The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 29, 1932
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1932 CLASSIFIED ADS Y*o cents a word' for flrst WMrtion ind cue cent a word (or rsoJi wibMtjusnt in*ertk>n No advertisement taken (or ten (nan 50c. Count the words ami wild the cf'i Phone 306 _BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FOK SALE FOR SALE, KENT OR TRADE— Six room house, corner 10th and Hearn, E. V. Hill. 26cM VOU SALE—IJaby chicks, all varieties. Custom lutchltiET solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytlicvlllo 18ctt 1'OR KESIT FOR RENT— Furnished aiiartincnt, 700 West Walnut. 2GP-K5 FOR" UENT— 605 Cr., rive liooms aiKi Bath. Apply at lie New York Store. 15C-KK FOR RENT—4-room apartment, nicely furnished and Barago. Will be vacant March 1st. 1031 West Ash street. Call L. L. Ward, 050 mid 368. IScktl WJT.i, RENT TI room house, furnished or apartment, ZOO West ' Kentucky. I'hone 012. 27C-K2 WANTED j WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, JOS First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Sett LOST AND FOUND WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT. CIIICKA: SAWDA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Rural Realty Company and Roy Church. Trustee, Plaintiff, No. 5118 vs. Oscar Biickner, ct nl.. Defendant. The defendant, James M, nuck- ncr, Is warned to appear within ! thirty days in Die court named in jthe caption hereof and answer the ; complaint of the plaintiff, Ruul Realty company, and Roy Church, Trustee. Dated Feb. 22, 1032. R. 1^ GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. E. M. Terry, Ally. Ad Litciij. 22-29-1-14 WAKMKG ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICK A- SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company, Plaintiff, No. 5157 V3, St. Francis Levee .District, et al., Defendant. L The defendants, Frank C. Har- fcy, ris, C. A. Kiesler, Willie A. Cancer, NOTICE Ear! E. Parker, formerly of the Broadway Barter shop, and R. S. Prcvost, formerly of the Red Ball shop, are now open for Dusiness in their new shop. Grand leader 151%. Nnrth 2nd Street 1 WERT HeMakes'EmSee (OrTitt Over Joe Isaacs Store) We Can S.T.VO You Money On PARTS For All AutumobHcs JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS 2020 W. Main Phone GS Counter or Table Service JI.MMIE O'JHHEN'S CAFE Delicious K. C. T-Honu Steaks I'lnte I.iinth, iili you can c;it - - 3^c ULACK CAT COFFEE SHOl'l'E SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main G. G. CAUD1LL Rents, Buys and Sells Homes and Farms Writes Insurance I'lionc 787 Farmers Bank Bids. lleet Me At the New Rustic Inn CofTce, Hot Pius ami Chili KEKHACTIVK KRROKS Sclc;itiL!cnliy corrected with glares. Have Eyes Examined UARHY WRI.SHURD state Rceistercd -Optomclrisl Al the Good Luck Slore 1IKCIX IIKHt: TOUAY Ilpimltil IvI.l.KX IIOSS1TKR, nufluirl »t llnr.'lo)', l»tparli«»»i Slorc, «urk> iilKki. „, . 4,., c knll kn>lc». Mi,- llrrn nl|k b<-r mollirr. MUM.v nussiTr.H, krr vldrr 1.1,1,,, JIVHA, IK! bcr b.Vy trullicr. JUKI:. ' STEVT.N ll.MK'I.AV, 3T nn4 tte onnrr ul |lnr,t,,,v, U In !„,,. »<I(!i l:ilon. Tnl™ >br rr(t»r> t» mnrrx kl~ l>rrnuir »ki- lovr. I.AHIIV IIAKIIUWliATU, a. ,n- i*l. x*p Iin>m krr titan to l.orry In «|il(r al I he tart lk»< kl» <-•- K^Kc-Rtrnt lu !•: 1,1/, .4 U 1* T II 1ID1VKS. . ivbulMBl,, i,," Uc»" • nnuuticfi, l.:ir»r >.k< i;ilfn <o poio for a Iwni-aK. sh c ncrff. ,m rnnrtl- llt'ii ihr.l >l>-ru nnd IIIIItT A1L>I- Vril.MI. Jl> rll >» (Inno,., ncrompaiiy >rr 10 flip Afu,lfu. flciR nlplit Myrx nnd llrrl Irav, 1 Ir rnupli! '"=f'V" ""* >:»<•» »«• « 1.1,-liro Jil 1,11'iibrlli l!o»«. o n tke plnno. U fr"i'i "f kr ," KU!l " 1 ' lll: " •""•• '" l-llcn imlpx uitd kbotiji ohiNiiiN • mbui-rnii,,,,-,,!. 1.^,-r, ri-allrlnit <hnt 8«,mi-(Mn- I, M ru ,, B u *\?, tor nu L-jk]tl:ii]iitluH, .VOW (iO (IX WITH THE STOUS CHAl'TKlt XX1IL J^AUHV was wailhiB for Ellen lo explain lier jnorlal liurt, tlio hurt she had failed to conceal from lilm. Kico down on Ihu piano between them was the photograph of Ellin, belli Howes, raien's eyes rose from Iho pliotOBraiih to Uio man. Ilo\v could ho be so Blniitd? How could ho fail to realize that sho loved him ni:d longed to know where sho stood, how slio fllteil into his scheme of thiiiBS? Or did ho understand und T,-;is he dissembling? "Out with 1-;, Ellen!" he commanded with n nervous laitgli. "Don't tell me that notbini; Is wrong u^causo 1 know BOUIC- Ihing IE." "Maylie It's ,1 headache," she ven- tureJ aL lenylh. "Tho ohl feminine nlihl won'l work this lime." "Well." she saM hravcly, "what if I said that sscing tills picture made me feel a 11111&—queer?" She toucheil the pholograpti on the piano. "Queer?" he echocJ and Blio thought she would die umlcr Ills look. "Now I don't understand at all." She could not stop now. "What If 1 said 1 wcro jealous?" "if you said that, Ellen, I'd know you were fibbing." Ills stullo now was easy ;md teasing. Tte girl felt n rush ot painful ccr.or In her cheeks. What had come over her? She hail llune herself at his head, and, whether consciously or unconsciously, lie had rebuffed her. The green walls of Iho room scorned lo weave. Slic forc»rt a truly ghastly smite. "I was only joking," she saiil ami hated him. She coiilinncd in a stiff, 'dry voice, "It wasn't Iho picture at all lhat upset inc. It was the heat flnfl tho nosing, i didn't want !c ssy anything but I was afraii*, > »Quld fntnt betoro you laid down your brushes nml I—I guess I wns sort ot uincl at you for not noticing It." "You poor kid," Larry said with iifiectionato concern. "You should liavo elvou mo a good sound kick In tho pnntB." 'I wanted lo." 'I'll bet you did. You look fagged lo death nt this very mlnule," Then ho asked cajollnnly, "Still mad at mo for being Bitch u slavodriverj" "No," sho said. "How nbonl ;i swim in Hie Slid- Ion pool tomorrow after you get through nt (lie sloro (o prove It?" Deforo sho could refuse ho nddcd quickly, "Sorry, but wo'll hnvo lo make It another day. Mother's coming In from Kuropo at noon and I'd forgotten It lakes n good 12 hours getting through customs — getting mother through anywiiy." "That's all rifiht," Kllcn said forlornly, moving lownrd the dressing room and hoping desperately thai sho would not cry.' "( couldn't have gone. I havo another engagement." Stio had an early dinner engagement with Sloven. "lla!" ho exclaimed siRiilUcnnlly. "You've had lols'ot olher engage- meiits lately." 'J'lioii lio nskeil abruptly—'and In a voice llial at another time Kllen might have sought to analyze: "Ellen, nro you In love, "n-lth sonie- ono and holding out on uio? Should 1 DO jcnloiH—maybe?" Kllon could even laugh now. An uncertain little laugh It wus—bin u laugh. "What makes you llilnk I'd tell you even if it were true?" she demanded, striving to make her voice seem gay and careless". • * * y T_TER eyes, fascinated and fearful. 1 did not leave his face hut thcro WHS not Hie slightest change In Ilia expression. "U'ell, IK mysterious," ho remarked, laughing again. Ho moved aivaj- and befian to set up it wobbly card laulo and to lish paper dollirs from tho box where Ihey were kept. Ho was removing Iho oiled paper from delicatessen sandwiches when Ellen slipped Into tho dressing room and changed tho full-skirted taffeta evening gown for her dart blue dimity street frock. Slio was tylriK the cherry ribbons at tho elbow whcu she heard Iho door bell ring. She thought It was Myrn and Cert, relumed parly, iinlil she hear* the voices. A man's voice and o v.Oman's, voices different and slraugo to her car. voices whicl slurred nylltililes oddly and wen slcmpecl with tile stamp at fashion able schools. "So you'vo hutilctl mo down. I.oua," ho «-ua saying cio?aly. "I've lold you and Hob otlon wiough thnl when I'm working I itou'i cvavo callers," "Wliero have you been (ho last Ihrco years or so?" demanded tho cool Eoprano, undisturbed. "1 thought you were duo nl ihu Cnv- [renters 1 honso parly. We nil looked and looked for yon, Bonding hourly searohlUB pnrllc-s out lulu tho Hlirtih- licry lest you might Iw lust there," "I've been working," n;i[d I.tu-ry shortly. SiiuWjpil, ) ( y n,nl! I don't for n minute believe you'ro lelllin; tlw fuels. 1'vo heard lulos—" Judge Gives Liquor Fines to Needy Fund PAGE rtvi for they nmke (he poor clrjiiutiiiciil lure and clscwlioro n necessity." So Judge MaiiniiiK olillalnifly 1m- rtoscel lines of $100, $200 nml tifl on tlie llnec dcrvndiints Mutts dismay. The walls of tho dressing room were thin and she could tell from tlm convcrKilion thai Lurt/ loo, wa 1 ; annoyed. llKl:t diuicing frock, ralsc-j cojl eyes. "H'a i. beiisl of a night tar model- In u. isn't ur sho uslied Indifferently, "I'll, I ilnn'l know," her hiislininl H in hasllly. "Tlio .mi.llo IICUIIH reliy root to mu. JCa ccilalnly ml iil'rovi-ineiH mi Hint reslaninnl 1 Just pi |ei| yon uwny from." "A now one," exphiliu'd I.ona. i'r tliln fncn lifhted will, n j<| m | r ti'iild eiillinnliiiiui an B |m liivucd » Lirry. • 1 thillaUI > ii - lialhn. llraud llquur, real nhslnllu-, sj I'm lo id. Tho crowd's lukiMi U up with n I'-'.ii!:. ilciw'n fur Joining ua all on 1'KAUODY, Musa., (UP) —I'ollre Chief KWn'nrcl I-'. I'icive lvll<'v,-.s """' bootli'grjors ihcmlil contribute' (o •— '"SSa.r.r^'i ^ CJ -^^ "Bluebeard" iw ^vlolittoie, ho (old Judgf ihJ (he jjHllows, RccordJii? lo Warden A. O. BcroBSins, ot West. Vlr|inl» the "Quiet 1'ilson, Bcrosijlns reports ! • 'S iiunln. »f "''in i lltllo foil up " tbo had a premonition Hint something imidi-asaiit wus com- ln«. Sho hribllly kicliul ott her Bit- vcr gllpiK-rri. Sho mnilo na much noise iiii ptmllilc anil p:\rlinlly BUI;- ccedod In drowning oul tho volco.-t. Hut n moment later as i4io pulled on Jier patent Ici-tlier pumps the heard a tquoal o! excllcmc-nt irom the soprano voice. "l,:irry, you dog!" exclaimed the I voice in malicious Urllglil. "It must ,< bo Ilio Illtlc plcki.p, tlie lasl-daiicer, you'ro painting, i.ools llou-^qnkk! Tlial'a (bo liltln cluirnu'r wu WITO •iniihiKlo wain KUzalMh against." Scarlet-faced, Ellen stuffed her fingers into her cars. As nho did slio heard Ilia scrnlcli of Iho rings as Larry Jerked Iho ciirlatu ncross Uio porlralt ho had been doliif of her. Quietly Kllen stepped from (lie dressing room into tlio sludto. a pale, comiwsed l||i| u person in blno dimity wltli fliitlerlni; cherry rib- lions, a pale lltllo person with n still, proud face. 'I'hcro was ;\» nwkwnrd alienee broken by (he scraping of chairs. Tho two men rose. I.OIKI, n. dark, Ihln, salloiv girl, hnrillj- slniii?e.l ;ii Ellen. Indeed, sho almost yawned In her face. Kllen Ban- lhat sho had bec-n right; Loiia hail no Intention ol being nlco to her. Sho felt a fierce inner pleasure lhat oven Uio moilisli clothes tho olher girl wore could not i:i!tl;o her anything Iml a discontented, rr.thcr homely young woman. jVi for Hob—lie mis simply another young r.uin in llannels. "I want yon Iwo lo meet n gront friend ot mine—ICllen llossiter," Urry said with awkward haato. Ami then, "Kllcn. lbe.-;o aro Lona and Hob Cicndeanhig. Jnsl n couple of hums tliat weren't invited, bill rallicr good spoils for all that. Sliail wo lei (hem share our sandwiches?" He was not sure hnw much Kllcn liml heard in Ihe dressing room or whether sho luiii heard anything, but he had deliberately slrcMutl Hint "great friend," and Kllen, In a Larry had had no gius'.s dining dim way, was grnlcfnl for tho .. Ihe evenings she ln:d posed tiicrc. fnrl be made. 1-arry \vaa trying to The, possibility of iiicttiiiB peiiph ' ' ' from that olher world of his—to help lic-r. She asrccil with him i ll<lu vjinvi «iwi,u ui jii^—HI. his friends sliouid hy all means night of alt nights—struck her with shiiru llielr sandwiches. T ON'A, seated on the tip of licr -^I'siue. l:er thin legs crossed Us- ncjth the blllowinj; organdy ot > George Ray, W. G. Petty, G. A. Maslolhin. Tom Alexander and J. W. Wilson, are warned lo appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof nr.el answer t'ne complaint ol the plain- id, St. Louis SoulhOTSteni Railway Company. Dated Pel). G, !M2. H. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Cecil Shane, Alls'. Ac! Licem. 8-15-22-29 \ Closing Stock Prices 'l!'viil,'3, mi.ilicr'a back fruin l-.'u* I'ni'o loiiicui^w. And whcllii'r ynu 1: hi-vo l| lir nut 1'vo l:ikeii lu work with a vengeance," "I rau't ray n.i I blame yon." ob- f<rvi-d Dob tarllesuly ua h u Hand ul i:il™. •"Ymi nvtlsia mo liu-Uy K'Hiuvs, | wish 1 wan one." "H vuiildn'l do ynu iniy goad If '••i wi-iv," Larry i-ild with (-.rowing Irrllaihui. "Mha llossiter is not n '^sii'iuil inoiK'l. Sho'n only glv- ui' :i lift for Iho show." r»i yon two goof:i gnint^ 1,1 1 up all nlnlil <ir doesn't Ml.ii Ilu.-slicr ever sit ttown?" l.ona In- 'Pilrcd, rebelling oul lor a sniid- wii-h, '.Sit <!n\vn lIlliMi—plenno do. 1'vo Ml Uii-i rlniir for you," Larry '1 huiTi.'illy, HhcnlliiR a rciiuiunln mix- ill Lima, who remained calmly iiiiiiviouj ot n. "l).>n'l pay any allimllon to my «iK'," \M, (..snliiliifd sciluni-'-. "•Sho'ii always that way lo olh?,- V.OllH-ll." Liuiii'ii laiiEh wns not mniifcil. Ml- Un rii.ssi.'d Uio room :iud «i down in llii! vhiilr hMido l^irry's. Slio > ln'i'iitoiy lo llitnk or i;omc- 11 my, Bonielhlii!,' lo niinw s;|io did unl caro u-icit l.finn v,',i;j iiiiachilng and luterrlng. Slio had no retnjjo cscepl to Binilo ngnln on thb horrible, hot. sticky night nit- Hi:!: with iV.i>so people fo coiiEcloua ot lln-lr sjpi'rallaii from liur. Her very soul was ulcU. All In all It was tho must wretched e-vcning nlio bad over sncnt wtlli Ijirry. Lmiii ilid evury- llilni; she cnuld to make Kllnn tcel .'ilir.'i ffiim (he Ki'ntip. Klio chnt- tired ot places Kllcn had never Iweu, ot iicnplo IJIlcii Ij.iil never seen, of prospcellve parlicii In which Kllcn would not he-Invited. Neither Hob's blundering efforts lo r-tnp her nor Larry'D opon Irrilnllon eoulcl siem Uio light lauh ol lic-r lousuc. Klien endured it as long a^ E!IO could. Slio lind hnpe:l in bold out until licit and Myrn nturiifd but foinid sho could not. Mc:tdl:iK ex- Iremo v,-cnilncss she brolco away within half mi hour. S!ie rcfiLsi-il lo let Larry lake bur home. "I halo him!" Kllen lold her.-.:']f as she hurried along Ibe nlrlc.-;:! street touan'. Iho subway station. "1 lialo him!" <To lie Conllnncdi; Moijci Jnil Prisoner MOUNllaVlLl.n, \y. Vn., (Ul'J made lo carry [ho | sliivor^t'oiw^biire!" IsV'mTilel Dell killer" la devoting all hlx ilo wrlllng his memoirs. | "I wunt to co-operate vrtlh you In every way, "Po*cll aasurcti offi- 1 dais. drive Head Courier News Want Ads. POLICY v?u^'3 oii-r " --, QR BlW fAf. A PfiCA^i MUT GRGV/ES ! — -Mc.u.t'-s MQ/JG.V IM - JJUSlMliSS ^->- SO A WAS ~T£ULIM' M£ ' • 'EM ;- -n-r -fRees .. ALL. -fftevS -To "&U.I.CM >\ BOOTS AJVD HER BUDDIES Till? 1,KOI>AIU)'S DEN! m By Martii nv CI.AIKE IIUKCKV Copyright. 1M2. NEA Service, Inc. Coach Chuci: C,i.=5ell. Uiiivcrsiti' of Arknntns, teaches an orfen.sive In which four players advance ill- V v ,*o^ New Orleans Cotton \ A. T. & T 12G 1-8 Anaconria Ccfiper fl 1-4 Auburn 85 1-B Cnieipillar Trader 11 l-2| u . r Cllrjsler 12 1-4' Cities Service 01-8 Coca Cola 112 1-2 Continental Baking General Electric 193-1 NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 22 (UPj — Cotlon closed steady. Oj:cn High Lnw General Motors Mi<f«Ts!cn: Uiilidcr Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Radio Co:p Simmons Standard ol N T . J. 20 3-1| 588 Off.ll) May 700 7CO G98 KW J"i Vifi 72:> 715 715 Oci 732 7-10 1:jl r.a Dec 755 756 749 74Pb Jan 75fi 75C 75511 . Siwts closed steady and un•' '-1 changed at G83. 01-3| 25 j AUSTIN. Tex., (US'I—Dr. R. L. S 7-3! Moore, of the University of Texas, 5 vJFlllnis lecturer lor 1532 ot Hie Aincvlcim Ma'.htihiitiral Society, will leave April 12 on a lour of un- Tcsas Corp 115-8 ivt-isilics in this connli-j- lie will U. S. Steel 4G I lecture at thc University of J\'(>w York Cotton NEW YOKK, Feb. SO (UP)-Cot- toti closed quic:. Own High Low.Clnsc 'an 759 765 757 TiT. Spols closed slendy at 700. off 5. University of Minnesota, Univer,i- ll V of Wiscoiifin. University of Chicago. Northwestern University University of Mlohlenn, Unlvcrally of Cincinnati, Unlvmlty of liiiffn- lo, Harvard Univcrsily, Princeton Univcisity, University of California. Swiulhinore CullcEc, and Duke University. VOHO , STOLt ePENCE'6 O\KvAOWt> ??? WHO IS GUILTY ? i'RECKLKS ' ....... \ //RS.REPFI ELD'S, FRECKLES FEELS U.'EAS/ /*EOL)T THAT DOL.UARS, HlDDEM IM STREET.— AND FUIENDS Till': OODLKS' CODE! MU r wiuo IF o A*J WE OOMT RI BACK vJ'.TH >bJ, }*X>? ^.-ElL- WAL HOME... IT istir So FA£....AIJ- SES!DCS /'RE TOO BUSY jo (j/ve us THAT5 ALL K\Si\\ . I HMB K. SET BoaSO BACK To niS R<XMf- fl<±.'£~ SO,',-.E OTME2. CALLS, AHY'WAT-.. A^O to th? scoring zone. Icavir.i! the fifth lo bring th c hall clown court At a given signal, the Kazor-' backs show this play. iS'o. 4 fusses to No. 5. ivho feinls lo the left, then nivols and pas.s- es to Ko. 2 meeting the ball. No. I moves out lo block for No. 3, who mc.:ts No. 2s p;uss at tho foul line. Xo. 3 then may shoot or pass to No. 2. providing 2 has eluded his guard. »v>VvV..\ 1£J-^ ( 7HATS G-ETTItJ' AvJAV \~^ 1EU- 1 . LOOK \NW03 p*" leEC-'-.' POODLE. 1 J „,• CF ALL THiMSG... I ^w f^fc'lSkv—f7'<r\ Mfe 1 Br 'CraRi SAV! I SufiSS J ^KJTHItl' DOI^r TLL so oil { y>irpe soifJa COMPANY fill' / ooy.f WSV6S. THBEE'S A j SAVS Die '•'. •'•'.A pooo,^.'; & ^r ivL, -r-'^'vL WASH Tl.'HHS '"EOT", t SON'T V i v! * Stt X MI NOU T.O' UlKe Trt\S. 'M / Wi e '5 MEV1ER I WE'LL GVT DOT, StCRET TJOOR { FOUND -THE. j^JML-&R.EI\K\U&, PIDN'T CLOSE Courier News Wont Acis Pay. SOMEBODY KH *t *JtR£ DOWN HERE AN' SrtUT tr ON Pl)g?OS£-/ i { LOOK 1 , vlOTTlO \ .' ~(f.ll Wl\? HERE'S -—I ft POOR f: 1 IT (\vH'T JV EMEtl U3CKGO. / WHO DID IT? \ 110 H0> Y, v)Eii,, HERE'S AMOTOER Vi 'i) /I Vt vXAS 0^£. U'S TP,^ IT. J\\\l ONLV A '• —^ ' ' l|!! ****• [^ ^ \TA x ^ K>^rT :ll, JJ: ir O?EM ftNO 4^i^ £ P,?,OW. fc, UOP^D IS

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