Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 26, 1970 · 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 26, 1970
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-rvrr- 'Iv.-:. . Y f 4 te Tb - H-s . . ; 44 4 . j t i St t. P 1 M L - 4 s j ' r v, i( SHASTA COUNTY RANCHER MELVIN HAWES WITH FOSSIL FIND Blackish colored teeth probably pre-date any known modern animal Prehistoric Teeth JJojnes Uncovered Near Redding REDDING The remains of what is thought to be a prehistoric mammal, the giant elephant-type that roamed the earth millions of years ago,-have been unearthed on a remote stream bank near here. Melvin Qawes, a rancher in the Anderson area of Shasta - County, stumbled onto the teeth of the creature about two weeks ago while on a fishing trip. The giant blackish colored teeth were only partially exposed, but have since been uncovered and scientists say they probably pre-date any known modern animal. An anthropology instructor at Shasta College, Ed Clewett, said the find may be rare, especially for this area. Suggestions that the partially fossilized remains may be those of an early day camel or a huge horse have been ruled out. Clewett and another Shasta College instructor, Don Kirk, said the teeth indicate the be a st. was herbiverous, a browsing or grazing animal, but they are definitely prehistoric. The two instructors, with the aid of students and handbooks, have n a r r o w e d the ossibilitie ungulates, but say they are not qualified to make a positive identification. Kirk said they contacted the University YoysWiftlh NEW YORK (AP) - Hie earth, the stars and a bit of 1 the unknown are likely to found among the gaily wrapped presents excited youngsters .open on Christmas morning 1970. A number of toymakers in search of a gimmick that might duplicate the successes of the last big toy trends- 6pace and spies-plunged this - 1 year into astrology, ecology, charts futures, sociology and demonology. In other words, relevance is the name of the game. For instance, Dirty Water, a board game by Urban Systems, Inc., demonstrates file evils of water pollution, the benefits of pollution control and things that can be done to dean up the situation. The object of the game is for each player to stock his stream with fish and wildlife and to leave industrial wastes back in his neighbors stream, which isnt exactly the approach conservationsits have inmind. Smog is another board game by Urban Systems which gives each player a town and the responsibility for smog control. How the various players clean up the air is the point of the game. Also likely to benefit from -file ecology awareness of 1970 are items such as International Learning Corp.s Mini Garden' growth kit which contains peat pellets, flower seeds, plant tags and instructions and Rapcoa Cactus Garden of California at Berkeley, but authorities refused to come up until they saw pictures and charts of the find. Meantime, the exact location of the paleological discovery is being kept secret so that curious tourists arent able to destroy what evidence Berkeley Free Clinic Moved BERKELEY - The Berkeley Free Clinic has moved to permanent quarters in the basement of the Trinity Methodist Church at Durant, Avenue and Dana Street. The city council recently granted the clinic a use permit to relocate its operations from temporary facilities at the Wesley Foundation at Bancroft Way and Dana. The clink' was established in June, 1970, and since then has given free medical treatment to persons from all segments of the community. It was first based in an old school building at 2418 Haste make way for new University of California construction. Te starter set with a plastic terrarium. stars, Donje Cal-Themes Inc. offers Astro Mate, a pocket-sized computer which forecasts what may be expected from new romances by matching his and her astrological cards. For the more sophisticated, serious student of the stars theres Aquarius 2000 from Gamescience at $30 which Meny Manufacturing is into the trend with Zodiac HI, an astrologfcaUy themed variant of Canasta. Games and toys frequently DANIELLE FLQD AND Learn new ecplogy-fninded has s u r v i v e d through the years. The beast must have been a giant, according to Kirk. Its teeth measure 2 Inches across and what is thought to be the hinges of its jawbones are 16 inches apart. Efforts at removing the teeth and bones have been very slow. Students with small picks and brushes work 'carefully, inches at a time, to free the parts from their sandstone trap. Upon questioning, Kirk admitted that he -believes-in Bigfoot, Californias giant ape-man legend, but the instructor has ruled out the possibility that the giant bones being worked on now are those of bigfoot. Because of the shape of the head, Kirk was able to say that it was not humanoid. Comparing the teeth to those in his handbook, Kirk pointed to pictures of ominous looking prehistoric monsters and said: Its probably along the lines of this. Clewett had been hopeful that experts from the University would take over the expedition. Referring to the approach of winter and the prox- -bones to a andHesperian Boulevard, 3 stream, he said: After all these years the bones are exposed and one good gullywash could wipe them out. - E!ellevainice reflect whats happening in the adult world. Creative Communications and Research has marketed a game, Confrontation, based on student protests. There also are games called Blacks and Whites, Group Therapy, Sensitivity and the Cities Game. World affairs dictated the final form of tancrafts new Odyssey race game in a different way. The playing board is a representation of the Aegean Sea as it would have looked to sailors of the Homeric Age. Originally, the company had planned to set the action in Egypt, but ancient Greece GEORGE MRZOCCHI ' games in PfeW YorR. (AP) Sdfltd DllG i Tomorrow OnBosTop AC Transit, which owns 698 buses, one sleigh and seven reindeer, will transport Santa Claus through the Eastbay tomorrow to distribute candy canes to youngsters along the way. , Santa, actually AC Transit maintenance superintendent Nicholas (St. Nick) Alevizos, will ride the sleigh, which is firmly attached to the roof of a bus painted red and gold, and decorated in a Santas Workshop theme. :zSasta, ialL.'remainzinhK' sleigh even when the bus rolls through the Webster Street tube to Alameda. As before, St.. Nick will have a panic button to warn the bus driver of low trees, wires and other non-North Pole dangers. The rooftop ride has been in use several years and Nick has only on one occasion had to use his panic button. That was in Richmond. The bus driver made a panic stop and the persons inside the bus had visions, not of sugar plums, but of Nick in danger. He pushed the buttdn because the wind had blown his whiskers off. The bus will "operate from 'Richmond through Berkeley, Alameda,' Oakland, San Leandro and Hayward. Candy cane stops will be made along the way to distribute sweets to children, who always seem bewildered at the sight of St. Nick on a bus roof. Persons may ride the bus merely -by- payingtheusuaL -25-cent-fare.-Drivers do not make change, so the exact fare is required. Holly is growing from the ceiling Inside the bus. There will be tape recorded Christmas music. ' SantawttfTldeonlytomor row. After that, the specially painted bus will be assigned to various AC Transit routes. , The special schedule of Santa Stops to be observed tomorrow, if it does not rain, includes: Richmond: Washington Avenue and Park Place, 9:45 a.m.: Macdonald Avenue and 10th Street, 10 a.m. El Cerrito: San Pablo Avenue and El Cerrito Plaza, 10:30 a.m. Albany: San Pablfand Solano avenues, 10:40 a.m. Berkeley: San Pablo and University avenues, 10:55 a.m. Oakland: 20th Street and Broadway, 11:30 a.m.j 13th Street and Broadway, 11:38 a.m. Alameda: Lincoln Avenue and Webster Street, 11:55 a.m.; Santa Clara Avenue and Park Street, 12:15 p.m. Blast Oakland: East 14th Street and Fruitvale Avenue, 1:50 p.m.; 65th Avenue and East 14th Street, 2:05 p.m. San Leandro: Estudillo Avenue and East 14th Street, 2:30 p.m.; Bay Fair Shopping Center (Macys), 2:45 p.m. Hayward: -Paseo Grande was selected because Middle East tensions might have had a negative effect on sales, industry sources said. Parker Brothers, apparently deciding that children should also see the brighter side of life, has marketed The Tiny Tim Game of Beautiful Things, a combination card and dice game named after the entertainer. Players pile up paints with cards marked a mothers love, a faithful dog, a well-tuned uke-lele and olher Tiny Hmisms. Art-oriented toys also are a heavy entry this year. In Byzntium, by Rolling-Front Game Co., one player, Beauty, tries to make an interesting or unusual design with pieces of different colors and shapes while his opponent, Ugly, tries to sabotage the design. Ideals Mr. Rembrandt is programed to pirouette across paper while pens in his base trace pinwheel designs.- - He Strikes Back at 'Smug Nonsmokers' LONDON (UPI) The Times of London printed this tetter frotTLarungry smokery Sir can nothing be done to stop nonsijiokers from entering smoking compartments on British rail? To suffer their insufferable smugness is one thing: to put up with their filthy habits' (gum-chewing, sweet-sucking and chocolate-crunching) and the litter they leavg c behind is quite another. anta a SunValley with gifts and candy in the shopping center parking lot We and tSN- Tomorrow then lead a parade through T the center and into the mall. Leading the parade will be a United States Marine Corps color guard, the band and drill teams of the Blue Devils organization and pther marching and musical units. Penneys will be closed Thanksgiving Day to allow our associates to spend the day with their families! invite you to Saturday for 2 Big Days of tremendous values! See our A " exciting section in this paper today! UIDIB(BQJO of Year From Eastbay CHICAGO (UPI)-A former resident of Richmond, Calif, was crowned Playboy Bunny of the Year for 1971 in ceremonies at Playboy Towers. Cheryl Lee, 19, who moved to the Chicago area seven shop Friday (DaklanbiliiCribune Thurs.,Nov. 26, 1970'S years ago with her parents, called the title the surprise of toy life. Miss? Lee was a journalism! student at Bridgeport Univer-. sity in Connecticut until shp. became a bunny in the Lake "Geneva Playboy Club . ;.i, . 4 t . o J J '

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