The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 29, 1932
Page 4
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PAQB FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TUX COURUK MEWS CO. PUBLMUM O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAIKES, Adiertltlnij Hwiager Bob NaUon»l AdvcrUi;ijg R«|>msi.<iiUt'.VM: Arkaasu DaUles, Ice., New York, Olilcaeo >iroli, 81. Uwlf, tolias, Kansas city, mat, Every Afloruoou Except sonday. Bnterod ns second class matter a?, tlic post (Hire at lilylhcvllle, Arkansas, under act c. 1 Congress October 9, 1917, Eervea by tno Umtej Press RATKS By carrier Iii iJie city oi l3l>Cierlllc, 160 per week or {8.60 pfr j'eat In advance. By null within a radius of 60 miles, 13.00 per year, $160 (or six months, 8Sc (or thr?c inuutiu; by mall In postal zones I wo lo six, Inclusive, $6.60 per year, in zones seven tuid elBhl, $10.00 per year, payable In advance Open the Censors' Bavins Ceiliiiii cilixiiiis of Nmv York wo tuning the sluto assembly to IKI.-.S a law which would compel New York's movie cunsoj'.s [o opwi llicir books for public inspection ;iml sliuw just why tliL'.v iiiiiku cuts in pidiircs. The kleu is one Hint wight !i|>ply wherever llu-rc lire ccusor.s. Km- movie cen.sui':liip, designa! on'tfiimlly (n jii-d- lecl our innocent minds from vulgar and immoral influences, is beginning to do what censorship always does sooner or later—to opornte to protect the vcnuliitions of officeholder*. One of tlic ijfickc'iy of (In- proposed law points out thill Now York's censors do their heaviest cutting on lilms which might lead Ihe imtilic tu suspect that there was ever 'any such tiling as graft in public ull'ice. Make a movie in which thei'o is a successfully crooked police captain, mayor, governor or other public uH'ieiul and.the clmnccs. are slronjf lluil lho censors will cliiuinate tlic Kraft. This is true not only in New York slate but in many oilier parts of the country, Censors everywhere seem to feel that movie audiences must never he told that any of their elected representatives go wrong. The absurdity of (his, of course, is obvious. Yet it is in line with one of our greatest national failings—our tendency to think evurylhitig j s ;l l| right, if we say it is. .Comiption in public olfii-c is a terrible- thimr—but ' H's ;iir"ri}fh( if \vc don't talk about, it too much. (Ou you remember the way leading dtiwns condemned (he .scimlor.s who exposed the oil seiindal.-} in the Harding administration?) War is a terrible danger, too—but we're all right if only every nation will sign a treaty agreeing not to use war any more as an instrument uf nalioual llslicy. (Japan signed that treaty, too, you know.) The depression is proving extremely uncomfortable, what with 7,000,000 or more wage winier* unable to get fobs— but it'll be all right if we just, will try hard enough to pretend that limes aren't really very bad. (You ran recall civic leaders who have taken that altitude, can't you?) So it goes. The movie censors arc ridiculous, lo be sure; but they are not much more ridiculous than the rest of Jho professional Pollyiiiinas who think OUT OUJR WAY thai everything is just dandy « s it i.s. —Bruce Cation. The Naval Construction Bill The Senate Naval Committee has approved the iji.lSO.OUO.OOO coiistniclijii l)ill brought in by Chairman I'ralciic Jiale of Maine, and early pas.-nge by the Senate has been by political leaders in Washington. H is worth remeinbering, however, that, this is nut an appropriation bill. Passing it does not mean Unit Uncle •Sam is immediately committed to the •cxpwiJiture of all thai money. In fad —judging by the comment:; some xnna- lor.s made about pacing liie bill jti order lo strengthen the hands of the American delegation at (leueva—OIK: illicit wonder whether (In; bill were not a blulf. If we actually gu ahead and appropriate money for dial mnouiil of construction, it will mean that we have lost all faith in armament, reduction plans. .Spi'wling under a billion dollars on new lighting ships is not exactly a pacific gesture. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray JlKlSC.1 solely i,y publish,..! pictures of "Alfalfa HID", »e mmM .scarcely- place ],„„ in ,, class Milk Hie Apollo HelvlUcro or attempt to enter hi;,, as ,i 'KMy contMlanl In a ,, y .<,,side paycmit of pulchritude; | H1 1 it .strike us Hint ns a. real hra-IIMcrf he-man lie "Mucks up" very well hulml. In the matter of pmoiwl aicliltcclure lie comes well within the standards Ml by Abraham Lincoln.. Aiiureiv Jackson am i John CiariK-r, to ray nuthlnu „( soci.tes. whom wo Mil! worship nrier Ih, ],I,KC of mmmc-.s. None cf these was or Is entitled to dislino Hun ns u pvetly boy, „ „„),„ cronlk ,,. (lr „ lovlc-tlodc; Din somehow or csher each managed to survive his looks ;ui<l land wltJi botli feet upon his objective. Tins l s a fact well worm coDsldcrnllon by these of ».,. Intelligentsia wlio write tolerantly, not lo say scomlully of Governor iimray , (IK i 61K . h of ,„_, , (Iinsvncl ,, cU , s If nny. as havo attratfefl the nttemion of those wlio sec In tilin only u clownisli mlslit rrojn Uic pmirles. Govcinor Murray, If his lacllo broadcasts muy IM accepted as cU.lPnce, lias coisslderuljly more than (he average ciillmc nnrt an unusual amount of cnmmoii sense, which after nil Is better Shan lh c most profmmd Itariiiiie wiliioni real uumptlon. We Have had II,,. privilege o! perusing one of his prepared addresses „, the oilEtiui! typewritten loim. n raiiclicd in ruulllcsa EiiKllsh, [,„,! lhc thoughts pccwmccl were Iliosc of a iliinkci- ami phllosjnher Not so much can be liulhfully snld of all our public men. —irelci-.a World. rrum lhc claims anil c(,unlcr-rbhiis in Ihe war in Chliu. you uuulil think the. tallies were bl'illK follsht by ;l ] m ,,,.|, ut nnllllt'lans 1'aiLs iwlli-c ,iro ilisl;illln K nutlns, ,,r(cr tlic fashion or the Americans. There's m, use Icl- li»R Ihe cups lie. Iwrcil. ft looks as though Japan may have to send its whole aimy into Chhm to prolect itself from atlacLs by the Clilueso forces. Will, all liiu relief bilh inssril, tin- unly tiling nmlei! (i, brine- proS[K'rily lj;u-k Is (lie rcluni of Kim [ business. Sir Malcolm Campbell wiisn't sntisllcd with -'53 miles im- i lml r in his rnchuj cur.' You never can .MtiMy Uicao motorists! IiliM nf work sl;irllcs rlillilreii, a rliiW says, (.'biblrcii must be smarlrr Uun OlDW PUT IT TO w\pe N4O-MO-- MO » VOUR SISTER'S RiGUT BV -IK DOOR- UER THtMQG i!\ .^^'^^/^^ote. !j-.VBour nimv PEHT / • f^:^ Mm->^_ By Williama COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark MONDAY, PKlmUARy 23, 193 ."Oh, i'om« on, mother! The only thin K in this town wlirllt stem,; is (hat movie we passed." WASHINGTON LETTER IIV I10DNKV nUTOIIEK NKA Service Writer WASHINGTON — 'nils national apilal Is either the besl or the .ovM place In the world tor liach- lors. depending on how yon look Th; Bolng Gels especially heavy irlns leap years ivhcn it is wjp- osuil lo t.'C every single woman's irivilegc lo nmki! projwsals of inneal malrlinony to such clitiiWj laics as remain in clrciilalion. \nd, tiUhoii;h your correspondent not privy lo Ihe intimate, ICT- oinil lives of Washington's several nationally famous bachelors, one Imagines Ilia! they lira suf.'rr- tiiij limny harrowing cx|wrii'iiLCs ulonfi \vitli the trials ami worries of statesmanship. ."Her. Arc Scarce The reason bachelorhood hero Is [alive!" scni-cr. The average 1 tnlx- hitlvcly Decree. 'I'l*.? avernj^c mixed gathering here finds women In the majority. Hnl hostesses in the upper rcacl::s of Ihe social racket try to make thhius cotnc out even so •?very damsel and thine will have a inivlncr, and the working out of Hint problem tends to pines 11 rrrlnhi premium on almost any p.ciil who owns a dinner coat. The numerical spread ix-twccn the sexes begins in the tjovcrmuent. •ill-vice with its army of uirl clerks; tnid Jccretarics. : Tlicn you find Hint (lu> polilicl- uir.. lhc nihldlc-aycd women who! ir.ovr bore, mill lho wealthy families which choose the capital to launch social careers usually lirlns tl'.eiv daughters but leave their sous outside in the world. "Men nn Call" . r jo yon have a c.ipilal ivhrre jjrofi: -Monal social sccrelarU-.-; keep l:>'s of satisfactory younv i::m on c.ill for debutante and oil: n- par- wlrc-re uiuittachcc! dipl-jinaHc Hitachi's and Stnte Department bnys dash from cocktail i'.ivly lo cnrktatl party, dinner to dinner ar.:i dance to dance, l.-.ilin-American diplom.'iK especially, arc wild lo m.ik-- more cor.<ju«'St.<; here than in :uiy other capital in tlic world. public movements and Democratic politics. Tom still stars at the Elar- liman Sunday night supper parties and the two remain very chummy Tydinss Is Another •Senator Mlllard E. Tydmsjs of Maryland, who lives at the cvci so fashionable Moorings apartments here, is the youngest of tl coiujnrcloiifll Ijiichelor snnncl. He is also considered the mosl populai nnd Is noted at functions for tlw number of gals who gather around him simultaneously. Another bachelor who geiL around places in the evening is Senator Dave Walsh of Massachusetts, now 50. Popluar widowers include Arthur Cupper of Kansas "id Bob Wagner of New York. Hncliclors are rare In the lions? of Representatives, and the most distinguished seems lo be Con- yrcssm;ui George IloUlen Tinkham of Massachusetts, who is 01 and has n big black Ix-ard. Aged Italian Made Plans for Own Death ifcirhrlur Charley i'tirtis 'Hie matrimonial rr may only be dcscrihid n- major cnsnnrcuicnls .1 achieved. Bill Hint onlv focus altcntion. csp:ciall> leap year of 1932. 0:1 t distinguished veterans »i Hood the strain lor yrari rc-niBln at large. Vic? President Curll. 1 a \vidowcr tor many \r.c- Fhows no sii;n for disct ir fact lliat he hasn't ji'.'.i' c: \vith ."-oine ludy wl'.n \vi • i lighted lo iBkc over K, • Ganit's responslliiliKr.i ;•.. Ilcial hostess Is o:iiv Charlie's (lowers of r-.--i •• There used lo bo riv. • Vico President mui . i: Lcanrtir Loose, bat yi-i .: no more. Ciirtis is ~l. Ami Ilr's Inlv HI Bros Is Senator H:ny.- •:. of New Mexico, u-l-.i -,, -.: itirtil ii.l.C'.lClUlvlll. .• •-: . lineuist who Is m«, .: • literature and il:v i,-i. ; , : in llij inoiv fnrm.r. .!.-. .: cicly. He liirs »:'!: i: There's nolhi;ic i!-.,- : .... Cutiinc. elthc. -if ;.:-.•.. him. Senator Tlinma* .1 v. Montana is 71 nr,l :. : owed IS ycais -.usi -,> diclioiiF were o;u-o '••• he would many :.]- Harrlnmn, who ;s •••• ... . up- tilion • n nnd L- often -:-vrs lo -.11 this :;c more •! have ;i:i-i slill r- been .•.lid lie Ti. The v.-nsclt : I:- dc; Dolly I.:, ot- ...-: of : :ib01lt .lacob ..- them •: r,'on- .' l»l- <r and •id In - Ulan -.»! so.- with -» get :i o[ . \vld- •'• prc- llist : t in . PAIJMA, Italy/(UP) — Oirolomo Piaria. 88. feelins himself near death, dressed in his best, anil visited ihc parish priest, begging him to give him the last sacraments, as he felt his end was near. Surprised at the apparently healthy man, the priest heard his confession and gave him communion. When Piarra had finished, h? visited the undertaker, runucstiiii! him to take his measure for a coffin (hat would shortly he required "as L am about to leave (his world." Then hs returned home, erecting all his friends and acquaintances whom he met on lhc way and foiliuj; them he wis le.ivlng Ihem scon. Tlic old man wcnl lo bed early He was found dead In bed tlic next luornins. GUNMAN ATTACK FAILS On l-'eb. m IQia, a German sur- prlsc attack'on positions near Dix- murtc held by Belgian troops wss "•'J. The German attack was made in force mui was beaten back only after heavy fighting. llcuvy German raids in various vectors of the v. cstcrn front were generally regarded by Allied observers ;is forerunners ol Ihe lonis- momi::cd March ollcnsivc. The chief purpose of Iheie rails was in dlEcovcr how strongly the -•-iiitd Allied positions wore held, »!(i at tlic s-.imc (itnc to keep se•ret the actual spot chosen for he ulfcnsive. New stories of Turkish alt: :n defciisetes Annc]ii.ii> citii-s vc:e told in Europe, following lhc collapse of the Russian army which lad conquered much of thai tcrri- cry. Tlic Clonnan army in Russia con- imicd to advance as peace ncgoiia- ions ketuvFii the two nations rap- dly approached a climax. Announcements The Courier NV.VS has -ueen all thonzcd to announce the. following candidacies, subject to tin Democratic primary. August 9. For Cnuiiiy Jutlje ZALl). HAKR1SON (for 2nd Icrm) I'tr Sheriff KOLAN-I) ORKEN COARKNCK H. WILSO.V County Treasurer W. W. HOLMPtTER (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clcrk H. U "HILIA- GAINE? (for '2iin tcnn) Cnimty and l-rolalc Clerk -MISS CAKKV \VOOOI3URN 11 For {'onni. ,\v, C5SQr CITV . Tuesday, April j City Ulrrk CROSS AI^KXANUiCK ALEXANDER I'or .Mtmirip-,1 Judge V.V R S, K W ' n AR»A CKAWFOUD F«r ily Attorney MAN-AIT" 'or Alilcrni.ii,. i st W ara <; i? GRKAIl u tl - 'Ic.lK 1 THOXU'KOV TltOMt'SON Long Maple Sugar Season Aided County CHARDON, O., <fJP) - The prlntr-like winter In nm-lhem Ohio was a life saver lo (he jeatiga County treasury. Scores of farmers were able to ay their (ax bills twcause of the nprcccdeniod maple sugar sea- on. Camps which ordinarily are losed until March were opcn»d i January and thousands of sja"l- ons uf maple syrup collected and old. The maple sugar Industry Is -orlh $100.000 *" Oeaugn County irmcrs annually. Greeks Plan Aerial Show Over Athens WASHINGTON. (UP) — Hyper-' lodcrn airplanes will soa rover Ihe ntlqiic temples of the Greeks when thcns holds its Hist aerial expo- tion April 1 to .\tay 1. (Jqusul Ertwin A. putt r;i»rtcJ ans for Die c.vpssilion to the I ommcrcc Dcpavtmtiil. He sai-1 ie pnrnoje of the display llv -is to 'ihibit airplanes especially suited lourisl. purposes, engines, ac- ivics and models. 7ft DISTOUEREO. ff weiSHeo 302.5 SIVfiN TO POPE , IN J DURING HIS LAST ILLHESS. CHURCH EXCUSES .in'iisls Aid African Larmrrs HESGHAZI. Cyrennica Africa U!')—The aulhnciilcs have rcc- nineiidcd Hie use of pondered [ tiibts ar fertilizers. In certain asons of the year, the locusts come something of a pla"iie re, as in oilier parts cf Afrfca mixture recommended is i- of locust, with nitrates and Iphatcs of soda 31 seems lo me that all of the church people have tone mad over raisins moiuy for this, that and he other. They are ahrays coning around -to ask for help; it looks hki! eycrj'timc 1 go'to jny door there Is someone from some church asking for moiic-y. One day when It was raining so Hard that I could not get my car out, and (he radio made so much noise I could not get n salisfac- loi-y .Gallon. I cjcctdcd that I '.rould fiBiirc up jusl, wlint it was cost in- me (o belong (o the church "HI I found Ihnl 1 could not renumber jus! what I had been paying, or when, but L know it would run up like everything. I suppose the iroather had something to do v.Mtli it. for i simply couui not get' my mind to work, btit, r know that I pay twenty live cents cv.'rv month to something that is connected with the church, and I eo as much as three or four times a year, and usually from ten to twenty c^it.s cacli time; It must run ;ip. Then they 'iiru always' asmng for something lo help out with a supper, and if the committee happens to find me at home they insist on some expensive pic like cherry or apple. So, if yoi make two or three of these a yaer you see il would make my churcl expenses high. Double Wear Leather Soles Made in Britaii LONDON, Bug., (HP) — &„ woar for leather -boot soles ii claimed as the rc-'iilt of the discovery by British tanners of a lieu way of treating leather. By tt.i new process the internal fibres 0! leather soles can now be toughened so thai they fonn a core oi great strength. It is claimed that leather so prepared rivals the wearing power and durability of soles made of rubber] and composition material. Like rub-| her soles it is waterproof but uii-, like them it Is not slippery whsn wet. As a result of the dlscovfrtng one ol the biggest tanning firi ' northern England, which'tor'.£,»,,,, .months had been working-oil inori jtime, now has sufficient orders-t operate day ami night. Courier News Vftnt Adj Pay.. " Alice: Come home. All FORGIVEN Few advertisements in your newspaper start that way. Yet most ol them are just as personal, and almost as promising. Manufacturers and merchants must know "your needs and wants, or go out of business. They must know, for instance, that about the first of next month you'll be very much interested in a new hat, or a new lamp, or new towels. They must foresee your wishes—and have what you'll want when you want it. And they do—constantly striving to suit, at the lowest possible prices. Then telling you in advertising of the gift? they have brought from the far corners of the earth, to please Your Royal Highness. Head the advertisements in this paper. They are addressed to you- personally. They bring you news of better things to have and easier ways to live. Intimate news, of immediate interest.

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