The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER or NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOTJKI VOL. XXVHI—N'O. 298 Blylhcvllle Dally N->*S. Blythcvllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader, lllytlicrlllc Courier, ULYTIIMVI1.I.K; ARKANSAS, WKDN'KSDA Y, MAI1C1I •>.. LINDY READY TO PAY $50,000 RANSOM Chinese Retreat From Shanghai j Vole hy Districts j i In School Klrcl.ion. ]?esistance Promised If Japanese Invaders Press Inland. SHANGHAI. Thursday. Mnr. :i iUPl—'the nalive city of .Shanghai was in flames today as the torch and incendiary bombs were applied In Chapel in (he wake of the retreating Chinese army. Chapel wns burning, along a mib ] front. Huge cotlon mills exploded I with terrific detonations, the Jinnies shooting hitsli in the nir. American obramis claimed Ihe Japanese were selling Ihe flrcs because of snipers nnd machine gnn ' nests lemaining nfl.?r tl'.c general Chines- withdrawal 12 1-2 miles from the city. Sore Throal? No. SHANUUAJ, Mar. 2 1UP1—Clli- nofc lielc.-.bc troops rancHnteti their Ioflificaliur.s around Shanghai under a wiiluTiir; fire today and re- r.'iatlislicd iiusiliam miles t,> Uie rear for nnolhcr dnggctl stand. Chinese commanders ol Hie 10th Koute Army, principal Uelense u'.'.i'.. fun" as (icons enn]i!i'letl an orderly vttref.l to srcnml H'.ic defenses. The evacuation began shortly n!- ler Ihe expiration of a Japanese Ultimatum threatening lo blow up main Slinniliai railroad lines. U.S.CROPLDAM | OTIS Ell I Wooden iNickt Arc Okch Now Marsh of Uie declared "the ficlu lias just be- movies doesn'l have a sore throat, might suspect. She's only off a fnshlonabie new as- red and brown and (Borrowers Must Agree to Cut Tlioir Cotton Acre{e by 35 Per Cent. MTTLE ROCK. Mar. 2 lUl'l — [ Application blanks for federal fan • crop loons will Ire in Uie. linnds ol j county asent's in Arkansas by the mldilh of next week, it was announced today by 'V. Hoy lleid, assistant director of the University of Arkansas coltese of agriculture L i xi f 'tistnn service. Comity and community loan committees have been set up by county agents and hav.*} been re commended lo the Iviemphls pro- di'rtion loao office. Even wllli Ihc additional S2b.- nnofHV) ui;-:ii Hip U.S. denarlment of agriculture by the reconstruction finance corporation as an- j t-nuuccri yesterday the amount of f"'vis available in Arkansas is more limited Hum last year, and individual loans must be held to a minimum. Reid said. Th.? extension service has been requested to assist in examination of Arkansas applications which fall in the district of Ihe Memphis while. Her new spring chaiwau is of rough brown straw. I'.ie main Shan-Thai railroad lines. ITTIini/rn HTTfl •WitWn a lew hours Ihe Chinese jl I i fll ll L U ILIU iretps were, behind fortifications| H {H|l[\rn hf III I2'.i. miles away, Just outside the " l y I IIUUL II; UL I U . zone around ths international stt- •iienitnl which•• Die Jrjnricse 'had demanded they exaciiale. "If th e Japanese choose to a'- laek us here we will defend ourselves," a spokesman for the route army said. "I-ar from end' S Ihe batlle. it is just beginning.' Chinese leaders claimed whereis Ihe advantage ot tactical jioalio" '.'•as with the Japane;: aitackers in the fighting around Shanghai, .the defenders now held '.i-.c uppev liand. "The Japanese must carry Ihe fighting away from 'heir supply bases and warships and (hero ar-; no roads [o aid them." tho spokesman said. Red Tro»M on Sakhalin TOKYO, Mar. 2 tUP) — Soviet troops have landed on Sakhalin island, the southern part of which forms the northernmost Japanese territory off the Siberian coast, the Japanese consul at Alesan- drovsk reported today. The consul said 600 Soviet soldiers had been landed. There were no further details and no official comment. Imprisonment for Life Ordered Within '24 Hours of Honolulu Crime. HONOLULU. Mar. 2 (UP)—John Fernandez, 23. Portuguese milk truck driver, was in prison serving a life term today on a charge of attacking Mrs. Waltinabi less than 24 hcun ago. Fernanrte?. was. arrested a few hours after the attack yesterday morning. A special session of Hie grand jury was called. He was charged with rape, now a capital crime at the judge's decision, and when ho pleaded guilty was sentenced to life Imprisonment. Keep Navy Men There WASHINGTON. Mar. 2 tUP)— The navy department decided today lo hold ten vessels anil about 1,000 men in ' Honolulu rather than dispatch them to the mainland for ileet maneuver otf California. office. Musi Cut Collon Acreage Federal erop loans will not be made to any cotton grower this year to ossist in financing an acreage of cotton in excess of 65 percent of the acreage planted in 1931 by Ihu individual- farmer or th'e IcnanU^of the farm who-borrow money from this source, .states Reid. The individual borrower must also agree that he will not have any interest whatever in n cotton crop In excess of G5 per cent of tin acreage in. which he had an in- erest in'1931. The individual who planted not more than 10 acres of cotton in 1931 is the only one ex- empl from Ihis provision of Ihe regulations Xor the crop produc- :lon loans. The loans to any one individual are limited to $400. The total amount lo be loaned to tenants of any one landowner in a single county is $1.600. Loans on cotton and feed crops will not be mad? in excess of $6 per acre and in counties where fertilizer Is not commonly used the maximum loan rer acre will not be in excess of except that an additional loan of not tn exceed S2 per acre may be obtained for the purchase of material lor dusting to protect cot- Furniture Company Buys Building On West Main n «as learned Ihe orders were 6 i issued as a result of the attack •s f. i Son A\varcl(!fl("".-''i".' Contract (or $300,0001 Poinsctl County Job. Conlniet lor the extensive rn- iirtjwnrnl of . Urnlnugr DIMri.'l | Seven's St. Francis llotxlwny hi i I'liinMlt coiuilv has teen nwiirded • Vnllmci- and Son, Inc., lllylhcvlll.3 drrdiiliiR cuntmclors. The local Him was Ihe successful bidder uiKoni! sis companies seeking Ihe • bin construction Job. i (JoiislrucJIon o( leva's nloni; llio ,'tKiiimlnrlr.s of ilii! 25.000 ni'i-i: ilnod- ; wav, leveling of tin- old levers, I End ffjnslruellon of s]il!lways will .require 14 nioulh.H, with some sis expression, "Don't take'diasltu? machines employed in llw ', It Is estimated. Tho cnu- lirlri.' Is said (o be apprnxlm- I Manila A .if rile old .ny wooden nickels." dossn'l ii Ihe village of Tcnlno, Wash., .ear Sftiillc. When all the banks lascd. Ihe Chamber of Commerce sued, scrip of ihln pieces of pruce veneer as legal lender. Ami .ere you rw Kathryn Moses (join? hopplim with her wooden monl-y. lot Snrings Promises No Publicity to Allrpf.t Seekers of Freedom. Hlyiiii-fllli- Shuunfr in ii M H 1 1 •IS I 11! Ltt i 7 lu I \ 'J. II 134 -in A two-slorj- brick buildi 4C5-OT Wost Main slreel has changed hands in one of th? principal realty transfers of the new '">,-ear liere. Tlic building has been sold to the Hubbard Fnrnilur? company by Mr. ana Mrs. Joe Isaacs for a consideration in the neighborhood of SI5.000. The second floor oS the building will continue to be used as slora^e rooms; of the furniture company ing aJ c ' n Mrs ' L !Ioi>e. wife of a navy machinists mate, in Honolulu February 27. Officials felt it was unwise to shift more men from Iheir homes al this titr.e. Engineers Will Study River Control Program WASHINGTON, Mnr. 2 (UP) — Major General Lylle Brown, chief One of tlv? two ground floors is | of army engineers, acting under a occupied by the district conimer- I resolution of the house flood con- cial office of the Arkansas-Mis-1 | f0 j committee, today appointed soml power company and ths other !a ccmmifsion of four engineers to by a billiard parlor, which, how- i examine and possibly recommend ever, is .being moved to another [changes in the present- Mississippi location. jtlocd control plan. ton from Insects. Use of Money I.imiltci Loans on truck crops including Irish and sweet potatoes will not be made in excels of $20 per acre. Loans for fertilizing and spraying and dusting materials for bearinz fruit trees and vineyards will not be niEitle in excess of S25 per acre. Loans, not to exceed $1 per acre of loans for crop iiroduclion. at thcfe rales, may be used for repairs and miscellaneous expenses ot crop production olher that! seed. feed for work stock, fertilizer, fuel and oil for tractors. Loans will not be made to ncr- isons who did not farm in 1931. ' Loans will not be made for Ihe purchase of machinery, or livestock. or feeding of livestock other than work animals, or for the payment of taxes, debts, or interest on debts. A tenant must secure a waiver of .rent from the landowner to obtain a loan: and a landholder who farms with tenants or shar; cron- pers must obtain waivers of such RV BOVNDEX uxm;mvoonT United Prr« Staff Oorrrsponilcnl HOT SPRINGS. Ark.,' Mar. 2 (UP)— Arkansas' 90-day divorce law has not failed to live up lo fondest hone of the some MS-hotel mnnn»?ts and hundreds, of lawyers here, but totlfty their zeal lo "keep things quiet" had precipitated a 'battle" between them and nows- paiicrmen. lawyers, believing publicity will drive away the lucrative divorce busings which they are attempting to sidetrack from Reno. "America's divorce capital," have obtained (he support of the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce in their effort to have absolul?. secrecy surround "even the most obscure" divorce cases. The first round in the "baH'o" between the lawyers and Ihe newspaper men was awarded the bar. The lawyers obtained permission lo withdraw all papers from the flics until action is called for trial. Tho reporters readily admit defeat of this ]»inl as they say when the "longest hearing" lasts but a few minutes and "11 will bD over before we can get wind of it." Sonia reports say lawyers are "guaranleeing" no publicity will be connected with suite they handle- that is not until It's all over. This lack of publicity, il Is hoped by business men, wil! help the Arkansas Spa to "out Reno. Reno." Government figures show more than 300,000 health and pleasure seekers come to the spa yearly. It has tlie distinction of having more visitors than any other National park with the exception of Yellowstone. However, hotel owners nnd olher visi- i atclv $307.000. The prniKKcd new llixxhvay has irri'ii Involved In Illlgatlon over n K'iod of months. This was only mriitlv cleared up when the district readied an aureemenl with ( county lantlciwners 'H^litlu!; ill" propty-'d (lomlway by whluh a spillway will be built lo pas', the same amount of - water from Ihe lloodway Inlo Ihc St. Frances al n ixiiut In upper Cross county ns the o!d floodway mouth. In ahuosl the same place. Tills uRr.-emcnl resulted in dissolution of an Injunction thai had beeh secured to re- stiatn the district from dlvcrlliv; the floortwny water cntir?ly from Ihe SI. Frances al that poiul and 1 emptying It eventually Into..(it. Frances hay ninny miles further mvn the river. Tr-3 new flomlway is rxprrlcd lo provide adequate protection for Poiusett farm lands which have inundated in the phst through water from the St. Francis nbov the floodway and through jrcnks In levees nloni* the present narrow tloociwav which has provnn loo small.. The .situation is in general similar lo Dralnaw Dls- Irjcl ITs problem ut Big Uike. west of Blythcvllle where cnglu- eers r.?co»nlzc efforts to hold the lake nt hlnh water limes within Ihe narrow confines of the present levee system nre Impracticable. Incldcmnlly water from Big Lake, through Llllle Itiver. evenl- nally cmpliss into St. Francis lake and the floodway in Poinsett county which js to be enlarged. The proposed floodway will rim diagonally from cast lo west across Smedley Butler Will Run for U. S. Senate HARRISBURG. PH., M>u- 2 (UP) -Gen. Smedley D. Butler, retired marine officer, today announced his candidacy for the Republican ilnatlon for U. S. senator from I The commission will give partic- ns Melville. oimsport, La., and Arkansas City. Ark. tenants before a loan is granted. Pennsylvania "with the backing ot Governor Pinrhol". "I will have no statement make ai this time.' Butler said. Nfonrcc. Morgan City. Also the commission will consider the praclicabiltly of artificial channels on the west side of the i iver to discharge flood waters from (he main leveed channel. The commission Includes Col. j Harvey B. Ferguson, Col. George nd Poinsett county from SI. Frauds LiV? anil Intn Cross county where entrance into SI. Francis bay Is provided. Comparatively llllle farm Itmtl is Included in the new Hood- way, but large tracts of timber arc in tho area, with considerable swamp land at the upper cml of the floodwny. Dy providing this bip new Howl- way commissioners of the. Polnsell county district hope to relieve the flooS danser which has consistently threatened fertile cultivates lands In eastern Poinsett county and sections of Cross county as will.' The new uroicet will be financed by the district through ar agreement bv which n five ycai suspension of bond payments am Interest K declared. Taxes received bv the district dnriiiK thai time will be diverted to pay for the lieu Pooriwny project. 3 arlial Returns Indicate llieir lilcclion lo Courtly School Board. lieturns llHerin^ In liulay fioiu mil of Ihc •!! sehwl (iislrlcls tn Mississippi county jjave H- J- i'iultius ami Lex Nichrlson a iimiuildlns I I ':H| uvcr J. C. Chiipln and O. 11. Co.ik In Ihe race for Hi,. I wo wills In be tilled on HIP: county whiwl band. Meiulcvu wns riumlnR Jiral \vlth •117 voles lollcvved by Nlcliolfuii with :ir>:i votes, chnpin with 'J-tS iincl Ccnk wllh sin. Ulythcvllle polled 134 vules for Meadows. I2!> for Nicholson, 4& [or Cliiiphi-und 12 tor Cook. For ill-. lectors of Illylhevlllc sjieclai sciiool' dlsirlcl CVPlI Shaiip with 17:t volu's and Charles Ltmoi:s with 174 ere ir-elected wltliout. opposition. The same lield true In numbers I other districts nher c locnl m- ecicrs were elci'lcd without oji- ositicn. At Icasi one ilistrlct failed i vote any school lax. The enmity school board will .:ike 1111 olllclal ranrnss of the cintns ul It:; next reuulai 1 meet- R en March 15. l.lghl Vuie at Osrcitla CECEOLA. Ark.. Mar. 2— Only ourlecn votes ivrrc cast In Ihe chix;! eleclbn line yeslcrday, C. C. lirotti) and II. J. Hule run- ling without opposition for rc- lectton 'to membership on (he oeal school board, each received 74 •oles. 10 voles «crc cast In favor of (he 18 mill school lax and •! Ballots were not marked either for or the Ins.' For membership on the county joard of education I.cxie Nichutson business men point nut tors attend the resorl in "season!." and say that with an Increase in the divorce business there will bo i'o need to close many of the hotels during a great part of the year. Believes Improvement Brou«K Will Make No. lie isn't dressed up for a costume parly. Tills 8-ycar-old fey Is entitled lo wctw lits fancy'suit with kiire-brecches nnd pumps '.all Ihe year round, for lie's the E»rl to GMusboniiighAfimi J the. youn?- cil earl In England.-His.;gr*at- ereat-grtitidfather' fife *J»st "such mi outni Iu l«W. when he received (he Illlii. Reward fov Alxludors Withdrawn for Fear o.f Endangering Child. .,.,; TIIENTON, N. J., Mar. a iUI'>4 Aftu Oovemor Hurry Mnore-Ind- uced a reward of $10.000' llir . llic capture of Ihe I.lndteruli bii)>y kldnii]iers. ami Ihc ntnle senate hiid ;• rosolvrd to Increase (lie amount.-, In s~'5.000. the iievmnt wiis can.- celled out ol consideration -' for Colonel Iilndbenin. '. . :--'•, MiMirc telephoned. the distraught iallii'i anil told him ol tlie proposed iietlon. Llndl:crgh i-xiires.vd ihe fear the reword mlp.hl-cndan- ' eer his child, whereupon rcwi)T<! •; plans were cancelled. , ' - '• liCI'FAVF.l.L. N. J,.-Mnv. 2 HIPJ '.-' —Charles Augusts Lindbergh,. Jr.; • l.lue eyed mid fnlr' luilreil M mon- lln old chilli t>I Colonel nnd Mrs. • I Inlljcrgh. Is held tntlaylov $M,- . CCS u.nsom. Ssiv.wl In his crib last nvjlil «s IU 1 lay !iluiubriiu;r and 111 ..of.,, ft.- :olil. ihe baby was taken uvvay by tai'.n:'.prrn. one ot whom la bei:\td lo \w a woman. ," ."'. V.'ith cold (larliii; the actual kid- -i.'lj^r citipv up a shu'i section?! hcldor Into lllo s'.tTiid llqor nurs- i.y some lime biiwccn 7:110 .iilij iO IV M. las', nlslrt.. .lc.iik.-llw .lillil clown tin Bidder, nnd left- :c! ind the ra'KCin demmul. 'tills note, demanding {50,000 tov liir child's ivliini, -was reported" u havo ::ald hi uubsUinirei . . "Well be back -U-inonaw (Wai- : :~!\-ilay) to Ujlh business.- ; boil I'. '!>lk io r'ollco" or the paperi!" -.'- JIM M'FALl OF CODIEII KILLED -cceivcd votes. II. J. Meadows 12; Ciiapln I ami Cook I. ILL FIGHT FOfl •ijui.cj a. ri.i^iibuii, 1^01. LtCOI to' Spaklin", First I.t. John Bean a D. A. Marston. Will Enter Hoover in Ohio Primary Contest WASHINGTON. Nfar. 2 (UP!Postmaster General Brown at the White HOUSE tod»y confirmed rc- liorts that President Hoover's name will be entered in the Ohio primaries Mils spring. Xevafrx TaVrs New Survey RENO. Nevada, (UP) — Men are busy throughout Nevada these days surveying the state. Most of Nevada's land belongs to Uncle Sam, and every time in old survey Is checked — particularly thaie made by surveying contractors In the. pioneer days -^ It h shown to ))o wrong. .,and owner of auv rent note, mortgage, land sale contract, or olher paper and muM enter Into an agreement not to assign, transfer or hypothecate si:ch paper without the written consent of the rjov- ernmeiit representative in charge of crop production loans. Those who obtain these loans must show that provision has been made for producing the food and feed on the farm. If only a small amount Is borrowed this year. It should be possible to retain enough of the proceeds from this year's cron to finance the crop production of next year, if reasonably favorable weather conditions prevail. It should I* the aim ol every borrower to hold tho amount of nrescnt loans to such a low point that thrrt will be sufficient iMt, from this year's crop lo enable (Continued on P.iKe 3> of Arkansas Justifie^ LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 2 IlIPI—! A picture of low cost ot tt.inspcr- 1 tatton. from Ihe wheat, oil and ccltcn fields of the mid-west and .oulh to the gulf was pMttted here by Colonel Clarence Douglas, representative of the Inland Waterways Corp. Douglas, here on an inspection lour of the Arkansas river, said navigation of the river was not Impossible but the cosl lo moke it navigable would be tremendous. He hastened to add, Iw.sevcr. that "the freight tonnage which the river could carry from the o11 . wheat and cotton fields" of the sccticn served by the river wouTd more than pay for il. expert tmnounctj th*t there are more than 35 kinds oj poisonous gases ready for t the next war. - dur- Wife of Dean Noe, Dcniec Divorce, Will Ask Custody of Children. MF.MPHIS. Mar. 2 (UP)—Mrs Ellen M. No?, ultc of Ihe deal of SI. Mary's Episcopal calhedra loday began a light for custod; M her iv.0 small daughters, Ics than eighteen hour.- alter she ha. Rate (Of U. S. Senate heard Cliancellcr M. C. Ketchm: dismiss her divorce suit. "1 nm Just tmjinnim,' the figh lor the ciislcrty ol my children she said. The decision came after a Uo day trial in which the home life cf the couple was laid bare. Mrs. Noe asked a divorce because her had refused lo eralify LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 2 lUPl — Charles II. Rror.ah. former governor, . will opa'n his campaien for U. S. senator March 0 at Favetteville, t v,ns rer-*rtc-l here. Brough. a lecturer for the University of Arkansas, was reporlsd o have nnf.ouncetl his plans alter hi board of trustees of tlie school adopted a. resolution prohibiting acuity members irnrr. participating in state politics Brother oi Victim of Accident at Burton Gin. Um!b»rjh Colonel lilridhcrjl't, "ttrliA'Aitit rs- ticent, aided In searching .for. the •• Wilnnr.cvs mill \v»s. yei>ti>f,tiitciJ as Icady pwsonnlly.'•-•-, Ki;tlnllfji)r, for Ilii 1 child's return.'.. ::' In filet It wns stated nnlliorltn- tively thnt If Ihe lueinis mid occasion for'- dolui; so were nrn'IoT, tuowil 10 Umlberuii lie would niiv- ilii! 'klclnii|Ki7i for the rclurn of" liie baby. Thousands ol- police and slat<v nv.opers were put on guard wnlc'i- : lua hlchway.i nnd'slate anil na-' . .-.onal boinulavy ilnen. •--.,. The kldna|>er:; apiiarenlly Iwl mil. rrnll^cd the furore and" re- . \vlth e. will, and Ihe federal ,c[c,--,i .iiiitnifiUs of Justice, commerce. .aW-1.' i:raMi-y in Wastiingtnn ollcred-le do -.11 in their power. -j »-.*-• COOTER.- Mo.—Jim McFall, 50, Pv.'.-luent Hoover maniteslca",tiw veil known Cooler man, wns found 1 interest. •• «?•. lead in a pit In the engine room Aviators from many parts of'lW f the Burton gin here late yes- _ . .. . . • f.-v erday afternoon. A coroner's jury •cturned n verdict of aceldemnl lenth. Although no one witnessed Mc- Fnll's death It is believed that he vas cauijlit by bells on one ol llic 'n^incs and hurled against the mn- •hinery. blood found on the tlls- ribullus tell of Hip gin engine nul pans of Uie engine iixllcated le had been In conlncl with Ihe :nachluery. Tils Ixxly was badly bruised and his hc:id ciushed Mcf-nll's Ijocly «ns di:;i'overed by another rmploye of the (jln. The deceased was a brother of Joe McFnll. well known thevtlle. He Is sunived of Bly- by hi; widow. Ihrce sons and onn daiiKhtcr. jonrtry nlTerctl Ihelr services: nij(I'' in nlr comrade was sent alclt a see If from the skies he could . ,ee mi) thin; along the roadwnyo 3 lo the search. •••• •» ,el Lindbergh worked, [side by : de with Mate police. -Dur; the night he helped lo traeo down tracks on his property, in me fastness ot the Sourlnml mouS;. lali'f-. During the forenoon > he ' ftcnt. on a mysterious errand with L'. John Kcatcn cl Nc\v Jeivy sluti 1 police. Thev returned- on fcot through the wotKls. Hu)nur hid i'. they hart visited n villnse u'u' i. group of suspected bO'i 1 ,- ;i!i-rs were believed to be. , ... Mother Shows Courase Mrs. Lindbergh, deeply stlrr^i. up wilh th? courage of Funeral cc;m])lele. arraiiKements arc in- Sr:i'l:.n mother. The wo-.'d | |ir.i,rraled her but il was nut loiuj, .befoii 1 she was exhibiting the sarnie Army and Navy Hospital r.iiiagc as her hnslmul. Once .••hi 1 joined the searchers for n :.h'jrl period. Commandant Transferred" lh - Dlir(t ™ Ms M lh<- srcatev . jhc'-iise slid had boon Ircitling tin 1 ihild several d.iys tec.iiu'e nf a c'j'.ci and Ehc kidnnix-rs. without her desire to hav> a son. HOT Sf'lilNCIS, Mar, 2 (UPJ— Col. J. II. Shook, commanding officer (i/ the Army and Navy gcn- .•i:il hospital here, has been or- dried Iransfcrred to Waller Heed general hospital in Washington. Colcnel Shook has been ill for several weeks. No orders hfive as yil been is- sisrd for liie transfer here of a .ie\v commandant. Children Were Valcnllnrs HICKORY FLAT. Mississippi. IU Pi — Each of the three sons Governor Harvey P.irnell. chair- I of Nfr. and Mrs. G. Frank Day was torn on Valentine day. Carl Day, man of the board of trustees and known to be a fcr the sennte. did not vo!e on the resslu- tlon. l?fn, 8 Monllis Olil, Hi!"' PORTLAND. Oregni. HJPi — A local Rhode Island Red hen, eight months old. lays regulnrly like olher hens, but her eSRS aver- ije a fi'tarier a po'.md In wcleht esch. The first of nine such eggs measured seven Inches around one way and elghi the 37. was bom on Feb. 14. 1855; Claude was born on Valentine, day five years later, and the third, Marvin, 27, was born on Feb. 14. IMS. Britain h Repaying $150,000,000 to U. S. LONDON, Mar. 2 iUP!— Great Britain is repaying SI50.CCO.CfiO in credits lo Ihe United States on Friday, Seville Chamberlain, chancellor of the exchequer, announced In the house of commons. Slmui- CAMERA HELPS FIOIIT FIRES jianeotisly. Chambii lain said, they Fire flghtinz crews In Paris arc (ore repaying I3.0CO.COO pounds now equipped with movie cameras. I sterling, about Si-t.'JOO.OOO. to The cameras are rushed to each I France, reducing French credits to u trying to catch up some i. liii^cd the baby on" clad only in Moreover Mrs. Lindbergh Is again I- expectant mother. More than i (!o/.en motor cars which were .cpoilrci s:olen in N'ew Jerjfy •-.inday tr.ilcd lo furnish a clu;. • 'Mw kiitnaping visit was well imfd. The baby had been tuckeu 11:0 bed and Mrs. Lindbergh had ki!sr>l him good night at about The In3der the kidnapers used • (Continued on Paee 31 WEATHER fire covered and movies arc made of the progress hi putting It out Flaws In the work of the firemen clher. Then lion Is owned by Mrs. are picked out when Ihe film is Anna niefk. [shown later. 7.000.0CO pounds. Th, Is part tallied last summer lo bolster the pound. .ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy, coc-1- ?r mniahl. Thursday partly •!nrdy. According to Ihe official weather ofcservar. Charles Phillips Jr., ihe hiiavimnm temperature here ycs- ! tcrday was 81 degrees and tho i c SIMXOOO.OCO to the U. S. minimum 59 dtgr-MS. clear. Todav rt of the S20KOO.OM credit Ob- a year ago the maximum temper.v ture was 53 degrees nnd the minimum 39 degrees, cloudy.

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