The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK JRHE BLYTHEVILLE COUllIKK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CC... PIIHI.TSHKIIH O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAIME5, Advertising Mfimgcr Solo National Advcrt&iig RtprcEcnlat'.rcs: Arkansas Dailies, !ac., New York. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louli, Ballu, Kansw City. LIUU, ftock. •rn . Fublkhed Every Allcriioon Except swid.iy. Entered us second class matter nt. the post •Wire at BlylhuYllle, Arkansas, undor net o.' Congress October 9, 1017. Served liy tlin UimeO Press KATKS B>' carrier in Hie city of Ulyi^cvlllc, 15c per week or {U.W pfr year In advance. By mail within a radius of 60 inltao, {3.00 per year, si SO for six months. (We lor tlir-e months; by wall In postal zones two to six. Inclusive. »6.50 per year, in nones seven and eight. {1U.OO per year, payable. In advantv. Byrd's Record In '/irginia . l-Vii'iitls of llan-y F!;nnl Hynl, Vir- {;ilii;i s "{M'OiiiL'si jfovoriinr since Tlu>iu:is Jclfcrson," niv L'liik'avdring td inlcr- csl Democrat.- liiriMiithinil- llir count i'y in'him a.s-:i iKJ^ilnV nuniini-o fur llio Their cliiuiccs of siU'coss si'trin iinnc tot) briKlil jusl now, btil ul lc;isl tlicy are pon'oniiin^' a public SIT via; in ijimoniuilion a.- to smut: uf tiic ihiiit'.s *\ t ' "' f)tlint have buun atccitnpli.shcil in Virginia tiutlei- Bynl's administration. For iiu;lunco: Virginia fotuirt it pc^ible in J9:il lo .'-.lim-e tlio slate income tax levy without IL:I;IV:IMU^ any ether laxes. , Building oil a pay-as-you-;;[i ba:,l:;, Virginia now l-.p.s 8,000 mill's ol improved ]ii;!hw.iys mill 113 stale highway bonds. Virginia U-\ies no lax ni laud aiy.l taiisi';!.- 'personal propvily for slab i»ji posi':;. The fctate government ha., uaui rcurh.iniia'il. ccii£olld.Ulas 1C.U agencies Into Iweiu 1 di-[iart- inc-nis at f. >:uln:j of ir.oic than SijUO.irjO pel- year In c-iK-raling costs. Virginia's nci debt of $20,l!00,OCO is ilecrcMSliia year by year under a new cunstltutional piovlslon pcriullthn; r.o bond Issue, slate or loi-nl, except by direct vote of ihe ptjplf. Virginia ccmplelcd 13SO -with a cash nir- plus of $4,250,9511, which wiis not wip'.-d uul by thc depression year of 1031. These jicliievcmunls do nol ncct'.isiir- ; ily mciin (hat Ilany Kloinl Byrcl i.s the besl available mini for the Dcmu- • cnilic paily lo nuniiiiiile 1'or l.ho doncy. They do show what can be • accomplished in the way of business like iitlmini-ivnlioii of stale all'air.s. Art and Hard Times J/:irct times or no, -Uu; ^UI.M: ol art '--swills lo lio ;i llulirishinx our. 'Hie American Art Dealers Association recently came to bat willi Ihe estimate . thai during the past ycnr gil'U of painl- int'.s, sculpture and t'iicililics for arl apiircciation and ediication worlh more than $]aG,000,000 were made lo Hie American public. Most of this U made up ( >f opening of new mu.<enins and of vale collections Uimed over l>ui)lic. Chii-l" aiiioii;; U :o UilU-v ?50,00().0(10 colk'clinn of U:e late Hcnvy Clisy 1'Yick, \vhieh became jinblii: j-.j-op. .crly last fall on the death of liis.w'iiUv. A year of iKipvcssidu may nol seem x goo:l year for such imimiircT.n-. The • charilablt (ii-Eamzutioiis amid have used .that. $i::,i;,(J()0,u(Ki very nicely. Yd l,, criticize would be la la], :c a very nar- OUT OUR WAY row view. Those nel gifts will IK; v:i!- tiiilile lu lliu Million foe ninny ycmv to coim>. lU-if.-D'flk's.s of luii'cl limes, tlio iiuinty was well spent. Don't Step Backward I'lVMdenl lionvi:! 1 i.s cnlinly corrivl ill .s|:e;ikin|r olll vigorously In tll'Ui: illlii iippiiipriitlions for puljlit si-linols ite liiainlaineil as closu lo Ihrir pn-siuii levels a.- possible in *\\\\\- >\\ Uii' depression. "However, the naliciiii'.l i-inncjuiy may vary or whatever listal ailjtistments may nu'il l, t - miule," In- remarkcil, "ihe very oljii.iration u\x>n lli<- natioiial resources is »ti|i|.\iri ol' Uie puhlic stiioiils. \\V' cannot afl'onl to lose any j!Yuiimi in (.'litti-ntiuii. That i.; neitiier I'coiinmy nor coud j^ovenniK nl." Ol conr.-e, wlier<> si-lion] syslmis are coiKlticlfil exIravaKanlly ami inefficiently, li.r pnmiiiK knil'c ran In; nsdl I. i!<">il advantage. |;m (| i; ,i j.. ; ,,,,i ( , a ,.,, (fie caw; and when we nuiiidcr slashing (he Kcliool bu(lj;i'ls ui- oiijfhl Id In ar in inintl iln> pri-sident's warning— thai il is "neilhiT reniKiiny, inn- i;o::d KoveriMilenl" In cut into IhoMr i-xp-lidi- An Availing Toll Nearly all iiulnslrial cyu accidents are prevenlalite. Vet more than ~>.WO /\nierican Wdrkmeii lose Hm ,-i^lil o!' one or hot!) eyes each year thron^li ac- cidiiits, ami more than :!0<i,tlUO snlier less .si'riini.-i injuries to tlieir eyes. In fact, more people are permanently rubbed of their si^hi. by omipaliunal haxards thun through any oilier single cause. Tliy.-v.' facts were brought out lliu oilier day by speakers at a safety con- I'ereiK'ij held in New York under (lie ansjiice.s of (he National Sm-ic-ly for Ihe I'revention (if ISlindncss; and they deserve the earnest attention ( >f oiu- plnyer.s and eiiiploycs everyu'lierc. Siilely education campaigns amoiij; workers can do much to uil down [his toll. In .-•(line planl.s, (DO, i( has been found iulvanliiKeoiis lo order all workers id wear tfOKK'es. i( lU w i|j, (l . Vl ,,. needs (o lie done, ii is oiivions that licit!) labor anil management iniist tackle Ihe problem loifeihor. The lull is an appallinj; one. If Illi- I'hlmsr l.(.i;m- f[ .Vitim Ululcr \v:\y lu-fiiro rrli li,ii|;rr, tin- One }ir.nd ilihig ihe rtrprivtuoii ha.-, doiii- i; to aljiilish the fashionable m-day did. Tlu-ro me loo many on it. fur it ID be fashinuable. If AlfuKa mil Miivrjy he \vill io]i the preilcl a whole .stark. up lo his name. itr.iw \otes by JI.MI.V ini-n say »:» tiling anil 1111:111 ;>n!illirr Irlll most nf Ihr |in"iil<nli:il i.llli!i'.L>.li-s s.iv niu- Uiir.i; :nu) iLii'im uiithiiii;. IL'ir l-;iii.slo l:on, bi.l tlii'i liMrn In Hie nce will t:ever dii 1 . :.aj:, limr, as they lei HII-M- ^JJLYTI1HV1I.LR, (AKK.V COUUIKR NEWS I SJ1)M GLANCES By George Clark \ •- .•,:;• "II (,'ut HO she coiildn'l stand il when I WHS awav so dcciik'tl (o j;ct a divorce." "' AlhloLcs Know How Oxygen Helps Combat Tired Feeling This h tlio • anco depD.ul on the -traliui.K an.1 on e articles b i:i)IT01I'S NOTK: ,-r a iiTu.x,of live articles by ' Ucl That '^y' ami O r u, B tissues Po iitllto "** llicre agiiin cnmcs a threat in t:-.e', form of a slate nl unpledged dt-l;;- Bates loci by CujuuilUc;. ! man John M. Callahan, a Rmitll : man, Roosevelt, presumably will ' win, but the result will be watched closely. . 1'arty leaders arc spnt on ROJSS- ' veil in both Pennsylvania an:l Masi mclairetls ami a suli.ilamuil fuc- j lion has lined „,, a|«si him ta i Hie latter stuti'. Muaact.Uhetts \a of the two northern states ! v.lileli went lor Al In 19211 aiul many • «r her Usniucrats are still fond o! '• him, IX-inoci-iicy is wet In Massschu- ••idls and Pennsylvania n s well as in New Hampstilre ami Wisconsin : and I(co.sDvelt's two recent com- i™:'j lvi -'ly strons attacks on prohibition apparently were dh\-ct<"! at thc-se wet mullein >|ntf,' it, to cnunUra::! euumion re . : ji»rlB li-at he wasn't "wet enoii-li" lo .sallsfy Smilh. 'I'liievrs Knew Their llnind HAVKRMii.L, Ma's.. iun _ Tlreves who Mole 50.000 clsarels , friiMi 11 warehouse selected a par| OiiJur brand. Cigarclcs of several . otl--!r biamls. also stored ihere \vero untouched. GiTiniiny has 5,207 moving pic- liirr shows. Announcements ! TIu! Conner r.'ews nas ueen au- '.hw-lzrd lo announce Ihe follrr.v- lii'-' candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary. August 9. For County Judge •£r -Mil B. HARRISON (for 2nd term) Fnr SherttT UOLAN't) CiiJEEN CLARENCE H. WILSON bounty Treasurer W. w. llOLLTPFrrER, (for 2nd term) rircuil fnurt Clerk Ft. I. "nil.fjY" GAINEr (for 2nd term) Cniinty ami l'rnb;itc Clerk W, H. "DOC" SCARBORO MRS. JOHN LONG (Re-election) MISS CAREY WOODBURN For Cnunly Avsessor JOE S. DILLAHUNTY (for 2nd 'crm) JI'mJIiSI)yV\',_^AKCH 3, 1932 - THIS CURIOUS WORLD 11V UK. MOItltIS I ISIIIIKIN IMnliial Assi.i iatiun, ;nul lit lly- liililnr. .foiirnal erf Hie Amerii'an i B rla, Hie Hi-allli alii|;-.ixlnc. i .A man niimiui; a mile race cau- n:i! ccnlinue at lop speed for lliii • i-silm,' distaiu'c. Nenhcr L-IUI a man • u(il!ii; manual labor work at the: absolute iiKixliniiiii of his eiurijL-s j lor a IOUK period. '' 'I'lin leiu-ious lur Ihls are obvious. The body wears down mueli'.-mori' • i rapidly :il maxiinmn rir.->r(. Ih.iii il j can l>e repaired. Tiuis, we "mil i:: < i licbt" until the unusual vjxcrllon i: I over. ! In (lie e.ife of I'-r- Innqrr vn:n Jin :i Irack ini'Ol. rmm.'v:; ree;iMii.'..'.- : ; and tlovelop '.heir liuiin;: ij j Hie paint, that lluy knuw just li.m- | li:n.; to spvitH. how lon^' in inn- easily and how loiij; lo .sprint a»;im at the finish. Wlicn Ihe i miner misjudges lln 1 -^ dihlaucer. wj usually lunc til;' ."p.v- larlc of a man I'lidiiic his sp:i!:i l. v etore la 1 crosses Ihr linLsh !ir.' and I'uiiini^ in at a lltlli; more ilian a walk. All races for mori' than -110 yard's arc iii>::e with a (|ilifk start, a . ; iir.v- cr ' HlUlille rim" and a s[i;-mt ,H tl:e cn^. | l-'iiitliermore, the InUgc In soii:c .me iciri ol Hie boily may be re. Heeled in other pui lions. I Ccntimied use 01 the legs to the • I'-uil of exhaustion in any type ol wiirk or play will Interfere with arcuralc and speedy work by tlio •irms and bands. If muscles arc ii 1 :'il lo the point, of fatigue, sltlT- ;:'.ss mid Fiirciioss will develop and then follows swelling ol Hie muscles and even breaking ot Ihe individual libers niih the appear- ani:e of what aihlctc.s mil "Charley 'the iwrson u-ho i.s trained in physical elloi'ls litiuws hc\v to us? hi* Mics to thi' IK-SI advanlagc. 11.- i-^ ihi;, by keeping lii.s oxygen "debt' 1 a.s low as imsibb. Tlic max- i jjjj Iniiiiii ol oxyccn taken in ib reaelied I UMially frcni two lo throe minule-i nfccr the tio^nnlng cf work. Once tliw point is reac'i'.ed, it ii possible lo work harder and lasicr. hence anyone about, to ensaao in a ioi'ere muscular [>erfoiinane? may orealhc rapidly und deeply liva or six times before starling, aiul warm up by proi)"r exereiscs. '1'he warm- icig up process is regularly indulged in by pri/eflt'hicrs. baseball players, cr.crns oirl- q . anrl others aboul to subtnll tlieir muscular systems lo severe iirnin. CITY ELECTION Tucsilny, April 5 City Cli-rk S. C. CRAIG (for re-election! HKIIMAN CROSS JOE '.V. ALEXANDER OSCAR ALEXANDER For Municipal Jiul^u OEORC1K W. BARUAM WY W. CRAWFORD C. A. CUNNINGHAM . F4>r Cily Atturney SAM MANATT l-'or Ahlcrinan, 1st Ward O. II. (lltKAIl L. G. -nn-fr THOMPSON SOUND CATAERAS. €£HERAI, SCdff AHO EfWlMS H6tp£p ^ AND I.500SISMS. WiTH THe one opTHff iff si of oeep-seA, CHURCH EXCUSES =Uy George W. Barham - '1'htiv is no (|i;.»slioii about my ability and knowledge, and now the way things Uiroimliout the are working out, as I said world many Nearly every preaclier : hared would insist that. Jesus left positive word to BO into all the world and lell the people atom, his way of years ago they would, I must u;c- Wc V» a K" 1 "'') them .. ,.,. essarily lake tcrcdil for seeing a ! G<xi rather than an imitation calf, long way into ihe future. Wh?n 1 i But ' l Just told them that they ;v- was running our church some twcn- I idently didn't think of the cost, and . ty years aso I objected to sending our men and women Into ior-^isn countries to do mission work, for the reason that il cost money anil now you have n picture o; the outcome ol Hie work o. r missionaries, that, is if what, my son-in-hw and hired man say read in the as I had met two or three from i l );i l>eT.s is true: I'm only taking their rcn:e of tho.;e countries I did not J word :is ' "' J think they were wortri the cost, i seldom read a paper. (Copyrighted.) Austrian Carves Pipes From Meerschaum at 84 few steps '•'or Alderman, 2ml Hard s. H. EASTBUK;I i BOSTON, from one nf- Boston's busiest •snares, c.ustave Fischer. 84, sits In the window of a tobacco shop: camni; intricate designs fo: 1 pip?s out of meerschaum. Rxamples of his work ' are dis- ; played in a 6'u^s case in the shop, j- He - Lcda and the Swan ,a Dutch Bur- iyeais them. Some toll for as' 3350. Smoking his IOHB meerschaum pipe, that he lights the first thing in Hie morning iinrl pu(:; away only when he goes (o lied, I-.-? works all day at his carving. He learned his Irade from a sculptor at the Academy of Art in Vienn/ when he was 13. *• IT(1 caire. to this country So aso and has been workin ] slier, and i Mayor James M. Ciivley nmoni; i ing the last 30 years. , a striking likeness of i in the same shop in Boston dur- llu- lldrtli- (41- rccira- nv for liiai II he doesn't an iiislnit-tur. liav.- m:\iMir.\l the It i:, iiiigioitant lo leach children j maxiiuiini eiipaelly nf llii' b.::ly by j early the necessity far t^e warmini; j tvMiii!; l!n- luniier. A Ir.ilnril run- up process bjeans: Ihn child :il pl,iy I (Inr.s i.ui crili.-msl liin:.s:.|| r.:m- ; or in compMitio:i with other eliil- I pleti'ly in any race up la ;0fl V.I:,K drcn may produce exhaustion in its I He I:.'an-, In \K exlian>e.';l at 3D,) Lcily without the rcnlii.uicn that j yar:!s ami ihe -l-lfl-yar:! run, iv a ; r.vlinus'.ioii is dangerous and is pre- nii.ntiM-1111:1- run. is i-noimi in r na- : vcntablc by proper procedures. I plsli'ly cxluusi even a, :— ; spni-.ler. Obviously Ihe :iniir.::-.: ,.( | TOMOltllOW: ratijue fur the Vioil; anil iv.c speed ol the |ivr:,.:a:- i business num. By Williaina /GOOD GQH **~r^r^j ' ^A-VOU DON'T A TAU_\ MOW WATCH- LU&GlM 1 AM' pULUM 1 'AT BWj. HEAVV COUCH AROUMD ,-f 1 DuST "'•'^ AM' UKJOE.R BE HI wo THH.RE A • Ti-v ooc-r OOE.STH' ~ COURSE -Ti-V - ,, EOT -T HAFTA WASl-\ -^-^W TW' pU^-Vfe^ |C^?5 DCMT VOO * . --K'.^- WASHINGTON " i th. HV KODNKV IHjTCin:!! .\l-:.-\ Service Wrilrr WASHINGTON.--'!'!-.!- lid:: LltmorrnUc presUlenliai :. ' iKitiuu. which grc'^s mori- .x v ; jfioin day to day. has r,•;<-.:., ! i:i;iul wlifre the decisive br;v.> ' an::i-i;i.ilr(l in t'r.e apprs.ic'..::-.: 'I hi- break.; will l:c ftr i •: . Cirvrinc:- Rco^evril o! K, •-• v ' tlu' li'.ic'ui!; candidate. S!.. :. \i'l?jt:aDnts l-.avc slrcnmh.:. .. ••s:.-p-llcosevrll" mpvemi n; 'Hi? r.rini.iry refill-- i:... • moan success cr dcfea; fn: :• 1 eir.i.r'.s car.dulacy, but isi.- ::. . , .--o cbiidy tluit ali i:i::-i.-- . , stiu-.rlers and ii,inu-i;-:r.'.- ; nne:ly tmvarrt tn :h:- \. : ; only ID see wlvi i:e:s i!i <:• . in r^at?. 7 ; \vl .vr there :>.'.-. ;>. ccntCFts but aho lo sen v.]:.i' : ve!t and oilier ran<li;!a: t - , 1 as vole Belter:- in other .-.'..•. ! their i.-v-n. I The primary rUr.'i.-iis which [ Seym impDitanl or ]> ::rniially im: r • ponani at Ihir, time, w:-.ti tlie mim- <:• ber ol dcleyai?s n:vclvcil in each, .-.^ are: .1 . .MARCH 8 New [l,imp,!ih.'. 3. .:'. MARCH 15— .vir::-, U.ikola, 10 .- I MARCH '-'3 -<ii;.:!;i.i. 28. • APRIL 5— Wlvrcnsin K. i | APRIL 2C-IV:insylvaiiia. 7S. anil ..:. ; Mas.=achii?ett.-:, ;Ui - i Other primarii-.--. i :;( iuduu- .-• u dczcn in May. e..u in- cnns!:lered [ when more inform i::,. : i j s available. - Alfalfa Bill Kntrrs ,s ; North Dakota ai:.l - shire have snail <!, •!.- Roosevelt. -*-i!l l;i -..i L little smnck on ;'•.;<• :i -; £Jl If ho lens .-::t.. >• originally ci.i-..,: ; i,r. - Rcoscvvl! a:id Xe.v Ilamp- le-aiicns. bi;i ikui- a 'mean ,,.-• a i il-.c o,n- -r. 'li:ey were ;i safe for are. ll.Th Temnvr.uily Itliuki i-inre Al Snulh b:iV aid and CL-mfort Hv . • v,-;; lorre.' i; lias ! •. ..a, lliat Iioo^c^ - eH^- u.i.-i: . ficid Vns been a! !o.iy, ;. b'.ork.-d. And occasional '.-;•>:• tha'. sojr.o s:alo t! .! :.. Rc:?evfi; imr.j-:-. s -. I'.art in the bai; a:.- i; : ;at all. To break :!•.- ;•.::. iniisl m.ike a gcoJ prm .,:•> It h? maker a p:or .-'.. fce'.ief will incro.ife ;l:.i: 1s ccckci ., . Bu-. Ci-veviiar Ali.illa Hill Murray i ot Oklahoma i- a! 1 .' r N^rr- DakMi , wh:ch Is it:r ty,,. „( territory" iii ; which he Hum .,;„.. ;ill! | . iny \ v i|, • 'there 6 a Sm;:h .si.r.c i-ppsscrt lo i j 111^ Rci-s.nvli s ;.-,:e i a x cw Hamp- , .-liirr. «-itr. le-.w-ri,.;- P i ckod lo win . s ; ISnt there 1^.1111 in- has more lo • . lose limn to s:a;r.-:: [--, ] 0ir , 5 Georgia,^rr J. ;i | S e'o. H. Howard will oyiK,., HO.-.-.H-C;: ,ii:d prcm- i i:c s to try to rte-Iucr any clelceaics .• he cete to Si.vak; : - G.mic.-. will IK ; inlcresiing to ;i-.e cs;e:il any ste- / au^ vote Howard -o: s may be in: terpicied as a (J.uncr vo'.c. :_ Wisconsin linporlanl. : Wisconsir, i-.a, •.. :C)1 ,N«n uu ty Remove:: forces. "Alice: Come home. All is FORGIVEN" Few advortiscnionts in your newspaper start that way. Yet most of them arc just as personal, and almost as promising'. Manufacturers and merchants must know your needs and wants, or «'o out of business. They must know, for instance, that about the first of next month you'll be very much interested in a new hat, or a new lamp, or new towels. They must foresee your wishes—and have what you'll want when you want it. And they do—constantly striving- to suit, at the lowest possible prices. Then telling you in advertising of the gifts they have brought from the far corners of the earth, to please Your Royal Highness. Read the -advertisements in this paper. They arc addressed to you--personally. They bring you news of better things to have and easier ways 'to live. Intimate news, of immediate interest.

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