The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1932
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOt'K TfOE 11LYTHEVILLE COUKIKU NEWS THB COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS C, R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAWES. Advertising Manager Bole Notions! Adverting neprcscntflr.vts: Arkansas DdlHes, Inc., New York, Chicago, ietroit, St. IxjaU, r-allns, Kansas City, Little Publiihcti Every Mtcrnoon txccpl Bi'Jltiiy. Ritered as second class matter fit. the post UHre nt IMylhcvllIc, Arkansas, under act 0' Congress Otlcber S, 1017. Served !/y tile Uniiej Press SUIISCRII'JION »Wfi;S By caulcr la the city ol uiH^H'Vllle, 15c |»r a-ei-k or $0.50 p<>r year In advance. By nmll within a radius ut W mik-s, $3.00 per year, $1 50 for six months, 85c in: Ilir^e mouths; •by mall In postal rrmcs two lo fix, Inclusive. Jb.50 per year, In /ones seven and oLiiht, 510,00 per year, payable in advance. These Anti-Depression Bonds As pnrl of (!)[> \nr ;ijfHiii.-it <l«|)ri\s- iiun tluu-t: is si-lu-tlnli-d I'D:- ilsi- '.-:trly I>:ni of this month a o;ii!ii>:ii)ni I'oi 1 ilio conversion of hoiinli'il uvom y into fi-il- evnl Loiiils of siiuill ilHiomin:ilii>m>, Drive.-!, similiir to tliost- usi-il in |iut.- liri}; Across UK- Liberty bund.; ihirinj-; Hie "\vjir, an; plniiiinl. 11 is IlUl to hi; (|Ui'.sU:j|ICi| tllilt |M |;1| I CMU be iteaMliplislu'tl hy i:iitliii); l;u:ml- e;l money iulo dmil;iliuii ;it tin's linn 1 , and if that end can \m ;idii<,-\x-d by uf- fuvinjj fetlentl bonds in oxdianjcc for it, tiu-n lot (hut lit 1 <lt>iu-. • TltL- nmncjy, HS we iindursliiixl tin.- pluii, is f<i In? dciiositoil lo tliu ijuvcnniH'ut'K t-ralit in banks in tin; comimiuHii-.s From wliicli it is oMuinwl, wliurt- j( will lie avail:tlilu for mocliii)? local ci-i-dil ik?- m;iiids. \\'u arc a liUlu al'rmil, howi-ver, thai tliosu in i-luii'tfc of Ihi.' bond sale i-aiii- paitrn, in thoir x.unl to nwlic a (,'ood showing, may place loo imu-li i-!it|iliasis upon the piitriolic duly (o buy UIMU bonds. In soloing Ihuy may do more harm thiin good. Back in war days \vu wore lolil lo tniy Liberty bonds "until il hurls." That is not the idea of this new "war on dc.piv.wion" bund sale at all. To liny tlifht' bonds "unlil il hurts" would inlevfere with business m-overy, niilioi- than hasten it. The i-cnl itlcii, we lln'nU, is this: It' yon have coins or ciirroney hid- . den away in i\ mason jar or a .siil'o de|-.«sit liux, jijj-i-h you are afraid to i!e- po.sit in a liaiik ritir! tin not nwl in youi- business or personal ad'aiis, yon will do yiiuT.self, ynnr community and your country a .sevvici; by'nj; jt in these .C'oveniiueiil unarantcwl IJOIK'IS. But do not withtlraw money that you have on deposit in banks, O r lhi;t you need lo pay your (ic-rsoiuil ol>li«a- tiuns or to'tinanee your business activities, and invest il in-these bonds. 'For if you do U;al yon will not only work a hardship npon youi-self and those with wliom yon do Itnsint'ss, but yon will contribute to the defeat of tin: very purpose the bond ?n\ u i s ( |c!,-i^ [u . ( i lo servo. Iteniember tliat il is ink-nitcd to put idle money into ciiviitation, not to take busy money partially mil of circulation. .Don't, buy lliese bonds "until il hurts"; buy them only with .sm-h r.-.nwy as yon arc unwilling ( 0 pi f ( („ :m j- other use. Efficiency os Democracy \\'<i venture (o say (hat any suiccess- I'til bu.-iiitss mini in Arkiinsits who look tin- trouble to fannliarixo himself with (lie urgani/'.atioii aiul o]>i!i"i(ioii of Uie tfim'rmiH'iil of lliis .st.'itc .-iiid uf its various sub-divisions utuiltl have no difficulty in jmiiilini; nut ways in which th« tnxpayci-s coiiltl lit; :::tv<-ii ai.-voval millions of dollai'H itimiiiilly \\itllonl ini- IviiriiK-nl of public service. Most business mun liavi; lui-klud proli- Itms of that ji.-itin-y in llieir own »f- Jitir.s in tho lust j-L-ar or two, and if they hadn't solved ihun wilh considerable succcrtrt they wnilld iiu out of Inisintss or on their way out of business now. All of which tloes nol neuu.-iSiinly Hii.-aii I h.-il our iniblic- oll'ic-ial.s arc the men to be blamed I'm- I ho unnecessary exin.-iuiil.iiLc of public funds, wilh the be.-l ol" intuitions, what they can accomplish is limili-il l>y; for which tin: peopli- are responsible and which can only be remedied by the p[-;>|>le. 'Ilio Arkansas " (laxcltc editorial liriilk'd herewilh tells part of Ihe story. '1'he situation is simply that we liave a cnmbeivonie, riv;il;y, l;ii-|jely out of date ci(m;lomerati<>n of govern- intiiliil machinery, anil have little right lo eoiuplain iibdiit tile failure of (he engineers to operate it elfieiently. The eure is to ru:ii'j{aiii/.u on a business basis, lake purely adminislrative- ofl'irijs, parlk-iihirly Ihose uf a siibur.iiti- ate nature, out of polilics, cenlrali/e antliorily and with it responsibility, and Him provide machinery that men can operate. If democracy consists of nuiking u political pri/e out of every public job .such ;t program will perhaps bo undemocratic.' Httl if (he choice is between that, kind of democracy and relief from unbearable taxa- II'IHI, ivliii-h will you have7 And anyway, doesn't real democracy lie in direct public control, through (he popular eledion of our lawmakers, of tho laws under which our K mvn\- menl is operated, rather than in direct, control _of those who operate muter those laws? Governmental Effi 1" cency Ki-prc:*nu:unc ot cicclini; tlic heads of Hie i-.irloii.-i sovcrn- mciil.i! dcpiirtiuciits ;is ilsey ave uf ciecinn a tiovr-riioi- (o Appoint those deiiarlmrnt heads. Dili Ihe more elective olficers there arc. the more stale otTlcm lhi-i- t > will !*• who are prac- lically rompt-lii-it lo treat the slate jobs in their di'iiavlinenls ;is political patronage. The ln- slllntc ol Public Administration, which drafted lh L . iiroposcd ru>r;;(ml/aiion plan i (;r Arkansas, characterized the periodical throw in-; out ol trained or pailially trained stale employes to make loom Jor untrained nutl inexiierlenectl ones as "one uf the chief source.-, of ivastc" in cm slate !<i)vniuiu-iU. Us report Mated at linn*, in Ihc oil I ires of MI:H P uf tin- i-lcciivu uli'tcial.-.. the turnover is almost leu !);T (:i . m . When mi ii'.ccm.ns elective ollitial nuln-s 11 yi-iu-ral liirnoii-r in his olficc. mmiey Ilnil. *)]o:ild h:- ];.iycd for n aim-it and experienced M-ulccs for.-; lo pay i:.-o|>;e tor acquiring traluiiif and i-X]::-rii-nce. When the nesl election comes. ou r . this second li:t of worker:, niny yo to mai;e i cum (or a third. How can we hope lo h.ive ll-.c stale yovi-nmient operate citicieiilly on MII-II s :-.-, th.H 1 .' ^iPWS-y.V^S^ <f-' •••?*»• •f'\^%-3>r-.^.''^ '' / -^ SU)E GLANCES By George Clai-k '•• =aP ••&&*$&?{- fW-fJ" ••Wiiifll yrm'vc la-en on (In- jol. its Innn as I havt- anil .''"" " li ""» "''"'" (he IIONH is just Irving lo hlufT you." Fatigue Arch Foe of Business Kfficicncy Says Dr. Fishbcin KIIITOll 1 SXOTi:: This, is (he first of a M-riis uf HIT arllcles liy 111. I'hiilu-in 1:11 "I' Tired Pi-rliiif;; '. lluu- Vuu (;,-( T(I:I( \vay -juui xviiai (o Dii Aljuul It. 11 itv nit. .iidi;i!is i'lSinii.iN ' l.'ilitrr. ,,r Hi,-' MlMlll-al .^MH-ililion. ;,,nl „( ||y. I Kei.i, HIP Hnillh .Magazine That tlnil l,v!iii K is apt lo \:A up soiiu-iini- vviu-ii you lensf cx|«ct ', it. H iitiects allili'i-i-s. tired bnsluesi men on tlu-ir roimils of golf, women and children. :ind workers,who must. stay nt lliei:- i;i.vks hour after luiur. i It's really latlijiic. bi.l many p'o- p.'c Iiaie assucia-.ed that word wi!h i ncar-cxlmiistion for so many years they fail lo rcco.^nuc it when it come.s. J-'iHlj-!:-- results from nuw-roiis eliani;^ which take place ii< the ! J:iini:iii liorty wlR'ii it is forci-tl to ' cur.imii' useniun In-yond the poim , ot iii.iximiiin replacement of tissue.. Under such i-lrcinnslaners, the niuscH-s miisl -run In ecu-." tmlil the tody is able lo catch up wilh its rebuilding process. When the exertion Ls continued, fatisiio bc- CCIHI-.S iiimv. .UK! morc apparent Wluii this "debt" is cominui-d for I'.our nflcr hour and day afie:- day :i run-down condition result;, which is oflcii termed "stnleiu'ss" in Ihe alhlelc nnd "overwork" in t! le UJ _ riiviclunl worker. » * • The dangers of such ,1 coiulilioii are apparent. Ability to cotnbat disease is lessened, work Biiltors and ixjriods of mental depression are apt lo follow. The i).iinrn| ivny to overcome fa- MBue is by rapid braiililni; and an uicrenw ill the circulation. When Ihe.'x! t,ivo become synchronized at their maximum capacity, llic rebuilding of the tissues is procccd- ""g- at a far greater rate than 110-mal. EsiKclnlly Is (his true in Iho ca-=e of athletes. Their tiamiiuj tnnble^ tliem to reach this maximum period quickly and they are able to continue (heir exertion for long intervals with no appaicnt til effects In (he case of the busing riinu and worker it is different. ' They nre not hi actual physical Irumhuj and their organs do not respond to the strain with such case. They overcome Iall B i:e slowly. Tin's recovery from fatigue is most Important. It. must be accomplished before further exertion if the B eod health of (he subject is (o be safeguarded. * » • Articles to follow In this series will dismiss various types o f fntignt- ns aflccling persons in varied occu- pnllous and will tell wh.fl tn no 10 Bel rid ol "thai lired fcclin"." TOMOItROW: athlete. fur the l-.v KODN-KV IH:TI-III:I{ Xl:A -Scr\Uc \Vrili-r \V.\ylll NGTON.-Japim •„ •u^ a-, other Powerful nali,> ; -. s U'lul anil will act as Ion; .1- prt.-i-n-. inlcrnalioiKil .suii'iiu HUI-.L:.S is mniulaincd. HCII.I,I:: Mr. .Mullen I. Tatuta. is American c •:... n for the O.'.ika M;ii::,-. . tin- Tiikio Nichi-Nichi. tv.:, . : I's I.irgcst n:ns|i:ipi-r.-. 1[ kri-n liitlc fellow, ahon; ;,i,. lall. who runs aronmt I/..-;.-. .) JiipiiKi-sc emhassy and :'n : tJ.-p.iHmciit for nr\\.s. He also cable:-; IKJ::'.« from editorials in U. H. n.•., -., i>n Bhanchai devclopnu-n'..- erMi'l I)t-ft-liil Arliinis. Hcccnt methods of ::. mcnt evoke no pa^ion.i: front the rather p.ic;!,.-':. i., but he feels the VJmloi! Ihe world ottj,-ht to 1111:111 it is wilh Japan and :: . inccs. His idea Is Iha! .1.1):.' orcit'i-ntal uny.s Jr':j:i ; ixiwers and has n-.: \ the program «-hic:i ;i;-.: iiuspircd. (ilr- Sln«-.!.ip Ilalrnl. "Japanese and f.'i::.. other a.s nations, bii: i- , Ihp French anil (ii'jm .... "If you uiusi |I;IM. ,i acl- havo , the • of .; to |ion- and -Nip- i.s a fret . the Slate ] United States lonp ;i-;o pruvidnl lor I hi-ir natural resources, sometimes i by similar means. . Says Women Arc Slllfirrs. "Killing ot prisoners is in ilo W!IJ and : llOW .•»cd Announcements The Courier Kcv.s r,as uccn authorized to nnnounre the follow! Inn r.imlitlaclr.'i. stiiijrct to the I Democratic Primary. August a. For fnuilly J[j|] c c |ZAL li. IlAtmiSON <f or 2nd term) F'T Shrrid nOI, c;i'EI- 1 N CLARKSCIi II. WILSON County 'IVf liurpr W.W. HOLUPCTVinforSiititcrm) {-..urt n( , rh R. L. '•ini.l.v- (iAiNE=- (for 2nd tfr,,,) County and Prnlnlc Clerk 'i,,?" 0 "' SCARBORO . winch I <io mil .-av .'. please recall thai A;:. bauird and kilVi! hi.: '/.ens in Nicaia>;ii,i ,1 ; ni-.d cave 111:- cc.imii.- (icnt satisfactory ;u v. "They liiuliy hr. •;_• tesunidt-d tii-n j Japan has 1:0 r.:.,~ JManchiirin. i "Kcononilcjlly h.r. i immsilicci her i:: t: , .. ! ria. thoujh not ',.-; • jral resource,'; are i-.r,, I existence. Greai !;,. I tar ;i :hai. ::;ible, • 1,0 tn- • citl- ago ;-rcsl- 1 :i. and acre, -••i' in she .-.••liu- '.'ilu- ; > her •: the , ,S|, r j| 5 • ( Icrk - J01-: '.V. A:.KXANI)i;! t OSUAIJ .•\1,L.\..\.VO£- R l'"r Mlllliri,,.,! .lut ivv'lv' Wl B «'>v\ \\. ri!. .\\vroijij c - 'V Ct:.\Ni.\GHAM l'«r {'fly Altcirnry AM,, ,„.,„. isl .f- » OBKAR ' • For AN!-,,,,,, ,„,, w Jusllliab!e, but it happens In all wars. Even In ihe World War prls- oners were killed on all fruits. I am sure the Chinese arc using women as snipers and spies and many Chinese fighters wear no uniforms" he continued. An Intcrnnllonal economic boy- cult would iiiln Japan, TakaU ad- »iis, and the Jananm- wculil regard It as taiiUniuunt lo u dcc- Urallen at war. She would he in Hie iioslllcn uf wartime Germany uiukr the blockade. I'acllhts. whu «'KC the boycott, (lie JJIUIIEH- wrilcr thinks, arc In cITcct :id- Taktitii's newspapers, lie say< have lx>cn warning ihe government """ racklsss iiBaressloii" at _ ial. But Ihe |>cople seem to be overwhelmingly behind the government, Takaia believes, cv-i- [I'ougii ilisy may be ignoranl oi Hie International complication-; which may ensue. IMclfisl Eenti- '« Japan Is normally "vary , he says, bin is llow ]nOit iciidly expressed by Soeialisls and f-'omiiinnists. Must nrive Chinese Hark "Jup.iii had a eoxl case lo pi•••- ient to the League of Nations af. cr CJHiiBje. lei by the CantoiiL-=c |nctiOH, seined and destroyed Jap- tlH-'n' 1 " 0 ' 1 '" 0 " 0 " ici ' th!i " la v -' llu suld |U Slianuhnt lins B rcatly impaired 'tr case. Her only recomse now is o bring on rcinlorcemetil-;. drive Mck (he ciiiun-e mid cslnblish nenlrul zone for 20 kilometers, aioi:nd Slinngliai. "She cannot, withdraw now and cave 30,000 Jap.™*. , osi(lcllts ^ ' " ons in properly at ihe me rcy nf the infiiriali-fl Clilinse "Mnnt-hurla wns dillcruiil Ja- ans economic iiosilion there, c 0 vl . " to her, was threatened. Manna has 30,0tt>,0fl0 Chinese niri Japaurso tmd a million Chi •se migrate there annually It v.-lll be too cxpuiisivi- to occupy permanently and our amlji- '•Ktfh arc nq;. tarritorlal. Jarian ievclO]icd Manchuria iiud mud., it iroipsroiis." - THIS CURIOUS 600, AW?*", ANP ONTlL OUL-OS CAESAR m TODAY j of V. S>. TKOOI'S J.V ACTION On March 1, IOIB, American roups in (lie Tout sector o( lie western front repulsed a tieavv Jcrowti raid. Heavy were i!lictcd on (lit- rnidin; parly. Tills Helton was one 01 llic r:ivU-st in which U. s. troops had ™ engage;!.. The British armed mercantile iiiELT Calrjarian was sunk by a iibinarint- with the loss of 4a wiibcra of her crew. A treaty was signed between Fin- and Russia provtrltng [or MONTH, THE pasrs WHo H/we Ndr JrtXMD ms BLOSSOM Trte INaplRAOON Foe AT ' TheGEMoFAiARCH is THE 1 £f>, $- STot)E WAS 'ttOKH Aff A FB£V£TNTATlW? ASMNSf PAWS' IN 1HS Sl&mACH. o :»K iffu wtncc we. it CHURCH EXCUSES - George \v. February was a big monlli al our, church. It, looks like ivc had a day! every day, and inch a lot. ol special collections. I am sure flail it, was a short mouth for Tin having i time mi-eling my pnvraentsoii the different tilings r ve ' \ ct . dillcrcnt •ialesmeii sell me. 11 looks like everything can be bought on the in- luccmcnt pinn nowadays and as toon ns you get, one thing paid out something else slaris yon paving. I •>m sure ihis makes it hard oil the weacher for nearly all our folks •m: paying out on something, ;>1 id fo often one runs out of money by the lime Sunday comes around. Then of course, the church pledge-! has lo wait. When you buy on the I milncrjinent ylnn (or whatever they! tall il) and it you get three or four payments lieliind they simply come ami lake it, and whatever you have jKiid yon lose, but. if yon get behind, on paying the preacher there is no one to Like him so there is not so much danger of losing that way. I supuose if there was, one would be more careful. evacuation of Finland bv Russian troops. German troops continued their advance in Russia and at Moscow the Soviet government nnnoimccrl lliat il was ready to slsri the i:cace irt-aty demanded by Germany. Broadcasters to Stutfy Eclipse Effect on Radio BOSTON, Mass.. (UP)—How a total eclipse ot the sun allects radio broadcasting will be determined by scientists representing station WEEt of Boston during the eclipse to occur in New England on August 31. WEEI made preliminary studies along these, lines during the eclipse of 1025 and has arranged for ' observation site at Norway, M' 1« hi the path of totality fo, u ,^ phenomenon of 19J2. The cllcct on both low and high wave broadcasting will be studied. "Alice: Come home. All L is FORGIVEN Few advertisements in your newspaper start that way. Yet most of them are just as personal, and almost as promising. .Manufacturers and merchants must know your needs and wants, or go out of business. They must know, for instance, that about the first of next month you'll be very much interested in a new hat, or a new lamp, or new towels. They must foresee your wishes—and have what you'll want when you want it. And they do—constantly striving to suit, at the lowest possible prices. Then telling you in advertising of the gii ? ts they have brought from the far corners of the earth, to please Your Royal Highness. Read the advertisements in this paper. They are KBK')"-. •* * addressed to you—personally. They bring- you news of better things to have and easier ways to live. Intimate news, of immediate interest.

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