The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 29, 1932
Page 3
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NnAV, PEIJRU.AKV 20, 1 flS2 GIRL SCOUT BETTY LVl 'Jlje KkalltiK party 1ms illvlilwl Into (wn t-roiiiw whl ( I. l«ke luriw In .sklJiuuliiK (iallj oi,v ti.o I<t k n.l bimiuUiii; guard by (tit! HIV un shun-. J'AOF, TRREB White •n.l M«rr nr<> ittrl «•)«> hu uriiiMlrn-tl tli» Calling mil h, hop lo 1u>li| on, (ln'y oati-li in- \iii. up lln'lr eirn'rueiu.} kit. 'Him *tlll.- Mary HLJii'.-. ji Minn jiluuk nut mcr llw U-c. fnini tlic Ki-niii), g,, c-raslilris ttmmuli » ik-ny the e lr) In ll« »«((>r « rW \\TJlL MW In rli.. «.,« u i.i..t. .... .. .... . . . • In thu k-e. (till linnw •lYImul her »«l»t, 11-1 (Irl IHllln iKT'llM 11 ^. 111 " IU '" > ' " M<!d ^ ""' Wlltl " EXPECT JRESTS III WT CASES e Hope To Cleat- Up Series of Thefts; Physician Loses $490. c.ici 1 said they exacted to make tmesis lull- tills nfU'inooii that would Khi-il some light on Die series of rntilx'iles and allcmplcd robberies li( the sections Jf Hit! city Friday iilulil. Ur. n. 1,. ISoyd. 1512 West Ash Mvefl, was rnuljeil uf $«D In i-nsli by a btiriilnr who removed ihe loll of money from lil.s clothes. lie (old officers, nr. lloyd u-ns asleep In Hie hoxc ill (lie lime 01 Ihe robbery. wlileli lias u >Up-niHMc Ml lliy euil. WASHINGTON HIS LIFE STORY IN PICTURES, COMMEMORATING THE 200TII ANNIVERSARY OF HIS BIRTH 12. His Last Days IN \Vajhnotor. s.3: ..o.iin ai^rxjinlrtl Ko.lil of llif .irniy \-.hta >,a;ttiie = tcnt(iinl/9B. By ^>EA Service i Prospect of war with France Lite as a gentleman-farmer, | briefly Interrupted his retirement somewhat more secluded than in: i n 1798, w h eu | lc w as appointed Jus earlier, active days, occupieri, cominaudur-iii-chief of the provis- Oc-orye Washiiigton's last two and | ional army. But the war crisis a half years. . faded a , vay _ He devoted most o! his time lo| Alter ridiutf horseback for several his family, farm attairs and care ! hour in severe cold and snow Dec. cf his slaves. 112. 1799, Washington returned to Mount Venion exhausted and the following day was attacked with i quinsy or acute laryngitis. He recehed every available' medical treatment, from four bleedings to gargles of "molasses, vingear and butter." but sank, quickly. Washington remained characteristically serene until the end. "I die hard, bill I am not afraid to go," he said. As death 0resv closer, lie added. "T feel mysell itoing. I thank you lor your allentions; bill I pray you to lake no more Irouble about me. Let m; go oil ciulelly. I cannot last Imig-." His dealh at 10 P. M.. Dec. 14, Threatened by Ban on Foreign Stars group are: Sari Maritzs, Claude Allister, Miles Asther, Conway Tearle, Olga Baclanova. Lionel Belmore. Andre Berranger, Billy Belan. Cyril Chadwick, Rlcardo Cortez. ' Aluerl Contl. Rockliffe Fol- ows. Alec I-'rancls. Eniily nt7j-oy. Huntly Gordon. Lawrmco GranL, Holmes Herbert, Jean Hcrsholt, Stuart Holmes. Crautord Kent, Claude Doris Lloyd. MontnQii? Ixji-e, John Lxjder, Alan Mowbray, Anthony I Bushtll, Matt Moore. Antonio Moreno, John T. Murray. Greta Nissen, Warner Oland, Gilbert Rowland, Durictm Rennldo. George Sidney, Ned Sparks, Slim Sinn- mervtlb, Ernest Torrence, Ratjuel Torres, H. B. Warner. Gustav von Seyffcrtltz and Henry Victor. Directors, Too In addition to these players, aj few of our outslandtng directors, wltom it would be rather difficult to replace, are foreign-born. Among them are Ernest Lubltsch, Lewis Milestone, Josef von Sternber;;. George Fil7maurice. Edmund Colliding,. Herbert Branon, Paul Stein, James Whnlc Frank Capra and Michael Cnrtii. Film magnates mny seem to be getting unduly excited over this situation, but In llv:tr opinions somebody should get excited. 1793. plunged lhc nation In mourning. Th c entire country felt, In John t-ce's famous words, that Washington was "llrst In war. llrst In I>eacc. and thsl in lhc heavls of his countrymen." The End. Ex-Convict Out lor Governor Hoover Delivers Special Message to Facilitate Judicial Processes, WASHINGTON, f'flJ. 29 (UP)~; Pre.sldcnl Hoover todny delivered n s|»clnl inesMgc to congress uiy,- Ing Immcdlute ctmnsrs In Judicial pioccdure designed lo Incllllalc the (KlmlnlstrKlloti or Justice, HC snbmlllcd a volnmlnoiis report comp.lleti by lhc mtorncy KCII- trnl on the bankruptcy act and Ms mli.'ibilstr.iHoii In the fedrnil courts. The meisage particularly stressed the iinporlance of chnniics In the bankruptcy law. it pointed lo the Increase of bankruptcy c.ises In recent years tind urged legUIa- tion to provide lenictllal proccd- iito in voluntary proceeding* iimJrr which ilcblors may have the pro- Iccllon of ihe court wllhoul being adjudged bnnknipt, The!dciit plainly urged criminal procedure' slwukl bo seeded up. He held Ihe federal coin-Is should-set cm example to court. 1 ; throughout lhc judicial system. He Eiiggeslcu the Inw be changed to "limit, th c lime for making 1116- tlons (o quash Indictments because of (ho disqualification of gmnc. juiors." .H also cmci-eil (lip homo if Domic Hull, 1UJ.| C'hlcka- mwba; Dr. (J, E. Wlhon, 120 \\Vsl Asli; Joy Klkliis, 1501 Wwii Ash ml Slli'rlll W. W. SlmviT, 1011! Wosl. Wlillillt, 0;l the s:\nic iilijlu. mlsci'lliir.i'ons nssorlnu-iu of nr- lfs WAS stolen from Hie M-venil homes. Sheriff Shaver wmi iislccji 1:11 n ilium In the living loom oj his home raily Krlrluy nlglit ivlien he .MIS nwiikcni'ii by Hie creaking )f I he rear door (o lh c residence. He stm led (o (lie n-ar of lire .louse nnct (he Ininidd- broke and ''»». Tlic ilierll!-' could not loll Here nro five movie ^tar.-; who would be tarred if congress excludes all but American citizens trcm Ainerlnisin-madc films. Dolores Del Rio. upper riglit. has been termed Hollywood's inorl beanlifnl woman. Warner Oland, left, and Jcnn Hcrsholt. in the upper panel, arc character actors. Mnric Dressier .below them, is one of the most popular stars. Ernest Torrence, low ri»ht. is an old favorite. HV 1>AX THOMAS XKA Service Writer HOLL\^VOOD. — Foreign talenl. is absolutely essential to the continuance of the motion picture Industry. This statement is made by film executives after a-study of their business In its present economic •state—an investigation prompted by pending legislation in Congress which. If passed, would bar all foreign stars In the United Slates. True, our lawmakers believe themselves to be working for the best interests of Americans. But, Apparently, they are attempting lo rogulalc an industry about which they Know little. And. If they are successful they not only will eliminate foreigners from motion pictures, but will cripple an Industry upon which thousands of Americans depona for a livelihood. Enslish Report Unfounded -Judging from Woshlnglon dis- JSf)ches, our congressmen have seen ™* °» c thing-tile millions- of dollars paid ywr]} . t , , , rs ™ d d '««ors. loo. Congrcs, may ,. RVC been innuenced by reports that England has refused to grant working permits to American actors and actresses. Tills report Is in the main, untrue. ! Only in Isolated cases have the British authorities tafcen such action. Americans who really have something different lo offer have liltlc Irouble in getting the papers necessary for work in the British Isles. Like oilier Industries, molion pictures today aw in a critical state—worse, probably, than many others because they are experiencing losses for the first time in his- i lory. Since ihe days of nfckelo- |deons, film studios have earned tremendous profits. Now they arc in the red and they haven't the faintest irta what to do about It. PoMiblUty Terrifies Their other troubles, however are not sufficient to keep film executives from getting panlcstrlckon over the possibility of being robbed of their foreign talent. Every nickel thtt it is possible to get into the box offics Is needed, Consequently the money must come from our present day stars. Antl a large percenlags of (hem are foreigners, particularly among the real topnotchers. » • » Garbo, Shearer, Undl Some of the outstanding stars who are foreign-born arc: Charlie Chaplin, Maurice Chevalier, Oreta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Norma Shearer. Ramon No- v&rro, C!eorge Arllss. Marie Dressier, Mary Pickford, Clivc Brook, Dorothy Mgckaill, Paul Lukas, i Victor McLaglen, Fifi Dorsay. Doloress Del Rio, Lupe Vale/,, Ellssa i I-andi, Maureen OSullivan .Pola Negri, Boris Karloff. Dcla Luoosl. Jill Esmond, Lawronce Olivier. Ivfln Lebedeff and Reginald Denny. It would be virtually impossible to replace that group with new American-made start tn less than five years' time. And without the money they now draw Into the box office the film industry would be up against it. • • * Baclanora, HmhoJt, OUnd There «l8o are lesser foreign players who still are tremendously popular lr> minor roles. Among this St. Paul Preaching Rewarded by Sherry LONDON. (UP)—The Immediate reward for preaching a sermon at SI. Paul's IiOndon's great mid-city cathedral, is a glass ol line old sherry. As soon as the service is ov.?r the preacher is tapped on the arm by Ihe warden, who retires to the vestry and hears tile words: "Your sherry nnd loaf, sir." Dean Inge «i}s it is an old custom, but few- know about it. The sherry comes from a 1CO- Co-eJs Win Rljht to Snwlu, MADISON. Wisconsin.' .(UP)'. — After several years of agitation, University at Wisconsin co-eds who liv c at chnilbournc Hull have been granted permission lo smoke in the bulldlim. A .smoking rocm 1ms been established on floor. Sorority hollies at Madison have permitted smoking for'sev- eral years'. •Ihe "Reverend" James Delk of Sullivan, Mo., former convict and now an evangelist, combines ri:- llslon and politics in his preaching. Delk hns announced his candidacy for Rovernor of Missouri. He frequently preaches garbed In prison stripes as shown lure. j year-old cellar provided by the city," he adds. "The preachers seldom refuse il—although they're not so keen on the bread." ! BUSTRAVEL BARGAINS Excursion Round-Trip •Sclllns date expires March 16. Return gocd until April 15. MEMPHIS S3.:0 (Four buses every day) CHATTANOOGA 13.EO PADUCAH 7.05 ST. LOUIS .... ft.CO (Three buses every d.iyi EVANSV1LLE ... 12.75 BIRMINGHAM . 12.30 I-ow One-Way Fares BEWARE THE COUGH OR G)U .WHANGS ON Penlitrat coujtu ind cold* leid to Mrious trouble. You on itop them now wilhCrcorauliion, an emulsified crcwite thilisjilcaMnnolakc. Crcomulsionin »ew medical discovery with iwo-fold ac. lion; it soothes and heals the intlarocd membranes and inhibits (,'frro growth. Of all known drugs, crcosoio is MCOK- nlzcd by high medical aulhoriliesasona of theereaics! healing agencies for pcr- ilstcnl couglu an J colds and olhci (ormj of throat trouliJes.CreoniuUion con!ains, in addilidnlo creosote, olhcr healing el<v merits wluch soolKe and h«l the infeeled membranes tnd jlap rhc im'utinn and inflammation, vhilc Ihe creosfltc goes on to thc stomach, is ahsorWd into ihe Wood, nttncks the se.^t of the Eroublfl »r.d clirrlu the groKlh of the terms, Croomulsion is gu.iranteeti satlsfjo tory in t]ie trcMmenl of persistent couglis and cohls, bronchia! asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory dUca>«. is cwcllcnt for Luildinc up the jy;li>m afler coldi or flu- Money rcfumlcd il any cough or cold, ao matter of liiju- long standing, i» not relie.ved after taking according • o directioca. Ask your drug^Ut. ^aitv.) NEW YORK $29 .-10 LOS ANGELES . 36.50 UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd fc Ash Sts. Phone 27!) . GREYHOUND WE CARRY STOCK OF MOTOR Oil; . A COMPLETE THIS GKRAT S. A.E. 20 S. A. K. 30 S. A. B. 10 711 «nd w« will call for and deliver your ear. HAVOLINE Wax Free Motor Oil The ace of allcvank- case lubricants is now obtainable at Blytheyille's most convenient fill i n g station MAIN Service Station Bill Wunderllch, Mgr. whether th c housebreaker- 'was * y.llllt! man.or'u negro as UHJ in. . Iriid.M- ills:i]i|«.MiT(l by the'time he> coiicltccl. the tlocr. : Burnt Fined, Barnett Freed in City C«art Charges growlnj; out o( an olter. ciitlon between Jbn minis, state lil(ih«\ij' paliohnan. and w. T. Bin null, local automobile dealer, rc.sulicd In a K fine for Burns on » plon ol sullly to disturbing the peace and the acnulltal of llainelt on a, charge 'of public cft-iinkeinicss In mnnli'lpal court Saturday. Hums M«S ' the only wltnes.-, against Unrnetl, while five wlt- m-sscs leslillrd, In behalf of thi auluinoblle tli-alcr. iiruiiis for thc two men were Killed fajlowliiii; u dlsturlKinco at Main and Division slicets the preceding Salutday. linniell Inlcr- ccdtrt In belmlf o( lh> driver.of an iiulo unnsport which Burns had stoiipcd for lack of Arkansas llwn.sii an<l was Knocked down by NURSE TELLS HOW TO ^ SLEEP SOUND, STOP GAS V. Plelcher says: "Stomach gas blouletl me BO bad I could not sleep. One spsontul Adlerlka brought out all lhc gas and now I slcup well and led fine." Clly Oniff Store. _ A dv. 3 Why Black-Draught Is So Effective Tnr plant which Klvos BUcV- riruiutlit lln nctlvc I>lhid|i!u ll ono ut tho roroinou eiilluiitlni (ur I.i.inlh'o ti*rl«), wliloly nscil throiiKlioul Hi.) worlil loilay. Uriuuso 11 In offrcllve, litc.iuiw lit nctlou in 110 well hiin»-», thin iilant EH pi-uiiuri-il In varL^UH ramm of mcillcluu, dith n» Iliulil «x- tract.*, AJTIJJW, jwivtjcrv*. In |imv<teml Tliislfiinr.1 Ilt^tk-DrduKlit. Uii» vnlu- Kl;U> incillcliuil |>lnnl li luovMoi! in Id imn; n.llllrnl form, wllli Ilin leovi^ drtf'l unit fiuvly KronnJ BO tluil tha illRtith'o Hytttein or your body nmy extract tin) Ha 1 *!!- BAKING POWDER -• - i-i-iuivni ^roiKjrly cotublnci] Mitnhrai i-uiliartlu, I'huilH. Put n l<ai-hiiKu nf TliL'.ltor.l'a llUiuh-Dr.-iuKlil on your home ludlk-lnn hliylf, toilny— for uas ly nil HID family. '»Vtt Read Courier News Want Ads. ltd lltin o( high prktd bnndt. MHltONSOF POUNDS USED 0V OUR GOVERNMENT NUNN-BUSH Ankle Fashioned Oxfords U NLKSS you !i«ve worn -N' Bnsli Ankle-Fashions.,:! Ox- f(>i'ils you have no itiea ol" the Kcniiiiie comfoil Ihcsa smart shoes give you. Quality, style and model ale j>rict jiri: features you'/) (.no! $7.50 $9 Freeman Shoes $5 $6 R. D. HUGHES & CO. Complete Outfitters for Men and Roys

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