The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR SHE BLYTHEVILLE CODTIIER NEWS •TUX COURIER NEWS CO., PUUUaSKOS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor a. W. HAIWES. Advertising Mwuger 6d* National Advtrruchg Rcprescnut'vcs' Artamu Diilici, Zee,, New York, ctocago, Jetrott, St, IXMii, EalUu, Kausu City, Unit, &ock. Evevj Attornnoa Except 6\.'nOay, •itercd u £ecoim clasa matter at the post Wire at BlylheviJIe, Arfcamas, under acl f Congress October 9, 1017. Served dy ine DnueJ Press SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier In tho ulty of BijLVviile, 15c per week or W.60 per yeat In advance, By ui&ll within a radius of SO miles, J3.00 per year, ») M for six momtiA, 85c for tlir?e mouuia; by real! lii postal zones two !o six, Inclusive, «.50 per year, in amcs seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable hi advance. Don't Slop At County Expenses Tliu afk'iitiiin which the economic ik'liivssioii IMS compelled us lo ,;ivo the problem of exclusive luxation should at leiisl achieve tin; dcsiniMu result uf tfivinjf Mississippi county taxpayers a ijctlcr umlGrsliiiidhi-r of the sonrou ami, nature of thu lnmlim.s uwlur which lliey ;ii'c sun'oring. Consideration so I'iir iins IX.TII eonl- urc;l upon county cx|H.'julitiiros, Imt it' the si'iUTh for lax relief gow no deeper lluin lhai it will not do much loxi-'anl euriitsr wluit k lnii-tlii|r us. Less than 13 cents out of every dollar collected in .Mississippi county goes to tlti 1 county. In a I'nintiu ell'ort to escape KOMI an intolerable lax situation we miKht strike out blimlly, iloairoy ilie elVieiency of csmilinl county services, eliminate agencies thai are sironjr force* for tilt- progress and-upbuilding of the romily. and lind at the ciul that we had reduced our total tax bill less than live per cenl. / Now these are not limes (o sneer at a, live per cent saving, and the cost of county government should be reduced to the lowest figure compatible with the maintenance of essential county services on an eflicicnt -busis. The point is that however much or little investigation may show may be trimmed from the county budget, if taxpayers arc to obtain substantial relief the trimming must not stop there. The slate of Arlitm.-as, for example, . takes nearly as many dollm,-.-; from the people of Mississippi county in direct luxation us dors the county government, the schools take twice as much, the drainage and road improvement districts nearly three times as much, and the St. Francis levco District costs the taxpayers of this county slightly more than does our entire county government. At the last session of the .legislature rcorgmiixation of Die state government with a view to more efficient public service at less t-osl was proposed, but was killed because it threatened lo destroy political control of public expenditures. Tlml is sonu-thiiig (hat ought to interest the taxpayer.-; of tin.-; and every other Arkansa.-i comity. Over twenty-six cents oil! of every Mississippi county tax dollar go lo the Kiippoil of the schools operated by some three dozen school districts. We can have better schools at !e.-s ct-sl whtn \vc are 'nvidy lo adopt n county unit system, which would do away with a lot of the overhead and supervisory expense involved in Ihc present .sy.ilc-in. That is something that is important, to citizens of this comity as taxpayer.-? and as parents. With almost half of our tax dollars going lo improvement districts it inighl lit- worth while to learn if thi.-re niV any savings (o he alfecled in that direction, Bond interest and principal are fixed charges, and the possibility of redwing Diem tlmnitfli spreading them over a longer period i-. probably not givat. Rut there is at least it chance I hat overhead ami imimleminri! of these districts might be cut. Tliat is something that taxpayers ought to investigate ,whilu seeking lax relief. MfYmiSVlLLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Gandhi'?, Scad Al.-dialina (Jnndlii'.s ru-enl j.Jea lo his followers lo get rid of mankind's two greate-'t fears—the fear of death and Ihc fear of ilic loss of material possessions—helps to explain how it in that (his wizened little man can possess such a Iremeiulous amount of power. "No power on earth," .-.-ays Gandhi, "can subdue- a man -who has shed these two fears." When yon stop to think al.oiit. if, H is easy to see that he is right. If you have not the slightest t|ualms about losing everything that you possess, nothing that anyone can do lo yon can frighten you; and when a man who is in that I'nrUmjile iw.-iilkm puts, himself at tho head of a great movement, it will prove Jm uncommonly hard tusk to stop him. Aping (lie Old Guard Then- h lODin In tills country fur ;i ron- BCrvullvc iwrly ami a Llbi-nil parly. Thu Ui'incrrals iihinj-s hnve claimed to be Ilw liberal parly. Hut their rcc.ird in this Con- gross, nuclei- tinnier in iht- House nntl pob- Inson In (lie Semite, linlk-atrs llial llicy ;uu trying to njie the l!ci>nbli«in Old (.fimrd. Acccrcllng lo lejinris, Gunier and nubinsun lire trying (o show Ilio heavy cnin|||n contributors tlml a Democratic administration vvoiilil be "inTu" fur Uie vested iiitcic'sl.-i, '•:• * -T. Knovlng Dint Oamer ami Roljlcison arc -shn-wil iwliiiclaa-i, \u- lipsilulc lo cholleuuc Ihi'lr ijoJIIIcnl JiuluiRfiil. But our uiiess :s IhuL Uiclr ladies. II cantiniint. will ilcleal Ihc- Dviuocratic jnity. Tlie Rt-iiiilJik-an pavcy Iins Ili 0 cmibcrvniivi- vuinimlgn cuiilribittorK uml vutws In Us iwta. in a cttiiiiiaign tetwccn two coubL'i-Mitiix- pnvlles ihu- jnibllc (irobably would pick Ilic old orlglnnl aiirf dcft-;it iiic in ilt'.i lor. If (lie rjriinicnitii: party has a niitionnl future, It is as n liberal party. When iK'r. tho diclainr of llic- rioitse, ciiu iiuim lo Ucinocrnlic ai-lileveiin-nls in liberal legml.i- (ion. when lie can fliow ri-Milts Hint \\oiilil nul have uc™ iiceoinplislicd iimli-r admiu- l.strmimi ronlrnl of the lloijw—tbeii will l:e time for (inrnrr to rnlse th = cmliarnissliif question—wild gets the credit? Until dial lime lh c nrimbliciiiis lire mil to yiiin Brninul and the DomocnU.s iosc grninul —Just as lUmvr lias gained ground and Oar- nov's parly Iins lost. Ground during I ho l.isi two months. —Memphis 1'ros.s-Sclmilar. Charles Srluvab says he Is coiiflilenl of llw fiitmc. What a difference In the contidcnci- of » man ;i few millions cim make. UUTOUK WAY By Williams HE. WOT ? , A REST" CORE. — ME. RUNIS A MACi-Uvjr£ AU_ Dtv-t IM -(hi 1 St-top-AM' RAM BACK" AM' FORTH T' \\ORV< AM AT HOME, WHEN! WE. WA=,uT REP/MPW -Ti-V CftR , HE. WA TOASTER ,~M BE GOIM' DIPPY, FOR H\-=> \AJiFE SIDK GLANCES By George Clark ;»nd 'W \ ' ' 1332 Rf liE!A SCTWX. wr. n£O.U,g. PAT, Off, " - . . and listen, Kd, the wife says you must tonic out Mario cli Medici Died Young but Still Lives on Canvas I.itlk- Maria ill Mcdiri lu-r heriou s face framed in liolibfd brown hair w,k at atiquc pearls, Itl' AMCE ItllDi; Wrilli'ii fur NEA Service i' little t'irl In lortav's nlc- inir lic.irs one o! tl-1 IIIO.-M'famous IKIIIH-S In history—Maria dl Mctlici. Hul she is not that Maria who bc- rsn:e Queen of Fraiu-i-. The rlMiniin; child whos? srr.n- brown '.!}!•;. look stinighl at Mn from liEini/luu's bi-iinlifiil pain!::-..- ivns Ihe French n ll cfn's nniil. She lived in a splendid palarc- :u nor- ei:r.- surioundcd. by co:;tly ;md exquisite works of art. -SI-1 :< just Ih' 1 Milt of. child you v ::>.(t im- HKinr louring (hrcnuli tin r:i!nnin- t-d loLigria of a Florcul'.i-. ensile out over the Jowcl-city. Maiia was the eld':: uf the i-iqhl chllrtren of Uiikr f,- .mo I and hi.1 wife, tl-.e -AT;*! 1 !-.-. i:iean- <Tra of Toledo. When yr:i the rich sold chair. -.:<.,• camro p:ilanl. thc price'..Ihe heavy chain gird'.-- on her blue silk fown, you can'! !i-:n but think she is a bit ovini:. .- : [ for a fiirl of nine. Bui M~;-a was born and rcr.rert i:i n:.i,-i:.."( JUM Indeed "Ilic mjgnlf.rai;: M. ciicl's' vras a tern-, that ruii-rt :.-.- (.mitli for scneratlons. They v-n- ii-. pa" trolls of art nnd iiir..-:-.-.-.. n n( their name is intcnvovr" glories of the Brnalssar.i- A lx»ver oi I'n-.i, r Marla's father, n-.'b c-islmo. as a ruthless and nr..: :.. : , Despot. Although hr- tilt! i••-. ;.-iiself. or thvo'.i?h hla rli:!d:- dreams of royal p.i; boast shat there w ; .. nciirly every thror.r [ore Ihe three- Im-.Hii ccntmics of their p; ( Huke CcsiiKo u.i. chilcti'Mi and he li.i-; ninny linn's. I.i;il.> : picture sho 1 . 1 .'.-.. an aristocrat. Von v was somebody (I-, •;-,. r.t ll-.e rerioiis l.-.o-.- :; bed brnu-.i hair. I!, the :.« his . could :icl on . ,.-o bei a halt .v.tlcd. ' "t Ills ..intcrt «S :. ICll Ot .11 she :.l lOOk eilrr side of r.u- ;:..;• as Ihoueh lo fr.-.'.i- : . all the pi-nb'.rir, i-f • ones, did not i -.-, invs like buy? ai..i jny. Thcrr- .i-i i!-^ Florcnr-*, which l-i i- little Mttflcis. M.ii:,-, ;'. .i-.rt on .; back c.-J for • - for> :•. rich nusing v en- .i.,il hi TO the ' :-ost to BO (o tho chariot rnces whicli her father gave in the great square of Sfinta Maria Novella, for the ainuwjnent ol the people, after the manner of nncieiit Home. Anil amoiiR the attciulanls of her father's co;irl was a l-.aiidsoine yoiins page whose delight it was to wait npaii the Duke's clii'sl daughter. Poi- years [he friendship between these two grew- innocent childish inlcrcsl at llrsl and then perhaps a budding love. Cut when Mnrla was fifleen her 'Announcements Tltt Courier News nas Been au- lliorizcrt lo announce the following candidacies, subject to lhc Democratic primary, August 0. For County Jtidftc ZAI> B. ffARRISON' (for 2nd term) For Slicriff ROLAN'D GREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON Comity Treasurer W. V/. HOLL1PETER tfor 2nd term) ClrciiH Court Clerk R. L. "BILLY" GAINEf (for 2ml term) Counly anrl l'rob.i(e Clerk W. II. "DOU" SCARBORO MHS. .JOHN LONG (Re-election) MISS CAREY WOODBURN For County Assessor JOE S. D1LLAHUNTY (for 2nd term) father betrothed her lo the son of the powerful Dulii; of FMTJIII. History says thai a year later, In 1557. Maria died suddenly in the ducal palace, at flic age of sixteen. Murder Humored Ei'll rumor which always atterd- ed Coslmo says that he polsonrt! »s daughter when he discovered her love for Ihe young page. Dut 1 storlans today say tl wc Isn't the ^iehtest ,,,-oof of such n crime we hope It was not true. But she Jived at a time wlien poison was Blvrii AS freely as in Ihe days of I 1C Dor B l.i 5 . Tlwrc wore so many stories of Medici murders that it tiollllcal propaganda"against Co'- iilio. who was rtclcstcd by (he Breal Florentine note whose houses he had wruckcd. Al any rale, Ihe home circle :ii liiusi; days even llioiiKh cot in riches, was no'' very cozy. When Anijelo Uroirzlno painted Maria's picture he proved lib it-ibl o the Ici-jii-llie jjerfect tvuiilsl Hionzmo wns I1 W first artist t,> 'pint boys und girte us ncrsojiall- inlldcMly ^wsV nf' mtl""..^^ i'n<l angcfe. L'ronzino's chiliti-en cok stialcht at you. 'Jlicy are ait- "iiK ior their jjorlrall.-, v/Klioitl my iiniiscnsj about it. No stmn-. r . iiig or sentimental posturing. i !is coloriiiB, his detail in texture of cloth, jewels, .flesh, seem real Al- Wiougli hn painted adults, his src- jlul coiilrlljullon to an a, u l h| s . lory. to. was the humanizing „: mild iiorlraitui-e. A rare artist with an aris'.ocialic quality who IMS made (he iwrsunalily' of a liltlo girl siicnl: lo you out of Ihu historic pasl. Next wctk TO- will see how Bronzmo. who l s always more or ess stately can make you smile at lie jolly likeness ;f Maria's little brother Garela. - J™l^^?. R Jil^\lJG,1932 THIS CURIOUS C1TV KUiCTION Tuesday, April 5 Cily Ckrk S. C. CRAIG (for re-clcclloni IlEUMAN CROSS JOU ',V. AI.KXANDER OSCAR ALEXANUER For Municipal Judpc GEORGK W. I3AR11AM IVY W. CHAWFORI) C. A. CUNNINGHAM I'or C:ily Attorney SA^t MAN'A'IT Tor ut \yard C-. Jf. GKEAR TODAY Users of Thallium Are Endangering Their Health BY 1)1!. MORRIS FISHKKIN tilitor, j nurl ,a| of thc ,\mcrir;iu Meiiira! Assixiatiun, and of Hy- Kcia, tlic Health .Magazine During recent years the substance called thallium Iins been incorporatei! in creams and pastes thai, are used lo remove superfluous twir Iniiii the arms and chin »HO aitncks were launched, both! T "c surgical clinic ot [he Peter if which veto beaten off with i Bent Brigham hospital. Boston leavy losses by French artillery I now makes available the records of ntlI machine gun fire. three cases in women w!,o came io me positions which were tlic that institution .seriously ill as a -rman objectives had recently jresult ot poisoning by thallium •GKKMAX ATTACK FAILS On Feb. 27, 1918. heavy German attacks on French positions at Bnttc (lu Mcsnil fulled. Italian donies- een taken by thc French. ' from a dcpil.itorv The iiclion the most severe • "• i ravcral weeks on the western Onc woman rout nnd Indicated that spring tic, 23 years of _ porallcmswere about to begin, j cd'of fnliing visuTn.' She a^o'made y. •ranee, was boinliccl by note of the fact, that her hair had l airman™ i,,,t ,.-„,,„ fallen oulj Uml shc W|w . vcry nQrv _ oils, and that- she had trouble In wcum-i,,!-" 0 ^ ,"™> >1)oscd '"o'dvaiice. 'it was fount] that she .ted been ma Ih-t BM »»»»«" ."PPM*" thallium cream to i,er •n • i i c ' nvms alKi ! C SS (or a year •opsngm. 1932, NEA Sen-ice, Inc. and a Half i,, order to remove the — hair. SI;? discontinued 1,1 ic use of the airplanes, but riamn- t < lils opoiteti as slight. German i roops ,„ H|LBJa cQn _ Courtr-r w . lnl Pay. , cream, her vision improved and she ceased to have any Iroubl with walking. A nurse, 28 years of age believed to hnve a tumor of ill brain, Ill-cause she complained o j blurring of the vision and of sc j vcro pain in her feet and ]° S s In deed, shc had been having th unusual experience of seeing hand fuls of her hair fall out whcneve She had been using depilatory cream for H months to rcmov some superfluous hair on Iher face j \VTien the thallium cream was dis ! continued, her vision improved, th pain in lier legs disappeared, the hair on her head stayed in. and no further thought was given to Ilic possibility of a brain tumor. A married woman, 35 year."! o i age, who complained of loss ' o 'vision ana weakness of lhe..l ! had teen applying cream to/i upper lip and chin for IS muiuv.., She too recovered when the use of the cream was discontinued. : The dangers of this substance for th.3 human being are such that its use must be especially controlled if it is to be used al oil " is Alice: Come home. All FORGIVEN Few aclvertisomeiits in your newspaper start that way. Yet most of them are just as persona], and almost as promising. Manufacturers and merchants must know your needs and wants, or go out of business. They must know, for instance, that about the first of next month you'll be very much interested in a new hat, or a new lamp, or new towels. They must foresee your wishes-ami have what you'll want when you want it. And they do—constantly striving to suit, at the lowest possible prices. Then.telling you in advertising of the gifts they have brought from the far corners of the earth, to please Your Royal Highness. Kead the advertisements in this paper. They arc addressed to you—personally. They bring you news of better things to have and easier ways to live. Intimate news, of immediate interest. :s

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