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The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina • Page 1

The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina • Page 1

Burlington, North Carolina
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THE BURLINGTON 'QH. DAILY TIMES NEWS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1939 PAGE TWO CENTER GETS Average Of .360 At Night Okays Young DiMaggio's Eyes What's The Score? By WESLEY HAYDEN OWN COMPANY Best College Football Is Played By Schools WithSmall Enrollment Leaders In Sport Likewise Are Not, For the Most Part, AmonR The Wealthiest Educational Institutions la The United States; Only Two Of First Ten Are Considered Wealthy DOMINIC MAY NOT BE HOME AT LONG LAST HASH notes from the pen of a weary columnist on a RUN SMACKER LIKE JOE, B0T Wolfpack WfflFaceAnother sports iront that seema, suddenly, to have RED SOX GET NATURAL, INSTINCTIVE FLAYER gone flat and stale like a drama in which! 'Forgotten Man' of the curtain does not ring down with the emotional climax now that the Dukes 'Best' Eleven On Saturday When Duke Invades Raleigh The sale of Dominic DiMaegio! I and Carolinas have come on the stage and Football It Under Close Guard Today BY SID FEDER was aeiyea Dy ins eyes, ms tmcjc lensed glasses frightened scouts. gone again Bill Evans, the ball and Washington, Nov. 220P) Fig nwav." Hp was Droud of the way But Joseph Cronin did not have I to play with Dom 'tUMaggio, which I By W. JOYNES MACFARLAN Raleiirh.

Nov. 22. (JP The buf New York, Nov. 22 lP) The During 1330 tnere were zu.d accident deaths among passengers per passenger miles flown by scheduled domestic air lines; during 1.938, the figure 4.5 innnno.nno 'forgotten man of football UK Uie manager 01 nig ea jsw aid this fall, to know that there was his boys upset Furman, but wishes they had found their offensive stride earlier In the season instead of just before the Duke contest. bju in mid ScDtember Wade center has company.

But. take the word of Mr. Cur ures from the United States office of education indicated today that the best college football, with a few exceptions, is being played by colleges with attendance and income well below the giants of the educational world. strike estimator, rings the bell as this week's guest star with the crack wise that "therms one thing that affair last Sat urday taught me. It just ain't any use bet I tin' against the Dukes, or the Yanks, or I JriR Louis'' Wise words, those, and nothing wrong with the peepers of the 21 year old brother of Joe passenger miles.

ana vmce. ly Larubeau, who gets around as boss man of the Green Bay Packers, the National professional leasrue risht this minute boasts of ilson, sports publicist for N. C. stat.e jsent out a very complete brochure of information about the 1939 Wolf feted but game football stalwarts of N. C.

State college, who surprised with a 12 to 7 win over Purman last week, face another of the nation's best teams Saturday when Duke comes here. That "another" one of the best truly describes State's succession of games this year. The wolfpack has met Tennessee, Clemson, North Carolina and A .360 batitinu average In a Dou Onlv two schools on this week's ble AA loor. with most of the games played at night, is sufficient pearls of "brilliance which, if heeded in time, would have pack an aits opponencs De. tie rather well hit the nail on the head TODAY ON THE STAGE! Stars of Associated Press rankings of the first 10 teams are among the 10 biggest or richest Institutions.

not only one. but a whole quartet of centers who are so good their coaches do everything but tuck proof oi tnac. d. uiuaggio nat ten 1 insofar as Duke was concerned, so read his forecast and thing about tne mine uoass league 1937 and .307 last year. Among these football elite, only stage niijrftQiO! them at nignt to keep unem healthy and happy.

"Yen." Curlv admitted today, "it's Ohio State university is in the federal list of 10 schools with the Saturdays game: "A shsroer attack will over The third DIMaggio hasn't the power or either of his brothers, but gets his bat in front or the ball more often than Vince, who comes shadow a line cracked by gradua Duquesne, ana even now none oi them ranks lower than nth in the nation in The Associated Press poll. rn Ice bounded from 13 th nlace to mighty unusual to have fine, even great, centers come up in bunches largest enrollments. Onlv the University of Iowa held tion uno ine Kose uowi uukp uni IN PERSON! MILDRED HARRIS CHAPLIN versity eleven should have another me tnai. cscks may ixjuic us as. So will ends but rarely, if ever.

top notch team ana aoutnern conference chamoonishiD. Sweetoea back with the Reds in the spring. Occasionally he does hit a long one ud or over the left field fence. centers." a place in the 10 reporting the largest 1938 39J income. Four hundred institutions had been polled on that subject by the education office.

a fierv caotain and auard. had a sootnmg errect upon me uuuujcu smw a chronicler's current budget whose name will be furnished upon request if accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelope IN the unconfirmed department the grapevine has it that those pvomoiorial impresarios, Mr. Freeman nd Mr. Harden, won't benefit quite as completely as hoped from the decision from the high and mighty that one set of boxinp and rasslinj show putter oners is enough for our fair city the one gentleman who can't be touched by those who made that decision will say Ixnay, but definitely, when and ir approached by Messrs. Freeman, Harden, and Carpenter about the use of his stable of bone benders so, no McMfthon, no wrestlers It's as simple as that OTHEK news, of the sort that brings a.

catch to the throat of hevho would admire clean. Spartan living on the part of a sports hero. Of course. Mel Hein a still the o. 1 middle man.

He's been an but schooled observers doubt that he'll neve be a home run manufac institution on the New York Giants The zovernment futures on en will lead perhaps the most versatile and effective attack within recent years. George McAfee is ready to stride to glory and pass opponents eighth by whipping North Carolina 13 to 3 Satuprday. That puts the Blue Devils one notch higher in the national ranking than were the Tar Heelis when they met N. G. State November 4.

The 17 to 0 North Carolina victory raisedt he Heels from ninth to seventh. What with the Duke State game do to Duke's national rating? State college supporters Insist the Wolf pack will give Duke the "tra turer like Yankee Joe or even Vince. The newest major leaguer from hpid win come irom auira since coming up from Washington State some years back. But Mel is over 30 now, and old Pop Time is going to get him one of these days. "HOLLYWOOD STARLETS REVUF San Francisco Telegraph Winston Siegfried, Steve Lach, Wes Ipv mp A fee.

Rosier Robinson and weighs 1T0 pounds, but appears rollment showed these schools to be the 10 largest in approximately the following order: College of the City of New York, New York University, Columbia University, University of California, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, University of Illinois, Ohio State, Brooklyn col Jap Davis. Five members of the "So, there are tmree youngsters in the league two of them first ngnter. He has nicety ouut shoulders. A lone, loping stride and seven Iron Dukes' line are gone. Still It will be a powerful force year men who are going to suc placid countenance stamp him as with outstanding ends in BOiO per comes by word of mouth out of New York has to do with Lou Gehrig the man they caned Iron untn a strange disease revealed him Featuring Blackface EMMETT MILLER ditional nara ngm, uut ueyuuu that they refuse to forecast.

Coach Williams (Doc) Newton lege and tne University ctf Michi idue and Bill Bailey. Look for Duke at the top of the heap again." ceed him" Curly saw. "wny, except for Hein, Alex Wojciechowicz is pretty near the greatest tn the country' right now. And Ki Aid rich on the Chicago Cardinals and a U1M3SSIO. FOUR ASSISTS FROM CENTER FIELD IN DAY of less sound clay man you or I Lou, 'tis said, is much nearer cteaui than anv of us had dreamed, that even now he's almost helpless as Sieemed! asses any uaronns.

sup comments: What can. you do, against a team that has everything? But you'll see us in there plugging gan. Hehe were the first ten with respect to' IB38 39 income for educational and general purposes: porter? He is a natural, instinctive ball player with a great arm, another our own unaney ktock. are standimr at the iob." Harvard University, the queer malady eats at the ends of his nerve tissues and withers those great muscles to pitiable strings that's the story that came to this comer in a Sunday conversation from brother of a prominent New York medico yet a finer, cleaner man could not have been 10 ACTS 10 Man In The Street Wants Curlv rates Wojie, the sturdiest DiMaggio trait. A rwht handed hitting center 01 foronam liuueu mw, rtf urnnitp two vears aco.

the fielder like his brothel's, he madei four assists in a double header found in all Manhattan than Columbia Lou. best of the trio. Wojie landed. "No Place To Go Tennessee To Play Tulane University of Chicago, New York university, Michigan Indiana university, Iowa, University of Washington, 83,007, 632: Johns Hopkins university $2, 955,709: University of Texas, $2, University of Virginia, $2, tnrew out two men attempt with the Detroit Lions. THERE was more gossip, of a pleasanter sort, in that Sunday conversation as we turned, finally, from play by play of the minor ing to score and two others atj third

They take no liberties witn this baby. BY MORTIMER KREEGER New Orleans. Nov. 22 UFi 'FRITZ' ROTH ties as me a juaee or a ny oan as there is and goes as far as The current snniron leaders tn ody without seeming to ex SPORTS ROUNDUP man in the street, who pays the freight, wants to see Tennessee play Tulane In the Sugar Bowl on New Year's day. tend himself.

miracle we'd seen in Durham on the day before there was the assertion from the visiting journeyman, (as keen a critic or the sports realm as of the finer arts for which he was fronting in this city as a director of the Community Coneert series promotion) that the Yanks will ride on and on so long as they have the perfect set of talent judges with which their system is now blessed and so long as the next best team in the junior circuit doesn't have to fight the Yanks alone and the rest of the league at the same time as was the case with the LETS HIS SON the Associated Press poll had the following 1935 36 enrollment, the latest for which federal figures are available: FTr Ik the most Intelligent or the UPROARIOUS RODEO) Taking the issue directly to Mr. DiMaggios. The Boston Red Sox paid the. of MIRTH and MEL0D Texas A. and M.

3.430 fall men): 3 By EDDIE BRIETZ 5an Francisco ciuti plenty PLAY FOOTBALL UNDER THE BIG TOP! Dominic DiMaggio and Larry vorfc. ot. 22. MfV The Illi Tennessee, 3.370: Cornell university, Southern California, 5, 975; Tulane. Ohio State.

11. Powell, a vountr leii hanried niteh Bosox last season. nois Boxing commission is awalt ing prospect who remains on the! ihr mm lirht from the attor THERE was the feeling, too, that one of the first things Eddie Notre Dame, 2,751 fall men); and Mrs. B. F.

Fan of the streets of downtown New Orleans, ia the Sugar Bowl ticket line and elsewhere, this inquiring reporter found in a two hour survey that BS fans wanted to see what the undefeated but tied Green Wave could do against the undefeated Volunteers to settle this Southeastern conference and national golden Slope anotner year. Injuries to Stanford Duke, Iowa, Missouri, 4.291. Joe cronin closed trie aeai nun Barrow will do to strengthen the Manhattan Maulers is get rid of Babe Dahlgrcn, the Series hero, in favor of more power at the initial sack ney general before proceeding In the Harry Thomas case ItH cost yon SII.50 to view Armstrong vs. Ambers from a ringside pew fttunlnra saiti to be makin? nasscs self. Billy Evans, the oid umpire who heads tne Hea box laims ana Players Is Passed Up by Doctor is the organization's chief forager.

AT THE uncus at Washington's Jimmy Phclan. knew nothing about the transac tion until it was consummated. The second best bet was Tulane Palo Alto. Nov. 22 Wl After 12 Charley Graham, president ot vears of diamiosiiiK and treating a feeling expressed, too.

that night baseball will be me accepted thi lg in Brooklyn and Greater New York within the next couple years that Bill Terry will forsake the helm of the Giants ere long in favor of a strictly front office job those things and many more, some of which were of interesting but scarcely printable nature concerning the heroes ol today and yesterday, were batted back and across that Sunday table things to be remembered, sorted. nd then in pari discarded. Staniord's tootoau injuries, ur. Down south they're campaigning to break up the Laurel (Miss.) high school football team Every man in thelinc up is a .300 hitter The other day Laurel routed the Seals, who has peddled so many stars, was asking $75,000 In cashi and players for Dcstnic during; against the Texas Aggies, 54 persons voting for that game. Ten wanted to see Tennessee play the Texas Aggies, six voted for Tulane I C4rls! ttlV SMITH SQUARES OFF TO BATTLE CARRICO HERE Championship Rank F.

"Fritz Roth answers trie question "shall I let my son play foot the season. IhrHUJir bail? witn: and Corneu, three lor Texas Aggies and Cornell, and one fan. He probably got, more Gulfport, 40 0 with ever? touchdown and every extra point being "Why. sure! He is playinc foot doubtless ft foreigner, wanted to see WE'RE glad to report that, at the moment, the Damoclean sword jnJ kJ "ke j' a jifft with Dominic sailing right through' and winning the most valuable! bail." Dr. Both son, "Prite, plays player award.

Duke play Tennessee. All the votes for Tennessee were not bouauetsr A good many fans tacme lor me i ato Aico nign scnooi team. GROH ADVISED GIANTS said frankly they thought Tulane TO BUY D. DTMAGGIO 'Football Is safe." said the med ing Ia Being Claimed by Promoters If Dominic clicks in the Hub, ne ico who has been the Stanford team will not be the first outstanding' physician smce 1927. "i would lot rather have my son scrimmag hitter who wore cheaters.

langs not quite so heavily over the gridiron administration where i threat. ihe Christians hold forth the last three weeks, bringing two victor jacnbT" oin to Cleve es which yon can't to save you convince a lotta folks shouldn't have "Hof fM Eric been three have made a difference at least one official who worked Jseelig on the News' big Christmas the disputed Appalachian fracas, taken by the Mountaineers by 7 6, Sand show There were 2Z sets brothers nlavmg on teams in the if ill tell you the winners never scored the touchdown, with the pigskin Kansas Semi Pro base lacking: muddy inches but anyway the howls of discontent are a ball league last year Art lot more subdued than they were not so long jo, and an Imminent Kooney. ot Xccf'' win over Guilford just might drown 'em entirely and even now 1 0'b safe" Text sel whal the malcontents are wondering most about is not why the son Nomination for the Infan Christians lost the james they did, but rather about reasons a lot of, tile Paralysis Football fund game in Miami: Peiersburg 1YV. If spectacles did anything, they D. c.

Smith, the champ, and ing in his spare time after school could KnocE i ennessee on. The choice of contestants apparently doesn't really matter however for the game already is a virtual sellout, according to the Sugar Bowl sponsors, who expect to dispose of the 73.000 pasteboards long before the teams are announced about Dec. 4. than running around on tne highways in some kid's rattletrap. Be magnified the ball for Chick; Hafey.

whose big stick helped thej Cardinals to four flags. perennially challenging Floyd Car rico, of Greensboro, will square off here Saturday night for the fifth sides, he conies home tired at night 1 In going to Boston ana Cronin, or Is it the sixth? time in a tilt that should prove the war and goes to bed." The Palo Alto physician, who jjomimc report hie sjuyuuuu In some Quarters the sponsors are FLORENCE RICEi idol of his brother Joe. to end wars between the Hopedale calls his work at Stanford a hob a Utile fearful of scheduling the Texas Ageies. for it is believed crorun's success witn tne amaz the first of the season. such a game would bring so many ing Ted Williams will encourage him to stick.

Dominic DiMaggio by, contends "there is no such thing as 'athletic heart While a man plays football his heart does become enlarged walls thicken with muscle and the orean pumps king and the Gate city ite. The promotorial trio of Harden, Freeman, and Carpenter, basking just now in the favor of local law makers, are claiming championship ranking for the raoia Texas lans new urjeaui that they would storm the gates right in there and let him play out his string. Jim Sehlcrnmcr, Akron (O.) Riarnn "ChicaEO's stu titn they found lew seats lor saie. Fans here are convinced Texas And if he plays it out as wen more blood. But the heart reverts as Cronin is confident he will it fight, with the winner to have1 dent magaiine wants the Maroons A.

and M. is ready for a bid. William And Mary's Indians Prove Surprise On Gridiron to normal without injury when football days are over." drop football lor rugDy will mean shipment or pencil auty fnr TMwer Cnuner. the ripht to meet Buddy Thomas within the next two or three weeks That's dumb Rugby requires uootiin? oacK over tne vears to having already been to the coast, and while the sponsors just look wise when questioned on their roll of sport writers and coaches, it 15 men Foolnall needs only Ldite Joe, uomuisc was otiiuuicu .915. the year he was eraduated The affair is owed ror id nea ts, distance which Smith has in FranH O' Doui, tne proiouna Balcony 20c Anytime and Chicago hasn't got u.

Personal: Artie McGovwn has Richmond, Nov. 22 f.i Coach Carl form Stanford, Roth says he can remember no football injury here student of hitting who manages recent fights shown abiiitv to take Win or lose acainst, undefeated Duke's Rose Bow! team to take ov wouiu come as no surprise inai. is the srame Tulane gainst the the Rpals. mai, leit a permanent enec c. been signed as trainer for the Brooklyn Football Eagles for the ine W.

M. Hemic Groh unreel tne Oiants to at top speed in contrast to a tendency to slow up evidence a year or back when he used to fight Texans, assuming both wind up found among his candidates only metr present victorious maresi of the reason John A. neysi nresident of the National purchase Dominic DiMaggio renortcd that centerfleld at the Richmond tomorrow. Wiliiam and Mary's Indians will go down in the books the most surprising South em conference football club for the season. four men who had played varsity Carnco on an average of once every couple months.

Polo Grounds was tailor made for KJtbaLL Two victories were set up as the RING RESULTS him. Smith carried away a decisive THURSDAY! WINGS OF DEATH! r' Dominic would have given me maximum goal pre seeson practice bv Vovles who sairl not to look victory on points in tne last meeting of thp pair and on the cur New York; Lew Jenkins. 130 3 4. Giants a counter attraction tor Vnnkpp Joe. league.

Is leaving to winter on the coast with headquarters at San Dieffo Denny Galehnnse, the Red Sox twirier, has bought a home at Sarasota, where the Sni prep Ed Franco, former Fordham tackle star and now an assistant to Jimmy Crowley, will be married December 9 to Miss Anne McGinlcy. this year but to come back around 1941 when he hoped to have a team Sweetwater, stooped Mite Belloise, 123 1 2, New York, (7). But tnere is no one astacnea to Grid Roundup Of Big Five Camps rent occasion will be aiming at a kayo, something that no other middleweight in this neck of the: woods has been able to accomplish' the Giants capable of aouig any which could hold Its own wan natural rh'als. thing outstanding in a business i'aw York: Bemte Friedkin, 134 1 4, Brooklyn, and Al Held, 129 1 2 New York, drew 18. Philadelphia: Tommv Forte.

119. W. Braves won five srames. way. T.itP other lame baseball organi GRAHAM Theatre TODAY AND THURSDAY en in Fioya lesser days.

Rimrsiiiers have noted, however. lost two to Navy and Virginia and tied Virginia Tech. Charlotte. Nov. 22 Pj North Names Is Names.

Thp 1Q.4A National Semi Pro Base that smith is busier with both Philadelphia, outpointed Johnny zations, the Giants have resorted to lights instead of going out and hands in the clinches these days Last vear W. M. failed to win iviaxceinne, ia, i'iiuaaejprua, ball Guide lists Chief Wrinklcmeat getting Lnemseives a uau tsuu. as manaeer of the Larmel (ill.) a major stace or comerence wi. Carolina football fans looked forward today to a comparatively quiet week end on state gridirons.

Only Duke and N. C. State in the Bie Five were booked for an en (hat he ever has been before, and that tendency was particularly noticeablf. as he whittled dur Duke becan oreoarations for the team, while the FopotT boys. Ales and Jap, piteh for the Glcndalc Tar Babies Play final encounter against N.

C. State with calisthenics in the cyni while (Anz.) club, rney can em uny gagement. The Wolfpack will be and Daffy. the Wolfpack saw Duke plays as! Duke's Blue Imps hosts. able Jim Murphy down to kayo ing size last week end.

The rest of Saturday night's card, not completely announced to 1 day feature Country Fergu sou, Rut Snyder, and Luke Till interpreted oy lounn strmgers. North Carolina Tar Heels mean "Kerr on Way Out at Colgate, shrinks i headline in the X. 1 Shad Bryant, backfield star, was To Scoreless Tie while were evincing little evidence Post Where have we seen that on tne sidelines as uiemson rehearsed its offense for the im of depression at their loss to uune last week end but were tuning up THURSDAY and FRIDAY "SORORITY HOUSE' with ANN SHIRLTT JAMES ELLISON ALSO "MARCH OF TIME" Cartoon News man against selected opponents. Fn.vetteviUfi. Nov.

22. MV The nortant Purman game. Furman for their Thanksgiving Day (Nov. an. of Boston, recently re enEaeed held a long defensive scrimmage varsity may yield to the Duke Blue Devils, but the freshmen never! i North Carolina's Tar Babies against Tiger piays.

one before? Headline: 'Hack Promises Winner in Two More Years." So clear the treck For Connie Mack, bet yon jack He's coming back. Duke and Clemson need victories 30J encounter wicn me university of Virginia, a time nonored rival, at Chapel Hill. A Davidson backfield composed of underclassmen displayed con in these scraps, Saturday VP an' the Blue Imps played hard on a wet field here yesterday and neither team nas able to score. The game was played during Fayette lhe Inn as association's' tournament manager. Picai'd's earnings now total SI0.202.

which makes him the leading money winner of the year. He has competed in 16 tournaments, winning six and finishing in the money in all but one. Ralph Gul dahl of Madison, N. stands sec sistent ground gaining abilities and conierence. Rlchmocds stock took a down spienoio spirit, yesterday wont out in preparation for a clash with Wake Forest here Thanksgiving day.

TEE STORY OF A MAN LA STOLE A MILLION GCOftGE CLAIM RAFT TREVOR DICK rOAN KENEV AJIXCTTA V1CTOK JOKT ward plunge with the loss of Arthur Jones, sparkling triple threat back. Jones was hurt in Saturday's vllies sesquicememiiai ceeusLswuu. Ezerki of Duke tried a field coal from the Tar Baby 20 in the last fpw minutes, but the kick was wide. ond on the list JOHN .377, Dick Mctz, Chicago, is third Hampden Sydney game. rain and snow hand TODAY ONLY BUSTER CRABBE and MARY CARLISLE in SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CM Previously, the Imps had driven to the Tar Baby 10 and again to the TRENT Coach D.

C. fPeahead) Walker programmed drills on pass defense today, the weather permitting. Coach Doc Newton pushed his with $3,600, Nelson fourth with Sam Sneed. of Hot Springs, fifth with S7.212 and Harold (Jus) McSpaden, She Canadian Tn the third nuarter. Pecora of MA WQ It REYNOLD! MILBUt STONE JACKIE C006N HOOD'S SPORT SHOP FOR THE BETTER GIFTS'.

icapped VMI and Virginia Tech squads as they attempted a final polishing for the military classic at Roanoke tomorrow. Man land's Terrapins, the onlv iv. u. state woupacK. tnrougn i long, hard drill in peasoupy Carolina ran behind good blocking' to the Duke two yard line but Pe jopen and New England, P.

G. A. ciuist, sixtn wicn other conference team to see. action And Chapter No. 6 "PHANTOM CREEPS" Cartoon Sports Co eds at a southern universitv Driving elirht hours a dav.

and cora, going on tacKie tor a toucn down, fumbled. The Imps recovered and kicked out. The Duke frosh this season de fMtod vearlimrs of Clemson. N. C.

tomorrow, took a light workout for the II a. m. Syracuse game. have formed a club exclusively for tail jirls. Prospective escorts will averaging 40 miles an hour, a motorist would require 26 years to cover the highways in the United States.

nave measure up oeiore they state and Davidson, lost to Wake can get. dates. Forest and tied Norm Carolina. MAT RESULTS The N. C.

Frosh deleated v. F. I. Balcony 15c SetS and N. C.

State yearlings, lost to the Babv Deacons and Virginia, (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) and tied Duke Wake Forest's frosh won the state championship Minneapolis: Wladisiaw Tallin. an, poiand. tnrew Abe Kashey, Orange. N. 24:43.

ft Bicycles Tors ft Hunting Outfits ft Golf Clubs ft Golf Bags ft Tennis Rackets ft Footballs ft Bancball Gloves ft Archery and Many Other Unusual Parlor Games. uidianapolis: Everett Marshall. Closest P. G. A.

WISHING YOU A HAPPY "PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT" THANKSGIVING AND WE KNOW THAT HE WILL ACttEE WITS tJS THAT 223, La Junta, defeated WaUy Dusek, 223, Omaha, straight fflPTS KOTHIhfi WMN6 WIH THE WwtLD.THAT A BWtt kWtlT LAUGH WON'T CI Race In Years Near Decision Soston. Nov. 32. The closest And Hert CITY HALL BOXING BURLINGTON, N. C.

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT Saturday, November 25th, 8:30 P. M. D. C. SMITH N.

State Chairvoion Va. FLOYD CARR1C0 Greensboro' Pride! THREE OTHER STAR BOUTS General Admiuion 65c Ringside $1.20 Tax Included race in the three year hsitory of KTDfom NttfhMO I competition for the P. G. Harry IVardon Memorial trophy will be decided during next month's Miami ALCO TODAY AND THURSDAY JIMMY DURANTE WALTER CONNOLLY JOAN JERRY CHARLES STARRETT In START CHEERING" ALSO CARTOON Borrow from Citizens Pay your bills with so easy payment loan. io to 5o Just on your denature.

Citizens Finance Co. 206 Security Bank Bid. WATCH FOB OFFICIAL OPENING! jlllljl fr 0PMSITE mt SUTI0K Jlu.WJU open uoir when Henrv Picard will tee off with FAT O'BRIEN WAYNC MOMS' JOAN HOMOttL mi KM KM nmiT (lECj GfcW w'um misr ms, a margin of only five points over Byron Nelson. Picard, the P. G.

A. champion, sma.w..i a tnta! rif ir.n Today Only mmmmr "ALEXANDER II 1 I 1 I 1 WnrM GRAHAM BELLn LifcMrifefrhAifcii THURSDAY, for the trophv. accordlmi to figures announced today by Fred Oorcor.

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