The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 3, 1940 · Page 9
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 9

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1940
Page 9
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Yot add fun and chewing delicious BAY RIDGE ALDEA'S CIGAR 8HOP, 1606 Sth Avf. AMARA CANDY CIGAR, 50B 801 h St. ANDREWS' CANDY CIGAR, 509 76th A. J P. FOOD STORES H. C. BOI1ACK STORES CMIB STAT., 480 78th St. DILBERT BROTHERS, 8402 5th Avt. EISLER PIIARM., Bth Avf,.83d 81, J. FAI,KENBERO, 509 83d St. FRIEDMAN'S STAT., 7520 5tll Ave. GEORGE'S CANDY 4 CIGAR, 512 83d : '?' STAT. CIGAR. B5J8 3d (LORE DRUG STORE, 405 86th St. ' 2tStS'T " in- 8ln h Ave. GREEN TEA-ROOM, INC., 443 8flth St. GUM.Y'S CANDY STORE, 12 69th Bt, Gl'SSMAN'S STAT. TOYS, 7021 5th CHARLES HOLLWEO CONF., 7804 8th MOLSTEN'S, 7fl2 Bth Avf IIOROWIT7. STAT. CIGAR, 8404 Bth JACR'S CANDY CIGAR STORE, 61 70th St. KATZ'S DRUG STORE, 7fio2 5th v, K. A R. CUT-RATE DRUG, 8522 Sth KUNTZ'S CANDY STORE, 475 74lh flt A. I.EFROWIT7. CIGAR MFG., 8211 5th LOFT CANDY 8TOKEH, 7418 51 h Avp I. OI'IS CANDY STORE, 503 84lh St MATARAZ.O'S CANDY STORE, 479 8;d MATES DRITi INC-REXALI, STORE, 73''2 Bth Ave, MAX'S STAT., 510 78th St, MEYER BI.OHM ICE CREAM LI'NCH'ETTE, 7002 Sth Av'(. MII.LNON'S, 454 861 h St. MIN BILL, 507 85th Bt. MONDERER'S STAT. A CIGAR, 7625 Blh NAT'I, DRUG CENTER, 424 8fllh St. NOVICK'S CANDY STORE, 510 Slat St. POHI.S' CONF., 8224 51 h Ave, REICH ERT'S CONF, -TEA ROOM, 8S18 Blh THOS. ROIILSTON STORES SALERNO'S CANDY CIGAR, B10 77th RHAFREN'S STAT. CIGAR, 7004 5th SOIIEL'S STAT. CIGAR, 7403 Bth ROROLOFr'S CANDY CIGAR, 7509 6th SCNLAND DAIRY, B023 Bth Avt, J. TANNENBAUM, 509 8Jd Bt. TOBY'S LI'NCH'ETTE, 8110 5th Av. VNITED CIGAR STORES, 7702 5th Ave. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. STORE, 7410 5th YOUNG' CANDY CIGAR ST,, 612 74th NOTICE: d7y. 1 " ff-'f Jlr J y Yes, you Brooklyn people really go for things that add extra zest to life. Chewing Wrigley's Spearmint Gum is a swell example. Thousands of you enjoy this delicious, inexpensive, treat every day. Its keen mint flavor refreshes your mouth - helps perk you up. Pleasant chewing helps relieve nervous tension -thus making daily work more enjoyable. And chewing wholesome Wrigley's Spearmint aids digestion, helps keep your teeth and smile attractive. Enjoy it daily. Buy several packages today. BROWNSVILLE AI. BINDER S CONF., 715 8artoa Av, A. P. FOOD STORES . M. BECK, M3 Hopklnson Avt. BELFCS PHARM., 778 8rtot Avt, JOE BERGKR, 162 Blake Ave. K. BERMAN, 175 Osbnrnf 81,, BERNSTEIN'S Bt'SY BLOCK, 113 That-lord BLOCK'S CANDY STAND, 463 Rockawdj BOB'S SWEET (illOPPK, 87 Dumont Ave, II. ('. BOUACK STORES COHEN'S CANDY STORE, 211 Ambof 6t, 1MII. S PHARM., 81 DumoiU Ave, MAX GEISER. 136 Sutter GERSOIi'S GROC.. 241 Blnke Ave IIAKMEI.IN'S ( ANDY STORE, 316 Chester HAMBERU'S CANDY. STORE, 198 Br.B-tol Bt. J. HONinsTEIN, 157 Thattord Avt, SAM HORN. 626 Hopkllisoll Ave. IRVING'S CANDY STORE, 246 SUtttr JACK'S H'NCH, 189 Osborne 81. JLLIl S' CROC, 597 ItiiDklnson Avt, H. KITH A V, 331 OMlter at. KI'RLANDER'8 CANDY ST., 702 Rock- away Ave. MCHTMAN'S DAIRY, 180 Blake Avt, M. I ll IIKRMAN, 271 Ambov 8t. MARTEL GROC, 331 Bristol St. MURRAY'S 1,1 N( II tin:, Biakl and Snrntopa Ave. HARRY NESS, 182 Sutler Ave, I. NEWMAN, 221 A 111 hoy St. NOVICK'S CANDY STAND, 103 Obornt HARRY OLESH, Kill Amboy St. W. PAVENSON, 211 Hrril St, P. PECK, 321 Bristol SI, POP'S INN, 774 Saintuna Ave, THOS, ROl'I.STON STORES Rl.'SS CANDY STOniC, 200 Sutler Avt, M. SARASOHN, 668 Saratoga Ave. S( IIAMRERG'S CANDY ST., 198 Bristol A. NKH IIICR, 718 saratoaa Avt. SHIFTMAN'S GROC, 241 Blake Avt, L. SILVERSTONE, 128 Sutter Avt. MAX SKOLKIN, 624 Rookaway I.. SMILOWITJ!, 231 Dumont Avt. BAM SMOLOWITZ, 2(ia Dumont Avt, H. NOI.OWAY, 230 Blake Ave. SOMKRSTEIN'B SWEET BH., 128 Dumont TEMKIN'S CONF., 125 Blake Avt, Jl?,1,? WASSKBMAN, 81 Blakt Avt, W f CANDY STORE, 164 Thatford S'i'11 CANDY STORE, 352 Bristol .IMMER'S CANDY ST 638 Hopkinson Names of ofher Brooklyn jm n ia -n '' . EAST JSW YORK AI.TEIN CROC., 877 Dumont Ave. ARDIES LI'NCH'ETTE, 720 Sutter A. P. FOOD STORES P, BARTIK, 677 Blake Ave, RCB1V BECK, 872 Blikt Avt. L. BLEIWEIS, 353 New Jersey Ave, BLOCK GROC, 373 Schenclc Ave. H. C. BOHACK STORES A. CHANIN, 316 Wyona St. EPSTEIN'S CROC, 491 Belmont FASS' GROC, 851 Dumont Avt. FINE PHARM., 842 Blake Ave. M. FI.E1SHER, 385 Miller Avt. FORMAN PHARMACY, 401 Vermont B, GELFAND, 750 Sutter Ave, R. GOLDEN, 430 Bradford St. GENSLER GROC, 339 Van Sicklen Avt. GOLDBERG'S GROC, 382 New Jersey SAM GOLDSTEIN, 7B3 Sutter H. GOORLAND'S EMPORIUM, 771 Sutter HARRY'S SWEET SHOPI'E, 745 Butter JACK'S LIJNCH'ETTE, 663 Sutler I. KAISER, 886 Blake Ave. KAYE'S LI'NCH'ETTE, 585 Hendrlt I.A ( ROWNELLA CIGARS, 721 Butler RUTH l.ESH, 406 Hendrlx 81. B. l.ETTERMAN, 899 Dumont Ave. M, & W. LI'NCH'ETTE, 806 Sutler MILLER'S LI'NCH'ETTE, 603 Dumont MILLER'S PHARM., 540 Bchenrk Ave. MINKIN PHARM., 4l'3 Wyona St, S. RABINOWITZ. 364 Vermont St. RABINOW1TZ GROC, 496 Bradford St. RKIG'S SWEET SHOPPE, 706 Blakt Ave. (,, ROSENTHAL, 68S Sutler THOS, ROIILSTON STORES S. ROTHMEI., 803 Sutter 1. SCHNEIDER, 526 Hendrli St, SCIIKAJER'S PHARM., 830 Bullet H, SHABSIS, 651 Sutler I. SHAPIRO, 725 Sutter Avt, H, SHIFFMAN, 698 Belmont Avt, C. SILVERMAN, 55 Blake Avt. SILVER'S GROC, 367 New Jersey Avt. SLAVIN PHARM., 390 Miller Ave. SARAH STOL7.MAN, 863 Dumont Ave, SUTTER SWEET SHOPPE, 704 Slitter M. WARSHAWSKY, 399 Vermont Avt. I. WINNER, 578 Belmont merchants who display and ease 4 your daily work, Wrigley's Spearmint Sum PARK SLOPE RALPH ALIO, 569 Vanderbllt Are. ARFMANN THARM,, 214 Underhlll Avt. A. P. FOOD STORES BAKER'S PHARM, 182 Underhlll Ave. J. BARRIS, 116 Underhlll Ave. ' H. K. BOESE, 621 Vanderbllt Avt. H. C. BOHACK STORES P. CACIPPO, 66 Underhlll Avt. I. CENDER, 172 rark Place FRANK COCO. !7 Hanson Place COPLEY PI.A7.A PHARM., 234 underbill JOHN ECKERT, 658 Vanderbllt Ave, J. EISEN. 60R Vanderbllt Ave. FLUNK PIIARM, 307 FlaUJUih Ave. M. FRANK. 53 P'll Ave. CHAS. FRIEDMAN, 671 Vanderbllt Ave, DAVID GORDON, 564 Vanderbllt Ave. Gl S'S LUNCHROOM, 699 Bcrten St. HANSON TEA ROOM, 13 Hanson Place .1. HOROWITZ, UK Underhlll Ave. M. JANOWITZ, 628 Vanderbllt Ave. FRED Kol'S, B'klyr MuMUm Newsstand M. LANG. 176 Underhlll Ave. LIGHT BUOY SERVICE STAND, 1 Han-Ion Place B. I.II.1ENBLOOM. 64B'i Vanderbllt Avt. MAJESTIC PHARM., 381 Flalbusll Ave. M, MAROTTO, H4 Pacific 81. J4MES A. MrCU.L, 92 Underhlll Avt. W. MEVER. in PioMiect, Place NEW ASTOIt 111(111 SHOP, IIS5 FlbUll NEWMAN'S ItllMH ICE CREAM, 298 Flalbusll Ave OLYMPIC ( AKi ll lllA. 328 P1atbHh PARK LUNCH I I 11. 334-A FlBlbtlsh MRS. M. fl.AH., lulT-A VanderbiU H, POI.AKOFI . (irtuid Army Plaza J. PORIT7. ;i:h K.Hinush Ave. RAE'S CANDY STORE, 71 6lh Ave DANIEL RI.EVIS. Inc., 649 Vtndevbiit THOS. ROUI.S1I1N STORES R. Rt'DMAN, 613 Vnnderblll P. SKVIRSKY, 367 Flatbuah Ave, SLOPE. DECK'.. 377 Flatbiuh Avf. STEVENS REST., 296 Flatbuah Avt. V. TALARIUO, 61 Underhlll Avt, A. TEDESCO, 649 Ilerien Bt. VAN DEINSE PHARM., 603 Vtnderbllt E, W'OFRZ, bss Vanderbllt J. ZIMMERMAN, 599 Vanderbllt ZIV BROS,, 300 Fliitln-'Sh Ave. sell Wrigley's Spearmint Gum SHEEPSHEAD C. ARIZONA. 311 Avenue X AVIATION LUNCH BAR, F'.ovd Bennett Field AVIATION REST., Fiord Bennett FV. A. A P. FOOD STORES E. BERLIN, 2301 65th St, BINDER'S PIIARM., 2751 Coney Island H, C. BOHACK STORES J. CARBONE, 160 Neck Road J. CASTAGANA, 297 Avenue X CLARIDGE SWEET SHOP, 427 Avenue P DAMSKY'S COM'.. 2J1 St. H. DWORAK, 2075 McDonald Ave. F. ELKIN, 1806 McDonald ELKIN'S M'NCH'ETTE. 2401 SBlh St. M. 1'ERRA.NO, 2776 Coney Island Ave, E. FIOCCO, 2109 W. 6lh 81. M. HSIIMAN, 432 Avenue P P FISIIMAN, 1517 Neck Hoad FRANK'S STAT., 393 Avenue I FOTIOS GAH.BIS, 393 Avenue X S. GERMAIN, 6414 24th Ave M. GIAKAS, 1409 Nctdt Road H. GOI.I1HAUM, 397 Avenue X A. GOLDMAN. 2475 BSth St. A. Gl'IDA. 4 l Avenue X M. GUIDO. 2675 Coney Island Avt. II. IHT1.IN. 1221 Ncek Road M. IKK IIMAN. 4,9 Avenue P ,M. IIONIG, 1IS5 Avenue X IRVING'S CI T RATE SW I ET SHOP. 2371 6S! h S1- JA( K'S C4NDT STORE, 1190 Ktrk Hnad S, K4I'I,4N, IHTI Nnk Koad lllll I.ASAI.I.E PHARM , .V St. M f4'h S LOW I I, W7 Neck Hoad M4NI1EI.I. S, 1826 Nerk Read J M4MEI.L, 1.101 Neek Ri.hd V. MMA, 2727 Coney Island A',1. F, MESSINA, 1687 McDonald Ave, J. PAPAtiNI, 506 Neck finad RAY-LEE PIIARM., 2)23 Avenue V M. A. RINALUI, 369 Avenue X M. ROSENTHAL, 372 Avenue P THOS. ROl'I.STON STORES SCHER'S CUT RATE 1IKI (,S. 4.8 Ave. P SELMON'S PHARM., 502 Neek R"d N. STEINBERG. 2410 5th Rt. STOI.OFE'S PIIARM., 370 Avenue f F. TIHRANEI.LA, 2379 65lh St. ,1 74GER, 23:16 65lh HI. ZIMMERMAN'S CROC, J,ri" Avenue X will be listed in future advertisements to appear in this newspaper. BROOKLYN STL YVES ANT A. r. FOOD STORES H. C. BOHACK STORES B. CAMPEAU'S CONF., 335 Held Ave. DONNER'S GROC, 121 Macon St. DREYFUS' CONF., 1601 Fllllon EDIXSTEIN'S CONF., 208 Lwil Ave. T. FREEMAN'S CONF.. 4'.6 IWl Ave. FRIEDMAN'S CONF., 196 lfj FROMCHECK PHARM., 3 o4 I.'wll GROSSER S PIIARM,, 204 Reld Ave. HARMS OFI.IC. 21,6 He'd Ave. HARRY HKCIITS GROC, 276 Re d M. HOri MAN'S GROC, 73 Decatur JACOBOW TEZ'8 fllARM., 210 U.t L. KAPLAN S COM'., 246 Reid KAPLAN'S PIIARM., 260 Red J. KAUFMAN'S STAT., 44 ) l,eU THE KNII.Iir PIIARM , 171 lywu Ave. KRAMER S COM.. 96 Reid Ave. M KUI.I.MAN COVE., )S0 Held KI'NOI SKY'S STAI.. 246 Lew s LEW'S CANDY SIIIKE, 60 lie d Ml HERMAN'S GROC.. 1619 FnltOU 11 I.ITTM N SEAT., 495 Putnam It. I.mWN S ( l)M 2H4 Red y MOOHE S ( le ,11 Iiatic.ery ni VI KRAV S EOOD STOKE, llf'l f, iiyve' ant WGEls. 1)11 II ., J J7 iV.iyvrsain h NAVIES ( (INF., 27 Re.d NATHANSONS STI., 3(.0 Lew's il NEIMAN'S (IIM Oil) l.afayei'l PI 1 i R' (HOI ., 374 IfWl' M ROM'NWHG ONE.. Ml R-.4 1 HIIS, P.IH l. ION SI OKI S SI I II, MAN'S I ONE'., 4. Ii SENS4I.I S COM ., 158 Lew. S. MEM R S GROC, 362 HI'iyvesant SIMMON'S CONE., 411 Lews B SIMOk'S CONF.. 360 Held W. SPRITI.I.'S ( ONF 421 Pu'nsm I) SUIKIN'S CONF., 174 lwia 1III1S. HHOS. GR(K 331 1 rw.l TURKISH'S CONE., 222 Reid I N rERBACH'S STAT., 615 Haliey WASIIOVSKY'S UONF., 225 Lewis W AGNER'S I'll A K AC, 318 l ewis Ave. WEXTEOCK PIIARM , 92 lie d WHITE ST Ml GROC, 416 Monroe 81. I). YEGGUIMAYS (ONE, 328 Lews EAGLE, TUESDAY, DEC. 3, 1940 VlLLMLSBlTtG R. AMEDEO, 2 Havemeyer St. A. A P. FOOD STORES BAUER'S GROC. ( ANDY, 138 N, 3d BIRKOWTTZ A SPAI.TFR, 106 Koeblint BUI'S SERVICE PHARM , 76 Havemeyer JENNIE Rl.l M, 140 N 4'h St. B. BOCCIA, 2 ,'3 N 6-h 81, H. C BOHACK STORES S, J. HI RAK. 118 8 2d St. ( HlltONKV BROS. s;,5 units Ave COPPOLA'S GROC, 119 Roehlint fit. I) 'ANDREA'S SH EET SHOP, 32 Havemevef III SAN I IS ( ANDY STORE, 243 N Sth M .1. DOWNER PHARM. 229 Bedford I RANK'S Rll I.IARI) A( AO.. 65 Roebllm HELEN GOETZ 123 N 6th 8: J (.OR7EEANY, 118 N. 4'h 8'. GRAHAM I.UMH EITK. 464 Graham (.1 SHERMAN'S 'HARM , 576 Int AMIKIW Gl HAL, 2U Bedford Ave. K . IMPROTE. 209 N 5Ul KAZO'S (.ROC, ,V77 Union Ave KOSTERSM'S (,KOC, 93 N. 4:h KOTYK'S (,R()C, IU9 N Sth R. KY( ZYNSKI. 6 '. nilfts Ave. I. AHI Rl AS PHARM.. 4'J Union Art. 1,41 Rl ( AEIENIIO. 52 Havemever St. J. MAE EE TON!:, ill N 'h BU P. M.ASCOIO, : Jlavemever Bt. A, V, MIEEV. 147 N 4!ll 8'. RALPH MONTAINO'S CANDY STORE. 49 H iveirever JoirN MORKA. r'16 tlrlns Ave. NAPORSIS 4 ANDY SIORE. 223 Bedford P NAPPI. 4 . Hvern ver Si, MWssiAVOS. 8'h Ave, line PHILIP PAI MA, 216 .V 8:h RL ,1. I'SI 111 A 1 Wylhe Ave HI VDA S PIIARM . '." Roeblinf fit. I lllll. KOI I S I ON STORES I.. KUDOMEN S CANIIY SIORE, 249 Bedford A. SEKI'l.iKI, 256 AVythe Are, SOI.OAH7.' 4 ANDY STORE. 193 Bedford 7 HE SUGAR BOWL, 468 Union Art. J, S7Y.IKA, 105 N, Sth 81. INION NEWS STANDS, BMT lint JOHN WASH Kl, 117 N, 6th St AMIKEW WI4IIK, 139 Berry St. S, AVIOENSKI, S7 Bedford E. WISNIEWSKI, 23.1 Bedtord Avt. 7AWOI.S GHIH . 1 M N 4'h St L. ZUR GKO(. STORE, 51 No. 6th I -AWVjj i. ., W4. A , 'III .Y.Y atiVijviii iVj' i laVij'rai

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