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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania • Page 7
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania • Page 7

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

TUESDAY EVENING, 8, SW4. LEBANON DAILY NEWS, LEBANON, PA; PAGE SEVEN Tonight Buster Crabbe in "The Badge of Honor" LAST TIMES It's the Best Show in Town. ACADEMY Starts Tomorrow, July 4th Continuous, to 11 P. M. All the You Hem-: Is About Our Big Holiday 8ho Starts Tomorrow for Balance of This AVeek. 1 if THE MOSTA OF THE fiESTAf a happy full of Old Maestro spins a whirl of fun and romancel, 288 lev ctl A Poramou SHORT HITS Popoye in "Sti-oDg to the Finish" and "Puss lia The Boots" JACK OftKIE BEN BEflNU DOROTHY DELI AUINt JUDGL BENBE8NO FREE TONITE HUNGARIAN GOULASH COLONIAL HOUSE 8th Mnplo Bis. NOTED AOCORDIAMST FLOOU SHOW DUTCH OI1IOKEN tX)HN SOUP Same as Grandma, used to make MT. GRETNA BEER GARDEN Take Home a. Kettle of this Delicious Soup. COLONIAL 8KB PLAYKD Wlih An UT TIER 8IJBBYB I 'Jjarhara STANWYCK I Lady" with PAT M'CREA and O'BRIEN July 4th All Day Spaghetti and Meat Balls 15c at the FENWICK HOTEL 22nd and Cumberland Streets. SPEND A COOL 4TH OF JULY AT ZELLER'S GROVE AFTERNOON AND EVENING! Mammoth FIREWORKS Display! BOB RETTEW Pennsylvania's Most Versatile Entertainer and HIS CLOWN BAND Super Added Attractions! BOB StYER, Blackface Comedian Tbe Man of a 1OOO Gsgsl Johnny BOWERS, Popular Radio Announcer of Master of Ceremonies! "NEUCIE," Wizard of the Marimbaphone liate Champion of the Feature Attraction of the RED ROSE BOYS I 15 ENTERTAINERS 15 ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAM FIREWORKS ALLOWED ON GROfcTNPSI 10 Big Gate Prizes Given Away Free at 10:30 P. M. AMPLIFICATION BY VANt Chicken Corn Noodle Soup Sandwiches Drinks JACKSON HOUSE MYERSTOVVN Has Reopened For Business Good Beer and Fine liquors and Wines Served. ALSO I.UNOH TONIGHT. Sidney Harmon and His Rhythm Kings Red Hot Colored Baud SUNSET BEER GARDEN TONITE FREE PAKKING! AD3VHSSION lOc. 11 Opening Night Still Remembered Tonite Will Be A Repeater. CASEY'S PALS PLAY AT ALS" The Old Slogan is back again "HAL'S PLACE." How well you can recall his effective pre-prohibition service and courteous treatment. Old Reading Beer Pilsner and Bock Eighth and Scull at Railroad Baseball, Carnival and Fireworks PAL.MYRA'8 NEW DIAMOND Wednesday, July 4 Pine Grove vs. Palmyra 10:15 A. M. (S. South Anthracite JLeague Genorivl Admission 25c. MTJSIOAIj ATTRACTION HB LITTLE GERMAN Monster Fireworks Display Nite P. M. Gonoral Admlssloii We Have No Fireworks For Sale or Display BUT WE HAVE DELICIOUS FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES. There is a pleasant breeze in our dining room, tap room and outside terrace at all times, THE GREEN TERRACE A Perfect Climax to a Holiday 1 SYHMKI Fourth of July Evening at THE GRETNA THEATRE MT. QttETXA To Soo A. B. SCOTT'S GRETNA PLAYERS In That Outstanding Comedy "ANOTHER LANGUAGE" Which la Presented Every Night This Week Curtain TUsoa at 8 O'clock Standard Time, or 9 O'clock Bnyllght Hav Last uay LEE TRACY in T11 Tell thc LETS SHOWING Wed. Thurs. Fri. Starring LEW AYRES with ISABEL JEWEL ACES0R MYSTERY 1 Onslow Gibson Stevens Gallaghet KXO1TISVG DRAMA 'THE CROSBY ATTHAOT1ON8 Serial "Young Eagles" HOv Hcotrrs Son Your "Buddies" of the TOUi in id £8tli PtyUtcm "WARS END" 4 NIGHTS Stwtinq JULY WED. One Show 7:30 P.M.«.tt Ona Show P.M.«,»,*, TWo Show! 8A.T. 630 ft- HERSHEY COMMUNITY THEATRE 860 i ROOSEVELT BEER GARDEN RESTAURANT 815 liEEOMAN ST. SPECIAL AUj WEEK.I Large Glass Beer 5c Trn Bin Old Reading Beer on Draught Fourth of July Special I HOME-MADE ITALIAN SPAGHETTI WITH CHICKEN FLAVORED SAUCE, 25o LAUREL PARK SWIMMING POOL OPEN AT MT. GRETN'A -Water Ohangcd TJnily. Enjoj- the 4th In the Cooling, Water. Courteous, Efficient nnd Capable Attendants. OPEN 9 A. M. COOL OFF at the ASTOR-Annville Newly Air-Conditioned Showing today tomorrow "LOVE BIRDS" with SHm Summerville- Zasu Pitts Look! Tonight at DOTTY'S INN On Sand HIH Road ICE BEER OX TAP Music by Olem and Pals HaJ-vey Eisenbauer, Prop. TONIGHT TONIGHT LAKESIDE Myerstown MARLEY ROY Orchestra will entertain Kniers, Reading Pibner Beer on Tap SERVED IN FROSTMDOT-ABBHS WEDNESDAY NIGHT LAKESIDE Mycrslown The GREY STONE Orchestra will entertain The Band that played at the Old Liveiy Stable thirty weeks. Floor Show Fan Dance Floor Show Sally Rand Wagner will do the Fan Dance in an entirely different way. SINGING DANCING No Cover Charge. Come early or reserve your tablet by Myerstown ktt Original fcsrijlsrj fan RAVELS BOLERO witt COUNT BERNWKJ IUV jls'rsAb'. uuaiN MpH ON Ttie BAIR PIOHT PICTUMJ AND SHORT SUBJECTS Picnic Committees NOTICE! Thft of Gtatnai Park cordlnlly all tinccUl raUss njid Wo oro working hard to make tills the Wcnl jrtcnlo gronndu TxjlMinon awl nurrwndlne; wnm- Uco. New iHonlc new nk! bcncbwi. Wo can. now nuxiatc of any Mt. iirrango for your next pkinlo. DANCE TONITE Prospect Park Restaurant (Formerly Riverside) to the Tempting Strains of Gold Syncopaters (6 Men) Dance Hall Equipped -w-lth Cooling Ventilating System. Open Afternoon and Evening Tomorrow. GOOD BEER All Popular' Wednesday Special! 5c Big Glass Beer 5c BLUE HAVEN BEER GARDEN 23-25 N. 8th St. Free Dance Tonite TONY ANGELO'S BEER GARDEN REXMONT Music by "JOE AND HIS TBIO" Bcor on Tup NOTICE 1 THE HOF-BRAU CRAB OAIOS kUNOH will ho held Thurs. Night, July 5th Infitcnd of Wednesday, Dnc to' tho Holiday. GRETNA GABLES MT. QUICTNA DANCING Tuesday 3rd Wed. 4th Gretna Gables Orch. 25o Tnbln Oapoelty 400, four Favorlle TlovorjiKn Ico Cold In Uoltfon or Drauglit Special 4th Celebration at PARADISE INN (AVON INN) TWO BIG NITES Plan your party hero nt cool, plwi-iant, airy place Bettor than a picnic Sco LOUIE, the ooccntric comedian. Now funnier than cvw. Haggerty's Cotton Club Orchestra ails loadinfi dance band play tholr special Dcllctous Uomo Prepnrcd Foods Served Dcppen's and Reading Beers Oomo Early and Stay Govornor PInchot had "no commont" on cdlnt of Harry Hopkins, federal relief administrator that Pennsylvania must hear part ot roHet burden attor Sop- tomber 1. Yes! We Serve at All Times A large Glass of Ice CoM Beer or Ale 5c Mr. BiU Donley Just Upturned to the with rdcipea- for innny. mixed nt reasonable SWEETLAND 225 NOHTH ST. LOOK! LOOK! SpocliU the Benjamin Franklin Inn ON THIS FOURTH 5c Cilass of IJeor All Bay. tfvoo liuiicli Wno and J. II. Acbonbach, Prop. ACADEMY "Shoot the Works" Beginning Tomorrow At Academy Theatre Btnn Bernlo and his lads make their screen debut In "Shoot the "Works," the Paramount feature film starts to, morrow for the of the i at the Academy Theatre. Surrounded by a fine cart headed by Jack Oakio, Dorothy Deli, Arline Judge, AHnon Sklpworth and Kama, Bernie'B orchestra pUyn all new hit tunes by the combined tee.m» of Ralnfrer and Robin and Gordon and Roval. They Include "With My Eyea Wide Open, I'm Dreaming," "Do I Lovo You?" "In ths Good Old I Winter Time," "Take a Leaaon from the Lark" and "Were Your Barn Burning?" Tonllfht IBHI times, Budter in "BeKKart In IBrmlim." ENOUOIt IS FREE LUNCH TONITE VIRGINIA BAKED HAM NONABEL GRILLE 5th and Willow Streets CHOICE OF BEER Tables for Ladies J. S. Karinch, Prop. OVERBROOK INN On Lancaster Miles South of Quentin TONITE "KEYSTONE MOUNTAINEERS" Good Beer Good Food A Nice Cool Place to Spend the Evening. Ohlcaio, Today, (IP) once of the Chicago Civic Opora, wandnrerj down to the symphony coiicort at the wrsrld'i fair and In an unreserved A Tntormed him aaldly that 'nil WM He mildly an him c4ul'd (tat it It 'mot TONITE TONITE A BIG 4TH OF JULY DANCE 9 V. M. TO WHO CAHTCfi FAIRLAND INN EDDIE FUNK And Peppy Rhythm A Bwul What A ff Skinny and Minnie TUESDAY, JULY (Central and Easteri? Standard Time) Nolel All programs to and baMo chains or groups thereof Bert; coast to (c to c) designation Includes Programs subject to P. M. NETWORK BASIC East: wcaf wlw wofll wtlc wjar wtag wcah w(l wilt wfbr wrc wffy when wtam w-wj wsul; Mid: ksd wmaq wc.fl woc-who wow wilaf wkhf NORTHWEST A CANADIAN wtmj wlha kstp tvohc wday kfyr crct SOUTH wrva wpU wwno win wja-x wfla-wsun wlod wnm wmo wsb wapl wjdjt wsmb kvoo wky wfaa wbap kprc woa! k1bs kths wsoe wave kdyl kglr kghl PACIFIC kfl kzw komo khq kfsd ktar kgii kpo Cent. East. Tittersd Man basic; Ms Parkins, rpt Fernando Orches. Hymn Smsll Orchestra olhors cast and Al, Ooldberas, Serial Act flelsman's Orchestra Klnn's Orchestra Bornle and the Lads Perkins and Guest Opera Dramatic Sketch Coleman Orchestra east; dene repeat Radio News Period Davis Orchestra Denny A Orchestra CBS-WABC NETWORK wa.bc wade woko wcno waab wnac wsr wkbw wkro whk cklw wdrc wcau wfp vrinr, wean wfbl wspd wnias; Midwest: wbbm wfbm kmbo kmoz wowo whan whp wlbw wheo wlbz wioa wore wtco cfrh rkac wefn wbrc wriam klra wrec wlao wdsu wtoe Icrld wrr ktrh ktsa waco koma wdbo wodr wbt wdae whig wtar wdhj wwva wmhg wajt wtnhr wmt wmbd wlan wlbw lifh wkbn wcco wsbt kiioj klz Icon ksl JOAftT khj koln kfro kol kfpr kvt tfl.k kmj kws; kern kjrmb kgb Ksst. Coopsr, Baritone 4M The Three Jack only: Chicago Organ Weloorns Orehes. Csrllls, Tener Denaen east; for midwest; Edward Wurtxsbach Orchee. Wurtiebaoh west; Jack repeat Williams wwbe; ImU Hour Later). Cent, Bast, Street Boyt Van and her Grandma Goes Modern Texas Carter basic! i Qeorgla Erwin A and Old Kerr nlk Abe Lyman's Seymour Simon mldw; Milton Kellem Glvot's Comedy Hlmber Bill Melodic Strings Party H. Busse Period Jones sic; H. Busse 1 Jones Orchestra 1 Pollack Voice of rut-: Ray O'Hara Sosnlk Orchestra Dalley Orchestral Earl Hlnes weat NBC-WJZ BASIC East: wba-wbza wham kdka wjr wlw wayr Midwest: wcky kyw wenr wls kwk kwcr ko1I wren kso wkw NORTHWEST A CANADIAN wtiaj wlba wcbo wday kfyr crct cfcf SOUTH wrva wptf wwno wls wfla-wsun wlod warn wmo wab wjdx wsmb kvoo woal ktbs ktSin kdyl kglr kshl PACIFIC kfl kgw komo khq kfsd ktar kpo Cent. East SlnQing onJy 4.00— Page 4. Orchestral Club wji only; Singing for 4.45— Lowsll Orphan to mldwert 'n' only Be Announced 5.30— to Com. Bsnd Music end Ryan's a Amos for New. Buddy

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