The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT fARJU COURIFR NEWS Defeats Hackensmitz In ; Two Straight Falls:Bald ; Eagle and Elliott Win. Winning two straight falls. Miko JiCroricy. Memphis Irishman, re- ffated youns Haekensmltz , re- rcntly of Blythevillc, in (ho feature iwucli of last nlehl's wrest- Una. card at tlie armory. Thr> first fall .n-as registered In 53 minutes did tlw second in 31 minutes. A haudfull of fpni sot In llvj show. f" the seiiii-wlndup Bald Eagle f>f Memuhls won over Fred Fray of Mltle Hoci when Pray was unable In return lo the vine after loslw; (he second full to the Mcinnhts man's bodv scissors Prav had won the first fnll In five mlnu(e<; with n series of fiyins' marcs ami niltl Eaplc won the second in 10 minutes. • .John "Suear" Elliott, local mid- dleweialit, n"«iled but six mlnutfs to dispose of Sweed Johnson of SU WhalT .Vo Fol\ff Claieite 1 .' .Something will liuvc Ui lie done. The oilier cluy Ihc l'oii':e Cia/elle, lie Leading Illustrated Suiting Journal In (lie World, siis|*?mlcd iiubllcatlon. The riuunr » p ns bruit- L'<J about thai a tidal wnvo ol ilcbls had engullcd the old pink sheet with such a checkered llfi! story. 1-ciha'iS the old Journal's creditors can be induced lo declare a moratorium. Tim Police. Gazette must not perish. If it does, HIR baiter shops might ns veil close up. Fomscore and seven years «E') our forefathers brought forth (he Polii-c tinzeUf. dedicated to the pro]>c.slltun thai all men mr cri'iit- cd loveis ol manly ami ti|Ktiind- ing literature and nrLs—-wlili a InUe racy coloring to Intrigue the fancy, gentlemen. II was liurn In violence in 1845; It lived Ly violence; sturm aller storm shook lln: old Oa/etle, but until now II always came up fresher than ever and ready for more. Kill (h* Reporters! In (he beginning the Gazette was WKDN'ESDAY. -MARCH 2, 1932 McCarthy Sees Yanks in First Drill I/iuls in Ihc preliminary- mntr.h.,,, crusntl(!r , t . s very Jolmson w»s a vlellm of a bod/ Missors applied with consiuerabl 1 : levcraife' by Elliott's loin; lanky legs, tt was n one-fall match. Hltlrur to Klclcin* . Haekensmit.z svnd Meronev pave a roush comlnir out pnrtv for f'o fmnll frroiirj of fans attending the first wrestling show here In a number ot 'tears. TTnck and Mko look turns about kicking, slanplne and foueine each other. Hack also In- dulofd In a little hltini! on the side Mike Twvlrin slightly mere attention to his business, went on to win. Action during the 23 minulrs that elapsed tcforc Ihe first fall was recorded was considerably faster than durlne the rest of the match. The urapolers made graphing a side line during the first few minutes to Indulge in some hpr*e pl&v nnd roueh-as-rough-can tidies to .the delight of the fans. BotVi men rfepcndcd mainly on arm locks and 'f? locks for their pun' ishing holds and Mcroncy finally nlnned Hackensmlt?. with a, double arm pin and body straddle olt'.«rwise known us. the "crab hold" in n minutes. Mwoney Stronger Tt took Meronsv a lonacr time to canture the second fall but It arjnearerl afler the first li> minutes that he would eventually win Hack .nanlshed MeTon~.v severely with A body wissors but after Me- ronev broke the hold he appeared stronger the rest of the w«y. W; tones tortured Hack with several nrm.locks In •uccetston. Htck fave It tin as a bad nlcht when Make enueht his left arm in a If?arm lock. The serhi-winduo was fast most , of the way. Bald Eaele might not dlh its o|>enmg Installment of the ife of Bob the Wheelwright, In all charged ullli the murder of ils fifth wife, stirred a saloon riot n which a man was killed, and a few others sutfrrrd such un- omforlablc los'jC.'i as fingers anil ars. George Wilkes, brilliant editor ol hat early Police Oaiette, stirred h e city with sensation niter scn- allon. Wilkes' wars on the underworld and Its political affiliations eached the point where half a hundred niobsmcn of the period attacked tho cellar where the Gazette was printed, killed a re|»rter and sent Editor Wilkes and others to the hospital. Playing their roles In Hie. orwet. led by Boss Hurrluston. well known gangster of Ihe period, were folk with such quaint names as Nobby McClicster, Donkey Dora Cole, Lizzie the Poor 3eauty. Country McCloskey, Deaf Martin, The plant was demolished, and the battle, in which several mobs- men were killed, rns«l In th« streets for hours. Alonf Coom the Sheriff The sherllf swooped down on the Gazette In 1857, and Editor Wllkcs was oul of employment. The Journal continued, however, though without Wilkes It lost character and circulation, U passed Into the hands of two engravers In 1872. The old Journal was in the last slates ot decay when Richard K. Foxv-a young Irishman with energy and Imagination, took It over—and restored It to robust health. Under Fox Ihc Gazette aimed to please. Within its nnecs you Athletes From Many Lands Will Gather In Palestine I'or. Games. IIV MII/rON BRON'NKR LONDON, Mar. 2. — .Bcflimlrrs March 29. Tel-Aviv, the little I'nl- c.slinn .Jewish city, will witness mrnelhlntf the world never hns ."MI—an all-.lewlsli Olymplo Gam- i-s. In v/hleli Jews from all over j tin 1 world will demonstrate llieir - |)iouT-tt in .sjwrls.. Some nt the test amateur nth- li'l.'w in]K are Jews, lii Germany hisi year the Kiir/.-Fcrlxr- ' Nathan-I.ewln'team won the Oer- j man sprint champloiwhlp. Her- j :in. llci'Kman, Roscnthal and Jak- jlowiL/ made aood records in the ; inklillc distances. Theodore Levy of ! Hmnburg won tile public school championship in the 100 meters sprint. Dr. n, Prcnn, champion tennis piayer of Germany, 'will efl to Tel^ . x - , Aviv. He is one o fthe Interna- Threir mi'ii watclifd wlfh 'Jntertst Ihe oiK'iiini; workout of the Ncu'jtional Davrs CUD players and was York Yankees at Ihelr Kt. Pclcrsbmif, Fla.. training camp. The gen-lone of the 1930 doubles champ- Stars In All-Jewish Olympics; Ing their fathers' occupations. Arthur Ln Planto brought u of itirent Ixvause lih father works In :i coUon mill, liireita FJIipskl came hi wllli n rookie tiox Ivrnu'so her fallu-r is a .stniekceper. Imagine isnclu-rs surprise when Uitly Co:ill, falta 1 is a s:e- tluji h:ind. n]i]H':m'd wilh a tntt- road Hi 1 . PIT? IlllL Last Time Today MaUnot:— 2::!0 - Night— 6:45 Adm.— Matinee— 10 and :!0c — 10 ami Moc tlemcn (In the ordi-r of their Importance?) nre. left to right: George Herman (Babe) Rulli. Manager Joe McCarthy and Lyn Ijiry. wnilc Ruth Is sill) a liolclonl. he co'.ildn'l testst the hire of Die tall park. In golf clothes, the Bambino look his regular turn in balling practice. J;u-k Sliarkey, "I'll stilt be tinhl- >l 50." Wrll, as Kayo Chrlst- ntr uld to Jack Deinpsey. that ions nt Wimbledon. Dan Ferris u( the A. after refusing to accept A. U.. Ceurgc Spitz's new record of G feet 7 fi-8 n the Indoor high Jump, changed ils mind and allowed It. Clar Wood ought to get Mr. l-'enls to time some of ULs new records. • » • If the nations yiilhered at the Olympic games In slimmer nrc as peaceful and friendly us they were at l,ake Placid, there ought to be a swell chance for another World War. Gene Vciuke, who set n new mile record the oilier day, Is 23 and a high school student. Fast, you. illjlit say, but ihoroiigh, • • » The Iralriinf cniup season can be- lln now officially. Henry Johnsnn, another Yankee pitcher, Ims ap- pcndlrltk lost .the first full, but for 8 pre - wnt e d guilelessly, as 11 lo say, reckless soring' Jor Fray wliilc the Utter wj>s crouched in a. .comer. Pn«y evad.°ri the Memnlus. rnlddle- '. goodness, can aucli things 1 c'over 'there might be Two Chick Gridders Named To Honor Group Jimmle Lee Brooks unit Mnx Us- rcy of Blytlievillfi high school have been named lo meml)eishlp in the National Athletic Honor society, according to aiinoimrcmcnl made tlie .'iOOO-met'er champ- .,,.,, I athletes will come lo Tel-Aviv and [ one-half of one acre feeds the ctii- AmniiK the Austrian Jews who will attend will to Blodv. who won ! <-'trm*<iy, wit the Auslvian championship [or 150 • is II. G. Ci meters in <.M minutes, and Prance, I who won ionshiu. Cztchoslavakla Is sendln?' from the Hogibor of Prnijne lh» best Jev,'ish sviiumers in tile world. U. O. Cohen, who will lead Ihe \ llrliish team of Jews, came sec- iond in tlie sprint at lb".last Olym- ipie Games. H. M. Abrahams, one! of the best track athletes England ever had, may go along as. an of| Tola!, since 111 health hns compcll- i rd him to giv.? up all track sports. The impetus for the Jewish Olvmpies comes from the organis- ation of "Maccabi," .which in 35 years hns become world-wide and numbers more lhan '150,000 trpm- Wliurthe fiiSt Jewish Olympic sames are held in Palestine soun, the men shown here will bt coiilemlers for championships j n nm- ! nine and (ejuiis. Above is shown D.inirl I'renii, Tennis ehainiiliin i.f I RK10 High Pressure' with William Powell and livolyn Brent Also News ami Comedy Thursday and Friday -Matinee—2: lf> - Night—i Adm.—Matinee—10 and Night—10 and 3f>c *' 1>f ™". '« n "'s *>,,, < ; fraany, with his »ife, the fcrnitr I'ruuleiii I.olle Srtuiiiill. Iti-lnu ohtn of Cn-at ItriUin, internationally knmin sprinter. thnt thousands of Jews will lnkc-nc.<c Six (ilucks Arc Duo Letters for Baskotbal] Plav I <liflcrence in Innd mecl, says Dr. . Baker. The second is the difference ' i In Intensity of asriciilluro as is i i st:o'.™ by Ihe fact Hint the J.iu- ; aness lives on less land than die ; iworly fed Chinese. i Coach McClerkin announced today Hint 8 members of Ihc Ely- high Pupil Surprised Teacher By Taking Her Literally the past season. Although r.?c- ,, WEBSTER. Mass. (Ol'j-Thc ll squad were , nrst-gradc teacher at bring bers. The members, .of the Mac- j ]l«e to receive letters for play dur- school suggesteil that pupils b: c:ibl hope to develop athletes of * "" ' their own nnd ?nter' them In the international Olympics of 103C, as ognlzcd as lettcrmen it to tlic classroom articles repressiu- hero. Requirement for pen-Bnd-ink drawing of tlic inter ...-,, . ,|Ior of som e notorious New York floor rie started »• smcs ofi e that pinned the bald rush. and when Eaule hit | j Or perhaps there were some S e ^^^^^F K: =^^^ r SF&S ± er ,n1 r r e rTnf', S n Z fefVw^o. '^bUef ^ fi » tnSeVi • 1.'Inside'there was a column of nnn rnaicn.-^ "Noose Notes," revlewlni the eur- ' Kid Be"; "blacker than black ««t hangings. There were piece rJvrn u-us the «in-ivor of five about the gas-Ill night life o Ses \"o started In the own- the wicked city, highbrow scandals ins battle roval. Bear outlasted flaming youth grisly dens, leinal two ormments who staved in the desperadoes, Ihe girl who coul rin* with him after the others «*. 50 raw eggs in as many mm went down and out. The pair had utcs. Nothing Uxat might 1m of the nisht. ' - [inspired Barnum as a Journalis c^thm- but couldn't turn the trick, was left unexplored. Finally both decided to (rive un ... rutner than take anv furl her Tried to H«e Sultlwi I.lcknJ charice of- beimr the lone survivor! Fox played a role in Ihe balls In the rine with Bear. hoo that made John L. Sullivan ' Durlne the battle roval the low- figure of almost mythical powi er rope of the rine broke and rtc- Once seated at a table in on? o snite:the efforts of officials, wrest- those "sporting theaters" of (I lers and 1 repair the bygone days. Pox noticed Sulliva an atreement to dWwse of "enr al another lable, drinking sloi toeether but coulrth't turn the trick, damage it was of little use the rest Canon Give* Beauty Hints to Women CHBISTCHTTOCH. Kn?.. (UP)-Alarmed by the "utter waste of monev" on Jiosticks and rouef>. Canon W. H. Gav Is tubllshine his own beautv hints for the-house- w!rM here In his church maeszlne. l*t me ptvssnt von with a proscription which. It followed, wi'l save you a lot of money and will preserve your schoolairl complex- Ions far more effectively than thoM messy and sticky compounds." he wrote. • "Here It Is, Wuh you face in admiUnncc to equal to or above tlie. scool avenge for throe consecutive semesters, Both Biooks inul Usrey received letters in football last lull and Uiooks is libU-d in the uroiip of IcUcniicn in basketball announced tflitny. i : Jimmle Tipton is the only other member of the society now attnid- , e society are a letter in one ma- ' \ng school. Tiplon was nnniril a r or two minor siwrls and grades member last year. fill If letters will 'be awarded Palestinians, chnllenigng the rep- \Sto\iv as Hinds of the team are resentatives of other nations. In j exhausted. the past, many Jewish athletes ! The men named are as follows: have taken part in Olymo'.cs as Tipton. center; Punic, Moslcy ami nalionnls of Gcnnany, England ! Short, forwards: nrooks. Tlolland, ami other countries. Wilson and Webb, guards. The program for the Maccabiah is very much like that at Ihe Olympics, with races for men and women, high and long jumps, putting the weight, throwing the discus and javelin, relay races, suim- ming, water iMlo, diving, tennis ' WASHINGTON. . (UP)-It re and other events. [quires ihe crops and pasturage of The biggest teams of athletes are itwo acres of farm land to Iced tlie expected from 'the United Slates. I average American while the aver- Gcrnmy. England. Czechoslovakia j age Japanese lives 0:1 the output and Bulgaria. Other countries of one-fourth of "one acre, accord- doubt-! 3 Japs Live on Output Of Quarter of an Acre which will send athletes are Lithuania, Latvia,- Finland, France, Austria, Poland; Australia,." S\vit- ! economist, zeriand Hungary and Rum Ing lo thecalculations of Dr. O. E. Baker, Department of Agriculture u-iiami nuii&.iiy juu iiimiLunu. one acre supplies the average It is estimated that 1500 |German. Dr.. Baker continues, and Wednesday and Thursday Matinee—2:30 - Night—0:45 I Adm.—Matinee nnd Niffht— I 10 and 25e •Sec 'Panama Flo' wilh ,Helen Twelvetrees Also News nnd Comctlv A Convincing Romance Under The Big Tops. Also News and Comedy Yes,"Suh! Here's-Nature's throat-ease!" hot water, usine ordinary soan. PiU the jug.with boiling water and. putting a towel over your h?ad, hold your fact over the Jus, allow steam to penetrate the pores. Finally, bathe the face with ordinary ' cold water, using no soap. "You would be astonished if you know how much women and girls spend on face creams, face .set> containing those funny little bottles and absurd little brushes. Oh. my sisters, what an utter wiste of money!" He scnV a message, asking Svill van to Join him. Sullivnn's rep was: "It's no longer from him me than from me to him—and' he wants to see me, lie can do t walking.". Did Fox's face get red? As as his halrl And he set out at once lo find someone wrio could beat John L. to cnrlh. He backed Paddy Ryan for (he Job. IMddy fell before those thunderous fists. He tried to make Frank Slavln believe he could trim John U After a long build-up Slavin \vas all but slsln by the Boston Irishman. Finally he sent Jake Kilraiu against him. and put up a $1000 belt as prize. When Sullivan beat Kilrain, Fox became his friend. » • « Bleak Is the Path Ahead But now Fox Is dead, and his Gazette has fallen upon evil days. Somehow we hope this rumor of Land •* Famine According to an American professor at the University of Nan- king, Criin*, there have been 2000 famines in north and east central China during the past 2200 years. SUrt have been found tbat an Trttt MOO to 10,000 tunes as bright u our sun, ts demise Is exaggerated, and (hat again the magic breath of life will be blown Into those once-pink pages. For, if the Gazette passes how shall man pass hii time while awaiting a shave on Saturday night? low can F. Q. (or DeBurre. Vt.) find out how long one may live under water? How shall we know- where to write for card tricks and those lipel stunts that "amuse your friends"? Where will we find Ihe "fountain of youth." or a $1 automatic (hat "never misses fire"? It's too appalllngl Perish the Police OiMlte? Perish the thought! ... "The w»y Tm feinc new," says You want to know What leaf we grow To make those OLD COLDS you arc smokin'? Well, that's a sheaf Of OLD GOLD leaf Smooth, ripe and sweet—that you arestrokin'. It's leaves like these That gives you ease. Throat-ease without no conghin' capers Real "heart leaves" rolled To make OLD COLD "With nuthin' added hut the papers. Yes, suh, I've grown The leaves, and known That when you open up a pack o' OLD GOLDS, you get A cigarette Whose flavor comes from Prune Tobac SMOKE PURE-TOBACCO OLD GOLDS [No "oriifiria) flavors'* u> Kcmlcri lh« throat or tainl llio bronlh . . . Not a COlljlll in a carlo.lll! J

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