The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVII LE COURIER NEWS THEMMINAN '™S™OPNO™ -LliJT? kj •fj$m VOL. XXV111—NO. 205 Blylheville Dally • AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI nlyll!cvifli'""licral(j"" ___ ^^ S.VI'UHDAV. [•'IOI!lUM[{v"^"m"« ---------- ^^r^ IPCUEompre Two' Die In Train i | Ho Id Driver STUDY EXPENSES! «' f RFFflRF SPT NC ML H U I I lH U In Near Van Burnt Women Victims of War? Hmj's Proof: PlJlici~j BASSETT. Ark.-Ed«'ttrd Whit ! "">»• six year old son of Mr. ana p ,L T • r M| 'S. Miirchall Wliiiman, was kill-; 1' lltner Investigation oi wi aljuost Instantly yesterday n(. • County Offices Will P re - &en' cede Recommendations. S;, S vive Hie injuicd youth. Fiuifral services will probably be held at Bnssetl cemetery today. The deceased is survived by six brothers and sisters beside his parents. LEflDFl KILLED II jm, v 'c*ri i commendations for reduction of.Bns.sett. The nature of the cliar-t i county rapcnditurcs can be made. : against Cram n Wilso,. farm' mat. in siibstmtc. Is ihe ma-; m; ,,i;iycr wns not diselo^d ' i ju point of agreement reached! T i lr . accident occurred on the i hy ihe commute, of thlriy-thret j Uarstown-Bassclt road. The little' appointed by Judge Zal B. Har- Whit n boy and lik brother had nson to .study the tost ot comity i started across the road carryiiik Boveimiicnt in some five hems of) buckets lo obtain walrr from 11 discussion at Oiceola .yesterday, nearby dileh. Tin boys starlKl Thc only definite action taken out from behind a wagon and inlo by the committee, aside from res-! the path of Drain's car. olulions expressing confidence In Dr. Campbell of nradstown and llic ellorL-; of County Judge liar- Dr. Barksdale of Wilson rendered rison and Circuit Judge o: li. j medical aid which fulled to re- Keck to cut down expenditures, was ' ' •- - lo aulhorize ihe appointment, ol two sub-committees which will're- porl at a meeting of ihe committee of thirty-three set for 3 1>. M.. Friday, March U. at Osceola. At this meeting the committee hopes to be able to draft recomirpnuiiions for submission to the county judge and lh e cnun- ly taxpayers association nl a nieel- in-f sel Kr March 14.. Will Name Ciiinmitters Boih of the sub-commitlces are to be appointed by C. A. Cunning-' ham, chairman of the committee of thirty-three. One. to consist of five members, is to investigate nil of tlie departments ol the county government. to determine, what economies may be eflected without impairing their efficiency. The other, lo consist of three members, is lo Investigate the completeness and equilabilily of real and t>eisGnal property tax assessments, am! the lemals received from school lands. Aulhorimilnn of the iwo committees was voted unanimously after the committee had ttiken up point by point a sweeping program of county expense culs adopl- ed nl an informal meeting attended by some members of the com- miltee and a number of usher citi:-cus at Wilson earlier in the week. Each jioini ol this pro- giaiu was either rejected outright or tabled for future consideration, but !U Ihe close of the meeting it was unanimously voted that lhe record show that these recommendations were rejected simplj for tli; purpose of allowing tur- Iher invc-stigalion. Thc meeting was altcndcd by the following members of lhe committee of thirty-three: Lex Nicholson, F. P. Jacobs. Ed Wildy, C. L. Crntcn, Mrs. Mabel Bdrington. W. R. Dyess. Dr. W. J. sheddan, J. U. Tompkins, Charles Lowrance. John E. Seven In Freight Car Are Injured Feiiliires contorted wilh pain lhe feav oi di-:ilh toitu rats. It's a i'rim sideli;lit In whicb Imadieris ol I Pershing to Hospital for Cold Treatment WASHINGTON. Feb. 27 (UP>— HDP HIT General John J. Pcr-shim; has en- I, K T 11 I 1 tei-etl the Walter .Reed ho.spibt, U II L U I I •iisly wrllien in In iclurcd here ::.•, :hr unarmed Chilians a st re bOvll intiniM Hol'd-Up Men'and Employes Battle Fashionable Club. here to lie treated for a cold and laru^ylis. phjsichms at the. army mrdlcal center said. Perslung has been making his home -at a local club. H c i s 71 rears o. r n^e. P • r U'll C' 1 I Buns o[ Illinois, escape;! bill bigned; hast night $750,000,000 Go' Made Available. Aviator and Gangster Flee Lepanto Jail : UCI'ANTO, Ark., l-'eb. al lUP)— ; Archie StlcBcr, foinifr iiliplniie i pllol of Memphis, and Earl Blurr. rcpiilcd nieinbcr of the llcreei Jnll hew Tlie brrtik was discovered this WASHINGTON. mnrnliiE. The man had picked the lock fit their cell dour. SI wns arrested here Thursday in connecllqn with the robbery of n mcrchantilc company. iupi -i^ MIAMI Pi-i irch 57 rtipi en'";;"™" T - .",""* fllrniu "' e as-i times. ' ' '" ! niin:Mi, ria., ico. i\ tui i— FembliiiR p'ltnt here will st-nt v\r ' n < Five bandits who nttemptcrt toilv in March ii \vns innnnnnr,!!~ "' 15 . t ' x ) )ccl ™ to make possible n ! hold un the f-isliionihle EmbT-sv indiv hv r i i. , announced . potential expansion of leu million j dub iX shot itT. wn™ em-lt^if V '"' J1 " °' Mcll> - tiollavs '» the country's credit facilities. In addition JHOI? than one j nnd guests. leaving The concein n,Kio k up men, one guest and two em- ! pany. The first order to be filled , pioyes wounded. T. P. Phillip Perkins, former British amateur goif champion. who Irad- advanced to Ihe finals, tcday in Ihe Dixie ^olf lourna-i mciil, was shot- through the hip when one bandit tried to escape by iisin;j him as a shield. One of the brined members of Hie hold-up gang was killed., lie was reported to lie the lead- 1 er and was said lo b; from Clii- cago. but was not identified. George Myers of Tulv.i. Okla.. nnd Gene Eckfmnn wrr e the bandits ser- .ously v.ountlr-d. Another who WAS . | Is for 75(1 breakfast room suiles. can e issued should it be needed, j n ... „ ."'?.'. "'™ sllr f o^mis believe it. DaiTelvillc Bank Bandits Found Guilty of Walch- man's Murder. will retluc£ bank failures to a Rrcnt extent Congressionnl action was com-; plcled yesterday when lhe house i and senalc agreed on a conference ; I report fixina the measure's funil • form. The bill reached lhe Whilo • • .. House ami was signed by PraiiK-nt i <lcr '" cnir.cctlon with the burn Hoover Ihis afternoon. in 8 !1 »d robbim; ol lhe Bank of MEMPHIS. Feb. 1!7 lUI'l— Four cliargcd with miir- vvcuuded escaped. More than 75 patrons in main dining rcom ol the the of St Louis Finn Will Detai Proposal Here Tuesday. ^ Availability of this gold nlso will llfy the gold standard hi this ! - ! chllu ' sll °l- ' "•'''« and whose acety- a ilD ul '• til.ill! "i k..ii.ini:lj l.lvlulll'3 f[Onl Tl v.crc thrown into a near panic j in U'is section will be explained m tj 0 iis mnskel bandils armed! to representatives and interested Fliolgiins. pistols i parlies from a ... . . .country, according to sponsors of' lcl!e turl ' h v;is asscitcnly foiimi roiwsal for the orEamzation ; , hc ^ n{| wm ° cl t , „; g _, irl t l, r ruins ol lhe bank, wtis chain of camiiiiB factories • ,, om gol(| ^.m-dr^..,,, hy fr , rc! gn : treed. Five yrnr MMitrnccs were p.issed I Pryor. John T. Asher and Wlllktin againsl Ihe wall when shots from Informed .vnnlois today li)li>rpi-cl- cusslon of the problem of taxation ""' llill! and county expenditures, in which , Tlle D many citizens participated. In the afternoon the committee went into executive session for the ]-.ur|x>se of prcnaring its report, but rauic to tlij> conclusion it was uol artcqunlely prepared 10 complete thai task, with' lhe rc- clining rcom began. inmlils broke in an al tempt lo escape. Club employes joined in the gui bailie. Perkins, the New York golfer, formerly of Bir- is r-xperted lo b than before. The follo'.vnp, Frisco Midwestern Ulilitles Mcntgotnery Wnrd New York Ccnlral 1 . Packard reprcsentalHi-:: will also be on h.u-.d i "s<l;'o Corp at the ineeiini: J. A. Hliton. in- i Simmons duslrial ccmir.ivioner. \V. I,. Eng- 1 U. Mic- I minghsm. tujlaiid. was shot by --• l l;anc(il v.ho dragged him from I''sh. agricultural: and C. .- . lhe cainbiiir; room. jthelscn. coloiii>Ml«'r. mill nnrkel-I The aaiu; got no money and | In? asent. Standard of N". J. ''Was Corp ........ ''• S. Sl.'cl ....... ^8 3-1 7 3-1 ' i Paign against hoarders as a move . lin the dim lion nf ^ , giinrnntced hank dep"si!s. I H wns su^pested tlio government :hn ( | rfcpKiil/r:l llu' iloubl. nia-iv laps Occupy Kimiywan and I rosh Troops Come lo Aid. SHANGHAI, I'elj. a? i Ul'i.-.lap- •ui-'M' I"<,IIT:., now lu-lliii ii'-lnforccd. Innl'jhi HH«S!H>I| Hum air and .u the siir,vly rcix-dlnx Uliliicsi! Iflcnw lini-s ufi(ir [-;niipl(!tliii; ihc- .cciip;illo:i o[ ivlmiKnun. •Mic new Japanese rorcw; luiw Jirivid lu ensnso in this tcirlllc 1'iiiiluiiKlil iiKiiluM tliu .clilnt-H'. I'o- ire ri'iinilvd iri.w^l trui|K nrrlvi'il dm-hiL; lh<> nisshl In tin. intern.i- itminl scllli'm< and intivchiil •util»lil lo llu- (runt. The i:ccup». ilciu of.Klimiiwan was merely one Inn l ol llu 1 spectacular ollenslve Ihe Japanese urn |mshlii[: forward. All alotii,' the llnc-s bombs, alr- .'rall. mtillory aiu! heavy i;uns were t-cnmitiati'd on T;iznnn, Cliniwl itud I. Ion l-'orls at I'aosliun cily. The. iillad; 6n KlamtViiin was roveiv. giving Japaiu'se |«':*lon :)f the' siraecllc lltllc cily lothy 4-luM-e defenders have mail- aged lu bt.ive oil defi'al for dAys, The Chliu-LC casualties were hljlt ;luilm; ihi: iveck. au'.hu'- Itli-i .iiliiilltrcl n.OOt) uisutilllcs mid the 1.000. cuoiiallics durlnit this last nssmilt on Klnnunnn .VAN HUKKN. All;.. Fob. 27 itj|,| -Two men were killed mid .M.VIH Injurc-d when a Missouri 1'ndflo. nnln wrecked neiir lien> loday C:\cnieen cms turned over. All of Ulu Injured, s lx. while ini-i; nnd u nr;;in. vu'rc liillnt; In •Jiie cur nl tin. nnn.. or.lhu uccl- -int. Tliuy v.crc mil mcmbris of the ciow. - Olio youth umoii-j ihn ix (:il:en Uj u Kon Smlih lios|)ll,il ot the tleiid was Identliled this ufieriionn by one of Hie !n- Jurcd men us Wlllium Iliii-liiin.ui ol Alia. Okla. The nirnu- of ilu- oilier man hart not bct'ii leni-nrtl iiflcnuKiu. heavy is Meaiv.vhiio . . pclice ai SliiinjjhiU said lraivii.ort.« had cuiie into Hie harlxir dm 1 'lug ihe iilijlii and- unloaded l'res',i IrcojUi. They Inndci) al !!•.•.••. Inur- niillonal selllemenl und.lniniitlloc- ly wml lo I lie front. Rescue Scjiiad Fights Poison Gas Jo Reach.En--• lombet! Workers.^ ' ;; -. I'OCAIIONTAS, Vii., Fvb, 57 (UP) -Hesciiura n«lnlnj( fnlleii'filufc ml prison i;ns In the''''interior' t th u -xplosion wrecked Bols-i; cvaln mine near here reitorlvd- •hoitly after nr.n.i they-woiild bo • iblu to rciicli'u acotu'or more'of , :cd mon by u:30 1'. M. ,; ';V. e cx|}l0!:ioii, Ix'llQyed eauEecttUv ' ---- — ~.,|,n,.. t — L '^ |Kiwder, occurred' hi.'tl)b : •nut the two who wero killed 1 wen; 'liasln main section of the" slrnH"' ilKiwncd In uiisolliii- wiion iftxluhniil. Iwi) miles from the'- W-' In nl: I-IU-K tm-ui'd over and broke lil!(1 ' "• WUK IjellrVPd tetwceu-Ja' cpru. The uasolluc »IIN nol Ixnlicd. "nil :\3 men were cntunilird In iliii : rrc|i;irr fur Kinrrgrnry SHANGHAI. M). il (UPi—Alll- :iican re.sulents al the Itilnrnalloniil sallemenl wcr,. asked by the U. S. consul to lamlllarlw themselves with the locnllon o[ six- named contt'iilrnllon points In the cvi'iil of an I'lucrgency iirLslnu in Hie Chinese-Japanese rontlicl. The consular autnorities Inalsted Ihe request wns entirely a precautionary movement. Men residents v ere asked to advise .ihe consul M the numher of women OIK! chil- dien |or wlilrh iliey arc responsible and printed forms were distributed for house addresses and the munljeis ol automobiles, p.iss- porls and Iclcphoues. Wnulil fluy I'bnrs NKW OKUiANS,' 1'cb. ^7 lUP>— A cninpaiR]! to raise money lo buy airplanes to lieht Ihe Japanese at Sh.uiBlnii has been launched by local Chlnerc. it was annoimced today by Charles Tung. Chines* leader. Number Nine Infant Victim of Pneumonia Funeral services be held this tiflrrnoon at North Sawba rctnclery for Clnrlps Stone, year old son of -Mrs. ucssle Stone nnd the late Carrhigton Stone. Thc baby died of pneumonia nt the family home near Number "fine al 11:110 o'clock yesterday. The !nther. an ex-war veteran, sue- cuml>ed a, shorl time ago. The deceased is survived by. bc- lidos Ills ittoilicT. two brotheis. ilu.vmond and Ira, jiud one sister, Imogcne. 'I'he c<il;b Uiulcrtakiu;; company s in i-luiixe of funeral services. 'S VENTURE PUTS IDLE JO Thousands 'Return to Jobs As Henry Starts Producing New Car. > BV RAYMOND Sl.ArTF.R ICnpjrrlnht, I93Z. kj VniW r.V RATION* (JLAPPRR Fanf," pioneer'lii 'UMS hums 'riro<l|ie-' lion of automobiles. Is staking mll- lif.iw In his belief dial people nre rcaily to buy real values. Holding this theory in this. th,i third ycji of. the - ri(!|?rc«iloti, Ford Is rracty with his new venture, an elifht cylinder car, the pride of his career, mid l IIP marketing of a new lour cylinder engine. Within a few days the shlp- plns of fUinl JIM-IS will start. The new model \<il! bj> on display shortly thercnftor. •Ford revealed Hint 83,560 advance orders with deposits were on file up lo liip 24th an'd Hire), out of four were for llii; new eight. His new four is housed In the same body as the el^ht. With his iviiiiii-c Ittlo thh new Hold Ford is dealing the depression a body biow in the Dearborn nuloinobllc area nnd bnyoml that mile thai reaches into the terri- lory of supjily dealers. His tills year Is l.WO.COO cars, II he reaches It his wages alone will lolal SIOH.OOO.COO.. He has approximately 70.000 men at ivorlc now. Then- is no more unemployment In Dearborn. Probably 100,000 men will be nt work by June. Font wns as eager as a small x>y with a nc«< cleclrlc train when ic showed I lie United Press cor- icspondcnl his shining new cliul- iciiRi! lo the depression. To one' iilio formerly rortc In the old Mattel "T" the new cars seemed IIKC a motorist's paradise. Only the trade mark could be recognizer. Thc body is streamlined with slanting windshield and a v-shnnrd nulinfor with rounded croun In body color. The body if. longer, wider and lower. The cnrs have free wheeling, the ignition key las ' iMiiittoreil .section. , • Two. minors escaped from ' iluj .'•(•cllon nii|| 20 rsrapwl Iroin-i-ti-' higher level just before duy break/ when the explosion shoolt the minV and dml bIHnfj of smoke 1 Up through the iiUssujjo. 'Edward Klru. Ify. 37. negro, dragged Hem-y Wat- : kliis. 3i, neuro, irom Ihe bas!Y main. "We weie choked by shiokoabout : <:30 A. M.," Klrtley said. : -'-l illd not know where the snioke uniiii from. ;Jusi before wo'rearh-. i'd the surface \vc heard mi- raula- flon. • <••: •_. Klitley suld he. believed abfiia-33 were lu tliu (lamiigcri section". .. Caruthert ville P. 0. May Be Ready in 1933 WASHINGTON, ~Fcb 27 rape- i 01 "".T?' 1 ^ "o" 10 " 1 " fcpirtmctit Is 'thlnklnfi" nbont Hint Caruth- crsville poslotficc. .... .- '. It "Uiinlw lhal.tlic Cariilhcrs- Tlic^rasntnl processc:; of tlie iwstofflce department worn'made known today when the house ail- - propriatlons •committee matin piil^ ' lie hearings li°ld In executive se's-- sions on the poslofficc department-", appropriation b|ll - :. Cant thersvl lie was-listed by Hi'.'' : R. Nlcliol, clejiuty fourth assistant'-' and chief clerk of. the drjiurlmr-iu : ' among 131 clt!?s which "the o>- '.'• imrtment think*;" will get new'".' completed postoffices duritiK the'* fiscal year ending June 30, 1933, ••.:.- ••' WJien the Cnruthcrsvllle post- ^"i office Is open for business the fed- , cnil government will save $1500'a 'i year, ivhlcli it now nays for-'Tf-": 1 rented postoffice bulldfne In-Car"-.' utbersvillc. Mr. Nichol said. ':••.*•. : When all the new postoffjiji; buildings us now plann.?d are cnm- plctcd. \1r. Nichol added, the fed-- ;. cral government will save nearly^ - : half a million dolllars . a year^ '' which It pays out for rent. -, Services Held Today For Spradley Funernl services for O. B. Sprite!Icy, G2, who died of Injuries ,"tff- celved i n an accident nt Memphis, were held al 10 o'clock this morning al Ihe family- home.' 1 129 nist !,iill it was put oir until an-. 1 ' 31 ' :nadc »° "(ti'mpl lo rob the] olber meeting, lobe held March !!. S . The reccmmeiulations prepared al Wilson early In the week were I Clarendon Rank Ic sals placed] ^ a ' cl ~ un *»anK IS the only definite proposals before the committee, and none of them was accepted. Major P. P. Jacobs of Grider presented them, but in view of tlic committee's desire to obtain further Infoiiiiation before acting did not press tor their adoption. These recommendations were the result O f a mating called by R. B. Lee Wilson and attended by Ihe following: C. W. AfTlick. Blythevillc: j. p. xompkins. Burdctic; F. P. Jacobs, Orider; C. J. Low- ranee, Driver; A. S. W. B. Burkett. jc^ Miller, John Har- Dr - R. L. Johnson and -i "in, Bassctt; C. W. Friend, c. Brand, and John E. Uzzell. i'mp o ro the] -- -------- wl 'en the shooting Marled. ; Faulkner CoUntV Man i ' n . ' Age 104. L/ICS => ' , Point: Nicholson and . c. L. Denton, L. P. w Paying Dividend Todav J . CCXWAV. Ark.. Feb. 27 lUPl — '.M<n 'rhcmns tlami'.'.on. 1<H. difd CLARENDON. Ark. Feb 27 mr-, '" [llc ":rll>»eslern | ot Kiulk- m._ „_... . _. . i ui i |lcr ccmnt} . it lvns ;ear:icu here -Tlie Bnnk of Clarendon, closed sines November. — 1930. mailed -._. ~^. , i*jv. MJit IICCl checks today for 15 per cent of deposits. Twice checks for 25 tier cent of Ihe deposits have b°en mailed. Hiccough Vktim is Reported Improving PIKE BLUPpTFeb. 27 (UP ) _ Some improvement WM noted today Iii the condition of Mrs E'h»i Canlrell who has wUeni £ 0 hiccoughs since December 16. She was reported cured once bv n ride over s roiiirh road, today. Some believed him lo be Ihe oldest resident in the state. Killed In Rock Fall j MIDLAND. Ark.. Feb. 27 'UP) — [Frank Hnk-y. S8. former dislrict [mine Inspector for Oklahoma, wa? killed hero today when raitchl in a rock fall. AMHERST. Massiclnactls, lUP) —Nearly 600 varieties of fruit art produced (n the orchards and vineyards of Massicliusett.3 Slate College for use In inching anil experimental work. Ttiriv are 165 varieties nf apples nlouf. York CoUnit NEW YODK. Feb. 27 ,UP. Colton closed very steady Open High Loa C.'u=e Icring in l: ii,ir:im.v I hi- ;nfrty f.l l ;hcarded if they nre' re-! itiirncrt lo banks ttnoiigh :hc mrd- | !'uin cf !:nb v v l.-onr] imMtnioms. -1 HrcMdeui Hoa\fr last ni^hi re- (ceivcd Hi; c;i:is«-siraenll bill ;if- Afar May Jul del Dec 707 Jan Spots Mia n^cd at 705. COl 705 T21 7-1:! 7H "57 760 7(1* 1f,7 ii s 7!l', 7.17 754 OD2 "07 7J3 7-1 :t 751 7GS b}- congress. .. . salrt hi- w<.-,ild sii-n it lodiy. ing into elfccl n "real ofpirl for ihp relief ol bn- in t \<s from (lie irnln. m Parks Dies of Pneumonia at Hospital Tom Parks. M. died of pneumonia ot Ilic uiyihevillc hospital at J o'clock yesterday afternoon. The deceased is survived by his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. n. Parks of Tupelo. MI«S.. and several brothers and sisters. Rincrnl airangnnems are Incom- , r, IJit tv i Senator Kicicher. l):ir.oc;.it. rir.r- tahln I'd", senior mino.-ilv .'Kfiiibrr of - Dielc according to (he Cobb Unrter- switched to the .steering Ibc giis tank to the Tlie wheels nre larger with wavier tires and bigger hubs. "They will yet up lo 80 miles and |,-ire built to rim 05 to 7(1 miles [«•!- hour, v.hlcli is fast enough for any car. Th(. gnfolin; consumption of the eight (s practically Ihe same as tlinl of the four. We plan no new method of financing." fortl wild,""mul we Intend to stay on (he five day wec-k. Kothln.; will bring money out of hiding quicker- than the opportunity to spend it on a good value, country has been flooded Inlse value readied Ash slrect. . Rev. W. J. I,eRoy officiated . . . , al the services and Ihe Strecl Methodist church several songs. Lake choir company. mi-.the banking and ni:icury ommil- Finance Advisory Boa^d To Meet Again Soon LITTLE ROOK. FVb. 27 (UP) — The Arkuiuos advisory board of- Ilie reconstruction fiiinno,? corpor- - alion announced today another necling would be hold here some ' in-.? next week lo consider .ippll--. rations tor loans. The applications approved at the meeting ycstcrilny were forwarded " lo Washington lasl night. Cnltttn NEW'ORLEANS. Feb. 27 (Ul»_ Colton closed steady. Open Hlgli Clo's 688 GSil C3 - i OSS Mav 703 Jul 7j 3 tee said ihe b.iby bonds in cllex-l was in invll.ition in hoarder? lo xchange for the frc'iruy of a Par value investmni! Bii.irdod by '"e Irrajury (lie dcub'.fiil Mfety ° r tin can liideauavs for hoarded dollars. Oct 74! Dec. 7 M Jan . Spots rlo.vd sleady nt BW, off 4 706 723 741 157 700 715 734 7o3 701 72,1 737 758 7511) " rein U. S. Circuit Court Denies Capone's Pica CHICAGO. Kob. 27 (UP)—The U. S. circuit court of appeals today oftlrmcd the romlrllon of Al Corjciic on chnrges of Income lax I frond. Cujxmc convicted last fall and sentenced by Judje James Wll-— ,.^ vlfcl it ^. „, ,uij — Person to 11 yoars imprisonment wholesale, price ol fresh co'.m- nud nned tSO.OOO. His attorneys fps was qnoud hero Indny at [ appealed the case on the grounds Tuckerman Farmers Repay Drouth Aid The I TUCKERMAN. Ark.. Feb. 27 j w*.ii iiuvAKii \\illi I (UP>—rarmcrs here sent a -'irloid .•allies ami a state oi mind j of food smiplies to South Dakota -- a hi the prople which only : today lo feed drouth sufferers tlie return of extra socd values c.m|Thcy c.vplaii'«d It \vas lo show np- ™ ! "iec." Mirrclation for food sent. Arkansas I riiiis. wilh his feet firmly on farmers bv South Dnkolnns when that business principal, this inagic I tills state suffered from the droulli dreamer of (lie River Rouge mar-"" I9M - Cheap at Capital ROCK - rrt - -1 < vp >~ ?en. I the indictments worn faulty, dies straight into the trvlh 'of i one of Ihe greatest deprcsiions of | ol! tlmc.'i. ; WEATHER Takes Poison During Funeral: Death Follows MALVERN. Ark.. Pe'i. 27 (UP)— While allendlne the fun;r»l of a friend, Mrs. Mmln Willis. 49, took poison. She *-as nished to a doctor *«t (tied. ARKANSAS-Gcncrally fnlr to- ilglit nnd Sunday. Accordln* to the official weather r*.--rv«i. Charles Phillips, jr. the mzxlmuin t«mperaturc here yesterday was 75 degrees and 1'iC minimum, 51 degrees, char. Todaz a year ago the maximum temperature »-as 64 degrees and Ihe max- hnuni i, wrtly cloudy,

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