The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1932
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. MARCH 2, 1932 RI.YTHEVIULE. (ARK.) COUUIEU NEWS Invading Japs Top China's Groal Wall 'Continued from I'aijc One) >'.cMc<J liuic help. Evidently the kidnaper'had b:-en &lovr-d and hr.d been either stockinged or his ~}>ws covered to leave no marks. Sr-.u- ih e main road a woman's .'foipiinis appeared. This save a due the kidnapers had u woman n« orvpHce who would '.valch O\TT il.i! until fitch a time as ll;fv cuuld b.injiiin fur [is I'lunr Urops Streamer Meantime two oecurcnccs sslih IXfcsible .significance occurred UK thousands of iralice, .state hoopers, nml volunteers aided a hunt for the kidnapers." First a mysterious airplane this [ afternoon He*' over Ihe Lindbergh estate and dropped a streamer with a weight attached. U appeared lo be ft strip of canvas. The Lindbergh home, however, denied ] China's (ameil Great Wall, built MOO years apo lo protect that, il concealed a message, l, lol withstand ihe onslaught ol Japan's determined army PAOfi THTOl! her Iran the northern biuljanans. conlii j.,'this afternoon with the fololw- IIIK unsigned pencil mpssngc: "Baby safe. Instructions later. act accordingly." made of advinelnc thiousli Manclimia. AMve oie sec- wall. brick and granite filled in with earth, Marts at the eastern sea const ami winds westward! for 1500 miles, separating China proper and Manchuria. v Second, [i post card to Charles 15j lowil j^nose Iroaps. waving a battle lias and Hiving a SliouL of victory, as they v.ii'mounli'd Jionlr'hf'a nrail'ixK'at, Ncwark.^N. Lion ° r Illc wil1 '. thc " rsl " m e the ancient barrier has been surmounted by an im-udcr. Tl "of brick and jjranlte filled ill with earth, starts at the (" for 1500 mllc-s, separating China proper ai Only a Few Minnies to Live 11.5. SETUP is mm (("nniimii'd fi,i:n I'aei 1 I) him In maki! u crop next year <n\ 111- HWH . .•:::i!lr«'K. Cc.nnly Conimlller NaiiieH The rui'.imiu-,' io pass on (ipiill- < Minns for u. s. m ,,> pimiuulon loans in iln Clilrkmiiwlu dlilrkl Of MIssisMpul cniinly this y«u will probably conslsi o( A. IS. l-'ull |1:>M. A. Conwav. und K. M. Terry, all uf lllyltii'Vllli-. Their names liiive liri-n Biibmlltnil lo the Memphis IMII office bv Coiiiiiy Ainm J. I',. Cvili. niirl approval is expected. Mr. I'airdclil scivcil as eliniriniiii of tin- coimnltlt'e (hut passed 0:1 food und free! loans lust year, niul tlv ti'iijlory under his jnrlsdk- I lion miuli 1 an excellent rn'oril in repaymnu of lonns. Oilier members of IJM year's roinmlUir were A. M. Unit, now itond. and E. M. Woodiiid of Dell who asked lo lie rollpivrt became of difficulty In alhiulinu eminent Hirelings C H RY S L E challenges t with these questions WHAT IS THERE TO MATCH CHRYSLER'S PATENTED FLOATING POWER ? All tflktfiiur, nort beautiful iw Chryslers have Floating Power — an entirely titw type tft*ft*t suspension—which taltsfirslflacfumunii the rntineei-inx Ja'ttofi- mmts of mtJtr* Hans. RrvvlKtianary in firtncltb— umatienat in results. Sen*alien in Kuropt . Mar. 2 i UP I—The kid- naping of Ihe Lindbergh baby cuiiiKd a sensation UirongliuiiL Europe. The press in London ear- vli'd streamer heads on Ihe story. Hiving it greater piomiiiLMice than the Shari»li:.! fUhlina 01 lhf > larlff. Setk Car in Washiii'ton WASHINGTON. Mar. 2 (UP) — The police i.idio bureau shortly ulttr noon st'iil a call lo nil patrol cai-s nnd sialionK in \Vash- "inaton lo watch for an' automobile bearing a Pennsylvania llmisp, diiven by a man and carrying a woman and liuby. The police alarms said the car had been ?ren here and should Ire slopped in connection with thu Lindbsrxh kidnapinj. jn-!av: of Colonel Lindbergh. Special guards wer c sent at thai lime to watch over the 15-year- o'.d girl student at Milton academy. A series of letters threatening her life had bsen received by various members of the Mor- luw family. The letters demanded n huge ransom. Although Ihe au- ihor of the letters was traced to Boston the case never was solved. Miss Mono* now is at Smith college at Northampton, Mass. Ohit) Boy Kiiliuptil NILES. O., Mar. 2 tUPl— Police started an immediate search lo- dny nix>n receipt of reports James IX'jute. Jr.. \'i. son ol a prominent Trmnbull county contractor, was kidnaped as he was on his way to school with a younger girl consul. Police were advised James was seized and carried awiy in a yel- «^r roadster. 'i>£DHAM. Mass., Mar. 2 (UP>-The kidnapiiiB ol the Uudborgli baby recalled an extensive plot if: 1923 lo kidnap Consiance Morrcv. youngest daughter of the laic Senator Uwlghi Mertow. and sister- Dcaili came soon lo the three kneeling Chinese whom you see here. Medical Director's Will To Aid Mountaineers ROCK ISLAND, 111., ITJi'l-Cllll- dren of Virginia and Carolina' mountaineers are to benefit evcnl- nnlly by ihe will of ihc late Dr. B. Franc Moirill, .v.ipromc medical director for Ihe Hoyal Nelchbors ot America, who dleil of a disease contracted whlie powileis lipstick and manicure working amoir^ them. Dr. Morritl's will provides that Mrs. Ethelyn Morrill a slsWr-ln- luw, in Ran Francisco. Cal.. shall have • use of S25.00C durins her life, and Miss olive Salmon, ol Hock Island, shall have use ol 515.000 dutinK her life. After Ihe deaths, their t?(|iiests are lo go to a. IrusL fund io be i utilized for educational woik in [Virginia anil Carolina, states, Ihe. income to be used for nidlns worthy young men und woni?n to obtain nn cdncnllon hi the iirac- lice of medicine. Ftying Into a Temper Toncliv . . . iniiablclEvtri ihin^ uiT licr.Shrrcc.UI.vJiin. PiTikhani's Vc^jc- ublc Ctiinjxnnij to icothclicr nerves jtnl hiiiU u|i he: licjltii I))' its Ionic actiiui. Scmelimes from 30 to 70 garter snakes ar c bom in one brood. These .snakes attain a Icnslh ot from 24 lo 30 inches. WHAT 1 r* MATCH CHRYSLER'! AUTOMATIC' CLUTCH? Comtltttly Automatic, Malt! drivlni tuprfmcly lim- ple. I.etvct jour left foot perfectly idle. WHAT TO MATCH CHRTSLtR-S SILENT GEAR SxuxrroHf Kfforllrsi, iiiitant, cluhleu •clcaion of * higher of lower ge»r at any rat «prrd—ai cjsi- \j -a moving a ]e»d pencil. WHAT TO MATCH OHOTSLKIf* FRJX WHEELING? Chry«W'» Free Wheeling li an entirely ({pirate unit at the rear of the tramm»fion. WHAT TO MATCH CIlKVll.F.R'S HYDRAULIC BRAKES; 'I"he)f never need lubrkation. Alwajri tymalixtd brcauie they eyujttc ihemtelvet. WHAT TO HATCH CHKVSU'.K'S CKNTKIFOSK DRAKK DRUMS? A tteel drum with cut-Iron titiiiH!-tlir Jnnn.and ihr lining permanently futeil t»- grlhrr. Brjkesthatlastlinurr, remain cooler, retain uniform elUcicncjr. WHAT TO MATCH CHKYSI.F.K'S AI.I--STKEI. BODY? Chr)'' rr "ee! bodies ire of ull-iteel coniirui linn, rigidly reinforced iiid welileil into one piece. Sound-iniuUtcJ. WHAT TO MATCH OIHYSLF.H1 DOUBI.E-DKOP GIRDER. TRUSS FKAMK? *. trjmc o( entirely new de- lijn. Aniavintly ribtiil ron- (truction — i uistdniiui-proof 'foundation for the luidy. WHAT TO MATCH CHRYSI.F.R'* OlI.ITK SCUJKAK-PUOOF SPRINGS; Rrt>Lir'llr» of mini, tnnw, ice •or din, dirsc sprint:! will mx ft]ini4k. Springs rliut nrver neril liitirk'atinti. Standard OEI all thrrc new Clir> p slcr Kinhts. WHAT TO MATCH CHRYSLER'S SPKED ANI> PICK-UH? You may never care to drive 75-85-41) miles w hour, - tut (lie treat powertlut nnkes these iperd) possible nutcei Chrysler perfdnuance the most enjoyable under the sun. WHAT TO MATCH CHRYSLER'S EITOHVI.KS.S STEERING? Wumeii rspccially ni)oy Ctirysler stciTinji. li not only nuki^ urivinu easier, but it ii yo much easier to park. . NHW CHHYSLP.K SIX NKW CHKYSI.KK IMFHKIA1. RIGHT H^t^H^I, W5ioS9U n,,, B,* MU,l> ir?>$ to $2195 (A»MMMi« OMtll M ttl SJE«I. 98 ntr«) NEW CHKYSUiH JilGHT . NRVP CIIHYSLBK IMFBHIA1. CUSTOM KIOHT fbi tfJt HtitU JHi5 to J1695 Sir H,J, Mtdtli te»iS to J.iS95 Alt flint f.* t.jtoltrr. Dmftett fifttj FI*H tJI»m w*W«r4*« C»HH* ClfiJi. OM»l*ii It •• SU ««V £tilt I >•!»•», ?i/.J*y^aJay*^«/W<«i. tit: •HJ-nttf*iir CuiH, 19.S4 4 G Z W. T. BARNETT AUTO CO. Rlytheville, Ark. WAUNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA- SAWliA DISTRICP. M1RSIRS1P PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS St. Ix>nis Soiithwesicrn Hailway Company. Plaintiff, No. S157 vs. St. Francis Levee District, el al A few minutes after tills Courier News-NEA Service picture was taken, the trio nas executed by tlielr Japanefe captors on the Manchurian front. Nole the dlspalring expressions of the doomed "ic 11 - j rjsr A ° k C llav A. Cancel George Ray. W. G. Petty, G. The Christianized native at the rlgtit Is seen in an attitude of prayer. Maglothin, Tom Alexander and American-trained Chinese General Taken by Foes Stomach Operation on Baby Saves Life BROCKTON. Mass.. IU!>) — A n'ljor operation on the four-day- Oirl daughter of Mr. and Mrs. '.Miomas uo.siello of Providence, R. I, has been successfully performed Hi Ducy Hospital. Soon af!3r the infant's liirlli, it was discovered that tile slomach opening was not sufficient for it to function. To save the baby's life, surgeons removed ils slomach, severed muschs to provide an opening for (ood, and then replaced t . ';ie child is recovering. Army Enlisting Men for Hawaiian Service SC]'Eu=ant Long. Ideal army recruiting officer, lias received authority lo enlist ti limited number of .previous service men who have Ix.rn discharged within the past 50 days for service in Hawaii. Men who enlist for this service will sail from San Francisco April field artillery. medical department, miavlermaslcr corps, and engineers. No minors will be considered at this time, it is said by Sergeant Ling, who says the army is se.?.k- 1ns only the best ot American man- hooil. •apudinei \6est~ \for City Elevator Bahia, Brazil, Is built on two levels, one section 195 feet higher than the olher A huge elevator is employed to carry people up and down between the two sections of ihe I cily. W. Wilson, are warned to appcn within thirty days in the cour .named in the. caption hereof an Switzerland's first skyscraper, a building of 20 stories, is under construction at Lausanne. the complaint of the plain ilf, St. Louis Southwestern Rallwa Company. Dated Feb. G, 1032. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris. D. C. Cecil Shane. Atty. Ail Lllem. 8-15-22-20 WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COUK'I. CIITCKA- SAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS Mrs. Mollic firadley. riaintilf. No. 5145 vs. Mrs. J. C. Hopper, el al.. Defendant. The defendant,';. .Mrs. J. C. Tfop- per. and or Mrs. Mary Hopper, personally and as Administratrix of the estate of J. C. Hopper, deceased, and George Andrew Hopper, a minor, are warned to an- j pear wilhin Ihirly days In (he court ' named in Iho caption hereof and j answer the complaint of the pluin- I .iff. Mrs. Mi'llic Bradley. I Dated Feb. 16. 1932. The door of Ihc building that Gen-! R - u CAINES.'Clerk, B y Harvey Mnrw. u. u. Inrcns Evrard. CLASSIFIED eral Wang Keng ot China thought was the American consulalc In Shanghai luriied out to bjs—the Japanese consulate. The mistake in judgment cost him his freedom when Japanese sentries captured him as a spy and seized highly brief-case. General fCeng is a Wst . Pointer, and here you see him as he appeared at the time of his graduation tram thc U.S. Military Academy in 1918. Atty. Ad Litem. HSE*ffiQNE LOOK! PALM because^ It I'lYtt relief by soothing l«'i e . m . Ctntji Won't spiel itomKk. Being liquid, it lets quicker ttan pUlsor powders. S«!<! It dn; stores i*th|lt do*, or Ilk. 30c,«0c««ei. LOT SAVE After .March 3. 1032 These Prices Will Go Into KITcct— Hair Cut • Z5c Shaves - - - 20c Plain Shampoo - 25c Tonic - - - - 25c Open from 7 A. M. to 7:30 I". M. With First Class Work Broadway Barber Shop Red Ball Barber Shop O K Barber Shop DIRECT CONNECTIONS Phone 306 The Want-Ad section of the Courier News is the "central exchange" wherein the seller is given a direct connection with practically all possible buyers.where employer "gets a line" on needed employees—where owners learn of suitable tenants . . . this "central exchange" is operated by courteous, efficient Want-Ad Takers trained to offer every assistance in the preparation of resultful classified advertisements. COURIEITNEWS WANT-ADS

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