that person will win a weeks houseboat vacation on Lake Shasta.

Really, anyone who would answer a phone with that corny line DESERVES a week in a houseboat on Lake Shasta The Drug King store at Merritt. Shopping Center got through Valentines Day despite two adjoining paper signs in its window saying Remember her and Aspirin, 100 for 17 cents. As Art Flegal points out, aspirin may be a better gift thesS days than candy hearts At Second and Adeline pob Lyman found a sign saying, Park vertically" And decided: At last we may have a REAL solution to the parking problem. 0 0 0 0 Dale Roe, ecology conscious, has been thinking about how plants consume carbon dioxide and give off oxygenthe opposite of people, and the necessary balance, and how we may be getting short of air. Thus, he points out, if everyone wore a potted plant on his head it would improve the quality of air for 'all of us.

Also, it wouldnt look any more ridiculous than wearing gas masks. Roe suggests an organization called Pot Heads United, known by its initials PHU. By FRED GARRETSON Tribune Staff Writer HOLY CITY (Santa Clara County) One of the greatest arrays of earthquake recording equipment ever assembled at one place has been moved into the San Jose area in the past few weeks to focus on the little-known Sargent Fault. As of this week the U.S. Geological Survey has set up 67.

seismographs in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, with the greatest number concentrated along the Sargent Fault in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Holy City. This is the area where Renner Hoffman, a California De-, partment of Water Resources seismologist, predicted 14 ago would experience a moderate sized quake within 18 months. Louis Pakiser, director of the USGS earthquake research center at Menlo made no mention of Hoffmans prediction and said: Were not predicting an earthquake. Pakiser said the big array of seismographs was being set up to make an extremely detailed record of any small quakes that might occur on the Sargent Fault. ARRAIGNMENT Indicted Deputies In Court The 10 A 1 a a County sheriffs deputies and two former deputies" indicted by a federal grand jury were ar-raiped in federal district court in San Francisco this morning, and their cases were ordered continued to March 10 for their pleas.

12 were represented by counsel whose lees are to be paid by citizen donations. A federal grand jury returned indictments on Feb. 2, saying the deputies fired shotguns at some demonstrators in the Berkeley Peoples Park rioting in May, 1969, and beat other demonstrators with the intent of imposing summary punishment. Sheriff Frank Madigan contends his men were trying to protect the Federal Government against its biggest threat revolutionaries. Appearing before Judge William T.

Sweigert today were former deputies Lawrence Riche and Gary R. Nelson, and deputies Leonard N. Johnson, Louis M. Santucci, Michael J. Killian, Thomas F.

0 i 1 1, Holice E. Turner, Alfred R. Vien, Lt. Howard R. Davis, Paul Otey, John Barker and David Lynch.

more emphasis on rehabilita tion. Ryan The 44 -year -old. father of five emphasized he doesnt believe in "coddling prisoners. Ryan noted that his secretary two years ago was murdered by two young he himself was kidnaped by a saw a three to four foot crack, or a big drop in the ground, and it was plumb full of what I call jet he said. I rolled my sleeve and stuck my arm into the sludge up to just below the elbow and when I pulled it out my 'arm was coated with a heavy, high smelling oil with a kro-' sene base, be said.

Marquardt rushed back to Johnsons house. They alerted the fire department. Police also arrived to keep sight-aeera away. Fire officials called Shell around I a.m. By this time the oil was being carried toward East Oakland by the creek.

Oil was found more than 18 blocks away at School Street, Marquardt said. Shell then tried to get permission to pump the oil into a nearby manhole. The city refused. So, straw and sandbags were used to absorb the fuel and two long pipelines were installed, to try to divert fresh water around the oil slick. A smaller creek also runs into Peralta Creek at this point, and its flow also was diverted.

A Shell spokesman said a small amount of fuel apparently remained in joints and low spots after the pipeline was flushed with 50,000 gallons of water. Shell is to appear at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow before the Oakland City Council to seek an interim to relocate the pipeline to a route with much better soil stability. The Johnsons remained in their home during the night despite the presence of pumping equipment and a tank truck on their property. They provided Shell workmen with coffee and doughnuts.

Now that the portion of the creek covered with the substance, is isolated from the flow of the two creeks, crewmen tried to pump the ponded area dry in order to remove as much of the material as possible. Asst. Fire Chief Cecil Ross said the which had been flushed some weeks ago when the landslide began, apparently had ruptured. In recent days a laiip section of the pipe was exposed as earth fell away. It now appears like a huge, long cable hanging in midair.

Ross said the oil had been so diluted the danger was never extreme. The fuel, he added, doesnt ignite too easily. But, he noted: Conceivably early this morning (Sunday) when it was first discovered, there was some possibility that it could have been ignited and made a nasty situation. Meanwhile, the landslide continued. Little by little, dirt continued to cascade toward Peralta Creek and the doomed houses groaned and creaked as the earth beneath them disappeared.

mbly man Leo J. Ryan, D-Burlingame. in his first for- jws conference smce walking through the iron gate of Folsom Saturday. The thing most people dont recognize is that when a man goes behind those granite walls hesstill a Jiuman being. Workmen today continued to pump jet fuel from Peralta Creek after It spilled out of a supposedly empty pipeline in the Wilshire Heights landslide area.

The creek flows through backyards of homes on Jordan Road directly below the landslide. A Shell Oil Co. spokesman said the oily-appearing substance, which filled the wooded canyon with a kerosene-like odor, was turbine fuel Oakland fire officials said they did not believe there was a serious fire danger, but conceded there could have been a problem early yesterday before the seepage was discovered. Shell Oil Co. crews moved in to block off the spilled fuel and pump it into a fleet of tank trucks.

The landslide already had partially blocked off the creek and the fuel gathered In a pool turning the water dark and scummy. Shell Oil crews diverted the flow of the creek through pipes and isolated the fuel in a pool so it could be pumped away. The pipeline, closed down Jan. 14 when the landslide grew worse, carried most of the jet fuel from Shells Martinez refinery to Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco air-' ports. It bad been flushed out, according to Shell.

-The noisy tank trucks rumbled up and down the narrow, dead end section of Jordan Road through the night and today. The fuel was taken to a sump at Martinez, according to firemen. Lyle Marquardt of 3034 Jordan Road, whose residence is near the slide but not endangered, was the first to spot the fuel spill. Around 8:45 a.m.-Sunday while walking up near the dead-end-of Jordan Road where Peralta Creek is up, I smelled this heavy odor, which seemed to be coming from Ted Johnson's bouse, Marquardt said. Johnson, who lives in the 2900 block of Jordan Road, was up as usual topping off trees, trying to keep them from falling on his house.

The danger started about two weeks ago when the ground in London Road (on the hill above and behind the Johnson residence) began to slide. Marquardt said he looked into the creek where there was about 2 feet of water.I saw a reflection from what appeared to be a black mirror. Then he went farther up the hill toward where a short stub of Jordan Road meets the cracked and ruined London Road. When I got there I SACRAMENTO (UPI)A state assemblyman, who vol- bars in tough Folsom Prison, contended today society should stop treating convicts like animals and begin regarding them as humans. 1 We should get away from the zookeeper role, said As- PMrp.

out for 20 or 30 miles along the fault, but along the Sargent Fault all aftershocks occur in a small area less than a mile from the main shock's epicenter. He sa'ld most California quakes have a very shallow focus, but activity on the Sargent Fault occurs 10 to 15 kilometers below the surface. The Sargent Fault to believed to be one of the hinges connecting the San Andreas Fault to the Hayward Calaveras Fault system along the east side of San Francisco Bay. The USGS decision to move 17 portable seismographs from the Rangely Oil Field to the Sargent Fault surprised many scientific observers because the Rangely experiments, with injection of fluids into deep rock formations, were widely regarded as the governments number one priority earthquake prediction research project David Stuart and Jerry Eaton, two USGS scientists wbo set up the special network along the Sargent Fault, said that if any quakes do occur the array of equipment will chart an extremely detailed three dimensional picture of the geology of the area. in Bay search of the area failed to turn up a trace of Hyde, turn by nightfalL Two hours later afisherman located their boat adrift off McNears Point.

A helicopter and two" Coast Guard cutters searched all day yesterday for the two men. 0 0 0 CONCORD Two bandits, who apparently waited overnight in the Safeway store at 960 Monument forced the assistant manager to open the safe, and then escaped with several hundred dollars after locking three store employes and a deliveryman in a storeroom. The two men. entered the store by prying open a metal hatch on the roof, police said. At 8:30 a.m., assistant man-, ager Patrick McCauley, 31, and two other employes arrived at the store, followed several minutes later by Carl Mehler, 29, a newspaper deliveryman.

As Mehler was being let inside, the bandits, both armed with revolvers and one wearing a ski mask, appeared and forced all four into the cash- iers office. McAuley was forced to empty the safe. McAuley, -Mehler. and the I two John 40, of Pittsburg, and Dale Ver-haeghe, 18, of Concord, were then marched to a rear storeroom and locked in. McAuley told police he heard the rear loading door being opened and then a car drive off.

A guy took his car to the Allstate insurance office in San Jose to have it checked for his policy, and while it was parked in front it suddenly caught fire and burned pretty good. Theres one claim where a proof of loss wont be needed It was like out of a movie the other morning, a drizzling rain, the Syna-non band playing somber music and Dan Sorkin, who lives at Synanon House in Oakland, jumped aboard a Small helicopter to be whisked off to S.F. Sonny and Cher open a three-week engagement at the Fairmonts Venetian Room Thursday night Fiddler on the Roof comes back to S.F., to the Curran Theater starting March 10 for 12 days only At KNEW, Ron Reynolds didnt believe that news stoiy about a truckload of Playboy magazines being dumped on a highway Jjackeastuntil he got his copy the other day. enough, Miss March in the center fold has tire tread marks across her stomach. oooo v.

Equitable Life Assurance Society is running a patronizing ad in campus newspapers showing a big 'photo of Albert Einstein with the caption: Hair. Its not the style that counts, its whats under it 't Tahoes Crystal Bay Club last week a typical teen-agers dilemma was scrawled across a wall in the lower lounge, saying: I love Albert. I am going -to quit Alvin and go with Albert. Then after that, IlVf changed my mindrl am going to quit Albert and go with Alvin. I really dont know what to do.

It was -sfgnSrWf Iflg, Was: Dear Patty. You have a big mouth. This was signed: Albert and Alvin. U.N. President Angie Brooks, president of the United Nations General Assembly, greets crowd at Berkeley Community Theater, where she spoke yesterday on critical issues facing the U.N.,.

including Biafra, South Africa and Vietnam. Visit of the Liberian diplomat was sponsored by the Alpha Nu Omega Role' ago and that his -father was run over and killed by a- 17-year-old 3 Drown A 31-year-old Concord man. is presumed drowned follow- ing a boating accident in the channel- north the Naval. The pair put out in a 19-foot rescue craft Saturday morning for a test run. A search Weapons Station piers near began after they failed to re nll-where his identity was known to the 2,300 Folsom in- -mates Ryan said he came to these conclusions: Longer sentences do not deter crime.

California has the longest sentences in the nation, yet its number of re-, peaters is the highest in the nation. Stray tale myth to the contrary, the saga of a crim-. inal does not end when he is captured and sentenced. The show just begins when the prisoner goes to jail. He is a danger to himself and his prison inmates at the least.

Without adequate rehabilita-Jion, Ryan added, the prisoner could become a danger to society again after being released. Prisoners should know how long their sentences are. Now, sentencesoften are based on the prisoners behav-, ior. Ryan epid state officials tried to set it up so he wouldnt know the length of his mythical sentence, but I couldnTStand it and I had to know. No matter how many jail cells California builds, it somehow will find the prisoners to fill theft.

State prisons in California hold 28,000 pris- oners. Ryan suggested using jail construction money tor more rehabilitation. motorist. I know what it is to be the recipient of violent crime, Ryan said. After spending seven days Y- i i Amazing coincidence department: Dr.

Ed Spiegel, an Oakland physician, went' for that deal where ybu buy a railroad tank car and lease it back to rail-ipatls or various companies. You never really see biir car because it can be anywhere in the country. Anyway, the other day Spiegel and his wife, Andrea Vere at Jack London Square and had to stop to let a train pass. There in the train was his tank car, with the 'words Andrea Judith Spiegel pointed on the side, exactly as hed ordered. Hed named it after his wife but hadnt told her about it.

She saw the car, was completely baffled until he he thought shed be delighted, but. Mrs. Spiegel said: What? You named a TANK CAE after me? Amazing coincidence (part In Contra Costa, Deputy Pub-lic'Defender Mike-Coke defended a guy in court on a charge. His client got life imprisonment. The ther day Coke was driving out of Pittsburg and passed a car just as the cars door opened.

Coke Sheared off. the door. The former owner, of the car rwaspfhe murder victim Joe Picdnini, who owns was called by a guy representing a restaurant owners group saying Joe was being named 'VMari of the Year and they were giving him a Joe thanked the guy, but said he had to be out of town the day of the luncheon. No problem, said the other; guy. Well just have to find somebody else.

And Joe Janlois, who has Morys liquors, thought it over and: We should have saved during 'tfto Depression so we could live through this prosperity. port Chicago yesterday after: noon. Harold W. Hyde, of 4132 Joan Concord, was thrown from his 19-foot cabin cruiser when the steering cable snapped, according to Walter Hellams, 33, a passenger in the boat who survived. The other men, stationed at Hamilton Air Force Base, also were presumed drowned after their empty boat was found adrift in San Pablo Bay.

The Coast Guard said a search was abandoned for base Asst. Fire Chief S. J. Bluenberg, a civilian from -F ai a and 1 Airman 1-C Bruce B. Scopes.

l. Hellams, a sailor off the USS- Delta, also was thrown overboard when the broken cable caused the boat to circle out of control. The sailor tried to reach Hyde, who was struggling to remove a heavy coat. Neither of the men was wearing a life preserver. Another boat picked up Hellams, but a Coast Guard Last of S.F.

Jajlbreakers Captured The fast of the three federal prisoners iho slid out, of the San Francisco County Jail Dec. 30 on a blanket rope has been captured. Norman Lucas, 20, of De Moines, Iowa, was arrested in Winnemuea, Fridayaft- er police noticed him driving erratically and determined he was under the influence of 'drugs. He was identified yesterday as the escaped prison- er being sought by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. ASSEMBLYMAN LEO, RYAN LEAVES FOLSOM PRISON 'When a man goes behind those walls, he's still a human being! (AP).

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