The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1932
Page 3
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'll 1, W2 - China's "Men of the Hour" Campaign for Increasing Consumption Is Producing Results. KOllXEV DUTCHKK | SEA SiTvice Writer , WASfllKGTON. — When u\f:-s. Hoover stepped out in a dimity j djess at n white vccLjpjian slw dh eelcd altention 10 the ni-live: campaign of research and promo-; lluii which Is cndcai'orfng to dis- i cover nnd piomole new uses of touon. Along with the effort to spread the aosix-'I of diversified farming in the seeiioji so badly Iiit Ijy the slump In cotton, the Depnitmeius of AgrScuHure and Coiinntice arc co-opetutlng to d.':ve!op uses and possibilities of the product. TlU'.se efforts will inieiesl many ix-'isons out.sulc the cotton Indus- Ivy because they ar.-? bringing cot- fi/ii into increased comiietition with *fj:fr raw miiterials and finished products. Cloth Sales Increase Large increase in the sfilcs of cotton cloth have been reported and the world's fashion dictators are said lo have been sold on the possibilities of cotton in th.? new slylts. Studies arc now being made as to possibilities of cotton in fabric wall coverings, fabric belting, seasonal socialites such as sun-bulh cabinets and beach r?.iu/:Nn-tit. aeronautical fabrics, camouflasnc cloth, awnings, tents, tarpaulins, buffinn and polishing wheels, molded industrial specialties, fabrics in combination witli sulphur for industrial purposes, imulaUon" for wall board, sleeping porch screens, bindings for struw coverings on nursery trees and coatings for underground pipes. Thai will give you an idea how ECiiously the cotton people are going this thing. Already, there Is some handsome business and social stationery made of cotton "and many manufacturers made Christmas cards of cotton last fall. The Cotton Textile Institute thinks that about 5.000,000 yards ot cotton fabric has been consumed in that manner in less than two years. A printing firm in Rood old Memphis has sold about 2,500,000 letterheads on cotton fabric "paper." i Efforts are being mnto to sell •lie stuft for bridge table covers ~|ih '"'" Culbertson rules printed tnercoh. and for permanent records of .daily newspapers. * * • Tush Cotltvn Suits ' Plots have been underfoot to put seersucker or other cotton suits on nwn in northern cities next summer as well as in southerly communities—such as Washington— where the fashion already is i»pu- lar. Reports from New York. Philadelphia nnd even from the far northwest are chat (he summer will be a banner season lor lightweight cotton fabric suits. A hot manufacturer who makes about 20.000 dozen cotton hats a season reports that he uses about two pounds of cotton per dozen hats—or about 80 500-pound babs n season. Used Even on Roarls Cotton fabrics are even bein? used in constructing concrete roads and in bituminous surfacing of earth roads. The Agriculture Department points to a savuig of 50 per cent on covers for curing concrete. The stales of Georgia. Texas and South Carolina have bc?n experimenting on their roads with cotton reinforced bituminous surface treatment and a study is being made with Ihe idea of using the treatment on levee [aces on the Mississippi river. , Efforts are being made to scP ^oiriciiltnrat producers everywhere "•'.' the use cotton bags for their commodities and co'.tou baling is slso Incoming more popular. British Milk Industry Plans Big Organization heio of China Is youthful-. Scholar and military leader, Gen- . Prai'ed -.ppearlng General Chen cial Chen Ming-Slut, above, found-' above, \un- lord of the Canton Na- llannlist farces. ed (lie Chinese Nineteenth Houle ty fcrrUjn military ob- for his kklllful camp.ilyn. He liai,. dispatcli-; by | ls lnsp [ rK i defense ol Shannhal «i heavy rcltiforcements and con- j against Japanese invaders. Gen' •lUuled mure ihi-.n « minion dol-| r ,al Mine-Shu is chairman of the ar.s lo nid :n the defense cf Bhang- j Shnnghnf-KanXing Defense Coni- against the Japanese. mltt«e. Wedding Day Near for Prince's Fiance Armv which has won world fame [ttein-vlsared Genera! Chi, above. Is commander of Ihe H)ia»i!- hat and Woosunx (oils which have .sltadluMly blui'kecl the piojicss of the Nlp|>cne.-,e war machine. Negro Teacliei's Hol<i Quarterly County J Forty ncero teachers mil at thc Osccola school Saturday for the quarterly Hireling culled by J'rof. J. A. W. Shivers, president. Plans were mad? for the annual school rally to lie held April 8. nl Osceola. Miss Willie Law-son, county superintendent, gave a talk to thi: teachers in which «hu congrntulia- «1 them (or tliclr patience and fortitude toward their profession la spite of ]wor financial conditions. Coopeulion of the colored department with the county department of education was iu'f,'ed. Miss Lawson sltit:d that thc IJly- thevllle. Arstiorel. Grlder, anil Carson schools had been given a tentative ratln? but the primary department of these .schools wore too crowded and that the age grade tables were far below normal. Thc teachers were utged to do better teaching and to stress quality rather than quantity.-The requirements for certification effective March 15 were staled by Annie H. Ctirrte, Jcanes supervisor. Persons desiring license to teach must 7 have four years high rchoa! training, nine hours professional train- in" and a fiirst grade certificate. The following officers were lecct- cd for the year: president. J. A. W. Shivers; vice-president, L. \V. Haraway; secretary, Bessie I'artee; assistant-secretary, Mamie Wilson; and treasurer. Wi L. Currl?. It's for the love of smiling Karin Nissvatidt (left), daughter of a Stockholm industrialist, that Prince Lemiarl of Sweden will renounce mother-in-law, the former Grand Duchess Marie of Russia, as they pcsed for a new picture taken in the Swedish capital. Well Dressed Men Will Wear Fancy Waistcoats LONDON. (UP)—Willi fancy yellow waistcoats and gay boMtcimier- London's fashion dictators will , . , , . , . , , trv to make business men forget his royal title and become plain Mr. Bernndotte." They arc to be I ( , )(?jr (roll (, les , n j s s) , r |, lg . married soon. Here the bride-to-be is shown with her prospective 1 . The waistcoats, fays the editor of Tailor and Cutter, may be colored "faintest of peace." champagne, or palest of sunshine yellow." More flon'ers will be worn in coat lapels "lo reveal the more optimistic mood of .1932." Silhouettes will be athletic, with square shoulders and waists defined but not accentuated. Co.its will b: single-breasted and slightly longer than last year. Trousers will measure 22 inches at the knee and 18 at the cuff. Buttonholes, for a be cut lengthwise inslead of across if the suit is stripe:!. Three Good New Books Avv T ait . Patrons of Local Library The total library circulation for | ing as rather ware foots than he- the month of January was 2<M8,! roes. The best of the book, perhaps according to a report of Mrs. H. A. i is that brief and exciting part in Smith, city librarian. Of this num- I which Franclne. survivor ot a sunk- bcr 7n were rent books. Three new rent books received are. "The Hnrbor-Mastir," by William McFec; "Summer's ! en vessel, comes up from the sea recently ' 'o Captain Praley's deck, a goddess coming up out of the Aegean. This is truly a vigorous book, rich with U.J I.I.I.UIII ,»lv,|-tL, ^ULIIllLtJl i . ., ., Night." bv Sylvia Thompson, and ! octQil anct ldcas alul tlle " "Westward Passage." Margaret Ayer Barnes. In her report Mrs! Smith says: "I head this- list with the Har- bcr Master by McFcc because I color of life. "Westward Passage, by Margaret Aycrs Barnes, concentrates on seven crucial u«vs in a woman's middle years, when she meets on conskier it one of the best b»ks ' * weslbound »"" the man she had of the year, rcalizins that the word j ma ' Tle <l and divorced years ago. best is a relative term, and vari-s I ^miners Nigh'. by Sylvia s a rave erm, an var-s . ........ „ greatly with personal opinion This ' Tnom W°»- J have not as yet read, cipal of is one of the few modern novels blllj ll ls b >' thc ailthor ot 'Hounds I Young, cne feels they would like to live j OI s P nn S' a " d 5:iM to rn »«l it-an- charge. ' ' Ne^ro School Plants . Trees on Rosenwald Day The negro school at Shonyo observed Rosenwald day. Friday February 26. with a program by t students, parents and teachers. Severn! trees and shrubbery were planted by the assembly during t''.: afternoon, with Idell Byniim. prin- ! .:_., ., .1.- .., the school thc assistant teacher. °" 15r Spring' is pleasant I LONDON. <UP>—Plans for Eanizinij and developing a £66.003, 000 milk industry in England nn: Wales are under consideration bv agricultural interests. If carried through it will be the largest attempt at orjanizaing Britisr. agricultural production on a national scale. At, Uic present time the liquid milk production ot England an3 Wales is valued at about foS.OOO,- OCO a. year, and butter, cheese and cream are estimated to be worth another £10.000.0CO. Promoters contemplate the with and reread from time to time, •,,... -- i r or- not just read and foiget. The story I'.° th . lnk obout ' The story ls salcl lo KANSAS ;.0(»,- is folrt by chief engineer Sncrilovc be .. aboilt cl >«rles Bcttcrn. a young)- A circus appointment of n Asricum.ral and by tlic Minister ol Agriculture, acting under authority grsnocl in the new Agricultural Marketing Act. contemplates the rais- The ing of a fund of £GOO.OOO a year to be devoted ( 0 advertising milk and it-, by products. t'rjccl in \valch Tnlities LEWISTON-. Maine. <OP> - In a chapel, talk to Bates College students, Dr. Edwin M. Wrijhl. {I™. , r Cf R "3tish. urged them ° I . tics. He interest lu po!i- s "Sge«c<l Washington. Unco.,, .nd Ro^ lt ".T» c. ** mljht '«'« ho!rt to a small group of colorlcs^ Am-r- : artlsl antl thc lasl representative of; Texas, who mcej ican tourists while the S. S? Canu- ?" °" "™- »ho Jails b in love with inches frrm hea. tan lies in thc harbor of Puerto Balboa. At the time of the telling Captain Fralej" nnd his supposed wife lie dead on shore. Thc leisurely recital is both cl the friendship of thc sailors. Fraley, shipmaster, and Spenlove, engineer, and of Froley's romance nnd tragedy as seen through Spenlovc's eyes. Spen- love is no cynic for all his prcten^ —he watches Fraley's love affairs, first with the sexless, self absorbed, Commission of ca P aK c American, which comes to business experts llotlllri &- ""d then his overwhelming passion for the lovely slslcr ot a French dance-hall woman who had been his mistress. He follows their continually antagonistic passion for each oilier through the war through Fraley's loss of command! to his going ashore as harbormaster at a Central American port. Even on shore no adjustment b->- tween llw lovers Is possible and the inevitable tragedy is merely hastened. Engineer Spcnlovs emerges In more reality « i character than either of the two principal figures ol his story. He stops often to in- «ulgc'ln a sailor's gossipy philosophy. He emerges understandable from his story, but he makes us tea hold [Captain Fraley and Francliw con: slantly unhappy, constantly blckcr- the daughter of Lord Which(ord, one of England's newest peers, Jew, who made his fortune during i train aisle. CITY, Missouri. >UI giant. Jack Earle. of measures fl feet. C .d to too. can't jam himself into a Pullman herlli He slecrs on cots placed in thc the war. Thc alternate repulsion | nnd attraction they feel toward | each other is said lo develop a fas- clnaling story." Read Courier Ness Wanl Ads. Killens Had New PLij-rrMc j K ALA LOCH. Washington. <U< . —Arch Sumcrlin found his twj kittens snoozing under the stove with !a new playmate—a skunk. Backache bother you. A nagging backache, ^vit^ bladder irregularities anc a tired, nervous, depresses feeling may warn of some dis ordered kidney or bladder con dition. Users everywhere rely on Doan'i Pills. Praised for more than 50 years by gratcfu users the country over. Sold by all.drugeists. DDAN5 Pill Dr.PaulF.McCotchen Dentist STEKLE, MO. Phone 85 KITCHEN I'V SISTKIJ M.UIV XI.A Service Writer Clilldii-u Foiiu-.imr* tievrlop ennllui! food us l hey r-mh tVu" n«e <'f eli-hl or jdne. Theiv are (•Ml '•i-iisons for Itils and one in |i ; .it!ru(ju csm 1* laid 10 tliolr dd- ;.!.•> el"-!. DimissluiK a' aboiu luonri' voims Instes. t'ons"- nueiuly uphiiniw U | jjrown-ups should IK' carefully " e mirdcd." At Ibis :i|; ( .. too, mothes.s often j-clnx t.V ooinlani MiuervNjon of their children's d!ot and the Juniors arc allowed ( 0 out iiboui wluil they |>:r.isi- wllh lhi> re.suli ol a ponily bsbnreil dl^larv. " L-, not jit .-ill difficult (u plun meiu:s !or children from elulil lo ten Tiu-y enjoy uood food and may 1;t- allowed K luruc varldv. MOM n[ the regiilAllon adult mcnls thin .HI well bnliinceil nnd sensible .in- .suitable for children . Our <j( the | foo:l hablls to ilsitili-li raily. If the meals tire well bnlnueed and well cooked. Is thai of psiiinji so,)),; O f pvery food scrvid. Evon if Hie uinouiu is very small, (he lule should be firm- Iv --Milnm-d. for this habit makes for n bakinccd diet and ilevelops a broaclr: tastn In later .veins. It's almost impossible for the honie- krr ID plan lulcrestlng imd cco- iioi;; menus when there am In'ri fooils her famllv refuses lo eat. rnr fvample when Rummer vcfMahUs, either canned or slilu- v Ihere'.s a sameness abotit the winter ami .summer meals that discounts? the apjvtite. Aside from this, seasonal foods fire always Die cheapest. Variety Is Possible. 'Hie rule of n niuirl of milk a day continues to hold, but some of II uiav be iimi in creum soups, creamed vegetables, desserts mid '"-I'j'.cs. Tea nnd coffee should not t» itermllled until the "years of rtwcrctloti." Meat, fish, • eggs, law and cook-d vegetables, i-aw and coolcod fnilLs, cereals nnd simnle »ils can be .vrved in grcot variety. Wliile it's of utmost Importance that vitamins and minerals be supplied In abundance, the calory value of foods must, not be overlooked. The amount of food p< chili) rtecds nt this age has been estimated as between 1100 and 1000 enlosies a dny. The protein calories should b?. between 10 and 15 per cent of the whole amount, working knowledge of the cal- ory value of the more common food is valuable. Tile ordinary serving of a num- tor of foods yields 100 calories. This makes it easy to calculate Ihs ipprosimate number of calories in the whole day's diet. When the Baby Gorilla Til in Capital Xoo PACK THREE >• >' .sV-'o.V* ;• •' •••'•'-' ;.••;'"'•;;•-• -••-,- •• •<•.••••• 1 !.;;-i' : V;j;. "y-'- V . -' : • ' ,-..../.:. ;--' ; ^.-> >V .' -^ ' '• ' ' . • • -•-.v-V ^ '?•'•••" '• ''. : : : •>' '•• •••!• , ;• v • •'• '•<•"" '' r^'-; i^-l%,; : ; ri •^ - f ^: \ • s . ,, ,,.,,. ."""° stluX)1 ™lldicn thrcmchtiul the cmnUry teiil mc-wincs o( hope ' fur his N'OI bnby gorllln ol Wii.shlliKtoii'.s N.-itloiml fouitliI the riivutie* of uaile Inllneiivu konltriiiij on pneumonia. Abovo Ihe stricken unlninl is shown MII B ruiilxsl by „ k fc .,,j r , ,,,,d Mov! „, he bU-pt-slub'joinly refusing ih<. iwrs which lUii-iidnnfi soiiclu 10 pull uver him. Miltnblc. Mont, llsh or CCK once « dny, n qunrt of milk, plenty of YCHClablfs nml fruits, oireals mul bread »i|d butter with simple cookies mitt puddings-such foods Insure a wholesome, nourlshlnj; diet. The following menu for a day Is worked out to show tlis nimibcr ol cnlorlrs In eiich jllsh. Hrenkfasl: One large orange (Itioi, 3-4 cup cnokert cereal (100). 4 tnble.spoons thin cream tlOO), 1 soft cooked EKE 170). 1 slle.i toast '' <HOI, 2 teaspoons butler (701, 1 Klass milk, about 3-4 cup U25). Totul calories. 015. Luncheon: One-halt cup baked i macaroni with tomato sauce 1100), 11-4 head lettuce UJ), 3 tcuspoons ,French dressliiR (06), 1 whole slice j whole n-lieot bread (100), 1 teaspoon butter 135). 2-a cup app'.t; sauce (100), 1 tjlnss milk (125). Total calories, 53B. Dinner: One ball round sleak ' Rround (100), 1 buked swr?l potato (ISO), 1-2 cup creamed was msl •c.'irrols (BO). 1-a cup fruit snlnd 1 wlih mayonnaise UM), 'J tnljle- si«x>ns brown Uetty with 1 inble- spoon whipped cream (2M), 1 slice bread and-butter (115), l ™ i<tril ' ;; T u - Princess Learns to Walk As Sister Makes Draw* LONDON. mi'l-Thcse nrc busy days In the home of the Duke ot Void. a?,ventecn-motilhs-old Princess MnrKiirel rtosi! Is learning lo walk nnd her elder sister, Prlnctas'Ellz- "belh, is so engrossed In a now Wing outllt for si Imfcc doll thai she has almost roncolWn the approach of her sixth birthday. Princess MuninrH n ow Is know nto her family ns "Meg," u pel mine nlven lier by (he F'rlnea of Wnlcs, with whom slw IK a ([rent favorite. Wncess Ell/nhclh's doll, whoso name Is Julie, Is always attired in icplicns of the 1' 1 drciv.s. • The doll's cloUi^s are .stitched entirely I) yher young mistress, who Inslils that Julie must be treated exuclly ns she Is. Only In tho ruldcst of winds dots' thc doll up-. jMnr In u hut. mid when the Princess hns a bad cold, Julie 1ms to \y In lj«l. (on. Itrcthcrs Ti< in Council Kjcc M. WAH11INOTON. Mnssnchus- ;utls. rUPl—This town )md (» hild a special elation because In the it;^id:u el^clloti lura atlU Irv- li« U'Jillbcrlf were lldi; Iti tlio 50- leclinnu cunleM with 10 votes tncli. 'tliuy me brothers. 'lYtnnrrnw'x Menu BREAKFAST: Grii|M> fruit scc- llonii. ccieul cooked with dules. crctim. crlsj) broiled bacon, bread crumb pan milk, cuffe?. ! UJNOHKON: Dried beef ivllh jili'e. piuni: mill peanut butter wintl- Iwlclics. orange Jelly wllh whipped cieain, viiiiillii Cffokh.s, milk, tea, . DINNER: rmlced Imm. cn>am;cl splimch, slewed ixiluloes n la Southern, apple-celery nnd raisin salud, custard pie with apricot inn-Inane, milk, coffee. YOUNGER II ID a«id "A n:.n It u old u lisa klilueye." Iiwtgoule your Viiiuvy* so Uity remove raort <jf the pnhom which >low you up, and Rf« 'f you d&n't f««l mole vlul,,To ilo Iblj l«k» Gold Mfiltl H»rleni Oil Capsulo. • nitkm IKS l.etn wtdtljf'pri- Kiiljul for lhlsv,typurp«t-i'ht liestptoofthitliwocks. 35cft73c. Slan now to grow youngir with GOLD MEDAL HAARLCM Oil CAKULIS Colds * t lint clirn of •tivo that clean, loa.-Jiilnllo*.. «n!cl<««y m, r»ud jrout hc I WANT -a. SeOKTEST [HAVE t's easy to own the electric range that; does Dutch Oven Cooking ... automatically Life is so full of good things you shouldn't miss ~ and which you wouldn't miss if you had more leisure. And so we're making it easy for you to gain that leisure, hy offering you a special opportunity to get a new Westinghouse Flavor Zone Range ... the range that cooks automatically .. . while you're away from the kitchen •.. cooks by the same method of retained heat that made old-fashioned Dutch Oven cookery famous tor its rare flavor and nou rishing goodness. Westinghouse ELECTRIC RANGE WITH THE AUTOMATIC FLAVOR, ZONE OVEN Takcadvantaj»eofthis opportunity to enjoy thc convenience ol this electric range while you're paying for it. Taste the new freedom that is at hand for you. Treat your family to the endless delights of new-day Dutch Oven cooking. And treat yourself to that long- deserved vacation from tedious kitchen cares. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. ^nr" in v "'iii'"• ur ill ii~in MI in m^ni T m in MI Hi in nt 'nt—n. <ui 'i in m 111 in in

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