The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1932
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 1, .Bj.YTHKVnJiE, (AUK.) COURIEtt NKWS CLASSIFIED ADS il Two cents » wotd lor first i| Insertion and one cent a wpid for tacit subsequent insertion | No advertisement, taken (or tea, lha« SOc. Count (he words and |[ wild the cash. I'bone 30G FOtt SALE FOR SALE, KENT OR TRADE- SIX room house, corner lOlh ;m<l Ilcarn, E. V. Hill. Mck-1 FOR SALE—Baby chicks, all varic- llcs. Cuslojii hatching solicited. -Marilyn Hatchery. Blythertlle iBctr TOR SALE — Scveial mules and milk ecus. GL'crgc W. McLeod, 1210 West Holly. 1C-K4 k'OR KENT FOR RENT—Furnished apartment 7UO We« Wiilnut. 2SP-K5 FOR RENT—4-room apartment, nicely furnished and farago. Will be viiciint March 1st. 1031 West ' Ash street. Cull L. L. Ward, C50 and 388. IQcktf KENT & room house, furn- , ished or aparlineni, HOO West Kentucky. Phone Ii7'2. ^7C- .rou RENT: Two rooms furnished for light housekeeping. C'-'5 Wal- jniit street. Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. 'Cavfiidar. ]ck4 TDK RENT: 80 acres near Manila. Must lie able lo furnish s?lt. :StcrnlKrE Cotton Co. icW Ill-Xil.V I1K1IH VOI1AV BraulK.I Kl.i.ux HOSSlTI'll, *«»lo)fj a| n,r,-l»j-« Uruart- »«»1 Store, w,,tk. <,l ( m. .. . J»»cc knll ko.if... Sk,- llv» »Hk »»r nu.lbrt, .MOI.I.V HUSSITi:il, ktr clilrr >l»<cr, MVRA, mmi Wr wity Ijriilhcr, 311U1-:, . •Winer c< )1nrrla>'i, »l(k l:ilrit. 'j-iilt-e « Mnrry him lirrnuie I, A II H V . l> In Ion- retain u fthr luvr* 1IAIUUI\V- - «ATK, am itretn >ke kn. url ill Ike daiiri: tinll. Mkc liitr* hlHi dc- BDlte tke fnvc ikNI II|H vMifncr- Kfn< <• 1:1. I/AMI. in n»\vi:s. •rkHlmil», kitA Lri'ii iinnnirtrrd. I^irry «MkH Kllcii in putt- fur n nurrrki nu cnnill- nnil IIKUT AHSI. .. lion Ikut STIJAI), >! •rr lo (be 31) ra unit WAITED WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. , T. Worthy's, IOC First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher 8clf WANTKD— Fiiiiiily washing. Goo;! ! work at reasonable price. Mrs. Ucrtlia Alaiilcy, lia Johnson Ro'x. 'WANTED—clean rags, free from buttons. Courier News. WARNING ORDEK CHANCERY COUU.T, CHICKA- SAW1JA DISTRICT". MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Mrs. Mollie Bradley, Plaintiff, No. 5145 vs. Mrs. J. C. Hopper, el al., Ucfcnd- ant. The defendants. Mrs. J. C. Hopper, and or Mrs. Mary Hopper, personally and as Administratrix of the estate of J. C. Hopper, deceased, and Georuc Andrew Hopper, a minor, arc warned to appear within thirty days in Ihc court named in Hie caption hereof anrt • answer the complaint ot the plainer. Mis. Mi'llie Bradley. v Dated Feb. 1C. 1932. ••• R. L. OAINES, Cleri;, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Marcus Evrarcl, Ally. AU Litcm. 10-23-1-S IN' THE CHANCERY COURT FOR TUB CIUCKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. BiMiin'nstoii County Savings Bank, a. Corporalion, plaintiir, Case. No. 4487 vs. Addic M. Mason, et ai.. Defend mils. WAKMNti OltDElt Tilt; defendant, C. C. Movris, cxrcutor of the. estate of Addle M. Mason, deceased, and' Paul Victor Mason and Dorothy Jean Mason, minor heirs of said Addic M. Mason, deceased, arc hereby warned lo «|i]K:ir in the-Chancery Court for (lie Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, wilh- in thirty (M) days, and answer (lie petition of the plaintiff, RCH- ningion County Savings Bank. Witness my hand, us clerk of said court, and Hie seal thereof, on- this 21s! day of January, 19.72. U. L. OAINES. Clerk. 1-8-1H-22 New Orleans Cotton NKW OKI-BANS. Mar. I tUP) — Cotton closed steady. open lu;;h lov; clos March May Julv Ocl Dec Jan W5 71-1 731 750 75G G!14 699 715 G!)5 710 733 729 G84 G97 714 731 750 755 SI:O(K rlosc-il steady at 079, off 4. NOTICK liarl E. Parker, formerly of the Broadnay B?rl:cr shop, and R. S. I'revost, formerly o! the Hcd Hull s,hcp, arc now o|K-n lor ousiucss in their new shop. Grand rentier llldg. Not-Ill 2nd Slrcrl Cnunlcr or Table Service KN'S CAKE SECOND HAND FURNITURE Soo Us First R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main G- G. CAUOILL R«nl.'. Buys and Bells Homrs and Farms Wriies Insurance Phone 131 farmers Bank BUg. Jtluillu. One bight leave the co«ple Blonp, lj|l^ii •?<•• H [ilcturr nt KlliaWtli Hour* nn Ihe iilnmi. I.arrc »:i>» ca<uslly llinl i:n/n- kflk 1« n friend of kin. l.iilcr nhcn IMli-ii I, in ihr irrkhluK room (rlrujg uf l.rtrrj'a ftrrlir. site ovc-rlii'tirK tht-ui it-na- UK him iilu>u( kli Unit- 'i|;nl. «nucvr." Slic r»i-r K r« (run Ibc drrmtiiR rmim and (ht* frlvnilH i.n- »«dr lu krr. IkollnIiiR l.»rr>'» Mffrr lo IH-cuuiji.ln? her, j:i]rn Jc- MIW <;o ox WITH TIII; stMiiv ClIAPTKll XXIV AT the beginning of the lent subway rldo from Larry's sluclio lo Ibo Drooklyn apartment Ellon was] plunged In misery'. Tho evc'nlns had been Iho most wretched of her Hie. She studied (lie brightly colored subway eards with eyes lhat filled and refilled wllli tears. Lona had forced her to BCC irlial before blio had refused lo admit. Association with Larry had been folly from ibo bcsiuiilus. It was laic now lo IIKMH! that original mistake, but ineml It Klleu would. Larry should not bo permitted to ruin licr life, to tako all licr thoughts and dreams to himself, tc lake all tho tiest that In her auil to give nothing In return. Xotliitig eiccpt casual. Irresponsible, foolish pleasures that left her discontented and dissatisfied, strain- .his always for something more. In her mind she framed this polite littlo note (hat would toll him of the unavoidable duties which prevented her from posing furllic-r. It was to Iio a cold and note, a final note, with notliiug between tho Hues for the, cleverest to reail. At 11 o'clock she reached the Drooklyn apartment. Molly and Mike were Ions asleep. Ellen cautiously tiptoed into her bedroom. Before undressing she Tvrole tlie note to Larry. It bad cost her a few tears, but Larry would never yucEd that. He would never know tlie bright fancies and dreams that sho had woven about Ins Irresponsible figure. She scaled tlio envelope and placed it on fho bureau for morn- lug mailing, she wzi ;& bed but iho waj not asleep wlien Myra entered anil turned on Uio lljjlils. "Awake. Klleu?" Bho askeO softly. Ellen kept her eyes shut i mlu- uto and then opened them. 'Whj'4 you run away from MS?" Myra drniautleil. "We eot tliero only about 10 minutes «ficr you left. iJirry Ecciued ralher worried nboul you." "lie needn't worry any more," Ellen replied quietly. "\Vhut Is 11? Wd somcllilng Imp- lien?" ^VJion Ellen <IKI not answer Jlyra went on viciously, "I bcl Ural Clen- ilciiulni; u-umaii t-ald KoiucOiliu;. \l'c iliiln't slny, EO I barely lact her, bul If 1 ewr saw a eat that woman is one." Kllcn turned iier head away from llio Khirc ot the. lishl. She- stared M n pinch of starry sky cut out between (all buildings ami crisscrossed ivltli clotlics-llucs. "Don't let's discuss It, Jlyra," she saiil ndli n catch In her breath. "1 ilo-.i't feel up to 11 now. llul I'm never goiny lo sco T.arry nyaln." • • • CHI 1 ' was wroiif;. Blio saw him the nest nislil nt ])rpainl.ind. Tlio long sjiell of hcnt had Iwcn brohcu by a wclconio rain storm. Italn had (alien all day ami wna still fall- Ing In llic evciiliis. As a result -as pnicllcally ciVserted except' liy stray Kcntlcnicn \vlio [lucked hi to avoid Iho downpour. Tlio rest ot Ihe meaner crowd -,vns unlo up of a few arilenl devotees of (lancing v,-!io wnld liavo been kept away from Dreamland by uolli- jiK sliort ot ilealh. In S]iilo ot frequent absences trom the ilatice hall—or perhaps because of (Item—Klk'n hail Ix-comu jwpular with thoso linbitiia! palrone. All ot the men waulci! to ilsurr- with Iho Kirl BO dllRcult to oljtulti (or a partner, tbo £lrl who was EO cllflerenl from the others, so standoffish ami so impersonal. Siic was blue ami diacouraecil r.s sbo ihiiced. Her heart heai-y How Ions the crannf \vasl How slio hnlei! the™ men wbo p.-ilil 10 ceuls for ,1 d.inro am! expcctcil a llirt.ilion as well. A rense of injustice oppressed her. Twenty years old—and she niisiit r.s well have been 50. Yes, ahe was miserable. She was d.tnclng when !,arry eauio in. Ellen, trembling, saw bim sweep Ibo floor wilh his eager eyes ami felt her heart stop when those eyes met hers. Ho find starteil across the floor bent on snalchlni; her from Iho anus of Iier partner when, fortunately, tlio music stopped. The ilauce was ended. "\VonlJ 'j'a like soinctliing to cat. baby?" inquired Iier partner. "A'o, thank you," Ellen murmured. She had managed to put half n dozen steps between them by the time Larry reached her. "I can't slay a minute," ho said Closing Stock Prices A. T. and- T ........... 127 Anaconda Copper ...... 9 Auburn ................ 91 Caterpillar Tractor ____ 11 Chrysler Cities Sen-ice .......... 6 Coca Cola ................. Continental Baking ____ 5 General Electric ...... 20 General Motors ........ 21 Midwestern Utilities ____ 2 Montgomery Ward ...... U New York "central ____ 28 Packard ............. .'! Radio .................. o Simmons ................ g Standard o[ N. J ....... 28 Texas Corp ........... 11 U. S. Sttel ............ 40 1-1 1-2 1-1 I-S — 5-8 1-8 5-8 1-8 1-:! 3-4 1-4 5-8 3-1 State of Arkansas. Mississippi County—ss. IN THE CHANCERY COUItT WITJI1X AND FOR THECHJCK- ASAWDA DISTRICT OF SAID COUNTY AND STATE Wilmington Savings Bank, a ccr- poration. ami C. A. Gibson, ns Substituted Trustee, Plaintiffs, No. 5067 vs. E. H. Tabor, ct al.. Defendants. WAJtXIXCl <)KI>£lt The defendant. Blount p!mv Works, a cor]joralion. is herc'jy i-ned lo appear ill the Cliick.i- sawba Disirict of Mississippi county Chancery Court .sitting at Bly- thcville, Arkansas, within liiir'.y i30i clays lro:n ihu date l:crc-of. a..d answer the complaint of thf New York Cotton NEW YORK, March 1 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. cpe.ii hiali lo.v close c'ti'i cer. coi OBI CM cos CM ma 712 71.-, 703 7H 7M 130 730 7:i-l .\rsrcli May July Oct Dec Jan •S[iuts clojic-d steady unit unciian. cd at 1C3. 750 75L' 747 TM 7.VJ 759 751 757 Quickly, reaching out lo claim lior coM hands. "I Imd Unit iiolo ofi yours thtu ntleruoon. It's all n. lot of nonsense. I won't lot you throw me down liko llial." "Mnybo you'll havo to," sho hail bcsun when ho pulled her, half re- sitting, out on a ruin swept balcony. To tlw Iclt Uio'ltKliU of limailwny llureil ami subsided nmi llsnnl iijinlu. lielow, llku slilnlnt: wet bceilos, tasfcab.i rushed to mid fro nnd honkcil dlscorduutly. "l.'iuler Iho coiling," he lold her, "ami you'll nol KOI wet. I hitd to (nlk to you a minute—alone. \Va can't uso Ilia lime ibjlithis bccauuo motlier'B wullliiK In n cab downstairs. So you'll hnvo !o poslpouo (til tomorrow lolllns; mo wlmt n blark-lieaitnl villain I'vo been. 1 wiitil you lo meet mothor—that's why I camo up. You ami 1 will hnvo tea—" lilii cancr volco hcultutcil u moment "—bccauao thovo'a Home- Ihliic I must It'll \-au nlono, Thou we'll seo molber lu llic ovonlni; for dttiner." "All right." r,aid Ullen falnlly. Slio Wt tho cold dash of rain analnsl her faco. acrots her buro artng. "You're a darling." llo lKiin-,1 fnnvanl. Ills arum were About her, his cawr. search- Ing moudi foiiad her Il|is. Aunlu find again they klsseil lu Iho rain. "What do you Ihlnk of that!' Larry exulicil ami (hen was |;ouc. JgM.KN stayed for a Ions time wllh the wind ami ,vi(|, iho rain. When the wont insliio her eyes wcvo still brlslit wllli remembered klssea. her heart koiit up ilh hard and liuppy bi-at. Ob, Iho mlrnclo of love! What an cxcHins; au.l thrill- I'lg .iiul colorful tlilni; llfo was. She lovcil tlio rniu outside, tho music and the (talct)- iiibide. Tbero was nothing crilical now about • her mood. She, Fpnrklcd and Bliont and ihtiiccd like one possessed. For she knew what I.arry meanl to toll her tomorrow! 11 couM bo only one thing—lliero tnulil be only ono reason ho wamcJ her lo meet his mother. The nc-tl day was Saturday. Ellen went through her iliities nt the sloro In a happy daze. A Ihousnuil times she nuusdit the mirror to look at her tiright eyes ami glowing chcokg. Slio lookcii oHon at the clock as well, convinced lhat 12 o'clock would never a^aiii In her life Iio Kn Ions lu i-crnluu, Tmlccil, Inug r,n(Ierln» Lni-cnc hc- eainc somewlut Irritated with her assistant. "You'll never make n buyer If you (lun't bouo u]i on your fashion inaga- zines move carefully," j.oreno naiil sharply, "rn | K t y 0ll - vc i ui .| ic ,i a dozen pages willioui scclui; u thhiK. Tho only thing you stem to seo Is the clock." Klleu laughed guiltily. "I'll .try to do boiler," she prom- plainlilfs filed herein, acrainst HI!,| <lefendant and others. Witness my hand as clerk of -said tourt and the seal thereof al- risecl, en Iliis 27lh day of I-'e'orr.- ary, 1332. R. L. OAINES Clcrl:. E. E. AlL'xancicr, Ally. Ad Li'.cm. oil. "lint I—i jiuvo u diilo nml in ^0l-t ot I'Xi'lU-il." "It 1 Uibl Slcvcu tlint you'll KPIIO bllml K-i-auso yuu wcro linichliiK with hdii I'm KUVO h.ul bu Hal- leieil," l,oivno nhsei-rci! dryly. "I must sjy yon',-0 | 1C , luudl | lfll , , 13 an iibsi^taut." i:i!on iipciie,! bur monlli Iiul |,.f( Iho \i-vinlii unsaid, Slu> iliil not correct l.ori'iio'ti !iu|iri-s»lim but jifd.r tlml i-hij pal.l nioro idli-nllnn lo whal si,,, was ih.iiu;. Hho tuc- doil In sHrin-lnlni; l.orcuo by tlio »mh.i-n Inli-lllm-jit .slm i,i,)k In nnViV faalilniH. Al li:f,i), i ww . i-vi-r. -A\f ilosi-,1 HID mniiazlno wllli- mil ,-. sl|;h. n-iihii-cil llui ilr.-ssoa fho li!i'l lakm from tiinclt uii,l In-Kjn tin- .1,-lh'hifm prncca of m-i-iiiiKlns cci-.iiui; ar;V Lovcuo snork-,1 mill Ml lhi> viimu • r.\ wiuj dro.sni'il for Hie slr.'ct, Hsllfit ut last witr, her niip.-ar- niuv, when n nipiisoncer Iwy kmu-kod "'•'I ihi'M imslicil tlii'DiiijIi r/'iu half "Sim iK'iv." ho said. lO"k Uio fiiveln|io from him ;ujA tori- II oi-i-u, Shu read n fi-w lln.«, a tow soiilein-03. Sho full UK- p:i[mr cru.'n-h !ti her hands urn! walchud the '.sails nf (ho riiiuii n-ceib-. L.lrrj'ii Idler foil to Iho door. IVry n-enl was Bcavccl In Jicr mini Hi> hail wriucii: 1 Ll.Vti, iK'L.r; I'm afraid our on- g:iK' T l:-,i'iil li'ilay li; ii!| ntt. I ilnv't liiio-v ivhfn HI j;ot lu sco yi.u iiraln. iny i!,-:ir. Tliliwa juv In nm-li ,1 i,,,--:,. 1 kiinw uiOBl nt it la my nwii lalill b-.:l dial lincsu'l nii'liil malk'ru. "I'leaso Iry to iinilerHlaml until 1 ran ev|i];iln. IVon't ymi? Tlie pus in:-'. I'm atrat.l, is .Mt loo f.n- Iho liri"-eiu. Iiul I>II-;IM- Ih'ifaw ilwi Uio mlnulo 11 Is iiobsiblo 1 will BOO you asidn, Ijirfy." Kllcn mechanically reacbcii for litr l.'.indli.if mid f or iu, r glovra. She was :iluiic- In tho room. Klio coiilil IIKII- herself sabbliiK and felt u iK'siiL-i-ate. ngonlzeil pain lu her lioarl. s.'w knew that eho cnulrl not ti out on tlio Blrecl wllh tear;i rainiii;; down her fncv. H.'io film- bled fur licr hiuulknchlct ami sal Slio put Ihcro fm- n loni; lime. IVlicu s-hi! rose (he toara were tone. She fell everything was emu-. Her preiiarndoiiH for Ilia aftcrniKin wuvo usi'lwa now. It w;ia Imrd tu remember tlio nhliiliiK eyed girl who had powilercil ami primped ami spcnl sncli nn endless lime fi.\inf A bat. S.'io no place lo |-,o nnil F.O she wi'iii linmc-. Klio h-iiiL-hi a IIPWI- paper lo read on the sulmay. Wlu'ii aho turncil to Hie snclsty p.i.i;o i.:- t found what eonii'liow sho liad tx- ! peeled tliere. EMzahclli Tlowc3 bail relurncil from Europe. (To lie (.'on;!nucil) niANUKHV COUKT, CIIKJKA- SAWIJA niSTUlCT, MIKfJIWJIl'. I'l COUNTY, AliKANSAS it. Louis aillllhwK-U'lil H.ultt.iy Ccnipuiiy, I'lnlnillf, No. 5157 vs. SI. Iiaivls U-vce Dblrlct, el ul., Di'fi'ndanl. Tlii- tl-.'ii-iidaiil:>, l-'rank C. i is. f. A. KU-sU-r. Willli: A. (Junci-r, ii'o:;i' Itay, U'. (.1. iviiy. U. A!J it.i:;l.'llun. Tern Ali'xn:uli'r and J.I \V. V, i!s,in, niv w.nncil I.) np|K-ai-' Uhln ihiny .Injs In tin- aii:n' PAGE I:,mini lu Iho tajjllon hereof and I :iif,wcr llu! coinplalnl of, (lie plain- HI, Kl. I«nls KuiitlmcHlwn Kalhi'.iy Company. D.iic.l l-Vb. 0, mi. It. 1.. CIA1NKH. Clcil:, Hy llnrn'y Morris, U. C. Cecil Bliiini-, -•uiy. Ad Minn. Twu 'lYinnlc Columns I'ullnil SAI-l.l-.S. Ilaly, ILU>> — UUH lK>AKJ)li\G HOUSE in the J,owcr Decuman, or innin cro&WMl, at Ilcrculancuin, Tlir; existence of tlie temple hns bcvn known for a long time, hut Uio c,ian position has Just been IViy Cut nils NcrJy DtTnOJT, Mich., lUP) — Waae rcdiiclliiis IU-K- have forced clly Ilivint'ii lo dbcmUliJiio feeding 10,. W) Cuncinploycd. The unemployed inevioi.sly fcil at 58 Jireiiit lines i,ui>- isorlril by liienii:n, will bu added li> Welfare Uupirtmuil rolls. By Ahem !^ VOL^RE -TOG "~]>i JoWiy ile -nit: P6s-r ! ^ ( OUR Aki AK'.VW MAl-J, I r\M FAMILIAR WITH ~f- WAR -ftc-ficS — /nil) BESIDES , ^JE AMD CHIMES E V^>tV BOOTS AND HER BUDDIESiip^l^, - ( By Martii i'Oll (iOODNlCSS SAKlvS! "' WAHNIXfi OKDKil CHANCERY COUHT, CHICKA- SAWUA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS Rural Realty Company and Hoy Church, Trustee, Plaintiff, No. Til IB v.i. Oscar Buckner. ct al.. Defendant. Th c defendant. James M. IHick- ner, is warned to appear tilIsin Unity da>s in Hie i-onvt mimed in llic cajition lu-rroi and niuni-r Ihc complainl or llic plaintiff, liealty Company, and Roy Chun-h, Trustee. Dated Feb. 22, 10IC. • n. L. UAINKS, Clcrl:. JJy IJai-K-y Munis. ». C. E. M. Terry, Ally. Ail LlU-iii. 22-29-7-M M1ESOULA, Montana. cUl'i — l'l:nv< niT Ij.jiu; lnlil for llic ftn-alr.sL mmiim fif nluinni of UK- University K'. Mcnhina ihir, Jsnu\ uhcn coiiiiiK-iiti-iiunl cxrrci:,t-s \vili aUiact mutually lurjie crowds. ' t'KKCiaES AM) HIS TIIK 01,1) 1JOUSK! THATS KIGHt... I W 1 roacoT A'-L \ TU ASooT Hiw... / Atvosr isri-e u?, J ;M...VJE-R£ J, iftosr j -v ^ s*\-vs ,>!£«£•'•' ,<« :ie^*V^ *&-*-••"„• i Materials Arc Cheapo- Profits Are Less 1032 Is A Good Vwu- io liuiUl or Ucpair I'honc 100 MOKE I-Oil TIIK 1)1)1.I.Alt E. C. ROBINSON NKW AND USED PARTS 1'nr All Aulomobiles JACKSO.NAUTUI'AIUS 2020 \V. Main - . . Phone 6G DO /AVITA eo G OUP. TVto CSMTS THIS BUSINESS? TOLD MRS. REDF1ELD HE'D CC!;.£ OJZ3, IfJ THE MOSKllWS AM' GET THAT /r. L6T5 LET IT LISIEWltJS ABOOTIT ^ ATWRS . rl '.! _, J&-: R6OPIELOS VACAMT House, VJH6PE TUG TICKET THC FLOOC., OSCAK (JEM&SS. By 'Cram fx .:•'% vy '-:~^i.w THAT VGUSH'i m-. 0^; cw^ ?&t' l $M M.W- ft r'V/M"" : '"" 1 "-W^-^""- I ftj^ 71- ' ' ^^Sll Pt.:^ WT- :.A .. ... . J ^*^^-»' • "'^ i-^ n IM; m «*«-•««. AT TVte THEY <s o S.v BK>M( HlP SlAMS "irtt BOOR—BUT WOT \NTiHE TO ^EtP TUc LEOP^m) VP.OW sus 1 wv •JCKt lEOPARO RUMS- FR16D,\ G W TttE. WW. • THE. iVEA-ST SLASHES AT HER WITH \\K PrW i LLA\ J 3 " ^m^4^ ••-• ^•'••;->''^^-yigf^go ro~"liu'^ ••'-'''• «--~v> ••— •^-"-^- ^ '*-.'• ! «-5'.t n f>^, \ /j \: —^. ''~ .. /% f> ' '• .X Lv ^ r «Y»«e 0 NV tC^r^-'fifl^is'.^ ^ ^^5^iiXTv.-\ WfkSH ^0 C.\P, t^GUTEKEP VfOPEM UP Ti'.C'ORUS, Tw;

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