The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1931
Page 6
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THURSDAY, JUNfl 18. 1031 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.y COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVER' CLASSIFIED, ADS I'wu mils > word- lor first inmlirn aril one cent 8. void 'oi each FuKxequent uirvrUun. No advertisement latcn for leas thnn 50c. fount the .words aud tend the jash. I'hoiie 300 FGii KtiNT On RENT—Furnished 3 room flat, 700 West Walnut. . Cc-tf FURNISHED Apartment, for Rent. 355 Dougan.. '-' 1SI'-K27 WANTKO POULTRY ',w. ces, any 'Wffl&jj n?s(¥«b%^.. . Bcneral -housework. .Mrs. IVIwll, 22C7- 18th; St! "•-; • \YANTE'U —. Hay, -to ''Dale" C. Smith, Phone B27" or" 1502-F2: • ••:•-' "i . U-GC-TP Dorii IT WANTED TO-BUY — Use-.l curs Li-lunan Ojllcspic, Deiiton Chev- Wct Co. 17P-K22 ^ . . . ... ^^- .• Closing Stock Prices A. T. ct T Anaconda Copper . Auburn -..-.... Catc-rpiller Tractor . Chrysler Cities Service Coca. Cola Continental Baking General Electric ... General Motors ... Montgomery Ward New York Central . Packard Radio Corp Simmons j. Standard ot N. J. Texas Corp U. S. Steel fa jRUTTf DBWEY GROVES • IIIXJIX IlKlli: TODAY limtVI, llOlll)l-:\ hunt, ilmi n .'ntlla rnrci'r will brlt> her furifrt bor iLiin^'lr^ love for I'OMMV AVil.SD\ "liii li rnunurO <v> hrr ^nir-nlMrr, UU:M:. .stir r;tirM uiMiui \vltit i'iti:Yriss aAVi.nitu unlll Iri-ur Ii-urttM Ihnl lu- U rlrli jiuil ninnnKCx lu trtn liljLi nnnj- froui Jtcr)], After u btihly iunr~ v rln)te Ikey ricpurt for (in>lorit'M ^vvmrlii liiiiiir, Jn tU-ximtr Tiuuniy • «lrtn!i* lii',M%ny mill jutlis evil roiii* linnlnnx. llerjl I'ali'lu'x eulil vihlle 1r)IHK In Unii bint In nice Jkliu la Im-nk vt-ttfi Ihe Ijuullep^in^ Run^. llpr tlirunt !• :invi'lrii uni] the tliu'- lor telN lirr tirr hint;lii^ itnyv tire vvrr. \^'lien Tniniu}' renll/.eK Hint llfiy I liriH ninile tttl.% ktierlnri* to Mnvu htm hi- rL-fiinii*. E;elx rtn.)l!ipr Jnli, nnil MlnrtM nEctil vonrnrK In linlah cullt'cr. lter>-l (ecl<> rcpnltl for her htu'rjflrr. Iri'lip qiinrrclM \\Hh I'rrnllH* ovrr' lil\ liltnlr \\llh IH^llllV .Mi:.\l>[-: nnd 1'iinirjt lioitic. MIC Meet: 1 . In vi En b:u k ToiilnoS l.iVf. ~>- HorauNe *i}ir tlii:i[i» llt-riy l>i tiniir, kijf tlce:c!i-.i lu lirrnk vihli lilin nnd ninke^ n tri|) ti> (ULkdule. Drrry nitrrtK ln-i hu|-*he Tfc rv-i'ns- ul/L-d liy n frlenil i,r I'renlUx ^bn li-U-i>lkiiiirri In EiEni. lu-iif tvlls Urn? 1 slir I'lin lu-vi-r injirry Mm, :in4 In- ili'iirniiii-i-s Eirr :is hi-:i j[i.^l :IM ^r.-iLLEs^ :trrl\rx. ,MI\V (; vas in no mood to listen to a reiie-j into Hie divorce. Iliou of Guylord's remarks on'ai Thla was Indeed a crisis nud U was not ot Guytord Unit Irciio thought. It was ot he-reel!! Tho nearer llio inolorcyclo ollljer appeared tlio grealcr grew l.vr almni. 'onner occasion. "What about It?" lie clnlleugeil. 'You'ro Bolting Iieno hatl!. 'I'bat nthl to Eiitisfy you." REIXO back lo nfi'd blanched couiucuMice. She could not look nway and under !:cr kilobaud's scornful scrutiny elio bu gaii to flush. He turned back to Derry, "You're mistaken," Uaylord Bald coolly "You may keep \vhal you took." "Sorry I ran't oblleo you," Dorr) Bald wickedly. "Tim young luilj prefers a man with money." 1G7 7-8 20 7-i 158 •22 1-: l"i 710 3- H2 1. 12 138 3-3 33 5-8 . 18 . 84 3-8 7 . 14 3-3 12 1-8 . 34 1-2 •20 . 87 1-4 Xork Cotton NEW YORK, June Cotton closed barely open 865 905 928 940 958 18 (UP) — steady close July Oct Dec Jan March May 980 DCS 907 930 040 9GO 931 low 84li 8U5 90S 920 939 359 s-n 887 910 920 940 900 Spots StJO. oil 30. 1 f\'cw Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 18 (UP)— Cofton closed steady. July Od E^o Jan March 'May open 803' ..003. 029 040 '.-957 982 llidh 8C» 907 030 940 958 982 low 615 abi 907 934 957 070 clc:sc 847 8S7 9!0 •330b B40b 9 SOb /""AYI.OH15 showed his surmise. " "What do you mean 1 ;" lie asked. "Doesn't she know?" "I was about lo Icli her when you canio along." Derry explained. Guylord whirled to Irene. "Is that true?" he demanded. "Is what true?" tho Kirt "Didn't you know IJerry was In \s 1 lth Ibu people >'ho struck oil (his ii'iu-ntns'!" "Smirk oil?" Ircno repeated Vfcgueiy. Onylord laushcd. "f see you didn't kuo-.v." lie said wlllicrlOKly. "Your future husband is a budding millionaire." "Never mind that future husband business." D.erry cat in. "t wouldn't have her if-r" "Why, you contemptible sueak!' Gaylord cried and lliu time Ma CiM shot forward lo a glancing mark the side of Kerry's hlr^d head. n D.\ WITH THE: tjTuiEV CHAPTER XMV iSpAYl.OHD!" Tiio uanie, ta ^" Irene iiilcred U. rails out with a terror that was the mo^t genuine einolion Ucrry had ever beard her voice. As Oaylnnl's car lie-am! I hem I Irene not-only feared him physically but saw nil chance ot a reconciliation wilh lihn fading forever. ' D:rry sat quite still beside licr and if nhe thought alioiu him at all it was to assume tlu:t he was frozen with fear. On the contrary tho youns man sat still bcc'unso he was not afraid and liec.iuss be did nor know what to do. Gaylord ilre-.v np alongside Ihem and jammed the car's brakus with n. force that scut him skidding into the banked snow al Hie side of the Eco s - 0 ,, |, 0 ii, .„ „,.., ... . road.•: lisforc the car hail coaie to marry her." I a stop he had nuns open the door! "Conic on and fight," Caylord li They all wot|ld he uiiealed' one. would know sho'd liccu in tlie park with Derry. Claylord wouldn't] forgive her nnd thu wliolo lown' would rock wilh scamlal. TK eho could only get nway sonic*- where! (iaylord could protect her then nnd ho would uant to do It for lilts own .siiko. Ircno did not lliluk all this out logically. There was no time for that. The urec tor Ei'lf-prcsui vatlou waa instiiictlvo and Instinctively sho followed 11. Just us tlio ofiiccr drew near enough to see what wns Bolus on Irene starlcd Derry's ear with a jerk vhlcli nlmost uent her over Iho wheel. Tlio maeolnc would have roared down the riutl If llio motor hadn't been no colil. The olljcev's attention ,was cen Icreil on Ilic men whoso tight waa still rasing fiercely regardless o Ills arrival. He bail come to stop them am not bo too Kciilto about It eithc for he was in a fiulillnij niood him self. Fifteen minutes earlier he'd bee cosily taking hot coflco in a come j;as station anil hoping nil driver would have Eemo enough no', t ^ speed on a day when the roads vrer i like ice. Then Gaylord's car ha got tlw motor of Uorry'u car wanned up miHlclenlly to make n isotmvay. Slio tried It but tlio olll- cer whirled, yelling lo her to slop. 'TtUONiO did not heed him iiiuMio. -*- wan determined enough lo net with iniriKHo. Tho clnccr yelled i Again, liui Ireno kept oh-Going. Her .ill.'nipl to escape wns In It- elf an Implication of wrongdoing. M'.o cfi'.rer could havo gone after reno nnd brought lior back In a iiliiulo of two but tbeu, £h« might 10 foolish enough to refuso lo halt, hereby endangering his llfo as veil a=i licr own. llo'd.lvad r-nquKh of Hint for'ouo day. .Ucsldes 1 ho 't rolng to lose bis nmu a second II me. So he yelled al Ircno n Ihlrii (Inio, warning her that ha'd flrc.'iind still slid did not ntun. Ot course iio did not lire to injuro her but sho was hurt jikl tl;o same. The bullet lore luto a rear svlieel, >nilliiK the car careening, across tho road. Tlio open door, .fiwlucnii; wildly, luouFht mi against 'a lela- e pole aiid'lho.CLir c.uuo lo a slop. 'Claylord and Derry, who hail paid no. attention to tho officer upUllio fired, .stopped llglillna nlmiptly as the gun's report brou'Blil them lo couscitiusiic^:; ot what was going on. They started running toward tho car rri It slid over tho lillpiicry road In peril ot toppling over and they reached It just as Ircno lost con- OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ah&ii *- HMF- wf< Ayr's -THIS' 2 A poufitf cjr Criic«re*i "ISM--. WltervN VOLJ <SO BACK -CHA-r-rHliSE C L.H/ERS ARE A GIFT AMP V-^A, "You Ihink you can cc-t off like! Hashed pasl al a speed that was not that, do you?" Uaylord raged. jo»>>' a llir "t violation of tilo "You're yoliiB lo tako your incdi- 'raHlc laws but also ot n cold cud cine and I'll sec Lltiit you set it! Imngry offlcev's fecllnijs. too: 1 ' I \Yhen Gaylord discovered tho ofR- "Why. damn you!" Derry. half-'.cer '" I'is ™ko ho put on mcro and if over there was a mud crying with rago struck back, "I'll \S\KCI\ nud It over there was a ECO you bolli In bell before I'll m ™ lhis' ; oilker could qualify.. at his side and sprang out. berry did not wait for him. Slid- deiiiy lio found Inaction in the face 6f*tui3 wild wian not at all lo his liking. He too stepped oat I the road, lie was directly in front ot Gayloni and in another instant they stood face to faee. "So it's you!" Gaylord rasped. urged although Derry was t and fighting well too. "I've been waiting for a chance to knock you his I off Ibo earth. Como oiuaud take nfn! it!" ' •'" '"'• ' • They tore at each other while Irene sat watching. IJut it was not tho spectacle ot the two men fight- Ing that filled her horror. "I'm going to knock you into lhe| [ t was t he thought ot her own posi- niiddle of next week." | t j on "You and who else?" Uerry re- x ow S \ K \\ i 05 t both Gaylord and torlcd. I Derry. and bolli of them were rich. Gnylonl drew back his fist and. All that remained to her then suddenly dropped it. He looked past llerry to Irene, then again to Derry. Tommy. Sho wouldn't even have the money Gaylord had promised as a settlement and if he wanted to „ ^^..j. . "Who's responsible for this?" heloaylovd could disgrace ber forever. Spots 317, off 27. asked curtly. Berry ras tlrci at being thrust •Jnto-Uie role of t home-breaker r.ud Maybe it lie'yavo Derry a good llang! jTlio ofllccr y.'fts-ln h snqv- lian'k. Ilq wasn't hd.rt rmr.ifag'nls motorcycle but lie wa's'e.ngrio'f than orey arid ;badly..^Uaken.' vji,. It toolt lilii' several hiinnles-f:o got lilmselt lOKCthcr, airl then, lakiiiK It 'for granted, that the siwctler bad sol away-from lilni^ ho' proceeded at-ft safer rate. llo headed for tho parX on the lookout for necking parties. Tiitre'd been other things In tho officer's line, of duly besides captnr ing ueckcrs—a few holdups and hi jacking parties. Wion ho cam upon trouble now ho did not jump (o fris'olous conclusions. Two men fighting In n nark, on of Ihem a traffic violator, and a gir parked iu a car could mean any thing. heating that would satisfy him and] lls went al (ho men In carnes 1 bo wouldn't ivaiit lo Urlns: his name! \VnU» Ma hack was turned Ireu»i Tho men who had fought over er, both b.illercd nnd gory, titled or tciulerly from tlio molor car ml sot bor into Gaylord's roadster, t nwilo Derry sick lo look al her ,nd KO It was Claylord 'who an- wereil tho officer's questions, Nevertheless It. wns Derry who jeld Ifono In his arms while Gay- qrd ilruvc them to Oakdalo and to lio : liosnilatj Ho : held licr but-bo dltl .noj look at licr. '"oino of licr clothing, which llio • ofiiccr dug 'ftom her Bullease, pillowed Irene's licad andDerry saw ; (hut lier'''facd was .covered as closely as'It could lie wlUiom smothering her. Hospital' attendants took her from him when they arrived there and put her on a stretcher, carrylug her away. "Do you think she will die?" 1m asked Uaylord. "Yflii niluht walt-and find out." Gaylord told him, "but 1 think you'd bettor fade out of tlio picture, Mcadp." Ucrry nodded. So only Gaylord and .Tonnr.y \vero left In Ireno'a COARSE. -"THEM -ib ME J. oa-r OF L."Boii^KT tYFF 15 SLIPPER C\M HER -^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Till: OLD KACKBTiy By'-Mas •"*-'.'",'-': '('To lio .Pontlnnei;) . BY SlSTKK, JIARV NF{A Prn-irp \vrilrr Srienro has comp tr> ilip i ovi^r till! t:isk nf .ielly n^pkinp the novirr cf>n underf-flvrf her niTempt with the nssnranre that her jellv wilt "ififV 1 if jhi? bp willing- study n little and profit, thereby. A translucent, qnivr-ring shjip? of tender text'.re and dr^lcntr- flivor —that b;.p?rlect jeily. thp kind cv- i'ry hostess Ls proud to serve. Siicky. gummy, syrupy or tough jplly he- speaks lack of knowledge in the essentials of jelly-making. To make pertect jelly, only four fr .^redients tire needed, bni, theLS ...ii be used in correct proportions, i^.-ic ingredients arc fruit juice, fruit acid, sugar pectin. Allnough is the iinporlanl. jelly-ing agent tnc presence, of fruit ncitl is necessary. Some fruits contain both these substances in goodly amounts anrt make excellent jelly naturally. Other fruits arc 1 .lacking in oric or the other and the deficiency must bj supplied trom some other source, such as another fruit juico or ex- tmctcii pectin. Half and'Half Same of the fruits which arc deficient in [icclin when fully ripe will jell naluriilly if used when slightly under-iipe. All fruits arc in pectin just before they are lully ripe. 50 if halt the fruit used is nr.dcr-vi!>c and the other half sufficiently ripe to give good color and ilavor, ir.e finest Jelly can tc made. wncr. fruit becomes toft-lip;, niucii ot the peclin changed lo pectic acid, a condition wiilcti i.'icvcnti jelly-Ing. The fruits which mukc the best jelly when used alone or= -,ich in both friiit-aci;! and pectin. Sour apples—iiicltidinj crabapplcs ranis, io'.ir blackberries, po rics. i.:i:lcr-rlpc Brajjcs and decidedly undcr-iijic rtupberrirs makr f-f.- cellent Jelly. Strawberries, poaches, ripe grr.]>?3. sweet or "mellow-riiic-" apples, pears, pineapples, cherries and njw red rf.ipbcrrirs do not make good jelly when used alone. A juice Iiish in acid has n sour t.istc, M «c may rely on our sense df lasle \\hen testing for this qual- 4.^'i. Slioulfl a juice lack acid yoi iV.i correct this by adding 1 tablespoon lemon juice to each pint of fruit juice, Tests for 1'cclin The prestriwof p:ctln, however ,s not so easily determined. The lome-inaker can depend on" two simple tests to prove the amoun: of pectin in a fruit juice. One test ^ made by the use of Epsc-in Sails •vnd the other by denatured alco- lol. As denatured alcohol is poisonous, care must be taken that the tested juice is not tasted. To test for pectin with alcohol, measure a tablespoonful of fruit juice into a dish and add an equal amount of alcohcl. If a jelly-like mass forms immediately, a large amount of pectin is present ana one cup of sugar to ens c;ip ol juice should-be ttseoY If ine juico mixed with alcohol forms Into small flaky particles, th:re is a small amount of pectin, and two-thirds cup of sugar to one' cup of juice should be used. If the mixture remains unchanged in consistency, there is no pectin in the fruit juice and, commercial pectin should bs ckied. To make the Epsom Gait test, mix 1 tablespoon Iruit juice, 1 ica- iioon sugar and 1-2 tablespoon Ep- oin sails. Stir until the balls are dissolved and let stand for 20 ninulre. The jeily-hke mass or the 'ormation of flaky particles indicates the amount of sugar to use as in . the alcohol test. ' • To Retain Flavor Since a certain amount of pc-c- In can take care of a definite amount of sugar, the pectin toil is very important. Too ranch su: makes a gummy, sticky jelly, mid loo little a tough jelly. In addition to the tests the following hints are worth keeping in mind. Make' jelly in small quantities.' The color and flavor are mucr. finer due to the sho.-t cooking period. Long cooking darkens the color layer of melted paraffin and cover! UOOIl CLUE TO MOTOKIST with ti-.e tin covers of the glasses.' DECATUR, 111. iUP>—When a Store in a dark, dry, ccol place. ; hit-ant!-run driver ran down a vtc- A second extraction of juice al- tim here recently he left a clue ways should be made. Return the which police believe, may lead to pulp to the kettle with enough water to cover ai:d Iie.u slowly lo tb.2 boiling point. Simmer Rbout half an hour and proceed as before.. his being taken into custsdy. 11 was one of the doors of his par, which was lorn off when It struck another car as it sped a'.vay. Tomorrow's Menu | CASTALIA, O. (UP)—Mrs. Ruth BREAKFAST: Grape fruit juice,' Gardner, 23, was killed here re- cooked cereal with chopped dates, | cemiy when her clothing caught in cream, oven toast, milk, cofiee. : a washing machine and strangled LUNCHEON: Eaked eggplant and har to death. Her body was found tomatoes, cheese biscuits, apple i late at- night, by her husbr.nd n;i3n jelly, milk, tea. Ult.NBR: Cassorole of calf's liver, creamed cauliflower, endive and bacon salad, c'r.eny custard pie, milk, coilec. his return from work. STOCKHOLM HAS SUUI'MjS STOCKHOLM. (UP)-- Stockholm I shows a budgcc surplus of $2,456,! 600 In 1930. The revenues from wn- Thc annual world production of ! ter, gas and electricity exceeded the silver is about 250,000 ounces, the j preliminary eslimatcs wilh about bulk cf which is u-,cd by tlio: S804.COO and the city real estate chemical industry. ' board reports a surplus of $503,200 Asks Bids for Repairing Summer Palace PEIPING. iUP)—nids have been nvlted by the Pcipinu .immlclpiil iovernmcnt for rep.Ur of the Long Corridor of the Summer Palace, iavoritc place of the laic Emprcss- Dowayer and now one of the lead. show places of the tonncr cap- Hal. ! : The! corridor, made of wood, and brightly painted in brilliant reds and Rrecns, lias been deteriorating raaidly. It was feared that it. would soon disappear nlloselher. It has locn decided to repaliu and restore- Die wood, and build new rails along the lake. li Leipzig doctor lins developed an nntitoxin. known as "antikenn- toxin." which, after bjlnp; inj;t;t- cd into the .skin, is said to relieve fatigue.' AND HIS FRIENDS IP" \ H-H-HOVJ DOYoODo... YSR TAKK YOUR CHOICE, FRECKLES! AS A Bcrf. t Kh!3vi ~>oiJ \-\vS. TO I A «aoo TD.-G.... A-JO IF voj •ijo-j-o Cf-ae TO ACCEPT AMY DUE Cr W/ MllLl. BE 6REATLV PLEASED ... . VOL) Y L i;--j VJA»JT To 1UCUJDE AiJV.OP. ALL. and destroys Ihe dclicata fruit ila- vor. It may also cause the natural pectin in tlio Irnit juice to chanbj to pectic acid. This often is the reason why "jc!!y wo;Vt j;ll." After w.ifhing and rcmovin; hulls, stems, blossom ends and from quinces tr.c seeds and core, put fruit into preserving kct'.le . with jun: enough water to prevent small juicy Inn'ls Eiirh as Iwrries and currants from burning. Hard irulis such ai >los mu.-t, be cut in quarters lo make tender in order to extract the juice. When the juice Hows fr«- ly. Mirn inlo a jel'ij" bae nnd allo.v ' .luicp to drip through without sqticrzir.i;. c-asnrc. After trtling for peclin. Ctwk this first extraction ovrr n Lot fire for-five minutes. ir.inine; if neccfsary. Add required amount of sugar and continue to rook rapidly until Jelly is dam. When It's Done .Telly.js '-done'-' when it "sheds" from a largo mc-fal spoon or when a drop .or t\vo placed on a £oU sauced jellies. • Pour the Jelly into hot stcrili/.cn glasses and cover with a thin layer of melted paraffin. When the jelly ts'cold;'cover with ft second thicker AflY OME A VA^ATIOW OP To (*V SO'/\^£C PLACE OSJ "WE LaUS — A T51P TU7OO5tl CAMAOIAJJ ROClilES — A COUJSS UP TO ALAStiA — A FR£i6HTSa OtJ TW6 fiOEAT LAl<:eS.,.. JOST cuijice MI£l-l_,SO Trl* FRECKLES i I'W, WI5H1V P20UO TO>.Eb!=T .Z D.-T....M TO Tfty AMD REPAY you K>a MDOR ACT OF MIHAT TO SAV,\:-HISW I WEST A RAl'-ROAD FR|E=HOS_lF SO, THAT'S VOUT2 PB1MIU6SE WASH _TUmiS tt-'sTHEIR Re'icut &Y ^«0 EPiSY (;KTS A SUKPHJSK: VSRV WsOT-OUSLV- AMD LOOK IHSIO£ W- 60t INTO Trt' E BY STICK \ ! EM UP!! K. LWE-NEARLY WONI6HT. Tt\e SMIX-GLER'S HAS S6E-N COIN& ON FOR HOURS. Tti£ COUK , UHOIA WEY WERE "Rj M£6T, 15 Y ARE UMSECWE-O W«ew6IV\'T; If Rl&HT OkJE. Oft t^OT. ' . ." ' -» I

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