Rapid City Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota on January 5, 1996 · 9
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Rapid City Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota · 9

Rapid City, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1996
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Obituaries, B2 Sports, B4-6 FRIDAY January S, 1996 Rapid City Journal " 1 Give? of light Jj i r jMSF" r. sir m.. .'" ' ' : a. Rushanaro on 'Today'! Art Oakes of Keystone, who has donated $280 to keep the faces on Mount Rushmore lit, was featured on the "Today Show" Thursday morning. He told anchor Elizabeth Vargas that If President Clinton could send money to Impact aid would benefit 18 state school districts Daschle bill has cleared Senate. By HaMI Ball Journal Staff Wrltar Eighteen South Dakota achool dlt-trictt would conttnua to racalva fad-aral Impact Aid to Education funding, If Congreti panel lagialation pro poatd by Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D. Tha Senate panted tha bill Dec. 22. Rep. Tim Johnton, D-S.D., will introduce the bill In tha Houaa. Datchle't bill - which alto would How two South Dakota achool dti-tricta to lubmlt amended Impact aid pplicatlont - cama In ratponia to a 1994 law that reauthorized Impact id, among other things. But the 1994 law alto made Ian gutge changes that tightened Impact aid eligibility requirement!, In tha procctt, 18 South Dakota tehaol dii-trictt lott funding. Mott lott payment In Itau of taxat (PUT) money, which Si given to tchool districts with at ktt 10 percent of their land area owned by the federal government. Congreti authorized Impact aid In 1930, Mating that school districts should be compensated when they lose part of their tax base due to federal land acquisition. ' Up until 1994, if two school districts consolidated and one or the other qualified for PILT money, the newly formed district continued to 4 receive that money, even If the new 3. KaX a 4. 4 7X 0 Mexico and troops to Europe, he should have found a way to keep the memorial lit at night. Mount Rush-more's parking lot, some main trails and the privately operated concession building are open, but other trails and all government buildings are closed. district did not contain 10 percent federal land. Tha revised law requires that then be 10 percent federal land within tha consolidated district in order for It to receive PILT money. Nationwide, $13.3 million in PILT money wu distributed in fiscal year 1993. South Dakota's II affected tchool districts received about $324,000 In PILT money that year. But even a few thousand dollars can make a big dlffennce in small South Dakota school districts. "If s not a major amount of money, but when you're talking about a school district that ... Is having trouble buying textbook! for ttudentt, any federal money is gnttly appreciated," taid Cutter Superintendent Mike Bay-Boralli. Cutter ttands to receive about $37,000 in mtorcd PILT money If the legislation passes. That's a drop In the district's $6 million budget bucket, but every little bit counts -especially after the district cut $300,000 from Its budget last year. "We'n looking at difficult economic timet this next year as well so any revenue will be grettly appreciated," Bay-Boralll said. "Wa get ax-cited bout little bits and pieces." Districts deserve the money, Daschle taid In a recent newt nleasa. "These an not government subsidies, but an acknowledgement that It Is only fair to compensate school districts for tha loss of taxable revenue from what wasnce taxable land." I I - I I ptwto fey Stw MtSnrt Other school districts affected by the PILT changes Include Oelricht, Kadoka, Chamberlain, Bison, Lent-mon, Piem and Lyman, The Douglat tchool district Is not affected. Tha 1994 legislation also affected other Impact aid funding categories. Two South Dakota achool districts, Bonesteel-Falrfax and Wagner, stand to Ion about $1 million combined. Befon 1994, school districts wen eligible for Section 3d2b funding if either 18 percent or 2,000 of their students had pannts who lived or worked on federal property. The reviled legisiatlon raquint that districts have IS percent and 2,000 eligible students In order to receive funding. Bonesteel-Falrfax and Wagner filed Improperly because they wen unaware of the change, Daschle spokesman said, adding thst the change discriminates against small rural school districts. Unable to correct the situation under existing law, Daschle Included provisions In his bill to allow tha districts to resubmit their applications. "Impact Aid funds an important to South Dakota," he said. "Mon than SO schools in our state receive those funds. They help provide the basic necessities for students. "It doesnt make sense that schools that qualify for these funds should lose them due to a men oversight resulting from a change in the federal statutes." Daschle's bill would be In effect ss long as the 1994 bill Is In effect. iy Bob Marewr Capital Bureau PIERRE - Eight mon Stock Hllli cuatomen of U S Watt filed corn plaints agstnit th telephone com pany for charging large feet to hook up their phone service. The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission found probable cauM Thursday to proceed with tha cases, in which cuitoman at Laid and Balla Foyrcht Mid thty undantood tlray would ha charged $3S to l4 for in-itallation but inittad wara billad $744 to (1,331 In ona can, Ruuall and Mary Cramar lott thair dial tona at two tocattont, U S Wait procaadad with tha ditconnact ordar for thair Spaa fish numbar whan they inovod In Novtmbar but wouldnl atart aarvica at thir BUa Fourcha tot until rhay Wyoming briefs Weather again suspends search for missing men ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo, (AP) Tha aaarch for three Rock Spring! man who have bean mining tinea Sunday was nupanded again Thursday be cause of tna weather, Sweetwater County authorities taid, Saarchara wan unable to put thair boat into tha water at Flaming Gorge Reservoir on Wednetday due to high winds and rough water and on Thundsy became of windt and tnow, oftalali tald. Searchers hops to resume today or Saturday, depending on the weather. Sheriff Gary Bailiff aaid Martin Douat, 30, Rick Nelson, 21 and John K Lords, 21, went fishing at the reservoir on Sunday morning and did not return that evening as expected. Authorities hava found Nelson's pickup and empty boat trailer In the Squaw Hallow ana on tha watt side of tha reearvoir. Some items including flotation devicet hava washed asnon on tha east sida, Bailiff tald, Family members told authorities tha items belonged to ona of tha missing man. Elderly diabetic OK after being stranded in cold CASPER, Wyo. (AP) A 76-yaar-old diabetic man wat reported In good inapt after tpending 13 hours ttranded on Caspar Mountain. Rescue taamt found Earl Miller and hit disabled snowmobile on Wednesday afternoon. "He looked good," Undenheriff Mark Benton said, Juanlta Miller said she reported her husbsnd missing after he failed to ntum from his snowmoblllng ven ture and missed an evening Insulin shot and his time to take aye drops for glaucoma. Earl Miliar spent Tuesday night undsr some pine treei and kept warm by building; a fin, Benton said. Temperatures had dipped below 18 degrees and high wind speeds probably brought it down even lower, officials said. Catalog company cuts 14 positions CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A leading Wettem wear catalog company says It has cut Its staff In Cheyenne because of sluggish iiln, Cheyenne Outfitters tald It eliminated 14 full-time itaff positions on Dec. 29 for a mon thsn 8 percent cut. The reductions came in both the mall order and ntatl tides of the business, said general manager Jack Luedtke. "When you don't see growth, you have to make adjuttmentt," he sttd, "We'n anticipating a very flat year andi don't anticipate the growth to Justify those positions," Mom and kids find cash along hiking trail Several thousand dollars In cash has been turned In to the Pennington County Sheriff's Office. Investlgatora an attempting to determine who the money belongs to and how It got then, They an asking the public for Information, The money - officials are not saying exactly how much - wu found about a week ago by a woman and her too paid a (744 lani dtvalopmant fta, "1 wu pragnant and raady to hava my baby at any ttma, tha laid. "Wa wtra without phona tarvica for a waakand " Th Craman rafusad to pay tha (744. Ha told tha PUC that U S Wait originally told him tha hookup faa would ba S3S. Tha PUC alto racarvad complalnta from Kent Popham of Sella Fourcha and tlx familial in tin Wslfra subdi viaion at Uad. Tha PUC daddad to conaoUdata tha aight naw complainti with four atmh lar onat pandinf from last fall and hold a airtgla haartng, Tha data and location of tha haarlnf will ba achadulad tarar. U S Wait hat malntainad It hat legal authority to charga tha tat to tha ronton or tot buyan whan tha land davotopar doaant pay tha tato-phona company for bringing tarvica LiLy . ,y The late Tina Marcotte of Rapid City as seen on an episode ot NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" that will air tonight at 7 p.m. Narrator Robert Stack asks viewers to call the number In the picture If they have information about the case. TV show focuses on Marcotte mystery ByBiSIHerlan Journal Staff Wrlttr NBC'i "Unsolved Mysteries" will featun a segment on a Rapid City mystery tonight, The piece, titled "Unexplained Death," it about the disappearance of Tina Marcotte in 1994 and the death of Tom Kuetar a few days later, The story will open the thow'i broadcast at 7 p.m. tonight on KEVN TV. Marcotte, 30, disappeared early on the morning of June 24, 1994, after tha got off work at Black Hills Moulding in northeast Rapid City, Kueter was found crushed to death under his forkllft four days later at Fonst Products Distributors on S.D, Highway 79 South. Authorities liter tald thoy believed Kueter, 29, hid committed suicide because investigators wen closing In on him as tha main suspect In Mar-cottt'i dlsappesrance, Marcotte's body was found Oct, 18 - nearly 17 months after she disappeared - under a wood pile In a nmote part of the yard at Fonst Products, Pennington County Chief Deputy De Glmgow taid Thursday that the final autopsy report confirmed preliminary reports that Marcotte was killed by "blunt force trauma" to the upper left side of the skull, Glstigow taid Marcotte hid luffered a "massive skull fractura." "Unsolved Mysteries" did not hive access to the final autopsy nport, nor does the story, narrated by Robert Stack, reveal new evidence, But the "Unsolved Mysteries" crew did Interview most of the principals in ths cats. In an interview on camera, Kueter't wife, Nancy Kueter, npeats whst she has said from the beginning - that her husband did not kill Marcotte and that he did not commit tulcldi. She to tha propvrtiat, Popham tald ha aaktd whathar thara would ba a lnd dwvolnpmant faa whan ha firtt ctlltd U S Watt to arranga for tnitattatton at tha lot ha rantad. Ha taid tha company rapra aantattva had no knowtodgt of tuch a faa. Expecting to pay about $44, tha aama at ha had baan chargad pravi outly for hookup, Popham aaid ha Inttad racaivtd a $744 bin, Ha taid that addt up to "quita a tot of monay" for tha 79)ot davatopmant, Tha Wolffa tubdiviilon complainti cama from Tarry and Dabbia Sargant, Wayna W, and Anna Burlaton, Jamat and Robin Dirkten, Wtyna and Sharl Buriaion, Norm and Ura Burlaton, and Randahl and Jacqualtna Sargant, Thair complainti fcllowod tha lama ganaral panarn. Each wm ouortd an inttallatton prtct of $S3 but latar wat billad $1,331 1 vi believei lomaona murdend Tom Kueter, "Unsolved Mysteries" alio Interviewed Marcotte's Itva-in boyfriend, Pat Gleaton, and Maroons'! friend, Vicky Rtddla, Gleason and Riddle both say they thought Kueter wai acting strangely tha morning after Marcotte disappeared, Riddle alio npeats her description of a phona call from Marcotte tha night the disappeared, Riddle ityi Marcotte told her that a man named Tom who uied to work with her wat giving her a ride home from work, Tom Kueter uied to work at Black Hills Moulding, but In interviews with police he denied giving Marcotte a ride, Pennington County Deputy Dean Guthmiller, one of the Investlgatora on the cue, also appears on camera to give law enforcement's point of view. In another Interview, Rapid City psychology Val Farmer ityi hs does not believe Kueter was suicidal, Authorities hen suspect that Kueter may have been 'ssxualty Involved with Marcotte - a charge Nancy Kueter rejects - or that his sexual advances wen rejected, "Unsolved Mysteries" alto uses professional acton to racnate tome of the episodes In the case, The program does not taks a position on who killed Tina Marcotte or how Tom Kueter died. Initetd, Stack asks inyone who knowi inythlng about the case to call the Rapid City Police Department, the Pennington County Sheriffi Office or "Unsolved Myiteriei" at 1 (800) 876-8383. Producer Shannon McGinn ttld last summer, during filming hen, that 30 percent of the "Unsolved Mysteries" cues wen solved after they wen alnd, If they wen "solvable." But she also said the case of Tim Mtrcotti and Tom Kueter might not fall Into that category, chlldnn beside a road leading to one of the hiking trails In the vicinity of Sheridan Lake, A department spokesmen said the money may have been then for some time becsuse the bills hid bean chewed by animals, If you hive any information about the cash, contact the, fennington County Sheriffs Office at 394-61 18.

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