The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on September 19, 1935 · Page 21
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 21

Brooklyn, New York
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Thursday, September 19, 1935
Page 21
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MI 21 News of Current Activities in the Stage, Screen and Radio Worlds BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1935 Radio Dial Log -.By JO RANSONz .Woollcott Returns to WABC Oct. 6 Lois Long on the Air Other Studio Happenings Notes on the cuff . . , that ace story-teller, Alexander Woollcott, returns to WABC Oct. 6 . . . Luclenne Boyer, French songstress, returns to New York shortly for a new NBC commercial lor a sponsor as yet unnamed , . , Clara, tu and Em are due back on WEAF Oct. 14, when their five a week will be changed from a morning listing to 8:45 p.m. . . . Andre Kostelanetz, back from Hollywood, was so Impressed and excited with his musical work there that he intends to go back after the next radio season . , , Columbia Is again going to try to build up Its daytime programs. First indication: News that Lois Long, fashion scribbler, has been signed to do a special hour's program each week for women. Program is to be tagged "The Worn-- an's Page of the Air" and is to unfold for the first time on Sept. 24. There will be guest stars, authors and other figures of the day. Mark Warnow's Orchestra will furnish musical interludes. Cobina Wright conducted a similar hour last year on this network ... In addition, the School of the Air will be back for another series of five programs a week and plans are being made to develop a number of other hour-long attractions on the daytime schedule. Jessica Dragonette, NBC soprano, Mil be heard over the CBS network for the first time tonight as guest artist on the first of a new series of programs sponsored by a radio set manufacturer over WABC at 8:30. In Response To Joseph Finch, Brooklyn: Jimmy Fidler, who had his Hollywood Gossip on WJZ last year, will resume Oct. 30. G7P., Brooklyn: Mrs. Wiggs of BEST BETS FOR THE EVENING 7:15- 7:30 From London: "The Ethiopian Oil Concession," Francis W. Rickett, British financier, WABC. 8:00- 9:00 Lee Tracy in scene from "Blessed Event," Preview Musical Show, "Venus in Silk." Lou Little, Columbia football coach, talk. Vallee orchestra, WEAF. S:30- 9:00 Prniere: Jessica Dragonette, soprano; concert orchestra, Wliliam Daly conducting, WABC. 8:30-10:00 "Peace," Senator William E. Borah of Idaho; Lucrezia Bori, soprano. Sketch, "Journey's End," WABC. 11:30-12:00 "America Is on the Way," Daniel C. Roper, Secretary of Commerce, WEAF. 5 P.M. TO 7 P.M. 1:00 WABC Howells-Wriaht, piano. WEAF Meredith Wtllson Orchestra. WOR Rosaline Greene, news. WMCA Sam Taub, Angelo Taub, stoorts. WNYC- Variety Singers. WHN Lillian Dell, songs. I 15 WABC The Instrumentalists. WEAF 3 Scamps, vocals. WOR Girls' Vocal Trio. WMCA Carrie Lillle, songs. WHN Salon Moderne. 5:30 WABC Jack Armstrong, sketch. WEAF Carol Dels, soprano: Ben Klassen, tenor. WJZ Nursery Jingles, stories. WOR "The Magpie," Karl Freund. WMCA Jerry Baker, tenor; Fen-ton Orchestra. WNYC "Training of Municipal Employes," Municipal Reference Library. WHN Johnny Wells, baritone. i:4S WABC Tito Gulsar, tenor. WJZ Little Orphan Annie. WOR Walter Alirens, baritone; Don Baker, organ. WNYC Chief Whiteleather. songs. WHN Bill Shepard. "Reddy." 6:00 WABC Buck Rogers, sketch. WEAF Flying Time, sketch. WJZ Arthur Lang, baritone. WOR Uncle Don. WMCA Dance music. WNYC Max Olanoff, violin. WHN Hans Hanke, music. 15 WABC Benay Venuta, songs, WEAF Lee Gordon Orchestra. WJZ Dot and Will, sketch. WMCA Erllng C. Olsen, talk. WNYC Vincent Ladell, songs. WHN Monte Hellinger. sports, ft 2I WMCA Press-Radio news. 6:30 WABC Russian orchestra, choir. WEAF-WJZ Press-Radio news. WOR Vincent Connolly, news. WMCA Vtnce Calendo, Eileen Bar-' ton, songs: Arnold Orchestra; ' Alan Courtney, M. C. WNYC Baseball, sports resume. WHN Amateur Photographers' Club. fl 35 WEAF Ella Logan, songs; Herman Orchestra. WJZ Kurt Brownell. tenor. 8:45 WEAF Billy and Betty, sketch. WJZ Lowell Thomas, commentator. WOR Bela Rozsa, organ. WNYC Brooklyn Symphony Trio, n 55 WABC Press-Radio news. 7 P.M. TO 10 P.M. 7.00 WABC Variety program. WEAF Amos 'n' Andy. WJZ Richard Leibert, organ. WOR Stan Lomax, sports; "Places to Go," talk. WMCA Jack Fraser, baseball, WHN To be announced. T: IS WABC From London: "The Ethiopian Oil Concession." Francis W. Rickett. British Financier. ' WEAF "Popeye, the 8allor." WJZ Tony and Gus, sketch. WOR Jungle Club. WMCA Harry Hershfleld. commentator. WNYC "Speed Dictation," Myrtle Haywood. WHN Llora Hoffman, songs; Hyde Orchestra. 7:30 WABC Buddy Clark, songs. WEAF Music Is My Hobby 8erles: Vladmir Karapetolf. Professor of Electrical Engineering, Cornell University. WJZ Lum and Abner. sketch. WOR All Star Round-Up. WMCA Sid Gary, "G-Men Revue." WNYC Press-Radio news. WHN Ivan Frank Orchestra. WLWL Rev. James M. Glllis, C. S. P. t 35 WNYC Whistling Barrister. 1:4b WABC Boake Carter, commentator. WEAF Tom Powers, monolottlst. WJZ Phil Regan, tenor; Harry Jackson Orchestra. WOR Bill McCune Orchestra. WNYC Del O'Day, songs. S 00 WABC Teddy Berman, comedian; Jack Arthur, baritone; Audrey MRrsh, soprano; Rhythm Girls; Arden Orchestra. WEAF Rudy Vallee Orchestra: Lee Tracy In scene from Blessed Event." WJZ Comedy, songs, melodrama, with Sylvia Clark. WOR Alfred Wallensteln Orchestra. WMCA Three Little Funsters. WNYC Chelsea Singers. WHN Buddy Monroe Orchestra; revue. PLACiS to iff IN BROOKLYN irtrr" TAlirrDC BROOKLYN'S SMART HOTEL MAin 4-J0O0 lilt. XUVYdna Clark. Willow and Pineapple St!.. Brooklyn, N. T. Dine in the Crystal Room, famous for fine foo served In a dignified atmosphere. "AN ABBOTT HOTEL." Karl P. Abbott, Mng. Director. C. Eugefia Hamea, Mgr. the Cabbage Patch returns to the a.m. schedule of WABC Sept. 30. Frank Polotz, Brooklyn: The "mechanical mole," latest of the "real unreal" inventions on the "Buck Rogers" program. Is being used to "bore through" to the core of the earth, and to discover new and untold wonders. What, you don't believe it! Allan Felklnd, Brooklyn: Write to the National Committee on Radio- in Education, Tracy F. Tyler, secretary, 1201 16th 8t., Northwest, Washington, D. C. Refer to Sept. 19 issue of "Education by Radio." William Sail of the Biograph Studios, producer of the Major Bowes Amateur Movie Shorts, is auditioning radio and motion picture amateurs tomorrow evening from 6 to midnight and Saturday afternoon from 2:30 to 8 p.m. in the Albee Theater building. Will mothers please remember this children under 10 will NOT be auditioned. Today's Radio Program 8:15 WMCA Five Star Final. WKVD "Recent Federal Social Security Legislation," Dr. Abraham Epstein. 8:30 WABO Jessica Dragonette. soprano; William Daly Orchestra. WEAF Cyril Pitts, tenor. WOR Helene Daniels, Jack Arthur, aongs; Ed Fitzgerald, music. WMCA Tommy McLaughlin, songs, WEVD Amateur Variety Show, WHN Ivan Frank Orchestra. 8 15 WJZ Hendrik WlUem van Loon, talk. WMCA Mystery sketch. 9:00 WABC Jerry Cooper, songs: Marty May, comedian; Augustine Orchestra. WEAF Frank Mclntyre, Lanny Ross, tenor; Muriel Wilson, soprano; Conrad Thibault, baritone: Haenschen Orchestra. WJZ Death Valley Days, sketch. WOR Dr. Charles M. Comboin, famous Belgian organist. WMCA Johnny Muldowney, tenor; Fenton Orchestra. WHN Bryce Oliver, news. 9:15 WMCA Boake Carter, commentator. WMCA Joe Martin, songs; Hyde Orchestra. 9:30 WABC World Peaceways Program; Deems Taylor, master of ceremonies; Barlow Symphony Orchestra: "Peace," Senator Borah; Lucrezia Borl, soprano. WJZ Roy Shield Orchestra; Clark Dennis, tenor. WOR Sid Gary, Marilyn Duke, songs; Brusiloff Orchestra; others. WMCA Mysterious Mr, Mac, sketch. WHN Barn dance. t 9:45 WMCA Night of Stars, talk. 10 P.M. TO 1 A.M. 10:00 WABC Heidt Brigadiers. WEAF Paul Whlteman Orchestra: Oeorge Oershwin, composer; Mildred Bailey, blues; Ray Knight, comedian: Helen Jep-son, soprano; others. WJZ Symphony Orchestra: Frank Black, conducting; Vladimir Brenner, piano, WOR Tom Terrlss, adventure stories. WMCA To be announced. WEVD Newspaper Guild. WABC March of Time. WOR Johnny Strouse Orchestra. WMCA Elder Horn Revival Meeting. WHN Eugene Jelesnik Orchestra. WABC Clyde Barrle, baritone. WABC Ouy Lombardo Orchestra. WEAF John B. Kennedy, talk. WJZ Dance orchestra. WOR Weather; Arthur Hale, news. WMCA Betty Gould, organ. WHN Bob Howard, songs. WEAF Leonard Keller, organ. WOR Barn Doln's. WMCA Arthur Lewis, baritone. WHN Oddities in the News. WABC Johnny Hamp Orchestra. WEAF "America Is on the Way." Secretary of Commerce Daniel C. Roper. WJZ Joe Rlnes Orchestra. WOR Dark Town Meetin'. WMCA-WHN Dance music. WABC Dick Messner Orchestra. WEAF Ben Bernle Orchestra. WJZ shandor, violin. WOR Bide Dudley, "Theaters." WMCA Gaieties. WHN Henrietta Kamern. organ. WOR Murray Horton Orchestra. WJ8 Ranny Weeks Orchestra. WOR George Duffey Orchestra. WABC George Olsen Orchestra. WEAF Joe Relchman Orchestra. WJZ Charles Dornberger Orchestra. WOR Gene Burchell Orchestra. WMCA Frank Juele Orchestra. JO 15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 13:00 12 05 12:08 12:15 12:30 TOMORROW MORNING fl:45 WOR Musical Gym Clock. 7:00 WMCA Pastor Oeorge A. Palmer. WHN Perry Charles, talk. 7:30 WABO Fred Felbel. organ. WEAF Jolly BUI and Jane. WJZ Pollock-La wnhurst, piano. WOR Vincent Sorey Orchestra. WNYC Health exercises. 7:45 WEAF Yolchl Hlraoka, xylophone. WJZ Dance Orchestra. WNYC Monitor Views the News. WHN Laymen's Fellowship. DIN Beatrice de Meergaard x n si In "Squaring the Circle," the Russian comedy opening on Oct. 3. In 'Song of the Damned' Arthur Aylesworth and Blackle Whlteford are the latest additions to the cast now being assembled by Director Albert Hogcll for Columbia's "Song of the Damned" (temporary title). Victor Jory, Florence Rice and Norman Foster have the leads In this screen drama, which has its locale in Paris and Devil's Island. Thurston Hall, Billy 'Gilbert, George Regas and Donald Haynes have already been engaged for important roles. 8:00 WABC Oleanders Male Quartet. WEAF Malcolm Claire, stories. WJZ Morning devotions. WOR Mark Hawley, news. WMCA Barnacle Bill, songs. WNYC Morning serenade. WHN Con Matfle, organ. 8:15 WABC Ray Block, piano. WEAF William Meeder, organ; Robert Braine, piano. WJZ Pals, children's sketch. WOR Nell Vinlck. talk, music. WMCA Fern Scull, piano. 8:85 WABC City Consumers' Guide. Also WEAF, etc. 8:30 WABC Sunny Melodies. WEAF Inspirational talk: music. WJZ Walter Csssell, baritone; William Meeder, organ. WOR Martha Manning, sales talk. WMCA Nalda Nardl, songs. WNYC A. D. Richardson, organ. 8:45 WABC Girls' Vocal Trio. WJZ Landt Trio and White. WOR Home Town Boys. WMCA Tommy Sullivan, aongs. WHN Art Eean, poet. 9 00 WABC Fan Mall, sketch. WEAF Richard Leibert, organ. WJZ Edna Odell, contralto: Clark Dennis, tenor; Don McNeill, master of ceremonies. WOR Hymns of All Churches. WMCA Lawrence Gould, talk. WNYC Masterwork Hour. WHN Nancy Clancy, songs. 9:15 WOR Don Baker, organ. WMCA Phelps Phelps, talk. WHN The Singing Cop. 9:30 WEAF Fields-Hall, piano. WOR Tex Fletcher, cowboy aongs. WMCA Press-Radio news. WHN Ted Meyn, organ. 9:35 WMCA Victor H. Lindlahr, talk. 9:45 WABC Cadets' Male Quartet. WEAF Upstaters' Male Quartet, WOR Backstage Wife, sketch. 10:00 WABC, WEAF, WJZ, WNYC, WHN Press-Radio news. WOR Variety program. WMCA Bruce Ray, talk; Robert Keller, organ. 10:05 WABC Melody Quintuplets, songs, WEAF Sizzlers Male Trio. WJZ Dream 8inger. WNYC Market Specials; Chamber Trio. WHN Salr Lee. songs. 10:15 WABC Captlvators, instrumental. WEAF Girl Alone, sketch. WJZ Edward MacHugh, songs. WMCA Dr. Norton, talk. WHN Gene Lester, baritone. WMCA Johann Singer, piano. WEAF Breen and de Rose, songs. WJZ Today's Children, sketch. WNYC Lessons in German, Mrs, Elizabeth Schrader. WMCA V. E. Meadows, beauty talk. WHN Gene Lester, baritone, WABC Mrs. Wtggs, sketch. WEAF Betty Crocker, cooking talk. WJZ Sam Herman and Frank Banta. xylophone, piano. WNYC String Quartet. WHN Movie news. WABC "Cooking Closeups," Mary E. Ames. WEAF Variety Muslcale. WJZ The Honeymooners, songs. WOR "What to Eat," C. Houston Goudlse. WMCA FaHh Fortune, talk. WHN Musical program. WABC Blanche Sweet, beauty talk. WJZ Wendell Hall, music. WMCA Greenwood Songsters. WNYC Chester A. Smith, A. 8. WHN "Many Minds," talk. WABC Saundra Brown, songs. 10:20 10:3O 10:45 11:15 11 30 WEAF George Hessberger Orches tra. WOR Don Baker, organ. WMCA Brooklyn Women's Court Alliance. "Brooklyn's Need for a Women's Court": Bruce R Duncan, Counsel to Brooklyn Real Estate Board. WNYC Brooklyn String Trio. WHN Helen Yorke, soprano. 11:45 WABC Just Plain BUI. WOR Minstrel show. WMCA Views of the News. WHN Mid-day Muslcale. 12:00 WABC Voice of Experience. WEAF Martha and Hal, songi, WJZ Simpson Boys, sketch. WOR Antoinette Donnelly, talk; Joe Bier, songs. WMCA Oeorge Meyer, baritone. WNYC School of the Air. WHN Leo Weber, organ. TONIGHT PREMIERE PROGRAM "TO ARMS FOR PEACE!" WABC-9.30 P.M. i HON. WILLIAM E. BORAH United States Senator from Idaho Guest Speaker will deliver an Address on "Peace" LUCREZIA BORI Soprano, of the Metropolitan Opera Company Guest Artist Howard Barlow's Symphony Orchestra and Full Chorus Dramatic Scenes from R. C Sheriff's Great War Play "JOURNEY'S END" Few Names Are 'Box-Office1 That's Why Leslie Stainer Became Leslie Howard and Jack Krantz Was Changed to Ricardo Cortez If you want to be an actor and play in the movies, the chances are you will have to change your name. Not one name In a hundred is considered "box office" in Hollywood. Four young people have found this out recently all of them newcomers to the screen colony and all of them ready to carve out careers in pictures. Joseph Sauers, for example, will be known from now on as Joseph Sawyer. He has worked in pictures for many months, but received screen billing only recently. After his excellent showing in" "The Informer," Warner Brothers signed him to a term contract, and the name change was suggested by Sauers himself. 'I didn't mind when people called me 'Sowers'," he explains, "or even Sours', but when I was introduced as 'Joe Sewers' I knew it was time to change the name." After a long series of tests, Nick Foran, redhead football hero who turned actor, was chosen to play the leading roles in a series of "West erns." It was argued and agreed that "Nick" was not a typical- sounding name for a cowboy but that "Dick" was. So it is to be "Dick" Fovfin in "Moonlight on the Prairie," and in all future pictures in which this player appears. Sybil Jason, diminutive child actress, whose talents will be dis played first to American audiences in "The Little Big Shot," coming to the Roxy soon, has played in .South Africa and England under her own name of Sybil Jacobs. The change was agreed upon before she started her first picture in Hollywood. Reason given: A more euphonious name. Last of the four to have a name change is Hugh Enfield, who has been appearing with Mary Pickford on the stage in "Coquette." He will be introduced to screen audiences as Craig Reynolds. He is dark, hand 12:15 WABC The Gumpi. sketch. WEAF Honeyboy and Sassafral. WJZ Cheri McKay, contralto male trio. WOR Leo Freudberg Orchestra. WMCA Mid-day message. WNYC Favorite Mualc Album. 12:30 WABC Mary Marlln, sketch. WEAF Norman L. Cloutler Orchestra. WJZ Maud Muller, contralto: Charles Sears, tenor; others. WOR Mark Hawley. news. WMCA Clifford Bennett, "Finance." WHN Edna Brevard, aongg. 12:45 WABC Five 8tar Jones, sketch. WOR Painted ureams, aaeiuu. WHN Theater news. AFTERNOON 1:00 WABC Mount Ouest, piano. WEAF Market and weather. WJZ Happy Jack, songs. WOR Love Doctor, sketch. WMCA Jack Moore, songs. WNYC Police alarms, news, trio. WHN Frank Hernandez, songs. 1:15 WABC Rhythm Bandbox. WEAP SUverberg Ensemble. WJZ Kilmer Family, sketch. WOR Girls' Vocal Trio. WMCA Hill Billy Music. WHN Bridge Club. 1:30 WEAF Dick Fidler Orchestra. WJZ Farm and Home Hour. WOR Health talk; music. WMCA To be announced. WNYC Talk. WHN Jazz music. 1:45 WABC Gothamalres Quartet. WOR Bide Dudley, "Theaters." WMCA Nick Kenny, talk. WNYC Colonial Dance Orchestra. WHN Edward Matthews, baritone. 3 00 WABC French Princess, sketch. WEAF "The Magic of Speech," Vida Ravenscroft Sutton. WOR Dr. A. F. Payne, talk. WMCA Variety show. WHN Elizabeth Lynch, talk; Hans Hanke, piano. 3 15 WABC Romance of Helen Trent. WOR Jerry Marsh, tenor. WNYC "Helping Those in Need." talk. WHN Songs at Piano. 2:30 WABC Ted Malone, readings. WEAF Frances Barton, cooking talk; vocalists; Warren Hull, master of ceremonies. WJZ Rosa Linda, piano; Jose! Hontl Orchestra. WOR Martha Deane, women's hour. WMCA Joan Adair, aongs. WNYC Empire String Quartet. WHN "Letting You In," play. 3:45 WABO Happy Hollow, sketch. WMCA Dr. Richard Burton, talk. WNYC Vocabulary Enrichment, talk. WHN Musical program. 3:00 WABC Mixed Quartet. WEAF Home, Sweet Home, sketch. WJZ From London: Hlldegarde. popular London night club hostess. WOR Walter Ahrens. baritone. WMCA Helen Lelghton, talk. WNYC Municipal Chamber Symphony. 3:15 WABC The Instrumentalists. WOR Rhythm Olrls, trio. WMCA Helen Henry, soprano. WHN A New Yorker Speaks. 3:30 WABC Eddie Dunstedter. songs. WEAF Ma Perkins, sketch. WJZ Vaughn de Leath. contralto. WOR "Making Cuttings for House Plants," Otto H. Roller, florist. WMCA Clifford Bennett, "Finance." WHN Robert Kramer, violin. 3:45 WEAF Mario Cozzi, baritone, or gan. WJZ The King's Jesters. WOR Arthur Klein, piano. WHN Phil Nolly, songs. 4:00 WABC Grab Bag, songs. WEAF Women's Radio Review: Hints Lory, "Manchoukuoan Highlights." WJZ Betty and Bob. sketch. WOR Isabelle Ouarnicrl. soprano WMCA Jack Fraser, spons. WNYC United Parents Association. WHN Ray W. Taylor, gossip. 4:15 WJZ Jackie Heller, tenor. WNYC Grand Opera Concert, WHN Alice Nicholas, songs. DEEMS TAYLOR Master of Ceremonies some and powerfully built. The new name seems to fit and he is much pleased with It. No one in Hollywood seems to be able to say Just why any certain name isn't "box office," or why another name is. Length has nothing to do with it. Josephine Hutchinson brought one of the longest names on record to Hollywood and no suggestion that it should be changed was ever made. Richard Barthelmess had a long name and made it synonymous with success. Olivia de Havilland is a young actress of whom great things are expected yet her rather complicated namL has been left in its original state. On the other hand, no famous screen name Is shorter than that of Paul Muni, shortened, as almost everybody knows, from Muni Wel-senfreund. Edward O. Robinson, with a long name, plays similar roles. Bette Davis' name is short and as pert as her pretty face. Jean Muir (shortened from Jean Muir Fullarton) makes eight letters do. Margaret Lindsay uses fifteen. Eight letters have always been enough for Al Jolson. Warren Williamwho used to be Warren William Krech on the stage has thirteen and doesn't consider it unlucky. A name either fits a screen personality or it doesn't. And when it doesn't something has to be done about it. Ruby Keeler uses her own name. So do James Cagney and Dick Powell and Joe E. Brown. But George Brent and Leslie Howard and Ricardo Cortez have had theirs changed to make them better "box office." (Brent was Nolan, Howard was Stainer and Cortez was Kranz.) This is a free country and any one who wishes can try for a place in the movies. But any one who gets there must be willing to change his name, if Hollywood decides it needs changing. Labor and WPA Face Deadlock On. Relief Wage Labor leaders and the Works Progress Administration rapidly approached an Impasse today as the unions definitely indicated their intention of rejecting any wage plan affecting PWA jobs that did not call for payment of the full prevailing rate. The unions made no secret of the fact that they intend to turn thumbs down on any compromise such as the one proposed by Gen. Hugo S. Johnson, Administrator for the city, providing for a cut in work hours from 120 to 80 a month for skilled labor with the pay set at $1.17 an hour. The prevailing rate for skilled workmen is about $1.50 an hour. The expectation was that the Federal authorities in Washington would announce in a few days that a compromise similar to the Johnson plan would be acceptable here. In an effort to save the situation Mayor LaGuardia is understood to have threshed the matter out yesterday with the Joint committee of the unions wrestling with the pay question. Added to Cast Darryl P. Zanuck, production head of 20th Century-Pox, announces that Frank Dawson has been added to the cast of "Buccaneer," and Bessie Lyle and Hannah Washington have been assigned to roles in 'The Little Rebel," new Shirley Temple starring vehicle. 4 30 WABC U. B. Army Band WEAF Masquerade, sketch. WJZ Ward Muzzy, piano. WOR Edmund Austin, baritone. WHN Bill Barry, songs. 4. 4i WEAP Orandpa Burton, sketch. WJZ General Federation of Women's Clubs. WOR Dorothea Ponce, songs. WNYC Junior Inspector's Club. WHN Henrietta Kamern, organ. LEGITIMATE THEATERS MANHATTAN Announcing A CROSBY GAIGE GLADYS COOPER and PHILIP MER1VALE in William Shakespeare's "OTHELLO" vrith KEWLTl MacKEWA & ALEXANDRA CARLISLE Directed by Settings by Costumes designed by HENRY HERBERT P. DODD ACKERMAN C B. FALLS Opening Friday Eve. September 27th ETHEL BARRYMORE TBEA. MAIL ORDERS NOW 4Tth St. W. of B'wbt MACBKTH' will be prrarnted on in. UHlrkrrlnit Prices! Uvea. C3:.10 to 1.10 "ROBUSTLY FUNNY." Walter Winchell fiini rinnni i i 4th month A SLIGHT CASE OF MURDER EAsSTRJSi "-.ft Hllorfouj Ccmedy in two ads bn Olt 1 Lit KUUrk I Damon RUNTON A Howard LINDSAY r,ST OF i, ciuin, KEN MURRAY f-' J2',J!.V.,iJlLEDi 8T" M " MAJtSnc Th..., 44.1,. W. "t B'way. Ey.. :3. 4BTH t,T. THfcATLK, Bast of Broadway Nl,, s0, , ,3- Ml, 8. t y,ed. Me to 12 litis Month! New jfora'a No. 1 Musical Hit ' Si'x'ii? WIGHT OF JANUARY 16 ANYTHING GOES .tir .f rt . . "4 rood how." Burns Mantle. Nrtrs ..,.. ,u "J HAI'1' . . AMBASSADOR THKA.. 4Mb. W. of B'wat AtVINtH.. W.StSt. r.,:30. Mats. Wrt., st. Fv, ,.,.,. M,nt wd. ,nd Saturday Premiere TONIOIIT :3n Sharp (No one seated durine firtt three scene) MATINKE TOPAY. -Vie to Si BEATRif-t" N0W tor F,RST 1 K"Ai PERSONAL APPEARANCE I IT I IP romrdy Hit, with GLADYS GFOttnE L.IL.L1L, KTHFI, Air-CooIfdlltNRY M1I.I r'R'SThn..w it St. in J,VD WATERS Ev'' 1 40, 0c" Tlid" L 8,1 i0t 10 12 ABROAD THE CHILDREN'S HOUR '",...R.1,1?,11 The sensation amon the ..,!;. ,Y lLI;V,.. MAXINE ELUOUa Thr ...19th St.. Est B'.sy WILLIAMS D POWELL e. :40, b.i.. 50.. tt. . on. $2. u A VINCENTC MINNELLI PRODUCTION MATS. SAT. and WED., :. .VI' to K WINTER GARDEN, B'wiy ind 30th. lit Mtt. St. 711st TWO WEEKSt LAST 2 WEEKS Pri"r ,0 0't- Awake and sing helen'meken"' and Waiting for iefty the old maid rrfv PLAYS BY CLIFFORD ODETS with JESSIE FOVI E I.ASDIS BELASCO Tha., 44 St. E. of B'wv. BR. 9.5MH1 EMPIRE, B'y, 40 St. Evt.'4. t. Vy d Sit. Kvei. It: HO. Mats. Thurs. St., ftuo to fi Extra Matt, Today and eat. 26 Seati Nfw Lou Holts I . ; Ym With Belle Baker, Block and Sully and other head-liners in the big all-star stage show opening Jomor-row al Loew,s Metropolitan. All-Star Stage, Screen Bill at Met. Tomorrow Loew's Metropolitan Theater will be the scene of a wor:j premiere when "Here Comes the Band" begins a week's engagement there tomorrow morning. This Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture, featuring a strong cast headed by Ted Lewis, was originally scheduled to open at the Capitol Theater on Broadway, but the abundance of pictures now available for release over the Loew circuit caused this first starring vehicle for Lewis to be booked at once at the Metropolitan. Virginia Bruce, Ted Healy, Nat Pendleton, Harry Stockwell, Donald Cook and Spanky McFarland appear In support of Lewis in the production. As an extra added attraction, the Metropolitan will revive its policy of stage productions for one week so that Brooklynites may witness one of the greatest variety bills of the season. Headed by Lou Holtz, Block and Sully and Belle Baker, this new stage show is replete with songs, dances, lightning fast steppers and plenty of comedy. Moore and Revel and Pete Peaches and Duke also will perform behind the footlights in the all-star bill starting at the Met. tomorrow. Simone Coast-Bonnd Simone, Parisian musical comedy and screen star who arrived in America aboard the Lafayette last Thursday, has left for Hollywood to fulfill her 20th Century-Fox contract which calls for her appearance in the feminine lead of the forthcoming "Under Two Flags." She was signed by the company late last season after executives had viewed a French-made screen test of the young star. New Rochelle 11 To Play Red Riders The Valley Stream Red Riders have named the strong New Rochelle Bulldogs as their opponents for the weekly semi-pro grid game at Fireman's Field, Vallege Stream, next Sunday. The Red Riders, under the management of Gil Dorland and the coaching of Frank Cestari, opened their 1935 campaign last Sunday with a 37 to 0 victory over the Long Island Bulldogs. MANHASSET ON ROAD Herman La Mark's Manhasset Red "Bird eleven will play away from home this Sunday, meeting the College Point Football Club, at College Point. The Red Birds will return to their home gridiron on the following Sunday, meeting the Monitor A. C. of Munson. Inc. PRODUCTION Sinn, F.vr. Oitobrr 7h Mils, Thnrn. $2.20 ta tl.te A Kut. HJ.7.1 to SI. 10 tar Inrlnned News of James R. Ullman has picked a play-crowded week to bring his "Blind Alley" to Broadway. The date is Tuesday evening, Sept. 24, and the theater Is the Booth. Other facts and figures : Worthing Miner Is director; S. Syrjala, the designer; James Warwick, author. The cast includes Roy Hargrave, George Coulourle, Kathe-rine Warren, Ruth Fallows, Jay Adler, Mabel Montgomery, James Truex, Edna Ramsey, Lloyd Barry, James Brooks and Albert West. Katie Kaplan of the Jewish stage has a 30-week contract in her purse today with the management of the Public Theater. Her first assignment is "Heaven on Earth," a new Yiddish opera, which opens at the East Side Playhouse Sept. 28. SALES REPORTS . . . Tickets for the first Sunday night premiere that of "A Touch of Brimstone" went on sale yesterday . . . sale of tickets for "Dear Mr. President," which comes to the Mansfield Theater Saturday evening, Sept. 28, begins this Monday at 10 a.m. and continues until the same hoyr in the evening. Arrangements have been com Shirley Temple Attends School in Movie Studio Shirley Temple, like millions of other girls and boys, started school this week in the small school room adjoining her studio dressine room. as production began on her latest picture, "The Littlest Rebel." Before the Fall school work began, Shirley was given a series of examinations by California State Board of Education officials and was declared a 2A pupil, a rating several classes higher than usual for a child nf hpr iv ,rf r,.v,ir years. In addition to studies pre LECTURE BROOKLYN A FREE LECTURE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE WILL BE GIVEN IN . THIRD CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST EAST STREET AT ALBEMARLE ROAD, BROOKL YN. M; w XoKK BV MR. FRANK BELL, C. S. B. THE PUBLIC IS CORDIALLY INVITED AMPLIFIERS HAVE BEEN INSTALLED IN THE 1 SUNDAY SCHOOL AUDITORIUM THE COMPLETE TEXT OP THI irrri, ii?. M BROOKLYN DAILY i 24KD RrrwntrV FEATURE FILMS BAY Rltir.r Loew's Alpine. Sth and Fifth Laurel n.,j. .... Loew, Bay B,dt ,2d S, sod 3d A. . SS V'"- &SJ5P " C'"' "a Luplno. Kent Taylor; plus ThO RRO Dyker, tilth St.. nr. fifth kn.. . 0l S,00,m' Kr"' M"imn ,u"h Elect,., 7Jth St. and Third Ay. Dan Ml" Tho 1?,J.V 0ld JUn Stan,,,. Fifth A. sd 75,1, s, '.m 'J', , ntyrunu vtpouo, ruiion and Throes n,.., . Lincoln. Bedford Ayo. and Llntola PI.!! Vara bond Gondolier and The Arllonl.n Loew, Bedford. Bcdlord and Bars.n llmel J rni . '? Seoti.JI i "iV fu" ''",th '"'"re. Bnnnl L..W. Br..r, Br.yoc, and Radford . Don'tX",' tZ'd plo, Na.lon.l The... 72. W..hl,. A. . L.d'e "u,. J '' H,. Bedford A. ..d L....I. P.....Orch,d, .."yo" "a'n" "d !? tRSm RKOAlhee, A,b..S,olr?.B0.VG .A?dTdVhNTOdWN . . Cumberland. and Foltan... Break' tt Heart? "5, TV"1' John ""k puffldd. Dutflald and Fult.h 8 Lo"V.' tirYvee ?n mBK"" B""""' Loew', Melba. and .Laurel sd Hardy, full Tnalh feature Bonnl. Motnart. 590 Fulton SI , F,.fr,l RKO Orpheum. F.. .d Roc John Bole," taiWT "'oM SlirXnTS- St. r.corie Playhouse, lull Pin . Ke.lurei Don't R.t rij. .7i "?,V.m Terminal' Fourth A. and St.... Site and U" J B,ondf: ul" Tivoli, Fulto. St. and Myrtla Aye Operator No. J J and Penthouse BOROt'GH PARK Gardrn, New Utroeht Ave. and 46th St.. Men Without Vim. nj ti, v . r. Loe.'. Br. Park. II S..-N. u.r..M . A.,",.? it,!.!",?,, C "'y.rrMar.h.n, Plus Silk H.t Kid, Lew Arrea. Mit Clark Loew's 46th St.. 46 .-N UtrsaM... Laurel and H.rdy, full, fe.ture Bonnl, Scotland; plus The Girl Who ( ame Back BEMSONHURST 1-ni.nt-Kadio Amateur Contest Loew', Oriental. 38th SI-1811, Ay Lanrel and Hardy, full l,n,!h ftr(. Bonn, Scotland; alua Girl Who Came Back. Sidney BlMkmir BRIGHTON BEACH Oi Brighton Beaeh Ayt.-Hott St... Lore Me and Headline U'nm. Sheepshead-Voorhles, Shaaxhoad Bay. Broadway GoJanlle? and Il"k, " Tuirdo. Ocean Pky nr. Brighton L Curly Top and Don't Bet on Blondes BLSIIHIIK RKO Bushwlrk. Broad.ay.Ho.ard John Boles in Orchids t. Yon; Old M.n Rhythm Colonial. Broad..y-CUnc. St Man on the Flinr Tr.pc.e and She K",Bm Loew's Gates, Gataa and Braad.ay. ... Laurel and H.rdy. full lenrth feature Bonnl COVEY lSLANDSCO,Und; lh W"0 B"k Loew's Coney Island. 8urf-Slillall...Geo. Raft, Alice Faye In Every Niht at ; Laurel, , . . . . .u d Hardy in full lenrth feature. Bonnie Scotland Surf, Surf Aye. and 32d St Don't Bet on Blondes; Mark of the V.mpira RKO Tilyou. Oss. 8tailoehaio John Boles in Orchid, to You; Old Man Rhythm GREENPOINT RKO Greenpoint. 123 Manhattan An .John Boles In Orchids to You; Old Man Rhythm CROWN HEIGHTS C.rroll, Ullta Ayo. and Carroll St. ...t urlv Top .nd Golnr Hlrhbrow Conaress. St. John's PI. -Buffalo Ave. . Broadway Gondolier and Silk Hat Kid Rivera. St. John'a PI..KIngato. Ay Shanghai and Ginger EAST NEW YORK Loew's Pitkin, Pitkin and Saratoga.... Joe E. Brown, Bright Lights. Ann Dvorak; plus Keeper of the Been, Nell Hamilton Extra Tonight Local Amateur Contest FLATRt'SH Albemarle. Flat.ulh .nil Albemarle . ... R. Dlx. The Ariionian: and Dinky, Jackie Cooper Farragut, Flatouih Ave.-Farraiut Rd... Mary Ellin. Tullio armln.tti. pirl in Spring) Rider Hagg.rd'a She Flatbunh. Church and Flatbuth Happened One Night and Men of the Hour Glrnwood, 1473 Flatbuih Av COttl. Life of Vrrgie Winters and Smart Money Granada. Church and Nostrantl Ayes. ..Oil for Lamp, of China and Mary Jane's Pa RKO Krnmnre. Church and Flatbuih .John Boles in Orrhlda to You; oid Man Rhythm l.eadrr. Coney Id. Ave.Ne.kirk Ave. . Alibi Ike and Nell tiwyn Loew', Century, Noitrand-Parkiide Loew'a Kings, Flatbuih and Tllden. Marine. Flatbuih Ave. and Kings Hoy. . Broadway Gondolier and The Arizoni.n Patio. Flatbuch and Mid.ood .. .Mad Love and Public Oninion I'arkMdr, Flatbuch and Parkilde Avea. .oil for Rialto, Flatbuih Aye. and Annuo C. .. . Dolurra Del Rio, Fat O'Brien, In talirnle; ani Alice Brady in Lady Tubbs. Tranj-Lur. Flatbuih Aye. at Church. .Walter Huston in Criminal Code, Phillips Holmes PARK SLOPE Carlton. Flatbush and 7th Avi Man on Flying Trapeze and Smllln' Thro Masa, Flatbuih Aye. and Hark Place... Anne of Green Gable and Calm Yourself Sanders, Proioect Pork Weit-I4tn St.. . Shanghai and Champagne for Breakfast KINGS HIGHWAY Anion. Klnn Hlgnay-E. 18th St. . .The Kingiw.y. Klngi Mgy-booey lai. an. .orchids to lou and Old Man Rhythm AVENI E J SECTION Manor. Coney III. An.Avenue K ....Loretta Young, Shanghai; and Doubting Thomas Mldwood, Avenuo J and E. IJth St. .Broadway Gondolier and Ginger, Jane Withers AVEM'K II SECTION Avenue U Thea., Ave, U-E. 16th St.. College Scandal and Loves or a Dictator M.yfalr. Coney 11. Ayo.. Annuo 0 ...Bro.dw.y Gondolier .nd The Arieoni.n Ir.ymore. Avenuo N and E. 4bth St.. . and Mr. Dynamite RIDGFWOOD Glenwood. Myrtle An. and Decatur St Broadway Gondolier and Hard Rork Ilarritan RKO Madlaon. Myrtle and wvckorl ...John Bole- in Orchids to You: Old Man Rhythm Parthenon, Myrtle and Wvekeft Ave!. Woman Wanted and Nell tiwyn Ridgewond. Myrtle and Cyoreil Ayes. Woman Wanted and Nell Gtvyn ttivoll, Myrtla and Wilton Ayes. ... Ginger Rogera, Suicide Fleet; Alisa Mary Dow SOI'TH BROOKLYN RKO Proapect. th St. and 5lh An.. .John Rolen in Orchids to You; Old Man Rhythm Sander's Globe. 226 15th St. Faris in the Spring and Gun Smoke Wil l lAMSBl'Rt! Alb.. Flmhini Ave. and Broad.ay ...M.n on the Flying Tr.pete and Clairvoyant Loew's Broadway. Broad.y-Mvrtla. Murder M.n, Spencer Tracy. Virginia, Bruce: L.urel-H.rdy, full length feature, Bor.uie Scotland LONG ISLAND JAMAICA I.oew's Valencia, lam. Ay. -Merrick Rd All the Show on Scre-n Two Bl- lo ttire . Annapolis Farewell, Sir Guy St-mdlng, Richard I Cromwell; plus Without Rcitret, 1 1 a l-n li RICHMOND Hll.L RKO Richmond Hill, Kelts I John Boles in Orchids U Ion; Old Man Rhythm the Stage pleted whereby the Stage Relief Fund will share in the first day' receipts irom ttie new Blue Room of the Hotel Lincoln, which opens Oct. 2. LAST MINUTE FLASHES... Claire Carlcton and Loretta Sayres have Joined the cast of "The Body Beautiful" . . . the producers would hae you know that the play Is a treatise upon the esthetics of un-draped dancing, but some folk along the Great White Way say it' a takeoff on Sally Rand . . . Polly Waters is cast in the lead . . . Woods Miller has Just cast his Jot with the troupe of "At Home Abroad," opening this evening at the Winter Gar den, with Beatrice Lillie, Ethel Waters, Herb Williams and Eleanor Fowell in the leads. w Word comes from the offices of Earl Carroll's "Sketch Book," which, moved from the Winter Garden last week to make way for "At Home Abroad," and is now housed at the 44th Street Theater, that the revue played to nearly 1,500 more spectators last week than it did during the last week at its original home. Which is supposed to disprove that theory about what usually happens when a show moves from here to there. J. L. scribed by Lillian Barkley, the State's official teacher, Shirley will take extensive additional courses in French, dancing and singing. Six months ago Dr. Terman, Stanford psychologist, gave the child star an intelligence quotient of 155. The normal figure for a child of her age is 100. Dwan to Direct Allan Dwan has been assigned to the direction of 20th Century-Fox's screen production of the George M. Cohan stage play, "Song and Dane Man," which is slated for October production with Claire Trevor in the leading role. LECTURE BROOKLYN SHOWING TODAY caov iuoob. Alice Hradv, Doug Montgomery; plus The Ghot Walka. with John Mllgan Gable. Harlow, Beery in China Srn; pins Joe E. Brown. Bright Llghta. Ann Dvorak l.amna of China and Mr. Dimmit Irish in ti and Public Opinion

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