The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 29, 1932
Page 1
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Served by the United Pre»* BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKR NEWS - N.*«. Blythevllle .„-.„,„, _*^MlPP]JrtHej^^der^_Blythcvllle Courier, IN FAR EAST APPEARS I SlNOLE_COflES FIVE CENTS TWO KILLED ON Reaping War's Grim Harvest Three Others Suffer Injuries in Accidents Saturday and Sunday. CARUTHRRSVILLE. Mo. — Two persons were inn down and killed by automobiles over the week-end in Pemoscit county, and three siii- fered injuries in automobile accidents. John Koiiey. ; was killed instantly i near Hayff -laieV Saturday when a J cow he ivas ie'aoUng jerked him In /ronl of u car dilven by Arthur! Ashley. Uuy Altod Smith, 11-year-old J " son of Mr. and Mrs. 'W. E. Smith I' m ' a wagon in front of a ear driven ! by Floyd Hillinger of Sikeston nnd was instantly killed. The ae- cidenl occurred aboul G P. M.. Sal- I urciay. A coroner's jury returned a verdict of death by unavcldjb'.e accident. Sharon Kite Injured Sharon j. Pale, local atlornev, and Loivell Foster, salesmen, vierc painfully injured when their car overturned in a dredge ditch about a mile north of Haytl on Highway CI. The accident occurred about 6:30 P. M. Saturday. Pate was returning from federal court at Cape Oirardeau, where he had represented Harry Bailey in the Pcm- iECot county liquor conspiracy trial, and Foster ivas accompanying him. The accident occurred when they were forced from the road bv another car v.hich failed to slop. In Memphis Divorce Courl - ••- rt- •••' .i*.vin. 1.1 viltwUitJ Wl III UllS on Manchui-lan plains in Ihe wnkc 01 ll-.t;' reientloss Japanese advance upon Harbin. WHITE STIRS Roseland Storekeeper ' - A \V7-.1 01 .• (• r i >Vith bhootmg ot ;F. P. Jacobs and W.R.Dy- 1 , ess Mpricl Groups to Make Investigations. IVisonncl ot Iwo suli-i'ouimltten Hui will lnvesflKiile various .isp-cls m roiinty uffnlrs for Jud«<> /nl 1). Hanlwn'.s cojilnilttco of llihty- llmv before the latter makes Us liual i-eixut lo Ihe Judiie nnd the couniy taxpayers nuoclutlun was annoiiiicril today hy C. A. Ciihn- irifham. chnlrmnii of (he commll- tte of Ihirty-lhree. The sub-comiiiltlees. imlhorl/ed li.v the commute of llilily-lhrce nl Its mt.-niiiK nl Osceolu lasL Friday aic to make tlu-lr reports pilur to «' iii.ftiim of tlie ycncrnl comuiil- Ice called for 2 p. m. Fritlnv March'11. Out, to which has Iv-cn ddci;nl- ftl Ihe task of iin'e.stl(iutiiuj thr. winlitures ol nil couiilv deimii- Foster received several broken ribs, and Pat e suffered lacerations about the face and head which required, several stitches. They were picked up and brought Criooled Wife of Navy Man Victim in Latest Assault Case. HONOLULU. T. H.. Fib. 21) (UP) —News of another brutal assault on a white woman, the wife of a navy man, and a threat to assault a neighbor, created a tense situation here today in a city already '"—~>d by a series of such al- lacks. ,to Catjithersville for medical at- , • ^ntion by Arthur Ashley, a. resi- Mrs;.H. W.Hope, wife ol a-sub- (lent trt-Uiis county. " (marihe machinist's mate, reported Cow c*Bie of Death 1 1 ° Police a man broke into her The accident in which John[ feach nome an <l attacked her af- cu by *t*.r u-llur, »^1.1«.. -; „_ , „., ........j iiulllc U j Mrs. D. W. Curry, wife of a chief petty officer, and threatened her J. D. Evans, postmaster and nen- cral storekeeper at Rcseland, la miles west- of ElyLhcvillc. was formally charged with assault with attempt to kill today in connection \\ith the shooting of three men near his store Saturday night,Evans, an elderly man, will be given a preliminary hearing Thursday in municipal court. Clarence Hunch, local man. his son, Garland Bunch and T. Wright were fired upon as they sought gasoline for their car. iifTicers reported. Bunch was struck in the stomach by one load of bird EliQt nnd m tin;, face, by another. Pan of the scattered load struck Wright accident in which John bcach home and attacked her af- uas killed by the car driv-1 demanding money and threut- Ashley occurred a short | em "& h«r with death. The man al- ater. when Ashley was re- *° llrolce into tno n?arby home of time later, when Ashley was returning to his home near Hayti. Bailey, leading a cow, was walking behind a wagon. As. Ashley attempted to pass the wagon the «>«• became frightened and jerked •Bailey directly into the path ot the car. Ashley immediately notified- officers and Bailey's body was removed to a local undertak- in;r parlo_r. No ino.uest was held. Robert Ward, 17-year-old son of Attorney and Mrs. Rol>ert I.. Ward of this city, received pain- lul injuries Sunday morning when the car in which he was driving alone got out of control and turned' over several times. hut did not attack her. police said. Five men whose identities police would not reveal (vcr= rounded up as suspects. Mrs. Hope is a partial cripple, suffering from a leg deformity. Her husband is en route to San Diego, on a .submarine. Thc intruder sremeri to know that hiis- and a fc\v shot Bunch, Shut Without Warning -Tin 1 Hirer, returning from ' a Big Lake dance where Mr. Bunch had sonc nller his sou mill others, llad walked to the store when their gas supply B avt! out. they lold officers. The trio Inquirer! of a nc(jro us lo Ihe residence of thr slirc proprietor. They "said they lurncd from- the store and started ncioss the highway lownnl Evans home when, without warn- Inu. someone opened fire on them. Other motorists aided the group in reaching Ulythcvlllc, pushing their car in after the shooting oc- ci.rrcd. The formal charge was placed ngainst the Hoselnnd postmaster, who denies any connection u^lli the shooting, after a bit of detective work on the part of Shcrllf Shnvnr and Deputy Joim Mc- H.mcy. Flml Ktnpiy Sliclh fnvcsiigathig the shooting Sheriff Shnvtr nnd his iiepuly found tome shotgun shell wads near Hi i "P/JV t r . t" Ecene of ""•' 5l 'o°t ln S- Dctcrmin- lOlltlCal Intend'- Imj the size shell used, the officers Clice" Digest Chirm •'-•^""i tvans 1 house and found tC V v - lalms - |a double barrel shotgun which I appeared to have been fired NEW ORLEANS F>b •*! mp'~ i rccenll >'' ll ">y declared. Further The Cotton Dicest'sn'i'ri'toda>T'n ' Eeal ' ch (lisclo5 cd a .bos of shells Cotton Co-op Head Re- land In a stove in 'the house -- ., -•..... ^.....a , ..UCUU.-I Miu.-cquem evens Massie. wife of the lisiitenant and Prove the auth'nticicity of curreii-. j j known some of the cooperative •PL nr«ii j llnits and tlle A - c - c - A - l!av e 1 nOmpSOn Will I bEC » at loggerheads, incllcatlrn Saot -. «.<•«-4 T«._ : "" may be a 8(xxi lmd efficient oeeK a deCOna lerm reasons for dissatisfaction on the i part of Creekmnrc," the article L. G. '-Pete" Thompson today said. . . authorized the Courier News to an- I Safford nounee to the United Flames Damage Barbecue Lunch Stand at Cardwell CARDWELL, Mo.-Early Friday morning Ihe Flipp Inn, barbecue lunch room in ths exst part of town on Highway 25, was partially destroyed by fire. When the fire was discovered about 2:45 the flames had already gained considerable headway. An alarm was turned in and .Jure department soon had the fire under control. The back room which was used for a kitchen was entirely destroyed, and the interior of the main room burned out. The fire is believed to have caught from the bart?:ue pit. The establishment was o]»rated by Miss Fannie May Howard, assisted by Hoy (Booney) Pric. Find Father and Baby Riding in Freight Car LADDONIA, Mo.—A yoiind man crawled through a freight car door us the train drew to a grinding stop, hero. Pressed close to him was a bundle, wrapped in blankets. The youth, questioned by rx>ltce. showed them a four-months-old baby. "Its mother Is dead, and I'm trying to get back to relatives in Arkansas," he told officers. A t5 purse was collected and Blven the youth, although he had »sked for only 15 cents to use to , buy the baby a bottfc of milk. The I ' F »nkenst*ln." feature horror were seated near Shaw train conductor took him to the olcture. playing at the Ritzthea-iVO Holland who mTwlth train's caboose to a wanner and £ hew. made good pnw.««nts- Shirt comfortable feat. Sl? ln1 , s yesterday. A man viewing! ' Officers said witnesses reported > have heard Evans say that he "red upon the men from behind railroad track bc- c and the store testify for the slate nt the . -•— '" '«.*- ~,»l\*lu lt,yl.c(J .u lilt. LMHICd his candidacy for re-elec-, Press today the "story i n the Cot- npn as an alderman of the First | ton Higcst is wholly without foun- Ward subject to the April niunici- dation and is a product of a. for pal election. ....__•• Mr. Thompson has Been a resident of this cily for 14 years and tile imagination." He said Creekmorc Smith, Ark., today. was in I-'orl Alderman Thomson, Jironably took over the reins of the A. c. better known by his trade name, C. A. it was with n distinct undergo .The Plumber." I n announc-] standing he was to run the organ- is cnndidacy for re-election : Izntlon on n business bask without that interests of his ward interference from political sources. r:!, consists of F. p. ,ln;-abs. Orider, chairman. C. W. Afflict. Blylhr- villi 1 . J. F. Tliompkins, liurdelte. tol Wlldy, Elowali, nnd John liear- dsii. Lcnuhvillc. The other, chnrgnl with Invcsll- aling thp fairness and cnmplcle- «•. of tnv assessments mid ml- Iccilons, and the ad'jtuincy o( srlionl land rentals, consists of W. li. IJy- .••ss. Osceola. chairmnn, George Hill. Joiner, nnd K. M. Woocltinl. Bell. Iii niinDiiiiclng appointment of llic sub-uouimlltccs Mr. Cuiuiliig- hain said lie wns urging ilium to winnlcto llielr work nnd submit their reports In writing as promptly as possible, in onbr to hnve them in the hands of members of the general, committee for consideration in advance of Ihe March 11 inal cm March 11 Japan Prowses Confer?!.: once of Powers to Con*' 1 sider Situation. 'i I GENEVA, r*b~M (U P | -^The : '' council nf Uv. | C1 , V10 of mUQlls «ns Informed tonifht by Sir Joim'.. Bliuon, llrltlsii forelBii secretary, ' Unit Jnpnn nnd China had nurxd'-: In |irlnc:Iple on'"iiiutunl and sim- ; •: ullaneoiis .wjthdi'iiwal fro:n ili«;.;.' 'I'he aftretment wns r.?nched a(' ; « two nnd one half hour'confer-'• encc on Hit! British flagship Kehl; 1 Sir John sail!. .. " L '": cclrul ; This ntelure of u,m , WBC , „. No . of st . „„,.,..„ mly'C^reVIr | KUCn "' ^' *"* ^^ ""'""' " 10 "' lls inltal nnd Mrs. MHO'S divorce Mill, taWMlTltain''''.,^'.' refUMl lo nceet.e her dc.slre lor children. ™nc to tii.d to^y. lo meeting, 11 1.1 . . Ihe rommifU'c of thlrly-lhrce will' be nlile to agree upon u rc|X>rt for submission \farcli H lo (he county judge and the county luxpaycir, us County-Wide Elections To Be Held; Two Voting Booths Here. .Directors of county nnd district school boards will be elected in a :omny-u-ide election tomorrow. Interest centers in Hie race for thn two seats to be filled on the county board with four candidates 'sted on thp ballot. At Blythcvllle Cecllc Shane nnd C. S. Leimuons are the only two candidates tvho have properly minified for their names lo be listed. Both are running for re-election. Names of other candidates can be written in in (lie local election as on all others however, niythcville will vole al Iwo booths Frisco and Missouri Pacific Among Those to Get U. S. Gsh. WASHINGTON, Feb. 29 (UP1 — rile Interstate commerce' 'commission today nullioYUcd eight riili- j-okds la bqrMv mousy -frbip' Hie reconstruction' finance corporation. The loaii.s niitliorlzvd Idcliirted: RmiUirrn railroad, which asked $10.000.000, an Immediate Jonn nf $7.500.000. Chlcnp.3 Norlhsfestem, which asked $20,000,000. an Immediate loan of S1.GOO.000. St. Louis nnd San Francisco, which apptel for Sn.9S8.000, an immediate loan al $2.803.175. Erie, which applied for over $10.000.000. an Immrdfale loan of $4,- Vork, Chicago nnd St. 4. r i8.000 Neil 1 Testifies Memphis Churchman Refused 'lo Accede to Her Desire-for Son. MEMPHIS,"-.. alre of Mrs. Israel of the dean of 81 >rUh«lrar mule child, t , the, wife . to-'-t^&iMo 1 ^ was.not great cnougl Irlai: Mrs 000 cm. (he conini loan of $275,000. Chicago and Louis, which applied for $33.000,(100, nn iuitncdiiitc lonn of '$9300'10. ' • Alabama, Tennessee nnd Norlh- islon authorized a Eastern Illinois. whlrh applied for over $7.000,000, an Immediate lonn nf $3,620,500. Missouri Pacific, which originally asked for loan of $2^,250.000, nnd which has already nulhorked an emergency lonn cf SI.500,000, the commission authorised another loan of $3^00.000. In enrh Instance in which the commission'did not authorize (lie full amount of the miuested lonn it ivns [wiitled out nclditioiiiil loans I con vestigntion. granted nll;r further In- icmcrrow of Ihe usual! SSI with ! l possible it has been for Creek- is seekto .,» / sa * l possible it has been for Creek- te™. g re - electlon for a_ second. more to do (his and it Is thought to have ranked him considerable." "Frankenstein" Ad Man Makes Good Local Theatre Visitor Faints Oiceola Committee Will Attend Factory Meeting Ark. -The Oscaola ** reP««nt«» >=y a composed of Sum Mode- viBinis jesrera „„ V1I!V>1I1!! , Frankenstein's monster In the ' "'ter a few minutes In the onpn midst of his orgy of murder faint- a ' r Shaw revived and wns littl? * H - | UK worse for his experience al- Shaw, rusged young t nou sr> he was carried home to t*at~j «i__. *_ rest. Rntl 8 - D - Carpento be held in t0 Ol Delbert , , Burdette firrwr, seated close to .'V?.? theat ?' . wllted l fh. .^f, m £h fe » rtul ( ««« i L"' °" y * fiw trc Shaw fre wo Heart Heart lhs But d «P't« enthusiastic claims the picture's thrills, advertised this manner "Do you a wok h«rt? Th;n don't Prankenatein" »nci the pr«- of In front of - o »" "muance n rn o . St " g ^. cxlt by thc ' h "tre, the sudd™ Illness of «« «n. Chief Roy Sh.w was attributed to over-heal Horace Walpole. who and ,x»sib!c digeslive disorder. Point Farmer 'ictim of Shooting Following Argument. CARTJTHERSVILLE, Mo.-navc Goodman, 50, farmer llviiur nt Cottonwood Point, was shot iwtc.> and Instantly killed Sunday morning by hb step-son, Elmo Carr, following nn argument. An inquest wns held and a coroners jury returned a verdict of death by justifiable homicide. carr, released under $250 bond, will be given,a preliminary heir- n«r before Squire Kvle at Colton- vood Point Wednesday. March 2. Station Bandit Killed at Little Rock LITTLE ROCTcTpcb. 29 (UP1- Police shot and killed Leslie Htitto. ?,!'..? vy ' here last n 'S h t wl " n surprised him attempting to fliling slallon. A companion i'.rce. The iirsl ward voting booth will be at the city hull and an- tther al the Phillips Motor company building. Fifth and Main, will serve for the second and third wards. Th c third ward box is dispensed tt-ldi Itiis year. Tn the county race J. C. Chapln of Mnnll.i Is seeking re-election. Other candidates for (he Hvo seats arc Lex Nicliolsoii of Wliitton, H. j. Mendcws of Etowah and O. 13. Cook of Blarku-.iter. bring her husband lu livini wUli her, she testified today In tin. 1 ( session of (heir divorce _ Noe, dressed In black nnd wearing n. tight fitting straw lint, snid her husband abandoned hei In August, 1928, three years before •'ic nitd suit for divorce. "I've bcuged. pleaded, nrgued, and nsketl otlicrs to talk to him," she testified, answering criuutlpns of her altorney nbout hfr desire to liavc n male child. "I've done cmytlihig lo make him have Intercourse with me so we could have a boy. He answered ho wanted to develop spiritually nnd inter course wns degrading." She testified her husband wil Police Bring Second Charge of Gambling Police were hojieliil today lhat . friend and ullemled to ninkc the ..ic second Burning charge lodged ;<lenn Jealous by IcHIn;; Mm other within n few weeks nealn.'it n^Lllly men were Interested In her. This fully descried her, was cruel, and had abandoned her. Her brother, J. L. Gambles of Virginia, lold of meeting the dean here and recited part of a conversation which occurred. "Dean Noe explained to m c his theory about creation and procreation." the witness said, "thnt intercourse should take place In marriage only for His purpose of raising children." Mrs. Noe said her husband warned her she wns uniible to boar a child. She said she vent to Baltimore to visit u famous gynecologist, and he raid she was physically fit to bear children. When her pleadings failed she said she accepted the advice of a Two Unopposed for Osceola School Board OSCEOLA, Ark.-C. C. Bowen and H. J. Hale are unopposed candidates for re-election to membership on the local school board nt the annual school election tomorrow. Th;ir candidacies are endorsed t>y Ihe Parent-Teacher Associa street resident, uliose unique de- fonse won nn ncri'.iittal fn his first, trial, would result in conviction. j The Lilly street resident nnd jfwe men arrested nt his house by [officers yesterday nn lo fare trial Sin police com I Ihis afternoon. ! Tried on charges ot gaming and I playing cards on Sunday with Iwo ' other men. the First ward resident set up the defense that cards and chips officers found were only being used at the time lo amuse his little baby. And further he was unemployed and dldn'i have any money. He was acm;Itled of gaming but convicted of playing cards on Sunday and his fine held up. nngered Denn Noe anrt she attempted unsuccessfully to explain ishe was only attempting to arouse him. tlon of the school through pell- i., tlons circulated locally during Ihe ' Hold Services week. Jimmie Jones Forfeits $100 On Liquor C Jimmle Jcnrs. local man. j municipal inoon to ; n I!,,, court tee i, failed For Number Nine Infant Funeral services were held Sun- Iday for Ihe two months o'/ son jof Mr, nnd Mrs. A. J. Hatley, who died 9 o'clock Saturday morn- «t- -rrt\ , J no U^U.eleU UJ ck Kitchen, manager of tte station, who vu drivfng by whon ha saw someone. Inside. Ho callrd police. There was no money In the station. Police said Jones, recently given a iix-rnonth suspended sentence in fedcrnl court for liquor law violations, broke two half-pints of 11- or when nccostrtl by officers •e division of lng at - tne family home near Num- urday 3fter-l ber Nlne community. Interment to a charge of * as tnR( ' e ln Number Nine ceme- de- l "y- The deceased Is survived by, besides his parents, several brothers nr.d sisters. Thc Cobb Undertaking company is In charge of funeral arrangements. Mrs. Young Asks Funds For Williams Memorial appeal lo members of committees named some time ago to raise funds for a memorial to Ihe Rev. Mr. Williams, pioneer preacher who Is burled nl Lone Oak. to s"iH hi the money they have collected has been Issued by Mrs. Henry' .'anan Slake* re«re Mow - OENRVA. Swllmrland, Fift.; :29"•. IUI')—Tlie Japanese Kovtrnni'ejit'-' Joined n dlpioRiallc' offensivo today ;"• lo end hiMlHIUca nt Shang.'ml "by 1 MibinUlliiK 10' Ihe leiigue of «a- tlons council Ihe most Important- 'wace move made'during the. prcsr •-" •in Inlirnallfinnl crisis. • The United Press lenrncd Japan' . proposed 11 round (able conference 'of the powers I" consider.- thn' Hlmnalmi sltunllon but made', the. provision both Chinese nnrt JajV- ; nucse fovccs be withdrawn from S'liinRrmi clmultnncously,. If the ; move wns successful Jnpnn would nrlil-ye the military cvncimtion .of Ihe Shnnghai area through dlplp-," nine) 1 nfler her mined forces 'had been nble to accomplish it v . •• The conference would denl will) Shanghai only,Hot wllh the Mnii-« chiirian situation. • •,_: .' Tlie league of nations council of • 12, without Japan or China retire-.- scnted, met secretly to; consider . thh .lapanes; .suggaslioris.' '-The- move. It was belleven; .was-navt "of: the general oibiorrialio 1 ' otteiiifve launched al'Oensv»; ' and Bother: world xn * I '-'fe Frmera! Pvrt for Pet Dof Proves Expensive When.his pet dog-died Saturday" Cud Jon?s didn't expect fir'erton ;' to piirtlclpale In the last rite's.... -•: nut they did and now Jones Js. Ip pay the expense of.lhc fli V'boys'. run, officers say. • • ; ' Jones placed the dead dog In '*'•'•' box and put. U on top o! :a. -fil- ";•'•' (icrnl pyre "In an alley In the'renr'•- )f 102 E. Rose street.' He set' fUV,to ;•'.'; the pyre. The flr,c, ' Intended^to'-v'? citimntc Ihe remains of his pst, . swept Into dry grass in Ihc il^y . . nnd.almost before' Va.realized--It.'. < the bln^e was sweeping riown thp •alley nnd crackling at the wall of-' coa! house. .-- •-"•.""• ^ Firemen were called to the v scene to lielp Jones jvith what he '•'.'< iad slnrled but couldn't finish; '* Told thnt he was subject to artist " for setting a grnss flra Jones dc-~. •'.;. cltlcd to pay for the run instead." •• ..•' ! 1 More Names for.' Vote on Wet Proposal WASHINGTON, Feb. 29 <UP) i"'The house's wet bloc came closer o victory tixlaylrt Its orce n vole" on^re-submission . of he eighteenth amendment. Seven members added their names to.'the petition on Speaker Gamer's desk^ ' jrinsinst the total to 134. just H hmt of tin- necessary H5 lo brinif Ml the IV-ck-Lhithlciuii proposal to ' e.ive tile lifinor problem lo indlvid- nl states. The memorial hns be»n erectcci at Lone Oak by j. c. McHaney of Blythcvllle. but sllghlly over S6C remains lo be paid on it. Hayti Co-op Office Completes Its Season TI. Mo.-Thc Haytl Brnnch of the Mid-South Cotton Orowers' association will close tomorrow, according to A, J. Hnaga. local man- Due to the splendid support ot he people in this locnlltv this ot- flce has handled over 18 Con bale? of cotton. Next September this of- Cotton Exchanfe Heads Oppose Ban on Shorts WASHINGTON, Feb. 50 (UP) — Leaders of the country's two largest cotton exchanges today opposed proposed regulation of short selling of cotton as a dangerous nnd inadvisable experiment which (hey said would cause further fi-- uancinl disturbances. •:••Both William S. Dowell, vire- Tesidcnt of the New York Cotton Exchange, and Russell Clark, president of the rfew Orleans eichnnge, denied that there had been any bear raiding on Ihe cotton market. The two verc witnesses before the o agricultural committee. fir* o -8ouihof- WEATHER ARKANSAS-Moslly douriy tonight nnd Tuesday. According to the official weather observer, Charle* PhllHpa jr, the maximum temperature here yesterday was 73'dejwes and the mln- imum , clear. A year . . y, 6l erday the maximum temp=-v •' 'mum « degrees, cloudy.

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