The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1952
Page 4
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. PAGE TOUR BLYTHEVILTJE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JULY 28, 1952 Pat Mullins, Society Editor Phone 4461 June Buchanan Again Honored With Breakfast Mrs. Hays Sullivan and.. Mrs. Kendall Berry were hostesses at the Berry home Saturday for a morning party slid breakfast on the porch complimenting Miss June Marie Buchanan .who will be married August 29 to Bennte Johnson. The individual tables were centered with pastel flowers nnd each guest's place was marked with nn • Italian basket In pastels. A white and yellow color scheme was carried out in decoration. After breakfast, each gueit embroidered their name on a tea tow- Bits of News Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kay Newcomb and daughters, Nancy a n d Betty, returned last night from Knoxvilie. Tenn.. where they were the guests of her sister. Mrs. John Thomas and Mr. Thomas. Mrs. Newcomb and her daughters have been there for two weeks and were joined by Mr. Newcomb for the week end, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Fulgham and daughter, of Chicago. 111., arrived Saturday for a visit with his brother, Lawrence Fulgham. and fain- el and presented it (o the honoree . Jfr Klllgham ls a f orme r resi- Mrs. Harry Ray Brooks won the firs.' • prize for having the ncawsl towel. Among the guests were Mrs. W. E Buchanan and Mrs. C. E. .Johnson. Miss Buchanan wore lor the occasion, a candy striped dr.-r-s fash- , Evranii ,, nd family, ioncci ot (issue chambry She was: pfc D[|ly Q ^ af ft nP1)nmHp presented a. gift of lingerie | Gn )s sp - cnd j ng ^icc rt ., ys p!lss | with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. finm ; | )rlc ^ g nc wns given white mums Glass. He came especially to be: for hcr s |, 01 ,i (1( , r Mrs. Harry Ray Brooks won the firtt | ^^ of B | ytbev | lle Mrs. E. B. V/oodson returned home yesterday from Memphis after visiting there for several dnys ns guest of hcr niece, Mrs. Jne Bride-Elect, Peggy Fleeman, Honored at Party Miss Peggy Fleeman was again honored with a pre-nuptial evenf Friday evening at the home of Mr V. B. Osborne in Manila. Miss Flee, man Is the bride-elect ol James Cheadle of Norman. Okla. Centering each of the f lve tables nt whleh I'ne guests played bridge, ivas a tiny china wcddm; slipper filled with sv/cetpeas of pastel hut The wedding slipper the'ne carried out In every detail ,ln (allies, place- cards, and ice cream molded In the shape of a slipper. Winning prizes ol silver In Ihe bridge games wers Mrs. Robert Killian ,first, Mrs. Gus Craig, second, Mrs. R. J. McKinnon, third, and Mrs. Alex Curtis, lo" The hostess presented Ihe honored with a gift In her chosen pal tern of china.' For the occasion. Miss Plecman v.'as dressed in a white sundress and sheer primed duster with a belted Duplicate League Plays Masterpoint A monthly masterpoint same was played Saturday at a meeting of • the Blythcvtlle Duplicate Hridge League, in a five-table Howcll movement. • Taking top honors were Mis. Matt Monoghan and O. S. Crowell. Tie- ing for second place were Mrs. Russell Phillips and Mrs. Foy Etcbie- son, and Mrs. O. S. Crowell and Mrs. Jim Roleson. Bright Color For Trim with his brother, t.eo Glass, wh AE5 | s i| nK ( n scuing were Misses has returned from 15 month* over- ( Bob h v ' 0 June ari d Dixie Fiys Kil- scas duty. Pfc. Glass was Joined lian . •„„,! Miss Joan Perkins. here Saturday by Cpl. nobby T»y- loro f Memphis and Ft. Bunning, for a brief visit. The boys will leave Memphis today to return to j Ft. Benning. Marriage Licenses Mr and Mrs. A D^ Priest, a nd | Th , otlow i ns COU p]e yesterday daughter, Alice, and decree Man- | ob|alnc( , a mar ri age license In the ley have returned home nfter a week vacation In Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Greenville, Miss. Mr. find Mrs, Charles Henley and sons. Hugh nnd David, left'from Fulton, Tenn.. Sunday, for n- visit In Nor fork. Va.. with Mr. nnd Mrs.f J. W. AUman, and family. office of the County Court Mrs. Elizabeth Blythe Parker: Robert Lee Waldcn and Mrs. Ml rinm Jcanette Dcdman, both of Hlythevinc. I Stay Loveiy i In Swimming — As Wei I as Out By BETTY CLARKK AP Newsfealurti Beauty Editor You can look as complexion-lovely as Botlcelli's Venus when you emerge, from a swim, if you'll learn how to waterproof your makeup. Says Hollywood makeup man, Max Factor, Jr.: "The thinner your application of cake makeup, the better it can take a dunking and also stand the test of searching sunlight, even more revealing over water. Apply it with a sopping wet sponge very thinly Then go over the application with the same wet sponge, this time squeezed dry.' If you prefer lo use a creamc- stlck type of. foundation, skip the invisible cream base which makeup men suggest wearing un dcr cake makeup. To apply the creatn foundation stick so th a " it looks better and slays fresh am natural looking in the water, pu it on with a sponge. Moisten th< sponge with skin freshener. T h i mild astringent will evaporate quick ly and leave your skin veiled wltl a nice, dry, adherent makeup. Don" mop or blot it. Apply face po\vde as you normally would. When i combines wiih the oils of your fonn dation, pov.-der can shed water the oiled feathers of a duck. The same type of cream founds tion used on your face also wi Look Cool and You Will Begt Heat You'll look roolpr and lovelier on these hot weather days if yon carry one of the new fabric or plastic easy-to-clean handbags that is eaulooed with a compressed oowrler make-un case. By ALICIA HART NEA Beauty Editor Hot, sultry tempera lures certain- make it difficult to maintain a make a waterproofing airt for any | look of crisp freshness. Make-up As soon aa the earliest garden Among out-of-town relatives and crops are harvested, the soil in friends of the late J. S, Hnlscll, hrrc for his funeral 'Sunday wrre Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nance of Fort. Smith. The Rev. J. F. Hartley of Vardiman, Miss.. Bob Shelton of Bruilka,.Mlss., Lawrence Fauver of Ponotoc, Miis., Mr. and Mrs. Mao McCally of By- hnlia, Mi.^s.. Mrs. Mav Divine of Byhalln. Miss.. Mrs, Chet Blsck- wood of North Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Phillips of Newborn, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs, H. C. Halsell of Oklahoma City, Gkla.. Mr. find Mrs. W. L, Phillips of Little Rock, Roy HalscU of the Air Force, stationed in Memphis, Buddy Hal- up for planting some other crop. No land should be idle. their week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Glass and family of East Prairie, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. V/oodrow Glass and family and Mr. and Mrs Rny Bone of Charleston, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Holtis Moody and children arc spending the week end In New Albany, Miss., with Mr. Moody's parents Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Moody. Mrs. John Fonner of Lima, Ohio, nnd Miss Julia Srite of Memphis Kelt of the Air Force stationed in we™ guests last week of Miss Jes- Amarilla. Tex., W. S. Davts of Nrw- sin RriU», nnd Miss Mnbcl Hogan. port. Mil* Mar-pic Mayo of Mtimnhls.l Mrs. Fonner is the former Miss Sel- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stewart of Mrm-! mn Shlde of Blylhevllle. phis, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Scrape I Mrs. Thelma Johnson and chil- of Memphis. Mr. anrt Mrs. Monroe! drcn .returned from a two weeks Abernathy of Cnruthersville, John 1 vacation in Poetone, Til. ! Mr. nnd Mrs. Jess Homer a n c June have returned to tyon of New Albany, \flss. Mr. and Mrs. Georse Ingram, a 8853 11-20 Sue Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Ingram and! Basalt. Colo., where Ihcy^wlH spend son, Bitly Lee of Chicago. Til., are the guests of Mrs. G. H, Glover for a week. They will visit other friends and relatives and are. former residents of Blytheville. Mr. and Mrs. E. B- Thomas hav« Hi?.:AH AIRLINES, .__; TO MAKE EUROPEAN .TOUil Hiss Marianne Crain ol Wilson, sailed Friday from Montreal, Canada for a tour of several European countries. She joinr-rt the nrm'.ncll Tour nt Montreal, sailing aboard I he Empress of Scotland. The sroiip ot 19, from the Tri-Stales. is headed by Dr. N. C. McPlnrson of St. John's Methodist Church in Memphis. The return trip will be made aboard Ihe Italian Liner S.' S. Biancamano and ts scheduled to arrive in New York, Sept. 10. Miss Cram made the trip to Montreal by plane, with a stop in New York City. She iff the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E.Crain of Wilson. Coming Events Monday Circle One of the Trinity Baptist Church mfpls in the hnmc of members of the CIB. Thursday Night game played by Blytheville Dii plicate Bridge game. Mrs. T. O. Huey entertains members of the Thursday Rook club. little body blemish that you want to hide. Concealment depends, says Factor, not upon its opaque' covering so much as its color powder. To avoid the look of patch-work when you cover n vaccination mark or tiny blue veins that may mar the rear view of pretty legs, extend the cream blend to suffuse the edges You can wear eye n-akeup tnt^ the pool, and you won't come out | dripping wiih smudges if you'll sub- ! stitute for lash makeup, which is likely to run. a soft shadow Hne of pencil which can't be budged, suggests Mr. Factor. He suggests drawing the pencil line at the base ot the lashes — broadly and heavily for swimming — and blending. <Use pressure in applying lipstick. This, says the makeup expert, is essential to fixing color. But don't, he warns, jab at the lips — just use firm pressure. You'll need a lipstick which contains enough lanolin to keep Hpe safe from skin-cracking effects ot sun, salt and water. Let lipstick color set two minutes before blotting. This should keep color fast on land or sea, Mr. Factor suseests wearing cream rouge instead of dry rouge \vhich is not waterproof. Eve-shari o\v can be worn not only for pret- is inclined to streak and cottons are apt to sag. * There are several aids, however, which should prove helpful. For one thing, change your accessories every single day. A spanking white handbag, hat ami gloves can go a long way in creating an impression of coolness. Then, carry a compressed powder make-up that you can easily and quickly apply whenever yoi feel the need. Try to wash your face as of ton as possible during the day to keep your skin linglinj and free fr-om perspiration a n c dirt. One answer to this summer grooming need has been offered by a famous handbag maker and n well-known cosmetic house. They have joined forces to create a collection of five bags, each complete with a specially designed inner pocket in which you will find a compressed make-up case. These handbags are available in white, beige and paste! linens i\s well as tubbable white plastics. The shade of make-up featured in the bags is ideal for tanned .skins, and is particularly smart with this season's pastels. The nicest thing about keeping a cool, comfortable appearance is that you usually find yourself feeling just as refreshed as you look. Open b':30 p.m. Show Starts at Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nite. LAST TIMES TO NITE Mrs. Jane Carson is hostess to Mrs. N G. Jerome Is hostess to La Nucve at her home. Friday hostess lo.Circle Two at 2:30 p.m. at her home at' 81ft Cfnrk. ^ "The 2:30 p.m. Circles of the'First; Lil Finesse meets in the home Baptist Church meet as follows: \ of Mrs Mason Day, Jr. Circle One with Mrs. Leslie Monro; ; Circle Two with Mrs. C. W. Af flick; ' Saturday .. . Saturday afternoon games of the the remainder of the summer. They f rj[ tc i e Three with Mr?. F- r. Hnle; rttvthnville Duplicate Bridge League were accompanied by Linda Taylor. Mrs Arden Crowder has returned to her home In New Orleans. She has spent, several weeks with her ;istcr-ln..,laifeMiEs Irene Crowrier. Circle Four with Mrs. C. W. Af-^arc played. lick; Circle five with -Mr?. C. E. ohnson: Circle Six at the rhnrrh as their guest, Mr. Thomnfi. "staler. I ^ !n h« s b *^ n serimisly tlL hers and in the Baptist'Hosniui In Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. Phillip Cheat e of Mrs. G. O. Johnson of WlckHfffi. Ky., who is sppncllns; two wer-ks. Miss Betty Richardson nf Sum- . HLckmnn. Kv.. were the week end mertnn. S. C. has returned home 1 guests of Mrs. John Smothermon, after being the RUCS! of her bro-! ^nd Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smother- tlier, H. B. Richardson and Mrs. nion. Richardson. S^t. Charles E, Hopper, who Is stationed at Maxwell Air Bise. Montgomery. Ala.. spE-nt the w f. c k Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brown and Miss Winnie Huffman left tor Nashville Friday to bring Miss Luna Wilhelm home. She has at- There's plenty, of styles new in this stunning two piece dress for Juniors. Tne smoothly fitting top features a slanted closing with huge | ^ button trim. Skirt Is arrow slim, j Pattern No. 8853 is a sew-rile per- end with his parents. Mr. anrt MrsJ tended summer session at Georgia W. L. Maxwell. 1 IVibody, Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis and! Mr. «nd Mrs. W. C. Goodman . Ronnie have rrtnrnrd frnm oxvilie, where they visltnd Mr. I Mr?. Frnnklin Warth. n n rl lorated pattern in sizes H. 12, 13, ) 14, 16. 18, 20. Size 12, 4'i yards of ' 39-Inch; >? yard trim. For this pattern, send 30c In COINS, your name, address, size desired and the PATTERN NUM- I Mrs. Sally Townsend Tn HumhoH. they were guests of Mr. Ellis' mo- returned Sunday afternoon from a vacation trip during which the: viFitnd relatives and friends In De trolt and Flint, Mich., and Anderson, Tnd. They also visited point: thor. Mrs. E. C. Harper and Mr j of interest in Canada including Harper | Windsor. London. Hamilton Dale" Winston Horton of For-I Nliwara Falls. Ontario, rest Citv. was the wrck nnd cu^r I Mr 9n(i Mrs Paul Mooa * left t( ? of bride-elect Mis? Ann Mc^r/ t j *lav for their home in BoundbrojA BER to Sue Burnett. Conriet NeAvs. anrf ner parents. Mr and Mi's Dn-i N - J - aftcr being the of Mr 375 Quincy St., Chicago 6. III. I man Mcleod. Miss McT.rod anrt Mr anrt Mrs Raymond Stringer. vith Mrs. W. W. MiU-hrll hostess nd Mrs. li. C. Walls, rn.hostess: Circle Seven with Mrs. J. W. f'ort- ock. Mrs. Hnrry Mantz is ho-'c 1 " To Number Nine Home Ormnnrlralion Club at her home. Tuesday Country Club Duplicate Brici;e League miets for weekly tame. Wcdncstln.v Semi-Canasta Clul) mrrts In (he home of Mrs Travis A. l lhe Hospitals Rlvthcvlllc Hospital .y tinting of the lids but as protec-j tion against, burning sun rays. Your piano should be placed' where it looks attractive, and where conditions are right for its proper care. It .should be placed in a room where the temperature is pretty constant—not too near windows or radiators where care and tone mi?ht suffer. Polish the keys occasionally with non-oily polish. Kevs should be washed occasionally, and a cellulose sponge is ideal for'the job, These sponges do not leave strings or fuz?,. RENEW-RESTYLE Hfl.LT€RS- JUBL.TY SHOC SHOP lit W. M«IN ST. BURrUjIgSgR SItVECOCHRAN nmwr/Vnr, B1CKFORD . H icnAaT cu RTIZ •' * H.'rir- Carlnnn & Ctyiiedy TUES.-WEI). Dollar Miles Bring a Cai'lnad For a Dollar -r .- < Cartoon Comedy Thrntlore Hooks. Osceo'.a Rohcrl. BarfieVI. Jr.. City Mflvin Williams, City Shirley Ann Bates, City ,li".ry Aliller. City Mr.= . John E. Hardin. City Mrs E L. Fnrmer. Slccle Walls Ilosliilal Mrs."Paul Jdbc is hosted tn ciiih I '"rV' W. C. Kimbrcll and baby, her homr. ! ' ?t - Eight at Mrs. Hnrolti Ready lor you now—Basic FASH- I Horton arc spcndinc today in Mem- T1l(> members or Royal Ambassa ION for '52, Fall nnd Winter. This j phis. ! dor of New Liberty Baptist Chuvc. new issue is filled with ideas for | ' Mr.'and Mrs. El-a Wheeler iir.-iviU leave Tuesday for an annual smart, practiral ,se\ving for a new [ ppcndinc several days in Wc?t ^^em- ( overnicht camping trip on Bis season; gifi pattern print«ci inside! phis and Memphis on businesi. i Lake They will attend a lather and the book, 25c. i Mr. and Mrs. Sam Glass had as I son fchfry at the lake. JUNIOR SHOES GO WITH JUNIOR DRESSES You're OU Stepping Light \ncnn<|inva- We little shoes with thfir gently pliant little solos in hrisr. Kail colors to add , sauce to your casual wardrobe. Other Stylos 1".0.> .(U to 10 AA.AA to C Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY Admission !lc S: 3(lc AI All Times LAST TIMKS TON1TE Double Kea I tire AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION LAST TIMES TODAY TOTAL CftSH PRICE 2 YEAR Written Guarantee COMPLETE WJTH 9 ATTACHMENTS Rebuilt With CAPITOl Port* "A Tool For Every Cleaning Use" LIMITED QUANTITY Paramount News Car '°° n Novelty Reel Lore tt a YOUNG mw NELSON 1'arnmomil News. Cartoon & Novelty Reel Also Metro News RITZ GUESTS Mr. X Mrs. T. H. faraway & Family Mr. & Mrs. Alvin l.auc & Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles (,«les & Family Mr. & Mrs. \V. ,1. \Villingham & Family TUESDAY 8, SVEDNE5DAY WRITE FOR «' HOME DEMONSTRATION NEXT WEEK SHORTS: "Sack a DntuMe" & "Ride Cowboy" RiTZ GUESTS Mr. & Mr?. ,lcsso M. While & Family Mr. & Mrs. T.Dwroncp Slahhs & Family Mr. & Mrs. Richard Svvpal &- Family Mr. & Mrs. Ro!>erl Mcllanoy & Family TUKS.-WED.-THURS. PalNitcs 2 For I'ricc Of 1 f vflcuum ctnitR inc. 1426 UNION AVE. MEMPHIS, TENN. Without cbllaolton, 1 wont • ftll Hem. Oem.nHr«tlon .1 »our Fully 8 var«r,««d »1»UILT IlKTtOlUX NEXT WHK. NAME _PHONE No._ _STATE rant" 5 Betsy 3)rake . _ - v *"~" "— • _ f TCOOM FOR] ONE MORE We Cover the Mill-South" \ —PLUS- RAY MILLAND OVIR Also Cartoon

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