Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1897
Page 24
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DAILYPHAEOS FRIDAY, DEC. 24, 1897. QITY MS.WS. Buy slippers at WUley's. See Hauk before Christmas. Fresh, oyster* at Rothermel'a. Large bunches celery 5J—Traut. The holiday rush is on at tbe post- office. Plenty ducks, chickens, turkeys.— Traut. A merry Christmas to all our readers. Don't be misled in buying shoes. Go to Walden's, Boy's and children's reefers $2 and up at the New Otto. Dressed poultry, cat fish and eels at BAT'S fish market. Hand mirror, hair brushes, etc. at Johnston's drug store. E. W. Anderson and family will spend Christmas at Marion. A new school house, to cost $15,000, will be erected at Peru. Children's shoes at Willey's Cash Shoe Store, Third and Market. Sweet pumpkins for pies at Twells & Behmer'i, Sycamore street. Oar new smoking jackets to arrive this morning.—The New Otto. Sweeperettes, carving sets, children'! sets, ladies skates-Orismond. Huntlngton Democrat: Mrs. Jas. McGourty was a passenger to Logansport thla afternoon. The Misses Clark, of Indianapolis, an tutting their grandparents, Uapt and Mrs. Dan Mnll. Robert trlbson has returned to his home near Fords Grossing after an absence of two yean. Misses Blanche and Maude Stuart left today for Carthage, Ind., where they will spend Christmas. Miss Emma Duggett, of the South aide, will spend the holidays at Chicago, the guest of relatives. Flno candy In handsome boxes ready for quick delivery for Christ mas presents at Wright & Britton's Get a bottle of Golden Wedding rye for Chrl&tmaii dinner, 11 years old, 116 per cent proof, at McHale's. Stewed chicken and escalloped oysters, celery at the Cupid tonight The silver tea se<; will then be given away. Our line of plated ware is unbroken and includes everything new and desirable for the table, Taylor, jeweler. Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Eversole and daughter Jessie will spend Christmas at the home of the doctor's father at Delphi. Mrs. Elizabeth Clary and daughter Lillian and Mrs. O. J. Stoufler went to Huntington today to spend the holidays.' Miss Margaret Adams, ot Fifth street, will spend the holidays with friends and relatives at Rlihmond and Cincinnati. Morris Jennoss, of this city, ha lately erected a neat residence on hi farm near Auoka, and the same Is occupied by his mother. Harry Tousley, son of Henry Tous ley, returned yesterday from the Bloomlngton university to spend the holidays with his parents. "Story & Clark," Newman Bros. and "Waterloo" organs, in many beautiful styles, at J. C. Bridge's, at lowest prices and easy payments. Dr. David Million has retired from the practice of medicine, owing to ill health. He Is fifty years old and has practiced for twenty years at Royal Center. Mrs. John E Ftnder and son George, of New Tort City, are guests of her brother-in-law, Esquire G. W. Fender, and wife, for the holidays. Misses Mary and Kate Moynihan, of the Southside, will leave Sunday afternoon for Louisville, Ky., to spend the holidays with their sister, Mr*. Richard Bennett. f Services will he held at St. Bridget's church on Christmas day as follows: First mass, 5 a. m.; second •masn.Sa. m.; last masa, 10a.m. The choir will render a special pro- gramme. Josephus Davis, of Bartlett street, Soathslde, is anxious for the welfare of son William and family, who left Kenoett, Mo , overland, for this city in October, with a wagon and one hone • A shipment of chairs which was delayed on the road has just arrived at Ash & Hadley's. These consist of oak and mahogany, inlaid with pearl, a lovely gift tor Christmas. Call and gee them. Joseph Minelllo, a Kenneth quarryman, had his left foot so badly mashed yesterday by a heavy rock that amputation was found necessary. The operation was performed at St. Joseph's hospital by Drs. Shulti and Hetherington. At St. Vincent de Paul church tomorrow high masses will be celebrated at « and 10 o'clock a.m., at which services Meroadante's mass in b flat will be sung. Vesper services will b« conducted at; 3 o'clock p. m., at which the choir will render a specially prepared musical programme. THKEE POLICEMM • Witnessed the Span-In* Exhibition at the Kink Last Sight, JOT FOR THE LITTLE FOLES. And no Hard Blows rt'ere Struck— Tne Crowd Sumbered Nearly Two Hundred. Whatever the Intention of the managers may have been, the presence of Captain Foley, Sergeant Morris and Patrolman Costello at the rink last night, bad a tendency to discourage the expectations of the two hundred old and young men who lad gathered to witness the sparring exhibition advertised to take place there. To those accustomed to such sights, the arrangement of the ring looked very much like "the real thing" &nd had a tendency to quicken the circulation. The ring was regulation size, twenty-four feet, and was elevated about three feet above the floor. The floor of the ring was covered with canvass and the posts supporting the ropes were padded. There was also a gong which announced the beginning and end of each round. Charles Nye acted as master of ceremonies, "Regular" Bay as referee, and Frank Duckworth as timekeeper. The exhibition opened with a five- round gc between Wort Hoffman, a local blacksmith, and Dick Johnson, an ex-Panhandle switchman. Eight- ounce gloves were used, and notwithstanding the fact that Johnson gave the beat exhibition -of science, Hoffman got the decision. The second event was the attempt upon trie part of two professionals "Kid" Hennessy Tierney, to give and Prof. 'Jack a reproduction of the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight at Carson City. It was a fair exhibition of scientific boxing, and in the end FltEslmmons' famous knock-out blow was repeated by Hennessy, and was plainly seen by those seated nearest the ringi Tierney is by far the cleverest of the two men. The last event was to have been a six-round cop test between "Pomp" Bailey, colored, and Jack Kennedy, of Indianapolis, but as the latter failed to appear, Prof. Tierney was substituted. The men sparred three rounds, during which Tierney made a monkey of the pretentious colored fighter. CHICAGO MAJRKKTS Manager* of the Kindergarten Schools Wire the Children a Treat. There was joy among tbe little folks who attended tne kindergarten schools shls moraing. There are two of these schools and between eightv and one hundred children attend them. The school on Broadway in tbe public library building Is presided over by Miss Nfchol?, with Miss Lizzie Troutman as assistant. The 'children at this school had a "high ol(! time" this morning, and made a display ot ihetr training that ellcted many words of commendation from parents and visitors. The programme consisted of songs and marches and tbe little tots entered heartily into their tasks and seemed to eoj jy the occasion as much as the visitors. After tbe drills had been completed refreshments were served. These were furnished by the patrons of the Broadway school. THE TWELFTH STREET SCHOOL. The Twelfth street school is in charge of Miss India Kandall with Miss ^Edna Stevens as assistant There are 65 children ranging in age from three to five years who attend this school. They were all present at 9 o'clock this morning to take part in the Christmas program. It consisted of songs and marches In which all joined joyously. The children had been taught to make many kinds of fancy articles, and after the exercises of the morning these were distributed by the chil dren among the patrons of the school Then followed a treat of ice cream and cake to the little ones—Mrs. S. T. McDonnell furnishing the cream. There was enough joy in that crowd of little folks to make the whole town happy if eaually distributed. Many persons visited the schools and all express kind words for the work being done by the ladies who have been instrumental in organizing and maintaining these schools. Received Dallj by W. W. Mlluer, a 9. A. R. Building. Chicago, Dec. 23, 1887. Wheat— For Dec. opened. 99 Jc; high, 99tc; low, 99c; closed, 99c. Wheat — May, opened 94J-c; closed, Corn — For May, opened, 29j@fc; high, 29Jc; low, 29Jc; closed, 29|c, Oats— May opened, 23Jc; high, 23Jc; low, 23c; closed, 23ic. Pork— Opened, 18.95; high, »8 97; low, 18.92; closed, 18.97. Hogs — Market opened 5 cents higher and closed steady. Be celpts of hogs. 32,000; estimated tomorrow, 28,000. Mixed, I3,32@3.52; heavy, I3.32@I3.45; rough, $3.20@ 3.25; light, »3.32©I3.45. Receipts of cattle, 2,500; sheep, 5,000. Cattle strong; sheep firm. Curb, 94|o; puts, 93f-J-fc; calls, BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS - - - AT THEx - - The Golden Rule AND SAVK MONKY. •»•••••• ** SCHMITT & HEINLY. Holiday Goods— NECKWEAR, MUFFLERS, SUSPENDERS, HATS, SHIRTS, "We are headquarters for the finest lines »f COLLARS, GLOVES, CUFFS, CAPS, UNDERWEAR, HANDKERCHIEFS, SLEEVE BUTTONS, COLLAR BUTTONS, PULSE WARMERS, HOSIERY, Etc. MAYOR McKEE Requests Business Men to Close Their Stores at Moon Saturday. Logansnort, Dec. 23, 1897. Editors Pharos:—I have been requested to call the attention of our business men, and ask them to close their places of business Saturday afternoon (Christmas), so that all may have the opportunity of enjoying at least a part of our Christmas holiday. GBO. P.McKKB, Mayor. Officers Elected. At a recent meeting of the B. Y. P. U. society, the following officers- were elected for the en suing vear: Pres.—Wm. Huckleberry. Vice Pres.—A. C. Davlsson. Seo'y.—Elizabeth McGregor. Treas.—E. D. Closson. Pianist—Ida Fairman. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRSCFS CREAM BAKING POWDER OLD SiSTA CLAUS Will be at the Various Churches Tonight. The Sunday schools of the various churches of the city will give Christmas treats to the children this Christmas eve. Exercises will begin at about 7:30 o'clock and consist of musical and literary programmes, followed by the distribution of candy, nuts and presents, as follows: At the First Presbyterian church, the programme will be music, recitations and a treat. The Christmas services of the Cumberland Presbyterian Sunday school will be held this evening at the church, and consist of a cantata and Christmas tree. At the Broadway Presbyterian church, a free stereopticen exhibition,appropriate to Christmas time will be given under the direction of Prof. A. W. Gamble. The Broadway M. E. will have a Christmas tree and a programme of music and recitations. A Christmas tree and chimney will be the chief features at the Market street M. E. church. The Evangelical Sabbath school will have a tre« and a free treat for the chlleren. At the Baptist church, a Christmas cantata will be rendered, followed by a treat for the younger children. The Christmas exercises of the Cumberland Presbyterian Sunday school will be held this evening at 8 o'clock. All the friends of the school are Invited. In nearly all the churches In the small towns and country districts the Sunday school children will be given a Christmas treat tonight. The Episcopal Sunday school will not have its Christmas until next Tuesday evening. Something That Will Please. A box of choice confections or a dainty basket of tropical fruit makes a most appropriate Christmas present. L. Solimano, the old reliable dealer, is sole agent for Guenther's fine candles: also sells tbe choice goods made.:oy Lowney, Allegetti and others. Nothing can surpass his holiday display o' fine imported novelty caudles, fruits, outs and candled fruits. Drop In and look at the display, even tf you do not buy, Volunteers of America. A special gospel service will be conducted at the Volunteers armory this evening at 7:30. Meetings will be held tomorrow aa follows: At 3 p. m. a praise service, at which Captain Murphy will speak. Subject, "Two Christmas Days." At 7:30 p. m. a Christmas rally, Mrs. Murphy speak Ing. New songs, good music, everybody invited. Admission free. Ferfun Are Liked By all wlio receive one of those handsome atomisers filled with perfume at Graves' book store. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS at lowest prices. Men's Boy's and Children's Suits, in every style, rsriety and color desired at Unheard » f j^^, 8 Ove ^ te> ^^ Md Reefer, wffl be-old at One-fourth 0« for SpotOath._ ^ Over8t ocked. This is Special. Don't fail to look these bargams ™. We have the largest and finest line of 50c Knee Pant, erer oSered.Open evening during holidays. J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS, 322 Market Street, logansport, Ind. WORLD'S FAiR,CtHCAGO, 1893 Sleighs. Get a sleigh for Christmas, •tock t» Henry Tucker'i. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Shoes at Willey's. Dressed turkeys at Rothermel's. This is overcoat weather and the New Otto Is in it. Miss Llllie Bowman will speud Christmas at Peru. The Frank Pottmeyer horse will be given away tonight. Master David Neville will spend Christmas at Marlon. Peter Castle and family will spend Christmas at Lucerne. Mrs. F. M. Logan, of Lafayette, visited In the city yesterday. Miss Hattie Coleman and nelce have returned from a visit at Cleveland, O. Rev, O. S. Hadley Is holding revival meetings at 510 Sycamore street. All invited. Rev Mrs. Stone will lecture on India, Sunday evening, at the Broadway M. E. church. m Maurer and family are over from Indianapolis to spend the holidays with relatives. The Misses.Rogers, of LoDgclifl, have Issued cards for a German, to be ?lven during the holidays. Those swell Hartman & Co. sample bags at the New Otto are great- half less than regular cost. Mrs. E. Maurer, of 701 North street, is entertaing her son, Efl Maurer, and family, of Indianapolis. Mrs. Wm. -Simons, of Mexico, was in the'city today, en route to Anderson to spend Christmas with relatives. • W- W. Wilson, secretary and or- eanizer of the Foresters, is here spending the holidays with his family. Mrs Frank Polk, of 818 Race street, went to Kokomo yegterday on account of the serious illness of her sister, Miss Daisy Polk. Misses Clara and Bertha Greensfelder entertained about forty of their friends last evening in a delightful manrerat their home on Market street. Miss Helen Brulngton, who has been the guest of Mrs. Cbas. Kreis, has gone to Danville, Ills-, to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Drompp- Manager Overshlner, of tbe Mutual Telephone exchange, and family, together with Mrs. T.S. Freeman, went to Elwood today to spend Christmas. Panhandle freight brakeman C. R. Little snflp.red a painful injury to his left eye yesterday. While standing outside a freight car that WM oetng Full unloaded and looking in the door a steel sLatt fell on hi» head, inflicting a deep gash near the left eye. Dr. Hetherington dressed the injury. Holiday slippers at Willey's, corner.' Third and Market. Otto Geyer of Lafayette will spend Christmas in this city. Misses Mary and Ada Warner will spend Christmas at Kokomo. Mrs. Berry has gone to Illinois to spend the holidays with relatives. Ernest Warner of the Eastend is recovering from a spell of sickness. Mr. and Mrs. Q. A. Myers went to Indianapolis today to spend Christmas. The caboose of- the Efloer local burned in the Panhandle yards this morning. Misses Teressa and Susie Gardner went to Cincinnati today to spend Christmas. Jacob Westeweller, of the fire department, has returned from a trip to Kokomo. We don't want to carry over stock. All Christmas goods at half price tonight—Traut. The promoters of the sparring exhibition at the rink last night are $80 out on the venture. W. W. Gresham and family, of Sycamore street, went to Galveston today to spend the holidays with relatives. Mr. Frank Beam of Fifteenth and Market streets will entertain friends from Bloomington, 111., during Christmas. Edward Hawkins, of 1503 Spear j street, Is In receipt of a fine Lew- j ellan setter dog, presented by • Lafiyette friend.. Everybody wants-Tra-at's $45 Singer sewing machine; can't begin to wait on the" crowds; they know a good thing whenr they see it. •'.••. Licensed to wed: James W. Spencer and Sarah C. Fisher, William W. Merrill and Boxte Swafford, John EL. Glsh and Anna E. Vernon. An aged and unknown man, badly intoxicated., fell from the south end ot the bridge extending from Blddle's island to the Southside, at 11:30 aj] m. today. He escaped injury. The Logansport hotel company nas increased its capital stock from fig, 000 to »15,000. The company operates the B iraett hotel and is Interested In the New Murdock. While John Chuey, near Delphi, was hunting, he was killed by the accidental discharge of his gnn, the whole charge entering his breast just abOTethe heart. He was eighteen years old. GEE=WHIZ! That's what the man said when'' his laundry came home yellow, or» and faded. Then he •oncluded t» try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned afi white as snow and without ,bei»g torn in the least. Call up pho»e 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Christmas Presents SPECIAL. Satin Slippers, $1.60 to 12.40. Strap Slippers, 75c to $1.60. Quilted Slippers, 75c to $1.55. ; Plain Leather Slipper*,50c to $1. Children's Legglns 76c to $l.M. : Ladies' Warm Lined Shoes 76c to $1.50. Men's Slippers, 50c to $2. Baby Shoes, all colors 60c to 111. Children's and Ml«ses' House Slippers 50c to $1. ' WALTER MAIBEN, 412 Broadway, <• OPPOSITE—BJBE—HIVB : HOLIDAY The handsomest, and best assort^ meat of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the city. Attractive ud U»efml Gifta, fountain peni.calling cards, c«rd case* pocket booki, box stationery, office etc., Longwell A Patent Leather Ooz Kik, pink, green.red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing lor winter. ~Stevenson S KUnsick. 403 Broadway.

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