The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT fARK.1 fOURJRU NEWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS TUESDAY, MARCH ], 1932 Laufer Slril) Down In 4th Round HOLDS TO LEAD; Ml Ark-Mo Leaders Beat Ar- moret, Blylheville Loses to Steele, Osceola Wins Standing* Team W. Carutncrsvllle 4 Steele 3 Osceola 2 Blytheville ..'•. 1 Yurbro 1 Armorel 1 Carulhersvilie easily hcW its place at the top ot the Ark-Mo cage league by defeating Armorel last night at. the nrniory here. Tin- score was 29 to 1'i ami gave Carulh- ersville [our straight games wllli- ciut a loss* • Steele pushed Blytlwvllle over (o take (he first game of Hie evening by a 31 to 19 score and Osceola swept through the Yarbio ilctenst for a 28 to 13 victory. The victors put Osccoln ill undisputed jwsscs- sSon oi third place. Steele had things Its own way almost the entire game with nly- thevillc. The Missouri Quint took n comfortable lead at the start. Hly- ihevllle came back to lake n onc- l»lnt lead, but Just before the first half closed Steele spurted and when the whistle blew was leading 21 to 12. Steele added 10 and Blylhevllle seven points In the flnul hair. Workman vas Indlsldual high KWT- er with 11 points. Armorel's oncn5e was concenlrat- ed In Marshall, center, but the blond boy couldn't match the play of the leading quint with several sharpshooters. Armorel at one lime held i slight lead in the first Imlf but that was all. Hopke, captain ot the caruthersvllle team, entered, the game and Armorel's chances faded. Simons ot Caruthersvllle led the scorers with 11 points. Osceola and Yarbro tied up In n rough game, Uw final ot the evening. It was loosely played but with the Osceola boys sticking to business long lead 12 to 3 at the half. They added 16 points during the last half while Yarbro did better than before with nine FERRELL Aiso M9 HOME RONS.?. UsT vtwi HE LEO WA.THE PutHERS (M WiTH A MARK OF3I9 THIS CURIOUS WORLDS additional points. Tntum was high scorer with ten points. the First Gune JII.M before IhLs picture was [alien. Frnle Schanf's swishiiu; rlsht hand landed iluth on the whiskers ot Youug SUibliug, in Uie round of thoir ten-round bom in Chicago. The bell NIVOII K from n knockout. The bout vi-ns regarded as (lie moil 1m- |i:,it:int heavyweight, battle of the year. giving Schaal u claim 10 championship consideration. Wrestlers Swap Locks and Socks at Armory Tonight Wicsilcrs will show their stock | Hackenimit?.. the handsome magi- 111 trade, which has changed from c!an. and Mike' Meroney, cx-fire- B'ville (19) Harris 2 Grossman 2 'Griffin 6 -Christian 5 Holland 4 Substitution: Smith. PCS. F P C G Q Steele (3O Workman 11 Earls 6 Buras 4 Booker 2 Tolbert 8 -IB 1 y t h c v lllc) Second Game C'ville (29> Pos. Armorel (12) F F C G G Substitutions — (C aruthersville) Hopke 8; (Armorel) Surge. Mayfield ; Simons 11 Asher 3 Craig 4 .Ooppedge 3 Bible Smith Marsliail 10 Ganske 2 Caudill Third Gum Yarbro (13) Fos. Osceola' (28) Litll* 1 • F Tatum ID Akin 4. F Buchanan Northern C Watson 2 Zohner 3 G Fincher 4 Jackson G Hampton 5 Substitutions—(Yarbro) Perry 4, King 1; (Osceola) Burton, Stevens 7. Officials—Simons, referee game one; Tolbert, referee games two and three; Sudbury, scorer nnd Bollard, timekeeper. Carey Wtll. Maybe He Will Gene Vpnzke thinks he will set n new world record for the 1300- meters run In tlie Olympics at I^os Angeles. Since he cnme wlihln four- flftlis of a second of equaling the 4:W 1-5 world mile record, mill hap- ]>cned to be running indoors at the time, maybe he has a right to dint opinion. A lot of National League pllch- ers think they nrc Kolng to hold Pepper Martin on (he bases this year. This writer thinks they have their work all cut. out for them. Manager Max Carey thinks a vaudeville house Is a place to' laugh but a baseball diamond Is a place to • play v ball.'- That may alter tl:e Ideas''Af "several members of the Brooklyn ball club. Ijcfly Grove thinks he's worth 35 grand, which represents a salary lie will not get from Connie Mack whether Mi-. Mack Jhlnks ho; Is worth 35 grand or not. Rube Walberg thinks he Is worth 15 grand, for' which idea he can be charged with the first error of the baseball season. Even An TJmplrt- Thinks! Beans Rcardon, National League umpire, thinks Jimmy Wilson is the greatest catcher In the world, after havlns walch*d Mickey Cochrane perform in the las', world sc- rlts.. Charity Gehringtr.of the Tigers thinks his arm Is okay this year, a though which everybody knows ctias. sincerely hopes 1 recL Tlie A's pitching staff may think this season is going to be o vacation without Pepper Martin getting into their hair. But a young mnn named Joync-r White, who stole 52 bases in the Texas League last year, Is coming up with the Tigers Bucky Harris thinks Eddie Collins was the best second baseman ever developed in the American League. This writer thinks that is nice of Mr. Harris, and modest. HY CLAIRE KUKCKY (Copyright, 1B32. NBA Service. Inc.) ?I'he short |ia?s system ot undei- liand iwsses, pivot blocking nnd pivot style. No. 2 fakes a pass to No. 3, but passes lo No. 1 brcaklni; across the • coiirl. No. 4 breaks across in from of No, 1. who hands tlie tail to No. 4. No, -1 pivots and hands the ball back to No. 1. who passes to No. 5 I coming out of the corner. No. 5 j pivots nnd passes back to No. 1. who Ihcn takes a short dribble to he hoop. Youthful Peers Await Maturity to Take Seats i I LONDON. Ellg., (UP) — Bill- Inin hns 32 peers who cannot lake i their srats in the House of LoixU Sbccanre Ihpy are not ot age. Mnny bcnrers of oki titles nre ; still playing with their blocks. i nmoiiR them ;\re Lord Wrn.xli.ill, :hrec. :nul Lord Montagu of lli-ait- lleu. five. Lord Oninsborongk Is eight. Lord Htiig, son of the late Uril- sli nimy coinmnndcr, is 13. The Earl of Shcrewsbury nnd Talbot wlio is premier carl in the peer s of bnlh Euglnml nnd Srot- land. is n, n.s is Lord Gornuns- ton. [ircinier viscount of Scotland. mere holds lo butts, socks and man of Memphis will swap holds knocks in tlie last few years, for • and blows. Hackensmitz boasts that he will handle Meroney like he handles n deck of cards. If he docs lie is liable to wipe Ihe floor with Meroney nnd then make him disappear. But Mfroncy who is as Irish ff spm-i fans of Dlythevllle and vicinity tonight. The show consisting of n best . p.vo out of three fnll main bout. ;i . one hour two out of three fulls i .stmi-windup nnd a thirty minute ciirlain rnlscr will be staged at the I as his name according to repotls, itimoiy nml will open at 8 o'clock, lean take care of himself and In the feature natch Yoiins doesn't have any particular love for any opponent with a "sniH?." on the end of his name. The "IJald Eagl?" of Memphis and Fred Fray of Little Rock< Ark. arc to crash in the semi- luckiest month to get married in, to judge, from Ihe records that, liav e and have not ended happily, is January. Of 160 divorce cases filed dur- wfndup with a one hour time lim-!ing the last few months in Reno, it for the tussle. If there's much only six of the plaintiffs had been m the mat at the -- slamming on the mat at the armory sum-? one is apt to stay down because there's not much padding beneath the canvass, boys. John "Sugar" Elliott, local boy. Is (o swap grips in a thiviy minute prelim with Swcccl Johnson of St. Louis. They arc middlewelghts. Popular prices will prevail at the show. A battle royal between Ash street duskies will open tlie show according to promoters. married during- the winter month. Next lowest February, with seven, nnd third was May, with eight. June led the list with 18 marriages, while December. September, and July each totaled lii. March and April accounted for 14. whil c August had 12 and November n: January Luckiest Month In Nevada to Wed RENO. -Nevada, (UP) — The Read Courier News Want Ads. quick stops is difficult to teach, tint It .is nearly always effective on n large court If the team Is well couched in .fundamentals. Here is wno a play featuring the short pass and cor- GEM THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Whit They Think John MeGraw thinks St. Louis Is the team he will have to beat to win the National League pennant this year. So do a tot of other people. Babe Herman thinks Senor Adolfo Luque will be a valuable addition to the pitching staff of the Giants, so does tlie Senor. Jack. Sharkey things Max Schmc- ting is a pretty good fighter, though he wouldn't let you know it for the world. So does Young Stribllng. Some of the «xpccU thint Colonel Ruppert made a. mistake when he sent Sam Gibson to the Pacific coast in the deal tor CtosetU, which set th« sUg« for Gibson to bo gobbled by the aunts. So does G»bby Street. • • • ButtKt Ukt» Grime*. D»v« Banciott. think* the Cardinals are going to be sorry they le Grimes go to the Cubs, because old Mr. Vance, the old Brooklyn! Dxnltt, took a rat Iron SJJ.500 to' »1S,0»0 this year. The Brooklyn 1 front office can do a, little danHnr,! too. i Don't get worked up about that horse they dyed and ran under a llTerent name at Hlaleah recently. He died in the stretch himself. John McQraw appeared at the <os Angeles training c«mp in uni- orm the other day, Tliere's no tell- ng. maybe before the season is over he will be playing- third base again. Jmt in e»»e Pr»)rjr Hoovtr yranls to cluBfe his wwtlary of the treasury appointment, how about Jack ntreptey? • The Yankees are going into the chain baseball business in a big way. In a pinch, Colonel Ruppert Matinee—2:30 - Arfm.—Matinee ami 10 and 25c HIS ARMS !^ ANOTHER'S MEMORY! Possession? Unwritten Code of Men Beyond Law! That Was McTeague's Law... and She Couldn't RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday Matinee—2:30 - Night—G:-I5 Adin.—Matinee—10 nnd :(0e iNiKiit—10; and Siic WHAT A MAN! Woman tamer, suro- siiot gambler, playboy and Wnll Street wlC all in one! Promoter of \viltlc;il stocks and heavi'jit lilondes! Burlelgh Is a fighting son-of-a-gun and will win a lot 'of ball games. So does Rogers Homsby. Connie Mack thinks the Yan kees' loss of appendicitis-stricken Henry Johnson will give the Ath letlcs i chance to get a good he* start In the American League race S» do the seorekeepers. Art Shires thinks that Jerom* H. Dean's nickname, "Dizzy," is very : appropriate. Dean's opinion on [Shires' nickname, '•WhaUman," has inot been canvassed—but you will jhear some more about that, too. . John MeQraw thinks the Brook- iyn ball club U going to end tie «e»KB la fourth ptaet. Two people who 4* «*4 moat UM HUM ««r «« MM can borrow a few bucks from Babe Ruth. with Evelyn Brr;.- Wrcctod by Mc:v,., LeRoy — A \V:>r- : Hros.-V:uphc.::» ];.-- Also News ami d DIRECT CONNECTIONS Phone 306 The Want-Ad section of the Courier News is the "central exchange" wherein the seller is given a direct connection with practically all possible buyers,where employer "gets a line" on needed employees—where owners learn of suitable tenants . . . this "central exchange" is operated by courteous, efficient Want-Ad Takers trained to offer every assistance in the preparation of resultful classified advertisements. COURIER*NEWS WANT-ADS *

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